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    1. a few dreams

      by , 08-03-2021 at 05:46 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just a dream about Jamie driving in her old car. If i remember it was a big box car cream colored, like from the 70's or 80's. Left turn signal was broken so she had to use it manually. Just remember her driving towards me that's it.


      A dream about my old next door naighbors from chilliwack, a brother and sister. I was trying to hide from them behind a pillow, The sister went up to me and said hello. They were going hunting with big shotguns and invited me. I seemed to think it was sketchy.


      Another chilliwack dream... I went to visit my old friends house. I went inside and it was also dirty. Also my inner world house has the same layout so maybe that was it..
    2. Unsatisfying flying. Fighting underwater.

      by , 02-15-2021 at 12:15 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm flying over a city but I don't feel happy about it.

      Notes: I was able to fly because my mind was clear when I went to bed.

      I'm hunting a business man. He jumps into the water and starts to swim away. I swim faster and I'm able to drag him underwater with me. We exchange some punches but it doesn't hurt. I try to keep him under water as I go up to get more air but he is able to go up too. He has a whistle and starts to blow in it so that a high pitch very loud sound is coming out. I know that I am done for it now but I drag him underwater and struggle with him some more. I am able to breath under water and I almost acknowledge that it's a dream.

      Notes: My past dreams have had water in them. Either a boat on a sea or just water.
    3. Bull Ceremony and Demon Hunting

      by , 12-11-2020 at 02:48 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am outdoors walking down a crowded sidewalk. There is some kind of festival with many people my age and younger. I see some people I know walking behind me. There is an open plot of land which is a farm with many cows in it between two houses in the neighborhood we are walking through. The owner is by their front fence with a few other people looking at the cows. One of the larger cows which was leaning over the fence jumps over it. There is a larger man who holds it in place by the horns in the crowd of people, still by the fence. I am amused by the cow and want to pet it. Somebody behind me holds me back and my vision goes black.

      I wake up in the upstairs of the farmhouse in a dark bedroom with someone babysitting me for some reason. I gather there are many people on hallucinagens at this festival and they were concerned I was trying to pet the bull. The younger blonde farmer chick is now babysitting me just sitting around making sure I am ok. I am confused because I didn't remember taking anything to impair my judgement. I just wanted to pet the cow.
      We walk together into the next room which is like a large open theater and has bleacher like seating. It's dimly lit and I gather there is a certain ceremony going on.

      I see some guys I grew up with all sitting in a mixed group towards the upper right of the seats. He tells me they have 12 portions of Corceps?(maybe a fungus maybe a flower I don't really know) And offers me some for the trip. A certain point is reached in the ceremony and everyone whips out their portion to dose. Everyone has a bowl of chunky looking bluish almost yogurt consistency liquid in wooden bowls. They all start drinking theirs. He encourages me to drink mine. I say hold up. I pull out my phone and Google the name he tells me. I am looking it up first before drinking it.

      A girl I know IWL from festival is sitting close to me and gets really upset that I am on my phone during the ceremony and gets up angrily telling me how I am messing with her vibe. I'm like, tough tits chick, I'm not just gonna take something I have no idea what it is even if my oldest friend I know just hands it to me. So I turn the brightness down on my phone and just keep reading.

      I read that it is a powerful natural hallucination used in indigenous ceremonies for journey. I see the words witchcraft and occult in one of the articles and decide that's good enough for me. I sit up to start drinking mine and grab a bowl which is already empty. I think someone has drunk mine but actually just grabbed the wrong bowl. My friend hands me mine and I smell it. It smells like blueberries. I bring the bowl to my lips to drink and the dream fades.

