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    1. Creepers gun' creep! (no date recorded)

      by , 09-22-2012 at 07:40 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      This dream perspective was me and a friend of mine, sitting in the dark on a laptop, and I was watching him play minecraft. About when he started playing, the perspective changed to the players screen being all I could see hear or feel. He was with other players and they were on an expedition to find diamond (pretty average for minecraft actually). He went underground and eventually lost his group. When he got plenty of iron, he started digging faster and faster and then...


      *picture sums it up*

      He started finding creepers everywhere and they weren't hard to fight off at first, but they got to be in groups of two or three at a time. Digging became difficult and soon they're everywhere and we could only run. We ran for a good while, but not back the way we came, but down further into the mine.

      We hit a room that had some sort of vessel in it and creeper print on the outside of it and two diamond were inside! Then, a super creeper came out of this vessel and he was dark bluish colored and had bright green eyes! We found two diamond in the room before the creepers came in. He ran back the way we came, dodging creepers left nad right, but when he reached a dead end, there would be a dark brown block that would teleport him to a higher section of the mine and closer to the start. He grabbed the last one and we teleported out.

      We weren't exactly back with the expedition as we planned, but instead the start of the mine was flooded! We swam to the base (a floating ship) and told the crew of the vessel that contained two diamond. They excitedly stored them in a vault. We found out we could craft movies and dvd discs out of iron on minecraft next, and we started making minecraft videos on minecraft with the craftable dvds and playing them on the minecraft ship's dvd player (still in minecraft game). The rest of the dream was us making videos of minecraft, on minecraft.

      May not look like it, but this dream was pretty intense! Creepers everywhere O_O
    2. Because I'm Batman. 8-5-2012

      by , 09-22-2012 at 07:20 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      *I haven't been typing my dreams online lately but I have written them down. So I am about to go on a typing spree to catch up on posting them.*

      It started with me in a theater and a new batman movie was coming out. We got the tickets and went into the theater and after the movie started I don't remember what happened but it transitioned to me in the bat-cave as batman.

      I rush to a scene and scale a huge skyscraper, and there were cops at the top. Cat women I noticed, was also climbing the building and when I got to the top I fought some bad guys and then the cops started coming for me. They pointed their guns at me and I jumped behind an air-conditioning unit and searched around the roof for an exit. I jumped off the ac unit, ran toward cover, and jumped off the roof.

      I don't quite remember the transition to the bat cave, but when I got there, I undressed from the Bat-suit and I was in my underwear! I thought I would have some pants on under this suit. As I walked toward my room to get some clothes, I heard cat woman walk into the cave. I hurried back to get dressed and then walked back out in a suit, looking like Bruce Wayne. The next thing we did, was go invade the villains base. We had to invade a base in an extremely tall tree with a dome-like building near the top of it. We fought some bad guys, saved the world, and then said some corny one-liners before the scene changed to me in the theater watching the ending credits!

      Another scene of my head movie that night involved me fighting some 7' tall mafia dude for sport. I won and he complimented me over my skill and strength.

      Pretty fun dream.
    3. Lucid-Pocket God moment and the elevator of death

      by , 07-26-2012 at 06:10 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      The dream started with me in a business office building and I got on an elevator. the elevator was surrounded by glass and moved fast. Suddenly, it started spinning sideways around me and two other people out of control. We were still in place some how as if we were floating, but the elevator car wasn't rectangle shaped it was an oddly shaped polygon and would hit us over and over again even if we tried to avoid it.

      When we got to the first floor and other people started to watch in fear, I took my chances and dove off the elevator car and was hit many times on the way out. I lay out in the open and look back at the other two that didn't jump and the elevator was still spinning in place even though it wasn't plummeting down. The people looked up at me with fear in their eyes as the elevator car hit them over and over again and I could see them losing their strength. Then, some workers tried to run up and turn it off and two guys dressed like construction workers jumped in to save the two people and the people jumped out, but then right as the construction workers were about to jump out, this giant arc of electricity shot out and a boom went off. The elevator picked up speed and the workers started floating toward the top of the elevator car.

      Then more lightning and electricity and the people were being fried by it and I just stared in horror. Right when it didn't seem it could get any worse, flames burst out in every direction and the elevator car caught on fire and in this moment, the scene of all this chaos made me realize this had to be a dream.


      So I turned and looked at a clock twice and at a closer examination it did change (unlike most dreams where that reality check doesn't work), and my hands weren't misshaped. So I figured I'll just fly then. I jumped up and failed the first time, got mad, and then jumped with more grunting and frustration and I launched.

