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    1. 10 Jan: Barbarians invade my kingdom

      by , 01-10-2019 at 09:52 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a magical realm, where I am part of the nobility of a kingdom and I am also like Wonder Woman. We are invaded by hords of barbarians. When they strike, I am outside the fortress city with the peasants that care for the lands. Some of my warrior friends manage their way back, but I am shut down outside. I get some Japanese swords to fight, but the invaders are just too many. I realize I can't survive a fight with them all, so I opt out to dwell in the underground maze of artisans shops and their homes because there is a way to access the fortress through some underground tunnels that connect with this place.
    2. 5 Dec; Shoes, shoplifter and a Korean movie

      by , 12-05-2018 at 10:00 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Once again at my friend Zilla's home, actually her mom's. I go outside on the neighborhood for a walk and find lots of new shoes from a shop discarded by the dumpster. Some are still in the original boxes, but I will need bags to carry them with me. My friends, Zilla and Licas, they come by and we arrange to go get bags at home to rescue those shoes. At some point I am there guarding it so that no one else takes it and a couple of policemen comes ask me what I am doing. They think I am responsible for all those shoes on the ground and I could get a fine for it. But I explain what I am actually doing and ask if they can wait for my friends to come with bags.

      Later on a department store, a vintage thing, looks like it's the 1930's. I am with a friend, a cute curly blond lady. She sees another lady she dislikes, paying for some very luxurious towels and leaving them unattended at the cashier's balcony. In a moment of distraction of the cashier, she steals the towels and runs towards me, so we go away before anyone notices. I become accidentally involved. We head to an elevator and she acts all paranoid as we descend to the garage level. I actually think she might have gotten away with it. I feel like I'm in a Hitchcock movie. I go home by train. Unfortunately there must have been witnesses or something, because days later I receive a notification to pay for the towels she stole - they considered me accomplice - and they even charged me 9€ for a pen I took by mistake that I had used to sign a cheque.

      Some epic story, I think in China , but could be in Korea, Mongolia. This one felt a bit like a Bong Joon-ho movie. It was about some invaders, from another kingdom or tribe, and some people being driven out of their lands and persecuted. Their rulers are probably dead but there is a prince and a princess whom they believe are still alive but were captured. They escape through the mountains and reach an arid plateau. they are walking in two parallel lines along a path crossing the plateau, when their prince and princess appear at the end of the lines, running, looking beaten down. They rejoice, happy that they escaped. Unfortunately they were being followed by the enemy army, which is coming ready for an ambush. They have like a giant white sleeve-like trap they pull along the line of people, capturing them like fish in a net. I don't know how it is possible, but it works. And I am trapped with them.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. war in croatia

      , 10-04-2018 at 03:27 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm walking through some small stores. I kneel down to a box with old coins and start picking them up to take a closer look. My vision is a bit foggy, but i can tell these are not really coins, no matter how much I want them to be. just some medallions or commemorative tokens. An older lady starts going through it as well and crowds me out. I tell her piece of my mind.

      I start feeling tension in the air as I'm walking towards the corner of a near building. People running. I know the occupation is starting. I think it's nazis, but the armored vehicle I see doesn't look german from WW2. I see the uniforms as I'm ducking in a doorway to get away through some back doors I'm hoping to find.

      I see some civilian man walking inside. One is quite large. I know those are local collaborators, but to my surprise, they are quite gentle, as the big man pushes a woman towards the door with what I think it's croatian hajde.
    4. Lucid HH; Alien invasion

      , 04-08-2018 at 01:32 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Went to sleep at 6pm, exhausted from work. Woke up at midnight and as falling back to sleep, got HH. I thought, next one I get, I'll should enter it. Waited for a few seconds and a next crystal clear image appeared. I think I got up and walked into it, then lost awareness.


      We got invaded by bad aliens. So someone made a costume which will make us look like them. We put it on a escaped from some building, into another one. We took it off and then I realized, it was also changing our voices into alien voice.

      We learned about another species of aliens that also came to fight us. There were green humanoids. Now we didn't know, which costume to put on to sneak by them. But first, I had to change my shoes to tennis shoes, so I can do some running.

