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    1. lxxvi.

      by , 02-03-2020 at 12:03 PM
      We had a bit of a tidy yesterday and I had somewhat strange sleep because of a supplement I took that I even forgot I had around; but I'd also forgotten why I'd stopped taking it. I had extremely vivid dreams but unable to really stay asleep. The first two fragments were from some of the awakenings and were actually really quite long and detailed dreams, just as the third, but I didn't memorise enough of them since I didn't write them down when I had them.

      Dream Fragment:

      Was in my old home area. For some reason I managed to get a job as a secretary for some important person (politician/businessman?) and I was being interviewed by a woman with tied up hair and glasses; very similar to the secretary in the original Deus Ex game, come to think of it.

      For whatever reason I was using an alias, a French name going just by "Sís", even though I was uncertain myself how I should pronounce it. I remember being asked about speaking French, and I said (roughly) in French that I could speak the language poorly.

      I remember the room I was in was office-like but sort of well decorated as I'd expect for my native region.

      Dream Fragment:

      I wasn't a character myself in this dream. It was more like watching something. It was in China or a place like it and I was seeing inside an office at a business skyscraper. Two men were discussing (in English) about how a brand new government law was going to make everyone's life hell, basically. They could see it being announced on a TV at their workplace. Everyone was becoming afraid of speaking to anyone else but most people were uncomfortably relaxed in a sense, seemingly they felt safe in this place anyway.

      I remember one of these two men making a comment saying "I don't even want to take anyone in my car with me anymore."

      Then there were some scenes outside, scenes of traffic and of dead vegetation/landscapes. It was a gloomy day-time throughout this dream.

      Dream Fragment:

      I am somewhere underground, at some kind of mixed restaurant/convenience store place. I'm with my family, and I'm making small talk with the shop lady. She's interested in my phone and asks if I can get her some extra ones of the same model. I say sure, but then question if it's worth it. I tell her that if I get them at a "brand new price" there's nothing in it for either of us. Before she can give me a reasonable idea of what the agreement would be, my phone "rings" (vibrates, more like, I think).

      It's an old friend, someone I haven't spoken to in over two years in waking reality. Da is calling me and I try to answer but somehow I tap something that says "delete contact" right under "accept call"!

      Feeling frustrated by the fact I just made such a mistake I try to get the number back somehow from the log and then try calling back. He answers and I try to speak but he can't hear me.

      I walk outside from this shop, still underground and take a left and then a right and go up some stairs. I'm outside now. I don't remember what it looked like exactly, but get the feeling of "arid".

      I speak again, and Da hears me now. I ask, "Hey, how are you? It's been a really long time." He says "I'm ok, I guess." He makes some sort of ironic and witty but also serious remark about how I hadn't been in contact. I try to explain that I did try communicating over the last two years, but that every time I did, I never heard anything back.

      We get into small talk and his behaviour over the phone seems more normal, less upset as it seemed like initially. I can hear he's playing something on a console. "Is that Tekken you're playing?" He doesn't answer immediately, concentrating and then says he'll be finished shortly and then we could do (whatever it was) that we were going to do. I quickly realise internally that it couldn't be a Tekken game. All the sounds are too sort of retro and synth-like.

      I remember pacing around outside while on the phone, something I do anywhere whilst on the phone. Everything feels vivid and somewhat real despite the fact that the place I'm at looks somewhat alien. The structure of this place on the outside is some sort of hard compacted sand and I'm on some kind of platform. There are metal beams or girders somewhere as part of the structure, but I forget the details now.

      It's kind of daytime, but there's a strange light. I don't remember anything else now but this fragment was only the second half of this dream.

      No notes for now.
    2. Thursday, March 21

      by , 03-22-2019 at 03:16 AM
      (In this dream, it feels like I am in a movie - in the dream, I think it feels like reality to me, but after recalling it, it seems more like the whole thing was supposed to be a movie). I am in what seems like a school, probably a high school. There are some women faculty talking to me and/or trying to get me to do something. I am being snarkily defiant because I don’t like whatever it is they’re trying to do. There is a very unsettling vibe. I don’t think they’re entirely malicious, but it feels as if that could change without warning. I think they are trying to capture me or some other guy for some kind of ritual. As unsettling as it is, I think they are going to be cooking the victim. I am outside now, by a house’s front yard, and it is dark out. I see a large cauldron and a thick wooden stake behind it. There was also something about a spoiler in plain sight in this film - something that the victim was going to eat that ends up ruining the ritual?