      I flew high above the building and outside was a magnificent view of a sunset with reds and oranges blended in and a 360 degree view of it with cities off in the distance. I notice the sunset is about to go away and I point at it like I would in Pocket God, and I lower my finger and make it dark and the moon comes up. Then I grab the moon and lower it until the sun comes up and I raise the sun much higher until the scene looks good.

      I then make it dark and make some lightning strikes and laugh while enjoying myself. I then think that I should try out a dream goal and I fly to a city in the distance and start to realize the dream is almost over when I get there so I just observe some of the city for a minute and my alarm goes off.

      Great dream, haven't been lucid in a long time so this was a great feeling.
    4. Freak deer and SUPER SHOUT - lucid

      by , 06-23-2012 at 04:59 PM (High Quality Head Movies)

      I barely remember the dream before this point but it was awesome.

      We were at my old house from two years ago and my old dog was even there.
      There were some strange raccoons in the backyard and my dad shot one and the rest ran off.

      These weren't raccoons, they were freak deer with raccoon shaped things on their heads. The raccoon parts of their heads are near useless and made no sense.

      When we walked out in the open some more came out into the open and right about then, I realized I was dreaming.


      Then a fawn came up to me and I yelled, " FALCON, KICK!!!!!" and kicked it and it flew, FAR.
      I guess the mom of that fawn was pissed, because a big freak deer came toward me. It had its huge sheep-like teeth showing and would stay 2 feet from me and block my way when I wanted to walk somewhere.

      I then sucked in all the air I could and then yelled, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! !!" and made this mega shout that made trees push back, bird feeders fly, and most importantly, that deer flew over the woods!

      After that, I flew straight up to observe the landscape around me. I flew above the clouds and there were two mountains off in the distance that had a roller coaster around them. I saw lots of tall buildings with neon lights, floating islands, hills and landscape, and random street signs floating around. I turned around and flew a different direction and there were streets and traffic lights above the clouds and then everything started fading and I woke up.
    5. Today I passed out from low blood sugar this is what i experienced *dream and reality*

      by , 06-14-2012 at 06:53 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      The following is a true story of a near-death experience I experienced today...

      I won't go into details about the passing out part because it really isn't important.

      Today I passed out from low blood sugar and while unconscious i dreamed this:

      I was on clouds, I was surrounded by endless mist and clouds. I had no idea how I got there, where I was before this, and no knowledge of ever falling asleep. It felt real as real gets. I was floating above endless landscape but in the clouds only, no closer. I thought, I was just living how did I get here? Am I dead? I thought I might be due to the odd circumstances and that I couldn't wake up from this dreamlike world.

      Was I ever living? What am I now? Am I still human or some sort of spirit-being? I then heard voices, "it will be alright." Who is that I asked? No answer. Then I walk around questioning what is real and what is imaginary. Then everything goes dark and I see light and a face but I can't make it out. The person says, "stay with us, wake up, you're going to be alright."

      I thought, is this still imaginary or is this all real?

      The face goes away and I am back in the clouds.

      What is going on? Then I felt like I was dieing of thirst and I was soaking wet.

      I was cold.

      Then I give up thinking and just relax and it all goes dark again. The light comes back in a few minutes. Now I see flashing lights on a firetruck and 3 paramedics. Then I blink and now there is only 1. Then I close my eyes again rest. I try to figure out what had happened.

      I wake up and now realize I had blacked out. It takes me a couple of minutes to realize what had happened. I had low blood sugar and blacked out in my truck while backing up a trailer into the driveway. Thank God it was in park when it happened.

      It takes me at least an hour to remember the whole story from the little bits and pieces of memories I could remember from before I passed out.

      It was a very scary feeling, to be awake an active to dream state in a blink and no memory of what had happened.
      This is a first time for me when it comes to passing out.
    6. WILD attempt, dream control and exploring

      by , 04-02-2012 at 07:38 PM (High Quality Head Movies)
      I woke up and went back to bed in an attempt to WILD.

      I had trouble falling back asleep so I got out of bed and reality checked but no luck. I gave up and went back to bed and let my thoughts wonder and fell asleep. When I woke up, these people are around me and I'm in a hospital bed! They said I was better now and I could leave when I wanted to. I thought how long was I asleep? I looked at my clothes and they were rags. I looked like a hermit or poor helpless hobo. I walked out of the room and then I remembered I was going to bed before this and was wondering what was real and what was a dream. I decided to reality check. I looked around and everything was crystal clear, no flaws anywhere. My hands were fine. Signs didn't change when I looked away and looked again.