      We were sneaking by these new aliens when we heard that they realized we are also good guys, so they were not going to fight us. They were raising their arms in surrender, and kneeling in front of us to let us know.
      Tags: invasion, lucid
    5. Post-apocalyptic world

      , 02-17-2018 at 04:12 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Had a great dream last night, but by later in the morning I forgot everything, except that it was in post-apocalyptic world.

      I remembered it all much later in the afternoon, while watching TV and seeing a dog brought back recall, even though there was no dog in the dream that I can remember.

      ...I grab something from invading soldiers, run to the cliff over the ocean and want to throw it in the water to neutralize the threat. But the water is too far from there, so I run alongside the cliff until I feel like I have to throw it, because they are catching up to me. I throw it and it would have fallen in the water, but there are some sand banks and it falls on one of those. I believe though that it's far enough and they won't find it.

      One soldier chases me across the sand dunes with some grass on them. I see a hole in the side of the dune,bit smaller than the size of a laying person. I squeeze into it and I'm watching the soldier and his shadow as he is looking for me. He stands right next to my hiding place and I just hope he won't find me.

      Before all that, someone threw a revolver into a huge pile of sand. I'm looking for it, because in this lawless world weapons are valuable. Before that, there was something about a wooden walkway in the large body of water.

      I wish I remembered more.
    6. Dream - VCE Takes A Toll

      by , 08-23-2017 at 09:11 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 20 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 182 - VCE Takes A Toll

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was in this weird, unknown, game-like place that was subject to flooding. There was bound to be an invasion of fake Marios that my family and I were preparing for. I was now in my bedroom and I saw the clothes that I was wearing. I was looking to put some runners on so I could easily run away when the invasion happens. I was back at the flooding place and the water was rising fast, so I had to place myself onto a small island.

      The dream scene transitioned to me visiting Killester with my mum. My mum wanted to ask Ms. L of she had a photo of her mum. I then said to myself that it was Wednesday and then I saw the girls pouring out of the year 12 classrooms, carrying musical instruments. One of the girls I remember well was EL, carrying some sort of giant, golden trumpet. I then walked back around the corner to Ms. L's office. She was standing at the front of the door, listing all the families who were struggling, kind of like prayers of intercession. There were a whole list of year 12 families, addressed by surnames, but one was address as “WB's family”. I then sussed out that WB was suffering from huge bouts of major depression. Year 12 was becoming too much for her. I then asked Ms L about the progress of that photo. I have forgotten the rest of the scene.

      In the next scene, I was browsing on Instagram and had a look at WB's page. There was absolutely nothing on it, including no “following” or “followers” numbers. I was than in a deserted mall and saw WB on the other side of a barrier, indeed looking depressed and somewhat angry. I thought that maybe I could break through the barrier and reach her if I could correctly play the “Mario Party DS – Party Mode” theme. A synth keyboard randomly appeared and I started playing it. Before I could finish the song, I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

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    7. Home invasion

      , 05-20-2017 at 11:18 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:15 pm

      Dream just before waking up at 3 am

      Home invasion

      We are inside, at someone else's house. Preparing to be attacked, because we have something they want. Looking through the curtains if they are coming.

      Now I'm with the invaders. Unwrapping tools, then a bomb. I'm intentionally reckless, trying to see if I can make the bomb blow up by hacking close to the fuse wires. It would kill me, but better than killing those others. Nobody is stopping me, so I start hacking off the ends of wires with some recepticles, to make them unusable. Now they notice, but they don't get too upset. I manage to damage one more.

      Back again inside. I'm asking the homeowner if he has more than one gun and to give me one when they attack.

      We see them in the yard, wiggling boards off of a wooden fence. I walk in a room and they are already inside. There is a mean looking chick and I don't wait for her to attack me. I advance at her with an old wooden chair, deflecting her blows and trying to hit her with it.
      Tags: invasion, weapons
    8. Beer tasting; Alien invasion; Walking dead

      , 12-13-2016 at 03:31 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed 9:45 - 3:40am

      Took a 2hr nap or so in the afternoon.

