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    1. 14 Jul: Harry Potter like invisibility secret mission

      by , 07-14-2019 at 09:34 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a mall, looking for elevator to go to -1 floor. Can't find it, but the stairs are full of people, so I climb down through the staircase center. I spot a very hot guy on the stairs and I catcall him.
      Then on -1 floor I meet some friends at the cinema entrance. But we are not going to the movies. We then head to some other staircase going down and we jump through its middle to enter a magical dimension and we keep on falling through many floors, until we land on a room where a secret meeting is happening. We are invisible and are there to spy. We make a little noise and a lady looking like Prof McGonagall slowly walks towards us to check what's up. But we have an insider who distracts her by storming the room from another direction. She also discreetly points us who tells us which corridor we should go through to continue our mission.
    2. Line out of Time

      by , 02-16-2018 at 10:49 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      The dream begins with a line floating in midair, semitransparent with a pinkish fringe to it—a little like an ostrich feather. I compress it down to a point and store it away somehow. This thing has a long history behind it: back in the 14th century—there was a precise date, but I can no longer remember it—any number of these things were deliberately left out of an important document, like a charter, maybe. This was a political maneuver against the aristocracy: they were traditionally associated with it, and leaving them out rendered them invisible.

      That was 400 years ago—as my dream self reckons it—and nobody cares about any of that stuff anymore, but all those things have been floating around invisibly ever since. But I’ve just found this one. It’s nothing important—maybe some quirk or mannerism is all—but the workmen seem happy that it’s been brought to light again.

      They’re working on the garage door: that’s where we are, a garage—one that could pass for the garage in my current house, other than not having any junk in it. It’s time to see if the door is fixed: I press the button. The door comes down—a surprisingly complicated process—but in the end, some parts of it have come out of alignment. It looks like it still needs some work.

    3. 17-11-19 Polluted River, Sinking Submarine, DX Post-Apocalypse

      by , 12-21-2017 at 12:31 PM
      I was jogging next to a heavily polluted river. The industrial dockyard buildings on the shore all looked abandoned and rusty. There was a lady in water, and I was arguing with her. I think she used magic to curse me. Someone told me not to argue with her for that exact reason. Notes say "meet at bar, cat", no idea what that refers to. I guess I met the woman again in that bar? Anyway, I had to collect something for the witch, from an old boat wreck in the river.

      I was on board of a submarine. I was dating the daughter of some bigshot captain of the Navy. I saluted him. He was Liam Neeson. I think I was tasked with either capturing or killing him. Eventually, I scuttled the sub. He escaped. I swam after him (I was still on board and the sub was already at the bottom of the river) to chase him to the surface. I got scared as I didn't want to drown and I knew he could be waiting for me.

      In another scene, the man I was targeting (still the same guy?) was in a general store. He could turn invisible. I couldn't see him, but I just wildly swung a baseball bat around until I got him. Another other guy helped too.

      I returned to HQ, a large abandoned warehouse in the same docks as the first dream. I was weary, dirty and weakened from hunger. The atmosphere was very grim and frankly, post-apocalyptic. Some guy was mad at me for what I did (to the invisible captain guy?). Used too much force, I guess. Someone called the captain guy "dad"? I reported to our "boss", some GTA IV Jacob dude. He told me about my next mission involving "ARC" and terrorists. Before leaving, I told the angry dude ARC is struggling with terrorists and needed help. A newspaper article I found speaks of ruptured gas pipes threatening to explode? Before leaving for the next mission, I resolved to take a good shower, eat something and get some sleep. This entire dream had the soundtrack of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, specifically the ambient tracks that play in Prague. ARC is an "augmented rights organization" labeled as "terrorists" by the government. The last part of the dream did fit the atmosphere of Deus Ex a bit.

