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    1. Five Books about a (Fictional) Remake

      by , 11-19-2015 at 05:19 PM
      Morning of November 19, 2015. Thursday.

      Notas: Cinco libros, todo sobre una nueva versión de la película de 1962 - “Cinco semanas en globo”, con el actor Johnny Depp.

      I am at my sister’s house yet again (on Loomis Street). This sometimes triggers apex lucidity (especially in the situations where she and Bob are leaving the house as here and appearing as if it is the 1970s), though not in this case. I become more aware and focused on the setting as my sister Marilyn and her husband are going out (possibly to a restaurant). It seems to be early in the evening (near sunset).

      There is a certain level of expectancy regarding semi-lucidity (as if I am “testing” the setting though not fully aware yet that the setting is of a dream). I keep seeing a teenage version of my wife Zsuzsanna to the north, the left side of the house when looking out at the small front sidewalk perpendicular to the street. Strangely, I know who she is on some levels, though not on others. Still, we hug each other and begin to converse.

      After a short time though, I lose focus (possibly due to a noise in my real environment). Eventually, there is an elderly male in the same general area. He seems argumentative. I tell him that he is not invited into the house and that I will “break his head” if he insists on following me.

      Eventually, I am looking at five books on the couch, at least three of them paperbacks and each in one of at least three different Languages (English, Russian or possibly Bulgarian Cyrillic, and Spanish - though one also seems Italian - “5 settimane in pallone”). If Russian, it is ambiguous, as the first word would translate as “pet” (only if anglicized) and only “five” if Bulgarian. (Otherwise, I get a strange impression of a movie about a dog, a rooster, a cat, and a few other animals traveling around the world in a balloon as a parody to “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” theme - with the rooster crowing, followed by the cat’s “meow meow meow”, then the dogs barking rhythmically in the background; “WOOF, woof woof, WOOF, woof woof.)

      Even so, the books are also all apparently different in the story itself (one being almost like an episode of "Gunsmoke” or perhaps more so “Wild Wild West”), even though all are a supposed novelization of a remake of “Five Weeks in a Balloon”, starring Johnny Depp. However, one (unknown?) actor on one cover looks like he is only pretending to be Johnny Depp in a copycat version of the remake. I have a very strange feeling of enjoyment in anticipation of reading all the books, even expecting completely different stories or plot developments in each. However, my dream fades before I am able to read much.

      I sincerely doubt if Johnny Depp will be in a remake of “Five Weeks in a Balloon”. If so, you read it here first.

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    2. Randomly remembered dream- Johnny Depp

      by , 08-16-2013 at 10:50 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had this dream sometime in the last year or so.

      My friend and I were walking down the street when suddenly I noticed Johnny Depp standing up ahead. My friend is completely in love with him so I told her I would go say hi and see if he would talk to her for a bit. I walk up to him and said "Hey, I noticed you were Johnny Depp and I was wondering if you could talk to..." While I was talking he started to walk away, so I started to follow him. "Excuse me, I just wanted you to say hi to my friend. It's not like I want you to sign her or anything like that. What is up with you??" All through my talking he had continued to walk away faster and faster while looking back at me over and over until finally he stopped and said "What!" I stopped and looked at him before repeating myself. He said "Ok, fine. But before I do I want you two to follow me to my house." We looked at each other and did as he asked. We followed him all the way to this red brick, square building and proceeded to follow him up these black, metal stairs like the ones you see on the side of buildings, except these were the way to get in and not the fire escape. He stopped at a door and we followed him inside. The room was dark with dark walls and in the center of the room was a huge, rectangular, solid, wooden table. Behind the chair that was at the head of the table was an odd, circular contracption. The chair itself was one of those big, elaborate, fancy chairs. There were also three other people in the room, all sitting on the left side of the table. The only thing I remember about them is one of them was skinny and ratty looking. Me, my best friend, and somehow my brother who had joined us at some point, all sat on the other side of the table. Johnny sat in the big chair and started talking about some strange ritual stuff, then started chanting when suddenly tons of ghouls and evil, devilish creatures starting pouring out of the odd contraption, which turns out to be a portal. Over the noise I hear Johnny say "There are different stages. The last one alive wins!" The room then changed red and a group of one of the creatures started to attack us. The skinny ratty guy was the first to die. I'm not sure how, I think he was just attacked to death. The room would change colors and every time it did a different type of creature would attack us. I remember running around the room amidst the chaos trying to survive. Ever now and then I would see Johnny sitting in his chair watching the events, completely unharmed and calm. Eventually the three other guys were all dead and it was just my brother, best friend, and I left. My brother was fighting the creatures off and my friend was avoiding them like me. The room had gone almost black and Johnny was saying something I can't remember, then I woke up.