      3 cool dreams.

      DR 1:
      I'am in a big house. Large floor plan, lots of windows, carpets. Nobody lives there now, we are hiding there. I'm looking into the next room that sits lower than where I am, at huge amount of boxes with supplies and I wish there was some beer. I look closer, and of course, lots of boxes with beer. Someobody calls me over to taste some of it. It's expensive and rare, so we sip it from whiskey glasses.

      Now I am outside, in a new neighborhood. I tell the cabbie to turn by the Walmart. As I look at the distant hills, someone yelles out "they are coming". The alien worms are invading. I see a cloud that resembles the poison gas cloud in Hunger Games. I don't see any worms but I'm not gonna wait and find out. They are coming to kill us.

      I start walking by a tunnel, trying to remember how to get back. I need to find a guy in a hospital. After long thinking, I figure out his name is Dr.Green. He is suppose to be a partner of character named Vic from a video game GTA. I'm looking closely at people passing by. I see them in great details, their faces, clothes. But since I don't know this guy, I am asking them "are you Dr. Green?". When danger comes closer, I follow few people that enter their living spaces after punching in the code in a keypad. I walk in and apologise for the intrusion. They tell me not to worry and just stay safe there.

      DR 2:

      I'm somewhere outside near some major road. There is a turn to the left and road turns into wooden lanes, almost like at the bowling alley. The lanes are separated by walls. Signs above the lanes say which place it leads from and where it's going. They are bicycle lanes. One sign says "from china to rest of the world". I'm joiking with someone when I say, "haha, I wanna see someone in China to go visit their gramma in Korea on a bike".

      I get on one of the lanes and ride a bike.

      DR 3:

      I'm in an artificial lake with concrete sides. It's rather small, maybe a size of 2 rooms. Someone else is there with me. I look in the water and we are standing on a small boat that sunk. I realize we are in the lake at Universal Studios. I look up at the huge board which is right above me to confirm location. Someone from the shore tells the guy he is not swimming right, he should be more in the water. I look in the water and see the dark shadow of the boat and how dirty the water is with debris. The actor next to me puts his face in the water. I push off and start swiming to the side. A fin swims by me and that confirms I'm at the studios. It's an animatronic shark from Jaws, programmed to swim in circles on the edge of the pool.
    9. Invasion; Chile

      , 06-11-2016 at 01:38 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I was just thinking yesterday why am I not having cool dreams like I used to.

      Last night:
      I was in South Amerika, I think Chile. We are looking at some monitor that's showing different beaches in Chile. We are picking a beach for a vacation. Someone says that when there is a heatwave in Mexico, it's also hot down in Chile.

      Few days before:
      It's night. We are running through some landscapa that is just dirt with occasional bush. It looks like lots of people went there, dirt is all roughed up. Someone is attacking in the distance from above. I see a hole in the ground. We go in. A huge rock blocks the entrance after we get in. We walk through some tunnels dug in the soil, it's pretty well lit with yellow light from unknown source. I have a feeling it's headqarters of resistance against alien invasion.
    10. Alien Devastation

      by , 01-07-2016 at 06:35 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      There was an invasion of aliens. Structures destroyed. I was looking at a post-apocalyptic world. The color theme is not dark; it's sunny, with lots of vegetation and ruined buildings.

      I traveled to an area with lots of ruins and some people and dinosaurs/animals. There were even apes. One in particular has developed human-like intelligence, and he keeps it to himself. I dropped a nail cutter, and he found it. He knows what it is. I was thinking I should get it before other apes see it and develop intelligence, but he gave it back to me. I then asked him if he doesn't want the others to become like him. It seems the ape likes his position over the other apes.

      I was in a small village where some humans gathered. There were two children who has not gone out of the village because they weren't permitted. Only adults can go out because of the danger outside. Still, I led them out and asked them about the plants around them. One said he called one shrub/tree an "apat" (four in our language), and he went on to point out other plants, but he hasn't seen most of them. The mother came rushing in to bring them back. Then there's a falling debris/alien object. I punched it away. The parent realizes that she can't keep her children safe forever. Not in this world at least.