      I call a bank about withdrawing money from my Alexa account, the guy tells me to come in to do the transaction. When I get there it is a smaller strip mall bank that almost looks like an airport terminal kiosk.
      I wait in line but notice the guy I talked to is on the left side of the desk. There is an older guy there in the background sort of glaring at me. I gather he is evil and don't want to talk to him. I tell them I just called about an Alexa withdrawal and the guy on the left helps me.
      He asks for my ID which I panic thinking I don't have it on me. It is in my hat.
      When we finish he hands me my money and my cards back, only I have one extra card in the stack. It is a vertical card with some braille on it. It has a picture of the old guy on it and the name Micheal Flynn at the bottom with his picture on the front.
      I gather that Micheal Flynn is a demon. I have been marked with this card but don't understand the intention. I stand in front of the kiosk for a minute or so while looking from the card to back up at them with a raised eyebrow. The guy who gave me the card was my lead. He is helping me track down the demon.

      I go to my car which is in eyesight to the kiosk. I sit in the passenger seat and stake it out. While sitting I get tired but only pretend to lower my head while watching the activity intently. A girl with black hair a black shirt and a broom to sweep with comes out of a store next-door to the bank. When I look at her she ignores me and pretends to work. While I pretend to hang my head down so she can't see my eyes she just stands there staring at me while slowly lifting her shirt or pulling it down or something equally tempting my attention. I pretend to ignore her while I look up casually still watching the kiosk to the left of where she is standing. I have decided she is the demon I've been looking for.

      I get out of the car and approach her, the gig is up. I grab her while walking back into her empty store that is similar to a smaller department store with the same type of nooks and crannies as a clothing store.
      While holding her arms I notice her face go fuzzy with distortion when I poke certain parts of her back and neck and arms while she isn't struggling too much. She walks with me while I calmly explain to her that she has been found out, I know what she is. Whatever is going on here is going to stop, there is no room for evil in these parts ect ect. But I do mention if she weren't evil we'd probably get along fine. I attempt to be smooth about it as to not attract the attention of the security guard I know is working.

      He may have seen me as we tuck away into the back cubby corner of the shop. The outline of her face is still going buzzy every few seconds and I gather the entity inside her isn't pleased to be found out.
      When we get to the back I begin some incantation speaking words I do not recognize while she writhes as I hold both of her arms behind her back. I notice the guard coming up behind me so I let her go and immediately begin on some false conversational tangent about how her brother had a conversation with her and I just want to know what she told my sister because it was very important that I hear it from her (hoping my tone would falsely show the tension he may have witnessed while also implying this being a personal matter between two consenting parties, and not an exorcism).

      He stares blankly for a few moments while she just stands there looking between the two of us.
      "You can't do that here" he says. The gig is up I think.
      "If you want to get rid of that thing inside her you better follow me to the fire, it's the only way" he continues.
      I am shocked. He knows what I am doing and is offering help. Very cool. I walk her behind him and he leads us to another part of the store which has a fireplace in the wall. I gather the only way is to channel this being back into the fire from which it came.
      The dream fades as the incantations begin with her writhing in my arms once again.
    4. cliv.Winterspring Shop

      by , 09-09-2020 at 04:55 PM
      23rd August 2020: DFLN

      24th August 2020 DFLN


      About classic WoW. On my gnome rogue, using a 100% riding horse. I'm in Winterspring? I fight some lions (but they don't look wintery/snowy like the local tigers should). In-line note: The night before this dream I had watched for the first time the trailer for the remake of Lion King, which I had heard of but not seen much about.

      I'm Combat-specced, I think. There were other player characters nearby but I don't remember any interactions, mix of Horde and Alliance, I think. Then Hnk messages me as I'm going to the town, which is more realistic and I walk toward a little shop in one of the buildings.

      Hnk was upset about guild recruiting. Some girl lied about something specific in the application to join? But apparently this was normal. I remember we messaged each other for a while, whilst I was still outside but in the middle of the town.

      Then I'm in the shop. I remember eventually I stop making notice of the chat UI for a bit. The shop is like one of those little convenience stores where you buy newspapers, magazines and play lottos, etc. There's a lady who runs the shop, behind a counter. I just look around at first.