      Last note of the night reads "SHOPPING FOR CROISSANTS" in all caps. Not sure why.
    4. Splendid Competition Night #13, and a false awakening.

      by , 01-29-2017 at 06:28 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Dream Fragment 1: I was in a creepy house. I could sense a ghost, and it scared the crap out of me. I woke up and was still freaked for a second before I realized that it was just a dream. o_o

      Full Non-Lucid Dream 2: Warning, this is a bit nsfw, but it's what happened and I was not in control. :p I was getting some groceries and talking with the cashier at Walmart, and we both agreed that everyone should just get free membership cards. Does Walmart even offer membership cards? xD There were a few people behind me -- an African American lady, an invisible lady (I could sense her presence, or something), and I think a few other women. One of them -- can't remember who precisely -- started doing something physical to me that would be rather inappropriate to mention on a public forum and which would most certainly not happen in a public setting, and my dream self rather enjoyed it. Wasn't enough to make me lucid though. The weird thing is, I doubt that I would have been attracted to any of those people in real life. They were pretty generic, standard Wally World people. THE PEOPLE OF WALMART! Dreams can make you horny, I suppose. o____O

      Oh, and in that dream, I actually had a false awakening. Inside of my dream, I woke up, and thought "Hey, I remembered a dream!" and immediately began writing it down in my dream journal. I also have a vague memory of there being a Nutri Grain wrapper beside me, when in actuality I hardly ever eat inside of my room (too messy). And then I woke up for real, and was confused because I thought that I had already written it down in my journal, yet there was nothing on the page.

      Dream Fragment 3 (NOT COUNTING): My last note reads "Idk I think a 3rd one but got lost on the Z" I don't know what this means. xD But it was definitely one of those moments where you know you almost remembered the dream, but it just narrowly escapes you. D: Hence, I'm not counting this for the sake of honesty.

      I haven't had an LD in a while. Hopefully tonight will change that. But then again, this is first and foremost a process that requires time and hard work to achieve. So we will see how this all plays out. I'm really going to make the effort to make sleep more of a priority in my life, but we'll see if I can pull it off...
    5. Spooky Comp. Day 12 - lucid after 2h, running around, summoning FryingMan

      by , 10-26-2016 at 11:18 AM
      early lucid. for the time it had a decent quality. some days ago i´ve read this thread and for some reason i remembered it in this lucid. my awareness was not that high to instantly remember goals but i just ran around and see what happend. thinking about it i had several lucids where i had no clue what to do and just go with the flow and for some reason the awareness was always not on the peak but the lucids where pretty long lasting (atleast felt so) and funny.

      i am somewhere with a friend of mine and we eat a kebab. mine is all gone already and i think about eating more. she is still eating and somewhat seem to not enjoy it too much. she has a small bone in her mouth? i thinking about taking the car and drive somewhere where i can get something to eat but i "remember" that i have smoked weed and its not a good idea. i remember also where i am (in a street in my hometown) and that its near a street where i can find a lot of restaurants. i start running. while running i get lucid and do a short nosepinch.
      i pass several restaurants and the dream is partially pretty dark and i cant see that far/good but i dont mind and continue running. i run through some chairs and a sign. i thinking about to fly but remember better not to and continue running. a good friend of mine crosses my way we say hello but i continue moving. i cross a street and phase right thru a person that crosses my way. i look behind (because a guy call me?) and has a skateboard in his hands and asks with his look if i want to have it. i think why not and he throws it in my direction. it lands on the street and i pull it to me via TK. i step on it and ride a small distance but trip and while i retrieve the skateboard i hear two kids. i look back and see that the kids (the dad?) wants the skateboard back and so i give it back because i am not depend on it.
      there is a crossroad and i see a lot of asian snack shops. i turn left and move down the street. my awareness rises shortly and i get the idea to summon Fryingman and let me show something. i put my hand behind my back and ask FM to grab it. nothing happens. not the first time. i move some meters further to one of the shops where two asian girls are standing around. i turn my back to them and try again [so in my mind there is a potential person that can grab the hand] i say "take my hand", feel a hand and ask "fryingman is that you?" i hear a male voice so i turn around. i see a guy next to me but the asian chick is pretty close too [i would hold her hand if i hadnt ask for FM i think]. unfortunately i cant remember how he looked this time i ask him to show me how to get invisible and he turns transparent. nice! i ask him how he does it but he says he down know exactly and sometimes he has problems getting non-transparent again. the whole time we are walking. we move around a corner and shortly after he turns into my girlfriend.
      we are standing infront of an asian sign with some rules about something, something with latex. we enter a small room that have similarities to a cinema and we sit down and decide to see what movie will be shown [i never watched anything for more than a few seconds] she says she needs to go to the toilet and i feel like i should go too before the movie. i look up and see a half broken sign where further toilets are
      and wake up shortly after

      i tried SSILD after around 7h of sleep but after SSILD i felt to awake and thinking about waking life problems so i gave up and stood up at 9 am
    6. 16-07-23 Too Many Dreams

      by , 07-23-2016 at 03:43 PM
      Boy, so many dreams again. My recall has never been this good before.

