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    1. Sunday, September 9

      by , 12-29-2018 at 02:43 AM
      I am staying with Melissa at her house (though it looks different). I’m going to be sleeping on the floor right next to her bed. I am upstairs, while she is downstairs. Throughout the night, I wake up a few times with a disconcerting feeling. When I wake one of the times, I discover that I’ve broken her glasses. I have no memory of doing so, but I know it must’ve been me. One lens is out of the frame and cracked. I notice that the other lens is also heavily cracked, which I hadn’t noticed before. I wonder if she’s been wearing them like this. It still saddens me to think of accidentally breaking them, and think about buying her a new pair. I also remember her other pair. I look up now and see her in this dim room. Comforted by her presence, I hug her. I relay to her the disconcerting feelings.

      I’m with Melissa at some food place. We get to the counter and look up at their large menu. It seems to be Mexican food. Melissa orders a few tacos, then I step up to order. I ask the guy for a certain taco, but he says he only has a steak one. I can see the taco I want on the menu, but I don’t care too much, telling him that’s fine. I also add a burrito. He gives me a little container of red hot sauce. He also grabs a bottle of a more orange looking hot sauce. He squirts some towards me, most hitting the counter, but some landing on the floor between my feet and a little bit on my shorts. He seems nonchalant but also like he’s getting a kick out of it. I’m not exactly mad, just a little put off that it got on my shorts.

      I am in a parking lot, where Mom has gotten into a verbal fight with Ashley (from the preschool, the one Melissa also worked with). They are yelling at each other, over something unknown, as I reach out to hug Mom and then attempt to do the same to Ashley. She doesn’t let me, so I desist. I then contemplate taking Mom’s side and fighting back. I go over to her silver SUV and tap it a few times with my fist. There is an unstated knowing in her hesitation as I walked over to it that I had intent to damage it.

      I am driving up a narrow and winding road on a hill and through a small neighborhood (pretty much a house on each side of the road, i.e. no more than two deep). I’m calling it Stead, even though it looks nothing like it. I hear Dad on the phone with Matt. Dad is declining going to a party tonight - “we’re party people, but just not tonight, period.”
    2. 3,709 Words

      by , 06-28-2018 at 03:51 PM
      On this night I had a much higher dream recall and lucidity compared to the nights before. I think part of that was that I practiced waking life recall again. I had been playing back to back pokemon battles or DB Super episodes but I changed it. Instead of going back to back with those, I journaled about each one afterward, kind of like recalling a dream.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I remember something about a computer lab, and some people trying to contact outer space. Then, I was looking at a television. On the television, there was a row of pictures of cymbals. The sounds from them were used to communicate to outer space.

      Then I was looking at shelves. There were bottles of juice. The bottles had kind of a swirly design around the outside. Almost like a winding ramp.

      Someone said that J A wanted to ask me something. I went to pour myself a cup of the juice. I don't think she wanted any. The juice was a dark orange color, like mango.

      J A wanted to ask me what I thought about having a baby. She asked me if I wanted to have one. It wasn't clear if she meant, have a baby with her, or if she was just asking in general, like some kind of survey. Either way, I was like, "Yeah! I think having a baby would be cool." But of course there's a lot to think about before having a baby.

      I had been leaning back on my chair the whole conversation, without realizing it. Someone to my right said not to lean back on my chair. 'Have I been leaning back on my chair this whole time?' I thought. I tried to make sure all 4 chair legs were on the ground.

      I recalled those and then went to sleep, still re-remembering most of it later... There were one or two earlier parts I didn't re-remember though.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      There were definitely earlier parts that I couldn't "reach".

      I remember being in front of a mirror, in a bathroom. Ms. M and J C were behind me, talking to me.

      Ms. M left, but a younger kid arrived, around age 14. He told J C that I liked her! I think she said something about not liking me in that way or something... Or maybe I just expected her to reject me. So before it made anything awkward, I told the kid, "Yeah, I like her!" But explained I liked her as a family friend, and mentioned our camping trips, and so on. I think that eased some of the awkwardness that I felt.

      I told the child that if he kept practicing his speaking skills, he'd be very good at it by the time he was 20. He rode his bike away.

      I remember seeing Ms. G (English teacher) sitting at a little desk. Then I went down a set of long yellow stairs. Each step was longer than my foot. I considered going down them backwards but just went down forwards, feeling light.

      Then I was in a Pokemon battle. My Pokemon had 2 steel type attack moves. One had 75 accuracy and one had 85. I was caught trying to decide which to use. I think I chose the 75% accuracy one because both were kind of risky anyway. It had some kind of silver umbrella thing appear on the opponent's side of the field.

      Then I was out of electricity. I needed electricity from outside the game to use to move inside the game. There was a wire with something I could charge up, right behind me. I went to get the current flowing, but realized the wire was directly touching my leg! I quickly jumped away, cursing. The wire lit up bright blue.

      At one end of the room, there were 3 people on a couch. The guy on my left had on a white shirt. He drew a black line with marker on his left side pocket. He said something like, "Please don't curse like that." But something about his tone really triggered me. It was probably because he failed to acknowledge/sympathize with my panic and fear, and instead found fault with my word selection. I started to curse him out pretty intensely.

      There was someone sitting in the middle. Maybe a smaller woman. I am not sure I even noticed the details of the person.

      The guy on the other side of the couch, to my right, was wearing a grey shirt. He coldly told me that I was being "sinful". This brought up even more rage... The exact reason I HATE religion. Because they failed to notice my actual state (fear/panic) and just judged the behavior as wrong. So it is very abandoning.