      Something changes as I'm talking to Hnk via messages. Now, all of a sudden, the shop is full of "dirty" magazines. They are pretty much the only thing for sale here now, mostly featuring naked women with artificially bigger breasts. Most of them seem to be around my age. I find it all to be more distasteful than I normally would somehow. Then the lady at the counter complains to herself about how people keep going into the private areas at the back.

      I sort of join in and comment that it's ridiculous, people should surely know not to go past the counter. The lady appreciates my understanding of her situation and then I approach and ask her about something. (What?) And then I remember that I was supposed to sort something out while I was here, but I forget what, so we both take guesses at what it could be, for a while. I remember closing my eyes and resting against the counter while I try to remember.

      Eventually I "recall" that I needed to sort out some kind of prepayment card. For Hnk? But mom asked me to do it? The lady shows me a plastic plate/card with some information and I try to take a photo of it with my phone, which feels unusually big and unwieldy.

      The dream ended shortly after, and there were other dreams but I couldn't recall them.


      - This dream features mixed parts of recent life (classic WoW) and parts of my late teens.
      - In the dream, I vaguely recall having thoughts that although I found the magazines distasteful, they were this lady's business, so I made sure to not comment anything out loud about it to myself. This may be a partially direct message aimed at some part of me, using some role reversal as metaphor in the dream.
      - The chat with Hnk was particularly long via whisper messages. I only wish I could have recalled more specific wordings or details.

      - This dream felt nostalgic in a sense; WoW dreams are generally nostalgic anyway for me but they also tend to be novel, featuring adventures unique to myself and often in alternate versions of game locations or completely new areas. But the shop was reminiscent of when I would go to such shops to play the lottery in my late teens and I often did notice there were these types of lewd magazines at those shops; as I got older I felt like it became more common but maybe this was just a shift of my own perspective. Because of this, in a way, the dream felt nostalgic of how things were before everything started to feel sexualised in some sense.
    5. #196: Hunting

      by , 08-22-2016 at 05:14 AM
      I remember being in a forest with another guy. I think it was snow covered, though Iím not certain. Weíre hunting. Iím using a shotgun type of weapon. At one point I finally see a deer. I aim at it and start to move in closer, hiding behind the pickup truck. Thereís no way Iíll get it. Why the hell am I hunting with a shotgun? I fire some shots, but nothing happens. I donít hit anything, I donít notice any recoil, there is no loud bang that scares the deer. A bit further down thereís a wolf I think, which is being helped by a guy with a car. The wolf (and its kid or something?) are injured. The guy gets them into his car and drives off with them, presumably to a hospital. Another wolf exits a cave. I want to shoot it at first, but I decide not to. It comes close to me and Iím afraid for just a split second it will attack me, but it doesnít. Itís beautiful. I want him as a pet.
      Tags: hunting
    6. [28-05-2016]

      by , 05-28-2016 at 07:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in an arctic tundra. It was a dark evening, I went out of hunters hut and wanted to hunt some birds. I was wandering around a forest, looking for birds or anything living in the vicinity. I only moved a few hundred meters and went back.

      Second dream

      I was in a city, in some kind of skate park. I was jumping around it, in some kind of contest.
    7. #113 - dinosaur hunt

      by , 09-13-2015 at 01:52 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - Dinosaur Hunt
      I remember running REALLY fast, I think I had a companion (whom might have been some sort of monster, if you've seen 'Ushio to Tora (TV)' then it was almost like that). It was night time, and as I was running I met a large horned wolf running along a road. The context of the dream was somewhat important to our interaction... I think we were hunting, there were other creatures that you had to make sure didn't catch you though. The wolf's name was 'Elbite' I think, he didn't want to team up with anyone which was the usual thing to do I think. Anyways, we part ways and me and my companion dart off down through some bushes off-road.

