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    1. Electronic Insects and another World

      by , 12-29-2018 at 06:29 PM
      Morning of December 29, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,003-02. Reading time: 2 min 20 sec.

      I enter an atypical dream scenario in a subliminal mode, but with more of a cohesive storyline than usual. It is a science-fiction theme. It is primarily a result of parallel autosymbolism. It consolidates two autosymbolic dynamics of the emerging consciousness, electricity and flying insects, both indicative of consciousness reinitiation and the neuronal energy thereof as well as blue field entoptic phenomenon by way of (the memory of) supraliminal integration.

      There are scenes relating to the development of robotic flying insects. I do not perceive them as a threat. I watch them fly in the blue sky. They move in spirals and circular patterns, attempting to create a portal.

      Others have conversations about the development of these tiny machines, with the main factor relating to generating enough energy to create a portal to enter another world. The scientists involved seem to think that it will never happen.

      Enough of an emerging consciousness thread becomes present to vivify my awareness and place me in a warehouse as a result (a kind of concurrent “waiting room” for the conscious self in REM sleep), which is typically the last setting when it occurs in a long dream, though in this case, an offset dream results, distorting the original theme somewhat.

      While in the warehouse, my imaginary physicality is also more pronounced along with my attention. My subception correlates with the factor of transitional vestibular system correlation (one of the “crucial three” that occurs at least once in a dream of each sleep cycle). In this case, it seemingly stems from “Superman” from 1978; the scene where Superman flies upwards and crashes through the ceiling, though my dream self has no viable memory of such an association while in the dream state.

      I am still in subliminal mode, yet I begin to consider ceiling (upward directed) RAS mediation (as a result of sleeping more on my back than on my left side in this case). (Dream control and inherent awareness of autosymbolic processes are unrelated to lucidity or “becoming lucid,” contrary to popular misconception and misinformation.) As a result, my dream responds by creating a mason jar full of the robotic insects. Although an unknown companion is holding it, I subliminally create the next scene. (The transitional vestibular system simulacrum remains passive in this event.)

      The jar rises into the air. It crashes into the ceiling and somehow creates a hole that the robotic insects fly up through, and into the sky. Glass shards fall downward, but they do not pose a threat. At this point, my dream jumps into a different form.

      The tiny robots are now able to create a portal into another world (which is merely my dream self becoming more aware of my real environment in this case). From here, I passively watch a few events.

      I am now on another planet with “aliens” that seem like ordinary human beings. The “insects” are now (or now controlling) robots that are about half the size of a person and somewhat like a two-tiered pair of cubes incapable of flight. One is watching an unfamiliar man that seems like a Nazi from World War II, and it seems puzzled. These “aliens” plan on using the robots sent to them to conquer other worlds. I try to make the “alien” sound “alien,” but it sounds like an ordinary language from Earth, though the words sound like gibberish to me, as language skills in dreams are not viable enough to create something of this nature. I wake at this point.

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    2. You can pass into the new world.

      by , 07-07-2018 at 01:56 PM
      I am 35 weeks pregnant and my dreams have become extremely vivid. Although I have not been lucid in a very long time I have not been writing my dreams or doing any lucid exercises to help myself become lucid. That being said I thought I should log this one.
      Everyone is being held in the old world. Its dark not only in color but in feeling. Everything has a grey hue, its crowded, there is a feeling of a void. I’m inline to travel it feels like a boarder crossing. I have my passport and correct documents along with my husband. When I get to the front of the line a man (guard) in what looks to be futuristic military ware puts his hands on my head. I look at him as he does this. I don’t back away but feel confident but confused. I have only love in my heart. He says “You may pass”. My husband is also aloud to pass. As I walk down this huge white stairway into this new world. It is much brighter from where I just came. I hear people talking about insects and love. About respecting all life. I now see what is being created. A new world of compassion. But I also remember a young man who has a gun in this new world and shoots someone. How did he pass? It’s a new world of compassion.
    3. Fight Honey Rory

      by , 09-19-2016 at 04:39 PM
      Fight Moms: My mother is murderously angry with her sister. We speed to her house in the car. Instead of pulling in the driveway she drives down through the ditch and across the lawn. She storms inside. My cousins are on the porch and ask me about school. We chat peacefully while our parents war very loudly in the house.