      I started cursing that guy out and telling him his religion was stupid. He was physically bigger than me, and decided he would physically assault me! So I tried to flee. I realized that the police would probably take his side, too, which sucked... At one point, he had me pinned down. "[name of diety] wants me to punish you!" He said something idiotic like that. I could see he had sharp teeth when he bared them.

      I somehow got out of that pinning and ran away. I saw myself from outside. I looked like Littlefoot from Land Before Time. He caught me in a net thing, like the collars they use in Animal Control. He had me walk ahead of him.

      We passed through a swampy graveyard place. With lots of grave stones but a few inches deep of water. Wading through there, I got a little ahead of him. I snuck off to the side to hide behind a grave stone, and he walked right by, thinking I continued on straight. He had morphed into a white ghosty kind of shape character.

      Eventually, he turned around, and started coming towards my hiding place. This dream was pretty scary. Not quite nightmare level but it reached around 70% nightmare level.

      I remember it transitioned into another Pokemon Battle. I had a move that only did 10% of their HP each time. I used it for a few turns. Suddenly, it did 25% of their HP, without even getting a critical hit. I wasn't sure why, but one more would have the K O.

      I remember thinking that I don't want to curse out people like that if possible, since they might want to beat me up. But I don't like having to... Filter the way I express my emotions. Anyway, I just remember being in the woods. And leaning my stationary bike on the wheels. I was going to push it up some stairs. Then I woke up.

      I recalled those and went back to sleep. I just made sure to re-play them in my mind enough to form a solid memory. I still re-remembered it all by morning.

      I also took my 100mcg Huperzine-A and 300mg Alpha-GPC Choline at this time...


      Round 3 and 4 of Dreams..

      I remember being in my Nana's room. I was on a lounge chair near her dresser. I had the land line on the floor to one side. She almost stepped on it. "Don't step on the land line!" I yelled. I moved it to the other side. My sister was there too.

      I went home to get some protein. It was morning, but it was dark out, still. My dad had just got home at the same time. I called out to greet him.

      I remember being in my room at 15. Someone was sharing about religion on a phone meeting. (I heard a share about religion yesterday, involving false loyalty to a dysfunctional church, that seriously pissed me off, so that's probably why i dreamed of it so much. Recovering from religion is a big deal to me.)

      After the meeting, on the fellowship line, I was telling the guy that his comment was stupid. And that his religion is stupid... He kept hearing what I said then taking a moment before replying. Whenever he spoke again, I tried to shut him down again. I remember looking at a pair of black pants while being on the phone.

      Then there was a woman with a book. She was talking about Satan but then she started calling it "Thesatan". There were some other concepts of dieties in the book. She also said that heavy people, with an over-eating habit, might want to make friends with a janitor. Since janitors see all the food people drop on the floor.

      At some point along these dreams I was awake physically in bed. I didn't need the bathroom though so I stayed still, recalled what I could, and went back to sleep.

      I dreamed I was on a phone meeting with M and 2 other guys. But, they were actually there in person. M shared first. He said that he likes "scriptures", but something someone said in favor of them in an earlier meeting had ticked him off. Hearing him mention "scriptures" had ticked me off, too. I was thinking of sharing reactively about it by the time my turn came around. I felt very reactive, just hearing about it. Religion is definitely a touchy subject for me to hear about, unless someone is saying religion sucks.

      I remember being in the guest room, but in the dream context, it was my room. I still felt a little out of place there. My Dad came to the door. "How was your day?" he asked. "Wait! I'm changing!" I said, and closed the door before he could look in.

      I remember dreaming that I was laying in bed, on my left side, like my physical body was. My dad came in the room again. He was angry about something. He said I wasn't allowed to use pencils any more. I think he also said I wasn't allowed to speak out against religion any more. I felt intimidated, and afraid to say anything, but I will speak out if I damn well please. He's not allowed to touch me... Unless he wants to give me a license to defend myself. At which point I will stop him. Anyway, in the dream, he seemed angry at me.

      My dad came in the room again. Again, from the head of my bed, he was yelling at me. Again, he said I'm not allowed to use pencils any more. A little green and gold emblem thing fell onto the bed. It had the letters "D" and "R" on it. My dad went to leave the room.

      I got the hunch that I might be dreaming. I got up. I might have floated up or perched on top of a dresser. Anyway, I asked him. "Dad! Wait! What's the name of the second car you let me use?" I had to "think fast" to come up with a question that he would be unable to answer if it were a dream.

      "Um... Marrion." He said it very matter of factly. Of course, that is incorrect. "No!" I said, and I said the actual name of the car. "You're not real!" I said, and flew up in the air. In hindsight, I probably would have been better off letting him walk away, then enjoying my lucid time, but I didn't think of it.

      I flew towards him and he became a sort of robot with a big white dome top and white vaccuum hoses for arms. I could see him through the slightly opaque white dome. At first I got ready to fight off his white vaccuum hose arms.

      Then I remembered to stop fighting in the dream. I gave the big robot vaccuum thing a hug and said, "I love you!" Then the dream ended and I woke up.

      I stayed still and recalled those. After using the rest room, I played the dreams back some more in my mind, then went back to sleep.

      I re-remembered it in full in the morning. This re-remembering thing is awesome. I never thought it would be possible to remember all the nights dreams, even rounds 1 and 2, in the morning. Without even making notes. I guess I have reached an advanced stage.


      Rounds 5 (and 6?) of Dreams.

      I dreamed I was in a version of my room at 15. My mom and sister or dad and sister were in the room, talking. I was on a phone meeting. Well, I was sleeping with the phone near me, and I dreamed that I kept waking up to dial a phone meeting.

