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    1. 19-04-07 Nuked Future, Villains Control Government, Beginning of Time

      by , 04-07-2019 at 04:13 PM
      Awesome semi-lucid dream. I was in a meeting room (at the white house or similar-looking government building), seated at the table with a bunch of government officials. Opposite of me was the president, a white man but not Trump. To my right was a petite blonde girl (mid-'20s), my love interest and some kind of aide of the president. She reminds me of Harleen Quinzel before she turned into Harley. Other, unnamed people filled the other chairs. I was nervous. I felt like I didn't really belong there, and I couldn't really look the president in the eye. There was some talk, I guess, until I noticed the Joker appear out of the shadows. Suddenly I saw the table was longer than I thought towards the president's right (my left), and it was full of supervillains. The president and the other officials looked entirely comfortable with their presence. I think I realized I was in the DC-universe, but the girl told me to shush. I realized telling fictional characters they are fictional can have cataclysmic results. The joked them revealed several bare-chested men strung up on the wall, their faces painted like clowns. He gutted them like fish with a knife. I guess they were traitors. After the meeting, I was disgusted - the idea that the government was run by literal villains, and everyone was okay with this. My 'girlfriend' tried to play it down, responding to my outrage with stuff like 'don't you love me anymore'. She was clearly 100% on board with this. She touched me and playfully kissed my cheek, but I could tell she was trying to seduce me. Wind me around her little finger to make me agree with anything her masters wanted to do. I told her I was onto her. I told her I knew what game she was playing, and she was trying to manipulate me. Her demeanor changed instantly from faux-sweetness to silent anger. I felt a little bad for some reason, so I said being manipulative could be an asset in government. But it wouldn't work on me. Without saying a word, she walked away (she wore heels). I left the meeting. The building was pretty crowded with people on the inside. I took an escalator to the lower floors, where I encountered the Joker again but did not interact with him.

      Outside the building, I somehow learned to fly. I don't recall how this happened. The world was rainy and dark. It was night. The atmosphere was very Blade Runner. I flew around, and noticed the city looked like it had been nuked in recent history. The impact crater was massive, easily 4 miles in diameter and 100 feet deep. In the epicenter, only the skeletal remains of a few skyscrapers still stuck out of the dust. I flew a bit further west, where the destruction of the nuke gave way to still inhabited parts of the city. There were colored neon signs everywhere, the text all in Japanese. I landed on top of a tall building overlooking the city. Imitating Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, I spread my arms and yelled 'Hello, Neo-Tokyo!'. The city had this synthwavey-cyberpunk vibe, hence Neo-Tokyo. I flew back over the crater, thinking about how the government was corrupt, and how these powers gave me a shot at doing something about it. I flew back to the 'white house' (which was about a mile outside of the crater to the northeast) and landed just outside.

      While flying, my view sometimes got blurry, but I managed to make it clear up by focusing. During these moments, I had a vague awareness I was dreaming. Enough to apply LD-techniques. I also noticed losing altitude or making turns was easier if I slowed down first, which I did by sort of 'swinging my legs forward' as if to land. Braking in mid-air.

      So, back at the government building. I got inside somehow. When there was a wall in my way, I used a brief burst of speed to crash right through it (like flight but at ground level). I was pissed. I felt angry at myself for being so spineless before, and not standing up to the bad guys before I got these powers. I was going to kill all the villains. I climbed the escalators. I saw a young woman, crying and being chased by an older woman who clearly wanted to hurt her. This is where it gets violent and a little gross. I grabbed the pursuing woman, and proceeded to rip her head off. It didn't really come all the way off, but her neck did tear. A man looked at me, wide-eyed. He said that these were androids, and they were supposed to be indestructible. At that point, my victim was really small (like a couple inches), like a doll made out of plastic, and I was ripping the head off with my teeth. It tasted like plastic, too... Anyhoo... I proceeded to make my way through the building with the intent to massacre the bad guys and assassinate the president.


      I woke up, but fell asleep again after 15 minutes. I was inside a video game world. I was supposed to jump down into a massive hole. The center was the 'Door of Komalie', a gateway to Hell. However, I missed the center, and fell into the fiery void around it. I found myself in a really beautiful place. It was a void, like deep space, but it was filled completely with a bright orange and yellow nebula. I realized this was the universe nanoseconds after it had been born (or right after its death, time being cyclical). I just hovered in the middle, loving the view. After a while, I wanted to get back. I flew upwards, until I could see the world above me. Distances were so vast, I wasn't sure I could go fast enough to get there in reasonable time. But I managed to speed up exponentially, eventually bursting through the ocean floor and finally the water surface into the sky. It was still a rainy night, and I recognized the city on the horizon as NYC.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Day In Prison

      by , 04-27-2017 at 10:43 PM
      Well the first thing i remember is being in a bathroom stall, i looked down at my hands and i was holding onto a small cellphone, then i noticed what i was wearing, some sort of a khakis uniform that looked really familiar but couldn't figure out where i seen the before. I looked back at the cell phone i was holding, i opened it and read the messaged that was on it.