      A little while later we chance upon the wolf again, it's day time now I think. We're hunting again and this time the wolf is way bigger. The wolf is running away from something this time and I decide to find out what's chasing him. We dart off to the right into a splay of tall evergreen pine trees. The ground was brown with pine needles and the trunks of the trees were pretty thick (maybe 2-3 people needed to wrap around its girth). The monster chasing Elbite was a giant red T-rex that had a claw which it could propel forward to catch its prey. Things in this world were a little more advanced in evolution apparently. Elbite was playing hooky, dodging around all the trees as the T-rex gave chase, occasionally shooting its claw which would slam into the trees. I watched and stayed out of the way as Elbite seemed to barely evade the attacks, but it dawned on me what he was really doing when I saw the state of the T-rex's claw... It was battered and bruised, bloody and bent. Around this time the T-rex noticed me and I decided to hide behind a tree. Things were pretty fuzzy as well. The T-rex was more of a woman now, glowing white, I was still caught up in the previous run and hide scenario so I didn't notice the change (wish I had, wanted to get lucid ). She approached the tree and I knew she was coming. She came around the tree and glanced down at me.. Her skin was fair, her hair snow white. A bright glow seemed to emanate from her and the gaze of her blue eyes was gentle. I was confused because she was human-size. I had thought for sure she was huge.. My befuddled mind found it was an irregularity which caused her to begin growing. I'm absolutely sure that if I had stayed in the dream longer then I would have noticed that I had been dreaming. But as it happened I pretty much just woke up as it was all changing...

      Elbite was pretty cool, if that really was his name. A better description: he was a large black wolf with two horns protruding from his head. He had red eyes and seemed really smart.
      The woman too was pretty interesting, I don't often have such profound dream characters which stick in my mind the way they did.
    8. Running from a Bear and Finding A Mansion (LD #24)

      by , 07-07-2015 at 07:20 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      July 6, 2015

      I am sitting in a tree stand/blind hunting a bear. There is a huge rock cliff on my right and in front is a large grassy area sitting on the base of the cliff. There is a stream running down the far side of it. There is a bear in the middle of the grassy area walking by the stream. I aim down my scope and put the crosshairs on the bear. For some reason I get down from the stand and start walking toward the bear to get a better shot. The bear turns towards me and starts coming after me. Immediately I turn and run not wanting it to get too close to me. I run along the cliffís edge and am jumping from rock to rock. They go in a downward direction and when Iím on the last rock I see a lake with a small piece of land in the middle of it. On the other side of the lake there is a small house. I jump into the water and when I come back out, the house is different. I get onto the piece of land and jump back in the water. When I come back out again it is a mansion. I randomly become lucid. The mansion is white and it has columns in the front along with four or more windows running along the top floor. There is also a balcony up top right below the windows. I walk inside and it is a pretty small room, not the type of room youíd expect in a mansion. There is a square wall in the middle of the room, like a fireplace. I walk to the left and went to the front of the square piece of wall. Right in the middle in front of me there is a door leading into the kitchen maybe, but Iím not totally sure. There was a sign in handwritten big letters that said ďTHE WELL OF DOUBTSĒ. I turned around and on the fireplace looking wall there was a hole that led downwards and in the hole there was train tracks. I then had the thought (it was more of just suddenly knowing) that this house represented me. I turned to the left and there was a small staircase attached to the wall. I walked over and looked up, but I couldnít see anything. I then remembered my dream goal of flying so I decided I wouldnít go exploring the different rooms. I thought about how I would get to the top of the house so I could jump off and fly, and I was about to go up the stairs to get up there but then I go into an FA.

      Iím trying to DEILD but I canít so then I just wake up in the dream. I am then practicing my technique later in the day and Iím thinking that practicing the Gravity RC is not good for me for some reason. I want to switch to just doing normal RCís and stuff but I canít bring myself to do it because I donít want to lose my results of practicing the Gravity RC so far. Then Iím going on a trip to Mexico with my uncle and another girl who is 4 years older than me and I rarely talk to.
    9. (march 31, 2015) Squirrel hunt

      by , 04-01-2015 at 02:02 AM
      Late entry, but better than nothing.

