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    1. More Dog Stuff

      by , 06-22-2016 at 07:02 PM
      I was on a dark street with my dog (I seriously must have nothing else going on in my life) and she suddenly ran off toward the river. I was shocked because she has never done this, and she was ignoring my calls. I finally caught up with her but I didn’t have a leash. I thought it would be a good idea to put her in my car (I can’t remember what I was doing at the time, but I was going somewhere that wasn’t home.) I held onto my dog’s collar as we walked back and I encountered a drunk man that I apparently knew as a regular in a restaurant I worked at. He made some random comments that I don’t remember and I felt slightly uncomfortable. I went into a theater/pub where two of my friends were. One of them had my car keys. The first one I encountered, Amy, was announcing someone to the crowd. I tried to get her attention but couldn’t. I saw my other friend, Angi, and she gave me my keys. My dog morphed between my current dog and my last dog, who passed away almost a decade ago. This is not uncommon. I also remember driving by an outdoor laundromat during the day, and thinking that I could work there, that it didn’t seem so bad. The place was basically a parking lot with one or two washing machines/dryers and a stand with a bunch of hot pink and bright blue flowers for sale.

      I had dreams of trying to solve graphic design problems too, in fact I thin this is what the bilk of my night was spent doing. I'm currently taking some courses, and I guess my brain is working overtime.

      Thoughts: I took Valerian Root before bed last night, probably falling asleep around 12:15am, which is late for me. I read some design books in bed before sleeping. My thoughts seemed to be racing again—not very stressful thoughts, but my brain struggled to relax. Again, visualization practices seemed difficult and uninteresting. Woke up at 3am and read for an hour or two, fell back asleep around 5ish. I'm taking my dog to the vet today for vaccines. Looking for part time work.
    2. Job seeking

      by , 04-24-2013 at 07:49 PM (Exterminate)
      [10:44:23] <TehDalek> Well, my dreams were all centered around one subject
      [10:44:29] <TehDalek> Me trying to get a job
      [10:44:46] <TehDalek> My PSP bricked before I went to bed, so that's probably teh cause
      [10:48:19] <TehDalek> At first me and my brother started applying for jobs, then he got accepted into two jobs, and I didn't get any. He got a fast food job and some medical job
      [10:49:30] <TehDalek> I tried talking to the people at the fast food job and they said they had too many young workers so they wouldn't hire me. The medical job said I didn't qualify and was too young anyway. Apparently doc had gone through one medical class in college, so that made him eligible :/
      [10:49:51] <TehDalek> The rest of the dreams were all about me walking around, looking for jobs
      [10:50:33] <%Lucidis>
      [10:51:15] <TehDalek> I remember going into one paint store. Kinda big/nice looking. I looked at some of the prices of the stuff. They sold things like cabinets and stairs and stuff. I went up the stairs and the guy said he painted them himself. I got bored and left. Everything there was made of wood and painted all shiny
      [10:52:38] <TehDalek> I found myself at a corner and saw a McDonalds and a McDads, whatever that meant. Me and some others in the car ordered like a sandwich, and people came out of McDads to give it to us. I assumed McDads was also McDonalds, because the logo was similar, but it must've been different
      [10:52:59] <TehDalek> Because I remember thinking how stupid it was to have two McDonalds at such close proximity
      [10:54:03] <TehDalek> There was another point where I was in some building floating around as is common in my dreams.
      [10:55:06] <TehDalek> I went up the stairs, to the top of the building, and there was some tour going on. I guess it was some apartment building. There were a ton of people standing about. I floated down a spiral staircase, down to the doorway, and then grounded myself before going outside
      [10:55:22] <TehDalek> I pretended to be a ghost while in that building
      [10:56:38] <TehDalek> Last thing I really remember was randomly stumbling upon a video of my oldest brother and my cousin. There was like a birthday celebration going on. Someone from my old church was filming it. I just thought it was peculiar that I found a random video with people I knew

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    3. The Affair and the Time Travellers Hotel

      by , 12-20-2012 at 07:37 PM
      12-20-2012 -- [First bits very limited, and might even be other dreams during the night.]

      I find myself working somewhere that seems to be a sort of a transportation shop ... repair bays, possibly loading bays, things like that. I am scrubbing floors, even as large vehicles are moving in and out. Somebody doesn't like me, and comes very close to hitting me with something very large (a bus?) that is in front of me in a flash, though I manage not to react.

      Nobody likes me and they seem to be kind of hazing me. They cause me lots of problems, but I just keep dodging around everybody as I continue to mop the floor, getting more and more of it completed.

      Soon I find myself visiting with Dale, Kevin and Fred on the last day of their trip to Disney World, before they fly home, and I am unhappy they have to leave so soon. I find myself thinking if I win the lotto tonight, they can come back tomorrow, and that would be nice.

