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    1. 23 Jul: Earthquake at my mom's and Indian goddess again

      by , 07-23-2019 at 09:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At my moms, although a slightly different house. It is in the middle of a city. But still at the top floor. On her room is my late grandma, still alive, laying in bed. I am with her. On the next room is my mom, my dad and some other relatives. The wall separating the two rooms cracks horizontally. My dad thinks the house will crack more and I think there has to be a reason behind it. That's when everything starts shaking. Through the window we see other buildings shaking violently and breaking apart. My dog Soraia is with us, I keep her near. Parts of our house start to collapse, like some outer walls. My grandma on the bed falls down with part of the room. My mom cries in panic. I suggest we all move to under the doorstep. When finally things are more stable, we assess the damages in the house. After the shock I say it is time to go outside because is dangerous to stay. My mom offers to go down the building's staircase and I say it should be me going, because I think it is dangerous for her. She insists and I warn her that she might find dead people. We hear a child cry somewhere on the floors below. She goes anyway. I gather my cats on a crate. Fairly easy to do except for Cuscus which forces me to go to the collapsed room looking for him. Meanwhile my mom returns, says the stairs are blocked 2 floors below. Couldn't find the child. We consider staying there until rescue comes but it might take weeks and it is not safe. So we find there is a connection between the roof to other rooftops of buildings that fell over each other. Through there I find ta way for us to reach the street. Most people seem disoriented but we find a group which seems to have a plan and knows where to go. I consider we join them. Then I am warned that some bad dudes are trying to steal one of my pets from where I left them in crates, near a car. But it is not a cat they are taking away, it is a falcon. I run and insult them but eventually the falcon flies away and escapes them. Then I call him back and he lands on my arm.

      With friends, at some ancient site, like a temple or palace, awaiting for our Guru's teachings. As we wait for info about what's going to happen, Rinpoche drops by and hands over a bunch of papers with poems. He says we should go make copies, distribute them and study the texts. Then he turns away to leave, but our eyes cross and I understand I should follow him. I follow him through a corridor, I stop seeing, everything is dark and then it's like I enter another time and dimension. The floor is covered in flowers and on both sides of the aisle there are people throwing flower petals and offering precious substances. I spot Rinpoche again at the end of this path and at the entrance of a private garden area. When we are there alone, we kiss. He becomes a young, athletic, beautiful prince, with long hair with a bit tied up on top of his head. I also turn into an Indian looking princess-like beauty with a vaporous white dress. We enjoy the sensual delights of being alone and free to love in this solitary magical retreat. Apparently for a long undisturbed time. We have a son. At some occasion I am bathing in a lake and playing with my boy. From a short distance, I see my love looking at us, very serious. He is majestic and he carries a dagger in his right hand. As he walks towards me, I get in some kind of horny surrendering trance. I get out of the water and I lay down on a stone surface and welcome him in my arms. He lays down with me. But he is talking very seriously about people in some other time and dimension. He says with aggravation that they will at some point stop going to temples and looking for us. They will instead go to shopping and movies and other mundane things and we will have to be with them, among them, doing those things with them, for them. Then I black out and start drifting in what I would describe as the multiverse, a dark void where a myriad of universes are laid out in an infinite geometrical matrix and I see them unfolding in their infinite diversity, overwhelmed.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. 26 Mar: Being an Indian goddess

      by , 03-26-2019 at 09:50 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I live in some ruined temple, like a spirit or ghost, kind of dreamy detachment, not interacting with humans for ages. I am balancing on a swing in a large inner courtyard and singing a song in a traditional Indian style. Then some kind of holy man comes by and sees me. He takes me for a goddess, bows down and worships me. He says my name, something starting with an "S" and kind of long, like Saraswati, but with a couple of "M" in the middle. Slowly I start recalling being this goddess and I feel immensely melancholic, with all the sorrows of the world in my heart. He runs to tell everyone that this goddess is back, thousands come to see me.
      But one man or demon doubts that I am immortal or hates me, so he shoots an arrow at me. I feel pain and he takes it as proof that I am no goddess. Then another man throws another arrow, and another and so forth. The pain is unbearable, but I dont feel that I am dying. Then people who stand by my side also start throwing arrows at the attackers and it seems the whole humanity is fighting, until I fall into the ground, more sad than hurt. Then some men and women around me stop shooting arrows and simply take care of protecting me and taking me to a safe place. They take care of me, remove the arrows with so much love and devotion and I feel better again. The man who threw the first arrow is killed and the fight stops. They bring me back to the temple and organize to take care of me and provide me what I need. I have a room, which looks more like a storage room of antiques, filled with ancient treasures, maybe offerings from my devotees. I feel so tired, I just want people to leave me there quietly alone for eons. But people can't just be quiet, they keep coming to visit me, looking for me, wanting to talk to me.. But I'm like a delicate flower, they shouldn't come close, they shouldn't touch me or talk to me. I stay in absolute silence whenever they address me and I finally decide I need to leave again from this human realm. It's too heavy for me. I hide in a moldy wardrobe, they think I am playing hide and seek and eventually take a peak inside. But I am no longer there. I just needed a dark quiet place to slowly float away to another plane. I can see them as if I am still sitting in the wardrobe, but I am nowhere and everywhere, until humanity needs me and deserves me some day. Then I'll reemerge.
    3. Indian Man Fails Driving Test (10.6.15)

      by , 06-11-2015 at 10:55 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Indian Man Fails Driving Test
      At home and some Indian kid is doing a license test. He fails. Think Dave is with me and said its hard to pass. I get back from eddy and Germaine I think, and I'm told that the Indian bloke had hit my car (xr6). I get home and check a computer that has stats from me. I tell the fellas I'm checking mine first, then I'll check Indians. Think the car was inside near robs room.