      'Wait, why am I sleeping with the phone near me?' I wondered. 'It has lots of radiation!' So I pushed it away. 'Also, why am I on the phone when the other 2 are right there? I could be talking with them!'

      Once I hung up the phone, they dissappeared, too.

      I remember being in a bed. I was adjusting my position. I kept trying to put a pillow over my eyes, but accidentally covering my whole face. It really scared me that I would be unable to breathe while I slept.

      Then I remember being in a dorm room kind of building. It was more eventful but I didn't remember 100% from the earlier parts. I know I was lucid though. I was practicing abilities with some other people. There was "William" and there was "Lauren" and one other guy. (No waking life correspondence.)

      I knew it was a dream but they didn't seem to. "William" could punch really hard. Since it was just a dream, I let him punch my hands for practice. It actually hurt a lot, even in the dream. But I knew it wasn't doing physical harm so I let him continue. I think that came from watching DB Super, when they punch each others hands.

      Then I remember having a pain in the right side of my thigh. Maybe it was from the pillow in waking life. I showed "William" that if I used a twig and pressed into the location of the pain, I could release the trigger point.

      He was enjoying punching me so much that he wanted to punch my leg. At first, I hesitated. Then, remembering it was still a dream, I let him go ahead. Behind us, "Lauren" and her boyfriend were listening to a song about "[name of diety] is good" that was really ticking me off. I wanted to ask them to stop the song but didn't for some reason.

      Then "Lauren" and her boyfriend were just being affectionate, telling each other things like, "I love you" and "I always support you" and "I am here for you." Hearing them have that kind of bond brought up a lot of grief for me. As they walked off to the side of the room, I thought of my Inner Child.

      There was some kind of tac in the wall. To the right there just so happened to be a blue shoe box of my childhood photographs. I doubted my ability to "summon" the inner child, but the dream did it for me.

      I noticed one photo looked like my 4th grade photo. I picked it up. I was smiling and had big teeth. I was wearing a black plaid button down shirt with white and gold/tan lines. The next photo was of me as a kid, at a lemonade stand kind of thing. There was a big neon green poster in front of the table. It said, "I Love Narrating Elimos". The lower case "i" in "Elimos" was bold. I think it meant "Elmos" as in Sesame Street, but in a child's spelling.
      The next picture was of me as a kid. This time I had an orange poster. It said "My Russian Robot Bug" something something something. I forgot the exact words. I became very emotional and started to cry in the dream. I don't know if I cried physically when I had woken up but I felt very emotional.

      I had a brief awakening there. I don't remember if I got up, stayed still moved a little, or anything. That's why I wasn't sure if this was 5 rounds of dreams or 6. But I fell back asleep and they continued.

      I remember a part near the dining room of 15. I remember someone was saying how they wanted to get some kind of fat-removal surgery. But they probably wouldn't stop their overeating habit. So they'd just be in a cycle of overeating, gaining weight, getting surgery, and repeating it.

      Someone else said that they were afraid to go to college and get a career going. But really they were alluding to what was underneath the heavy person's condition.

      I remember another part about some kind of underground sewer or cement tunnel. Then I was walking around a building... Being called in to work? When I got inside, the job was to go into a giant bag of dirt, and I guess dig. I was eager to be called in to work, but other people were called in first.

      I remember being in the dorms again from the previous lucid dreams. I was practicing using powers with other people there again. "William" and "Lauren" were still there.

      I forgot some parts but I think we were afraid we'd get in trouble for breaking in. So, we left the dorm. Then, we realized that "William" and "Lauren" actually lived there, so we hadn't broken in.

      Anyway, we were out front. "Lauren" was sitting up on a table. It showed all of our names on the side. "Lauren"'s name was "SEVIL". She had to put herself as "single" on her profile due to a lawyer situation, but she wasn't really single. She said that if she was actually single, she would be in love with me. Wow! That was nice. She had blonde hair.

      I walked around the side of the building. I might have been riding a bike or a car, or flying. I was aware it was a dream. "William" and 2 others passed by ahead of me, from the other side of the building. "We're going to the dining hall! Come with us!" They said. I followed along.

      It changed from night time to day time as we went up the hill. It was a grassy area. I knew it was a dream, but I don't know if anyone else did. "William" was doing amazing tricks on his bike, but couldn't understand how he had gotten so skillful. He did one trick I forgot. Then, a 360 tail whip, and landed back on the bike. I got on the back pegs and he did a prolonged front wheelie.

      After that, he kind of rode or fell down a steep grassy hill. I used telekinesis to lift up some green leaves and tried to lift him back up the hill. Then I noticed the food court area.

      The chefs behind the food stands were saying, "Telekinesis isn't real!" and it was ticking me off again... I was gonna prove them wrong! I started to use telekinesis on some of the purple domes on top of the building, and then the dream faded.

      I was briefly in the phase, thinking I had woke up in bed... Then suddenly I was on an elevator. A guy ran buy, holding 5 big scrabble letters that said "DEILD". He held the letter "I" right up to my face, and I realized, 'It's a dream!'

      I woke up from those dreams and recalled them. My body felt much heavier than usual but I knew I was physically awake. Eventually I used the bathroom and laid back down, to replay rounds 1 through 5 or 6 in my mind, and see if I'd sleep again. Nope. I got up and made the outline of the dreams around 8 A M.

      It was a Thunder Storm last night. I actually enjoyed the sound of the thunder and rain. I like the natural sounds but not the industrial or plane noises.
    3. Dream - If Only She Could Come

      by , 10-23-2017 at 11:10 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 12 OCT

      Dream No. 210 - If Only She Could Come

      I was at some unknown shopping centre. This public area that I was in, eventually turned into this carpeted area where there was no one else around. I then saw two people working in this random shop. I discovered that someone was causing trouble for them. I tried to call Dreamy WB to help one of the workers but there was no response as of yet. At a further look, the worker was only a young boy, just about my age.