      Number one. I was chasing a cop on a bicycle. The cop was in pursuit of a suspect. I saw a sign on the side of the road, saying Highway 7. The bad guy was riding a horse and carriage, the cop and me were on bicycles. The cop dropped his wallet. It was a Pulp Fiction "bad motherfucker" wallet, like mine in real life. I was determined to give the officer his wallet back, so I started chasing him. After a pretty long chase, I caught up to the cop (maybe he had caught his suspect?). I gave him the wallet. He seemed happy. Then he pointed out I had his phone too, somehow. And he was right. I remembered seeing an app on "my" phone I didn't recognize.

      After the last dream, I was stuck on a nearby construction site. I don't *how* I was stuck, exactly. Every time I tried to walk out, something happened or something got in the way, blocking my path. At some point I got into a big truck, and thought I had started driving. But then I saw there was another truck in front of me who was doing the steering (it was like my truck was being towed, or was a wagon being pulled by a train), and I wasn't really in control.

      Creepy view of a young woman or girl. She looked "plastic", and a tear rolled down her cheek. She did not move. I "knew" or heard a voice saying she was being turned into wood... Even her tear turned to wood before it fell.

      I was leading a group of people on their way to find Han Solo. We got into a fight with an unknown enemy. We won the fight, but one of the men insisted they leave their children behind, as it had gotten too dangerous. The kids, girls aged perhaps 10, had fought alongside us wielding big guns, and had actually done quite well. I felt sorry to lose them. Alone, I quickly backtracked a bit to collect some "health packs", but as I picked them up, a turret started shooting me and chipping away at my health. Annoyed, I rejoined the others. I quickly jumped onto a ledge, and realized we had to "bait" the Millennium Falcon. We did this somehow, and the Falcon crashed. We continued, and eventually saw Han and Chewie standing high on top of a ledge/cliff - waiting for us to explain ourselves.

      We were "interviewing" Han Solo. About what, I don't know. At some point I made a joking reference to Indiana Jones, but an older Asian man furiously yelled at me that I was not to mentioned other characters of the same actor to a fictional character, as this could cause a "reality collapse". I think I caught a glimpse of such a "collapse". I saw a major city literally collapse - skyscrapers crashing into the ground until all was dust and rubble.

      Air battle. I was flying a jet in a dogfight against a bunch of other planes. I saw an invisible jet (it was blurry like the Predator when he's cloaked, and my weapon systems would not lock on to it) but I could still see it with the naked eye. I knew it was a Russian experimental jet. I became fixated on taking it down. Targeting it purely on feeling was hard. I chased it up, using my afterburners to climb higher - but the experimental jet had far more thrust. We reached space, where I lost all thrust (no air), but the Russian kept going and escaped. I got a radio message from command, saying to let the Russian go. The ISS would take care of him from space. I turned around and flew back down into the atmosphere.

      In this fragment I caught a short glimpse of NYC from the air. I thought about how far it is from Europe, and how similar/different the climate and plant life are.

      I was at a family gathering. My grandpa (on father's side) walked in. I greeted him. He asked me where Kevin (my half-brother) is. I pointed to the other side of the room, where he was standing in plain sight. My grandpa's mind in deteriorating rapidly, so I didn't blame him for not seeing him/not remembering.

      I was with a group of people, navigating a strange place. Odd, large architecture, almost resembling ancient Egyptian. There was a section where we had to dive underwater and swim quite a distance. For a moment, the underwater corridors and rooms seemed to go on and on, and I worried I would drown. I saw an opening in the ceiling, kind of hidden away in a corner. I surfaced, and was somehow catapulted out of the water. I found myself in a large room. The ground had "pools" of shallow water in them. There was a group of girls lounging around, really cute Japanese girls. I think they were amused by the way I was launched out of the water. They were nice to me. I looked around, trying to find a way to get underwater. I checked every pool, looking for the one that wasn't shallow. I found it again, and did the most graceful swam dive I could manage. For a moment I worried I'd misjudged the jump and would hit the side of the pool. I didn't. I swam underwater, and suddenly I wasn't under water anymore. Puzzled, I backtracked a bit. Then I saw it: the water surface was vertical... all water on one side, none on the other. At this point things looked a bit "video gamey". The textures of the water surface... well, they looked like textures, not reality. I walked through, back into the water and saw a giant round boulder. I walked into it, and "lost health". At some point I realized my shenanigans had caused me to fall behind my allies, who were now pretty far ahead, and spread out throughout the "level".
    7. 16-07-16 Collecting Seashells, Underwater Cannibals, Lions