      Dream fragment
      I can see the layers of dirt on my face. I scrape it off with a card. There's a lot of dirt coming off of my face. Brother sees me doing in this.
    4. Jealousy in the Resturant

      by , 05-03-2015 at 11:41 AM
      3rd May 2015
      My girlfriend and I sat in a corner booth of a restaurant about to order a meal.The lighting was dim and sepia like, slightly romantic. Two guys,one being a Indian comedian, approached us and sat down. He then gave my girlfriend a flower and a pink box of dark chocolate with her name on it. I laughed inside thinking that he was about to get blown of while his white cronie stood and watched.To my surprise my girlfriend giggled and began to entertain his antics.
      The green eyed monster,jealousy, immediately took hold but I somehow managed to control myself and walk away. Looking back at them made me nauseous, with him and here chatting and flirting.
    5. 10-30-14 The Forbes Road demon-man

      by , 10-30-2014 at 06:27 PM
      My mother and my dog and I were driving around this secluded rural area at late evening. It was late in the year, and there was snow on the ground, but the sun was out. We saw a road that went off into the woods. The name of it was, as near as I can remember, Forbes Road. I recalled that I had heard it was a haunted road, but I didn't say anything. So we started down it.

      By this time, it was getting dark. We came around a curve. There was a man with his car pulled over to the side of the road. He was out of his car. I turned off my headlights and got closer.

      At first, he appeared normal. He looked like a rather fat middle-aged man with white hair. Then he saw me and he changed. His eyes glowed red and he looked sinister. For whatever reason I opened my door to see him better. My dog leaped out the door and onto the road, and suddenly the man made an abrupt lunge at the door, so I slammed it closed and drove off as fast as I can, leaving my dog behind. We then contacted the police and reported the incident.

      The steering wheel on my car kept coming off during our escape.

      Later, I got home. I lived by myself in a fancy house on top of a hill. It was Christmas time. I was the caretaker of this little girl in a blue dress. I told her Christmas jokes and raced her around the table. When I caught her, I tickled her. She had a great time.

      My mother and I were eating at an Indian restaurant at the bottom of a skyscraper in Chicago. There were no other floors on the skyscraper, so there was no ceiling. All the light poured in from all the windows above.

      The owners were both Indian, a husband and wife. They had the radio on to entertain their customers. It was tuned to a talk show. The announcer was interviewing an Indian man over the telephone. But the radio guy forgot what to call people of his nationality, so he referred to the Indian guy as a "tannish man". This insulted the owners of the restaurant, so they turned off the radio and made me play the xylophone instead.

      An older guy had borrowed a pastor's truck for a few days. When he returned his truck to him, he kind of sheepishly admitted that he had accidently spilled some sour kraut in the front seat. He opened the door to show the pastor. Gallons of sour kraut were literally piled on the passenger seat, and it came spilling out the door and onto the ground. The pastor was furious.
    6. Sextopia - Dream Adventure 101

      by , 06-18-2013 at 05:39 PM
      Sextopia - The Dream Adventures is a class of my dream series that I'll post only the best and most detailed sexual endeavors of my subconscious. Strap yourself in (or down) as I take you into the different rooms of my sex kingdom, because this is going to be a bumpy ride!

      Level of Lucidity: 4
      Level of Clarity: 8
      Level of Realism: 9
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Adventure 101: I am sitting in a very fancy apartment lounge. Suddenly I see an exotic looking girl cross the hallway in front of me.

      I said hello to her and as she turned I noticed it's a girl that I know. She's Indian-American so she has a fair slightly dark skin tone and brilliantly tuned features.

      We begin to talk for a bit and then I look her dead in the eye and say "Sex."

      She smiles a bit and tells me to wait a minute. She walks off and walks back in with her cousin, who is also Indian-American, and definitely very attractive.

      Her cousin eyes me up for a moment and we step through a doorway which leads to a small box shaped room. There's velvet on the walls with golden flakes, and a single long couch.

      We passionately embrace, and begin making out.

      As things progress I start to lift her shirt and move in for some mouth to boob action. I notice that one of her nipples is pierced, which doesn't bother me too much. As I move over to the other boob for more comfort, I notice she has several piercings along her breasts and stomach, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

      As I'm going at it she let's me know, subtly, that she's ready for more. I whip out the good stuff, and she tells me how large I am and that she's not sure if she can take it all, and to go easy. She holds up a strange sort of plastic tube that looks similar to a graduated cylinder.

      Without any lubricant she sticks my dick into the tube. I look down and notice that my dick, is extremely pointy on the end, and is almost sharp to the touch. I didn't think much of it and continued my sexcapade.

      After giving her a demonstration with the tube I toss it aside and move it in for the kill. After a few brief thrusts I see everything from the dream flash backwards very quickly and the dream scene changes to something else.

