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    1. Fragments & Bad Notes

      by , 08-25-2017 at 04:12 PM
      So a lot of my dreams, like I've said before, are just fragments. I startle awake a lot and forget what I was dreaming. Sometimes, though, I wake up and try to take notes. And then fall asleep while doing so. This is a collection of what I have on my phone. Most are confusing and incomplete but I figure they can hang out here instead of on my phone.

      Will be updated as I have more fragments.


      Secrets written on a piece of skin. The words on it fade. The first section is information only for his eyes. The second part is for the emergency contact. It gives more details about the vehicle.

      The back is Dean's only friend and mentor and it's his contact information.

      Yall I have no idea. I was not fully awake writing this. I remember the first part, being in a candlelit room. I think I was holding a book made from human skin (I'd watched some weird documentaries) and the words disappeared when someone else tried to read them. Past that, I have no idea.


      Jamie and the others stuck on sky ride. Most of the front has evacuated. Jamie wants to but is afraid to jump. Others do.

      When she's about to, Shield appear and emerge from lake below. Jamie jumps and Shield catch her.

      They go to a jewelry store. Dean is welcomed and heads he a

      Yeah. I don't know. The first part of the dream is accurate; Jamie is a character from my WWE fanfiction and she was afraid to jump off the broken lift that went over the lake. The Shield appeared and caught her when she finally jumped. I have no idea about the rest of the dream, and again I fell asleep typing the note...
    2. 1/24/16

      by , 10-05-2016 at 01:12 AM
      Another fragment, sorry! I remember the false awakening but nothing about the first part.

      I was at work and trying to troubleshoot. My phone was on and I couldn't stop my damn Pandora (I was listening to it while falling asleep) and the customer was getting mad because they couldn't hear me over my phone. I finally got it off and I don't really know how or what happened after that.

      False Awakening: I was in my bed lying on my side, how I'd fallen asleep. I knew there was someone/something in the ground but I couldn't look and see. I figured sensing this is what had woken me up and I was panicking. I was already awake; how was I going to handle someone attacking me?!

      Sherlock was trying to jump down but his claw was stuck on my shirt. He was getting vicious and aggressive with me. I finally wrestled him free but he wouldn't jump down because there was someone/something there. I was trying to shove him off because he was hurting me and scaring me. Something about my friend Devin's Facebook? I had this like... moment where I was begging that this wasn't real because I was so scared, and I squeezed my eyes shut. I forced them open and woke myself up.
    3. 12/07/15

      by , 10-05-2016 at 01:07 AM
      Again, I'm behind. These next few dream entries are from what I have saved on my phone. Some may lack a little detail as I wont remember the feelings and such as strongly.

      I'm at my mom's house, and she's drunk. She and dad kept bothering me. I remember the room being very dark, very ominous. I told mom she was drunk and to leave me alone. I feel guilty because I never call my mom out on her drinking, and it's clear she's upset when she walks away.

      We jump to being in traffic with Kelli, Kevin, and Don. Traffic is heavy and Kevin is pissed, so we take shortcuts. Down back alleys and up stairs. In his truck. Finally, we're at a new house. Dream Kevin's house. My two brothers are there (I made a note for myself here that said maybe abaddon's story. I have no idea what that means but it was important enough for me to include...) and I'm upset. Maybe the house is haunted?

      At this point the notes don't make that much sense to me. I have no idea what this dream was about but I figured I'd leave it in case something comes back to me.

      Brother - Aiden - has had enough. We were supposed to watch pitch perfect 2 cut scenes and behind the scenes but his gf comes over and they go to bed (kevin's room) I tell him I'm going to bed and start crying and he does nothing. Upset. He comes back out and a knock at a door I think is a closet. It's not, it's a second front door. Older couple and someone come in. Leave?

      Another knock woman comes in pregnant. She comes in she's upset she's pregnant, she turns into my cat. I slowly become lucid. Realize it's a dream and before I wake up I wanna be annoying. Scare and annoy my cat with my shoes. (?) Terrorize animals and then realise it's times to get up. Make myself wake up.
      Tags: incomplete, weird
      lucid , dream fragment
    4. 9/8/14

      by , 09-10-2014 at 05:07 AM
      This is the first nightmare I've had in a long time, and it really shook me up. I used to have nightmares every night and I had trouble falling asleep because I was afraid of them. They'd disappeared, until last night.

      I don't remember a lot of it; I remember waking terrified that something was going to appear in my doorway or come out of my closet.

      I remember that I was in my dream Safeway. I feel like I was hunting for something, and while looking... I just don't remember. But it terrified me. I've had scary dreams before recently but I just rolled over and went back to sleep. This one is still haunting me.
    5. Nuclear bomb fail.

      by , 05-23-2013 at 07:34 PM (Ramblings of a mad man...!)
      Real Life
      Side Notes
      Dream Fragments

      I found myself in a very active community, everyone knew everyone else, literally and took the time to interact with each other. It was very friendly. The news was on and reporting that war had broken out overseas. I was in a high rise block of flats and as is the way of dreams, I could see the war overseas from the window. All of a sudden I saw a missile launched and with a feeling of complete dread - not terror as you would imagine - I watched it as it soared up into the air, then it turned and made a B line towards the building I was in. I held my breath and closed my eyes as it hit the building and waited for the explosion. There was none. However as I opened my eyes to assess the situation, I saw the destruction you'd expect from a nuclear explosion. I found myself breaking into cars to steal for transport, some of the cars I was trying to break into were not like the cars we know of and are used to. They were operated and even started differently and try as I might, I couldn't figure out how to get them started. There was an incident were someone was trying to hurt my dogs and steal the food we had, but I don't remember the details.

      I have had recurring dreams throughout my life about nuclear war/bombs, the type of dreams that carry over into waking life for a moment or two, but not enough or as often to use them as dream signs.

      For some reason, I can't find the rest of the dream I put down on paper, so that's all I have for now, sorry.

    6. blue, red, and black dresses; ethical and historical perspective

      by , 09-06-2011 at 12:05 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Three women appeared in succession. They all looked very similar. They were very pretty, white, with curly, blonde hair and pale eyes. They were probably wearing a lot of makeup, especially rouge.

      The women each wore a dress of the same cut -- kind of 1970s style, squarish, with a loose blouse and skirt, made the accentuate the women's thinness. The blouse layered a tiny bit over the waist. The front of the blouse may have had tiny buttons going down the center.

      The first woman wore either a blue dress or a red dress; the second woman, either a red dress or a blue dress; and the third, a black dress. Each woman wore a matching hat, like a beret, which sat on the right side of her head.

      Dream #2

      I may have been reading something. I may also have been hearing what I was reading. Reasons were going to be listed for the failure of a certain project.

      Reason number one was being given. I saw the "1)" and the text of the reason being written out, as if on a page, but as if the page were an image superimposed over another image on a TV. Reason number one was that the people in the project were working without any sense of ethical or historical reference.

      The "2)" of reason number two was written out. The other numbers may also have been writtenout. But the reasons were all left blank.