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    1. Fighting Satan

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:15 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Having snuck into a hostile military base, I hide in the men's restroom as some soldiers pass by. Grabbing a mob and bucket, I act like the janitor, and exit the room, walking casually toward the middle of the huge building I'm in. I am grabbed from behind by a soldier, but wrestle free from his grip and run. Tackled by two other soldiers, they bind my hands in thick metal bars, just about as thick as my wrist is.

      Roaring defiantly, I summon super-human strength and rip free from the shackles. Some soldiers see this and shoot at me. Pulsing with strength, the bullets bounce off my chest as I walk toward them and throw them across the room. More to get them to stop shooting than to kill them, but it was a hard toss. With some brief freedom, I try to think of why I came in here in the first place. Nothing coming to mind, I walk out, and see all my friends just lounging around on top of and leaning against the high walls of this building. Just enjoying the sunny day, they wave at me as I look for a spot to sit as well.

      One of them calls out to me from atop the wall, "Aren't you forgetting something inside there?" as he points back into the large structure.

      I suppose he could be right, so I go back in. Now abandoned, I walk right up to the middle, and see a glowing red and orange hole in the floor. It looks like it goes all the way down to the magma. It sure is hot. More pieces of the floor fall into it as the hole expands with a terrible rumbling and shaking like a demonic earth quake. The building seems like it is beginning to collapse now. I run through falling debris to get outside just in time for most of the building inside the walls to cave into the fiery pit.

      Erupting from this massive hole, already about 1 mile across, is Satan. None other than the devil himself. The ground buckles up forming a giant crater around him as he rises to spectacular heights in the sky. Like a giant mountain, his torso sits upon a swirling vortex of fiery magma, as wide as the hole. His body appears to be composed of the same, all encased in some thick black spiky armor. Thicker than I am tall, it covers his whole torso, most of his arms, and also forms a horned helmet with slits for eye holes. Inside of the helmet just glows the color of a hot fire.

      I suppose I am the one tasked with defeating him. I still have the capability of increasing my strength, but looking up at him now, it looks like quite the challenge.

      My thoughts are interrupted by Satan's attack. He swings a large spiked mass. A mixture of whatever his armor is and liquid magma, all connected to a large chain. The school bus sized spiked mass lands with a loud thump as I jump out of the way. Swinging it so fast, it takes all I've got just to get out of the way in time. He laughs and swings again. I have hardly enough time to regain my footing before I sprint and dive out of the way again. Small craters where he has struck make it harder to move around.

      I don't have any weapons at all other than my fists. I look around for anything I can use, and there is nothing. The sky swirls with dark gray clouds above Satan's head. He opens his mouth to reveal yet more flames and molten metal as he stares at me. Letting out a ground trembling roar, he swings again.

      Since it seems rather hopeless, I decide to at least have fun with the situation at hand. I jump onto his weapon just as he pulls it back. Hanging on tightly, I soar back up to his level, about 2 miles above the ground. Jumping off at just the right time, I plant my feet on his left shoulder and kick off with all my strength toward his face. Crossing just in front of his helmet, I poke him in the eye with my finger as I laugh a bit.

      This seems to only further aggravate him as he clenches his jaw and growls at me.