      "I'm coming for you tonight, be ready. -J"

      I closed it and thought, 'Shit. its one of those dreams, okay lets play then.' I put the phone in my bra, and stepped out of the stall, i looked around and pretended to wash my hands in one of the sinks. I looked up into the mirror and the way i looked scared me, i had my normal long purple dream hair, i was paler then usual, and i had scars starting from both sides of my mouth leading up on both of my cheeks. I looked away fast, i finally knew that i would have to act like the Jokers daughter, i was curious where this dream would lead me so i didn't mind going along with it.

      I walked out of the restroom and when i saw other girls in the hallways with khakis i finally snapped where i was, i was in the orange is the new black prison, i smiled big when i caught on, i have been binge watching the show for the past 2 weeks and i was waiting to dream this, but i never thought i would have to play as the jokers daughter. oh well. "What are you smiling about inmate?!" a guard in special uniform asked me. "Nothing, jeez cant i smile?!" i said back sarcastically. He looked at me angrily, "Do you want a shot?!" he yelled. I raised my hands in protest and shook my head. He walked away and i sighed with relief, "3 seasons and i still don't fully know what a shot is." i said with a chuckle.

      The next thing i know, i am sitting on my bed and Piper Chapman is talking to me about some panty business and how she wants me to wear them and then give them back to her, apparently she is my bunk buddy cause after saying no to her panty business she went back to her bed and started to text on a cell phone. I was really starting to get bored so i attempted to use my bending to try to excite things up. I tried to make a small flame in my hand and when i felt the heat to rise something shocked me hard on my neck. I jumped with more of surprise then pain. "What the -" i begin to say. "Inmate Cross, that's 2 shot, try it again and i shock you to sleep." The guard from before said. He was holding up a small remote device in his hands and he was smiling at me.

      I felt around my neck and notice i was wearing a large metal brace, 'These assholes' i thought. I figured that i was being restrained to use my powers in this dream so i didnt really fight it, i sat back and pouted. Piper sat next to me and i looked at her weird, "Can i help you?" i asked. "Is it true that you have powers? And how did you get those nasty scars on your cheeks?" she asked back. i rolled my eyes, "If you dont get off my bed im going to punch you in the face." i said harshly. She quickly got up and went back to her bed. I laid down and closed my eyes, it was black for a bit then when i opened them i saw a clown mask in front of my face. I screamed and punched it as hard as i could.

      "Agh! you stupid girl its me!" Joker's voice said. I got up from my bed and hugged him, "Dad! finally, i was getting bored here." i said happily. I looked around and saw jokers goons shooting in every direction, all the inmates where hiding underneath their beds while guards tried to fight off jokers goons. "Hurry up, make a uh- hole in the wall." joker said to me. "I cant, duh!" i said while pointing to the brace on my neck. He growled and shoved a gun in my hand, "Lets go." he said. He ran out of my bunk and i looked at piper under the bed, "Hey you can come with us if you want?" i asked sincerely. she turned to me with tears in her eyes, "With freaks like you and your dad?! i rather rot in here." she spit back. I sighed and pointed the gun at her, "Suit your self!" i said with a smile, i shot the gun at her but the bullet only went in her arm, she screamed and i laughed as i followed behind joker.

      The next thing i know were running through the yard and i reached to touch the brace on my neck but it wasn't there anymore, "What are you waiting for stupid?! They're coming!" Joker yelled at me, i looked behind me and saw so many guard running towards us. i panicked and raised both of my hands forcefully which cause a huge wall of earth to come up from the ground, it towered high. I knew the guards where on the other side so with one big push i made the wall fall onto the guards, it made a loud crash as it fell. then it was quiet. We stopped running and just looked to where the guards once were, and Inmates in orange and khaki ran out from the building and just ran passed us to freedom.

      I turned around back to joker and he was laughing hysterically and i couldnt help but laugh as well, we were walking until we heard a gunshot. we stopped and joker looked at me scared, i had never seen joker scared in my dreams before so this was new. I was going to say something but when i tried to speak, liquid came out instead. I touched it and it was blood. I realized i was the one who got shot, i turned around and saw piper holding onto a gun that was pointed at me. She was bleeding from her arm and was struggling to stand. I smiled at her and raised both of my arms. The last thing i remember was hearing her say, "Dont fuck with me."

      Damn this was intense for me, but it was fun to play along. Sucks i couldnt kick pipers ass but oh well, hopefully i dream of Orange is the new black, without joker being involved. Once again if you have an questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
    3. #121 - Hero kind of dream

      by , 10-04-2015 at 01:05 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream - Hero kind of dream
      I seem to have entered a warehouse in the dark of the night. The place had some lighting from the moonlight outside. It was quite open and spacious with a ground floor and upper floor (not separated by a floor, more like iron bridges and railings). I felt like I was a batman-esque type character who had infiltrated the place to fight evil. There were 2 other characters there, one was sort of like the joker, his style was to plant fireworks as bombs in order to kill you. I don't remember much about the other person, only that I think it was a girl that resembled Catwoman. I run up the stairs as I enter the warehouse, I think I even spar with the joker a bit. He's laid down some traps at the top of the staircase which explode mercilessly. I survive pretty easily, almost like nothing even happened...
      The jokers weakness was that he couldn't do long drawn-out battles or close-combat effectively. So as soon as I cleared his fireworks and moved towards him I immediately had the upper hand. He was low on fireworks and started panicking. For some reason I think the warehouse was starting to collapse and we all had to make our escapes, I jumped back down to the ground floor and turned left to a tunnel underneath the staircase. I think I just remember running down the tunnel and then waking up.
    4. Getting Annoyed, Working With the Joker, and Being Hunted by Vampires

      by , 10-30-2014 at 04:57 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1
      I was in my bathroom and two other kids from my school who I know were there. I got into the shower and they kept on messing around and I was getting really annoyed with them, because they were keeping me from showering. I was then in the courtyard of my high school and I was talking to a girl trying to get her to do something again.