      Honey Hut: I wander a network of very narrow paved forest paths and come to an old white house with a roof covered in honey bees. Is the interior of the house a giant honey comb? I want see if it is but the bees won’t let me near. One lands on my head and scampers in clockwise circles. I don’t kill the bee because it is only doing its insectly duty. Also I know that if I kill the bee its death pheromones will signal the hive to attack me.

      Rory Wedding: Rory organizes a banquet hall for a wedding. He keeps re-situating the tables into different formations. We get frustrated with his constant changes because we're doing all the work while he stands on the stage pointing and ordering us about like servants.

      6.5 hours sleep
      Feels like there should be more dreams than this
    4. 11/01/16 | Poor little wasps and jelly-kittens

      by , 01-12-2016 at 12:23 AM
      Oh, what the heck, I'll also post here some of my dreams. Not every one tho.

      #1 Poor little wasps
      I saw behind the curtain of the window some dark little shadow-dots. I thought there was flies. When I looked at them it turned out that there are little wasps in a row. Without any thoughts I opened the window and tried to expel (?) them. It was winter and big snowflakes was falling down, also to my room. Then I started to feel bad for them but I didn't stop. Snowflakes started to stick to the wasps, then they was slowed down. I knew that they will die because of the snow, I realised that they was just waiting there for the better weather. I felt so guilty and sad, I woke up after that :c However dream was really beautiful visually. Vivid colors (yellow, white and blue) etc.

      #2 Jelly-kittens
      I was on my bed and on the little piece of paper I had 4-6 tiny little cats (1cm) which was alive but made of some transparent gel. They was standing in the circle. They was kinda sticky. I was responsible for them. They ate wood chips which gave to them. THEN equally small dinosaur came over! And he tried to eat or hurt my kittens. So I automatically hit him with tiny stick. Unfortunatelly one of the cats was glued to him. Also rest of them dropped of my duvet and I couldn't find them. When I did there was less of them (3-4?). And on the end of the dream (which is a little blurry) I lost them all. So guilty and sadness as well again. I wouldn't be a good mother ._.'

      Ok, rest of these are boring/private. I'll add here only some interesting stuff (when I'll be bored probably) and LDs.
    5. Colorful Infestation (Recurring)

      by , 09-12-2015 at 03:12 PM
      Morning of September 12, 2015. Saturday.

      I have not posted that many infestation dreams, though I have had several per year since early childhood. It usually involves unusual unique-looking (but problematic) bugs getting into the house as well as mice in some versions.

      In this case, our house is somewhat unidentified. It resembles our present one in some ways but seems to have features of our last home (on Barolin Street) as well.

      The main scene involves large velvet ants crawling up one corner of a wall and mostly remaining near the ceiling, making a trail through the house, and going out through another corner. I spray them with a can of insecticide a few times (not that worried about the spray going back into my face), but this only seems to work near the end of my dream. There is also a point at which only one gets on my arm and latches on and I pinch it and pull it off. The sensations are quite realistic.

      There are also some sort of unusual beetles (which can fly) in a fictional back room, approaching a doorway in a line, crawling over the top of some sort of built-in table or counter-top (though the room is like a large storage area). Eventually, I spray the middle of their main line and they stop forming larger groups.

      Near the end of my dream, I notice large groups of different-colored mice in our living room. They are grouped by color. (A group of mice is apparently called “a mischief of mice”, though that is just a bit too silly to implement in my writing.) A large group of green mice crawls about to the right and red and blue units are to the left. There is also a smaller group of yellow mice in the foreground. For some reason, this strange scene does not trigger any degree of lucidity regardless of the intense vividness of the bug presence. In fact, it is rather “pretty” though still inherently problematic. There must be at least two hundred or more mice. Suddenly, as if just seeing me as a threat for the first time, they scramble, making a thunderous noise (and shaking the house itself) as they go off in divisions of their particular color and as I get the impression they are going back into the walls of our house. I am not too concerned, as I just do not want them inside the rooms of our house.

      Dreams like this are often caused by being temporarily annoyed by people (though sometimes caused by fasting in too cold or too hot weather); in this case, an NBN worker hanging around close to our house all day (thanks to the NBN cabinet that was installed right near our house without any notice, right in the middle of the footpath - how stupid) and playing a car radio from prior to sunrise, the vehicle actually parked on our footpath as if he cannot walk that couple of extra feet when leaving the area. (I honestly do not know what is wrong with these people other than being completely thoughtless with no seeming respect for residents or any responsibility for their presence or unwarranted and unjust impositions or actions.)
    6. #102 - brief sleep paralysis and a false awakening

      by , 07-28-2015 at 07:26 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1: Hangin out with Lloyd
      I remembered heaps of this dream but then forgot it 90% of it -.-.
      It was a slice of life kind of dream, really nice and vibrant, it seemed to take place at my primary schools grassy field. I was hanging out with friends on a nice bright summer day and I see my friend Lloyd. He hasn't spotted me yet and I haven't seen him for some time now, so I decide to go surprise him. I can't remember how I surprised him but we all laughed and then played some sort of sporty game, the whole thing was a blast.

