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    1. Splendid Competition Night 1

      by , 01-14-2017 at 07:22 PM (Awake to take in the view...)

      In waking life, I generally have neat handwriting. However, when writing in my dream journal in the middle of the night, I write messily. This time, it was largely illegible. I really need to fix that.

      Slept about 7.5 hours last night.

      Dream 1:

      During my hypnagogic imagery (so WILD I believe), I very quickly became lucid! I was standing in a green field. The dream was a bit hazy, and I forgot to demand clarity. I remembered my first goal for the three-step thingy, to use technology. I figured I'd use an iPad, and made one appear in my hands. For some reason, my hazy brain decided to use Numbers, and a spreadsheet appeared. Then I figured that that was pretty boring, and tried to boot up a racing game. I was able to play it for a few seconds, and then the dream faded and I woke up.

      I wrote down some non-lucid dream fragments, but they were so messy that I can't read them. :/ Due to a lack of recall, I will only count the 2 that I can actually read:

      Dream (Fragment) 2:
      I saw the Dark Mark, or something similar, on a piece of paper. I don't remember anything else.

      Dream (Fragment) 3:
      My family had gotten cast out of...civilization? Our hometown? Can't remember, but I think it was out of some sort of fictional civilization that we had been living in. We were placed out into the bitter cold. And someone got bitten by something.

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    2. Bird Taxi

      by , 12-15-2016 at 12:17 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was some Kirby-like figure returning to a city. The tyrannical ruler and my arch-rival met me at its outskirt, on a cliff overseeing the city. He was apparently deposed, but the new ruler was even worse than him, and he's explaining things to me wanting me to help him get his throne back. Someone who I assume is my friend showed up and he and the tyrant had a huge row about something before they wondered where I went. At this point I realized I was looking at them in third person because the tyrant accidentally pushed me off the cliff.

      I was caught by a flying bird-like creature. By "bird-like" I don't mean a giant eagle or that sort of thing. It proabbly doesn't even have wings. It's a chick-shaped marshmallow-like blob that levitates around and kind of looks like a chick-shaped chicken nugget. I opened my iPad and tried to go on a site for the bird taxi because apparently the nugget-chick has Wi-Fi, but I was not able to find the site and so I talked to the bird instead. I told it to land down on a place I knew in the city and follow me on foot for a bit and then I'll pay my fare. Apparently, I did this to surprise some old friends, but when I landed on the street, the coffee shop my friends frequented was closed and nobody was there, which I found eerie. I then decided to go to a noodle shop owned by a kindly old lady I know, but while it is open, I don't see her around. I asked the person running the shop where she went, but I woke up before I got an answer.
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    3. Heal the world

      by , 01-29-2014 at 02:46 AM
      Date: 21 Jan

      Entry 2/2

      I thoroughly review in head the previous dreams and get more insomnia

      Vaguely recall these two as I fell asleep afterwards.

      DILD: I am in this yard like it was in the past, much wider, etc. Know I am dreaming and think of music. It think there was happiness, confidence and possibly thoughts about something before this part.

      I start to sing or expect to hear a song. My subcon picks up a dream remix of "heal the world" by M. Jackson. I concentrate on making it sound like sung by a choir and hear the music loudly coming from everywhere and into me. Notice a few instruments too, really nice. I keep singing with the music but at some point I don't know the lyrics so that makes it hard for the music to continue. In addition, the more I become one with the music coming all around me, the more I lose sight of the yard and the dream and become blind. The dream soon fades.

      I may have a micro awakening or so, no review, continue sleepying.

      DILD:Don't remember the beginning of the dream. I am in this room, talking to bf and open and close a few doors, where I think about not locking them as it is a dream.

      Bf is going somewhere but before I can say anything else, he vanishes. There's a stick that I decide to leave outside, should I need it for defense? I also notice a strange gurgling sound coming from a pipe, find it interesting. I go back to the same room, there were lots of bed there before but now it's a single connected bed the size of four beds is covering most of the room.

      I remember I wanted to play with my ipad, so I try to summon it by drawing its shape with my fingers. It's funny because I do this instinctively rather than consciously. While there's a rectangular shape in progress, it isn't working to produce an ipad and on the bed just below my hands is my ipad so I grab it and try to stretch the frame. It happens, just as if I was dragging the image of a frame on a PC. I expand the screen to a TV size, then have to apply a bit more stretching as it does not stay in the desired shape for long. It gets small again. I think about trying to control the image.