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    7. The adventure to the bar of ancient spirits

      by , 10-16-2012 at 12:46 PM
      This dream takes place in several different areas. It was kind of like an adventure and felt like i was learning about some history in the process. It felt like there were a lot of possibilities, some thinking, making decisions (more lucid), and some familiar faces from college.

      The dream started out at the college i was going to in read life. I noticed that it was snowing outside and wondered why.

      As I recall, i was near the upper parking lot on the right side or (the North side) of the residential hall that i was living at. When i looked up, the hill that i took the stairs to walk up, was much steeper than in real life and was loaded with several feet of snow. That was so random.

      I was aware of this because, as i climbed the steep snowy hill, a few college friends passed me. Talking may have been involved. This i am not certain of.

      As i got to the top of the steep snowy hill, i encountered a man who (not able to recall what his name was) seemed like he was lost, or that he was not aware of the below freezing temperature it was outside. This man, for reasons i am not sure of, jumped in a snowy wet trench or hold in the shape of a rectangle. In the process, he froze into an icicle.

      While the man froze in the trench, a yellow school bus was parked at the top of the hill in the parking lot. I was slightly aware that i made the decision to get on the bus. The bus left, yet i was not aware that i was moving.

      From what i remember, after i got on the bus, i noticed there was a lot of people. The bus took everyone to a bar-type place that had really tall stools and a tall bar counter, almost as tall as the ceiling.

      I do not remember getting off the bus, or seeing the bus leave the place i went, because, somehow, i was automatically in the bar area. The bar was in, what looked like a secluded area.

      I remember climbling the stool to sit down. It was similar to climbing a very sturdy ladder, because it was such a tall stool.

      When i got to the top of the stool, i met a young boy who did not speak. I am thinking he may have only spoke one specific language. From looking at him, it seemed like he was 8 or 9 years of age. After i glanced at him, i diverted my attention from the boy to a really tall shelf.

      In this shelf, there appeared to be historic documents and pictures of an ancient Indian tribe. One of the objects i noticed was a statue of an old Indian who may have lived near the bar that i was in. That was interesting to think about.

      During that period, my cell phone lit up. I was not certain why this happened. Something that came up in the dream included an ancient Indian spirit who had the last name "Tutrak" or "Turtrak" and a first name that faded after trying to regurgitate the dream situations.

      When my phone lit up, there was a fiery glow coming from the phone and directing its focus to the statue of the ancient indian. I was not sure what to think about it.

      Shifting from the focus of the glow, i directed my attention away from the bar (maybe in the same building), where i saw a picture of an Indian who was a part of the statue that i saw earlier.

      I felt like the picture i saw was vivid. A lot of what i experienced in this dream felt vivid.

      When i woke up, my body temperature rose, and i think i was sweating a lot.
    8. 9/24 various dreams, all combined together

      by , 09-25-2012 at 02:03 AM (Exterminate)
      So many things went on, I can't explain it all...

      I remember standing in this road in this neighborhood once, with people I didn't know. I don't think i was even myself, I think I stole something of someone's, then walked along, as if nothing happened. A country type of guy says something like "Hey! I saw that! I already called the cops on you!" So I ran my but off to get away, ran behind homes, etc. I ended up going in a circle, going behind the houses and when I got back out in front there was a bus with tons of people around, weird people. They all have bags and goodies like the ones I held, so I was completely camouflaged. I walked into the bus, and escaped.

      I remember being at a beach, near water, I think I was in a movie made in 2000 or 2001..I didn't know any of the cast. I was just minding my own business, but I had no shirt on, just my swimming trunks. I had something electric and my wallet inside. I walk along this dock, then someone said something over megaphone, and everyone ducks into the water on the sides. I get called out that everyone who didn't get wet is out. So before I get in the water, I find I need to use the restroom. I walk away(actually, levitate, recurring theme in my dreams), to this campus of sorts. I find a port-a-potty, and get in. Actually, standing outside is someone I know from church, and he comments on my levitating that it is a sport. Because like I could levitate coming down there for as long as I could breathe, then I would land, and take off again. He says he has been doing it for years. Anyway, back to the port-a-potty, there is like two "rooms" in it, and I go to the back one, and it is very cramped

      ..Skipping forth, It turns out I walked(flew) out here with my older brother who I haven't seen in years. We end up taking a detour on the way back to the beach. Turns out my oldest bro Jeff has an Indian uncle who owns a casino. Jeff tells me to bow to the man if I see him. Jeff uses this executive card that shows he is the owner's nephew, and I wait outside. I happen to see the owner, and bow to him, it turns out that bowing is very offensive to a native American..He finds it necessary to give me further punishment than just being kicked out. I don't remember much here, but I think I made a machine to rub his toes or something? It shakes his whole body, realigns his back, and makes him giggle. He is so happy about what just happened, but a doctor comes up and says he has maybe 6 weeks to live because of the excitement that just happened.

      My dream then shows the random success of every other star of that movie(there was about 9).
      I remember 2-4 of them being big yo-yo fans or something..One learned great techniques from this pro, another one was a singer, another was like the leader of the people..They did a presentation on something about Pokemon,
      there was like a Japanese and English version of this brand new game. The game had all the Pokemon in it, all the regions, and all the Pokemon professors. It was just a big brag-fest ._.