      I took him away to this strange looking bedroom, conversing with him near the armchair. I explained to him why I called Dreamy WB and what she could possibly do for him. I ended up giving him a short hug, which he liked. I then have him a longer one and said that the shorter hug was representative of a typical being whereas the long hug represented that of Dreamy WB. I can't remember what else happened in this dream and whether she came or not.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
      Tags: boy, dreamguide, hug, shops
    4. Dream - Fear Of The Furry & Elements Vs Economics (Addition: Trophy Adjustment)

      by , 08-05-2017 at 10:41 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 30 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 164 - Separated Sections

      Dream 164 A - Fear Of The Furry
      I was back at Killester for school and there was a mixture of Killester girls and Chisholm girls in the class. I had one of the TAFE teachers for English. I then had Mrs TB for financial maths but the dream was always making me come 10 minutes late to class, no matter what I did. At one point, I never came back to class. I was then at my house, having piano lessons with my high school tutor PH. There was some weird homework that he had set for me but I forgot what it was.

      I had left home to go to this random milk bar and when I came back out, I saw FT on the streets. She told me she had some meeting to attend with the members of the St. Kilda Football Club. I followed FT up the hill and discovered that the members were in my driveway. I got so excited and told FT that this was my house. Then I left her in the driveway and proceeded into the garage myself.

      In the garage, I saw a grey kitten walking around and it would occasionally hiss at me, which would make me scared. I kept calling for Dreamy WB but there was no answer. The kitten would keep hissing and I got more and more scared. I eventually centred myself and came up with the new technique for summoning Dreamy WB. I spoke to myself, saying that she was going to be behind grandma's car. I then walked to the far side of grandma's car and indeed she was there, leaning on the driver's window. I remember she was wearing a white t-shirt with a black cardi and black trackies, with her glasses on.

      So I went up to her and showed her how much I was freaked out. She then got up and put an arm around me, slowly walking towards the other side of the garage while holding me in a full on hugging position. The grey kitten was still menacingly hissing but then there was a black kitten and a brown kitten who were minding their own business and being all cute. Every time Dreamy WB would loosen and then tighten her grip on me, there was this “counter” that would increase. Once I was in the house and on the stairs, the counter was at 9 and then went to 10. Before we got to the top of the stairs, I woke up.

      Dream 164 B - Elements Vs Economics
      One of the TAFE teachers had given us an assignment for our economics class, except he's not our economics teacher in real life but rather the real life teacher for company accounting. For this case study, I wrote down and drew the symbol for what element suited each scenario. Some I remember were ice to freeze the money in place and then for another scenario, fire to stop the thief from getting away with the money. The dream then skipped to me getting the assignment back and there were crosses everywhere. I was really embarrassed with the result but then discovered that the teacher made corrections with red erasable pen, so I rubbed all his corrections out. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

      EXTRA NOTE - Trophy Adjustment/s
      After reassessing some of the dream trophies, I don't think I'd be able to simulate the dream environment required with my current abilities, so I'm making some changes to the dream trophies so they are somewhat achievable, starting from future dreams.

      Snowed In - Use your Ice abilities in 1 dream
      A Sprig Of Time - Have Mrs O'N use her Earth abilities in 1 dream
      Sparkie - Have EG use her Electric abilities in 1 dream
      Burnt To A Crisp - Have LB use her Fire abilities in 1 dream
      The Ice Age - Use your ice abilities in 3 dreams
      The Hills Are Alive! - Have Mrs O'N use her Earth abilities in 3 dreams
      Power Surge - Have EG use her Electric abilities in 3 dreams
      Black Friday - Have LB use her Fire abilities in 3 dreams

      Snowed In - Use your Ice abilities in 1 dream
      A Sprig Of Time - Use your Earth abilities in 1 dream
      Sparkie - Use your Electric abilities in 1 dream
      Burnt To A Crisp - Use your Fire abilities in 1 dream
      The Ice Age - Use your ice abilities in 3 dreams
      The Hills Are Alive! - Use your Earth abilities in 3 dreams
      Power Surge - Use your Electric abilities in 3 dreams
      Black Friday - Use your Fire abilities in 3 dreams

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    5. Dream - Revisiting The Swimming Carnival & The Homeopath Relocates & I Can Do This Myself

      by , 06-18-2017 at 04:44 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 18 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 136 - Separated Sections

      Dream 136 A - Revisiting The Swimming Carnival

      My mum was driving me to Killester's swimming carnival which was taking place at the swimming pool in Monash University. So I went in there by myself and saw everyone gathered around the pool, just like at the carnival in real life. Only difference in real life it that it was at an outdoor pool in Noble Park. So I saw some teachers talking. Apparently Mrs M was asking for someone to help her. The teachers then looked towards my direction and said “Karla's here. Get her to help you”. I then started walking around to say hello to the students. As soon as I saw WB, I got really excited, ran up to her and gave her a massive hug. I can't seem to remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 136 B - The Homeopath Relocates
      I had found that the homeopath my mum and I usually see had relocated his practice just to be right around the corner from our house. My mum was really excited about this and so demanded that we go over there at once to help celebrate the “grand opening”. We got there and it was this house with a really fancy interior, all laid out with marble and the cornices of the wall were painted in this beautiful metallic gold colour. Soon, the homeopath asked for the attention of everyone in the room. He said he had Dr. Michael Carr Greg with him to help him with the ribbon cutting ceremony.