      - I saw a trailer for an alien invasion movie before sleeping.
    11. Battlestar Galactica on a Budget [PG13 or R]

      by , 02-21-2015 at 06:53 PM
      02-21-2015 -- [Rated at least PG-13 or R for mostly non-specific and undetailed robot sex.] I find myself at the Moran house, on the enclosed, roofed-in path leading to the front door. For some reason, there is a sort of couch or lounge here, and I am laying on it, while some of my crap is just laying around out here. I think there is something about my sister being around and speaking to me, but then she vanishes. Carl stops by, and I think I am asking him about possible help with a move or something, but he tells me he doesn't have the time, and suggests hiring movers, and I grumble that I'll never have the chance of doing that. Rosemary is inside, looking out the kitchen window, and I know she is just waiting for Carl to leave to come out and start grumbling at me, so as he leaves, I lay down and pretend to be sleeping.

      I only start to 'wake' when Rosemary calls my name a couple of times, and I start doing the snort, 'wha?' type of thing. She is kind of annoyed with me, but isn't doing a lot of lecturing. Instead it seems she has been gathering up my clothes and starting to wash them. She is folding some of my old guard shirts, and tosses me a couple of pairs of guard pants to fold, and I don't say anything, but I am wondering where she found them, as I haven't worked as a guard for more than 10 years. As I am folding them and setting them aside, I am glancing around and discovering there are a lot of broken fragments of wasp nests around, and that more and more angry wasps seem to be showing up, too. I duck into the house and shut the door behind me, but I notice there is a sort of a vent in the door, and I worry that the wasps will just follow me inside. But they don't.

      I'm amazed, and ask about it, but as soon as I ask, I notice there is a sort of a glass cover on the vent, keeping the wasps out. Of course, as soon as I notice the cover and touch it, it starts to fall out, and I'm struggling to get it back in place, while a couple of the wasps are managing to slip inside. At this point things kind of shift a bit, and I find myself standing in the back yard (still at the Moran house), and there seems to be almost a sort of a small carnival going on or something. There are lots of people wandering around, and I don't know, but it may be a clown alley thing, because Chris and Roger have set up a 'booth' that is a sort of a paintball obstacle field, but instead of paint guns, they are making the kids balloon swords, and letting them in to go wild. The others in the alley are kind of looking down on them, but they figure the kids are having a ball, and are really happy, so it's all good to them, and I rather agree.

      Then the dream shifts for just a moment or two, and I think I am reading some strange novelizations that have been written of the Harry Potter movies, changing things a bit, just like the movies changed things a little from the actual novels they were based on, and I think there are bits of the golden trio and Dumbledore and maybe a slightly kinder version of Snape running around the Hogwarts grounds being chased by Rover (weather balloon from The Prisoner) or something weird like that. Then it's gone, and I'm back to the main dream.

      Still at the carnival, still lots of people running around, and a lady comes up to me asking me about something. No idea what, but whatever it is, I am directing her to Rosemary for an answer, when I know I could answer her myself, and I shouldn't be passing on all the work to Rosemary ... but I do, anyway. She just mutters about how Rosemary is clueless, and doesn't know what is going on. By that point, I've wandered over toward the side yard, and some guy, older, self-important, and a bit heavy, is complaining about us not having a room for him or something, and I comment on how this isn't a hotel, which only makes him madder.

      Suddenly we're back in the covered path leading to the front door, and there are several more people around, and the guy is still complaining. I look at him and tell him he really ought to get out of here before the invasion happens. And suddenly there it is in my mind. The Cylon invasion that I have lived through before in the past, and I suddenly realise it is just about to happen again. (Past dream? Not that I remember, but who knows.) I start warning the others that they might want to get out while they can. But most of them don't move. We're still in the covered walk, but now where the front door ought to be, there is a conveyor belt coming from one of the ships, and unoading supplies.