      There was also another part of my dream(s) where I think I was dreaming in the dream..I was a girl, and I was just living life. I think there was a plotline where I was popular, and me and my friends accidentally killed someone. We got away with it, and I remember going back home. I was apologetic to my (younger?) brother, and I was appreciative of all the work he had done. It was a nice home too. I think I was trying to get my mind off of the accidental murder or something.

      I am sure there was more to all of this, it has just faded. I am counting this as 4 dreams with each separate plot-line kinda shifting into each other: The neighborhood, beach, casino, and murder.

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    9. 13.07.2012 - 6 x dreams

      by , 07-16-2012 at 03:35 PM
      Date: 13/07/2012
      Place: I's bed
      Time of getting into bed: 3.59am

      Waking thoughts in black
      Non lucid dreams in blue
      Lucid dreams in red

      Dream 1 - 5.30am
      Before going to bed I was explaining to my friend I how to lucid dream. He was interested so I told him to keep a dream journal.
      I kept waking up, and asking / checking weather I had recorded any dreams. I didn't realise I wasn't really waking up until the morning. As I was falling back to sleep, I was trying to have a lucid dream

      Dream 2 - 7.12am
      [COLOR="#00bfff"]Same as above, but this time we are downstairs at I's house, listening to music.

      Dream 3 - 8.29am
      I lost all of the beginning of this dream because I was pretty tired and didn't write it down fast enough.I am washing up yellow, plastic knives and forks.

      Dream 4
      I am making a sticker book, a little Indian boy comes up to me to see it, he asks me to read 'Aladdin' to him. I begin to but his mum comes and tells me not to, then takes her child away. I was watching an Indian film before bed. I write kid's books for a living.

      Dream 5 - 9.54am
      I am buying motorbike gear in a motorbike shop. A guy there invites me back to his house for his birthday party, I say no. However, even though I say no, I still go to the party? I buy me and my boyfriend a bike helmet, he wants a bright pink one but I won't let him so we both get black ones. I buy a secondhand bike that needs a bit of TLC, and drive it home. It has no brake lights, and at one point I have to get off and push it home, with people passing by in cars laughing at me. I drive / push it over a big wall, along a tall cliff edge and into a big crowd of people. I can't get by so I just push through, they start to argue and complain, but it soon ends up being chaos with people everywhere. I finally get home and get ready for the party. When I arrive some blonde smiling guy starts flirting with me, offering me some of his expensive champagne-mixed-with-something-else-drink. I think he's arrogant and showing off so I decline.

      Dream 6 - 11.10am
      Me and some other people are at some sort of event, which has celebrities attending. I am watching the crowd out of my hotel window, and can see the minor celebrities posing for photos and the paparazzi below. I soon go to join the crowd, and we are seperated into groups. The groups are determined by age, I am put in the 30 year old group, which only consists of one other guy. I am 26 in RL. The guy with me is pretty depressed, he complains that he will die young because his Grandma had cancer, and so will he. I try to make him feel better but he just get's worse. I return to my hotel room, which is now on the ground floor. As I get into bed, I hear a tapping on the window, so I go and see who it is. It's a cute, blonde guy who say's he's been watching me all day. I lean out the window to kiss him, and I nearly get pulled out because the kiss is so powerful and intense. I invite him inside, and we have sex. I'll spare the details, use your imagination After he leaves, I get a bath, I notice the bath has tiny fish swimming around in it. Someone keeps coming into the bathroom and disturbing me.

      Dream 6 - 11.10am
      Me and my boyfriend are walking down the street. I see my biological father enter a building.Haven't seen him in RL for about 11 years. He's not a nice person. My boyfriend doesn't believe me, but then we see some woman who we know is his wife follow him. I panic because I don't want to confront him, but his wife takes us to a shop away from him so he can't see me. The shop she takes us to is posh, and I feel out of place. I am already carrying a bag, and I'm worried they'll think I've stolen it from them when I haven't. I look around but I can't afford anything. I see some toothbrushes in the shape of parrots, and some in the shape of a walrus. I think these are funny.

      The dream then skips to me and my boyfriend, sat on a sofa with my dad and his wife watching movies. My dad is falling asleep and I am being pushed off the edge of the sofa. The sofa is dark blue. We are watching 'Supersize me.'
      Google it, it's a documentary about a man who just eats McDonalds as an experiment, good film.I keep telling them all what it is called, but when it starts it is called 'Super Squeeze Me.' I am very confused. This is not right? What's going on? I wake up, I was very close to getting lucid!
    10. 08.07.2012 - 5 x non lucid dreams plus fragments / couple of lucid moments

      by , 07-09-2012 at 12:53 PM
      Date: 08/07/2012
      Place: My bed
      Time of getting into bed: 1.00am
      Consumed 1 x menthol sweet about an hour before bed

