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    1. ccliv. School friends and football, Musical junk

      by , 04-19-2021 at 06:01 PM
      18th April 2021


      I'm in a place that in some ways resembles my old home, but it's a dream generated location. Reminds me of the newer part of the city (L) by the river. At some point I'm with my old school friend Da? I'm not sure if we're actually doing something together or not. There seems to be some kind of animosity between us.

      Then I remember an open arena or amphitheatre place. There's lot's of people here, mostly people I knew as a teenager besides a dream crowd. Something about football? JC has the ball and he runs away with it at his feet. Two other guys, one of them Mi from earlier years of school, they're chasing after us. I seem to be able to run faster than everyone else in the dream but I feel slow myself. I suggest that I take the ball or something but I remember at that point noticing I have my boots on and remembering that it never worked too well with boots on.

      (I wake up at some point for my alarm)


      I'm with mom, we're on a street somewhere. It's day time but not quite? We're waiting to cross a road and this double-width lorry/bus thing appears and stops at a junction, blocking us from crossing. It has lights inside and is full of musical instruments or something, seemingly just thrown in as junk, essentially. I tell mom we should put in some of the stuff we have, but she's not feeling so sure about it.

      Out of her handbag, I take out full-sized electric guitars I think, at least four of them, one was red. One by one, I shove them into an open window at the top, that I can somehow reach. It feels a bit like a recycling drop off place. Mom's bag is now much lighter and I hope that this will be helpful for her.

      There was something about dad and L boarding this vehicle before. But anyway, soon it starts moving and goes away. The dream scene changes and we are now in a shop like a supermarket. We're in or nearby a fridge aisle. Mom goes off to find something? I forget what I do, but I don't go the same way as her.


      - I have been trying to set intentions around the lucid dreaming party before bed but sometimes I get distracted or end up losing my train of thought/the focus on it.

      - I haven't spoken to Da in a long time. Sometimes I see him online but neither of us have started conversation. Recently conversations have started with old friends but they end up not leading into much. It has left me feeling a bit disappointed on some level.

      - Recently had some discussions about music with someone I know.

      - Both dreams were much longer but these were the bits of recall that came easily.
    2. lxxxiii.

      by , 02-12-2020 at 11:40 PM
      Dreams that I made note of early today but that I'm only writing on the DJ here at night.

      Dream Fragment:

      Much longer than just this bit and a lot of detail is missing. Was with my family at some building, more specifically, with my parents and maybe siblings. We were there because of me, I was waiting to be given permission to use this facility's reactor-powered super-computer.

      One of mom's sisters (M) was there . H was there but was a blend between himself and my oldest sibling. I remember we were waiting in some sort of lobby. It was sunny, there was a lot of glass. It was a fairly modern-style building from what I can remember. Eventually, a woman came through into the room and requested my presence. I followed her and walked through some halls and then through a large indoors space, like an aircraft hangar or an industrial warehouse. When we were in one of these larger spaces, the woman, who I remember was formally dressed (i.e. had some sort of secretarial position), said that they were going to give me the OK to use their computer.

      Apparently I wanted to use this computer to "hack" some other reactor-powered super-computer of the same sort. In the dream I already knew I had permission from the owners of that second computer to do this. My reaction to when she gave me the OK was something of surprise and I felt happy. I told her I'd be right back and jogged back to the lobby quickly to grab a few things. Mostly some papers, A4 prints of the schematics for the other reactor? Looked like amplifier schematics like the ones I often see H use.

      In the dream I knew that some favour I pulled was responsible for the people who owned this place to allow me to do this, though there seemed to be no animosity with anyone and there was a calm and polite atmosphere.

      I remember there was a lot of dialogue in this dream but I remember very little of it in detail, usually one of the first things to get forgotten. I went back to the woman after grabbing the papers. I remember being shown into a room where I then used some sort of computer terminal and then gained physical access to the other computer's library. But it was literally and physically manifested in front of me, above the terminal.

      I looked through the books. I remember chatting to this lady since she was there to supervise me, mostly small talk. I couldn't remember which of these files (the books) that H was interested in, so for whatever reason I asked for someone to go and fetch my oldest sibling (L). L arrived and immediately recognised the book. L took it and I wondered how we'd return it, since I realised in that moment this was a one-time thing but we were still obliged to return the file.