      Dream 2: Insect zoo or something...
      I was walking down a corridor in a dimly lit hall, it was about 3 metres wide and everything was wooden to give off a 'nature-like' feel for its insect residents. The insects were behind several large glass panes that stretched up across a cross-section of a tree, of which there were 3 in my immediate vision. Candice and another guy who's name I forgot were looking at them with interest (they're geologists who specialise in fossils of trees and stuff), the guy said "oh there's actually a real one".. I glanced at what they were observing, I could make out the fake plastic giant insects (the size of a hand in length and quite thick, they had furryish bodies and large insect wings), but as I inspected closer I saw something else... The realism in the dream changed and suddenly things were sharper in detail, the insect I was now looking at was huge, it was nearly half a metre and appeared to be a queen... I could clearly make out the hairs on its body and see how its body quivered and vibrated with internal resonance, at this point I think I woke up...

      After waking from this dream I felt funny, I couldn't move and I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, to which I immediately thought was the result of a giant bug biting me
      I quickly shook of the sleep paralysis in the first few seconds though but still felt uncomfortable, I felt normal though. I then lay back down and cemented the dream in my mind and went back to bed. At which point I had a false awakening thinking there were spiders and bugs crawling all over me, I hopped out of bed and shook them all off, it was scary! Then I actually woke up...
    7. Flying Insect Attack!

      by , 02-27-2015 at 06:08 AM
      Morning of February 27, 2015. Friday.

      This is a very vivid dream with a couple atypical features, including the loudest audio I have heard in a dream in years. I am in bed with my wife as in reality. However, the room is different to the left. It is an open area for the most part, but there are unidentifiable yet somehow “familiar” cases of some sort all in a row, front to back, possibly about ten of them. I am not even sure what they are meant to hold (DVDs?) or if they are empty or not. It is possible that they are empty and we may be in the process of cleaning them or letting them dry out from being cleaned or perhaps accidentally having gotten wet. Other than the covers being mostly opaque, they have narrow horizontally rectangular “windows” on the front. I think they are also all partly open, or at least a few of them are. I am not sure if they contain pages with sleeves or if so, how many. Again, they do not directly resemble anything I have seen in real life.

      My wife remains asleep the whole time I notice a sort of buzzing and shuffling sound which becomes louder over time. At least two of the cases have insects in them, but the type of insect is not fully certain (or there may be more than one type). One may be a large flying cockroach, or some type of beetle (or unnaturally large click beetle or Christmas beetle) or even a dragonfly. I get the impression that the insects have been trapped but are now able to find their way out. I am surprised by how loud their wings are in rubbing together. I get out of bed to see if I can find something to get them with but I end up running, as the sound I had been hearing is so loud, it is one of the loudest sounds I have ever perceived in a dream state. It goes from a seeming insect wing sound to an extraordinarily loud electrical buzzing that is almost like sizzling that I can begin to feel within my head - and it soon dominates the whole environment rather than having a seeming source. Insects do not bother me much in reality, but this one seems to have the potential to cause great harm. It does sound somewhat like a Christmas beetle but greatly amplified and expanded.

      I wake up fairly quickly but there is nothing that could have triggered the sound within my dream - the room is actually very quiet except for the very low-level white noise of the fans. Rather than being annoyed by my dream, I am actually intrigued - and amused - by how one can perceive something that loudly and clearly in the dream state. I start to wonder how the brain can generate that loud of an imaginary sound - perhaps related to cellular functions or processes.

      The last time I heard a sound of this particular nature was in a dream which was also involving my attempt to “run away from sizzling” - that had several layers of precognition involving 9-11 (long before it happened) and certain types of computer technology. (See link here.)
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    8. Centipede Ant and Melting Moth

      by , 02-13-2015 at 08:13 AM
      Morning of February 13, 2015. Friday.

      My family and I as we are now are living in an unfamiliar house in my dream (which seems to be a unique composite integrating features of our present home on W Street with Cubitis) in one of my lifelong recurring “strange bugs” dreams (but always unique with regard to appearance, this one being more unusual in nature).