      I was outside on a cool spring day, in someones back yard of their house. i was at the edge of their property where there was a chain link fence with some pine trees lining it on either side. the grass was well cut, but not very vividly green. it was later in the evening, the sun was going down, the orange rays of the sun going down across the land. I had a all black pellet gun, and was trying to shoot a squirrel that was on one of the trees. I missed a few shots but got up close an finally got it. it fell quickly. I picked it up and tossed it over the chain link fence. over the fence was an immediate slope down to the road and the squirrel fell in the open, i was worried some one would see and i hoped over to move it down into the bushes.

      very short, yet very vivid dream. remembering it feels as thoug i was there 5 mins ago.
    10. Semi-reformed

      by , 01-23-2015 at 12:08 AM
      I'm a passenger in a woman's car. She's a friend, but now I'm discovering she's tricked me. She stops the car in an unfamiliar driveway - not where I thought we were going - and there's a man in the yard, tall, heavyset, long hair, in need of a shave. I don't know him, but I recognize that he's one of the species that my species is designed to hunt. I resent my friend for tricking me into this - I'd quit hunting them. My friend disagrees with me quitting, so she's forced me into this situation. The man sees me and recognizes what species I am; he runs away, and I automatically chase him without thinking about it.

      He ran inside the house. I stop at the door - I'm not sure whether I followed him in order to kill him or to explain that I'm not going to kill him. Since I can't see him running now, that gives me a second to think instead of acting automatically. I decide I'm not going to kill him, I'm just going to explain that and go. Through the door he's shouting that he's called the police. I respond that that was pointless, since I'm already here. I hadn't meant that to sound as threatening as it did, just as an observation - I really need to think before I talk. But I hear him running away from the door and going out a side window.

      I see him running for the trees at the edge of the property, and I say out loud, "Why do they always go for the fucking woods?" I follow him again, and this time the thought process - such as it is - is definitely about hunting rather than explaining. It's the familiarity of going for the woods that tipped the scales - old habits are hard to break. I hear something moving in the branches, jump up to grab him, pull him back to the ground - and discover it's not him, it's a human. I've never seen this guy before. What was he doing up in the trees, watching us? Also, I seem to have injured his throat where I grabbed him.

      Then there's a flashlight shining on us, and a cop telling me not to move. The man I'd been hunting is behind the cop. I'm exasperated by this - taking advantage of our human appearances to hide behind real humans, it really irritates me. It's understandable, given that the alternative for him was death; but it still irritates me.
    11. A futuristic boar hunt

      by , 11-21-2014 at 09:02 PM
      Previous scene had been on the subject of breaking through layers - in a futuristic setting, there'd previously been a big struggle to break through (something, either the earth or a ship - either way, the important part is that it's the ground we stand on), and we'd thought that was the end of it; now we're discovering there's another layer to break through.

      In that same setting, I'm part of a team of people in uniforms, rounding up some wild animals. But most of the scene is spent in disembodied 3rd person, following one of my partners. She's watching a boar - huge thing, at least twice my height - and a voice is saying to her through some communications device, "If (something), think how much could be got from a boar of that size under good conditions."

      She asks, "Are these good conditions?" She's referring to the boar's behavior.

      "Best I've ever seen," is the answer.

      She's nervous, but she activates this sort of mechanical set of wings she's wearing; they glow green as they lift her into the air, and she starts rounding up the boar - chasing it down, frightening it, until finally a great green light bursts from inside the boar, creating this swirling transparent sphere around it, fragments rising and dispersing in the air. The light's invisible to the animal itself. She lands on it, clings to its side and uses a vial to collect that light. It's a kind of energy we use, given off by these creatures' heightened emotions - it's the same thing that's powering the weapons we're using to hunt them.
    12. Tesser and Shotgun Nightmares