      Dream 2
      I was like the arrow, but I wasn't him. I went to the Joker’s office and had my assistant schedule an appointment. We purposely set off an alarm so we knew exactly where all of the security stuff was. The guard at the front checked us over and when we got through my assistant looked at a computer to see where things were. I was in the Joker’s office and it was like any other plain office. There was a plant on the table. I was trying to get him to help me or something. Then I was on Hawaii on vacation. I was out boating and we came up next to a very large island. The island had a cliff that dropped straight down, so you couldn't get onto it, and it was lush with tropical forest. There had been a boat that crashed and people were stranded in the sea. Our boat crashed and I had to swim to an island out a ways to stay alive. It was barely out of the water and pure black. There were other people on it. Then A plain flew over us and shot some bullets. I saw on the side of the plain it said F.I.E.N.D, which stood for something about America and tax. Then I was riding a four-wheeler in a construction type area and there are lots of jumps to go off. The four-wheeler is too tiny for me though. I call the Joker up while going through a dark alley and ask him for help, and I think he finally agrees. I hang up and do one last circle before heading back to the highway. I look at the ground and the dirt is moving by itself. I think an animal is under it. I can’t go on the highway because cars keep on coming. Finally, one stops for me but it gets hit. When I pull out onto the highway, the ambulance and police come and I have to stop too. I see a few people get out of the car involved in the crash, and I know it was their job to keep me from getting away so they got into a crash on purpose. I see Insisidus written on the side of the car. (Lik Insidious but spelled wrong) Then they suddenly have an RV and are staying on the side of the road. They are vampires and the guy’s daughter wants blood but since I was around she drank what normal people drink. I then look up something on the internet, what I think the movie was called. And lots of scary pictures show up.
    5. Chirpy Chick, Naked Chick, One Piece & GTA: San Andreas, Joker Tries to Scare Me

      by , 10-24-2014 at 06:58 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Holding a Chick (Chirp Kind of Chick) (DILD)


      Too lazy to go into detail.

      Riding a vehicle, or something like that. I see chicks walking in a neighborhood, and I look at ones near perfectly green grass. I grab one, and I get a first person view of the chick in an ultra 4k type of resolution, and then some, and even that would be an understatement of the visual quality.

      I take the chick home, and wanted to take care of it by cleaning it.

      At some point between this experiences, there were a few 3d cartoonish chickens and chicks wearing police outfits, trying to grab the chick away from me, but not being able to do so at all.

      I apply some green dishwashing soap, and just as I was about to rinse it, their eyes are gone, and their whole body and eyes turn into glass.


      Naked Female Outside By the Door Wants to Play (DILD)


      I’m only wearing a towel that consists of a variety of colors with a base color of a light swamp green, and subtle shades of yellow. I have a body completely abnormal from one I have in waking life, and the whole dream has an atmospheric overlay of an overly-realistic lighting setting of sunset, or early morning.

      I can sense two people are in the house, I presume they are a few of my relatives, and the whole house in general by deducing the environment just through peripheral vision alone was akin to the one I’m residing currently IRL. It seemed too idealistic, and the sensations and emotions I was exhibiting seemed a bit beyond my cognitive grasp.

      It must be a feeling of just taking a nice shower in a dream. The doorbell rings, and I somehow was the first person to get to it. I open it slowly while forgetting that I’m basically half-naked, and in front of me is a naked female. She has her right leg bent slightly, as if she’s raising her right foot up to where it’s just the tip of her toes that are on the ground.

      Her left leg is mostly straight, and she’s bending her back slightly, but not too much. Her right hand is placed firmly on her love handles, kind of like those facebook pictures you see girls mostly posing as.

      She has her left hand near her mouth, with her index finger sticking out that’s the closest to her lips. I shift around perspectives, and look at myself from her point of view, and noticed how my mind is rendering out ideal proportions of a male’s body, I guess.

      I’m not so sure on my reaction in seeing this female, and all I can really pay attention to was her facial expressions, and how she was able to indirectly tell me that she wanted to be sexually playful with me. She resembled the anime style below, albeit with blue hair and eyes, and maybe a red collar with a yellow orb attached to her neck:

      I hear one dream character state,

      “Put some clothes on.”

      I’m not sure who they were directing that to, but I had a feeling they meant me since I’m sure they couldn’t see anyone outside seeing how the female was standing by a point where anyone standing to the left, and even in the middle of my location would be completely unaware of what’s going on.


      One Piece and GTA: San Andreas (DILD)


      I’m watching a dream character that looks like the main character from GTA: San Andreas in a white vest, and baggy blue jeans. He’s coming out of prison, and somehow, the One Piece crew mates are appearing one by one as he’s walking, running, and/or driving his way out of prison.