      I am in a parking garage. The ground floor feels pretty open and airy. It also seems sunny and nice out. Carl Wander is here - he works here. I think I’ve come here to casually discuss a job or otherwise have ended up talking about one. I look around and see quite a few people working here. They are my age or younger and don’t appear to be doing much. I think about what it would be like to work here.
    3. 13 Feb: Trump offers me a job, Purge meets Hunger Games

      by , 02-13-2019 at 01:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a street or avenue, I get lucid and remember a thing I read on some instagram post about teleporting to a place we see in a dream. I try teleporting to over a roof of a building, instead I start flying. I don't stop at the roof I go fly around.

      Trump wants to offer me a job, it is not the first time he offers it. Wants me to run his farm. He takes me on a tour, it has really impressive facilities. The chicken pen is gigantic and chicken really have lots of space and conditions to climb and shelters to hide. We find a puppy inside having fun eating eggs. Trump doesn't have a farm manager, he just goes there on sundays to check and do some work himself []. He tells me about the plants and places he liked as he grew up playing on this farm. I am almost convinced he is actually human.
      Then he takes me to follow him around a whole day trying to convince me. Says he'll pay me handsomely and I think about how I would like the money but also how bad it would be accepting the job. He would probably try to seduce me, he would probably fire me sooner than later and my reputation would be both increased and destroyed depending on the audience.
      Then he goes to a casino, I hint I wish it could be my lucky day and hit a jackpot, and he says it might be. But people start looking at me wondering probably if this poorly dressed hippie is his new lover. I am approached by someone pretending to know him while he goes to the toilet, just to try to find out who I am, and I clarify he is just offering me a job. But this person is a journalist. Trump gets angry and takes me away to some clothing shop. I think maybe he wants to change my looks so I can hang out with him, raising less questions on others, but it is actually about himself (obviously). The ladies look at me as the ones who looked down at Julia Roberts and Pretty Woman. They ask me what I want and I say I'm with Trump. Then he says he bought something he is not happy with and wants to buy a new one that is in promotion. I look around the shop and anyway it is really bad taste conservative clothes I would never use.
      I tell him my bigger problem with the job offer is the distance. I say it does not compensate. He thinks about it, offers me a load of money, so that I cannot reject anymore.

      The movie Purge meets The Hunger Games. I am with some friends at their home, that has steel window blinds, but the bad guys override the system and they open up. I escape through a backdoor to the outside, but have to go through some dudes who were trying to enter from there. I hit one with something heavy and get an ax and a hammer from a shack nearby. I open my way through whomever I encounter, some are hard to kill, some try to steal my weapons. I manage to come together with my friends again and we go through the city. We try to find hideout in parks and less populated areas. But this doesn't end in one day, it lasts for some time, so we decide to try to escape the city or we will end up being killed.
      We find the edge of the city and we discover it is a floating city, miles high in the sky. Seems a dead end. But we meet a guy that claims to be coming from the outside world. He tells us there are two points where there is a climbing system on the wall, with ropes and that we can escape through there. We sleep a night in an abandoned hotel room. I dream with the wall thing, I see the rope mesh going down and that the wall has a sort of inclined platform before it dives vertically. I share the dream with my friends in the morning, taking it as a vision. I can't find my weapons and suspect someone infiltrated the group. But nothing happens and we head to the place with the ropes to escape.
    4. 16 Jan: Entering the Matrix and weird school

      by , 01-16-2019 at 08:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I have a FA in Riverstone's room. It's dark and I can't find any lights, There is a flashlight but also does not work. I hear scary monster sounds. I go check what it is,
      I get lucid, but still feel a bit scared. I see a dark figure, think it is the monster, hit it with the flashlight. Light comes up and no monster, just kittens all over, even coming from inside the walls.