      by , 10-25-2014 at 01:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am playing a video game that has become very popular called 'Tesser'. It starts off with a cut-scene where a character (who looks like Marcus) explains the dimensions. If you draw a dot, it exists in no dimensions. If you draw a second dot and connect them you make a line; that exists in one dimension. If you draw a second line and connect them, you make a square; that exists in two dimensions. If you draw a second square and connect them, that makes a cube; and it exists in three dimensions. If you draw a second cube, and connect them; you create a tesseract.
      Now, the paper you are drawing your shapes on. Just as the paper you are drawing on looks two dimensional, if you look closely it is actually a little bit three dimensional. In the same way, three dimensional reality is a little bit fourth-dimensional. That is how the fictional company in the game was able to make a tesseract and travel to parallel dimensions.
      In the game, you walk around a three-dimensional world, but everything is tinted a color. When you tesseract, the tint changes. So you have a Red,Yellow,Green,Cyan,Blue, and Magenta dimension. And they are all slightly different versions of the level, so you can say for instance come across a gap. In one dimension, it might be a wide, impassible gap, but in another dimension there might be a bridge across it.
      But you will die if you tesseract yourself over-top a hazard or inside a wall. Also you can only move to dimensions close to you in color. For example, if you are in the green dimension, you can only move to the blue and the yellow dimensions.

      I am watching an anime. It stars me, and is supposed to be about my ventures in lucid dreaming. I am in the woods with an old man and am carrying a shotgun. The old man is one of the sensei/master types and he his helping me hunt little demons that stop me from lucid dreaming. He says he has a surprise at the end.
      We end up killing a very unsatisfying amount of lucid demons this time around. Just as we are getting ready to leave, he spots a demon owl. My character looks through the scope and sees a magnificent white creature roosting on a high branch.
      "Are you sure that's a lucid demon?"
      "Yes, now shoot it before it flies away!"
      He fires, and then lowers the gun, and when he does Manei has taken the place of the owl. She feels for her chest and sees the blood pouring from it. She falls off of the branch and into a deep thicket.
      My character screams "NOOO!!!"
      He turns to the Sensei character who is smiling evily. As soon as he sees the evil smile he blows his head off with the shotgun at point blank, and then falls over and stars crying. There is one of those shots of the eyes that they give at emotional moments in animes.
      A thick fog rolls in and all of the shots are upside down. Some of them have glitches, as if there are scratches on the CD or something. There is some music playing that is supposed to be sad but it sounds like a very distorted synth piece. It was at that point that I decided that I wanted to 'turn off' the anime, and that I hated it. But I couldn't.
      The scene of Manei being shot repeated over and over. I kept on trying to stop it.

      My character had gone to lucid dreaming "hell" for killing his dream guide. I became more aware that this was a dream and gained a degree of control over my character, I was able to interface with him, talk to him.
      A demon approached me, that was supposed to be my character's torturer. He wore black robes, and looked a little like Darth Maul. His head hung at a 90 degree angle to one side. He put both hands on the side of his head and forced it upright, cracking his neck.
      For some reason this scene repeated several times as well.
      The demon readied his attack. He had these flaming bladed chains, four of them come out of his back. It reminded me of slenderman's tentacles.
      "Don't take this from him, fight back!"
      "I will!" He grunted.
      The demon sent his chains but my character ran under them to melee range and fired off several rounds from his shotgun. It was completely ineffective. He dodged a couple of attacks with the chains, then started flying.
      "I...I still have my powers!"
      The fight became like a 2D sidescroller video game, and after a few minutes the dream faded.

      The anime somehow ended with dream music as I was waking up. This was a rock soundtrack with a very talented and amazing singer. I forget the lyrics but they had to do with forgetting your past and moving on.
    13. Two sets of 40, Dieter again, Julia's daughter, Alice in Wonderland