      by , 07-17-2016 at 03:25 AM
      First dream was me on a tropical island, scouring the beaches for seashells. There were 7 or 8 specific seashells I had to collect on the island. I found one, and a similar-looking one next to it. I wondered if I could "fool" the system by just taking random shells that looked similar enough to the ones I had to collect. I put the shell in my jeans pocket, and the other one in the smaller pocket below it. At some point I somehow gained Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. I figured it would be a great way of getting around faster. I tossed it, and was pulled along behind it into the air. It went fast, like really fast. I was afraid that coming down would hurt for a second, but gained courage to go higher and faster. I almost overshot the island. In a later scene, the island was a kind of reality show I was watching, and Evangeline Lilly (Kate in "Lost") was joining the show. The person I was earlier was now Matthew Fox, who played Jack on Lost. I anxiously awaited the reunion.

      Okay, how to put this... I was with a people who flew a kind of double-decker airplane, except it "flew" on and under water, not air. The pilot would be submerged below the waist. At one point, the "plane" went under water, and I was worried I would drown for a moment. But for the rest of the dream, which was all under water, I never once had issues breathing. Near the bottom of the ocean (we were swimming now, no more vehicles), I saw several of our "team" grabbed by a huge, featureless worm-like creature. It tore the man in half, and proceeded to rip apart the others, too. Then, the monsters turned out to be simply very big humans (twice the size of the average human) living underwater, and they ate humans as part of their diet. I conversed with one of them, and expressed my outrage/discontentment with them eating other sentient beings.

      I was with a large group of people walking through a park or garden-like area. I think someone commented it was a shame we didn't see any lions, because I pointed out I had seen a white lion just a little bit down the road we came from. They went back, and sure enough, there it was. The crowd was dumb, however, and got too close and too bold, trying to take pictures of the wild animal. It attacked, and started killing people (or trying to, anyway). I fled with the rest of the crowd. In the next scene, I was alone (I think) with several (regular, not white - also these were females, no manes) lions. Somehow, I knew I was invisible. I snuck to a small concrete stair leading to a higher level of the garden, and hid underneath - as I was afraid they would still bump into me, or smell me.

      I also think I had a dream featuring the full *REDACTED* of *REDACTED*, and I believe I interacted with some of them, but this incident has been completely forgotten.

      There was more to these three dreams, much more - but many details have been lost.

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    8. Big Invisible Wolf

      by , 03-06-2016 at 09:06 AM
      Morning of March 6, 2016. Sunday.

      This highly atypical dream state was like a hybrid of a false awakening and a lucid waking transition glitch. The setting seems to be our bed as it is in real life, except that I get the impression or for whatever reason have the false memory of a door to outside being just east of our bed, about where the middle of the kitchen is in reality.

      My wife Zsuzsanna mentions something about an animal having gotten in through the window (which does not makes sense as it has a screen). It seems to be a wolf, about twice the size of a normal wolf. However, it seems to be invisible. I try to kick it out of our bed several different times and at one point, oddly believe that I somehow kicked it through the closed door (again, rendered in the wrong location), not breaking through the door (or causing it to fling open) but phasing through it (dream “logic”?). There are at least three “resets” of the situation.