      Firstly, some sort of weird large black ant gets into our house from near the top of the wall, but it is not at all like a real ant. Instead of having three body sections (head, thorax, and abdomen), it has at least nine or more - being vaguely reminiscent of a centipede. Even though it has no visible wings, it is somehow able to fly and hover (vaguely reminiscent of the motions of a hummingbird). When I look back towards the wall from across the room, it is hovering near the wall with a long black proboscis that is at least twice as long as its body. It seems to be “feeding” from the wall (at human shoulder height) somehow. It seems very strange to me but I am not sure if it is dangerous.

      Later, in a different room (that seems a little like our present kitchen on W Street yet also seems to have the feeling of the living room in Cubitis with respect to the layout concerning the room I come out of), I talk to my wife Zsuzsanna about unusual insects getting into our house.

      I notice a large silver moth lying on the floor, apparently dead (though not crushed or noticeably injured). Its wings are very shiny - almost as much as aluminum foil. I notice a small line of black oil near it, extending out from its head, which is apparently the remains of its very long but seemingly “melted” proboscis. I am absentmindedly associating it with the weird ant as if I think it might be the same insect somehow (even though it looks nothing like it) or at least is somehow connected. At this point my dream slowly fades.

      Here, the waking transition is clearly “moon dissolution” (and is related to circadian rhythms in a similar manner as typical sunrise metaphors) which does not seem as common in dreams as I would expect. The moth is silver (a downsized moon as well as the association with “moth” and “month”) and it is melting and is also a “failed flight” element (which is very common in my dreams and simply represents the waking process.) The black oil could easily represent the “melting” (or fading) nighttime (again, relevant to circadian rhythms) although black is associated with the state just prior to waking (or just prior to dreaming).

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    9. Possession and the dead

      by , 04-21-2014 at 07:14 PM
      A woman has another woman tied to a tree, and is spreading caviar on her face to attract animals to eat her. She's interrupted by some panic among the people she's working with. People are transforming into creatures - from what they're shouting, I have the impression that it's mostly insects, but when I switch to first person, the only transformation I actually see is a bird emerging from a woman's shoulder and flying away. Mostly I just see panicked people running away.

      I'm leaving too, with several others, at a calmer pace. I look down at my bare feet, and notice that the girl whose body I'm possessing has decorated her toenails in Satanic symbols - not just painting them, but actually growing them into horn-like shapes. I comment on this to one of the people I'm walking with, although I'm careful to phrase it as if I'm the real owner of this body, not something possessing her.

      Still in that body, I'm at a club with a woman named Pepper. I'm wearing sunglasses - it's night, but I need them to protect myself from the electric lights. I'll take them off when we're outside. We're leaving, waiting by a coat check or something similar, when we're approached by two men, one of them hitting on Pepper, the other hanging back. At first I'm irritated, but then I remember that I'm using a female body at the moment, and I realize the other guy is playing wingman. I'm amused. Since Pepper seems interested enough, we all leave together.

      We briefly stop by my IRL house, and when I look in a mirror, I see my IRL self, although my reflection isn't mirroring my actions. Pepper calls for me to hurry up, calling the name of the girl whose body I'm possessing for the first time - Julie. Outside, it's dawn, the clouds are starting to change colors, so I put my sunglasses back on. There's a large car parked outside - wingman's in the driver's seat, Pepper and the other guy are in the back. I get into the passenger seat.

      We drive past several rundown-looking houses, and the guy in the back seat asks me if they're haunted, this being my neighborhood. I say sure, a house that looks like that has to have a few ghosts around. I'm not being serious, just humoring him. He goes on and on about the dead, and he's beginning to irritate me - he's attempting to show off his knowledge, but it's not particularly impressive. He says that he can speak to the dead more easily than others because he still has all his canine teeth - I have an image of one tooth behind another, like adult teeth behind baby teeth, though he's an adult. He says they make a point of telling you that they're dead. And he asks me something about dead and dreams - I didn't catch most of the question, too much background noise, but I assumed he was asking me if I'd ever been visited by the dead in my dreams. I say, sure - I may not know much about talking to dead people, but dreams I can do.