      Mom picks me up, there's a job opening for plant expert at some small company in our hometown. I need to fill an application. Some kids come by. One steals some documents that were on the table.

      Me and some others enter the Matrix with Neo. I think we formed some kind of army to free others. Entering the matrix was fun and psychedelic, like riding a roller coaster while swallowing matrix code. Once inside, we have really cool looks, but not all black like in the movies. We are wearing mostly shades of blue. I have a dress with a balloon skirt, but a bit too short and later I find some fabrics to use as an extra skirt and feel more comfortable. When we enter we find ourselves on some kind of crosswalk on top of buildings, like a suspended terrace and there is a sort of giant wave wall to our right that looks like a tsunami coming to hit us but that never does. It is mesmerizing.

      Then we go to some kind of school to train us and it was very posh, looks like an opera house. Even the bathrooms are so very fancy and vintage-y. There are some true geniuses among us. One black kid, seems as young as six, presents us with a music piece he had composed and although it wasn't entirely original and innovative, it was incredible anyway. I could recognize influences of Vangelis, the Blade Runner OST and some other electronic artist. Nobody else thought so, but the kid confirmed. I told him, it is so very well composed, but because it doesn't sound original, it is not amazing. "You have to find your own sound and then you will blow our minds". I wanted to be honest but still encourage him. He felt both pleased and ego hurt, which is normal.
      Some people don't like me much, maybe because I am some teacher's favorite and it always feels awkward when I enter a class late and the teacher acknowledged my presence instead of letting me quietly sit like with everyone else. Even when they seemed to be reprimanding me, everybody could feel they were actually happy to see me.
      Last day of school and we're packing clothes to go home. My dog Bernardo appears out of nowhere and he has one eye out gouged and I freak out. Then he starts making weird electronic sounds and I see his eye is bionic. I find a way to open up the side of his head and fix the wires to put back is eye in place.
    5. Rejected

      by , 12-23-2017 at 03:18 PM (Exterminate)
      I don't remember much of this dream right now. I had it earlier in the night, and I left a few notes, but I don't really remember anything but the notes I put down. I'll try expanding on them if I can.

      The first thing I recall is feeling my hair and noticing it was longer than I have ever had it before. It went a bit past my shoulders. I actually really liked it and decided to keep it that long. I went to a mirror to check it out, and the style made me look kind of feminine. I sort of morphed between male and female for the rest of the dream. I saw a girl with blonde hair and glasses, kind of nerdy looking, that seemed attractive to me but I had a feeling I should stay away from her. I don't recall how I first saw her. At one point I was driving across town and went to Toys'R'Us to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I wanted to get a gift for this girl, but also something for my niece and nephew. I can't think of exactly what it was I was looking for. It had something to do with either music or books, and it could be done on a tablet, but I didn't want to buy a tablet. There was a loud advertisement around the corner with a light shining on said tablet, but I really wanted the real thing. I ran into my brother here who was also shopping, and he told me not to go for this girl because it'd be a mistake.

      I didn't care. I was infatuated and nothing would change my mind. I stopped to visit the niece and nephew on the way home and noted that they were staying in a small single-wide mobile home all by themselves. They're only children, so someone would have to go there and take care of them. The whole family was present while I was there, including the kids' parents, my brother, and my parents. There were no lights on inside the house.
      I decided to return home. I confronted this girl and got utterly shamed. She had no interest in me, she was of the opposite political spectrum and was engaged to be married within 3 days. I remember being laughed at by Mark Dice at one point for even going near the liberal lunatic. lol.

      Motel fire
      I spent a good deal of another dream recalling a memory that I don't believe exists. I was sure it was a past dream that I was recalling. I can't get all the details right now, but basically I was in an enclosed motel. It was oval shaped with doors and elevators split between 4 floors on either side. On the main floor was a very nice black marble. Very shiny and clean. On one said was the entrance, on the other was a waterfall and a giant eagle.
      The motel appeared to be my place of employment, and my family was staying there for the weekend. A fire had broke out and everyone quickly grabbed their belongings and walked out of the building. The fire went on for several minutes, but it seemed to have been contained fairly quickly. I remember seeing big black clouds of smoke raise from the building, as there didn't appear to be a roof over the main part of the motel. The lobby area was mostly covered from the elements due to the floors above it, and the building connected over to other offices and businesses. I fabricated the story a bit as I was recalling it. I made it seem as though my family had lost everything in the fire and that we had to start anew, but that would not be the case as this was just a weekend stay.