      Dream 1 - non lucid 2.53am

      The dream may have been longer, but I only remember it starting as I am sat with my parents, outside in someone's garden, on a garden table set. It is late at night and dark, I am drinking a bottle of beer as is my dad. My dad suddenly walks off, and comes back straight away, saying he found a load of baby birds that had been abandoned and would die if we left them. He brought them over to the table, he had about 8 in his hands, all squeaking and wriggling. These baby birds were actually huge for chicks, but I didn't think of that at the time, their bodies are round and fat, and very squishy. About the size of a tennis ball but some were bigger than others. They were naked and dark pink, and blind with bright yellow beaks. My dad dropped one, and luckily it landed on some soft material. I picked it up, and was shocked at the texture. It was warm, actually, quite hot to the touch. It was squishy and soft, and it's skin was slightly loose so it felt really strange. The feel of the bird was SO VIVID that I remember being shocked by it. The dream wasn't a very vivid dream. I tried to keep the chick safe but it kept slipping from my hands, and I was so worried that I was going to hurt it. Eventually we put them into tiny wicker baskets especially made for baby birds, and put some eggs in the bottom of the baskets to encourage the mummy birds to sit on them. The eggs were rectangle and bright yellow (like pieces of gum??) We put them into bird houses - 2 chicks in each house. It took some fiddling as they kept falling over and the bird houses were made of wire so the baskets kept falling through the wire, it was a bit of a balancing act. Eventually they were all set, and we decided to supply some food until the adult birds came. My mum brought some lettuce, and put a leaf in each, however for the last box, she got a bit excited and started claiming this was a special bird she was looking after for a friend, and that it had to eat a certain diet of jalepenos and lettuce (wtf?) so we did. My mum was unusually happy about this and started singing 'who likes jalepenos? YOU like jalepenos!' to the baby bird.

      Dream 2 - non lucid dream fragments

      I woke up with bits of dreams in my head and really struggled to keep hold of them! Like they were slipping from my mind as I thought of them.

      A dream of a dog
      The colour white (maybe white letters - see below)
      Someone doing the alphabet, but only going to T

      Dream 3 - non lucid dream 8.25am

      I had tried to WILD, and was making really good progress - I felt some strange sensations and some dreams images entering my head, but each time I didn't quite get there, I think I didn't keep the images going long enough or I was too awake. I would think of a scenario, and it would start playing in my head, and then it would become out of my control, like people would enter and things would happen without me making it - but I was still aware I was WILDing and not asleep. I finally fell asleep, but had some cool moments slipping in and out of dreams, semi lucid at some point but never fully in a lucid dream.

      I am in a room (maybe a classroom or function room?) with lots of people including my sister. I get the feeling it is mostly my sister's friends. Some of them are dressed up very nice and singing / dancing while the others sit around watching. As I am the only guy, I am told to go to the corner of the room, but when I get here my friend R (also male) is here waiting for me. He is in a very bad mood, and I think he is hungover. We are made to sing to provide music for the dancers. I am SUPER embarrassed about this, I can't sing at all. R starts making some beats with his mouth, and I try to rap over the top. The result is terrible and I just want to be anywhere else but here right now. It turns into a really bad Beastie Boys style rap, and eventually I give up before I die from embarrassment. A female cleaner comes round, and wipes the books we are holding open, wiping all the pictures and letters off the page. We say 'hey!' but she laughs and apologises, R say's he's not bothered anyway and chucks the book down, he is very mardy. Someone starts celebrating their birthday, I start to clean my ears, not really wanting to join in. I have notes that also say the girls were in fancy dress, and lined up against a wall? But I don't remember that very clearly.

      Dream 4 - non lucid dream

      I am in the backgarden of my childhood home. This dream starts with me staring into the sun, trying to feel the heat and look at all the detail in the bushes and flowers, as part of my ADA. There is chalk drawings on the bricks on the side of the house. My mother and father are here, as is my sister and her young son - my nephew. There is a knock at the door, and we know it is my nephew's dad, who my sister has split up with. He is a good dad and not a bad person, but we don't want him to take my nephew so we keep quiet while my dad answers the door. The father (who in real life is some kid who used to live down the road from my mum) apologises for being late, but my dad tells him the kid is asleep. For a moment, I think my nephew will run to the door shouting 'daddy!' and give it away, but he stays quiet and plays with me. Eventually his father leaves. Now I am a lot younger, and running up and down some steps being a little naughty. There is another child with me - possibly my nephew? An older man, with a muchtache and wearing rather old fashioned gentlemen's clothing stops me. He seems happy and is well spoken. He tells me he knows I lucid dream, and gives me THE BIGGEST jar of pickled onions I have ever seen. Possibly the size of my leg. He tells me the vinegar is known to induce lucid dreams, and that the jar is a gift to me from him. I thank him, and somehow drag this massive jar back to the back garden where my parents still are. I start eating the onions, determined to lucid dream. My sister tells me she's been taking heroin to induce lucid dreams, and I tell her that is dangerous and she better stop. She promises me she will stop. I know have 2 of these big jars, and they are in the middle of the floor in the garden. A blue car with a man driving and his wife in the passenger seat, drive up to the jars and stop because they can't get by. They drive so close I get angry with them, it's like they are trying to make a point that I'm in the way. It takes a few of us to lug the jars out of the way an they drive off without saying thankyou. I shout at them, angry and they stop. We run up to the car, they are angry too, and they have some sort of trailer on the back of their car. I take something out of the trailer but I forget the rest of the dream.