      Several times, I thrash my legs around (even though it does not seem I had done this in reality no matter how “real” it felt). The wolf seems to be very tiny at times, though the sheet seems lumpier and higher at other times. I can see clearly into the room, as it is seemingly near dawn. There is no actual attack or implied injury at any point.
    9. Invisible MBS + DA + DILD

      by , 08-18-2015 at 05:12 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      After another dream scene ended. I began waking up, I got out of bed and tried turning on the lights. It wouldn't work so I immediately began thinking I was in a dream. I tried a couple of more times before seeing if the bathroom lights would work. Finally one of the lights in the bathroom before going out as well. That's when I began feeling someone poking me before it soon became a push. I landed on the ground unable to see what it was and could only feel myself being wrap by my blankets. The scene then changes. Lucidity Time: 6 seconds.
    10. Meditating While Lucid – I became Invisible!

      by , 12-05-2014 at 07:55 PM
      This is my second time meditating while in a lucid dream. Something much unexpected happened! I became invisible! When I felt ‘the vibrations’ happening (while meditating in the lucid dream), I projected myself out of my lucid dream body then I was invisible. I then interacted with dream figures, while invisible, and they were totally confused, yet interested in what was going on. I’ll describe what happened.

      I was attempting to do a WILD (Wake Induced Lucid dream). I got up in the middle of the night for about 45 minutes, studied lucid dreaming theory (30 minutes), and then looked at pictures of my daughter (15 minutes to incubate the dream). I then went to sleep. I was consciously awake, but my body was asleep. After about 1 hour I started to feel repeating, mild vibrations. I let my consciousness slip right to the edge of being unconscious, and then I leaped out of body and stood beside my bed. I was standing there all tangled in my blanket, and my CPAP mask was still on my face. It was all so real; I figured this must have been a failed attempt at an OBE, so I sat down on my bed. Then, without warning, I was sucked back into my body. Oh no, I blew it again, I was in an OBE and didn’t know it! I fell completely asleep at that point and then ended up in a DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream) a short time later. I’ll now describe the DILD.

      In this lucid dream I appeared in my kitchen. My kitchen and dining area were exactly the same as in real life, except one problem, how did I suddenly appear here? I knew something was up, because I couldn't remember how I got there, so this is how I became lucid. I immediately called for my daughter, thanks to the dream incubation I did earlier, and a few seconds later she came running around the corner followed by my son. There were both about 3 years in age. I scooped up my daughter and gave her a huge hug and told her that I loved her. She smiled ear to ear, and then vanished. My dream started to fade, so I decide to side down in the dining area and meditate to see if this would help maintain lucidity. Here’s what happened next.

      While lucid, I sat in the ‘classic lotus’ position on the floor, with my hands on top of my knees, and thumbs touching my middle fingers. Eyes closed. Within seconds I could feel my body slightly floating, and then this was followed by repeating, mild vibrations throughout my body. Please note, this happens all extremely fast while lucid. I then leaped up out of my lucid dream body and stood there looking down at me sitting in the ‘lotus position’. I looked like me, but just much younger. Hey, looking good! My sister then walked into the kitchen and saw me on the floor in ‘lotus position’, and then she continued into the kitchen and stood beside the island counter. I walked up to her, and asked how she was doing? She looked totally confused, and then she walked right into me, and stopped. I gave her a hug and told her I loved her. When I hugged her I realized I had no arms! They were invisible! I looked down at my body and realized that I was totally invisible! My sister started to freak out! I calmed her down by explaining how I became invisible. She seemed to understand, but had a look of disbelief. I picked up an empty milk jug off the counter and passed it to her while I was laughing. It looked like the milk jug was floating magically in the air. My sister then called for our mom, and my two other sisters to come and see what was going on. They were all confused by this, but seemed very interested in what was going on. I kept passing them stuff off the counter to hold. My oldest sister didn’t want to grab onto the measuring cup I was trying to give her, and she retracted her arms, shrugged her shoulders, and then moved back. My mom went and took a closer look at me sitting in ‘lotus position’ on the floor. The dream came to an abrupt end, without any warning, and I woke up.

      I wonder what would have happened if I sat down and meditated in my invisible form, and then projected myself once again (double projection)? What’s beyond being invisible? Hmmmm, gotta try that next time!

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    11. Invisible Animals and Faux “Blue Pearl”?

      by , 04-02-2014 at 09:33 AM
      Morning of April 2, 2014. Wednesday.

      I approach the bed to appreciate the beauty of my sleeping wife and am near the foot of the mattress. Instead of my thoughts continuing logically, I find myself trying to install new faucet handles in the mattress, on the top, near one corner. I am doing this for several minutes before I mentally ask myself what I think I am doing as it makes no sense, and I already had enough of this work just previously. (This was based on something I had spent some time doing prior to sleep.) This, of course, is a good example of the so-called Tetris effect affecting a dream state, often in a distracting way.

