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    1. Tuesday, February 19

      by , 02-22-2019 at 02:29 AM
      I am at some small event in some smaller event room. There are people from work here as well as Sage and maybe her boyfriend. I have come here with Makayla; I think it is somewhere in California. Makayla calls Mom to ask if we can stay here for dinner. I say, mostly to myself since she’s on the phone, that Mom could throw us a 20 and it would help. Mom says yes, inciting a subdued bout of excitement. I envision taking an Uber back just as a humorous scenario, mentally gawking at what it would cost if they even go that far. I am seated now, at the end of one of two tables that abuts the other. Against the wall and on smaller display tables are the beers on tap. Each actually looks like its own little machine - they range in appearance from slushee machines to small drink vending machines, etc, each with their own design for the beer within. Evelyn from work is looking at them all, very closely. I wasn’t going to go up and look at them alone, so I take this opportunity. There are some fairly good options, but nothing amazing. I think I see the Sierra Nevada Torpedo. I think there is a porter and a hefeweizen, the hefe in what looks like a pineapple yellow pina colada machine. I think its name is slightly off - actually Heineken or something? I think I decide to pass on it because it seems like a bad imitation of the style. I think I end up with a glass of the Torpedo. I’m now seated again, across from Sage and maybe her boyfriend. The apparent host, a petite, bald, bespectacled man wearing a white apron around his waist, is coming around and jovially making sure everything and everyone is okay. Everyone seems to be uplifted by this quaint man’s demeanor. He takes Sage’s order, which is ‘spare pork’. I now see a plate of it in front of her, three or four generously sized slices of pork. He looks at me now, and I want the same thing, but ‘spare pork’ sounds wrong, so I say instead ‘the same thing’. I notice my drink is a few sips away from being empty. I want to order another while I have the service available, but I also don’t want to ask for more while I still have some.

      I am working a wedding. I am standing outside and near the entrance gate to what seems to be a large, upscale country club. Everything seems spread out, showcasing the grassy, and in places marshy, land. It seems like a pleasant day. I am holding a fairly big gift bag - it is for the couple whom I just saw but now cannot find. I feel sort of out of place. I want to get this gift to them, but guests keep showing up, expecting me to direct them. A lifted, impossibly white truck approaches; the driver is impeccably clean cut and dressed in an effortlessly classy and flattering suit. Through his open window, he tells me that he likes my shoes. They are my new ones (that I bought at work). I’m also wearing dress pants and a tucked dress shirt. He now asks me where the ‘halfway point’ is, and I hesitate. He asks again, kind of snootily, as if I should know right away. It makes me feel kind of stupid. I then recall an image of a white line on some asphalt, so I tell the man to continue on and he will see the halfway point marked with a white line, gesturing with my hands. To my left, I see the asphalt walkway meandering through and then becoming obscured by some tall grasses. I see men in suits walking with girls in dresses, all pastel colors, and it is idyllic. I now start walking, but I am not on any walkway. The ground is marshy; my feet start to sink enough to get the tops of my shoes wet. Beth has apparently been watching me and asks what I’m doing. I inwardly agree with her sentiment and start to come back. I still want to give them this gift though, so I start again, though this time I seem to be holding onto some kind of ledge and traversing with my feet also on some small lip of something more solid than the marsh. It all seems cramped and small and obscured by the foliage. *It is as I’m doing this that I hear my alarm go off.

      Mom is in my room and has apparently been going through my stuff, as she is holding up what’s left of a joint in a plastic bag that was hidden in my laundry basket. She seems really upset, mad, or disappointed. I’m not sure why; it’s really not that big of a deal to me. She’s also holding some new clothes she got for me. There are some tank tops on hangers and some red and blue underwear that look more like Speedos. I take them and hang them in the closet; they are a tight fit. I think I’m getting ready to go to class or work.

      I am in the bathroom with Melissa. I am naked at least from the waist down, and using some hair removal cream? on my pubic region. For whatever reason, I start rubbing it on my lower legs, until it starts to feel like there’s less hair (I didn’t intend to remove the hair on my legs). I tell Melissa I just accidentally removed all my leg hair and she doesn’t believe me. I rub my legs, feeling only skin and stubble.
    2. Wednesday, February 6

      by , 02-17-2019 at 12:36 AM
      I am, I think, outside of a large, unfamiliar house. It’s slightly above me in elevation, and there’s a slightly winding walkway down to the water? It ends in an octagonal and covered dock. It’s covered in what seems like a green canvas material. There are multiple pieces of it, resulting in slight openings where their edges meet. Someone is/was with me; I ask her if she thinks the weed scent would linger down here, and she says no. I recline in a chair and light a joint. After a few tokes, I shake off the resulting clump of ash.
    3. Saturday, January 19