      Then something happens outside and now there are two scary zombi-like DCs and they are about to enter the place. I try to close the door although know they will get in anyways. I decide to face them and affect them. Actually, I feel quite confident and no matter how ugly they are (especially one with something coming out of his mouth), I just feel positivity and so spread it to them. They become quite happy and we just hang in there like drunk buddies. I stare in the eyes of one of them, he feels like a phantom rather than real person and is not looking at me with any purpose/driving force. The dream soon fades.

      I black out before being able to journal and have a few other dream fragments.
    4. Driving Along Destroyed Roads and Having Telekinesis

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:10 AM
      Feb 1-2 (Lucid)

      I was at my house and a lot of relatives were there. I remember looking for water, but I couldn't find much in our fridges. I found all of these milks and oils and juices, but I just wanted water. I found a cup of water with ice that wasn't cold yet, and I debated if that was already someone's and if I should take it. I ended out deciding to make my own glass and put it in the fridge, but I don't remember actually getting to it. We were outside, I remember the truck was in the driveway, and I think my brother and I went in it. I was driving with Matt, my brother, to Wal Mart and it was about 11:30 at night, we were going to buy something. He was talking about how our guest bedroom was designed for blocking sound out or about how it was perfect for sleeping with a baby or something. As we were driving, the roads were all destroyed. It looked like was an earthquake and explosions, but there were a few bridges that went over these giant holes created in the road (I remember this very vividly and wondering what was going on). On the way, I either fell asleep in my dream, or the dream scene changed, but someone told me a celebrity was trying to lucid dream, then I saw this celebrity, and I knew I was dreaming. I don't remember doing a reality check, but I knew. I was outside this club or big building but I went inside wondering what I wanted to do. I remembered to stabilize the dream so I looked at my hands and rubbed them together. It seemed to work. I was walking around and looking at all the people thinking about how they looked so real. I saw my grandparents (one of which is dead) and others I knew. Music was playing (I think I remember a Pitbull song) and people were dancing. I remember thinking how it was funny I wasn't tired in my dream, but if I woke up, I would be tired. I wanted to see the detail of things so I found these tables to looked real close and the detail was incredible. I also blinked and the design changed! It was incredible! So I started blinking rapidly, but remembered that was not a good idea in a dream. I wanted to try a couple things out. I thought about flying, but decided to try telekinesis first. I look at a chair and put my hand out and flung it sideways and it worked. I did this similar to how they did it in the movie Chronicle. I then wanted to keep testing it, so I attempted to juggle 3 eggs (with my mind). Weirdly enough, the eggs were green, also I couldn't juggle them properly and I dropped one and it broke. My dad was there and said I got a gift from a relative and there was a note saying I would like the shirt. My dad pulled it out and it was really weird with all of these smiley faces and rainbows on it. It also looked massive so I sarcastically asked, "what is that? Like a triple XL?" Sure enough, it was when we looked at the tag. I wanted to try out changing the dream scene so I thought about blinking, but I saw a door and decided to try to open the door to the new scene, but I was stopped by Rachel Wise who said she wanted to come with me. I said okay and then she also demanded to choose the spot we were going. I asked here where and she started trying to explain this place called Cabo, but not Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. I told her to pull it up on a map, and nearby there was a table full of iPads. She was hesitant for some reason about the iPads and I said, "don't you have an iPad?" She said ya and started pulling it up on maps. She found it, it was a remote island, and somehow she like dug her finger in the spot. I tried to find a name, but all I found was like Diy, and she said it was just Di. I let her know I've never been there so I don't know if it will work. But then I woke up. Everything just like quickly faded (like a quarter of a second) and I was aware of my physical body. Also, by the end, I think I was losing lucidity and getting sucked back into the dream, I really have to stay aware and conscious while having a LD.
    5. Church

      by , 11-20-2013 at 06:31 PM
      Date: 08 Nov

      Wbtb: latte (1/3), 34 mg

      LD: I suddenly find myself in our living room and it is dark. My initial thought is that this is quite a bad location for any TOTY tasks. I take some time to fit in instead of rushing like crazy. There are creepy noises coming from somewhere and I don't feel very comfortable with that, so decide to stay where I am. My hands find the tablet and I use it to light around. I think I am also seeing the HI lights swirling around the room at some point.