      Joker Tries To Scare Me (DILD)


      The Joker tries to scare me by setting up flying and rotating saw blades with chains linked to them. I can hear the swooshing sound, and after realizing this is a dream a long time ago, I just don’t care Joker.

      I just can't, your existence is transient anyway.

      Also, Batman shows up, or maybe it was Owlman:

      But I hardly think that really matters.....HAAAAAAA
      Spoiler for what do you mean by that:

      When you’re not afraid of what’s going on in front of you when you’re looking at someone that’s supposed to be the epitomized totality of chaos and hell-bent insanity……………

      I should get that checked.

      Updated 12-03-2014 at 07:01 AM by 47756

      lucid , memorable
    6. The Joker

      by , 06-26-2014 at 07:42 AM
      The Joker


      I´m in an old school i dont recognize. I go outside and see a street. The school is pretty dark and made out of dark bricks. I see a near roof and decide to climb up there. I use a rain gutter to get up there. As i explore the roof a narrator voice tells me the joker has arrived. I climb down and there are already a couple guys fighting him. I shoot a gun at him but miss. He then shoots at me and i lay down on the ground and play dead. I´m really scared but at the same time i kinda know that I´m safe. My family comes and thinks I´m dead but i explain my playing dead. I´m back on the roof circled by a group of bad guys with all kinds of weapons. I go right for the first one and punch him in the face. I take his RPG and begin firing at the other ones. Sadly nothing really happens and they only fly around in the air after getting hit. Apparently I´m also really bad at aiming with such a weapon . So when i realize i cant kil them i decide to talk to them. Turns out they´re not so bad after all. From time to time in the conversation i try to murder them by firing right infront of their feet but they just grin stupidly.
      I climb down the pipe and go to the other group, nobody´s fighting anymore. I´m confused and look for the Joker. I find him standing next to us with a Joker mask on. I pull down his mask to reveal the same thing just for real now. I grab him from behind when he try´s to run, grab his head and attempt an epic neck snap but nothing really happens so i give up. The Joker seems dead now. Everything looks good now I´m pleased and i go talk to the remaining people who just started a mouth watering BBQ.
    7. The Joker and an RPG

      by , 12-02-2012 at 11:54 PM
      [fragments scribbled down in the middle of the night]

      Waiting for Joker

      w/ rocket launcher in sewers
      Inside the door he says: [nothing else written]
    8. Loli, Gray Font, We had Homework?, Blonde Female in Black

      by , 07-23-2012 at 09:57 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Lolis are for Pros (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, and it seems to be owned by my uncle. It definitely is not his home, but I just ignore querying him in the first place.

      I believe while he's gone somewhere, I'm with his sons and the daughter, and we're getting ready to go somewhere by sorting through the bags with our clothes.

      Something feels weird when I'm sorting through the clothes, and as I realize that these clothes obviously don't match what I wear in waking life, or at least the style of what I usually wear
      (which is usually generic compared to others anyway), the others catch up on this as well.

      We finally come to the conclusion that I mixed up my clothes with one of my uncle's sons, the older one that is. I saw that one of the long sleeved sweaters had light gray, dark gray, and black stripes on it.

      The older cousin is slightly annoyed that we mixed our clothes up together, but we eventually sort that problem out fairly quickly.

      I forget all the minor details, but we eventually get ready to go to a mall to buy some things, I don't know what, but we're definitely headed to buy something. I had a hunch that it was something related to the phone that I already had in possession.

      I remember my uncle declaring that it was something related to having Firefox on my phone, which could be a homologous variation from me looking at the Firefox homepage that suggests one should download the app for the Android phone....or not.

      It wasn't a Blackberry phone though, it somewhat looked like an Android or Iphone. The mall we're inside has a blue carpet flooring to it, at least the walkway did before one goes to any of the outlets on the side.

      Surprisingly, I was the one taking the lead when we were all walking, at least that's what I thought I was doing, since I was sure where we would go first. My uncle, aunt, and cousins declared my name, and I turned around to see what's up.

      They informed me that we're going to the Video Game Outlet first, which makes me look up to see what was the name. It probably said "GameStop," and the font was either white on the first half, and red on the second half of the name, or vice versa.

      I tried looking closely to it, but my vision was slightly skewed and blurry when I looked at that specific point of view. Eventually, my uncle guides me to the path to get some special feature app for my phone, which is probably an Android phone too.

      There's a cute lady, I'd say in her mid-twenties. She has nice brunette hair, a little shine to it. She was wearing a fancy white shirt with a slight V-neck cut on the neck region of it I think, and she would a simple but smooth looking black skirt. I think she had black high heels as well, and she was sitting on a metal stool.

      She has a stack of papers clipped together, and a black pen in her hands, and she has a wonderful smile as well, especially when I came closer to her. But it's probably just her being kind to everyone. She directs me on some things, and I just nod my head throughout the whole process.

      I was paying attention to her visage, absolutely enticed by it. Her cheeks had a little glow to them, makeup probably enhanced that, and the way she looks down on the paper, her eyelashes were long and curved up.