      After that, I ended up going by myself and walking along a main road of a busy suburban area. I got to this place that looked like the inside of some cathedral or palace. I look around in amazement and I think this is the only building that's in operation. I then say to myself, “The castle... This is the only building that doesn't need to be powered by WB”. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 136 C - I Can Do This Myself
      For the entirety of this dream, my dad was being forceful and insistent about helping me with my accounting work. No matter how many times I said no, my dad kept insisting. Later on, my mum was making pizza in the kitchen. She said I could customise two pieces to make them how I would want. I remember making it a meat lovers pizza with some strangle purple gel painted on near the crust as well as a small drizzle of honey. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Taking It Slow (Receive 1 hug from Dreamy WB)

      Note: Although it was the real WB, the hug was pretty tight and so reaches a standard matching Dreamy WB.

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    6. Dream - The Key To Progress

      by , 06-09-2017 at 10:38 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 9 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 129 - The Key To Progress

      I was in some strange place... The room I was currently in was some sort of mystical library and I was talking to one of the staff members there, a random middle-aged lady. She was saying to me that to get somewhere, I had to use the lift that was nearby. The dream had only showed a snippet of the lift scene with me in it to begin with as the realisation was that I was not ready to enter it yet. I was then at the other side, I had supposedly exited the lift without the dream showing... And the only way to get anywhere else was to use it again. So I decided I had to go and look for the whereabouts of Dreamy WB.

      So I stood in front of the wooden lift doors, calling for her but nothing happened. So I took it to the next step and was pacing backwards and forwards throughout the foyer, calling her name as loud as I could. Still no response and I am standing in front of the lift doors again, looking up nervously... I remember exactly what I said, “Dreamy WB, please come!”, in a really distressed tone, almost sounding like Penny from The Rescuers. No response what-so-ever and I so finally decided I had to leave the building to look for her.

      I was in this neighbourhood and I remember the sky looking like it would at dusk, but it was more purple without any pink in it. There was this fence surrounding a house and from that block of land, over the fence, peered Mrs B, the mother of the real WB, giving me some sort of judgemental look. Her look terrified me and I straight away had the feeling that I had to get away from her or I would be toast. I found myself floating away from her house in the style of balloon Mario again. At one point, I looked back and she was still there, with the same look pasted on to her face. So then I hurried away without looking back at all.

      Eventually, I was able to locate Dreamy WB in the dream and so was now able to return to the lift scene. Her appearance was evident when I first found her but during the lift scene, I didn't look at her much, rather she always quietly trailed behind me... She had her hair frizzed out while wearing her black pencil dress. My dad and brother were in the foyer and they were amazed that I was going to enter a lift “by myself”... Dreamy WB was completely invisible to them. I skipped past the lift with real life, metal doors and went for the wooden one that I had intentions on going into since the start.

      Once we got in there, Dreamy WB took no hesitation to make me feel comfortable and secure. I noticed that she was still behind me and so was hugging me from the back. The lift soon started moving and it was going up and down really fast. At times, I felt like I could topple over but in the dream, I knew that Dreamy WB was keeping me from doing so, despite the super speed. At different floors, signs in the lift would actually show what room we were next to, for instance “Floor 2 – The Library”. That's all I can remember in regards to this dream.

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    7. Lesson 101 Insomnia

      by , 01-18-2016 at 08:08 PM
      D1 - Same ol Same ol dream I keep having, different version each time, always same theme.
      I have a multitude of configurations to choose from and this time they are grids, bit like a large rubic cube.
      each square has a different quality, one seems to represent wheat (must be food) etc
      I think previous circular objects meant trying to create unity, this seems like calculating my options i.e not leaving anything to intuition

      Woke 1.25am had trouble getting back to sleep, worrying about life
      D2 - Was in a room, with a guy with a long clump of fair hair sitting back in a chair, relaxed. Light streamed into the spacious room, a dust haze off the bare flooring. He asked me some question, gesturing to the window. He was signalling outside the room as being everyone in the concensus world outside. I replied that money and material things were not the purpose of life, and meaning existed in the non-physical world only, the world between worlds. He nodded seeming happy with the reply. I hugged him and the dream ended.

      I felt a bit calmer after the dream and slept a little less fretfully.
    8. Strangness and charms

      by , 11-14-2015 at 12:24 AM (Here be dragons)
      I'm laying down on a couch, in a recess of a bigger room, next to a open french window. The sun is streaming in between white drapes fluttering. Their is a garden behind the window, green lawn with a tall dark green hedge and a tree that looks like a mulberry tree. The couch is warm and made of buttery smooth brown leather, I can feel the fines stiches on the cushions. The wall above me is cream and the ceilling white. The corner of the wall behind my head and going into the house is is covered up to maybe one meter and a half with smooth, cold ceramic tiles, longer than larger. There are this beautiful, deep red of chinese lacquer, and contrast very nicely with the wooden floor. I tilting my head, I can see a open door, going inside another room shrouded in darkness.
      I start to wonder where I am, and try to get up. My body is incredibly heavy and inyelding, and I fall of the couch. I ended up on a thick cream carpet, just in front of the open window. I can feel the warmth of the sun and a soft breeze. A little blond haired boy in a school uniform comes in from the garden. His hair are wispy and almost white, falling on his shoulders and fluttering in the breeze like the drapes. I ask him to find Eli, and he runs back into the garden without a word. I try to lift my arm, but my body still doesn't respond. I turn my head to look outside, and I see a tall man in the garden with the boy. I call Eli and he turns his head to me, smiling. He walks to me and stop right next to my hips. From the floor he looks impossibly tall, with his eyes shining in the sun. He kneels and wrap his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug. I feel engulfed, warm, and above all, safe. In a crystal clear instant, I can feel his warmth through his cotton tshirt, his belt buckle against me, the smell of his skin and the tickle of his light stubble.
      I'm in the garden now, standing up under the mulberry tree. It's still a beautiful sunny afternoon, the walls of the house are a textured cream with white borders around the windows. I'm looking over the corner of the house, to the open portal. A wolf run in, followed by a pack of barking dogs. I pick her up and recognize my totem animal. Her fur is all matted and dirty, and she's pantting, but at least I've scared the dogs away. I plan to bath her and ask her what she thinks about the name I'm picked for her, but I lose the dream before I can do that.