      I snapped by to reality (Or so I thought), and realized I was sitting on a sofa at my first job, talking to old friends. Nobody seemed real interested in my story. I walked outside and sat on the steps of the building talking to a coworker. We were all waiting for the newspaper truck to arrive to give us our papers that we would distribute to our customers. This person I was talking to was quizzing me and my brother to pass the time. She asked us a few questions and we had gotten them right. The last question was a hard one, and one I almost got right, but my brother leaned behind him and looked inside the door at a piece of paper on the inner door. It had said the answer to the question that was asked. The person asking the question got mad and took down the paper and hid it because my brother cheated. I went back inside and talked to an old friend Tim V. Tim never worked at this company before, but my dream self didn't seem to notice. He had aged a bit since I last saw him, but I could tell it was definitely him. I asked him how he's been and he started talking about his life issues and how depressed he's been.
    6. #221: Dinner / New job / Job

      by , 12-07-2016 at 05:09 AM
      I'm having dinner with four friends: Jim, Janet, Fi and Rei. We're sitting at a proper restaurant table. Rei decides to leave. We're somewhere up in the northern part of the city. There's a banner on one of the walls, saying we'll get a student discount if we're using student health insurance from a certain healthcare insurance company, which I happen to have. Somehow the waitress messes it up a bit and gives us a bill without the discount. We have her correct it. I think it's Fi who says something about the waitress being stupid, but not to her face.

      New job
      I've just landed a new job and this is my second day. I'm late by about 1,5 hour. The female boss is not too pleased with me. I think I was late because I had to pick up my passport and they made me wait, though I'm not certain of this. I have no clue what to do on this job. No one has given me anything to do, so I'm just trying to fill time. At one point I'm watching a movie. There's a spiderlike man creature that my colleagues were trying to defeat earlier. I decide to look up info on natural enemies, so it can help us to defeat the creature. My phone is not cooperating very much. At first I Google in English, with no results. I then try to search in Dutch.

      I'm with my friend Tim. He mentions that he's spotted a job vacancy for me. I ask him about it, also asking if he thinks I'm qualified enough for it. I don't remember his answer to that. One of the things he does mention is that he can't apply because he will be in India. Heh, India?
      Tags: friend, job
    7. That's How Much I Want This Job

      by , 07-12-2016 at 08:25 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      That's How Much I Want This Job (Non-lucid)


      So I'm currently job-hunting, and there's a particular job that should've gotten back to me this week--one that I want massively.

      The first part I remember is having to crawl across a large pipe above a huge pool of sewage. It stinks even worse than normal sewage I'm sure, and has a distinct vomit smell to it. I'm with three other people at least, split into two groups, though I don't think we're competing at this point.

      Me and a girl are taking it in turns to try and cross, but we fall off and into the sewage often. This then makes the pipe more slippery, and makes it harder and harder for us to not throw up ourselves. The girl is using a plate to throw up on so that it doesn't go directly onto the pipe. I don't throw up but I've never been able to taste such a horrific smell in my life. It even follows me into waking life when my alarm goes.

      I'm then in a skate park kind of setting, but instead of ramps there is a large multicoloured canvas stretching over about 200 square metres, and raised unevenly at various points, as if a sort of tent roof.

      I repeatedly (at least five times) climb up on one side and walk tentatively over what I deem to be the strongest parts to the other side, before jumping down and starting again. I do this in the hopes that it will help me get the job. There are two other people doing the same, far away from me, and one guy in particular I can see; he often picks up a skateboard and attempts to skate on it slowly. I worry that this will get him more points.

      Shortly after, in the same area, I'm on an astroturf pitch with various others a competing for the job. There is a coach-type figure, who will decide who gets it. Among the other applicants are some people I knew from school, but never really liked very much.