      Later on, in a different state of vividness, I am back in Cubitis. The living room is mostly empty. However, over time, I am aware of invisible animals. I do see where they are, as they leave a brief cloud of vapor whenever they move and they move quickly. This bothers me a bit, so I try to get someone’s attention (even though there is no one around in my dream’s setting).

      I go into my bedroom and experience the Blue Pearl event; it is floating to the west seemingly about three feet from the floor and not as bright or “close” as usual in real life and perhaps somehow external rather than internal. This is actually the first time I have experienced it in this particular way while in a dream state, so it probably is not the same thing as my conscious experience, though there is a similar mood (but much more vague). I see the Blue Pearl as a “portal” of some sort, possibly a “band” or liminal barrier of some sort that serves as a portal or transition; a particular wavelength of consciousness that is akin to a wormhole.

      Looking back into the living room, there are more “invisible animals”. They seem to be able to shoot their “hair” out like water droplets (poisonous perhaps?). This is the only thing that is seen for the most part - brief clouds of vapor.

      From there, I start to yell louder and louder to get someone’s attention. It is not nightmarish regarding the “animals” as this is one of my typical “I will just keep screaming and see what happens” routines. I am at a state that is halfway between knowing I am dreaming and not quite knowing what is going on or going to happen. Finally, I am awake and my wife says that I had been making strange murmuring noises of which I already knew with this type of dream. I often only get these from a lot of extra walking and other exercise and doing one maintenance task for “too long” on the same day.
    12. Invisible Skeleton

      by , 03-09-2014 at 02:00 PM
      The beginning is a little confusing. I entered some sort of castle - it was not really a castle, but some sort of ruins of a big, ancient building. The stairs seemed to be made for dwarves, as I could barely go through them. One of them was destroyed so I had to use a rope to go up to the next floor. When I arrived to the top somehow I was in my old house, and a skeleton told me that he had to kill my father. I agreed with that (?) and he touched so I could see him (he was invisible for other people). I could barely see him, only a tiny reflection in the air.

      I went to my father's room and my grandmother was there, making the bed to go to sleep. I helped her as the mattress was too heavy for her. She starting arguing with me about how bad that mattress was, and I told her that that was the most expensive in the store. She went to sleep and I started looking for the skeleton. Not here...neither here... What are you doing behind the curtains? That's fucking creepy you know?

      My parents arrived home and entered their room to go to sleep. I understood that it was not correct what I was doing, so I told my dad to go out of the room for a second, since the skeleton who wanted to kill him was standing there, waiting for the precise moment.

      Okay, come with me and don't ask me anything - I told him as I indicated the main stairs to go outside. My mother went out of the room and I asked her to shut up as I was fearing that the skeleton would come out and kill everybody. I followed my father downstairs and when we were almost out I started to feel anxiety because there were a lot of bugs and leaves in the bottom floor. The thing is that all that was being told to me mentally, like somebody's was narrating an adventure story. We went out of the building.

      I saw my father going upstairs again. The hell are you doing?! - I yelled at him - come the fuck down you dumbass he wants to kill you! He went down again and I told him to go to the boat and to be prepared for us to escape. I went to the top again, but this time climbing with a rope, since I didn't want to meet the creepy bugs and snakes again.

      At this point my father enters into my real life room and I wake up. ''I just dreamed about you''.
    13. Zoo

      by , 02-02-2014 at 02:51 AM
      Date: 24 Jan

      Pre bed: 200mg val, 50mg B6

      Wbtb: 1/4 latte

      Wasn't very wakeful even though repeated mantras a few times, fell asleep rather fast, had a few non-lds I can't recall

      DILD: I am having a tense conversation with this female DC I know. She starts criticizing me. I reply that as a revenge I will then do something to make her feel the same way she makes me feel with all her comments. While this is a rather habitual mental reaction, I notice that contrary to other times I don't feel anything at that very moment. Still, as part of my revenge scheme I take her and turn her upside down in front of all the DCs in the room to publicly humiliate her.

      As I stare at her, I notice that she just stays there, like a motionless puppet and become lucid. We're in a very large meeting room with a long table in the middle and lots of DCs participating in some corporate event. I'm in a daring mood and decide it's time to defy social rules by getting on the table in the middle of this meeting. Then I almost lose lucidity being carried away by thoughts of how all of the world's problems may be solved by by issuing unlimited credit cards to the entire population.