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:25 PM
      Talking to someone about "the 40." They're a group of heroes in Scotland, technically real historical figures but their story's become more like a legend, involved in a conflict with the English. Although they're regarded as heroes, I'm thinking that their story was crucial in creating a bad future for Scotland.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm digging through a drawer filled with various small objects and papers, searching for something. I'm talking to myself out loud, saying "She'll turn this too into one of her charms." Charm as in talisman. There's a woman - the owner of the things I'm searching through - who suffered some setback, as a result of which some object that belongs to her is temporarily in my hands. I meant that she was going to turn that separation itself into her advantage. As I search through the drawer, I uncover a small skeleton of a creature with sharp teeth, no larger than my thumbnail. Another one of her charms. I'm thinking she was likely told this was some wondrous creature - it isn't.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm in a mountain forest with Dieter. He's holding some large dark-furred animal he's killed - we've caught three of them in a row - and we're talking about the quality of the hunting here since the humans abandoned their village. You'd think that would only improve the hunting, but there's something I'm worried about. When we mention the village I see an image of it, on a hillside with a large body of water in the distance, and I think about something that's been bothering me ever since a conversation I'd had with someone in that village. I say to Dieter now, times have changed - we haven't changed with them. We should. I should have set him free centuries ago and set him up with whatever he wanted. I've been selfish, not thinking. He ignores this and tries to steer me back onto the topic of hunting.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Semi-lucid - aware this is a dream but not enough to affect my actions - I'm approaching a certain building by a narrow path between two hedges out back by the gardens. There's somewhere else I was heading, but a little boy intercepts me and tells me there's some message for me in the house.

      (A memory gap.)

      On the grounds of that same estate, right at a tall hedge that serves as an important border between here and the next place, there's a little girl crouching on the ground and a woman next to her. The woman's plain and tired-looking, with brown hair that looks darker because it hasn't been washed. The little girl is blonde and sort of bossing the woman around in some game they're playing. She wants to join in on something going on beyond the hedge, but she's not allowed, so she's playing here and waiting for her chance. I immediately recognize the girl as Julia's daughter, she resembles her so closely, and I ask the woman some questions to try to confirm that hunch without asking about Julia directly. The woman says to something I ask about the girl's mother, "You don't have to tell me that," mistaking my question for rhetorical and irritated about it, irritated at the mother's behavior. This makes me realize that while yes, the girl's mother is Julia, this woman is also the girl's mother - she's Julia's wife. I'd assumed she was a nursemaid, I'm deeply embarrassed.

      A man's telling me something about Alice in Wonderland when he's attacked and killed by these enormous crows. We're in his apartment. One of the crows lands on my shoulder and looks at me, and I'm feeling very exasperated with it.

      I'm the same man I was in the previous scene but now with a head like a crow - which I definitely didn't have in the previous scene - and I'm standing in front of an older crow-headed man who's sitting on the floor in these elaborate robes. He's telling me he can't help me, and says something about "the 40 visions."

      (And this last one is one from two weeks ago that I didn't bother to write out properly. The pen & paper dream journal fell open to it just now and the Alice in Wonderland theme caught my eye.) There's a scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice is trapped inside the mouth of a crocodile. A boy pulls its tail to make it open its mouth, and she runs out. Now someone's tried to recreate that scene, but the girl playing the role of Alice was too scared and wouldn't move. I shove my way through the kids to get her out, and somebody gets their arm bitten off. (I wrote down who, but I can't read my own writing.)
    14. Hunting in the Woods

      by , 08-25-2014 at 01:50 PM




      I remember animals. Many animals. When something that I forgot about happened to them, they became sprites you could go over and pick up, like Minecraft sprites. I specifically remember this happening to some elephants.



      I remember being in the boonies with my dad and brother. We were in a trailer in the woods. It sort of looked like the same area where the dream with the birds kicking me out of their house was. My dad, brother, and I went hunting into some woods. We went on our ATVs. We stayed in the forest until it was dark. Dad said we should get back, and my brother and I got on our ATVs and got back to the trailer. During the trip, we saw some spooky fog around the area. After a while, and dad didn't come back, someone came and told us our dad was dead. I burst into tears, thinking it was all my fault, and that I shouldn't have gone without him. This was somewhat of a nightmarish dream.