      I open the browser and decide to type dreamviews, but as soon as I type "dre" the keyboard changes and I give up. Then think that it will be really cool to play some music. I tap a couple of buttons like the music app and a song starts playing, there's also something on the screen like album picture. I expected to hear some cool dream techno but it's a nice rock song. The only problem is the sound is not loud enough for my preferences. I want the sound to blast all around me or at least to be a bit louder. My tech instinct is to increase the volume on the tablet and I keep on pressing the button but no result.

      I decide to check out how the other rooms look, carrying the tablet to light the way. There are 4 plastic and paper shopping bags in front of the entrance door. I also take a peek in the bedroom and see bf asleep. I concentrate and see a sleeping body where I should be. This feels a bit creepy and I quickly walk away, trying not to wake myself up (also flashing with the tablet in my own face).

      I go back to the living room, now contemplating an exit. The most efficient way seems the window. I face the it, wondering whether to directly phase though it or try to open it, being a bit concerned that phasing might make me end up in the void, like a few days ago. I do a mix of both, half phase, half open the window which is somewhat stuck.

      The outside world is someplace unknown to me, but I don't pay attention to that. I end up on a balcony and try to figure out how to get down from here. There are kids playing on the street, and if I correctly remember the trees' leave are already yellow? I shout something at the kids about them helping me out, more to feel confident that asking for help, then I do the swing forward and end up on the street. Not sure if I used a tree branch or just the habitual move.

      Before I go anywhere, I take a last look at our place. The window is now open, and we are dangerously close to the ground, making it possible for someone to climb back there. I briefly wonder if it is possible that the dream body actually has opened a real window, then dismiss the idea. There are three kids running around, one wears a strange purple clay-like mask on his face. I tell him to behave, there was something that he did. Then, I think I asked them where the wall of China is, but no reply. The kids were pretty independent and lively DCs though.

      I decide to walk around and look for the wall of China. Everything is extremely vivid and stable. It is midday, feels like early fall too. There's so much detail. I see a street name on one of the nearby buildings and try to read it but then change my mind. This time, I decide that I will allow the dream to gently lead me to any desired TOTY objects, rather than me forcing things to appear. As I am scanning the surroundings for something appropriate to use, I notice this church on one of the streets. It's made of pink sandstone, very beautiful. The whole building is absolutely perfect and so elaborate that I just can't believe my mind can create so much and correct detail. Still checking out what's around me, I make sure to also look for any tall buildings that can fit another TOTY. Nothing too tall though.

      I turn right and explore the other street, looking for the wall of china or any elements that might help get there. There are rail tracks in front of what I think is near our place and also a pretty large and quite beautiful train station, its facade is made of bricks with the same pinkish color. I decide to go back, looking for greenery in the other direction. Instead of greenery or the street where I came from, I now find myself facing rail tracks again and a number of heavy trains are passing by. As I wait for them to go away and evaluate the terrain and how hard it will be to cross all these rails, I think it might be a good idea to rub my hands and remind myself that this is a dream. I am casually walking around, rubbing my hands, but the dream already seems out of fuel and I gradually wake up.

      I am supposed to journal, but fall back to non-ld sleep instead.

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    6. iwon an iPad

      by , 02-23-2013 at 03:45 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was at this place that was kind of like an amusement park and arcade combined. Pretty sure it had a dinosaur theme. I walked outside ofthe area I was in and saw this iPad filled crane game. It was 50 dollars to play, but I did it anyway. I won one on my first try.
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    7. 12/29/12 Jail Break and Hidden Messages

      by , 12-29-2012 at 10:15 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Jail Break
      I am in my Fire Valkyrie flying to the moon. I land on the moon and wander around a bit before opening a portal, directing the portal to take me to somewhere I need to be. The portal opens and I step through right into a world that looks like something out of Assassin's Creed. I am not sure what city I am in. I look around to try to identify it. What I do see is some guards dragging some people off of the street. I wonder what is going on. One of the people is saying he didn't do anything. One of the guards says with his attitude he doesn't have to actually do anything to get arrested. He laughs. He says he'll be laughing right up until the execution. In total I see ten guards and five prisoners. One of the prisoners looks right at me and then whispers something to one of the others at the cost of getting punched in the gut. A guard insists no talking. More whispers are passed amongst the prisoners until a guard tells them to shut the fuck up or he'll kill them all right now. Another guard says he wants to at least injure a couple of them. A third guard said there's no reason all of them have to make it back alive. One of the prisoners looks over at me, clearly expecting me to do something, then tells the guards something in a foreign language that is clearly an insult. They are all distracted, some of them laughing, some of them pulling weapons. No one is looking anywhere near me. I have two hidden blades… and take out two of the guards before any of the others even realize someone else is there.