      Then there's a section of the paper where my uncle comes close to us, and he tells me I need to sign somewhere. I don't know why, but I started to get angry for some reason. I slammed my left hand very hard on the paper, and I told my uncle,

      "I KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      Maybe I wanted to look at the lady's visage more than be distracted, loool.

      I realized the intensity of my scream, and especially towards my uncle, I was surprised at myself. I didn't look at my uncle for a few seconds, because my eyes were still wide open in shock from my sudden shift in aggressive demeanor.

      My uncle didn't express any emotions of me being angry at him, in fact, he continued to point to me where to sign while being in a zen-like personality. The first words I wanted to declare to him were, "I'm Sorry," but something kept me from declaring them.

      To me, it felt worthless to apologize to him over something so petty that I let my emotions get the better of me.

      I guess the fortune cookie I received yesterday ordering Asian takeout that said, "Delay is the antidote for anger" was true.

      Apparently, I was questioned if I like Loli content, and my aunt even asked me in a joking manner.





      I said I don't.

      I believe I sign the paper after that awkward moment, and I can't remember how we head back home.

      Once we're home, I'm sitting on a separate cushion seat. I was basically in the fetal position, except that I was sitting instead of leaning to my side. I held my legs together with my arms, and could do nothing but stare at the ground. I still felt kind of depressed that I would scream at my uncle that way.

      I indulged myself in this depressed state of being, until my Aunt asked me if I would like something to eat/drink. I realized she was going out to get food and drinks for the others, and I go back to looking at the ground and replied, "No thank you."

      She leaves, and eventually, I decided that I should go get something to drink and eat for myself.

      The dream shifts to where I'm outside, going to a supermarket. It looks like Wal-Mart, but I just pay attention to actually going in than looking for the name outside. I walk around to find some soda, and I think I picked up some Crush Orange soda bottle.

      My aunt finds me, and I think she asks me something to related to me suddenly coming in the same store she was in.

      Gray Font (Non-lucid)


      I find some way to insert a random word in gray font on any website, though I can't see what the actual word is. I thought at first that it would go away when I refresh the page, but it actually sticks on the webpage unless I want it gone.

      I think I go on Dream Views, and stick in it random places.

      We had Homework? (Non-lucid)


      I was sitting in class, and a very young teacher that looked like a girl named Miranda that I know in waking life apparently assigned us homework yesterday. I was this close from panicking, because I didn't remember any of this!

      But it seems student declared that she just canceled the homework instead because nobody was doing it?

      Lol okay.

      Then another part in a different class where I thought I forgot to do my math homework, and I had thoughts of trying to pretentiously charm to some unlucky nerdy female to get it done for me.

      I look down on the desk I'm sitting on, and the homework is right there, mostly complete. Maybe it's because I didn't turn to see the back side of the page, but I had a feeling the homework was 15 questions to solve, and the first page had 8 or so questions solved.


      I think the next dream occurred after I failed to attempt a WILD after a WBTB in hopes of finding the password Mindraker created for the Password Shared Dreaming Experiment, but maybe the elements from these dreams themselves are giving me clues to find it....since I did write a note related to making sure that I will find the password somehow...so it was like a V-MILD throughout the day, and I did look at it a few times during the WBTB in hopes of seeing what happens.

      The blonde I met in the dream, I couldn't tell why she appeared, but because she was pretty much invincible to all gunfire, and kept a calm composure, it probably was for something important, but.....you'll see.
      Blonde Female in Black (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a dark area, and it feels like I'm on another sneaking mission. It has the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory type of setting to it, and I know that I'm the one making most of the decisions in this area, instead of controlling someone to do it.

      I'm trying my best to avoid enemies from spotting me, even though I have some weapons that are silenced. I was worried because I didn't want to shoot too much to the point that the silencer degrades and becomes useless. The enemy guards were wearing a winter type camouflage, with slight hues of green to them.

      As usual, the guards somehow know I'm here, forcing me to fend for myself by shooting each of them in fatal points. It takes a while to kill them off, since they called for back-up a lot, and they kept coming through a black door on the right that was 6 feet or more away from me. I fell on my back a lot for some reason, but managed to keep shooting them without taking too much damage, in fact, I didn't really feel any pain at all.

      After killing most of them to death, I continued moving through the ducts instead of the hallways that may be patrolled by more guards. Once I get out of the ducts, I have to walk across fragile wooden top areas that would be considered roofs or covering if you were down the hallways.

      I walked slowly, trying to make sure the creaking sound of the wooden areas wouldn't make it obvious that I'm hiding on top. I reached an area where there's water that floods the place at least up to people's waist. I see there's a section in front of me with an open, but dark door to go through. Problem is, there's a light source near it.

      I thought things out a while, and since I have weapons and items from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, I decided to just use the OCP (Optically Channeled Potentiator) extension from the 5-7 SC Pistol to temporarily shut down the light source.

      I knew that this would attract some attention, so I quickly decided to go to the wooden post that was next to the light source. I still had a lot of time before the light source would turn back on, and I looked to my right to see that in front, there are a lot of unarmed people wearing white dress shirts and black ties (black skirts for females).