      I keep thinking about this issue as I leave the place and continue towards an unknown city center. There to help me focus more I shout out loud "I am dreaming". There was a slight instability so this helps me ground as well.

      Then I remember the invisibility task and go in the middle of the road pretending to be invisible.There are cars coming from all directions but as soon as I pay attention to them, they hit the breaks and spin a bit. I turn around and the same thing happens again. Then I see this huge truck coming in my direction. I start waving hands, checking if the driver can see me. He doesn't hit the brake or slow down and the truck is quickly coming closer. I step to the side to avoid the impact. There's little space between me and the truck, my uncontrolled expectations cause it to fall sideways on top of me, where I feel this huge weight on me. I try to move and free my head, but this results in a physical feeling, which gives me the impression I have just moved in my bed. I expect to wake up any moment but get an FA instead.

      I believe that I have woken up for real and the first thing I notice is this piano music coming from the outside. I'm actually in the neighbors where we used to live some time ago and look to find where the music is coming from. I see this girl that I remember (possibly from another dream but could be false memory) who got that piano there and something about her. As if that isn't enough, the balcony is crowded - many people in their 20s and 30s dressed with business attire as if attending some sort of event. I'm think this is just too much when I am trying to fall asleep and decide this can only be a dream, reminding myself that I was trying to ld. Can't member how, but it seems I lose consciousness after that and have another FA.

      I think in the beginning, I'm looking from the window to see what's down but then the scene changes and we move to this wooden porch. I initially see this strange big animal that looks suspiciously like a DS, I can't tell what kind of animal it is. Then there is a smaller one and I'm still trying to identify the large one. I'm starting to have some real doubts about this and begin to count the animals, one now looks like a bear and can't remember the rest but there's four of them. I conclude this is a dream and go to interact with one of the animals. It looks like a very large black boar/tapir and as I place my hand on its snout, it bites me and it even hurts.

      I move slightly to the left and examine the rest of the area, where I notice a number of elephant-like creatures. I think they are separated from the porch, but no cage, it looks much like in a zoo. At some point the elephants begin to distort in features, open mounts and start roaring very louldy in a generally unpleasant manner. I try to stop them by thinking I want them to stop, but nothing happens and more join the roaring event. I remain there staring at them as they do so, kind of calm, but there's also this deeper inner response to their roaring, which surely is what is affecting them. I think that the problem is exactly this feedback loop - I am thinking that they are roaring, therefore they continue roaring. Then conveniently, I recall the inivible task and think it can be applied quite nicely here. I think that I am invisible. To my genuine surprise, at this very moment all the roaring stops for good.

      I'm curisous to how far I can take this with my supposed invisibility and turn around and try to sneak out, while carefully listening for any reaction. The dream fades.

      Notes: I have reduced B6 dosage to 50mg as previously it made me too wakeful. Recent valerian series - characterized by difficult recall, lower lucidity levels and more bizarre occurrences, in particular animals.
    14. Dreamt an OBE..