      Then there is confusion… and another guard taken out, though I am unable to target two of them this time. So in an instant ten has become seven. Now that they have seen me they are demanding my surrender, though it doesn't look like they're prepared to accept surrender. The prisoners are going after weapons on the fallen guards, three of them claim weapons while I am fighting with my Witchblade sword. A guard attacks and I use a counter attack to take him out, and now the three newly armed prisoners are fighting. Six against four… and one of them claims the sword of the guard I just killed… so now it's six against five. The fight is soon over, though two of the prisoners have been injured so I heal them. I ask what they were being arrested for, though it is a bit too late to find that out, and one of them says they were being arrested for protesting a new law, it's not allowed. He says before long it will be illegal to breathe too deeply. He says lots of people are being arrested for pointless offenses, and no one is sure what is happening to them. He says there are many others being arrested, and they are going to find out what is going on. Will I help them? I say I will if I can, but don't worry if I disappear for a short time… I'll be back. At least I am hoping I won't end up being a liar… One of the prisoners asks what important business I have and if they can help in return, but I never get a chance to answer before I wake up.

      Silent Nonlucidity
      I am in what looks like one of the cities from Assassin's Creed II but I am completely non-lucid. What I do believe is that I am from the future, and I have my iPad in a case that looks like an antique book so no one will question my using it.

      I am searching for the glyphs left by Subject 16 and I am using my iPad to decipher the codes hidden within them. The fact I can climb on the walls and do most of the moves done in Assassin's Creed doesn't seem strange to me. Some guy starts putting the moves on me. He also takes my iPad and tosses it in a ditch, saying women shouldn't be reading. I am about to punch him in the face when I see he is offering me an invitation to some coveted event. I think there might be a glyph inside the area of the event, so being able to get in to the event would be helpful. He gives me the invitation and then asks, as if he already knows, who will be accompanying me. I tell him he can go fuck himself, knock him senseless with a kick to the balls then a punch in the face, and leave him sitting in the ditch where he tossed my iPad. I am looking at a building for a glyph when someone pokes something sharp at my back. I hear someone tell me if I cooperate I won't be hurt. I turn to see what is going on, and there is an Assassin pointing a hidden blade at me. I find it annoying. He says he needs to get into the event that I now have an invitation to. I tell him to stop poking me with that thing… I'll help him willingly or not at all. He seems surprised at my response and removes the blade from my back. I look at him closer now, I don't recognize him specifically but I am sure he is an Assassin.

      So he must have a good reason for wanting to get into the event. His threat was clearly a bluff… he has no interest in harming what he thinks is an average civilian. He turns to walk away and I tell him I have decided to help him willingly. My invitation lets me bring a guest. So we go to the event together. There is some kind of an art display going on, the guards at the entrance let us in. Once we're inside I tell him I have my own reasons for wanting to be here… so he can go about his. I look around the walls and spot the glyph I was looking for. I scan it with my iPad, sure that chaos will ensue soon since I snuck an Assassin in. And chaos does ensue. The Assassin has apparently taken out his target. Then I hear someone accusing me of being in league with him because we came together, I tell that person he is nuts, how was I supposed to know? He was cute and wanted to come with me, so I brought him. No one seems to believe me, and I am too surrounded to get out. Someone is yelling that if the Assassin doesn't surrender they will kill his partner. I activate the time travel app on my iPad and leave the scene before the Assassin can respond. It transports me back to my own time… and my own bed.
    8. D.I.A. #4 -Slew of dreams, Lucid Dream #16

      by , 10-05-2012 at 08:27 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I can't really put all the pieces together. I tried to WILD last night. A whole slew of lucid dreaming things happened including a lucid that I barely remember, a false awakening, and two additional non lucid dreams. Let me start with the least interesting and work my way up.


      The first dream entailed me and my mother. We decided that we were going to "Go die" so we had dug two holes in the ground and acquired some coffins.
      Then my mother said that she was going to carve a death note into an Ipad. She asked me if she could use my Ipad instead of hers. Then she got an exacto knife and started carving a message into the screen about why we had decided to die/commit suicide.
      We went outside, and got into our coffins. I'm not entirely sure why, but I decided to get back out and have second thoughts about committing suicide.
      I was just standing in the drive in front of our house, and started talking to myself about the decision to commit suicide. The my mother got out of her coffin and decided that she didn't want to do it either. Then I told her that I needed to get a new Ipad since she scratched a death note into the screen.