      So I looked at a small clock on a reception desk in the hospital and reached out toward it and it started shaking. I stopped and saw two people staring at me, "how did you do that?" I ignored them and started lifting pencil cups, papers and other small things. I then reached for a bench and I couldn't lift it. I then focused on one of the two people and tried to lift them but couldn't. I can't figure out why this is. I reach for the pencil cup again and it floats flawlessly. I give up and run down the hospital hallways and come across a big open basketball court. I practice flying around in it and then leave the hospital.

      I go out of the hospital and into these city streets and fly up above it and observe. I see this massive city and the site is awesome. I then get an idea and fly back down to the ground, get a car, and drive it and try to pull the steering wheel up and it starts flying! I am now flying a car around the city at incredible speeds. I crash land back in the city and go to a theater. There is nothing going on but there is a lot of people there. I find these punk rock college students and they invite me to hang out with them and I decide to go since I was tired of flying anyway.

      We go back to a place that looks like the hospital I was in and we talk about stuff and I show off my telekenesis. Then I found a ball and I started throwing it at some of them and then curving it with my powers and then they caught on and we all started throwing it at each other but when someone threw it at me I would make it stop in front of me and they would get mad at me and we would laugh, reminded me of that movie Chronicle .
      Woke up shortly after.
    7. 2 Lucid dreams: Cyborg Roger in a basketball Gym??? Pirate ship for school contest?

      by , 03-03-2012 at 05:42 PM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Cyborg Roger at a basketball gym
      I wasn't lucid until I got to the gym
      So this dream was very short but I remember it in good detail. It started in a school hallway like I was in high school again except there weren't many people in the halls I didn't know, mostly people I sat with at my lunch table. As they went into their class rooms I had no idea why I was their so I just kept walking down the hall toward all the chatter of many voices I heard at the end of the hall. I then saw one of my friends Roger but he wasn't his normal self.

      He had two floating mechanical arms instead of having arms and half his face was robot with a red eye. His arms looked just like Mega man Juno's from Mega Man Legends like in this picture:

      When I saw him I was impressed. "Dude your a freaking cyborg!!!" I said. He replied "I know isn't it awesome?!?!" Then he said he had to get to class and left.

      I kept walking toward the noise and walked into the basketball court area and it looked like a church event we would have (I realize now that I have many dreams now with this kinda scene). I went straight to the basketball court and saw my cousins and some church friends playing basketball. I played a little bit but then the gym made me realize the dream.

      I saw the great view of the gym and it made me realize I was dreaming. When I realized I was dreaming everyone started getting sleepy and passed out on the gym floor and this wasn't just a few people, it was at least 30! I found this rather strange but continued with my dream. I walked around the gym avoiding stepping on anyone and I looked back again at the gym to see the view and take notes of anything odd to note for next time so I can compare those details to reality. It was only strange in the sense that lights seemed to have a glossy effect on everything and shadows were more defined.

      I then started messing around right as people started waking back up again. I would grab a basket ball and shoot it. Then it was time to fly. I grabbed a ball and I had difficulty flying at first, but I figured it out after 3 tries. I had to jump and straighten my arms and legs and keep straight until I was at least 10 feet high and then I could float. I did some anti-gravity dunks and stuff for a bit and then decided to check the next gym. I did more anti-gravity stunts and then woke up.

      Pirate ship for school contest

      When the ship changes to a pirate ship, I am about to be lucid
      This next dream started at my school. I had fitness for life class on a ship that looked like a medium sized sailboat. I had already taken the class so I didn't really follow directions I just did what I wanted. People would ask me questions and I would tell them what to expect on tests and homework. Then we had an urgent video announcement. We had a contest for Disney characters or something and ours was similar to Pirates of the Caribbean. It seemed our school had a real pirate ship to use and we were still losing badly because our college is a community college named after a town nobody knows... So we had to grab people's attention by sailing the ship around Lake Conroe. The video showed the captain and I asked why is their no Willy Wonka character? Then on the video I saw someone who looked like me do cart-wheels down some stairs and crash into a garbage can... I didn't recall doing anything like that. Everyone said I was the first mate so I believed them.

      The ship suddenly became a pirateship without me realizing it and we were about to set sail. As we were getting ready, the captain wasn't happy about his ship. It had water in the hull and the crew wasn't too bright because we all were just college students.

      As I went to the helm I realized it was a dream from the sight of the ship and the fact that there are no pirate ships on Lake Conroe.