      by , 02-02-2019 at 11:56 PM
      I am outside of the preschool (I only have the thought that it is the preschool - it looks nothing like it). I’m standing with my back against a cement wall. I think it’s a ramp or something, as the building is a bit above where I am. It seems more like an elementary school. Melissa and some other girl are with me. I am smoking a joint, passing it to this other girl at times. Now, Nathaniel’s mom and sister show up. I hold the joint down at my left side, partially obscuring it, but not completely concealing it, as I don’t feel the need to. They start talking with us and Beatrice, seeming older, casually takes the joint. Before she does anything with it, Stephanie asks sharply “is that a marijuana cigarette?” with a small, incredulous, and accusing emphasis on the last two words. It is largely rhetoric anyway; she already knows it is. She bats it out of her hand and the two of them leave. When Stephanie asked, Melissa had quickly said no and backed away a few steps. I pick the joint up, bending it back into shape a bit, feeling bad about this whole situation. Apparently word has gotten to Niki, as she is quickly coming over here. She seems mad as she tries to talk to me and I just walk away from her. Sometime later I am texting Melissa, telling her I’m very sorry. She says that Stephanie is livid. I get the impression that Melissa is more upset at her being mad than at me. I now go into a building here, as if I’m going to work. It looks nothing like work and more like an IKEA, but more ornate and with larger rooms with higher ceilings. There is so much furniture and things on the walls that it looks as if it could be a hidden object game. There are a lot of people walking through here. I am taking a few of the same fuzzy, zip-up sweatshirts back. I feel a little high, and it is agreeable. It puts a smile on my face. Without the sweatshirts now, I enter a room. This room has a dark wood floor and a velvety, mossy green tapestry covering two of the walls. There’s also a black grand piano on the left wall. James is here, and I ask if he can play. He tells me “a little” and sits at the piano. He starts playing something that actually sounds pretty advanced. It oscillates between low and high notes; the lows sound far too deep for a piano, and the high notes are pretty high as well. I think that I’d like to try this piano. I also think that there are two older men sitting in two chairs in the far corner.
    4. One of my first dream recalls

      by , 01-29-2012 at 11:12 PM
      Sitting somewhere at night with a large group. They were all wearing the same sweaters and without looking I had a strong feeling that I wasn't. We were sitting around waiting for some event we had planned. eventually a girl came and sat down beside me really close. I didn't know her but she started to kinda flirt and put her hand touching mine so I just grabbed it and started holding her hand. Like many others I'm a little more bold in my dreams. News that our event got cancelled came and I was extremely dissapointed. Then there was something about cars and ethnicity. I was talking to an Asian girl about "her" cars as they drove around the place we were in. I'm not sure who this girl was but she may have been the girl holding hands with me. I would say something like "that's your car" pointing to a Mazda rx7 driving by. Then a Bugatti Veyron drove in and parked making my friends have to move, which was an asshole move but maybe we were sitting in a parking lot. The girl holding my hand left at some point. My friend then gave me a joint that was quite poorly rolled. I started smoking and didn't feel smoke in my lungs but didn't really notice or care. Then a Russian man came out who was with us before but i forget what happened at that time. Anyways i felt as if he wouldn't like my joint so i tried am attempt at hiding it then put it out when i could. He then asked for people to help him. I was trying to communicate to him asking if it was a lifting job while making a lifting motion, he didn't much care for this and continued walking. At some point a thought is born and I think I'm filming for a movie and have this constantly in the back of my head. We get closer to our objective and he says we need to set up ammunition for his gun. I ask what kind and he says something with a 3 in it and i know its a sniper rifle and I'm very pleased hoping ill get to shoot it (somehow we can communicate now). When we get there, there is a tall fence structure that looks half art half labrynth. Little bit of a blank, but after we're climbing out over it. Everyone else finds it very easy but i go to climb under and notice the space at the bottom is very small. At this point i realise i have a backpack on (WTF). The decision to climb over the fence comes into play which in waking life would have been my first decision because I'm moderately agile. Climbing over seems very realistic, like a compilation of every fence I've ever climbed in my life. I blanked again but after i see my friend Claire and she says something very strange to maybe just me, but i feel all of us. I take it and play it off with intrigue that's both made up and partially real. The bullshit intrigue comes from The previous knowledge that were filming for a movie, and the real intrigue because I have no idea of any script or anything about the movie. I make a shitty actor move and look for a camera but can't even screw up because there's nothing. No lense or person to be found. I follow Claire and do something weird like put my head on her shoulder cause i don't Care about the movie and I wake up.
      Hunger prevented me from doing a WBTB
    5. Readings and healing at the backroom

      by , 05-18-2011 at 03:39 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Readings and healing at the backroom (Non-lucid)


      I was at work, but the store was way bigger and I had a different manager. I was told something and the manager started to laugh.

      I went to the backroom where I found a kitchen and met with a psychic. I had to find a light or something. The psychic told me she had a light, made out of her energy. She told me that as I was a psychic too, I could hold the light, but non psychic would just make the light vanish.

      The psychic offered a reading, but I told her I could make my own readings as I was able to Read the tarot. The psychic opened a small box with joints and cigarettes, offering one. I told her I did not smoke, besides of the eventual cigar. I decided to take a cigar.

      A few moments later, the psychic was giving a reading to a guy about his work. She told me that I needed to heal that guy after the reading, and I agreed. However, the psychic was smoking and bothered the guy who was receiving the reading. A few moments later, the psychic was a medium now and she needed to find some evidence on the Spirit World.
    6. 7/26/2010 - Pterodactyl

      by , 07-26-2010 at 01:53 PM
      [my recall is like, all over the place, so I don't know how accurate everything will be, in-order wise.]


      Another dream where I am not really myself. First I see a classroom that only has 6 children in it and 1 teacher. Each child had a twin. They start talking about dinosaurs. Now, in first person view, I'm a pterodactyl and I'm flying very high in the air. I swoop down and start eating these buildings, that to me were very tiny, but that was because I was a large dinosaur. The buildings were a pale yellow, and seemed like they were made of legos.

      Other stuff
      I was in my grandmothers backyard[FL] sitting on the steps with my sister. We start smoking a joint.
      In NC at a relatives house, mother is there but its not really my mother, cousin Tabitha is there but it's not really her.
      Being in my old house upstairs in the little extra room. Opening up the roof all the way until the roof isn't there anymore.
      At some house, swimming in the pool with my brother. Some kid is acting like a little asshole towards my brother so I say something about it. I get out of the pool and walk inside the house.

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