      Another video game dream. Halo reach this time. It has been strange to me that video game dreams have stepped up their game and gotten alot more interesting and vivid recently. (Also strange because I haven't played Halo reach in almost a year now.)
      I was literally a spartan. Not like controlling it or anything, like you normally would in a game, but my body was actually a spartan. But the game was still playing out normally. We were on this strange map that was sort of like a junkyard, with a dingy orange lighting to it.
      The game started and I started looking for a way to help a the team. I saw a scorpion tank that nobody seemed to be using. I got in and looked back the direction that I had spawned. A wraith pulled between me and the direction that I had spawned.
      I fired and killed it. Then a bunch of enemy players started swarming around my tank with energy swords. They were jumping around, trying to avoid getting shot. I realized that they were going to board my tank, so I bailed out.
      When I got out, I took out my own energy sword and got into the fight. (The use of swords (though energy swords) still coincides with swords being a dream sign for me.) Unlike real halo, it took two hits to kill someone with the sword, one to break their shields, and one to finish the job. I can also remember the electric effect of the sheild being very vivid and realistic.
      When fighting the first enemy, I broke his shields and killed him with two swift slashes. The second guy hit me from behind, breaking my shields. Our blades crossed and we pushed against one another. Then I killed him.
      The final enemy, who was like the leader got in. I hit him and broke his shield, but my sword ran out of charge after the first hit. I tried to melee him again, with the sword hilt. He stabbed me in the chest, and the dream painlessly faded away.

      Here are some images for the non-halo players to get an idea of what this looks like.

      Scorpion tank

      Energy sword


      I seriously wonder about classifying this as a minor event. I will.

      I was running down this highway, though a city very fast. I was lucid, but my recall was worse than my lucidity, so I couldn't remember how I got lucid. Though I was lucid. I can remember thinking about how cool this was, my sixth lucid dream.
      I started to feel like my back was cold and wet.
      I false-awoke into my room and the window was open and all of this rain and wind was coming and and there was a violent thunderstorm happening outside. Annoyed, I closed the window and went back to "sleep"

      I'm not sure what to make of all these dreams. There was a lot of waking up involved last night, and I probably don't have them in the right order. I was on an extremely consistent sleep schedule the last few nights, going to bed just around 9:15. But last night, I didn't make it to bed until 10:00.

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    9. Ipad Riot

      by , 09-18-2012 at 08:44 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I was at a party in Czech. Quite a few faces that I recognised. It was night and it was some kemp. People were smoking weed and drinking. I had some myself. Then I found myself paragliding... people were watching and the wind was really strong. It was pretty awesome.
      Then I landed and had some more weed and food. There was food everywhere. We were all quite drunk, when suddenly a little gang came and was going to take their electronics, especially iPads. I had my phone and MacBook there too. I started shouting at those people and was going to fight with them. But my hands were really week and I couldn't punch them hard. My friends were the same, and they show me how weak their wrists were. I think they used some has on us. They took some iPads.
      Then another group of 3 teenagers came, and I still had my computer and Lucas Zurcin's iPad that I was hiding behind me. I was ready to fight but still felt weak. Then I recognised one of them. It was young Danicek. I was yelling at him that if they take something I will come and kill him. They got scared and ran away. Lukas was pretty happy.
    10. Drama Production

      by , 02-08-2012 at 07:34 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      I'm part of a drama production, we are carying out various tasks, we are using the iPad to create water on the floor.
      I go outside and look at all the different productions in progress.
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    11. blue cake woman; movie theatre; attack on the no'sahs; ipad ad

      by , 12-15-2011 at 03:15 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a living room with a couple people I knew. One of them may have been my mother. I sat on the couch, which was positioned, it seems, in the middle of the living room, so that I was looking, to my left, into a hallway.

      Somebody just next to me, on my left. This person may have been my mother. Another woman walked up to us and sat on a wooden chair that was just beside the couch. The woman was really tall and skinny, with pale skin and dark red hair. I was really attracted to her.

      The woman started talking to the other person on the couch about how she'd met some guy she really liked. The guy was really sensitive and caring, and he always knew the right thing to do for the woman, or the right thing to give the woman.