      Wingman calls my attention away, asking for directions - left or right here? It's not even really a fork in the road, the road we're on just curves right and another road splits away, but I guess it might look confusing if you're not used to it; I tell him to bear right. The guy in the backseat offers me and Pepper beers from a cooler, and asks if we find him creepy, with all that talk about dead people. I say no, the talk about dead people's fine, it's the way you talk about getting me and Pepper to drink that's creepy. Pepper agrees, but she's laughing about it. I was only half joking. Even the wingman agrees - the guy's phrasing is odd, as if he's trying to get us incapacitated. We hit a bump in the road and he spills some of his own beer on the upholstery; I tell him he better clean that up, although I'm not at all sure who owns this car. I'm certain it's not him.
    10. My brother's forest

      by , 01-15-2014 at 10:32 PM
      There's this guy running from some gang. It's about the patent for something he invented. He can't believe his invention is something anyone would be willing to kill him over, but I remind him it's not the invention they want to kill him over, it's the money. He's got some legal document - not the patent itself, but related to it, possibly he hasn't filed for it yet - which is what everyone's after, and after I get him to reveal it to me, a man who is my brother appears and snatches both the guy and the document away and runs into the forest, just as the gang catches up to us. This was our plan, the woods are my brother's territory. I act like I'm on the gang's side, or at least as if I want to catch that guy as much as they do - they were already aware from past interactions that I have an interest in the guy with the patent, and they've assumed I want the document for my own reasons. So they follow me when I lead the chase into the forest, into my brother's traps.

      The path into the forest that I lead them on - and which my brother appears to be on, we catch glimpses of him now and then, though I'm aware he won't stick to the path - curves back and forth in strange ways, it's disorienting. I see an odd bullet coming - dark green like a beetle's wing - and I make sure I'm out of its path, that it picks off one of the gang as intended. It was fired by one of three men who work for/with my brother, people I know well. Time seems to have slowed down, and when one of the gang starts grumbling about the strangeness of it, a man emerges from the woods, the second of my brother's men. He explains that it's the insect-birds. They're insects which mimic birds and sing constantly, disorienting the birds and causing them to mistake night for day, and for us, creating an illusion of time slowing. They prevent violence being done in my brother's forest. But "their element is in possessing one," he says; that is, the insect enters and controls a single bird.
    11. Insects Infestation

      by , 11-13-2013 at 01:52 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      10.11.2013 2/2

      Eu estava na casa dos meus sogros, na sala, que por sinal estava bem diferente. Estávamos sentados assistindo TV quando eu vi uma aranha e a matei. A partir daí começaram a aparecer insetos de todos os lados da casa. Quanto mais eu matava, mais apareciam. Matei aranhas e escorpiões, grandes e pequenas. Os escorpiões brilhavam como se tivessem uma luz de LED no corpo. No fim, estava tentando matar um inseto que se parecia com um mouse, mas tinha uma caraoaça dura por cima. Lembro-me de tê-lo atingido várias vezes antes que ele rachasse. Acordei com a Ju me chacoalhando. Ela disse que eu estava agitado na cama, mexendo muito as pernas. [Nesse dia, minha gata encontrou uma aranha grande em casa e eu a matei]
    12. 24th July 2013 Various fragments

      by , 07-24-2013 at 11:27 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some game, fighting with group of people who were using some futuristic-style tech and i was trying to figure out the mission. Then i was playing some glitchy shmups one of which looked like something based on Dodonpachi, most of the levels were happening above the city and there was some boss that was like made from semi-transparent colored blocks.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was on some mission as a dragon, but in human form, i was going through some base place which then continued into some kind of research lab, there was a group of people in black that i had to fight a few times. Eventually i reached some kind of stronghold and the only way in was through sewers-like place. I was swimming but the place apparently was guarded by blue water dragon with scales forming yellow eye-like pattern across the body. I didn't attacked him, but instead asked, and apparently the reason he was here was because he was blinded by someone. I decided to help him.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was playing some game where i was getting through the multilevel bunker and then reaching an elevator, then there was huge explosion.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was in some game and i was in some team, we all had various special powers. We were attacking some sort of hive of giant insects and there was alot of web, one of our team could also summon flies that produced some kind of glue, trapping enemies. Then we were back at home apparently and i was searching some specific anime and we watched a couple of episodes. Then room started filling up with insects again and we were talking about that, then one from our team that had power to summon special flies managed to fix things up.