      We set sail and I drove. We were on the lake for what felt like 30 minutes when we had to dock for supplies. I saw a spot but all the water around the docks was dried up (which is about right because here in Texas we got that major drought that lowered the lake a bunch). I parked it on dry land next to the dock and I had an idea. The captain was mad and said now what do we do wait for rain like idiots? I said watch this men. I flew up way above the ship and looked at the sky and raised my hands and rain clouds started to form. I said let there be rain but it didn't work... I tried again but not enough rain was happening. I said maybe I need God's help, I said God I need your rain, our ship isn't going anywhere and I really need your help with this one. It didn't rain and I decided to try one more time and it did and I thanked God for the rain.

      I came back down to the ship and everyone was pleased with my work. We sailed around a bit more and then I remember getting to be leader of the crew while the captain slept for the rest of the dream. I docked the ship again to pick up more crew because we knew that we were short of labor and I did some more flying around the docks until I woke up.

      I have never had two lucids in one night before. Awesome
    8. Skyrim references with dream control: Road trip to colorado then saving my kingdom

      by , 02-18-2012 at 04:50 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      I had originally attempted a MILD that night but instead I got a DILD. Lucid part is the bottom half.

      Hot-Rodding on a kid's bike.

      Starts with me dad Jake and uncle Anthony and his three sons, my cousins. We were on a road trip to Colorado, but the car was too full so one of us had to ride a Big wheel kids bike like this one:

      I rode the big wheel kids bike, they drove.

      They said to meet at steak and shake and I had no clue how to get there... I drove on the road at about tire level but that thing was as fast as any car I passed! I felt this mad rush and was swerving in and out of the traffic for a bit and then I made it to steak and shake. When I got there, I saw them at the bar counter with shakes and empty food dishes. I ordered some food and a shake. Then everyone got up and said we had to go now or we will be late! So I got on my stupid kid's toy and took off. I took off and tried to figure out where I was going until the roads started getting stranger and stranger like going around and through buildings and ending unexpectedly until I was dodging people on sidewalks and jumping over stairs.
      I crashed.
      I looked up from my crash and my bike was destroyed due to its entire lack of durability being all plastic... I saw a tourist bike stand and I ran over to it as quick as I could to the asian behind the counter and said I NEED A BIKE HOW MUCH? He said, um thatabe about three hundred dollah. I said okay and handed it over. I grabbed a purple mountain bike and got to riding. It wasn't as fast as the big wheel lol
      I then saw my group pull into a meeting hall and I parked my bike next to them. I walked inside and there was lots of people but I didn't know anyone there. After that something odd happened and then I got a video call from an unknown source.
      The kingdom who claimed me as their king

      I got a video call on my phone from a kingdom saying I was their ruler and they needed my help.

      I rode the bike there and when I got off it looked like Endor in Starwars but with halo reach forge stuff in it. Everyone was referring to me as king and all said that some monsters would be attacking us someday and we would be defenseless! I promised to find a way to protect them. While I was there I looked around for something to help but got nothing and I made some new friends with different interests. One wanted to be a mage, one a warrior, and one was kinda shy and wouldn't talk that much. Before I left they gave me a black crown to wear and wear it I did!

      Our kingdoms was defenseless and needed weapons. I was now on a quest to get the weapons. I went to this huge dome-like building that appeared to be a barracks of some sort and the front entrance looked like a hotel lobby. I went around some hallways and into the dome and there was some people training to fight, some practicing magic, and some floating in the middle of the stadium, talking to each other.

      The site of this giant room was amazing and at that point of astonishment, I realized it was a dream.

      I looked at the floating guys who looked like teachers to the people in the dome. They wore robes with symbols on them. I flew up to them and said I need weapons for my kingdom what can you give me? One of them said I was not worthy of anything here because I was weak. I said well then watch this I threw a fireball at a target on the floor below me. They laughed and said, there is nothing I can do that they don't already know from a spell book they have read before. They all raised their hands and had fire on them and then they lowered them and ignored me. I said well then what book taught you this? I raised my hands and lightning shot out around my hands and I made the sparks increase bigger and bigger until I waved them away and they were all amazed saying things like, "it cannot be" and "that's impossible" and "how can someone not trained in the arts know so much?" I then said, okay. Where are your spell books and weapons? He said I can't have them but I said you don't want to test me. He said nothing so I started launching fireballs everywhere and then all the people training started running around and fled while the teachers in the center of the dome said STOP THAT'S ENOUGH!!! Fine take them they're down their and here is our best spell book.