      Soon I find myself in a different place, a sort of casino or nightclub. A fully grown Daphne Greengrass is here, has been involved in some dates or something, and has not been treated very well. She's not been having a good time. I am hoping to step in, change that for her, and have a rather good time myself, since in the dream she is gorgeous. I'm waiting for her to come back from her room or the restroom or wherever sh has gone.

      Unfortunately I find myself facing off with an annoyed JK, who is cheating on CK by being here, and is supposed to be the next one with Daphne. I'm disgusted with him for cheating on his wife,and doubly disgusted that he travelled back in time to do so, risking the space-time continuum for such a purpose. And he is telling me to stay out of it. Pah!

      We are probably in a nightclub, might be a casino, or perhaps an arcade. I am not sure. But there are a couple of what seem to be pinball games that are somehow trying to block me or interfere with me doing anything about all this, and I eventually stalk off in disgust. I just want to get out of here.

      Somehow I have travelled back in time several years. Not sure how many, but almost certainly sometime since I have come to Florida. I find myself approaching what I think is an airport, at first, because I am dodging the main security check point to try and get into the building, using my future knowledge of the place. I step through a side door and enter a sort of lobby.

      Unfortunately, the time displacement seems to have a negative affect on a person's biology, and I find myself with a bit of acid reflux, and a mouthful of partly digested food. I run over to a restroom and push open the door. Most of the doors are missing on the stalls, and I can see almost every stall is both very messy, and occupied. I do find one stall that is messy (smeared, unflushed) but empty, and run in and spit out the junk in my mouth. But as I leave, the acid reflux is trying to create more, and I am trying to force the horrid feeling down.

      As I walk out of the bathroom, it has become a hotel, instead of an airport, and I am approaching the front desk. I find myself facing a desk clerk that I know quite well from the future, though at this point he has never met me. For some fool reason, I start right in, explaining I am here to book a bunch of rooms for time travellers coming back to the past to vacation.

      He considers me mad, of course, but to humor me, he asks me how many rooms I need. He starts to wonder, though, when I tell him he still has 20 rooms available, but I will only take 19 of them, because in the course of the night he will find there is some sort of mechanical problem in room xxx, and I don't want to have to deal with it. (In the dream I knew a room number, but I can't remember it now.)

      I find myself quite happy with my new job of making travel arrangements for time travellers, and find myself thinking randomly that at this time Rosie's is still open, also, and I ought to be able to take in a few more great shows there.
    4. Hiring at Hewitt and Shopping at Smith's

      by , 09-19-2012 at 05:42 PM
      09-19-2012 -- [Very weird dream, about five hours into sleep period, scenes all over the place and very odd.]

      Working in a fast food place of some sort, and see a pack of Mike 'n Ikes or Good and Fruity or the like, which I can't resist taking from a shelf. The place has turned into more of a convenience store, and a minute or two after I take it, I realize I have to pay for it, and try to give my manager a quarter. She doesn't want to take it, and has a policy of only taking bills, but I remind her it is only .25 cents, so bills mouldn't make as much sense.

      There are brief hints of Doctor Who and the TARDIS, but it doesn't go anywhere. Instead, as I step into the TARDIS, it turns into an elevator, and just takes me to the second floor. I am now on the second floor at what seems to be a cross between the TAMS warehouse and Hewitt Associates. I don't work here, but for some reason I am in the building.

      I am walking down the hall, and find an attractive woman who seems to be delivering some job applications that people have filled out or something. They won't take them, but ask the woman to wait, explaining there is more information needed or something, and that it will all be clear in a couple of minutes. I walk further to where some prospective new employees are being given a test, and they are being told "You will not be able to finish the test. Do not let this worry you, just get as far as you can in it." The questions are all numbered, but not all numbers are used, they jump around.

      One guy thinks he has figured out something, and is suggesting everybody ignore any questions numbered under 1000, as their group all has employee numbers over 1000. I'm a little disgruntled, as my number, when I worked there, was under 1000. On the other hand, I am neither reapplying nor taking the test, so why should I care? [Oddly, I am convinced this bit of the story reflects on a Harry Potter fan fiction I read last night right before bed, where Dudley had a number of 00001.]

      I walk back toward the attractive lady with the applications, figuring I would try and get a glimpse and see if I could figure what was missing from them. She doesn't want me to look, and seems offended or something, and suddenly we are in May Company at the Buena Park Mall, and either she chases me out the door facing La Palma, or I chase her out of it. We're approaching Dale Avenue, and need to cross to the Food King parking lot, but the traffic is really, really heavy.

      Somehow the woman is now being carried in my arms, and is half a very sleepy BC, and half a sleepy cat. And either might be disturbed by all the loud, rushing traffic. There is finally a break in the traffic, and I start to run across the street, when there is some loud music behind us in the mall parking lot. I make it safely across the street and into the Food King parking lot, but now the music is in front of us. It is a group of punks (almost a gang) who are going shopping. As we grab carts and start toward the door, they are telling us we can't go shopping because they are going shopping.