      At first the belt is moving really quick, and a couple of metal bars (kind of like rebarb, but rectangle-ish) come shooting out, and I just kind of dodge out of the way. Then it is several crates, and I am kind of pushing them as the drop off the belt, so they half stack on the right side of the path, facing where the door should be. There are a couple of computers and monitors, then some more bars, but this time moving slowly enough that I just support them and push them on past me. As more and more stuff comes down the conveyor belt, and not enough people help stack and move stuff, the narrow path is becoming more and more crowded and cluttered.

      Suddenly all the crates and supplies have been loaded onto a small caravan of robotic trucks, and we're just clutching to the crates and hanging off the sides as they are taken a short distance to a huge warehouse, where the trucks just pull in and park in rows. We're trying to figure out where we are and what we should do next. One slightly friendly android warns us that in about five minutes they will seal the warehouse, and activate some sort of security system that will kill any humans inside. They are not specifically trying to kill us, they just sort of exterminate any 'vermin' that slip in with the supplies! Oh joy! We start to kind of panic, and begin running around trying to figure out how we can get out of here.

      Most of the walls, even with doors in them, we have no idea what they might lead to, and if we managed to break through the (locked) doors, we might only find ourselves further into the same warehouse. I see one set of perhaps six or eight doors marked as emergency exits, but they are alarmed, and I know if we bust out, we'll find ourselves facing a large troop of Cylon Raiders ready to blast us (from the 70s show, not the 2000 version.) This is what I mean by budget ... I know there are tons of scifi aliens around, but we never actually see almost anyone or anything actually cool looking.

      As we run around, I see Barack Obama standing there in a suit, a bit of a smirk on his face, kind of directing the robot trucks into their places. They don't actually need or care about his direction, and he doesn't realize the place is about to be sealed up and he is going to be exterminated with the rest of us, and it seems sort of poetic justice, since he collaborated with them in setting up the whole invasion, anyway. I continue along rows of supplies and pallets of stuff, and come across an attractive blonde in a yellow polka-dot sun dress sort of thing, doing odd contortions that show off her body a bit, and her rather nice legs and underwear, as she decides she wants to have sex before she dies, and one of the others decides to help her out.

      At that point, an odd sort of blocky robot wearing a similar yellow polka-dot dress is kind of asking "Sex? What is sex?" and indicating an interest in learning about the subject. I make a comment about how we've no time to teach 'her' as we're all about to be killed, and some of the others indicate I'm stupid not to take advantage of the situation. So I start to think that maybe this will somehow lead to a way to survive this, and I decide to have sex with the robot. The problem is, as I approach it, it is shrinking. It started out perhaps four feet tall, with a blocky, but still fairly human shape. It is now perhaps eight inches tall, and mostly one square, hollow tube, about 2" x 4" x 6" with thin arms coming out the sides, and ticker legs sticking out a couple of inches at the bottom. The head is now nothing more than a small mouth slot near the top of the 'body.' I reach out and pick it up and the legs fall off. I raise it to look at it's 'bottom' and it is more or less a hollow square tube with a smaller hollow square tube (about 1 3/4" x 1 3/4") at one end. I kind of shrug and push myself in it, and it is tight, uncomfortable, and no fun. With every stroke, my tip kind of pokes out the mouth slot. And the robot it kind of losing its mind, but probably not in any sort of a good way. Then I wake up. Weird.
    12. Sea Monster Realm Under Present Home

      by , 06-16-2014 at 12:16 PM
      Morning of June 16, 2014. Monday.

      I am at our present address on W Street. Our youngest son Oliver is playing outside. I go outside into our backyard, look under our house near our wooden steps, and soon notice an “ocean” under our house at where ground-level would otherwise be. This uniquely isolated ocean feature solely under our house in this part of town has a large sea monster living within it yet somehow also lives in the “real” Pacific ocean much of the time via some sort of “portal” or unexplainable underground or underwater access point. The sea monster is a rather atypical squid-like creature with jellyfish-like features and of a pale violet color, with seemingly random truncated cylindrical legs of differing lengths. At one point, it somehow builds a brick wall in the middle of the underneath of our house (with no back story concerning where the bricks originated from), running east and west, by which I can then not visually follow it or learn what it may be up to; for example, in trying to burst up through our floor in a particular room north of the wall - which I actually expect at one point - especially on our front porch, though this never occurs. This is a rather strange setup; sort of like a hybrid of a semi-lucid dream and a (fairly rare) vertical composite of themes or symbols, with the undesirable or threatening elements being below me and probably related to supraconscious access (via the metaphorical ocean presence under our home).