      Dream 5 - non lucid dream

      My bf's aunt is cooking for us. She leaves the room and I notice some of the ingredients have fallen out of the pan, so I go to keep an eye on it. There isn't much left in it, but I try my best. She returns and thinks I have messed up her cooking, she isn't angry but jokingly tells me off. I am annoyed because it wasn't me, I was trying to help. The pan had water and lots of seeds in it.

      Dream 5 - non lucid dream - lucid moment

      I try to sleep but my bf keeps making noises and snoring loudly, I'm really pissed off with him and kick him a couple of times. I don't think this was a dream!! Oops.

      I'm in an indian restaurant, but it's not very good quality. More like a run down cafe that serves indian food. While my bf goes to get the meals with some free tokens he got, a server comes round to serve out the food. We are sharing a table with an Indian family. The server is also Indian, she pours som rice and cucumber slices onto my plate, then questions weather I have paid or not. I tell her yes and point to my bf. She accepts this and carries on serving. She gives me a brown pitta bread and some naan. I ask for something warm. A young Indian girl (10 yrs?) with pretty hair but a mardy face is blocking my bf's seat. I get a little annoyed but then remember she is only a little girl, so don't say anything. Suddenly, I become lucid! I am quite happy, but I wake up almost instantly.

      My mum rescued chicks a few times when the dog would find nests in the garden when I was a child
      In a film I watched before bed, someone read the alphabet to T!!
      My friend R was complaining to me before bed, he sounded pissed
      My sister does have a kid, but the father was not the kid in the dream and is still living with my sister
      I haven't lived in that childhood house since I was a young child, we moved when I was 13
      We used to draw chalk pictures on the bricks all the time
      I love indian food
    11. Huge brain in my bathroom!

      by , 06-04-2012 at 09:21 AM (RommiH's Dream Journal (entries are not dated correctly. i am slowly transferring my DJ from my computer, to the one on DV))
      I walk into my bathroom to shoot a super intelligent evil brain that lives there. I open the door a fire a few shots then leave. As I walk away, I hear loaud explosions coming from the bathroom. I know somehow that the brain is not dead. Instead it transformed into a young Indian girl. I turn around and meet the girl. I say to the former brain, "so know you're a little Indian girl. A lot more happened, but this is all I can remember.
    12. voluntary abduction; honey bread; death game; female cop; bath talk; daughter copies mother

      by , 12-29-2011 at 03:21 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in group meeting room with about twenty other people. The room was only partly lit, with a drab, greenish white, fluorescent light.

      The room was divided into two parts. The back part was kind of empty, with maybe a long, folding table. The front part had a few couches and chairs. Most people were in or near the front part. The area was so full that people were standing up behind the back couch.

      I had been standing way back in the back area, by myself. But now I walked forward to listen to what was going on. A young woman was leading the discussion. She sat on a couch on my right side.

      To the woman's right, on the same couch, and on another couch, probably the back couch, sat two young men who looked a lot alike. They were both tall, thin, pale, and shaved-headed. They wore nice, casual khakis and dress shirts. I felt like I'd known both of the guys from high school.

      I came to understand that this was a group discussing alien abductions. Aliens existed and were among us, in a very obvious way. And, somehow, the young woman was serving as something like a go-between, between the aliens and the people in this room.

      Some of us in the room had been abducted. Others of us were, apparently, trying to be convinced to volunteer for abduction.

      I was now sitting on a couch opposite the young woman. The man to the young woman's right was now speaking about his own abduction experience. I now realized that the young man's head had been shaved by the aliens, while they'd experimented on him.

      The woman asked the man if the experience was really bad. The man said that most of the experience didn't really bother him at all.

      The only part the man hated, he said, was when the aliens did a mental probe on him. He said that it felt really terrible to have all his memories drawn up. He could see them. But he wasn't controlling them. And he knew he was only watching them because someone else -- the aliens -- wanted to see them.

      The man mentioned another part of the experiment he hated. As the man described it, it first sounded to me like the aliens had put the man through some kind of system where they'd caused his body to work as if it were under a lot of stress. But then the man said that the aliens had actually shut down the man's body entirely. He was dead, but still conscious.

      This man's discussion was supposed to convince people that alien abductions weren't so bad. It didn't convince me. I got up and walked toward the back area. But I knew the second man was going to talk. I wanted to listen to him as well. I think I may still have been considering volunteering for an abduction.

      Dream #2

      I was in a group meeting room, like in the first dream. It was divided into two areas. The front area was full of people, and the back area only had a few people. I think most of the people were Indian. The room was warm with incandescent light.

      On the right wall a movie was playing. All the couches in the front area were arranged to face the movie, like a makeshift movie theatre. I think everybody had plates of food.

      There were plent of seats open on the couch. So I sat down on one. The couch felt really nice. It was a dull blue or pink, and it had a kind of soft, crushed velvet feel to it.

      I looked up at the movie. Some really pretty Indian girl was either being taught or teaching someone how to make a kind of honeyed bread. It basically looked like a cornbread square, glazed in honey, with a walnut in the center, on top.

      The girl was dressed in a traditional Indian outfit. There was a sense of sexuality, romance, and tradition all wrapped up in the food making.

      I got the idea that this screening was a kind of preview for the film. The film wasn't finished yet, and we were all supposed to give our feedback on it, so that it could be tweaked for more audience enjoyment.