      This whole time, the woman may have been looking at me. The woman may have thought, in the past, that I liked her. She may have liked me as well. But I had been so ambiguous with her that she had finally given up on me. But it seeemed like even now, talking about this guy, she thought there was hope for her and me.

      But the woman was still talking about the guy. She said the guy had brought her a cake the other day. The woman said the cake was a special kind of cake, something like a wedding cake. But it had blue frosting instead of white. The only white was the trim. I saw the cake in my mind's eye. It was actually pretty beautiful.

      As the woman spoke about this cake, her eyes lit up, and I could tell that she really did think the man was romantic.

      Dream #2

      I walked into a movie theatre. The theatre was kind of small and a little bit worn-out looking. But it had stadium seating and big, cushiony chairs.

      The movie was just about to start. But everybody was just filing in. Everybody here was really old and a little bit eccentric or crazy. Everybody also seemed to know each other. They were all talking with each other easily, asking about their lives.

      I went to a seat a couple rows back from the front, toward the right wall of the theatre. As I was getting ready to sit down, a very pretty, professional-looking woman sat in the row behind me. Some of the people seemed to know her, though not so well, and they greeted her.

      The woman seemed to be attracted to me. I was attracted to her. But I was too shy to try to flirt with her. But we may have spoken a bit, maybe about the film's director, about whom the woman didn't know very much.

      The movie, or the previews, may now have been beginning. I was getting ready to sit down in the chair. But I suddenly realized that the seats in front of me had such tall backs that once I sat in my own chair, the back of the seat in front of me would be blocking half my view of the screen!

      I realized this was because the ramping upward of the stadium seating didn't begin until one or two rows behind where I was right now. So I figured I'd move back a couple of rows. But I didn't want to move back behind the woman. This might make her feel like I was trying to avoid her. I definitely wasn't.

      The woman, who may now have been sitting with her husband: a man about fifty or sixty years old -- and who herself may now have been about fifty or sixty years old -- asked me if my seat was alright.

      I didn't want to look like I was picky about my seats. So I said my seat was alright. To get a full view of the screen I just sat on the arm of the seat, instead of sitting in the actual seat. The arm of the seat had had its cushioning torn off, and it was just a ridged, black rectangle of metal, about the size of a brick.

      The movie began. It may have been from the 1970s. The opening scene may have been very colorful, with titles in lavender lettering flashing on the screen. There was also a narrator who spoke either in French (while English subtitles ran across the bottom of the screen) or in English with a French accent.

      Dream #3

      It was the time of the U.S. Civil War. A man from the Southern states had decided that the cause of the South was unjust. He decided he was going to stand against the South's decision to enter into war.

      The man was white, tall, pale-skinned, bald on most of his head, but with unruly, long, red-brown hair along the sides and back of his head, and a long, kind of thin, red-brown beard. He wore a military uniform, it seemed to me, of a very dark blue color (which would be funny, if he was in the South *and* against the war).

      The man's community decided to turn against him. I could hear a group of older men, probably about the man's age and older, conspiring against the man.

      As I heard the men speak, my view became a bird's eye view of a modern-day warehouse, or a really big garage for semi-trucks. It was a sunny day. The big garage was beige-walled and brown-roofed, and seemed to be made all out of sheet metal.

      The conspiring men were saying something like, "There's two kinds of people in the South: the yas'sahs, and the no'sahs." (Which meant "yes sirs," and "no sirs.") "The yas'sahs are on our side. The no'sahs are against us. And this man is a no'sah. If he isn't a no'sah, he's a friend of the no'sahs. And it's time we taught him a lesson."

      The doors of the big garage opened, and three vehicles drove out of it. These vehicles seemed to have the rectangular shape of semi-trucks, but the size of garbage trucks. But they were all a dull, silvery grey, featureless, and smooth-looking, as if they were all built in one piece, except along the edges, which seemed to be barred with chrome tubing.

      These trucks were made for causing trouble for people who were on the side of the no'sahs. They would go to the locations where the individual no'sah either lived or worked, and do something malicious to him, his living space, his work space, or his vehicle.

      Each person had something different done to him. I can't remember what the first bad thing done was. But it involved the vehicle removing a part of its body, like it was just an outer shell, and causing that thing to transform into some means of destruction.

      After that, either one or all three of the trucks went to a parking lot that held a few trailer-less semi-trucks. One of the vehicles now took off its "shell" and transformed it. It transformed into something that looked like a second front for one of the semi-trucks.