      Sea monsters (in a negative association, not when they are “pets”) may often represent invasive but more isolated “collective consciousness” (or again, supraconscious links) - sometimes caused by people you cannot realistically relate to - or with their invasive wrongful beliefs being a part of your day to day experiences - sort of as with the negative connotations of an invading alien (which may represent an annoying relative or associate - even someone you have not meant). As I have documented in my past, dream characters are often not an extension or direct “part” of the dreamer at all as some people seem to erroneously believe, but situational connections with outside forces or external concerns as in real life. Some dreams have characters that are a “part” of the dreamer (as a reflection of one’s particular attributes for review), but many do not, especially the very common literally precognitive layers.

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    13. Epic recall and dreams

      , 02-06-2014 at 06:04 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2.06.14 Thursday

      Last night bed 11pm - 8am

      The magic hour 11pm came through huge, with some best recall in ages and epic dreams. Also, meditated second time in a day 1 of Anapana Sati (breathing awareness), for 15 min, 10:45-11pm, just before bed.

      DR 1:
      I'm on top of a not so gently sloping hill, covered in grass. Sun is setting. We were doing something, now, people are walking/running down the hill and I want to shock them with me flying down head first. I look at them sideways if they can see me.

      DR 2: 3:30am
      I going with my mom to the hospital where she used to work. She is going to ask, if they need her help. I'm sitting in the waiting room, but she is not coming out. There are other patients in beds nearby. A man comes out playing harmonica. I figure he is a doctor.

      I'm sitting on right side of a blood drawing tray. Another doctor in lab coat is asking me my name. I tell him I'm Kate's daugter. They know me, since I used to visit my mom ther while she worked there (IWL as well).

      I get a funny feeling and I ask a nurse about my mom. She says they took her.

      Me and two others steal long knives, and hide them in sleves. We are walking down a long escalator, towards a security station on the bottom. I don't know how, but we get through without beeping. A female security guard comes out after us and now we know, we have an ally in there. She drops a button on the ground and I pick it up. It's a microfilm evidence how the hospital "took" secretary of "something", same as my mom, and many others.

      DR 3: 6am
      I'm back at the same place from dream before. Only now I'm not alone. There is bunch of people with me and we are storming the place, to liberate all the patients that are held there against their will.

      I'm throwing vases and ashtrays at people in the waiting room so they leave, because there is gonna be a firefight and I didn't want them to get hurt. A young black boy throws down from this balcony 3 bracelets. I go down, pick them up and put 2 of them on. He wants them back, but I'm just laughing.

      I'm running with a girl in a tow, holding her hand. I peek out from behind a corner and see a shadow of a guy with heat seeking missile. I wait for it, then we ran opposit direction, hiding behind the corner. He shoots one more time, but we make it to safety.

      I'm hiding in a small alcove in a wall. One of the bad guy's leaders slides into my view on his knees. I take aim and shoot. I hear my machine gun turn on empty twice. I'm out of ammo. Another bad guy comes from behind the corner and I'm taken captive.

      Now I'm laying on the floor, face down, my elbows tucked under me. This rooms seems to be after the fight, where we all gathered to regroup and recoup. Doctor is kneeling next to me. Pulling right arm out to check on it. It's ok. Now the left arm, but this one is not moving. I say maybe the muscles had locked. So he gives me 2 shots in my right shoulder. Somebody comes to talk to me and I realize I'm their leader. Doc treats some wounds I have on left shoulder.

      DR4: 8am
      I'm waiting for a bus with kate and her kids. Bus comes, she gets on, the door closes, and I'm struggling to open the door with 2 bags in my hand. So I get pissed at her not holding the door open and i stay behind. Then I look at the bags and they are both hers. Crap. Now I have to take the bags to her. I check if her phone is there, but it's not. Good, so I can call her to tell her when I'm bringing her bags.