      Saved by the alarm clock!
    2. 15.08 - Nut and Bolt

      by , 08-16-2014 at 12:12 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I get in an empty yard which connects many houses, it's dawning. I have a piece of folded paper that I want to put inside a strange box. I'm trying to figure out how this sort of mailbox opens. It seems to have a lot of compartments, but I don't get it. After a couple of attempts, I see two thrash cans on the opposite side, then a couple of guys who look like they have some oriental origins, come into the yard. One of them has long hair, in a Columbus hairstyle. I realize what I have in my hand is actually a crumpled piece of paper, and I better put it in the thrash can. While I'm doing this, a lot of girls get into the scene, apparently some of them are laughing about my clumsiness. I see there's one of the teachers from the kindergarten mocking with a loud "Aw!" in a particular manner that makes me feel ashamed. Now the yard is getting more and more filled with people. I don't like to be here, I leave the place carrying a weird cart which is not correctly assembled. I see it in detail, and I find there's a bolt and a nut with a couple of washers maladjusted, that must join both pieces in the middle. While trying to put them right, I see a car coming in what now is a bridge/garden and that I'm next to the gate. I let the pieces I'm holding with my fingers fall, when I'm moving aside to let the entrance free. The driver looks like an angry old man, he doesn't answer my greetings, I don't care, I want to find the pieces on the floor before he closes the gate. I find first the bold, I think the other pieces fell into a empty space at a side of a bridge. The janitor, who looks like another angry old man, is about to close the gates. I ask him to wait a minute until I find the other pieces. He says something I don't understand. Finally I got to find the nut and a washer. I barely remember there was another one. I decide that it was just one but I didn't pay enough attention. I see the car turning to the left where apparently leads to the house. But this whole place seems to me more a port than a house/...

      * It was yesterday after a nap but didn't have the time to translate it form the rough sketches I made of it
    3. Elevators, Clone Attacks, then Peace

      by , 07-20-2014 at 09:42 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am hired for a temporary janitor position at the college where I was a janitor for a year in the past. Hired onto my old crew, only a couple people have stuck around, the rest are really brand new to janitor work. One new guy is showing me the ropes, even though I know more than he does. Not being one to over-talk people, I am unable to let them know that I actually know what I'm doing, and have spent more time cleaning this exact building than all of them have combined....

      We all get ready to head off to our particular areas, and I show one of the guys where I usually park my bicycle so he has a safe place for his as well. I remember my friend who got his bike stolen during his work shift, and have since found a better spot to park it. I have him follow me up the elevator in A wing. I get off on the wrong floor, and have to get on another elevator. This time, people are getting off, and some other people want to get on and go down instead of up, so I get back out and board the elevator across the room instead. Reaching the top floor, we cross a big bridge to C Wing, and I realize it would've been easier to just enter C Wing from outside instead of our approach. Too late now though.

      There is a secret elevator that only maintenance workers and janitors have access to with our special keys that takes you to a remote mechanical room in the center of the building - perfectly safe place to lock a bike! I forgot to grab my set of keys, so instead, I go to a balcony that is rather exposed and uncomfortable for potential thieves to do their work. There is an elevator that leads down the the balcony. I wait for it, as my co-worker takes the stairs and then a ramp down to the balcony. I get on the elevator, this one is just a platform, open sides, like a lift in a factory or something, and ride it down 6 ft to the balcony where I lock my bike.

      I think I'll need my set of janitor-keys, so I start to walk back toward the supervisor's office. Suddenly she is right in front of me, and hands me my set of keys! She also gives me a paper with a list of what tasks I have to do for that day. It's impossibly long, but I'm feeling confident. Some of the other janitors on my crew are nearby, and ask what I have to do on my sheet. I start to unfold it again, but before I can get a good look at it, an 18 Wheeler Grocery delivery driver turns the corner, panicked because he's lost. He looks really beaten up, lots of black and blues on his face, and some cuts and scrapes all over. A black eye too! I point the way back to his truck, and then suggest that he probably does MMA fighting like the other guy I know, and I wouldn't mess with those guys. It sounds fun, but I've never done it.

      I start to float around through the air, and fly down a hallway at walking speed, back to the top of C-Wing near where my bike is parked. There is a party up on top, lots of loud music and people drinking unknown beverages. Police are there too, but don't seem to care about the loud music or anything. I turn down a few drinks, and avoid the police just out of habit. They are super offended that I am not drinking with them. I realize that my facebook profile makes it look like I drink, so I adjust my details from my phone, giving their drinking party a personal rating of 2/5 for me. I think that's a bit harsh, so I change it to 3/5. Somehow, they get notified that I rated them 3/5 and get even more upset at me. I try to explain why I did that, and don't do drugs. They just storm off, not hearing a word I say.

