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    1. You Don’t Handle Humiliation Well Grasshopper

      by , 10-10-2014 at 03:08 AM
      Wife, Son, and I were cruising down a double lane highway on a quad. We came to a high, steep, sand dune, which spanned the entire road. The only way around it, was over it. The wheels dug in, and then we got stuck half way up the dune. Concerned about flipping the quad, I asked Wife and Son to get off. I tried to drive up the dune, but it wouldn’t move, so I decided to turn the quad around, and head back down the dune. Incredibly, the quad magically turned around 180 degrees, and was pointing down the hill in the correct direction. I thought for a second that maybe I was dreaming, but I brushed it off, because everything seemed so real. Another quad was coming up the hill beside me, and it also got stuck. This backwoods looking fellow, with a baseball cap, and a crappy looking quad, was staring at me. A strange, black tar substance was oozing from his skin (kind of like X-Files). As I drove down the hill past him, he reached out and then smeared his black tar ooze all over me. It was totally disgusting, and I was pissed. I instantly became lucid (not sure why), drove the quad down to the bottom of the hill, and then I leaped off. I was mad. As I mention before I have a personal conviction not to be violent in my dreams, but this time I didn’t care. I flew up the hill to grab him, then he repelled me away with some sort of invisible force. I pushed real hard back at this invisible force and managed to grab onto him. We both floated up into the air wrestling, and I was gaining an advantage on him. While wrestling, we floated back down to the ground near the bottom of the hill. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes this German Sheppard, and it attacks me. I let go of the man and grab the dog around it's chest. The thought of hurting the dog made me feel real guilty inside, and reminded me of my personal conviction. I stopped fighting, and thought to myself, “What am I doing? This is so wrong.” To my surprise, the backwoods guy turned into an East Indian man, dressed in a white robe, and the dog turned into an Asian woman, in a white dress. I still had my arm around her. The East Indian man said to me in a heavy accent, “You don’t handle humiliation well.” Then I said, “What?” He then said back to me, “Humiliation, when somebody does something to you, you don’t respond well.” I looked at him and said ,”Humiliation?” When I spoke the sound was distorted, and was breaking up. I was starting to wake, and the clarity was dissolving. He said back in a distorted voice, “Yes, Humiliation.” I focussed and concentrated on increased lucidity, and the clarity improved. I looked at the Asian woman, who I still had my arm around, and said, “Were you the dog?” She said yes, and I apologized to her. I then hugged her, put my head on her shoulder, and started to cry. I felt guilty for being violent in my lucid dream. The emotions then woke me.
    2. Painful rejection

      by , 03-31-2013 at 08:55 AM
      31/3/13 Same conditions as last night -.- I recorded my voice this morning instead of writing it out.

      I started heading to a rec centre/youth club with my friends Emma and Aaron to go a an old friend called Josh. I was dreading it as I had two pieces of paper that contained information about me and Josh that I had typed up (rather similar to a diary entry) on a website.

      Once inside, we all sat down and Josh started saying that I needed to remove the diary entry as he would never ask me out, I had written that we were dating. I was crushed. Aaron took his side speaking to me as if he was my father; telling me off severely.
      Soon after I left in hysterics, felling humiliated (I know even the dream version of me is a drama queen).

      Suddenly, I was on my way to a biology lesson with my friend Charlie and this kid Evan from school. Evan was being loud so this scary teacher came to tell him off whilst me and Charlie ran too our separate lessons. The assistant teacher of this lesson was taking our names and when I told him he spelt my name wrong he answered "Sometimes people get names wrong, even yours" I sat at the desk still feeling sad.

      Recall massively improved from last night, dream signs are emerging.

      Teal = Awareness dream sign
      Purple= Context dream sign

      Updated 04-01-2013 at 01:14 PM by 62140 (Colour coding dream signs)

    3. TV, Racist Politics and Muppets

      by , 02-23-2011 at 02:22 PM
      Quite the strange combination, I know...

      23rd of February 2011. Non-lucid, Lucid, Extra Comment

      1) Dreamt of a TV show in which some dude I know was being told by his parents that they wanted him to leave school. The guy was in the actual studio, which for some reason was very reminiscent of the studios of RTL. His parents were at home, and communicating via some a giant screen in the studio (Much like news readers talk to correspondents in the field). His parents were cussing him out, calling him incompetent and weak. I felt really strange at that sight, a mix of feeling sorry for him whilst also deeply enjoying his pain (I used to hate that guy IWL).

      2) Dreamt of some gigantic political ruckus caused by someone who did not want to eat a Milkbreak Biscuit with chocolate filling because he said it reminded him of black people, whom he claimed were lesser beings (Where have we heard that before? He has a moustache, black hair, and could be pretty much always be found with his hand raised...). Stuff gets even weirder as Christian Parties get involved and accused of racism. I begin to realize that the man that made the claims about black people was an actual politician IWL, one that anything but racist.

      3) Short dream filled with muppets making music. But there's something wrong with the muppets. They either have the wrong head attached or they are simply lacking one. One comes up to me and says I'm dreaming, I ignore it. (HOW THE HELL DID I DO THAT?!) Shortly after my alarm goes off and I wake up... Damn...

      Something is screaming in my face that I'm dreaming, and I fail to notice it... That aint cool

      As an extra note, I only write down what I remember of my dreams. The 'racist politician' is a politician too IWL, BUT HE IS NOT A RACIST. Just to make that clear.