      Now for good 10 min, I'm trying to punch in her numbers. This is crazy and so frustrating. In order to get to each individual right numeral, I need to scroll through what seems like dozens of characters. I'm going out of my mind. I'm sitting inside, then I move outside, but there is a busy street with tour buses going by and bunch of people talking, including a group of foreigners sitting at a large table.

      I see a small white fluffy dog wondering around. Seems like his leash is broken, but when I get closer, I see that he is on a very long leash that winds all over the place. So i let him be.

      I just walked to the top of a tall, rocky mountain. Like in Himalayas. Sharp peak, all snowy. We are inside of a glass lookout place. I look out, and there is a walkway around the mountain, with a simple guard rail. The wind is howling, we can hear it all the way inside. The snow is coming down like crazy, being whipped by strong winds. It's -110 degrees.

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    14. Bathroom invasion and the purple goo

      by , 11-21-2013 at 02:19 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      21.11.2013 2/2

      Eu estava em uma casa que não conheço.
      Acho que ia pro banheiro e via uma abertura no teto. Pensava em subir e ir pros outros cômodos. Parecia muito importante que eu fizesse isso no sonho.
      Eu via que alguém estava tomando banho e que não podia deixar que essa pessoa me visse.
      Eu estava encostado na parede e via várias roupas minhas em cabides. A da frente era uma camiseta cinza minha.
      A pessoa saía do banho e eu via que era o meu irmão.
      Ele falava alguma coisa pra mim.
      Aqui fica confuso. Lembro só de alguma coisa relacionada a gosma roxa e que uma certa espécie de alienígena se alimentava dessa gosma e gerava mais após digerir. No sonho isso fazia muito sentido e pareceu uma descoberta extraordinária.
    15. NY in winter; Home invasion; Organising cabinets

      , 09-18-2013 at 09:27 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday, 9/18/13

      Last night, bed 11:30 - 9:15

      DR 1
      I'm in NY. Staying at a hotel. I'm walking the quiet streets with older houses in residential area. Looks like it's starting to snow. I walk into the alley, or some passageway between buildings. There is a door to something I think may be a church. But it doesn't look like it. In front of it is a small fountain like structure. not much water, only some smooth rocks on the bottom. I see some coins there and more I look more coins I see. I figure people leave it there in hopes of having their wishes fulfilled by gods.

      Now I'm inside of a room, that could be a restaurant. People are feeding their dogs, by throwing them balls of ground meat. So I start throwing some dogs that are in the middle of the room some raw ground beef. When they don't eat it, I go and pick it up and I realize, some people were giving them cooked meat.

      I see some dogs on the street when I open the glass door and I think about feeding them too.

      DR 2
      I'm on my balcony, in house I grew up. I'm backing away from the door, because 3 people invaded my house. One of them, he looks like actor from movie I watched yesterday (and I even acknowledget it while in a dream) just walked out to the balcony and is approaching me. I started screaming from top of my lungs. I trully felt like I'm screaming very loud. (no idea, how I didn't wake up neighbors, thank god, I was not saying it out loud IWL).

      I see a guy in house opposite to ours, on the corner. I scream "call 911", then when realize im not in US "call 155". "help". But he is playing some instrument, a guitar. He can't hear me. There is a thin black lady working in my auntie's garden. I yell at her. I know she sould hear me, but she doesn't. A young black boy is in another neighbors yard. I yell at him, knowing he is gonna hear me. But he doesn't.

      The guy on the balcony is coming closer, with sinister smile on his face, scissors in his hand. Now I'm fighiting him, but I don't remember the fight. The fight is over, I have won. I'm tired and hurt, but I feel at peace and happy.

      DR 3
      I'm in a large house. There are a few walk in closets. Full of things. Clothes hanging neatly on hangers, other things. But mostly clothes. Someone is throwing some folded up pullovers to the top of the 2 story high closet, but it falls out the other door. My job is to organize it all. later in the day, someone comes back and I realize I got preocupied with other chores and didn't organize the closets. I know it's gonna be a monumental job.
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