      I honestly cannot remember where I was when I had this dream or when I had it but It will definitely be one of the most remembered.

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    3. Duo Missionary Sex, Went Through Hell, Video Game Run, False Awakening Level: >9,000 (SDE Day 28)

      by , 09-11-2012 at 01:40 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Duo Missionary Position (Non-lucid)


      Spoiler for 18+:

      Went Through Hell (Non-lucid)


      I don't know what's happening here, all I remember is that the environment has different hues of red, orange, and yellow, and there's some weird stuff going on in this room. I could've sworn that I saw Johnny Depp is red Thriller costume, and he's squatting down with his knees together. He has some freaky hairstyle, and he turns his head to the right to look at me.


      Even though he's far away from me, it still irks me, and I believe he has blood dripping out of his mouth while he's smiling at me sinisterly. There's a female, and even though I can't recall how she looked like, I had a feeling she was important in the dream. To me, the female was some kind of gray blur, and as I'm trying to really get into detail on what she could look like, I imagine long dark brown/black hair, kind of like Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R game series

      Whoever it was, she was close to falling into a hole on a ground, and I think someone is trying to trick her into going inside of the hole. She decides to prepare to run and jump into the whole, and I think I started screaming, "NO!" as she's getting closer and closer.

      I forget what happened next....
      Video Game Run (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching someone, or maybe it's me mentally controlling a video game, but whatever it may be, the character in the video game is going through a lot of areas on a level pretty quickly, and without getting any kind of damage (that I can recall) from enemies.

      The game itself was 2D, kind of like playing an older version of Zelda, but I can't recall the character at all, just light green grass everywhere, and there's final part in the game where these two creatures that look like they have tentacles are chasing the character. The person controlling the character seems to be able to escape them with ease, and then there's one part of the area, like, to describe how it's set up, when you go past the borders of that area, it shifts to a new area.

      Anyway, once I get to the final area, and I don't know how I know this, I just do, the two monsters end up catching up to the person running away from them, but by that time, the level was completed.
      False Awakening Level: >9,000 (Non-lucid)


      I wake up naturally, and I get up immediately, but I'm still just at an erect sitting position on the bed. I immediately do a nose plug reality check, and I believe I can't breathe at all.

      I started to count my fingers, but the time I go to my right ring finger to get to the number 4 on my head, I quit counting the rest. I look at my alarm, it looks exactly the same as in waking life. It's black, has red digital font numbers on it, and it the time was 7:xx AM (I can't remember the exact minutes).

      I look back again, and I could've sworn the time shifted to 5:xx AM, but I just take it as me not looking t the time right.


      Everything is dark, and I didn't even bother to realize that it's NEVER THIS DARK if it really was 7:xx AM.

      Nope, I just sit on my bed like an idiot for a few seconds, and I go back to sleep.

      OKAY, I know one thing for sure, like with most false awakenings, they start with me waking up in my apartment, and in some rare cases, at a different bed, be it a hospital bed or something else, but those cases are very rare. In fact, I think it's just only one dream I remember where I woke up next to a lady. sitting down at a chair somewhere.