      Dream 5:

      I was building some warcraft 3 level and was testing it with some players, some of which were dragons. The idea was that there were two sides, one was defending center and bottom part of the level and another one attacking from the top, in the middle there were advanced buildings and each player has a hero unit under control as well as some producing buildings. The units were pretty various, some were using mechanical units and vehicles, some were using swordsman armies, some undead. Attacker players also were using alot of 'superweapon' type units like giant spaceships with devastating beams and such, but they had low hp and were not that hard to take out with proper tactics. Then after the game we were discussing on possible changes and i added a few things, changing placement of bases slightly as well.
    13. 5th July 2013 Bush maze, Weird place, Mutants, Otherworld

      by , 07-05-2013 at 11:48 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in some 2D top down game and there was a bush maze. I had to find way around it and avoid and fight enemy soldiers while attempting to find the rest of scout squad.

      Dream 2:

      I was a character in some weird video game, i and a few more people were exploring some weird place. Soon we separated our ways to explore more and i got the ability to switch between characters. One found some room with floor, ceiling and walls made of class, other found some passage full of weird drawings with bloody letters on them.
      Then there were fleshy humanoid mutants of some kind that were showing one of pictures to one from the group and that way they manage to convince him to do something and he goes crazy and turns into one, they reminded me about W. forum game.
      Then there was another stealthy mutant that had body made of insects that he could also control and they were not just ordinary insects, they spreaded purple corruption to whatever they touched and were infecting people with some disease leading to nearly instant death. He killed a bunch of characters that way, the one from the glass room managed to run away from him.
      In the end there were only two people left, one of which i could control, there were more mutants that we had to avoid. Soon we reached some rusty metallic place that looked like Silent Hill otherworld. We were jumping from one grated platform to another.

      Dream 3(fragment):

      I was doing stuff at home and i had some ability to control a blimp that was the distant sky.

      Dream 4(fragment):

      I was talking to someone about some kind of power and about the lack of it.
    14. Politician, messed up F1 cars, and street bums

      by , 03-23-2013 at 11:34 PM
      Total sleep time: 9+ hrs

      Dream recall technique: dr1 – woke up, noted key words only, went to bed and played the dream 3 times in mind; dr2-dr4 left it entirely to chance if I would recall anything after final wake

      Other irrelevant info: was supposed to wake up on time but turned off the alarm, and as I lay in bed I fell asleep, woke up two hours later and had a shorter Saturday. Well, you can’t have it all…

      Dream1: I am looking at a building and can see a female politician . I am in some kind of garden where there is sand instead of grass, and cactus-type looking plants. The politician is going somewhere and I hide behind part of the garden construction, observing her. She has a beautiful watch, silver with tiny diamonds. I am thinking about the watch so I zoom in, in my mind. It then becomes a strange looking ring. There is a large gray stone in the middle, and the metal part looks like a twisted wire, like an old handicraft object. I am thinking about how people have treasured rings and precious stones even in ancient times.

      I walk to another section of the garden, where I see small insects, like bees or flies, but hey, they are walking bypedally and have colourful armour. Next to them are small toys similar to kinder surprise toys. They are also alive and move. There a 3-4 different types and 4 of each type one next to the other.

      Around the garden there is a race track, where Formula 1 cars usually drive. I start throwing small pieces of paper on the track. I later realize that these pieces may interfere with the driving, but it is too late. The cars cannot drive any more, they malfunction and get broken. I begin to worry that the cost of the damages would be really high, these are F1 cars. People would know it is me who did it, because the pieces of paper all have my name written on them. I start to collect them from the track in a plastic bag that I bring with me, and which I leave nearby. My collecting the papers is in vain, because somebody already saw one or two of these and they know. I am looking at a monitor which has information about one of the drivers. All I recall from what I read is that the driver is racing for Renault. I then remember that I left the plastic bag with the papers near the track so I want to go back and take it. I use an elevator to do so. The elevator comes and I press the 4th floor but don’t get in. The doors close, and I think “Damn, now I have to wait again”, but suddenly I find myself in the elevator and am going up.

      This turns into some kind of detective series, where I am the party who is at fault, I am also a man. There is a woman with me who is investigating what has happened, and a relative of whoever has suffered from my action. I have no idea what that means, but I have the desire to tell that relative that it is me who is responsible for this and so I tell her. She gets really mad and annoyed with me, and I have to flee to another room to escape her reaction.

      At some point in the corridors of that place my grandpa appears. [I haven’t seen him for 15 yrs irl, divorced grandma a long time ago]. I am surprised that I see him, the image becomes quite vivid and on focus. [Maybe it’s a dream?] I just ask him how he is, and how his family is doing.