      by , 06-01-2012 at 05:53 PM (RommiH's Dream Journal (entries are not dated correctly. i am slowly transferring my DJ from my computer, to the one on DV))
      Dream! Not an actual O.B.E. I am laying in Loauy’s bed. He is next to me and we are trying O.B.Es. (happened in waking life. Dream: I am able to move through the covers. I start to wonder if I am out of body. I move some more and conclude, Yes, I am. I sort of crawl off of Loauy’s side of the bed. Now I find myself in the room and out of body. My vision is a bit hazy but quickly becomes 100% clear. I observe myself and notice I am slightly transparent. I now remember my objective of using an open history textbook as a virtual reality realm. We (in waking life had opened the book to a page with a picture of the Taj Mahal) had it set on the floor across from the bed. I walk to it and look at it very closely expecting to be drawn into it and sent to a VR realm of the Taj Mahal. Nothing happens. I then start looking for other interesting pictures in the book. As I flip through, I see some pages have a picture of a man with deep stone like eyes wearing a ski mask and a black hood. His face covers the whole page. The picture keeps reappearing until there isn’t a page in the book that doesn’t have his face on it. I am disturbed. I set the book down closed. I then hear Loauy saying something. I look to the bed and I can see myself next to him. I look deeply asleep and I am wearing the same shirt I was wearing in waking life. Loauy says some stuff to me half asleep. Worried that he would wake me up I speak up. I tell him no no stop I’m in an O.B.E. he doesn’t hear me and falls asleep again. I am relieved.
      Now the order of events are unclear. But this is what I remember:
      Seeing that that the VR realm didn’t work, I decided I leave the house and fly to space or something. I thought Instead of flying through the roof I would go on the balcony and take to the skies from there. So I walk up to the doors that open up to Loauys balcony and try to walk through them. I CANT. I am a bit confused now. I know I should be able to pass through stuff, right? Either way I am amazed at how long I have managed to stay in this O.B.E. At this point Loauy wakes up fully. He turns to me and starts to shake me. I then start saying stop no loauy don’t wake me up I’m in an O.B.E. What amazed me was how everything I said, my physical body said for me. Loauy heard what I said through my physical body and stopped moving me. I then started to talk to him about the O.B.E. so far. My physical body in bed continues to speak for me and even made a few hand gestures. I then tell him how I have an influence on the physical world. I tell him to look at the book and notice how I have changed its place. I then pick up the book and wave it in the air. I figure he can’t see me but he can see the book floating in the air. The Loauy’s mom comes in and tells Loauy to pack. (In the dream Loauy had relatives over. He was going to travel somewhere with them) I love how no one can see me, yet I can see them. Loauy’s mom leaves the room. Loauy then tells me he needs to go pack and that I should continue with my O.B.E. normally. I then walk back to the doors that open to the balcony and try to go through them again. I still cant. Instead I accidentally knock on the doors. This makes Loauy’s relatives, who were standing on the balcony, come into the room. They come in and see nothing.
    15. lucid from when I was on holidays and basic task

      by , 01-18-2012 at 06:22 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm at my house wating for my dad to come home from picking mum up from work. All these people begin to pull up in cars and vans. I anxiously walk up to the door and shout "there's no party" assuming that's why they're here. I doubt I'll have any impact on such a large crowd like this anyway, they're mostly teenagers in high school. Eventually, after I'm pushed out of the way and people being invading my house and walking around in the yard this girl walks up to me. She begins yelling furiously at me, I stand there without a word, until she finishes and storms off. I ask a guy behind me what that was all about "It's because you hurt Tyson.." he says mysteriously. I watch as she drives off in her car and most of the people leave as well. (I guess they were there to see a fight or something?) However there are still a few straglers, and I'm determined to get them out before Dad gets home and I'm in major trouble. Unfortunately, my attempts at getting them to leave are unsuccesful, and dad pulls into the drive way. I walk up slowly, ready to face the music. "What's all this?!" Dad asks, looking around in disbelief at the unknown people in our house and the rubish strewn across the yard. "Well, even though it's a dream..." I begin. Even though it's a dream! The words hit me like a tonne of bricks and I become lucid! I walk over to the vacant field next to me, no longer feeling the need to explain the situation to dad. I look back at the house, and see there is no one in sight. (Typical, just when I WANT the people, they're gone) I want to do the basic task of the month, so I will everyone to come back with my mind. There's about ten people across from me, so I take what I can get, and imagine there's a lit firework in my hand. I throw it as high as I can, and watch as it bursts into red sparks across the daylight sky. The sparks turn into more sparks, and then everything burnt out, I was expecting something better, but now that I've completed the task, I think of something I actually want to do. I remember wanting to turn invisible, so I bring my hands near my shoulders, and throw them down quickly. I turn transperent, and know that I am invisible to others. There's no one to try this on anyway though (which was a letdown.) I look over towards my neighbours house where I remember how I've always wanted to go on their balcony in a dream, because of the amazing views. (I know it's a bit weird, considering how I can do this in real life, but I just do for some reason.) I fly towards the house and look around at the amazing trees and water of the shore. I decide to fly to the beach from here, I fly fast, but still take in all the views as I travel. I check my stabality, and decide to fly onto the water, and walk on it. I remind myself to DEILD if I wake up, but as I crash into the water and wake up, I decide to write it all down because it would suck if I forgot it. This was a dream I had when I was on holidays in sydney.
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