      The shell was a pale silver-grey, and it didn't fit onto the semi-truck very well. It kind of sat diagonally. But this was intentional. The shell was supposed to block the truck driver's view so he would get into a wreck.

      The truck driver now appeared. I don't know whether he was aware of the shell. But he drove the truck anyway. He backed his truck out of the parking space. Immediately he noticed troubles with his field of view, and also possibly with the actual ability of the truck to drive.

      But the truck driver, clunking and chugging forward, barely seeing anything, decided he'd do the best he could. He drove out onto a street that was so packed with cars it was almost at a standstill. Tall buildings crowded over both sides of the street.

      The truck driver was in a tight space, and he could barely see. But he knew these streets well, and he decided he'd just drive by instinct. If he trusted his instincts, based on his memory of the streets, he could get through anything.

      And he was doing well. He turned right around of corner and disappeared out of my field of view.

      I caught a glimpse of a sign over a shop on the corner of the street. The sign was made out of some kind of turquoise-painted, ridged steel. There were big, white letters on the sign. It gave the name of some bank, I think, Mc-----. I recognized the bank and the sign as being key landmarks for anybody familiar with this town.

      I now knew that I was watching a movie. I thought to myself that the film makers had done a good job of giving an idea of what city this truck driver was in. They didn't put too much detail into it: just enough to give people a sense of the place, by using broad, general landmarks.

      The movie scene changed, showing the effect of the attacking trucks on another person. The scene showed a female news reporter, speaking to the camera, giving a special report from one of the city's streets.

      The view was from the news camera's point of view. But the camera view was really low, like the cameraman was in the street and crouched down really far. The news woman kept walking, sidestepping, along the sidewalk, while addressing the camera.

      I knew that the trucks had attacked another man by making him crazy. He was a kind of tall, skinny white guy with frizzy brown hair and a kind of balding forehead. But he had now gone crazy, and he was running through a park (Central Park?) naked, possibly giving his money away.

      The news woman was reporting on the man. But, like everybody else, she didn't know anything about why this man had gone crazy. She was just reporting that this man was dangerous. Apparently there was a risk that this man would attack people and take their money.

      And now the news woman was interviewing a woman who had been attacked by the man. The woman had apparently agreed to the interview. But now she was just walking as she was talking. She was walking faster than the news woman, like she just wanted to get away from her.

      The woman was white, with blonde-brown hair, fair skin, and blue-green eyes. She wore a grey sweater, and she had a green sweater wrapped around her shoulders. She also wore tight blue jeans.

      The news woman asked the woman how the crazy man's attack had affected her. The woman replied that the man had taken everything she'd had on her. The news woman asked what this meant for the woman. The woman could only reply, "I'm done. I'm done."

      The woman had now gotten far enough away from the news woman that the news woman stopped following her. The news woman had, apparently, stopped walking.

      But the camera was no longer focused on her. Instead, it was focused on the window of a Sony store. The window was black, except for a big flat-screen TV that was showing colorful imagery.

      The news woman explained that what the woman meant by, "I'm done, I'm done," was that she was completely broke. She had no money left, and she had been unemployed for a long time. She couldn't survive in the city anymore. She'd probably have to go back home.

      Dream #4

      An older man and his middle-aged son were sitting, apparently, in an airplane. But this airplane was more like a private airplane than a commercial one. The two men sat on a bench-like seat against the wall of the plane. Their backs were to a long but short window.

      The son, who was a tiny bit overweight and had a white beard and white hair, was playing with an iPad. The father, who was very skinny, clean shaven, and had his white hair in a short, square haircut, had a bunch of newspapers on his lap.

      The father addressed a camera (my view). The father said, "You know, I like the iPad. And it gives me... about... ten percent of my news for the day. But for the rest of my news, I still trust the newspaper more. Why, look at this!"

      The father opened up the newspaper and began flipping through it, illustrating how easy it was for him to find the news he was looking for in all the right places. But as he was doing this, the newspaper got more and more jumbled up.

      In the meantime, the son, who kept trying to get the father's attention, was scrolling really quickly through all the news, apparently on the New York Times app for the iPad.

      The father was now trying to illustrate how easy it was to find something like stuff to buy from a store, or movie times, or stuff to buy out of classified ads. But he was getting really frustrated, because he couldn't actually find anything.

      In the meantime, the son had found exactly what the father had been looking for on a website like a mix between the New York Times and Amazon.com. He was scrolling down to the exact thing the father wanted, and clicking on it to buy it.