      Then I said to L: "make sure you get everything you want, because we will never have access to this again." I remember thinking or feeling that the other books on that shelf were filled with irreplaceable knowledge.

      The dream went on for a bit but I don't remember much. Some visions of the reactors? I told the lady about how I got permission to do all of this.

      Dream Fragment:

      A different dream. In space, much shorter dream. Strategy game like Homeworld but could manage planets and space stations too. Mix of Freelancer too? Don't remember the visuals anymore. Woke up after this dream.

      Dream Fragment:

      Fell back asleep and recalled this single fragment. Was helping T build some sort of organ console. The console didn't look right. It was askew? But it was on purpose apparently. The manuals were angled at 90 degrees and sloped on a 30 degree arc. I remember this took place in T's room. There was a light on and the room was dark otherwise, somewhat as expected really.

      Mom was there, talking to T I think.

      Some notes:
      - I did remember more conversational detail when I woke up and wrote down the first dream on my phone but the memory has since long left as I finish writing this DJ entry.
      - The thing with the shelf and the books being the other computer's file system was very unusual. It was like an allegory, but somewhat unnecessary.
      - For whatever reason, these few dreams I had all had H, T and L mixed in some sense as if they were all the same character. Although I can draw some similarities between them, like the bookshelf thing, I'm not sure why it was almost made obvious in the dream. Normally my less conscious thoughts don't manifest themselves in dreams in such an obvious way, probably since I already recognise all these elements consciously anyway.
      - The secretary figure is starting to become a recurring dream character in a sense. Feels like a sort of formal projection, as a character, of what I would consider my anima to be. Last year there were some similar appearances. Usually black hair, tidy, possibly glasses and a smooth but not perfect face. A slight bit of attitude or something in body posture, but in a relaxed way. Takes herself seriously.
      - A note on the above; I have taken the Jungian archetypes into a sort of personally meaningful way as I do with symbols in general, so that they have specific meanings to myself, which are often a bit more distant from their original meanings. This accounts for why the appearance of these archetypes varies, sometimes dramatically. But the key identifier for them is usually that they are key characters in the dream and that they are not related to people I know, and seem to be more disjointed from the other characters in a dream, usually.
      - T's room was more or less as I remember last seeing it. The sense of any unpleasant smell didn't seem to be there, but I remember feeling uncomfortable being in the room.
    3. competition #15 night #4, pretty good recall

      by , 10-21-2013 at 06:22 PM
      00:00 Mon 2013-10-21
      01:14 bedtime, temp 17C -- 1 hour behind schedule, but I wanted to finish "Matrix Reloaded"
      F1) Trying to make a destination by a certain time, ahead of others: a man and a woman, large open outdoor field. Our paths intersect, we come together, they edge ahead of me.
      1) I'm standing in a hallway in a multi-level structure like a big ship. I'm talking to someone above me through the ceiling. Then someone else up through another stairway/hole in the ceiling asks about whether it's safe. I say "There's no way a return value from a toilet can harm you unless you apply the value to your body."

      F2) Instrument (B). Written instructions on how to modify the instrument, how to pound the high D key into the wood in order to stabilize playing the high E.

      2) standing with people in an outdoor kitchen at a tall counter. There are jars of condiments on the counter. Playing with people, singing some tunes. I hit a note very high for me with full opera quality that gets everybody's attention. It's beautiful. A conductor comes up and says, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Everybody, let's start playing this opera! He starts getting ready to conduct the opera. I'm scrambling around looking for my music. The conductor is a short and swarthy man. He's conducting and I'm looking for my notes in his pile of music and other places. I find a few excerpts but not the full notes.

      F3) arriving home with a woman. I say "hey, you should give me a quick welcome home kiss." After a quick kiss then I say "that's not good enough." Then she (short-haired redhead, DS) gives me a deeper kiss with rough tongue action which is not pleasant. Then she says I'm not giving enough.
      (WL, Matrix Reloaded kiss scene).