      I walk toward my bicycle to make sure it is locked, and instead of finding my bicycle, I find an operating room, white walls, white floor, white ceiling, and a patient with some serious tubing coming out of his arm from his heart. He is a clone, about to be killed to have his organs harvested because the person he was cloned from needed an organ transplant. Also, someone needs his blood urgently. He looks like he's already dead, just on artificial breathing, with machines pumping blood around to keep the organs fresh for the next few minutes. I feel like I'm a clone too, waiting to be harvested for the person I'm cloned from. Well, "nothing to lose then". I pull one of the tubes out of him, and blood starts squirting out of it. For some reason, I have to really get a lot of blood. I don't know how I know this. So I pull the next tube, and more blood comes out. The surgeons start shouting at me as I pull the whole apparatus out of the guy's arm and a deluge of blood rushes out like a fire hose. Kinda gross... Before he loses all his blood, he is re-cloned. This clone of the clone sees me doing this, and gets really pissed off, and throws random surgical equipment at me in a rage. One of the other people I'm with is spontaneously cloned as well, and both of them start to chase me. Since I'm a clone, I know this isn't real, which means I have telekinesis.

      I run away from them, not really concerned about any of this because it's not real. I use my telekinesis to pull debris and sharp objects into their path as I run down a metal bridge connecting two tall buildings as I pass through this void type area, surrounded by darkness except for the bridge, myself, and my pursuers. Some more people appear on the other side of the bridge and they surround me. Just as Neo would do in the Matrix, I use telekinesis to stop space and time around me, rendering everyone harmless and ridiculously slow. As I do this, the clone of the guy I was bloodletting comes to understand me, and there is peace between us. Immediately, there is also peace between the others who were attacking me as well, and it seems all conflicts have been resolved.
    4. Twice the Weirdness

      by , 08-13-2013 at 04:56 AM
      Morning, 13th August, 2013

      Dream 1:

      Harry Potter and Loki are stuck in separate green, grimy cells. They both happen to have computers and MSN each other out of boredom.

      Dream 2:

      I am in the middle of a 'lucid dream' (dream inside a dream) when suddenly the dreamscape becomes hazy and I wake up to hear noises in the house. I jump out of bed and hide from the view of my bedroom door. Two men in suits come barging in, shining torches around instead of using the lights.

      They look around my room and I keep quiet, then they suddenly find me and grab me harshly on my forearm - saying something about me being a lucid dreamer and that I have to go away for experiments - and take me away.

      We go outside to their hover car and they tie me up with a rope that connects to the car. They fly off with me hanging by the rope. I see a blue portal open up in front of the car and I'm very curious. We go inside and I see a shiny futuristic city with lots of shiny silver. They park the hover car and ... (I forgot what happened between this.)

      I am in the city's supermarket being escorted by one of my captors, and because I am a 'lucid dreamer', a specimen to them, they feel the need to sanitize the floor I just walked on - a janitor does this with a mop, and he's following me around. I decide to have some fun with this and step on the floor so much times in front of the janitor just to see his shocked and exasperated expression. (It was actually pretty funny.)

      And then the dream ended.
    5. Nov 22, 2012 - High School Name Test

      by , 11-23-2012 at 06:14 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      4:00 pm:

      I was in a van. I think it's the same location I go to when I'm in Cebu, in Mactan. A couple went down. One has marijuana. The driver and a passenger wanted it as well. It seems I was a dealer of sorts. I told them I can't give them those, somebody already bought them, or something.

      I experience something like SP in a dream. I can't see but I 'know' I am in a school of sorts. I was finally able to move around. There's J.C., high school classmate, talking about something. He asked about the name of our high school Filipino teacher. Or the fourth year janitor name. I was unsure, but I gave him the first year Filipino teacher's name, but he already said it was wrong because he was asking for the janitor's name.

