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    1. Talking with Samina about the world of dreams.

      by , 05-20-2012 at 01:26 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Soaking up calm emotions.

      Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

      Im standing on a beach staring at the water. It is evening time, and the sun is starting to go down. There are a few people walking the beach as well. I notice some couples walking together holding hands and laughing with one another. I see little kids playin and laughing, i see a dog running back and forth towards the water barking as the water starts coming closer to the shore. There is a young lady doing yoga nearby, she looks to be in her early twenties and possibly of Indian or Lebanese background. I smile, enjoying my peaceful surroundings.

      Dream #2 Samina and me, the perfect team.

      This is a pic i happen to find, that is a very close resemblance of my DC Samina. (Oh minus the nose ring) We are walking to a store, and i give Samina one of my hawk coin totems.
      She says..

      "Dreamprofesser, this is not meant to be spent in stores remember?"

      "Oh yea, lol im sorry Samina your right. Thats my totem."

      (She laughs)

      "Silly Dreamprofesser."

      We are now in a store, and im looking around at some chips and candy and stuff. Samina is talking to a little boy her age i hear her talking to him saying..

      (She gives him the hawk coin i gave her)

      "Here, now this will help you to help Dreamprofesser become aware in dreams."

      I smile and decide to buy me some chips and a pop. The little boy runs up to me and gives me a hug and says..

      (Little boy talking)

      "Dreamprofesser, will this coin help me to control my dreams more too?

      "It will definitely help you to control your dreams. Now remember to reality check with it often ok?"

      He nods his head. Me and Samina leave the store, and we start walking across a grassy area towards a playground.

      Samina runs towards the top of the slide, and slides down.

      "Weeeeeee. Hey Dreamprofesser?"

      "Yea Samina?"

      "Um, when is my next lesson going to be?"

      "Soon. I have to look in my records to see what else to teach you ok?"

      "Oh, ok."

      Im talking with Samina about how im gonna need her help. We talk about different sleep stages, and she tells me that she has been reading and studying meditation from her papa. I tell her that i need to start back meditating soon. She mentions that me and her should help her cousins and friends to lucid dream. I tell her it will happen, we just have to keep your awarness sharp, and make sure to keep your ablilties intact. She tells me that she can't wait for her next lesson, and looks foward to learning some more new cool abilities. Im standing watching her climb the monkey bars and feel the dream closing in on me.

      Now the question is this. Can Samina truly help me to navigate thru the dream world more proficently? I am still experimenting this idea, and trying to come to a understanding, that certainly we can train our subconscious to defend us against potential dream hackers, or threatening dream characters. I want to finish this project atleast by the end of this month. To be able to search for people faster, and to have Samina with me while i share dreams with others. She is very intelligent, and i certainly want to try and develop her dream skills more.

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    2. The world that never could be.

      by , 01-27-2011 at 09:55 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Technique: MILD (failed WILD)
      Dream Control: 4-7
      Dream Length: LONG (Probably a full REM session)
      Recall: Average
      Vividness: Excellent

      I was in my bed trying to WILD, and telling myself I knew I was going to have an LD. There wasn't any doubt in my mind because I woke up naturally after about five hours of sleep. (had a few junk dreams not worth mentioning) It took a while to fully relax because of the B-6 I took, but when I did, I noticed something...

      I got directly out of bed. "Why am I getting out of bed right now"? "I can understand adjusting position, but there isn't any need to fully exit my bed". I walked to the window and couldn't believe my eyes. Towering gray-scale buildings painted the length of the skyline. It looked like the castle in the world that never was. I was partially convinced that it was a dream, but I had to double check for some reason. I opened up the window, and placed my hands on the screen...and it phased through it. I did the nose pinch twice, and it worked. Okay, it's go time. I flew straight through my window and started heading there, getting closer and closer, but when I finally got to the area that would be the place, it turned out being some random city that I've never been in. Sex minutes later, I'm back on my quest to get to that place.

      There were a lot of people there, and they seem very intelligent...I figured right then would have been the best time to summon my DG. I told myself that she would be right behind me, and some of the DC's oddly echoed my command. One of them even said "your dream guide is already behind you" when I still trying to visualize and think of what she looked like. When I turned around, I saw D. I don't know why she took that form, maybe because of the amount of people, and to stand out more, but I asked him how to get to the world that never was, and he pointed in a direction, and we talked about some other things that I forgot.