      But I started to wonder if maybe this film wasn't a bit too stereotypical toward Indians, what with the food-making and tradition and so forth. I wondered if Indians would be offended by a film like this.

      It didn't occur to me that the film was actually Hindi (it was -- it had English subtitles), and that pretty much everybody else in the room was Indian.

      There was a father-like man standing near the couches. He had dark skin and a bit of a pot belly. He wore a button-up shirt of really nice, pale-blue material and nice, dark slacks. I thought I might go hang out with him, since I figured he'd have a better idea about all this stuff than I did.

      Dream #3

      It was daytime. I was walking through a forest, probably a pine forest. I was walking along a slope, not on any trail. The pine trees were all spaced well apart. The ground itself was black. It may have been black cinder soil, or (I think now) the forest could have been burnt down.

      There must have been a road at the top of the slope, up to my right. Suddenly people came blasting down the slope! They were all laying, extended straight out, with their legs crossed and their arms crossed over their chests. And they were propelled so that they were rolling, tumbling, down the slope.

      I followed these people down the slope. I reached a point where there was a cliff. I couldn't go any farther. The cliff must have been about fifty meters high. It ended with a flat valley of forest, of the same black-soiled, or charred look as the area up around me.

      But one of the rolling, tumbling people, in his movement, had rolled right off the cliff.

      I suddenly knew that this was all some game. People were thrown, almost at random, down the slope. There were all kinds of random land formations down the slope. Depending on fate, and the skill of the person, the person either would or wouldn't survive going down the slope. Survival, as well as something else, would determine who won this game.

      But this person's path had been directly toward this cliff. There were a few places, going down the cliff, where the person managed to grab hold for a moment. But everything in the cliff was really soft. The cliff was like some shelf of really soft, brown coal.

      Finally the person managed to grab onto a thick tree root that was growing out of the cliff wall. It might have been able to get him over to a thin ledge.

      But it was obvious that the root was dead and rotten. The more the man pulled up on it, the more it was shifting its way out of the cliff. And, besides, even if the man got to the ledge, he'd be trapped there. There was no way down.

      So the man just gave in to the fact that he'd lost. He either let go of the tree root or held onto the tree root until it finally snapped out of the cliff. The man fell maybe about twenty meters and died on impact.

      There were already a bunch of people down on the ground by now -- some alive, some dead. The living had set themselves out in the valley, as if they were going to camp there for the night. Some of the living headed over to the man's body after they saw that he'd fallen to his death.

      I walked back up the slope. I reached the top of the slope, where the road was. I saw cars passing along the road. I then understood that the people were tossed out, in their rolling positions, from the cars. This was what gave them such great speed (??? -- in a perpendicular direction?). I may even have seen another batch of people thrown out from the cars.

      I think my mom, or at least somebody I knew, was up around here. I'm pretty sure, anyway, that somebody was calling my name or talking to me, probably from a slight distance, maybe even across the road from me.

      I may have spoken a little bit with the person who had been speaking to me. But, even though I think the person was looking forward to me helping them with something, I told the person that I would be back in a moment.

      I knew there was a really safe way to get down into the valley. I walked down the slope and kept going forward, in the direction of the road. The cliff merged into the slope farther along, and the slope became very mild.

      I walked down along the mild slope to the valley. I figured that once I got down to where everybody was, I'd help bury the man I'd seen die, out of respect for him. But I also probably figured that I'd help bury all the dead. This game didn't make any sense.

      Dream #4

      I was sitting in some restaurant, probably a fast-food restaurant. It was daytime, and there was plenty of light coming in from the windows. There were a lot of people in the restaurant. The place felt packed, busy, and humid, like a coffee-warmed store on a winter's day.

      I sat on the right side of a table for four. A police woman sat across the table from me. I don't think either of us had any food. The woman was white, kind of short, a bit overweight, with a round, pale face. She had frizzy, red-brown hair, drawn back in a braided pony tail. She had kind of thin eyes, pale blue-green. She looked like she may have been in her early twenties.

      The woman was telling me something about how disappointed she was in me. I'd either done or said something that had really gone against her expectations of me.

      Now she was pretty much through with me. I knew this was bad for me because, since she was a cop, now that she was through with me, she'd probably have the other cops start giving me a bad time.

      The woman stood up to leave. I may have stood up to try to get her back. But I don't think I really knew what to say. So I probably gave up and sat back down just as soon as I'd stood.

      Dream #5

      In my head, I was talking with either my old friend R or his first or second wife. I'm pretty sure that the conversation eventually became between the first wife, N, and myself. As I had this conversation in my head, I was cleaning out a bathtub in a bathroom with kind of dim, warm, incandescent light.

      I was telling N that I hated even talking to her and R. They seemed to love making me feel inferior to them. It was even like they operated as a team, taking turns saying nitpicky things or one-upping me, when the other person couldn't find the right thing to say.

      I probably said that this was why I didn't want to go to some thing that N had invited me to. This probably ended the conversation.

      As I was finishing the conversation, I noticed that my efforts to clean the bathtub were really failing. I'd sprayed cleaner all over the tub, and I was wiping the tub off with a sponge.