      I was traveling. Not sure if it was with a companion. I was walking in a dusty road. Need to hide. I was on a skateboard and using an umbrella to push/pull me through. I was in the bus station. 3 days and I have to leave.
    6. Journey to the Land of Randomness #1

      by , 11-23-2011 at 02:16 AM (Journey to the Land of Randomness)
      Okay so some random people were chasing me. I wound up at my neighbor's house. I had this mini spaceship thing that was supposed to help me get away but some parts were missing. I found them near my neighbor's house. But I accidentally used up all the power/gas or whatever. So I had to dodge balls of green light bullet things that the people chasing me shot at me. I convinced one of the people to help me out and then there was some really random fashion thing I forget a lot of details about. Blue stuff I remember. I finally got the mini spaceship thing to work but I accidentally hit this tree, and then the tree blew up. The tree next to it started coming to life and I made a run for it. I hid from it and somehow made a bet that it couldn't find me before sundown or something, and if I won i'd get a new ship. I won and got in the ship which was normal sized. Then maybe the dream switched or I just forgot how I got there. I was in the theatre and the play had reached intermission. I had to help stall the thing so my friend Katy and I went and helped this girl on stage. We did some improv about a janitor, that sadly I forget details of.

      My review:
      First issue with this dream. What the heck how is that mini spaceship gonna do anything for me!? Seriously IT WAS LIKE A TOY! How could I escape with that!? And then what the heck did FASHION have to do with anything!? Besides, really, the only thing about fashion I know is "when in doubt wear red" and that's just a long story involving theatre, google, and my friend Tim. (just so people know I tend to do that a lot. Just say 'it's a long story' and then list some things invovled with it. It's just my thang ) Next thing, how the heck did my spaceship get fixed? I don't know. Do you know? No. Because if you knew and I didn't know the student would be teaching the teacher and a student to teach his teacher is presumptious and rude. QUOTE FACE: Back to the review. I hid from a tree...behind a tree. A different tree mind you; i'm not stupid. I was in a forest, where else would I hide? But still. Thank my dream that the tree I was hiding by didn't come to life too. That's a total Wizard of Oz moment. And when I won the spaceship appeared like, right in front of where I was hiding. Failure on the tree's part. I didn't even see it move really. I was hiding, but for all I know it didn't even look. On that note I don't even think I hid for more than half a minute. As far as the theatre stuff, that was coolio. The stage is my home...but since I don't literally live there does that make me homeless? ... nah. Never homeless in a tent! (lol jk)

      So this was my first entry of my Journey! Hope you enjoyed it dudes and chicks!
      ~ Spotlight
    7. April 16 2011: Me VS the five janitors

      by , 04-18-2011 at 07:10 AM (The path to Lucid Mastery)

      I haven't remembered any dreams for a while and I didn't have the time to post the two I remembered last weekend, so I'll post both of them today. The first one was pretty cool, even though it wasn't a lucid dream.

      When the dream began I was crawling through a ventilation shaft. After some crawling I found myself in a room with a staircase leading to an attic. There were five people in the room, busy cleaning up. I assumed they were janitors and I sneaked upstairs, trying to remain out of view. I failed miserably though, as one of them spotted me and went upstairs, following me.

      When he got upstairs he grabbed a broom that was standing against the nearest wall and thrust it at me. I dodged it, took a quick step towards him, grabbed his left arm and flung him around and let go, smashing him into a pile of cardboard boxes.

      He didn't appear out of the stack again but then the other four came upstairs. Because there were four of them against one of me in a cramped space like this, I was in the advantage. I kept throwing them in each other's path, hindering them alot but they kept on coming. Then they got out of the way and surrounded me in a square as large as possible, and the first janitor crawled out of the pile of now wrecked boxes again.

      He started fighting me again, the others doing nothing but keeping me from running away. He was much tougher than the last time when I easily threw him aside so when I first grabbed him and tried to toss him aside he almost threw me away instead. The fight lasted quite some time but neither of us was able to get the advantage over the other. At the end I got tired of fighting and broke through the protective circle, throwing two of the other janitors aside. I leapt into another ventilation shaft before they could chase me. After some more crawling through the ventilation shafts I woke up.
    8. The Glowing Forest + Lucid Beach + An Anonymous Present

      by , 02-23-2011 at 03:55 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      The Glowing Forest and a Coaster Ride

      I am in a really junky part of Maine, although like always, it’s beautiful. This time its exceptionally pretty: the car I’m in is traveling through a dark forested area on an old road. The moss on the great redwood trees illuminates our way enough so we don’t have to use our lights. Little glowing worms and luminescent animals scurry around. I see a moose with glowing green antlers in between the giant trees. In the car, my mom and I are discussing how much money the houses here cost.