      Dream2: I am going somewhere very far to throw away the garbage. I find myself in a basement like room where there are hats on the couch. I am trying to concentrate on throwing away things and I see in a box containing trash, how many things I have actually cleared out. I look at another box and recognize some books as mine that I don’t want to get rid of. Maybe I will just use the place as a storehouse then, I think to myself.

      Initially, I leave the room and want to be on my way, but there is a bum in front of me, and his scary looking dog(DS), like a big hound. He is also out of his mind, he is talking to himself or people that are not there. I try to avoid him. Then I decide that I want to go back to the place, but he is in front of the entrance. The place is now at the corner of a building and there are two entrances. That does not make it easy for me to enter. This is a favourite place for bums who are everywhere and so are their dogs. The dogs try to enter the place and the bums are inside. I finally manage to get in. I notice lots of rucksacks on the floor. My own rucksack feels suddenly very heavy and I open it. Inside of it is another red rucksack. [Crazy, bit just a bit].
      As I am leaving the place a bum woman DC starts talking to me and I pretend I am one of them.

      I am going home, walking down the street. I pass some place where they sell food so I decide to buy some. The place is like Indian food, but is not Indian at all. Some kind of really exotic stuff I really can’t describe, like green looking pasta, and some stuff that is half-cooked. The DC that works there comes at me, he has dark skin but is not Indian I have no idea where he is from. I ask him what kind of meat that is and stare at one of the products he is selling. He says it’s buffalo.

      Dream3: I am in a phone booth and I am looking at an advertisement of Heinz tomato soup. In the ad this guy tells the story of how this soup has changed his life or something of the kind. I look at the name of the guy, it is my friend’s name. [who really loves that soup by the way]. I find the ad very funny. I am in a room and am talking to the friend “So, you took part in the ad, huh?”. He confirms, and then complains that the room smells unpleasantly, and that he can’t sleep there. I am trying to find ways to bring some fresh air in.

      Dream4 [Fragment]: I am on the level of the first floor and look down to see two DS casually lying on the ground. The guy has shoulder –length blonde hair and perhaps a leather jacket, and there is a girl lying next to him. They look like they enjoy living like hippies, all relaxed and stuff. Suddenly, my boot slips away from my foot and starts falling. I yell at them to watch out, but it hits the guy. I begin to apologize but he doesn’t seem to mind the boot falling on him at all. Then, wearing socks, I try to step on some kind of metal ladder to come down and get my boot back.

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    15. Michael Duncan Can't Clean, Insect Sadism, Flipping Tables, Half-naked and Party Starts Early...

      by , 01-06-2013 at 01:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Michael Duncan Doesn't Dish wash Properly (Non-lucid)


      I find myself inside of a random room, and I meet Michael Duncan who's near the kitchen sink.

      I assume this is his household, have no awareness that he passed away in waking life, and I ask him if I may have a bottle of water from the fridge. He allows me to instantly, and he seems to be in a fairly positive attitude.

      However, he has the blank state most dream characters have where they just go neutral after you don't give them any kind of attention. It almost seemed as if he was senile or something, and I was wondering if he had a mental disability.

      The fridge was white, the floor was white, and the sunlight shining on the tile floor a bit made it look like it was a milky sky blue color. The actual kitchen light wasn't on, it was mostly visible because of the natural sunlight.

      Instead of drinking from the random water bottle, which looked vivid and detailed in terms of plastic and water reflections, I was going to search for a glass cup to drink it out of. I honestly don't know why I couldn't have used the bottle itself, but I picked some random dish that wasn't even a cup.

      I tried to remove the red stain on the plate, and it felt like it was hardened gum or something of that nature. I was using a sponge with two sides, one for basic scrubbing that was yellow, and the green side for more grittier scrubbing for metal objects, etc.

      It's not working, but somehow the stains are getting on the green side of the sponge, and this is really confusing me because I see the plate still has the same amount of sticky residue on it. So I decided to get down and dirty and started to use my fingernails.

      I'm making better progress, but damn, it's really difficult taking out these sticky and hard stains out of the place. I managed to get half of a huge chunk of the stain off, but it's just annoying, and with the other small stains still on the plate, it would take forever to get this thing done.

      So I look to my left on the container for various silverware and glass objects, and I find a Wine Glass. I had a "Oh Okay" moment in my head, and quickly grabbed it to make sure it didn't have any stains or residue on it.

      Turns out it did, and this time, it was orange-brown chunks of god knows what on it, and when I prepared to wash it, Duncan tells me that it's clean.