      And then there's another dream where a blonde in a pink Victoria's Secret panties and bras was right next to me in bed, but I ignore her and probably went back to sleep. Those were from a loooong time.

    4. Dr. Who, Barnabas Collins

      by , 08-24-2012 at 06:41 PM (redisreddish's mess of dreams is still messy)
      I'm in my house, along with a small crowd of people. They're all there because the doctor (11th doctor) is doing something. He's pacing back and forth and talking to himself. A bunch of girls keep trying to flirt with him, and he's getting visibly annoyed. He walks into the kitchen and comes back out with a Pop Tart, but after one bite he just looks at it strangely, hands it to me and continues pacing. All of the people clear out after a while, leaving just me, my dad, and the doctor. The doctor starts searching for something and my dad begins to talk to him. I can't remember any of what he said except the last part.

      "So, ah... You should take Taylor (that's me ) with you."

      The doctor drops whatever he was doing and spins to face my dad. "What!? I don't think you realize exactly what I do. I travel the universe. I cross time and space and different dimensions. Every day--EVERY DAY is dangerous, and anyone around me could die. Or worse. And you want me to take your daughter with me!?" Without waiting for a response, he steps over to where I'm sitting and leans down so we're face to face. "Do you want to come with me?" he asks quietly.

      "Yes," I answer immediately. Even though I'm excited beyond aything, the word comes out as barely more than a whisper.

      The doctor just stares for a few moments, his eyes drilling into mine like he' reading my life's story. Suddenly, he snaps back up to a standing position, looking like he's figured something out. "One year," he murmurs to himself, gazing off into space. Then his eyes find mine again. "One year, and I'll come back for you."

      "Okay," I nod, happy to wait any length of time for the chance to go with him.

      The doctor grins. "See you then."

      This dream was short. I was driving a van, but the brakes stopped working so I got out and started walking around the town I was in. I kept seeing the doctor from the corner of my eye. Every time I looked at him, he disappeared. I wondered if the year was up and it was time for me to go with him.

      I'm in some building when a wolf runs in. His fur is long, glossy, mixed black and brown. He looks at me, barks, turns in a circle, then waits, moving his front paws up and down impatiently. People are staring and both of us.

      "I'll follow you," I say to the wolf. Immediately he takes off through the door, and I run after him. We go down a winding road filled with random people. Every so often the wolf stops and picks out someone, and they join us. Eventually there's about ten of us standing in a circle. Then out of nowhere, Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) walks up and stands next to me. He places his hand on my shoulder and a warm feeling starts to spread through me. My eyes close, and I feel my body go limp. Barnabus catches me as I collapse... And then I'm asleep.

      It's the most beautiful sensation. Like pure happiness is flowing through me. It's warm, and soft, completely fills me on the inside and feels like being wrapped in a blanket of comfort and contentedness on the outside. Slowly, I wake up. (In the dream.) I'm lying in a large four-poster bed, on top of bright red sheets. The wonderful, fuzzy sensation starts to diminish in intensity, but I'm still extremely happy for no reason. I look over and see Barnabas standing at the side of the bed.

      "You do not have much left," he says. "If I take any more, you will die." I realized he's talking about my blood. I've just been attacked by a vampire... and I find myself not really caring. He didn't kill me, so it's all good. And the bed is so comfy... Barnabas starts talking again, and the dream ends.
    5. Depp and Matsumoto Battles, Late For the Job, and the Singalong

      by , 07-24-2011 at 04:07 AM
      DATE: July 22, 2011
      LUCIDITY: 1/5

      The whole dream was set in an unfamiliar building somewhere next to an old highway or railway, with many other people present.

      At some point in the dream, Johnny Depp and his supposed rival had to fight against each other for supremacy, by repeatedly running and colliding with each other. A couple other rival actor pairs were doing this, one of which involved Matsumoto Jun, I think.