      As the father was getting really frustrated with the newspaper, the son called out something like, "About to buy it, right now!"

      The father stopped talking and looked at the iPad. The camera view closed in on the iPad. The son seemed to be looking at a list of books. He tapped on what he wanted.

      But the son wanted three of this item. So he had to click on a special word, in a three- or four-line-long list of words. As he did this, he said, "Now, let's see here. What's that process called again? Ah... filchering."

      The son clicked on "filchering" and bought three items of the product his father wanted. The father was amazed! That was so fast! The father said, "Why, with that machine, you can buy things so much faster than you can buy things with a newspaper!"

      The son, as the father spoke, was just smiling at the father with a weird, open-mouthed, fat-tongued expression, like a panting dog would give its master, not for being good, but for doing something really annoying.
    12. Floating head 40th dreaming attempt

      by , 12-12-2011 at 11:27 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      I focus on getting to the temple but I have a cold and not feeling too great!

      A lesson in Dream Control

      I am seeing my wife inside a dream, somehow I am communicating with her and teaching her how to control the dream. She needs to into the gates of heaven but the gates are locked. Standing next to the gates is a creepy looking character, not sure if he is an alien or monster - he has a ridiculously large grin and sort of floppy antennae instead of ears. He is wrinkled and a sort of grey color, not sure what he is doing there though! My wife clicks her fingers once, and then a couple more times - on the third click she successfully gets the gates open!


      I dream I my wife accidentally revealing to me that she will be getting an Ipad for me for christmas
    13. Gum on my iPad

      by , 11-12-2011 at 02:10 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in my room with my cousin. I was chewing gum, and it got on my iPad, which was in it's case, thankfully. I wasn't really worried about it breaking. I went to the bathroom to get it off, then returned to my room.
      Tags: gum, ipad
    14. iPads

      by , 10-20-2011 at 10:12 PM
      Our family now has two iPads. A black iPad first gen and a white iPad 2. I'm watching a movie in my room on a couch on the wall opposite my bed (this couch does not exist IRL) and am under a blanket. I am watching the movie on the black iPad and eating chocolate glazed donuts at the same time. Every time I pull a donut from under the covers the chocolate scrapes off on the blanket and the screen of the iPad. I'm looking out the window too, it's nighttime. My brother might be with me. I also remember seeing the white iPad on my kitchen table.
      Tags: donuts, ipad, movie
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. killer updates

      by , 09-28-2011 at 12:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a dark bedroom with my mom and my sister. The room seemed to have cinder block walls and concrete floors. The only light in the room seemed to be a blue glow from somewhere along the walls. The room was really big, almost empty, with a big bed off on the right wall.

      I held something like an iPad in my hands. It was playing some sort of news show. Below the news show there was a little yellow strip that ran horizontally across the screen. In this strip would be shown little squares that were like stills frome video news stories.

      The news story playing in the main part of the screen was interrupted at one point by an announcer informing people that updates had been made on a man who had been wanted by the police.

      I looked down to see the updated videos. At first there were strings of black text. As well as the wanted man, there had been a missing man. One string of text said, "MISSING MAN FOUND DEAD." Another string of text said, "WANTED MAN FOUND KILLING MISSING MAN."

      I now pressed on one of the stills, to play one of the video news updates. In my mind's eye, I saw a video image of the wanted man being caught doing something like sawing the missing man's head off while he was still alive.

      While I had been wathing the original news story and reading the lines of text, I had been sitting out on the floor, in the middle of the room. Now I was laying on the bed, possibly with my sister.

      The still I had pressed played a video history of the two men, up to the most updated news reports. The shots showed various photos of the men in some living room. There was often also a woman in the room. The woman was one of the men's wife. I'm not sure which man.

      The men's appearances changed throughout the photos. Sometimes the men looked young, almost 1970s-like. They had huge hair and wore dark sweaters and jeans. At other times, they looked like kind of clean-cut college guys.

      But most of the time the two guys looked almost identical: long hair pulled back in a ponytail, the hair mostly brown, with grey streaks in it, and a big grey streak in the center, full, but not huge, beards, and blue eyes.

      The two men had had something to do with a cult. It was like one of the men had been the cult leader, while another of the men had been a member of the cult, then gone on either to join another cult or try to make a cult of his own.

      Either both men or just the cult leader became militantly angry. There were possibly even groups sent out with weapons. Finally the cult leader had caught up with the other guy and killed him.
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