      I can't remember if there's anything he gets us to do, but I go off to the toilet, before worrying that I could be missing valuable time to impress the coach. I realise I've been complacent about my chances, and notice that there are still a lot of people in line to get the job.

      I dread to think of the people from my school getting it, as I feel they don't deserve it (they're not even in the same line of work as I am).
    8. Making Mistakes and Socializing at a New Job

      by , 07-06-2016 at 06:38 PM
      Fragment upon waking: 3 groups. 3 circles. The letters 'NC.' Guys being chosen for something, maybe to fight.

      I watched an older man, with shoulder length white hair and wearing a fedora, ride off on a sort of monorail. It looked like he was sitting on a bike that he didn’t have to pedal. He went off into a field. No trees. He was going to get off in the middle of a field and start a job. The sun was setting and my vantage point was from the ground. There were wild flowers.

      I was starting job. I walked from the parking lot of a giant home supplies-type-store and inside me and two other females walked up to a cash register to check in. We were told to buy restroom passes. I also bought some cinnamon gum and some taffy candy. One of the girls behind the register suggested I buy a parking pass as well, so I did. She said it was lavender scented and I said that was great. A man next to me kept dropping change, he was with us. He looked like my old art prof.

      There were 2 people from an old job I had in my department at this new job. One was my new manager, I liked her. It was time for us to order food, and she gave me her order to put in. When I picked it up at another area in the giant warehouse/store, it was one small bowl of cereal, and one large bowl of cereal. I realized I had made a mistake, and took it to her and told her I would order what she wanted and I would pay for it. She wanted one small bowl of cereal and a vegetable quiche with no onions. I went to a phone and began telling the person on the other line the order when I noticed there was an echo. I saw a woman in my department just about five feet from me answering my call and putting the order in a computer. This seemed inefficient, so I walked over to her to fish the order. Then I sat down, and I was holding a folded pair of khaki slacks. As I moved there was a message I was listening to, about how someone couldn’t wait to see me. The girl overheard, and she made a cute ‘aww’ noise. She asked who it was from. I said a boy I went to school with, someone Ive known since I was 10, and I really don’t know very well at all. I added if I lived near him I probably wouldn’t be that interested in him. I told them how when were were kids, I was a cheerleader and he was a football player. I told them that later I went through a weird phase though, and that we should all have to go through a weird phase. Get fat, wear glasses, stuff like that. It builds character. We all laughed.
      I ordered my food finally— a veggie burger with chips. I was told that if I wanted to get chips that I needed to adopt a baby. I said ok. A few minutes later I wondered if I should have consulted my husband first, and wondered if I could change my mind but still get my food.
      I went to get burger, they handed me a cooked patty, no bun, condiments or plate. I looked around for chips, couldn’t find them.

      I find it strange how often I dream of exes from my childhood to semi-recent past. I don’t understand why…the guy fro this dream I haven’t thought of in years. In waking life he was my first kiss, and it was terrible for me. I was twelve years old and I wasn’t mature enough, nor interested in him at all when this happened, and I had committed to going to an upcoming dance with him as well. I went to the dance, had a horrible time. In retrospect I was just too young and not really ready to have a boyfriend. I liked boys, but as soon as they showed interest in me I felt disgusted by them. I don’t think that ended until I was around 17. The new job aspect of this dream: I am looking for part time work, but not of this nature. Maybe part of me fears getting a job I will not like or that I will make mistakes at a new job.
    9. Cleaning Job, Wine Glass Shopping, Housekeeping

      by , 01-01-2016 at 10:56 PM
      Just some fragments. First I got a cleaning job in a hospital and it was my first day and I was observing a tall, skinny woman in her 60s with short black hair and black jeans a a black long-sleeved shirt cleaning the bathroom. Either a woman was complaining about how another woman did her job or the woman was complaining about the woman who was her boss and I was hoping people wouldn't complain about me.

      Then I was shopping for wine glasses and there were boxes of 4 wine glasses beside some new individual wine glasses that I hadn't seen before.