      3) I'm searching for a composer, who lives in an odd house, which is like small chunks of living space down a multi-level spiraling scaffolding. I start at the top very high and descend down the levels, jumping down level to level. He's talking about the piece that he's created. It's a performance piece about a man who moves on the ground like a snake, inches around. The guy is really proud of the special effect he's created, where the man moves without any visible physical means: crawling along the floor, very slowly at first, you can barely see he's moving, then he crawls faster and faster. There are a bunch of people standing in the room, and someone says "for the first time in history, people will move across a room without any visible means of movement."

      06:31 MILD using these scenes. 14C temp, air matress plug popped, have to replace with another for now, looks like I'm getting a WBTB after all.
      06:56 BTB
      4) Driving a car at high speed through underground maze, like a huge sewer tunnel but clean and lined with huge white tiles and well-lit. Rectangular cross section. I'm driving at extremely high speed, jumping off ramps and floating through the air. I imagine that I have previously walked through this maze before. I'm avoiding people in this maze, I need to get through a gate (DS), I can't get through the gate, there is a women helping me. There are various kinds of access cards in all kinds of languages and all kinds of currency, including alien currency. We go through all kinds of cards and all kinds of thoughts but we can't open the gate. She finally looks in her purse and finds one more card, she puts it in the reader and the gate opens. We quickly turn the card reader over and read its display so we can see what kind of reader it is and how much currency is left on it. I read "FLM" or "FLAM" on the display but there is no indication of a balance. She says "there's no balance shown." We keep going.

      09:35 voice recorder malfunction! 4.5 minutes of recall detail lost! SH!T! There's got to be at least several dreams in there with good detail. What a bummer. Good reason to transcribe right after getting up! From memory:

      F4) Going into a room, like a dorm room, there are lots of people around. Insdie a room, at first I think there's room only for one person. The bed is to the back in a small alcove with a low roof where the bed is. I see another bed and think "ah ok this is a two-person room". The beds are on the ground. I think this used to be my room. Visiting friends at college?

      5) Big strong police woman stopping people with improper packages on their cars. Guy says he can't get his window open, so she comes and lifts the entire door off with her hands. I'm driving on the driver's side, she takes off the front passenger door. She is wearing a tank top, and I see as she's flexing with arms spread out to the sides. She's muscular and I see black stubble in her armpits. I say (to a friend outside?) "damn, look at her she's BUFF! She works out! She's buff!". She throws the door down. She lets us go. Her attention turns to another motorist, whom she stops. Some woman with presents and boxes strapped to the outside of her car, around the windshield and hood, on both sides of the car. They're coming undone and she's trying to tie them back on. I think "O man she's going to get it, that cop does NOT LIKE packages strapped to the outside of cars!"

      6) Rocket engine fireworks. Instead of fireworks it's a giant collection of rocket ships. I see the rocket take off with an fiery strong intense/bright yellow/orange flame out the bottom. It flies slowly up for a while, then turns down and faces towards the ground. The crowd gasps: "AAAAAaaa!". I remove myself from the immediate view area for safety behind a roof/house, and I'm moving around / peering around to fully see the flight of the rocket. Then it turns up again and separates into all of its different 4-5 smaller rocket pieces. They swoops up, down, and all around. Then they rejoin into a single rocket and goes up, up, up. Then up and down, at one point it leaves a trail of bright yellow pinpoint dots behind it as a finale, then it disappears and the show's over.

      10:24 get up temp 16C, window cracked 1 inch, new heater next to bed, first setting, dial at 3 oclock (75%), good sleeping conditions, small window in kitchen cracked 1 inch open. could sleep more but time to get up. white cotton socks, 3 blankets on top of comforter.
    4. Oct 11, 2012 - Ignored in the Library

      by , 10-18-2012 at 03:11 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Forest. School. searching for something. Allies. Classmate. A building or office on an upper flow. An office. Music instruments. A stick fell off my hands and on the ground below off the ledge. I have to hurry. Walked out the corridor and down the floor below. Found another office/restaurant. Walked to the "edge" with a green plant. Found the stick. A seminar of sorts. PATAS? Am?

      Projector. KenPi. He sat beside me, but then he transferred. A Thai woman gathering orders. She told me to read or do something. Can't understand. I'm holding a pen with names written on it. I don't get it. I gave it back. I thought of getting two orders, but I don't have money. Y was there, annoying me. Finally walked out with some stuff.