      I remember a nuclear explosion. That is it with this one.
    15. The Bronzy-Gold Blue Train and The Hunting Dogs

      by , 12-10-2013 at 04:12 PM
      The Bronzy-Gold Blue Train

      So, immediately into the dream I become conscious. I'm standing in this weird as Hell late 1800's train that's swaying back and forth with this lady in front of me. If that's not weird enough, I realize she's made out of hues of bronze, gold and royal blue: Not unnatural in the form of robot-like, just strangely painted like the rest of bronzy-gold blue train. She has this matter-of-fact look to her and says "Boner's axe rock." before sitting down beside what my brain automatically recognizes as her pure bronze husband in a gold top-hat. Kinda creepy, as they're the only people on the train besides me.
      But, this made perfect sense to me! It meant: "Keep walking."
      I'm shifting my way down the train, securing my balance on the gold-blue booths that line the train sides and I cross over to the next car. At first everything looks pretty normal in the new section, but as I start crossing to the next section, things start floating. The booths rip from the floorboards without any struggle and float at about mid-level. I was chill, though, and just kept walking through without really paying any attention to it, but as I reach the end and put my hand on door handle, they all rise up higher and start vibrating violently. So I opened the door, and they just dropped to the floor like they died. Mmm, pretty lame.
      This car was pretty cool. Blue plants that were closest in resemblance to thick vines grew from the walls and floors under the booth to form "people" without faces and made entirely of vines wrapping together. They stood just beside the booth and moved with a really weird cracking and stretching sound as they reached out to touch me as I passed. Almost mid-way through, one grabbed me and I could feel just how cold those vines were. The dude really needed mittens or something. I just sorta looked at his face-less face and he let go. None of the other plant people tried to touch me and I got on the next car without issue.
      So, the last car was colored like you would expect: Dull tones of reality with soft red vinyl seats. Nobody was in the booths, but brown and black luggage filled the racks. A desert landscape passed at blinding speeds outside the faint-blue tinted windows, but I just kept walking onward, wondering what would be in the next car. Now, if you're not familiar with the doors between cars, they tend to have window so you can see if the chain-cross between cars is unstable. However, the window decided to act a mirror, because that's apparently its choice in that universe. The car I had just walked through had lost its normal color scheme for the traditional bronzy-gold blue colors of the dream. Normally, I would have just brushed this off, but behind a person(me? he looked nothing like me, though) this giant silver-man with phosphorescent sickly green eyes stood breathing heavy and staring at me. He looked something Venom from Spiderman. But...More disproportionate in the shoulder and head area. Still with the creepy-ass tongue, though.
      I was kind of freaking out at this point, so I did what any logical person would do: I turned around instead of getting out. I saw the room as the reflection had told me, and the Silver Venom just started running at me like a man-gorilla would. Then the entire scene went blinding white and beige as someone turned on the lights and woke me. God, I hate those people.

      The Hunting Dogs

      I quickly fell asleep after the jerk got his notebook. Who writes at two in the morning when SOMEONE ELSE IS SLEEPING?

      This dream is quite a bit more simplistic in nature. The environment was a frigid winter forest lined with every kind of tree you could think of under a thick blanket of snow. It was afternoon-y for the entire dream or at least the sky was red with orange and pink layers. Soft snow on the ground glittered like rosen crystals and tracks of the most insane creatures twisted around brush and trees.
      And where was I? I was on a giant red wolf decked out in full fur pelts with a bow that was probably twice my size. Two dogs from when I was little were on either side of us: A grey Irish Wolf-hound and a Golden Retriever. There isn't much to explain about the dream, except that I went riding around like a boss, shooting flame-spitting boar the size of trees and yelling at huge condors until they came down to take me into the sky to hunt griffins. A couple seven-legged snakey things came out of the woodworks and we chased those down too. Then there was a Wyvern(spellchecker is 'tupid,) a giant cobra that stripped tree branches as it climbed them and a demon-thingy.

      Wasn't a bad night.

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