      finally, I'm in my sister bedroom, she picked up two small orange stripped kittens, a male and a female. The female one is boncy and adventurous and quikly desappear into the house; the male meows at me until I pick him up and scarry him around with his fronts paw over my arm like a stuffed toys, making him purrs loudly.
    9. Heartlines

      by , 10-31-2015 at 03:07 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm doing a mini WBTB
      My hopnalogic imageries turn into random numbers and I start to loose feeling of my body, I decide to try to WILD by keeping my mind awake by counting. I start, going backward, and remark that the number I see are going from random to be the one I'm thinking about. I start to have a rocking feeling, from left to right, stronger and stronger. I wait for a peak and push my dream body out. I fall out of bed and grab the side of it to get back up. I'm in the dark, I can still can feel my physical eyelids so I keep my eyes closed. I follow the edge of the bed with my and to find the widow and climb out. The air is a little colder but I'm still in the dark, so I walk away from the window, keeping my hand on the wall to guide myself. As I go on, my vision slowly comes to me and after a few steps I can see the front of my house, looking as usual in the morning light. I let go of the wall and go through the portal, and I'm suddently on a stone terrace-sort-of-balcony overlooking a big french formal garden, with a beautiful fontain in the center, green lawns and carefully trimmed bushes.The light is a little grey, the sky is overcast; the whole garden is encircled by tall, dark green trees, a mix of oaks and pines.
      I find the stairs going down in the garden and call Eli, my voice ringing around me and sounding both softer and more clear that usual. I end up having to pull him in, using the hand behind my back technique. While he is here, he looks around twelve. We start to go down the stairs, and I tell him that seeing him like that innerve me a little. He doesn't seen to get it at first, his face scrunching up in concentration, then he suddently start to grow up at incredible speed, losing his equilibrium and falling on top of me. He's too heavy for me to keep my own equilibrium and I start falling too. I manage to sit down on the stair and he rest against me, a little dazed but more present in the dream that before.

      I temporaly lose my vision, and when it come back I'm alone on the stairs. I call Eli again, mentally this time, and he tells me that he is in another house close by, with his vampire sister, and that she has kidnapped someone, menacing to bite her. I know that vampire usually don't kidnapped people during daytime to feed; for those who do, it's more of a cry for help, to be placed in a etablishement that can help them. I recognize this sudden knowledge as a dream set up and play along for fun. I go to the house, it's a small white manor nested in old, slender trees that looks like birches,and the lawn around it is losing the battle against a soft, dark green moss, while the gravelled path in front of it need another layer badly. The trees filter the light, it's tinged green and very subdued. There's already a specialized team here, circling the house and waiting for the special agent (that would be little old me!). It's a different kind of fun to be aware that it's a dream while playing along. I'm fitted with the same equipement as the other, a protective vest with big scratchs and a utility belt, then go inside. It's a pretty house,with painted white panelling and a wooden floor, but it's unkept and dirty with narrow, claustrophobic allyways and narrow, talls widows half hidden behind tattered drapes. I find the vampire and arrest her, putting here in cuffs while Eli keep her calm. We walk her outside to the team. She cringes in the sunlight and they quickly put her in the back of a car and thanks me before leaving. I'm alone with Eli again, and enjoy the silence and the mossy smell coming from the soil. I shred some of the equipment and lean against the house. Eli comes close to me and starts to tell me that "that actress is pretty bitchy, that's why she got a small role, nobody wants to remember her." I kiss him to stop him, and he is suddenly very silent and very "here". He looks around with me, taking in the scenery. I warp a arms around him with a smile.

      I wake up in a false awakening, tangled in Eli arms and the darkness of my bedroom and free my arm to write down some keywords about this dream and the one before, then I wake up for good.

      That was a good experience in tulpa dream lucidity
    10. Happiness hit her like a train on a track

      by , 10-03-2015 at 09:20 PM (Here be dragons)
      My mother is home to help me move in on campus and woke me up this morning going on errand. I was wide awake, but my body felt hot and heavy, almost prickly with sleep. I rolled on my back, went through my lucidity check-list and back to sleep.

      I'm dreaming, but not really involved, I feel like I'm floating close to my body. I walk across my house to my mother bedroom and idle a little there, wondering. Then I walk in her closet and close the door behind me. I'm trapped between her clothes and the door, but I can reach the side. I feel my way up the wall, I can't see a thing but I feel the clothes against my back and my breath pushed back to me by the closed door. I find a switch and hit it. The whole closet shake, then I feel it going down like a lift.