      Library. La Salle school. Found LT and TM, high school classmates. TM was wearing red shirt. Seems like they changed their direction when they saw me. I pretended not to see, although I saw TM look back from the corner of my eyes. I continued walking to the library. I walked up the stairs, and continued walking up even if there are no more stairs, hoping I'll walk on air. No go. Went down. I noticed I'm only wearing my boxers. I wanted to change. I was in the AVR area. The closest CR is on the second floor of hall C. Went inside and changed clothing. Some guy taking a leak. My pants look weird.
    5. I Have Some Catching Up To Do...

      by , 07-04-2012 at 09:04 PM (My Zero Sensory DJ)
      Lately I haven't put anything in my online DJ. I think it's good to rewrite my dreams as it helps with the whole awareness thing (and the other stuff). Two or three days ago on the forum I asked if it was ok to write just points of my dreams and recall the rest from memory. They had a good point: "If you only write down points in your dream, you will train yourself to just remember points of your dream when you wake up. You should write down as much as possible if you want to have a better dream recall." So that's what I should do to become better at LDing. If I can't write down everything when I wake, than just write something, and later in the day (when I'm a bit more awake but still earlier in the day) write the everything. ... And just so you know, I writing stuff down like this helps me to actually do it. I don't care if it's entertaining for you to read. ; ->

      So now I'm going to list my dreams from my paper DJ. (In chronological order)

      I had a dream I was flutter tonguing really well on my Oboe. I think I was in my room.

      Another dream started in third person view: I watched myself enter my house. I had just got back from high school. (It was the summer thought.) The next thing I remember waking (not third person any more) around in my house going from room bedroom to bedroom. The ceilings were all slanted, it was a different type of architecture from what it is in waking life.

      Few nights later I had a dream that I was partaking in a scene from the Hunger Games movie. I was on stage and Katniss was there to. It was the scene from the interviews. The funny thing was the fact that the stage was my bathroom with two of the walls removed. Katniss, a big fat man, and someone else was there. It was a tribute, but I can't recall who it looked like. Katniss was staring (or talking to the people) but very stationary like she was preoccupied by something. I looked out and saw the crowd and I saw camera flashes and lights. I saw people, but just there shapes. They were far away and unlit. I started talking to the fat man. The stage is still my bathroom. Next thing that happens is everyone on stage (the four of us including me) are shaking hands. I shake hands with the big guy, but Katniss and the big guy keep reaching out to shake hands but can't seem to shake hands. (Imagine that they are blindfolded. That's a good way to describe it..) I grab both of there hands and force them together. The big guy thanked me. I don't know what happened next. (Btw, the big guy had a white goatee.)

      Another night after that, I had a dream I was watching a simulation of a big skyscraper being constructed and deconstructed, well kind of. It had a beige exterior and a lot a light blue glass windows. Two of the four sides
      had glass windows and the other pair (opposite each other) indented inward.. I don't know how to explain it well. (I drew a picture but don't fell like uploading it.) Anyways, there was a square cap of the top of the skyscraper. It looked nice. Those two walls that I mentioned that were indented in keep having another "extension" of the building that was added to the side and then quickly removed floor by floor or block by block.
      The dream itself was short, but different what anything before.

      And lastly, yesterday night I had a dream that I was with one of my friends. The place was my high school. Many things were different about it most noticeably it becomes a freaken huge maze of hallways and doors in some of my dreams. Some of them are in the "more normal school layout", but others like this one are in this freaken huge labyrinth! It's fun just thinking about it. There is A LOT to this dream. It built off of the layout of a previous dream. The previous dream I mentioned was a long time ago. To sum it up, I mistook my high schools swim club for the swim team. This was after navigating a submerged labyrinth (it was a labirinth of changing rooms delapidated sumerged rooms, and submerged weight rooms for the most part... and and bathrooms and arching halls connecting everything.) My math teacher was in charge of the swim team that I mistook for the swim club. Needless to say, I hoped in the water, the race started, and I came in last. (Other parts of the dream world include above ground hallways and the only room I remember coming to is a bathroom.) In the dream from yesterday, I was with one of my friends and we were carrying kayak paddles. I oped a metal door and a teacher on the other side deemed what we were doing to dangerous. Other teachers soon appeared/came and they were debating if we should get in "a lot of trouble". I wakled up to them and said some stuff to persuade them. The dream ended before a consensuses arrived.
    6. Wood as a Recording Medium?

      by , 04-03-2012 at 10:10 PM (Ultra-Rad Dreamage Supreme)
      This dream started off with me walking through a shopping mall. As I was just strolling along, a girl standing out in front of a store walked up to me and said she needed my help. She was about my height, my age, had dirty blonde hair just below her shoulders and a slight New Zealand accent (which was totally hot).