      Then I was a police officer and I was a few seconds late for duty. I tore out of the building and down the short pathway to where I was supposed to be stationed at the edge of the highway, but my boss was crazy about punctuality and I was punished for being several seconds late. There was some kind of emergency or chaotic event going on in the area, so they had desperately needed all officers' help and that would explain why they were pissed off about my lateness, even if it wasn't that bad.

      In another part of the dream, a guy sitting across from me tried to initiate a singalong, and for the first few seconds my voice was weak and shaky and I sounded far worse than usual. I don't remember what song we were trying to sing. There were a few others singing it with us.

      I think in part of the dream I was fighting with some friends, but my memory of that part is too hazy to form into words. Darn my laziness, it's so much harder to recall the details with so little recent practice : <
    6. Wave 3: Early Bird

      by , 08-01-2010 at 05:56 PM (The Meerkat's Lair)
      It is the 3rd night and im starting to get the hang of dream recall. I have not had a night without a dream. Yet. But every morning i wake up with no dream in mind, fall asleep after a while and THEN get a very clear dream. I believe thats why WILDers wake up early in the stage of REM. It kinda makes sense and is completely natural. I guess. So anyway I wake up in the middle of the night completely empty.

      Heres the thing: I had NO IDEA I fell asleep. I look at the time; 5:30. Holy crap. BUT I DIDNT NOTICE I FELL ASLEEP! Then i went, maybe im deaming. Check. Nope. Very awake. But its dark like midnight outside! So I start again but as I try to fall asleep I see the sun rising and morning pointing his ugly face. Crap i have nothing.

      So heres the dream:
      Im fighting a creature that looks like a mix of the Joker and Johnny Depp (in Alice). I never touch him during the dream; he throws stuff which I avoid or catch and throw back. We are fighting in a scenery that looks similar to the forest in Alice (though i didnt see the movie).

      After a while I end up next to a ladder which leads to a dark attic/cave. I hesitate and decide not to go inside in fear of meeting a Skulltula (huge spider in Zelda that hangs on ceilings). Down there is a turquoise (greenish blue) flashing light. I am not myself; I am a big bearded man. Then what appears to be a clone of me and my wife (?) jump down. The light becomes huge and they never come back.

      Back with Johnny, in my living room this time. He throws some kind of boomerang like Batmans, but when i catch it it becomes soft and flexible. I also catch and throw a thing that looks like a Liechi Berry in pokemon, only much bigger. I find a way to lock him up outside behind the main entrance. I see his blurry face through the window. Then I turn around, go up the stairs and when I look back: he got back in. Then i scream : HEIN? COMMENT YA FAIT POUR RENTRER?!
      (how did he get back in?!) Then i wake up.

      Note: This was not a nightmare. Simply a weird, creepy dream.

      I remember vaguely another dream before that where I tried to impress Ali the Bachelorette by writing mean things in a window of a room. Then she would get inside the room and see all those sweet messages I wrote all over the walls and ceiling. All of them were signed: Ray,Ray,Ray,Ray.... I think i was helped by a group of asian policemen. Thats it.
    7. #38. Demon Barbers, Malfunctioning Portals

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:51 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Two characters are around my old apartment in Ixburg. They look like Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.. I play with story lines and wonder what's about to happen. Then I'm running over rooftops and away from Sweeney Todd.

      I'm on the roof and he's on the ground. I double back quickly, jumping down and landing a flying kick to his head. Then I turn around and keep running.

      I'm in a playground, on top of one of the structures. There's a man with me. He has the head of an eagle, and wings. He tells me that something is out of alignment within me, that my back hurts because of it. I see tattoos dancing across skin as he presses into the pressure points on my back. I see his wings spread out above, and ask if I can touch them. He tells me not to.

      I decide I liked the old tower better, even if it was less accessible. I crawl in through the window and realize that someone is lying on the floor. I ask him if he has a pulse. He says that he doesn't.