      Then there were images of me doing chores and taking care of a house that other people were moving into and I was like a caretaker or house manager or something like that. The whole time I was interrupting these images to think "dream" because I knew I was dreaming but I didn't have much control over what was happening and wasn't very aware and it was more like hypnagogia than a dream.
    10. Dream Journal - Gosh I Am Late For Job

      by , 01-01-2016 at 09:12 PM

      Thanks For Watching My Journey To Lucid Dream.
    11. All these boxes!

      by , 11-14-2015 at 04:56 PM
      Sorry I've been inactive the last couple weeks, I've been super busy with school so the stress of it has made my dream recall poor, and my lucidity even worse. However, I managed to recall a bit of a dream I had last night...

      I remember being in a two story building, almost like a warehouse, with very high ceilings, large windows used for the walls, and you could see the outlining infrastructure of the building. This was were my work was (while IRL my work is a small business in a one story building), my boss was getting upset with me because there was an overflow of cardboard boxes, and I guess it was solely my job to clean them up. He kept getting pissed that I wasn't working hard or fast enough and even threatened to fire me if I didn't work faster. (Luckily, IRL my boss is nowhere near that demanding or rude).

      What's funny is that this morning I had a rehearsal for a gig in a church that looked a lot like my work in the dream. This church is modern so it had high ceilings, large windows acting as the walls, and exposed infrastructure. And later today, while I was at work, I realized there was a lot of cardboard needing to be taken out.
      dream fragment
    12. Medical Rescue

      by , 06-28-2015 at 11:06 AM
      06/27/15 - Medical Rescue

      Note: I finally managed to remember a dream again, so I can add something to my dream journal. It's not one of my cool video game
      dreams, but I'm glad to get a start.

      I am at St. Mary's Hospital, just turning into the parking lot in my red Dodge Neon. I am ready to start my new job as a help desk operator and an IT service person. I park and head into the main hospital building as the last of the sun disappears below the western horizon. My new job is a night shift position, so I am just getting to work when everyone else is heading home.

      I know exactly how to get to the data center because I have worked here before. I take an elevator that went to the 4th floor, but I need the 3rd floor. Since the elevator had skipped my floor, I take the stairs to the 3rd floor. The data center is right where I expected. I go into the room where I expect to find the computer operators stations. It turns out it has been moved. This room just has the leftovers of an office party. My eyes are drawn to some cupcakes. A man notices and says I should help myself. I thank him and help myself to two.

      I unwrap one of the cupcakes and start eating it as I walk down the hall looking for the operator room for the data center. I soon find it.
      I'm not happy to find a coworker from the first time I worked here is still here. Her name is Susie, and she clearly hasn't forgotten me. She gives me a dirty look and says to get to answer the phones. I am mad. I tell her I don't have computer access yet, so I couldn't
      even reset a user's password. Susie seems annoyed but says nothing.

      A man comes in, and I recognize the boss from when I worked here before. His name is Brian. If he remembers me he doesn't show it. He says while my computer account is being setup I can get started with my training with the helicopter. I do a double take. Helicopter?
      When I question that, Brian says yes. I must be trained to fly their medevac helicopter. He says it is the responsibility of the night operator to fly the medevac helicopter in case of emergency.

      Surprised, I follow Brian to the roof to find a helicopter there. Apparently there isn't any real training, Brian says I should fly the helicopter to St. Joseph's hospital then back, the manager would confirm it. I wonder what I can do with no instruction. I get into the helicopter and look at the controls. I mess with a couple switches and the helicopter starts. I take off and fly erratically for a bit before I get control of the helicopter. I wonder how I'm going to find St. Joseph's from the sky. I manage to do it and I come in for a rough landing. I have to wait while my visit is confirmed. I eat my second cupcake while I wait. Finally I am told to head back. I look forward to showing Brian I was successful in spite of getting no instruction. I lift off much better than the first time. I fly over the city, looking at the lights I am heading for St. Mary's Hospital when I wake up.
    13. A Dream Within a Dream

      by , 04-21-2015 at 03:08 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      The dream I remembered this past morning was awfully strange! It was a literal dream within a dream situation. Basically, I had a dream, then woke up from the dream into another non-lucid dream, and then finally waking up in reality. Here's how it went.
      I was in the Bates Motel house with my girlfriend and we were witnessing the final events of one of the latest episodes play out in front of us. We watched it all non-phased, as if we had seen it before, but we were enjoying it nonetheless. (I won't go into the details of what happened just in case some of you watch that show and don't want to be spoiled).
      Suddenly, I woke up from that situation. It seems it was a dream! I was in the parking lot of my girlfriend's workplace, having just dropped her off, but instead of heading to MY workplace, I had parked my car in the parking lot and fallen asleep. I checked my phone's clock...I WAS AN HOUR LATE!! Panic filled me as I quickly started my car and drove off towards my workplace.