      I tell him that it's not clean, he tells me again that it's clean. I don't know what happens next, but I assume that based on my pissed off mood, I left.


      Setting Raid Insect Spray Traps (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a room with shiny light brown wood flooring, and there are a few gaps near the bottom of these faded white walls.

      There are lights on, but they're mostly dim, and I see that I could set up traps to kill random insects coming out of the gaps and other weird holes.

      What I had to do was get a green can that would contain the insecticide contents, and a random black rack that you see in the Pool game to organize the balls.

      This same can would have a red sensor beam that would pick any subtle movements, and the moment it triggers, the Triangle Rack would quickly fall down, trap the insects, and the green can would immediately spray and kill them all.

      I start getting a bit sadistic and collected more cans and started booby trapping the place like I'm setting a Bouncing Betty in Call of Duty or something. I think at random intervals in the dreams, there were mini-people being trapped and killed.

      They looked like cartoons, and I can't recall my feelings for them, but I can assume it wasn't really thoughtful of their lives. Then I ran out of supplies, and I tried to think of ways to get them. I assumed I had no money on me at all, and never bothered where I actually had the products in the first place.

      Then the place and the flooring inside gets darker, and the floor is now a dark brown color, and it's not just because of the darkness; so either I had the environment shifted somehow or something.

      I don't recall there being dead insect bodies anywhere, so I presumed most would disappear out of thin air. or something


      Pissed Off at Father and Flipping Tables (Non-lucid)


      My father is sitting down on a random chair inside my apartment, and it seems most of the lights are on and working fairly well. He's wearing a black jacket, a faded khaki pants, and some random vanilla shirt underneath.

      We're arguing about something obviously, because I'm pissed off, and I get so angry that I get near him and flip the table he was eating food on. I guess I added some offensive language here and there, can't recall them too well, and I can't remember what happens next.

      I told him to just get out of the apartment I guess.


      Party Starting Too Early and Not Finished Clothing (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house that's awfully similar to the one I went to for the break from college, and I'm in the room where there's beads hanging along with some thin cloth as well.

      I'm trying to change my clothes, and I hear the doorbell ringing. I knew it was guests getting ready to come in, and I had a pretty good perception of who it will be. It would be the parents and their demonic sp----I mean annoying children along with their older son.

      I'm half-naked, and I can sense that they're getting closer and closer as someone is opening the door to tell them in. I quickly try to find any route that I can quickly hide myself to change properly.

      I see an image of one of the kids, the REALLY annoying one, already planning to run to get into my room.

      I panic a bit, and I can't remember what I did after that.


      You Can't See Me Woman? (Non-lucid)


      So I'm inside of a room that looks like some kind of high corporate CEO office, and I honestly don't know what I'm here for. I guess I took something valuable, whether it was information or an object, but I would presume it was information since I don't recall holding or wearing anything to hold heavy objects.

      It's fairly dark inside, but there's some lighting, like a pinkish-red lighting, and I get suspicious that someone may be coming in. So whatever I do, I managed to get out of the first hallway, but the person isn't even there as yet.

      They're at a few more, and I have to hide somewhere, because once they get to where I am, I'll be caught. Whatever I did, I miraculously get out, and I decided to hide at this convenient gap between a spiraling stairs going up.

      After a while, the lady comes in the room, and it has shiny black flooring, and it looks pretty fancy overall (the room mind you). The lady is dark-skinned, like light brown, and she has a nice hairstyle. I guess it was some kind of 80s type of hair design, and she's wearing a black skirt that only ends a few inches above her knees.

      She's wearing a fancy dress shirt tucked under her shirt, and it consists of splashes of gray and white. She goes to the door to the right to do the secret pin and eye scan stuff I'm guessing, and as she's doing that, EVERYTHING in the room vanishes one by one.

      And I start panicking that if the stairs disappear, I'm absolutely in a tight situation here. So the chairs, shelves, vases, and such vanish, and all there's left is the stairs. I believe parts of the stairs start to vanish, and this feels like some kind of de-materialization you would see in Assassin's Creed games.

      So now I'm left exposed with my knees bent all the way down like a sitting duck, and even though the lady turns around, she doesn't see me?

      Or she's ignoring me?

      I'm like so easy to pick out here, but she's not really responding.

      I don't know what happens next, and this is all too weird. I thought it would be a ALERT ALERT ALERT GUARDS GUARDS type of speel, but I guess not.
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