      But I just seemed to be taking whatever grime there was in the tub and spreading it all over the entire tub. The spray bubbles themselves only seemed to be gathering up the grime and expanding it, so that now my tub's surfaces seemed to be coated in soapy grime.

      I might possibly have realized that I'd need to wipe and re-wipe the surfaces before I got all this stuff off. The first spraying was to get everything wet. I'd have to spray again. Then the wet stuff would start coming off, leaving the surface clean.

      Dream #6

      A commercial from the late 1970s. A thin, prettyish, blonde woman was pushing a cart through a grocery store. A male narrator was talking about wise choices a mother should make while shopping.

      The "wise choices," obviously, meant buying whatever product the narrator was advertising.

      The view then switched to a view from the cart. The woman's face was framed in a circle in the center of the screen. The rest of the screen was black. This was supposed to be the view of the woman's baby, who was sitting in the cart.

      The woman was making all kinds of kissy faces to the baby. The male narrator was now saying, in connection with making wise choices while shopping, that a baby will always imitate whatever a mother does. This implied that the baby was probably making kissy faces back to the mother.

      Suddenly the mother let out a flat, kind of raspy burp. The mother was surprised, and a little apprehensive. She knew the baby would probably imitate her burp.

      The view now shifted to a view more like the mother's view. The "baby" in the cart was actually a pretty, skinny girl, maybe seven years old. She was sitting in the basket of the cart, rather than the seat of it. But I felt like she was probably too old to sit in the cart, like a baby would.

      Sure enough, the little girl, kind of looking up to her mother like a baby would, burped, in almost the same way as her mother did.

      It was then nighttime. The mother was in her bedroom, which was pretty big. It was dark. But somehow the mother could be seen, maybe in a nightgown, masturbating.

      The little girl, standing in the hallway in only underwear and a tank-top, was watching the mother through a crack in the door. With a baby-like mentality, the little girl thought she'd copy the mother, in front of the mother.
    13. Indian Panto

      by , 10-01-2011 at 05:35 AM
      This dream has been in the works. It feels as if I have been working towards it in the dream. The show itself went off without a hitch and the performing and danicng was great.
    14. Do not open the bathroom door!!! (from August 3rd to August 4th 2010)

      by , 09-23-2011 at 06:46 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am part of a group of military invasion / reconnaissance. The land where we are is small. The floor is gray.
      We're not in combat. When I try to open the door of a warehouse within this building, I hear the voice of someone speaking English with Indian accent ... and suddenly subtitles appear translating what that voice says. That voice belongs to a man. He says he's in the bathroom and that hes gonna shoot the first soldier who opens the door of the bathroom.
    15. Birthday Stunts and Indian Artifacts

      by , 01-17-2011 at 03:00 AM

      I tromped on a small dirt path towards a small raised crest. My grandfather led the way and all around me were my sister and two cousins, Emma and Luke. We got to the small crest and looked down. Below us was a steep slope and then a beach of rocks. There was a bayou, or maybe it was a stream, running by it. This was the only accesible part of the beach, there were trees on the other parts.
      Grandpa told us that Mayan indians used to live here, and that we could find many great artifacts here.
      We have a place near his farm where we can pick up old Civil War and Indian objects from the ground.

      We began to look all over the ground. I tried to pick out unusual things from the smooth stones and soon found an odd oval shaped, beige stone. it was about the size of my palm and it had a carving on it that made it resemble a closed fist. One finger pointed forward. I excitedly showed my Grandpa my find and he praised me for my good work. not too long later, Luke picked up an identical rock, but it seemed to be the other hand. That is, he found the left one and I found the right one. My grandpa excitedly picked up a spherical, cream colored stone. There were indentions for the eyes and mouth and a protrusion for the nose that made it resemble a human head. There was a headband on it and some sort of headdress carved in. He showed it to us all.

      We began to search again, but then my grandpa shouted excitedly. We ran over to him. He was standing by a tree. on the tree, hanging, was a clay plate held up by a strip of leather. On it was a large indention, and around that were intricate designs. My grandpa carefully placed the head inside the indention. He decided to leave it there. i thought this was a good idea, as it seemed like it held some special purpose there.
      Grandpa mentioned something about Grandma having dinner waiting, and we returned to her house.
      My dream skipped forward. Somehow I knew i was at my grandmothers house, even though it wasn't.

      I was in a huge arena, with green below and stands all around. The stands were a third of the way filled with my family. i was on a raised platform, high, high in the air. Directly below me were a bunch of red balls. It was my birthday. I was supposed to jump into the balls. They might have been bouncy balls, a puffy trampoline, balloons, or pillows. I was unable to tell from the distance I was at.
      Somebody from my family climbed up to tell me something urgent. Emma was dangerously ill and she wanted to see me. i rushed down.
      Skipped ahead

      I was in a tiny room, about 12 feet by 6 feet. There was no such room in real life. There was a narrow bed and a large window. The bed seemed to double as a sitting swing. I stood by the bed and Emma lay there, talking to me. I laughed with her. She seemed fine, and it was time to go back home, anyway.
      Skip to my lou, my dreamling.
      We were in front of my grandmothers house, getting into our cars by the front gate. I was in third person view watching this, I seemed to be about 40 feet in the air, watching everything. We said our goodbyes.
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