      I fall into an ocean of black water. I swim to the surface, take a breath. I'm treading water for only a moment before I'm pulled under again. Everything is fuzzy, but I keep breathing, and I realize that I'm dreaming. I swim to the bottom, covered in dark grey silt, and maybe a shipwreck or two. I concentrate on dissolving the dream or opening a portal or maybe both

      I'm balanced precariously on the dark surface, which is riddled with craters. Briefly, I believe that I've made it to the moon, but I see the crescent moon on the horizon. I think that I'm on an asteroid between the Earth and the moon. I walk over the crest of the asteroid (10m in diametre), and look out at the moon. I'm perched at the top of a crater. I'm pressed against the ceiling, and
      everything is going dark.

      I'm in Ixburg. My parent's house is next to my oma's house as part of a duplex. The door is unlocked. I talk to my oma and am invited in. We make room for the group of Katimavik kids that are in town.

      Outside fighting against some kind of non-human enemy. My character isn't supposed to have superpowers, but I do anyway. I see myself flying from a third person POV.

      Demon Barbers, Malfunctioning Portals. Scare Factor: 3.
    8. #24. Bible Camp

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:13 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm standing in one of the cabins at a bible camp I used to attend. There are two girls in the room, and the first asks if I'll be staying here. I'm a bit confused, so I say that's possible, as I move my stuff across the room to an empty bed. This is an empty bed, right?

      "What year is it?" I ask.

      Without even blinking, the first girl replies, "1995". I do some quick calculations and realize that I'm pretty sure I didn't go to bible camp until '96 or '97. Briefly, my dream-self is my present-me, though no one other than me notices. I concentrate on shrinking myself to a point where I'll fit the story.

      The first girl wants to make me feel better, so she hands me a 1995 issue of Climbing, still in plastic. I'm pretty excited, so I thank her and take the package, tearing it open. I ask if I can use the poster insert for the week, to hang on the wall. (Note: my real bedroom walls are plastered with climbing posters, art, postcards, and maps.) I notice that I've ripped the cover up the spine a bit, so I look for some tape to fix it.

      Girl #1 asks me not to tell on her for using the word "hell".

      I look around my suitcase and find a spiral bound notebook small enough to fit in the pocket of my cargo pants. The front pages are already filled with dream journal entries prefixed by the "~" I use in my written journal. I grab a pen, too. Might as well start on the kid genius routine to get a few writings published early.

      Girl #2 is reading a book when the counsellor walks in, a girl with black curly hair who, huh, would actually be younger than me in real life. Weird. She praises the little girl with long blonde hair, who just looks more and more annoyed as she's praised and showered with gold stars and cabin points.

      Hey, I remember that. In grade three. With the book on volcanoes. Hm.

      Girl #1 immediately scoops up a book and pretends she was reading the whole time. The cabin counsellor looks at me expectantly.

      "Eh heh, no." I say flatly, "I just finished reading The Great Gatsby; I'm going outside."

      I wander away, looking for something to do. None of my contingency plans for time travel to bible camp go farther than "try not to get exorcised".

      I sit on a swing and recognize a few relatives from an inlawish side of the family that doesn't actually exist yet. As I probably haven't met them, I resolve to swing on swings. And ask people what they would do if they got to relive their respective childhoods. Other than die of boredom.

      Whatever it was that I decided to do, it got me in trouble, all right. There's a boy from the swing set crying in the kitchen we've been left in, repeatedly saying, "I'm going to hell!" I try to reassure him by saying that there's no such thing as hell; it's just a story. I stop short of saying "There's also no God, Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus," because that would just be mean. Oddly, the boy doesn't seem to have calmed down at all. So I ignore him.

      From what they tell me, I'm half-sure they're going to get me to do their accounting for them. It turns out that the Mad Hatter intervened and I get to serve my time in the kitchen developing new flavours of candy. Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka, either way, I get to hang out with Johnny Depp.

      Lucid moments while I'm waking up, or they wake me up. Dream scenes fade, swirling away into a brown-black nothing, while I hold on to the feeling of whatever I'm touching at the moment.

      Bible Camp. Scare Factor: 2, oddly enough.