      And then, I woke up from THAT, only this time I was in my bed and in real life. I should've done a reality check in case of a false awakening, but I was too groggy and weirded out by the double dream to even remember to. Not a whole bunch recalled in either dream, but the situation of waking from one dream to another was interesting.
    14. The Daily Grind

      by , 04-19-2015 at 01:27 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Two work related dreams recalled this morning, both in a good amount of detail. Work seems to be becoming more of a recurring thing in my dreams lately.
      Oddly, in this dream, I wasn't myself, or rather, I was viewing the dream characters in it without them even knowing I was there, almost as if I was a ghost. Not sure what to make of that.
      There were four workers who were doing their jobs in a sort of desert looking area, stacking and breaking boxes. They all looked rather miserable.
      One of the workers, a middle aged black man, decided that enough was enough, and was going to leave the job later that day. The other three workers tried to console him and get him to stay, but their words fell on deaf ears, as this man had a newfound determination, and most importantly, a plan. Throughout this entire thing, I gazed from afar, although my view seemed to be getting hazy.

      Woke up, went back to bed, and BAM.
      Back to being myself, this dream involved me at work, doing a job I don't have IRL. I was backing a truck up into the front of this old lady's driveway, waiting for some of the passerby to move so i didn't run them over. Once the truck was parked, I went to go clean some stuff off her driveway, and she came out during this process and proceeded to give me instructions.
      One of the workers came over and interrupted our conversation, saying "Tanner! Your mom is here to help out!"
      So I excitedly asked the old lady if it was okay if I left, and she didn't seem to mind.
      I quickly crossed the area till I got to the main portion of it, and sure enough, there was my mother walking around looking for me. I caught up to her and we talked about a lot as we headed towards the job site.
      The actual job here was a bit odd though. When we got there, my dad was waiting there for us as well, so we split up, with me and my dad handling one zone and mom handling the other zone. These zones had snake like creatures poking up from the ground that we had to kill. Dad and I killed it no problem, but mom was in the next zone screaming like she'd just seen a bug and was flipping out on it, based on the noise.

      And that's everything. I'm very impressed with the latest boost in recall, and it has me wondering what exactly I've done differently (if anything) to raise it.

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    15. From Good to Bad

      by , 04-10-2015 at 10:37 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Haven't remembered anything since Monday, in which I had a lucid. It seems like my recall tends to take a nosedive the days following my lucid dreams. In any case, I finally remembered a dream this morning after having an absolutely terrible day on Thursday. Nothing was going right, and I was in a terrible mood for the entire day up till I went to bed. Seems to have given me a sad dream.

      I was at my house, except it was very warped and different from my normal house. Part of it was modified so that an entire wall looked like it was the night sky, and it opened outward into an expanse of sea, where many people (whom my dreamself considered friends) were swimming and having a good time.
      I decided to join in, and went for a relaxing swim for a while. The water was nice and warm.
      After finishing up my swim, it was time for me to go to work (in the dream). I headed to work with my girlfriend, with me behind the wheel and her sticking her head out the passenger side window enjoying the breeze. Things took a sudden turn for the worse when, out of no where, a huge chunk of metal came flying off of a nearby vehicle, slamming into my girlfriend and knocking her out of the car. She was killed.
      Afterwards, a medical team recovered her body, and I made funeral arrangements with one of my coworkers, who just so happened to be nearby. Once things were squared off, I headed back home, uncertain of my future now that my girlfriend was gone.

      -takes a deep breath- A not so great day and a not so great dream (aside from the swimming part). I am glad I remembered one though, so
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