      “About the same price as living in the library,” my mom says. I nod as if this makes sense. It does in dream world I suppose.
      Our friend Alice Louise is taking us to appraise a house for a guy and his daughter. Along the way she points out some noticeably pretty houses. Most of them have been built into the surrounding landscape; some are carved into trees, some are half sunken into muddy swamplands. One that she points out she’d like to live in seems too small, perhaps the size of a fairy house but a fairy mansion.

      We turn into the driveway of a pretty normal trailer; one of the only normal houses in the area. It’s unfortunate that this is what we came to see, not one of the prettier houses. We meet the father and the daughter. The daughter is Abby (an acquaintance in waking life). All of us step into the sunroom which is attached to the side of the trailer. Suddenly it moves, detaching itself from the trailer, and rotates all around it to the other side. This was the “appraisal” that we came here for with Alice Louise. We’re ready to go.

      Strangely, when we leave, it’s just Alice and I. She’s driving and I’m in the passenger seat. We’re in the country now, surrounded by low green fields and a big blue sky. The occasional farm passes by my window and there are silos on the horizon. In front of us there’s a guy running manically. He has long scraggly black hair and barely anything on except skin tight white running shorts. If he had a shirt on, I don’t remember. He seems to be running for fitness comically. We kind of catch up to him and slow down for some reason. He comes to the window.

      “This is still Washington even though it’s not snowing,” he says, leaning into the window on Alice Louise’s side. She nods and they keep talking about how we are in the very middle of Washington where there is never snow or rain. He gets a little aggressive when he speaks, as if we aren’t particularly welcome right now. We drive off and he begins to run again.
      Now the country road we were on has a four lane high-way coming the other way.

      “See, we’re not even in the country anymore. We’ll be home soon,” Alice says.

      The scraggly-haired man is ahead of us again. We see that he’s throwing sandbags on the road! That will definitely stop the Jeep we’re in. We dodge one but the next is in the center of the road and our front right wheel hits it dead on and we come to a stop. Now the only way home is to use…the roller coaster that is running along the road on the shoulder.

      We each get into one of our own coaster cars on the ride. They are cartoon dinosaur heads; you step into its mouth, with the eyes and the nose above you as a roof. Mine’s blue, Alice’s is red. They not only run forward on the roller coaster track, but turn 360 degrees with inertia. I don’t like this. There’s a big hill that we are going up. In front of me, I see other coaster cars. They are jumping from track to track; we are on a similar four lane high-way but this side of the road is a roller coaster. I want to jump tracks like those cars, so I do. It’s easy with intent. When I jump, the coaster car does a flip mid-air and lands on the next track. Sometimes, the cars jump over other cars. It’s kind of a nice sight.

      I realize we are going uphill faster than I expected and I don’t want to feel the fall. Although I like roller coasters, this hill is steep: twice Superman, if you will. I close my eyes and forget the dream. I become aware of my sleeping body. Yes, still asleep, not on a roller coaster, not about to fall…

      I become aware of my dream body again once I am at the bottom. Alice Louise is gone from my dream. I am now in a gift store: the final destination of the coaster cars. There are a few wooden racks of hand-knitted things. I look at a pair of mukluks that my brother Holden had (dream memory, not in waking life) and remind myself to ask him to buy them for me. A girl comes over and looks at a rack of facial creams. They all have a certain element to them, but I forgot what it was specifically. She debates if one of the creams has that common element with the store clerk.

      Kayla (a girl I know in waking life) is buying a pretty unique pair of gloves. They have the fingers cut off hobo-style and are black with Nightmare Before Christmas things sewn onto each finger. The back of the hand part of the gloves have a big skull sewn onto them. She is dressed all gothic-esque and has an air of “I don’t give a shit if I’m retreating back into this style.” (She dressed the same way years and years ago). I lose the dream.