      Now I'm interested. The doors slide open and I get out in a brightly illuminated room, the floor is linoneum and the walls painted white. There are at least three other lifts, with steel doors. No windows, I'm underground. There is a small group of people in this room, all around twenty and casualy dressed. Some of them carry backpacks, and I remember the underground rooms of my highschool. They're start to walk out, and I follow. The floor has a gentle slope upward, and we reach a double open door going outside. This place is a gigantic highschool I dreamed of before. Today it's daytime and overcast. The grassy area are neatly cut, the paths are carefully gravelled and the cement between them painted white. I know that if I turn around, I could see the impossibly tall buildings, with big, round windows half covered by wavy adornements, steel painted white; if I look on my left, I could see the topiary. But the DC keep walking. One of them is standing out from the group: He isn't anonymous, a faceless form here to be set dressing. He wears the face of someone I dislike: a brown haired, fair skined, slightly overweight young man that used to go out with one of my friend before cheating one here with a coworker. Still, he is different. I follow his along the path, and as he walks I wonder.
      I lag behind, and he meet up with other men around a cart; at least three of them are gardeners, the last one is crouching a little on the side, his face away from me. I stare at him a feeling of familiarity growning.
      I call him out and he look up and smile. His hair are a little longer, he is less groomed that usual, but he stand up and I run to him with wings on my heels. I jump in his arms and he hold me tight. I scramble to wrap my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck; he hold my waist and my hips to keep me here. He is warm and feel solid and real. He bury his face in my hair and I almost feel him smile. I laugh and marvel at the feeling of the hair on the nape of his neck against my hand, of his light stubble against my cheek. I twist around to look at the DC that lead me here and jockingly tell him that he has a lousy taste in face. He laughs and tilt his head down, his face growing briefly pointed and almost goat-like, with strongly slanted eybrows and weird pointed strands of hair on each side of his head. He throw his head back and it's back to what it was before, but not exactly; there's something lurking there, a intelligence and some humor. He asked me: "How it is with ten more years?"
      He do look older, but Still. I laugh, still clinging to Eli. Eli laugh to, and walk backward. I squee and he let go of my waist to slip both his hand under my thights. I push us away from the trashcan he was walking us to with my right foot, and see that I'm wearing cute black suede shoes with my black thigh-highs.

      My mother come back home, waking me up again. I woke up still giggly and happy, Eli delighted.
      I wonder who, or what was this DC. And why he wore this face, obviously like a mask...
    11. Putting my clothes on makes me lucid!!

      by , 06-03-2015 at 02:54 PM
      I think that I'm going to dance lessons but it ends up being bowling lessons. I'm in the bowling alley and the instructor is teaching a bunch of little kids/tweens. For some reason I think that I'm 15 or 17. He shows them some cool tricks like tossing the bowling ball and it lands a level down, bounces, and puts itself away in the bowling rack. He is passing out lessons and asks me if I've done the last one. I point out that I missed the first two classes and this is my first time.

      It's later and I'm in a parking lot with a Subway. I order something and begin to eat it. It's like a garlic bread cheese sandwich. I realize part way through that there is cheese and that's why it's difficult to eat. I try to tear away the pieces without cheese and can feel the roof of my mouth becoming raw from the toast texture. I toss it out.

      I go back out into the lot and am walking up a really steep hill. I run into Cid and someone else who are taking up a lot of the street. She tries to get me to come along, but I tell her I'm going to lessons. I'm getting pretty tired and hot (I recall seeing the sweat glistening on my left arm) and end up stripping in a way. I'm walking around with my bra undone and my shirt pulled up over my chest, but not actually taking it off.

      I get to the bowling alley and try to change back. I'm wearing a front clasp bra and part of the clasp is broken so it won't hold. I'm messing with my longish shorts and realize a pair of dirty underwear is hanging outside of each leg and also some dress shirt sleeves are also hanging out. I'm quite frustrated and a cute, short haired blond girl seems interested in helping me. I suddenly realize that all of this inability to do what I'm trying to do is because this is a dream! I don't think I even RC. I look at the blonde and tell her “I'm dreaming!” I consider getting some sexy time in with her and start to move as if do engage, but then decide that it's a distraction and I should do other things in the dream. Not all of the dream is easy to remember. I know that several times I am rubbing my hands together and either thinking or saying “this is a dream.”

      I end up leaving and go into a building where maybe it's a nice corporate glassed cafeteria? It makes me think of what Google headquarters would be, really clean and sparse. I encounter a guy, but don't remember what it's like. I get up to a board room area where people are holding a meeting. I sit at a chair. During my wake back to bed I reminded myself I wanted to help other people. I'm still focusing on “this is a dream” in my mind. I end up doing a reality check at the table. People's names are on plaques and when I look at them and look away they change. Something like “dwight” changes into just “ight.” There are maybe 10-12 people at the table all dressed in business clothes. I say “excuse me” and something along the lines of “can I help anyone?”

      The lights are dimmed and the people are turned to me. A Chinese woman (similar to the ones that visited last week) says yes, and she puts on a video on the tv screen. She wants me to watch it. I can tell that if I watch for too long I will be sucked into it so I interrupt the video by turning to her and saying “thank you for showing me that.” Someone else also wants my help, but I can't remember what that was. I was aware that this dream was getting long and in addition to “I'm dreaming” and hand rubbing I was also reminding myself to remember the dream itself.

      After the board room I'm more in an apartment/home environment with Threecat. I'm excited to see him and tell him I'm dreaming! He looks a little disbelieving and I go on to say “you've actually woken up for work already, your real self isn't sleeping. You're dream Threecat.” He continues to act like he's awake. I think I ask him also how I can help him. He's thirsty and wants his glass water bottle filled up so I go to the sink and fill it and return it to him. I can't remember what else we talked about, but we talked more. At some point he's pushing on me and I feel agitation well up and I'm worried that the dream will dissolve. I think that maybe it's him in real life or the cat physically disturbing me. I get him to stop, I think I hug him and the dream doesn't dissolve. Shortly after this I wake up. It was so long I couldn't remember all the parts.