      We try to ignore them, and as we approach the door, BC has warped into Dale. Somehow we already have stuff in our carts as we approach the door, and it seems like we have to be checked out to go in, rather than the other way around. Odd. Anyway, we are supposed to have four 12 packs of sodas, and the punks ahead of us only have two, so they steal two from our cart, and the guy checking them in doesn't seem to care. But since Dale and I no longer have four, they aren't sure about letting us in.

      Soon they are cooking something for us, but since we don't have all the ingredients they wanted, they aren't making what we ordered. I try to be pleasant, but explain that since they aren't making what we ordered, we'll try it, but if we don't like it, we'll refuse it. One of the punks is making fun of us, so I suddenly start beating him, seriously, about the face, really smashing it up pretty badly. I am speaking to the manager about the whole situation when Dale gets mad, and starts slamming the face of the employee into a table, smashing him up pretty badly, as well. The manager says he was thinking about firing the guy, anyway, and I am trying to make sure Dale doesn't go too far and kill the guy.

      Soon we're sitting on one of the benches outside the store. It is late at night, and for some reason I have a deck of cards and am asking Dale to "pick a card, any card." Except I've forgotten how whatever trick I was going to do was supposed to work, so I just put the deck in my pocket and forget about it. We're discussing some sort of trip we want to take at the end of the month, but don't know if we can pull it off, probably not. Dale is falling asleep, while I am matching up these strange little bits of stone, and whenever I find two that are alike, they disappear. I am soon realizing they are Runescape strange rocks.
    5. Night of August 17th. Job hunt, Dresses, Friends.

      by , 08-19-2010 at 03:33 AM
      Went job hunting in the city with Julie and Emily. First stop is H&M. The employees tell us to just stay so we can be interviewed there. I did not see any clothes there, but I recall employees doing people’s hair like a salon. This was not your average H&M, it looked very majestic with gold trimming, high ceilings, and paintings everywhere. While we waited for the boss, me, em, and ju went to the backroom where there were clothes. All of the clothes on the racks were dresses, I remember specifically one with polka dots, and one with stripes and a bow on the front of it. I almost got mad at Emily because I thought she chose to try on the same dress as me, but she assured me that she didn’t.

      By the time I picked everything I wanted to try on, it was my turn for an interview. I might have said something like “Shoot, I can’t try my stuff on.” Julie replies by saying “ It’s okay, I didn’t like those clothes anyway.” In my defense I say, “Well, I’m STILL gonna try them on.”

      I don’t recall the interview, but I do remember thinking I was going to get hired when the boss called everyone into this huge beautiful room. The boss, me and this other girl sat on a couch, while a lot of other employees surround us on the floor. The boss says “We should find a better way to do this, but we all decided to hire Brownie!” All I could think was, who the heck is Brownie?

      After he says her name, people start smiling and chit chatting, and I over hear stories of this Brownie girl and how funny she is, and how she talks about Africa all the time.

      Amongst the chatter, I notice that me and the young boss had our arms intermingled. It seemed to be intentional.

      Then something WEIRD happened. Everyone stops their chit chatting once we all notice a family walk through the doors. A dad, a mom, and two daughters. They pay no attention to the huge amount of young people sitting on the floor. They go straight to the walls and stare and touch them in amazement. This is the first time any of us notice there is art all around us. The walls are painted thoroughly with lamp posts and book shelves. The family is yelling back and forth to each other “Look at this one!” While we sit there and stare at the family in amazement.
    6. #106. Lamps

      by , 07-11-2010 at 07:07 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      I go to Halifax. Nothing happens.

      I'm downtown, trying to sell a lamp from my old apartment to a thrift shop. It's not worth ten bucks, but they give me about a hundred and fifty for it. I'm staring at it, wondering if I should buy it back, when an old woman swoops in and grabs it off the shelf.

      I wander downtown, looking at other thrift stores for something in particular. I enter one store, and apparently it's a high school reunion (for my graduating class).

      I hear that a bunch of illustrators just retired from their company. I see a flash of a marina. Light bounces off the farthest point, where a woman who used to be an illustrator lives. I decide I want her old job.

      I talk to River, from Firefly. She tells me she was married at one point.

      I'm back in the prairies. The ground is soaked, and some of the fields are flooded. I'm standing on dry ground, behind a dike that's keeping the flood waters out.

      Back in Halifax. I'm part of a group that recreates classic photos and paintings in a modern setting. There are five of us arranged in a hallway; all of us are guys. At one point, we have to say our names for the video that's rolling.

      "Okay, Anton!"

      I take that as my cue, and repeat, "Anton" for the camera.

      "Cut!" says our director.

      "Anton, Anjon, John..." I mutter to myself, frowning. Odd. I can't remember my name.

      Lamps. Scare Factor: 1.