      Lucid Beach

      I am on a beach with Heather. There’s a ton of people all taking up the shore space, but we find a little sand-muddy area. It’s not particularly nice, but it is the beach (and its winter in Maine, so its pleasant to dream of). Heather starts having an anxiety attack because of the people so we go to the “next” beach, a few feet from this one. They are distinctly not the same beach, but are very close. On this one, there are no people. We have sex, but it doesn’t really work out and we end up laughing and leaving.
      There’s a sign on the beach that says there’s a sale going on at “B♠N”. What a weird name for a store I say to myself! We look up and B♠N is right in front of us. In the parking lot area of the store, which is all sandy and car-less because of how close it is to the beach, my mom’s kind of disembodied voice begins to talk about Zelda. Heather responds by saying she’s played all of them, which she has (in dream life, not waking life). I feel weird because I introduced her to the series and still haven’t played all of them (I have in waking life). I become lucid thinking of the name of the store. Jack and someone else are with Heather and I now and we all go into the store. I retain my lucidity but simply watch the events and notice the surroundings. In the store Heather says something about dreaming.

      “This IS a dream actually!” I try to convince her and she laughs and kind of “knows” that it is, and I keep pestering her about it. I touch her and really feel her skin.

      “It’s weird how I can actually feel your skin,” I say. I’m not amazed about the act of feeling it, but at this point I’m thinking of how my mind is either creating the feeling of her skin, which is an exact representation of the feeling in waking life, or I really am feeling it…on the dream plane.
      My cat jumps onto my sleeping body and I wake up.

      An Anonymous Gift

      I’m in my high school. For some reason I take my pants off and put them on the janitor’s cart. I have my white long johns under them though, so I don’t look too strange. I begin walking to my class. Someone in the rotunda says my mom is embarrassed in her classroom (she doesn’t work here in waking life) so I go see her first. Her room is where my 11th grade English class was. It’s set up the same way. She tells me I have a package in the office and I should get it soon. I don’t remember to ask why she was so embarrassed.

      I go into the bathroom. Heather is here. Somehow, she ends up out the window, trying to crawl back inside from two stories below on one of those fair game ladders that twist and turn as you climb them (usually horizontally). She’s crying manically and saying the ladder is slippery and she’s going to fall. I somehow manage to take all her limbs and with the help of the janitor who comes in to clean, we get her inside. She’s really distraught.

      I leave the bathroom and Heather is now Autumn. We go into our classroom. My 5th grade teacher is our teacher now. Lynn, a friend of ours, laughs when we enter the class an hour late. The teacher is really upset with me in particular and tells me to go get a late pass if I have a good excuse for my tardiness. I leave but have no excuse; I just want to be gone from the room.
      I walk downstairs and take a drink at the fountain. My teacher had been following me to see if I was going to the office to get a late pass or not. I casually stroll into the office. I don’t like being in trouble, so I intend it to be the end of the day so I can get off the hook. The bell rings and all the kids scurry out of their classrooms. I sneak into the back area of the office and call UPS from the office phone and tell them not to deliver my package if it’s going to be late. I don’t know why I do this, since my package is already here. It’s nicely wrapped and has a stamp with my name on it.

      I bring it upstairs to the benches and open it. It’s a pair of goggles, like steampunk-esque but modernized. They’re red with orange accents. I close the box and leave the school.

      My mom picks me up and we begin to drive on back country roads. It’s raining pretty hard, but I’m having a nice conversation with my mom and we don’t mind it. I show her my goggles and she likes them. Neither of us know who got them for me or where they came from. We arrive at this old trailer that I used to know in waking life. In my dream, it’s where Heather lives. Without getting out of the car, my mom somehow knocks but no one comes to the door. I know Heather is home. We just leave.

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    9. Koranaka

      by , 09-14-2010 at 05:45 PM (The Midnight Train)
      Date: Friday, May 14, 2010 9:12:30 AM PDT
      Important: No

      I meet a girl named koranaka. I don't feel entirely comfortable about calling her that but prefer korana. She is blond and wears a creamy coloured jacket and skirt with a white shirt. She is a janitor.