      They were getting closer and closer to see what happened to the light source, and I quickly switched to the SC-20K to use the non-lethal attachments. I literally saw the small heads-up-display when switching weapons as well, and I scrolled down on the section for the SC-20K to the "Sticky Shocker"

      Since these people were in a body of water, I could make use of the little ammo of non-lethal weapons I had. Everyone were in small groups, around 6-10, so I started to shoot the sticky shocker near the group closest to me. They immediately collapse, and I waste no time to shoot one more sticky shocker at another group.

      I continued doing this two more times I believe, until I realized that I'm basically out of sticky shockers. I knew these people were unarmed, but I didn't want to resort to using actual bullets to defend myself. I try to calm down, but feelings of fear of being found out were too overwhelming for me.

      While I tried remaining poised, a very attractive blonde to my left is slowly walking in the water. She has her hair tied back, and is wearing a black shirt that is tied up under breasts. She's also wearing a very short skirt, barely covering, at most, 3-4 inches past her lower private region.

      The closest person that looked like her was Mila Kunis....just imagine her, except with blonde hair.

      She has a little mascara around her eyes, and out of reflex, I resorted to using the last non-lethal attachment I had for the SC-20k, which was the Airfoil Round ammo.

      She was unarmed as well, and I didn't want to shoot her or anything. Since a head shot was pretty much the only thing that would make the Airfoil Round's efficacy of knocking out a person work, I quickly aimed for her head and shot it.

      Nothing happens.......

      I'm pretty sure I was dead accurate. I tried shooting again, but nothing is happening. Compared to the dream characters on the right of the wooden post wondering why people are collapsing, the blonde on the left remains a calm composure. It's like she felt nothing at all, as if all those non-lethal shots just bounced off her.

      Her eyes, she was looking up, probably to slowly ascend to where I am at, and I realize she's actually advancing to my direction. She gets closer....



      And then I wake up because someone woke up me.


      Another dream character that is invincible to any attacks, would've been nice to see what she had to say to me, since I'm sure she knew where I was.

      Scorpion (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm at some kind of convention or meeting related to Art and Comic book creation and Mangas as well. While people are going around, they can edit out some parts of drawings, and I indulge in erasing parts of random drawings.

      I saw one drawing of a Naruto Shippuden Manga, and I lightly rubbed off a shading near Naruto's neck. It was a drawing of him with his eyes closed and smiling.

      Then someone alerts me to say that a painting or drawing of a Scorpion will not change into the color of the ink drops people are trying to saturate it with. I immediately run to see if this is really true, and I start out with small drops on the scorpion art piece.

      It quickly reforms back to its original color and state. I decided I should add more purple ink drops this time. Things seem to work at the time, but after a few seconds, it's like the drawing absorbed all the pink and it went back to the same color and state as before.

      I didn't know what else to do.

      Hmmmm, a drawing/painting of a Scorpion that doesn't conform to any color changes from the ink drops.........

      Hm....I honestly can't think of any interpretation from that.
      Sandwich Stolen (Non-lucid)


      I'm at the top floor somewhere, and it feels like night time. I go near the edge to look over to see that someone is buying a sandwich at one of those mini-trailer stores near malls.

      I couldn't see the cashier hand out the sandwich to the guy paying up front, but the sandwich is on his left side. As the guy is getting out his cash, I see a little child to the left of him quickly snatches the sandwich.

      My eyes widened from this unexpected event, and I wanted to pursue the child, but I wait for a while, and the child came up the stairs where me and several random dream characters were at.

      The man who was going to pay the cashier looked a lot like a guy named Jeremy that I met at a bus stop during Middle School. Let's just call him J for short.

      "J" gets ready to pay for the sandwich, and then realizes it's not there at all. "J" gets pissed off pretty quickly, and it seems he knows who stole it. He quickly runs to go upstairs, and before he makes his presence known, I quickly grabbed the child by the back of his shirt, lifted him up, and told "J" that he was responsible for stealing his sandwich.

      "J" looks at the child with a serious facial expression, but knows he can't really beat him to a pulp or anything like that.

      I let go of the child, and I believe to the left of me, there's a dream character that looks like the Cartoon Joker from Batman.....like the old school version of him.

      Except, he had longer and straighter hair, and his eyes squinted more.

      I believe I told him I was going to get him a sandwich at some point in this dream, but I just can't remember.
      Me and Sarah at Lunch (Non-lucid)


      I believe this is a continuation of the Scorpion dream I had, but just wanted to put this separately.

      I see Sarah, the same Sarah dream I had a few days (or was it just yesterday) that I had with the Round table at lunch again.

      But this time, it's a regular straight and long table at lunch. She's sitting down with Joel, who I honestly could care less about right now. I quickly get to the other side, probably by using my left hand on the table, and jumping and twisting my body to the side to sit right next to Sarah.

      I think I wanted to talk to her about something, until some other random girls start coming in to discuss about how people are obsessed with making people like their own possessions.

      Weird stuff.

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    9. In Prison

      by , 11-18-2011 at 04:28 PM
      In Prison

      I was in prison. I was wearing an orange overalls and a purple woolly hat I felt like I was in SR2. The prison had cold steel walls that reflected a cool blue it was almost like an ice-prison and the inmates were all in a cult.

      The Joker was there and he was the leader of them and he said that they would break free a wall was blown up and I escaped into Stilwater. I got to the Red Light Loft in SR2 and I saw my family, my grandma came up to me and said that there were police there. She was crossed eyed in the dream when she isn't in real-life.