      During my wake back to bed I read The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep for 20 minutes, practiced MILD, set the intention to help people, and rubbed my hands together in real life to focus on that sensation and remind myself to do that in my dream. My wake back to bed was at 5 hours into sleep.
    12. Sometimes a Hug can be Scary - Friday Jan 30, 2015

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:28 AM
      In this dream I was standing at the top of the stairs at my old home, and then my daughter came running up the stairs with a dark haired friend, whom I didn’t recognize. Can you say instantly lucid? We hugged for long time, and at one point we both cried, but I composed myself and asked her, “Who’s your friend?” She quickly said, “That’s D______ (I didn’t catch the name), my friend from Heaven!” I gently placed my daughter down and turned around and gave her friend a big hug too (I think I teleported a few feet towards her), but this poor little girl totally freaked out, and her eyes turned reddish with fear. Usually my hugs do wonders while lucid, but this little girl didn’t like that at all. My daughter firmly said, “Dad, don’t hug her, because you’re scaring her!” I felt upset because I scared her, and I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    13. Lost Vacation

      by , 01-05-2015 at 03:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I dreamed that I was in a town. I was there supposedly for vacation. I was with some people. For some reason, I was attracted to one of the guys. I hugged him from behind, and we were like a couple. We took a tricycle somewhere, near the beach, a house. Later on, however, I can't seem to remember his face. Or I mistook one guy for him. I can't seem to find him anymore.



      - This is one of those dreams with longer notes than dream content. I wish I could remember more of my dream. It seemed important. I didn't do incubation, but I couldn't get the issue at hand out of my head.

      - I woke up in a panic, but it may not be due to this dream. I thought I was going to be late for work or school. It's been years since I was required to be on time for work or school. (anxiety of making a decision soon before it's too late, long-term consequences)
      - I've been experiencing anxiety these last few days because I have to decide something big, something that barely has any benefit to me except to live with a guy I like very much. He didn't let on whether he likes me back or not... he just needed someone to share the rent in a new place, I think... ("vacation" and hugging a guy, other people were inconsequential in the dream)
      - There are a lot of risk on my part: I will have to move all of my stuff, pay another deposit and advance in the new place, be farther from commute areas (especially train). I'm also emotionally involved (seems that he isn't), so if ever he dates a guy (who isn't me), I'd be devastated. But I'll be stuck in the same place, so I can't take a time-out. He, on the other hand, might be able to by simply staying at the guy's place or even his home.
      - If he moves out, I'll be stuck in the place or have to find a new place (so it's another move). Staying would be problematic because the only reason I'm moving in the first place is because he's there. If he's no longer there, why would I stay? The place itself has no benefit for me, except that it's the hub for yuppies, and even then, so what? ("I can't seem to find him anymore")
      - ... I think I'm starting to understand the dream now... (notes in the parentheses above were added after this line)
    14. Long Shot

      by , 10-20-2014 at 04:47 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #249: Long Shot

      I’m hanging out with Dreamer in a sparsely-decorated apartment. She’s wearing a dark jumper with the hood pulled up over her head. We’re joking around and coming up with silly games and dares. Dreamer comes up with a really really crazy one that gets us laughing. Warning: It is pretty gross!

      Spoiler for Very gross dare -- not for the squeamish!:

      ... I become lucid. I feel sleepy and out if it, and I tell Dreamer that I’m really happy to have become lucid so soon after going to sleep, but that I feel really groggy. We both stand up and Dreamer is super tall, easily 7 feet. We talk for a bit, my brain moving slowly during the conversation. Her accent is entirely American during the conversation, which strikes me as one of those strange details that I figure will work itself out.

      I finally remember my intent to do the “play a musical instrument that doesn’t exist in waking life” task and ask Dreamer if she has an instrument for me. She says, “Well, I have this violin!” She produces a violin from out of nowhere and somehow plays a few notes with no bow. Now she plucks 3 notes pizzicato.

      I tell her that this is cool but that we need to have an instrument that doesn’t exist in waking life. I know that I should be able to flow into the task from here but I feel really slow-witted. I get a little confused what to do next, and Dreamer walks up to me (still enormously tall) and wraps me in a hug. Since I don’t know what to do anyway, I just stay still for a moment and enjoy this. After a bit, I get the sensation of falling asleep, and …

      … I emerge in a false awakening in the same room. Dreamer isn’t here, but I have a vision of her sitting on the edge of a table with a model train set on it. In this mental image she’s wearing the same trackies and dark jumper from the previous part of the dream, but now she seems to be her normal height. I wander around the apartment, eventually finding the table, but Dreamer isn’t there. The
      dream ends fairly quickly after that.
    15. Hugs

      by , 11-25-2013 at 10:36 PM
      We were on a field trip and one of my friends that had traveled to America was there. (In the dream though he said that he just got back from Canada). All around me are some teachers but they are leaving. He gives me a hug and continues hugging me until i pull away and tell him we can't hug now. (In my school if you hug someone of the opposite sex you get suspension
      ) So he stops. When we go outside, we walk and we talk for a bit. After all the teachers leave i tell him that i have no problem hugging him and that the only reason i told him to stop hugging me is so i wouldn't get suspended. So he looks around to make sure that their aren't any teachers and then gives me a longer hug. We sit on a bench and we keep talking and one of my friends come up to us and sits with us and says "I know i'm being a third wheel" so i give her the get lost look and she still goes "I know this is awkward" and she makes no move to get up and she says "I can stay here for hours". Right now i'm proper pissed off at her and then i wake up in my dream. Then i don't remember what happened but then i woke up for real.
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