      She was trying to explain her dilemma to me, not in a frantic manner, but rather cool and composed. It wasn't making sense to me for some reason, so I ended up telling her to just take me to the problem so I could see it for myself.

      We walked out into the parking lot and there was an airport shuttle van waiting there by the curb. I jokingly asked, "You're not going to kidnap me and rape me, are you?" She laughed and said "I like that, but no." (Liked the joke, not raping people haha) I appreciate a dark sense of humor here and there.

      We arrived at a dilapidated old building surrounded by a chain link vence. The vence had a wooden or tarp screen on the inside of it so you could not look beyond it. As we walked into the gate, the area opened up into a messy junkyard. Old rusted cars, discarded appliances, it was all there. For some reason I specifically remember seeing a green 90's Subaru Forester.

      We came to a dimly lit room where there were wide wooden planks running across one of the walls. The planks had markings and notches etched into them. The girl went up to them and ran a dry washcloth across the wood and music started to play! Right out of the wood! It was an electronic-indie type song... Which was ok... but the cool thing was that this chick somehow managed to record music directly onto wood. No speakers, nothing; You somehow plugged the microphones into the planks (I didn't get a look at the interface between the mics and planks), recorded, and just ran the cloth over the planks and the song would play.

      I was completely amazed and immediately started asking questions. Apparently she played all the instruments herself, recorded and mixed the entire thing. I grabbed the cloth and ran my hand across the etchings. The sound of the cloth sliding across the wood made the song sound like it had a phaser/flanger effect on it.

      I was in love. If there's one characteristic I find more attractive than anything, it's intelligence (humble intelligence at that). Smart, kind, gorgeous, New Zealand accent, inventing new recording mediums that defy the laws of physics, sign me up. Dammit dreams, why do you tease me!!

      I suddenly remembered that I had come here to help her out with something. She told me she actually didn't need help with anything, she just wanted to show her crazy "wood recording" to someone who would appreciate it. Radical.
    7. Nothing much

      by , 01-15-2012 at 06:04 AM

      Nothing much. At one point, I was talking to this old guy, and later I was at a weird sort of musical instrument store. Not weird enough to warrant question, but how the guitars were arranged was weird.
    8. The Awesome Street...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 01:35 PM (My brain and I)
      29th of April, 2011

      On a road trip with Nooks somewhere in the US.
      Stopped and got out into a curious little plaza* adjacent to a road. It was a wonderful, sunny day.
      We went for a stroll around the neighbourhood and noticed that all the houses were really odd. All totally unique and situated among each other unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in the dream or waking life. Some had ramparts, others were really thin and windy, lots were colourful. It was kind of Suess-ish in a more ‘normal’ way. I mentioned that it would be a really awesome place to go trick-or-treating.
      Anyway, we found ourselves walking in a roughly hewn underground tunnel with dingy electric lights hanging from the roof. At some point during our walk I realised it was a dream and we exited the tunnel into a lovely green, bright forest. We went jumping around. Nooks was sitting in the grass playing an instrument– guitar or violin. I lay down in the grass and tried to shrink myself just for fun. It kind of worked but was a bit of a struggle so instead I climbed a tree to see the cool houses again but woke up.

      Lay still in bed trying to get back to sleep.

      Found myself climbing (literally, up the cabinets and stuff) in a kitchen and was still lucid. I ran down the hallway at speed and vaulted without a second thought over the balcony, falling at speed and crushing my car all awesome superhero style. I jogged down the street and decided to see my special door** again.
      As I approached it, I woke up.

      *Why am I always dreaming of plazas?

      **See the DJ Entry "The First Recorded Lucid"

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