      I walked across to where the police were and ran away when I heard the sirens.
      Tags: grandma, joker, prison, sr2
    10. Too many

      by , 10-05-2011 at 01:33 AM
      I had to many dreams so I'm just gonna write down one that I remember/can be bothered to.

      I was outside a shopping centre and around the car park was a 21st Century Fox statue. I started thinking of The Joker from Batman TAS and drove a car up a ramp.

      Then I was in the shopping mall and my boing coach was there wearing a blue tracksuit. I asked when I can go boxing and he said that he can fit me in for "2 hours on Wednesday".
    11. 9/20/11 Dream Guidance and Horror

      by , 09-21-2011 at 05:07 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) FA from a dream, and I am hugging my pillow. Roommate has a friend over, a massive white guy with samurai like clothes (tattoos, sumo wrestler may be a better description). As I “wake up”, I turn my right hand and clench my fist. It is difficult to move and tingles, like it is lagging or something… I stand up, RC with my hands and become LUCID. I leave the room, walk down a dark gray hallway to the elevators. (Not like dorm. Like a business style lobby)

      When I arrive at the bottom of the elevator, I walk into a Rapture- like setting. Dark, strewn with rubble, and devoid of life. Walking around, I find a sealed door and a restaurant setting, booths with tables. People are sitting there, and they are dressed like the Joker. Each isn’t moving. I shine a light on one, see reddish-pink eyes, and it seems alive.


      I am in a home, what I view as mine. Still LUCID. A mother (or guide) figure is there, and she is talking to me about dreams and the like. I had asked her how to improve dreaming or something of the sort.
      “You should allow people to call you.”
      “Wait, so has my severing of connections to other people hurt my ability to share dreams?”
      “I don’t know, maybe.”


      “Write down your dreams. They have messages for you that you are missing.”
      Tags: bioshock, joker
    12. 29th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Evolventity's Dream

      by , 09-11-2011 at 12:38 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Evolventity's Dream
      September 10, 2011

      (Regular Dream) Fell asleep at 6AM, woke up at 8AM.
      -My sister J* and I are walking through a dark forest with hills made of wood chips on our right. As we walk, a cute mongoose is running along side on the hills. We come to a huge hill of wood chips and logs, and we wonder if he will be able to climb the hill. The hill curves in front of the path and we have to walk upward. I hike first and try pulling J* higher. We find ourselves at a campsite after reaching the top. There is a woman in her 20s here along with a wolf she has tied to a wooden post using a rope. The wolf may be a werewolf, but seems like a common white wolf. I think I tried to re-tie or pull the wolf back to the posts and he almost ran away when the woman tied swooped in to tie him for me.

      (Regular Dream)
      -I'm standing a couple yards away from the back entrance of my Aunt N*'s house. There is a drug lord inside who has been causing me trouble. His henchmen are blocking me from passing, holding machine guns. I'm standing, stopped, looking at M*'s iPhone. The men fire their machine guns at the same time. I begin to play a machine gun sound on the phone and listen to it, comparing how similar it is to the real thing being fired right in front of me. Standing unaffected, I walk pass them. One more round is fired at the floor and bullet holes form, unlike they did on me. I walk to the back bedroom and before entering I begin a recording on the phone. I walk in finding the dealer, in his 40's, on the bed. He looked Italian, like an actor I've seen before but I don't know his name. I try to set the phone down directed towards us on a dresser. He takes the phone and I struggle to snatch it back as he cancels the recording. (Skip) M* is now present and makes a deal with the drug lord; not to do something. His sentence to obey him will remain for a year. I speak up and his time is extended over a couple thousand years. We leave in a car with J*, trying to take her home, and she wants us to make a detour.