      I took off flying in the direction he told me, and I didn't see anything that looked like the buildings I saw earlier, just more people upon people upon people. I landed and started asking some of the DC's there. One who looked like DF was there. I forgot what he said as well, but I decided to summon a keyblade and test it out. It looked like the real deal, but it felt like I wasn't holding anything at all. I threw it on the ground and it shattered. I picked up the pieces and quickly rearranged them to form an Imperial Repeater. "I can do stuff like this all day, but I have problems with with making a keyblade....go figure". The weapon was lime green, and it had a flame thrower barrel mounted on top of the other barrel. It was sort of the cross between a m-16, a super soaker, and a shotgun. I pulled the trigger, and flames shot out perfectly. I explained to DF how my weapon skills are nearly flawless, as I removed the flamethrower barrel and attached it to my left forearm. I proceeded to shoot the flames out Boba Fett style again. Then I tested the actual weapon out again. I sent several hundred rounds in the opposite direction at people. The weapon was horrible inaccurate, but it sent a barrage of rounds with ease. The kickback was minimal, and I told DF, that I didn't have to worry about where the second trigger was now. He asked for repeater, and showed me where the other trigger was. It was positioned right next to the first one. "Oh well", I told him, and headed off again.

      This time I was running. I threw down the repeater, and summoned a keyblade again. This one seemed a little more stable, but it still had that "not there" feeling to it. I continued on to this delta like river that had rope walls coming out of it. There was an old man who was filling up the river with some device. I asked him for directions, and he told me it was on the other side. Still having issues with flying, I attempted to cross it anyways, since there wasn't any other way around it. I jumped up a few feet, and landed just over the water. I continued on, and was sinking at the same time. I got about neck deep before the sinking had stopped, but I kept focusing on flying. I was nearly to the edge of the other side of the river, and all of a sudden, I flew up out of the water, and landed on the shore.

      There was this cave with stairs that I started ascending. The stairs themselves looked like it was chiseled out, and each stair case had two black statues of of heads that resembled the Easter Island ones. I kept climbing, while trying not to disturb the ancient looking works. Soon, there were several other artifacts lined up on the middle of the stairs. As I tried my best to avoid them, I heard the pottery smash and slide around with each step. Finally, I woke up.
    3. Thanks DC's

      by , 12-24-2010 at 05:35 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Method: DILD
      Recall: average
      Lucid Ability:9
      Vividness: great
      Dream Length:Long

      So I'm watching the A-Team (original show not the movie) and everything seems out of place. All the characters have long names that pop up under them, and it's like I'm there with them and i'm not. The van was covered with plants like it was ready for the jungle, but underneath it, it was all white. There was a car chase going on, and I was looking at the business on the side. They were old abandoned movie theaters, diners etc, but the road itself looked SO familiar. I kept trying to figure out where I was, and I arrived at this bar.

      I walked inside and saw Josh, and this other guy I used to work with. I've never been in this place before so I was trying to slip in relatively unnoticed until I saw them. Then I told them about the A-team stuff. "Guys I just watched this really weird version of the A-team! It's weird because of ect ect ect, maybe it was the first episode?" And they both looked at me and started plugging their noses while I was talking. I stopped and said "yup, you guys are right". I did a nose pinch found out i was lucid and headed outside.

      It was dark and cloudy outside and a few of the other dc's were leaving after I told them this was just a dream. Someone still wasn't convinced, so I moon jumped on a tall white fence, and let it curve down...taking me back to the ground. I turned around and bought my attention to the black sky. I focused on getting things brighter. The clouds started moving away, and their was a hint of blue forming. As more clouds moved away, the moon appeared, and disappeared. Soon the area I was looking at started turning into a cave. I transformed into a hell hound and headed inside. Bats were flying from the cave and they were trying to attack me. I pawed at a couple and bit a few, and then they got clever. They started attacking my back and nothing else. I started generating fire from my back to kill them, and I could overhear some DC saying "he's burning them". I couldn't focus on how effect it was, but I knew there was a bunch of dead bats around.