      (Regular Dream) Fell asleep at 12PM, woke up at 2PM.
      -I'm sitting in bed with M*. The FBI or some other authority figures with computer skills is coming to retrieve the phone. I'm not sure if there was actually anything useful on the phone for them. I go through the camera roll. I find an unfamiliar picture of M* and us together, nude perhaps. give him the phone and rush to grab my laptop. I sit back down on the bed as I open it up and press the power button. Thankfully, it has already been booted so we've saved a little time. I connect the iPhone using USB and try to transfer the files. Three different windows are present and each are decreasing from time starting at 10 minutes. I realize they're not actually downloading around the 6th minute, only creating thumbnails to be viewed. I pick the right folder window and the transfer begins. (Skip) I escape with a small group of people. One of the men is cop from the anime movie "Paprika." It's night time and we are surrounded by metal cargo containers, like often seen in movies involving a chase, and only rigs can move them. Anyway, I see the Joker, from the Dark Knight, lean out from behind one. He shoots a gun several times at me. I quickly jump aside behind a cargo storage too. I see the cop across from me yielding his gun in hiding. The joker is trying to merge all parallel universes and gain total control. In order to escape him I need to find my own path and go through time. I run aside from the cargo and jump backwards, I dash through universe and time using a wormhole. I can see the universe I'm fleeing as I travel further. I'm inside of a streaking white and other multi-colored tunnel. The joker has come through, and has switched into the role of a good guy, on my side. A different entity is now chasing us as the joker controls the path through the worm hole with me tagging behind. The villain engulfs two objects, maybe even a person, and takes on a rock-like shape with an off-white egg shell color. He sinks and rises near me still trying to catch us, maybe engulf us. The scene merges into another scene where my sister J* and I are in another continuous rush, this time we are walking through SubWay restaurants. I'm only looking at the ground as we pass through each SubWay and there is never a break from the restaurant, every couple of yards we merge into a different universes version of SubWay. We sit down at a table. There are large windows facing the street and it's sunny outside. The environmental colors are vivacious. Our goal is to now return to our own universe. I look around and notice the people. The table at my right bears a 7 year old child sitting across from his 30 year old relative. However; as young as this person looks, he is actually 30 years old and the man across from him is his 7 year old son. In this universe people age backwards, taking on a younger appearance. I notice other people in the restaurant who are aged this way too. A woman comes to our table and sits. She looks 20 though she is probably 60. I tell her she is beautiful. She is in 2D and I can see through her transparent body. When I tell her she is beautiful a fractal emerges from the center of her brain, enlarging to its boundaries. I say to her "Who else is here beautiful? You're beautiful J*. Don't you think she's pretty?" She replies "Yes, I do, she is pretty" with a smile on her face. J* then forms a fractal in her 2D brain as well, and with the same compliment, another is formed inside of the previous fractals' boundaries. J* mentions she's on her period by saying "It's that time of the month" and then asking the 'girl' "Are you on that time of the month." The woman now looking near 14 years old acts confused. She doesn't know what we;re talking about. I become forgetful of the nature of this universe and the fact that it may not be my own. I ask her how old she is, thinking she may be too young to have a period. J* and I ask to see her DMV license. She doesn't know hat "DMV" is either. I ask, "You don't have vehicles here?" I look into the street and see nothing, though for a glimpse I see a set of tires rolling, as if attached to an invisible vehicle. She says "No." I look down at a frame on the table and see a red truck driving down a street. "There are cars here, She's lying" I say. She says no, we say yes, no, yes, no. We are in the wrong universe. We run.
    13. 7/29/11 Steampunk Batman

      by , 07-30-2011 at 12:44 AM (Scrawlings of a Mad Man)
      1) WILD. -Skip- There is an urban cityscape built from stone bricks. Gray. I am Batman, sneaking in a room of villains at a poker table. Penguin, joker, others. I jump out the window down into a void, covered by fog. Joker jumps in after me.

      The two of us are on a stone roof top. Joker is half mechanical. Looking almost Mysterio like, with green glowing hands and head. I start chasing after him. I see over the buildings a massive robot, with a glowing green "heart". I believe they're souls, powering the two. As I chase him, I tell him that of the two of us, he's the one supporting order. He forces the guard to escalate in their conflict. As I talk, "-700" pops above his head, and souls fly out of him. "-200" pops up repeatedly. I'm convincing him I am correct.


      I am suddenly inside one of the buildings, fighting a group of guards and enchanted statues. They are unbeatable while "normal". I am controlling the dream like a video game, and the fight goes like Arkham Asylum. I walk forward. Suddenly, I am Darth Vader. As I round the corner, I run into Yoda and Mace Windu. Eep... I quickly walk off to the left, past the doorway. They didn't see me, but noticed SOMETHING, so they start walking after me. I throw a towel with the force, but they detect me calling on it and continue on. I get around the corner and try something different. Directing my attention to a wall behind them, I pull force from around it, intending for it to explode outward. It eats away at the wall and ceiling around it, spreading along the surfaces like a fire. I jump down a floor onto a balcony. I try the door, but it seems sealed off till the whole building collapses. A guard of a sort is down here. I go back outside, and am now Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. Six is instructing me about something...

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    14. October 20th batman

      by , 01-06-2011 at 12:55 AM
      was watching batman and joker talking to eachother in arkham asylum with 3d glasses on. then it repeated and i didnt have glasses on then i saw the joker from batmans perspective.
    15. #147. The Ford Truck

      by , 09-19-2010 at 05:54 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Quick roundup of this week's dreams. Yay, real life.

      09/14/10 - No recall. None. Very little sleep.

      09/15/10 - Illegible handwriting. Apparently this was a dream about drinking.

      I'm on a family vacation to the States. There's an entire bulletin board dedicated to the "Ground Zero Mosque" in the lobby of the hotel. This starts me off on a rant about religious tolerance.

      The Joker kidnaps two children. They're probably more trouble than they're worth.

      I find a swimming pool in the shape of a tea infuser.

      I'm driving my dad's old Ford truck. We're carrying something explosive, and if we hit anything suddenly, everything will go up in flames. Suddenly, the brakes are failing, and I have three options: I can drive into a fence, a pile of logs, or a swamp.

      We hit the swamp, and the truck sinks into the muck and stops there. It's not sinking any farther though.

      My dad turns around and looks at me. He's about to start yelling.

      "Good thing this is a dream, right?" I say sheepishly.


      "Hey, this is a dream!"

      I spend the rest of the dream climbing buildings. I'm having trouble flying, but I find that if I swing my arms and move my feet, I can walk vertically up the side of walls.

      Scare Factor: 3/10
      Rating: 3/10
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