      I flew down saw the books and some glowing weapons (must've had enchantments lol Skyrim).
      After I put everything in a bottomless bag, a teacher walked up to me and said you wont destroy us will you? I actually wasn't thinking about that but then said well, this is a dream so, you don't exist. It would make no difference if I destroyed this place or not. He seemed puzzled and told his other professors what I said. I then looked back and held up my hand and it started glowing aqua colored and a ball of lightning energy constructed in my hand brightly. I threw it into the center of the arena and jumped out of the dome action movie style as it exploded and I could see people running outside.

      I went back to my kingdom and encountered monsters underwater and some other monsters but I hardly remember that part it was so wierd and hard to explain. Crablike monsters, underwater ruins, and some other stuff but it was quick and not really fully memorable. I remember flying back to the kingdom afterwards.

      When I got back to the kingdom, I announced I had our solution.

      I left the pile of weapons and books with the people, and I gave the best weapon to my warrior friend, I gave another weapon to the other friend, and I took the best spell book to my friend that wanted to be a Mage. She freaked out and she opened it and we looked at some spells trying them out before I woke up shortly after.
    9. Big cabin lodge style arcade on our trip to New orleans

      by , 02-11-2012 at 06:38 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      (real life)
      I got a call from this guy who lives in houston, he said hey Jamone this is Joseph (he sounded like a ghetto accent).* I said no man this is Josh.* I expected him to say oh woops I called the wrong number but instead he said Oh well if you see him, tell him Cicero is looking for him.* I went with it thinking this guy will realize I wasn't who he was trying to reach but he wasn't too bright.* I said aight mayne (with a ghetto accent).* He said hey man you know anybody that wants some handlebars?* I said nah man I don't.* He said aight well latah mayne.* I laughed without an accent saying bye.* Anyway, the next day he called again but i was in college and I couldn't really answer it.
      The next night, I had a dream about that guy finding me and here it is.
      (dreamed this)
      So for some odd reason, we were having a church basketball tournament and we were on the road to New Orleans.* We finally made it to where we were going and it was a restaraunt and a gym and an arcade at the same time.* When we got there, I recognized some people from our church.* We had to take our shoes off at the entrance like at a kids play place or something...
      When we walked in, my family went to get a table and I was going to have a look around the place.* I started walking toward the arcade when these two black guys came out of the arcade and said hey Josh what's up man?* I was confused.* He said, don't you remember me?* It's me Joseph!* I then kinda paniced thinking he was going to get mad that I was pretending I knew him on the phone.* He said and this is Cicero remember?* I pretended again like I knew them and was trying to find a way to get back to my family.
      Then he said I got those handlebars you ordered!* I figured I was going to have to buy some handlebars to who knows what (the guy never told me what they were for in real life) and then I could go be with my family and this would all blow over, but that's not what happened.
      He pulled a brown paper sack out of his jacket pocket and it looked like drugs.* I tried to go toward the restaraunt but they said come on this way and they said we'll go over here so nobody suspects anything.
      *Now I'm not a racist so don't judge me!*

      We go down this long hallway and at the edge of the hallway is a window on each wall and I can see a basketball gym out each window.* They shut the shutters on the windows and he said alright here is what you get, it is the good stuff.* I kept trying to find a way out but there was none.* I looked and said yep that's what I wanted (trying to get rid of them as fast as I can).* They said alright now you got the cash?* I had left my wallet in the truck and I was now wondering if they found out I didn't have enough money, would they shoot me or try to fight me?* I said oh I left my wallet let me go get it.* They said aight we'll wait here.* I then rushed to get to the restaraunt to tell my family the odd situation and on my way there my dad walks bu and says hey we are leaving, I've been looking for you.

      I go to the front door and there are shoes everywhere!* More people showed up and now there are just piles of shoes by each door!* I look for my shoes where I left them and they aren't there.* I then see a little girl sitting on the floor with a cast on her left femur, putting on shoes that are a little too big for that look exactly like mine.* I said I think you are wearing my shoes and she says go away these are mine!* I then said fine have it your way.* I took them from her and she starts screaming.* People look at me and I said that she is stealing my shoes!* I get them and they don't fit me, they are too small.* I then hear my dad say hey Josh your shoes are over here hurry up.* Man I felt stupid.
      I gave the shoes back and her older sister who is about my age said don't worry about it, she has been a brat since she broke her femur.* I said it is okay I can understand what she is going through, I broke my femur around that age also (true story I actually did).* I go get my shoes from dad and then I woke up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    10. W.I.L.D success- Zombies, beach, 5+ false awakenings

      by , 11-13-2011 at 07:38 PM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Starts on a beach Inception style

      So I attempted a W.I.L.D but when I woke up in rhe dream I was on the beach Inception style lolz so I got up and looked around and thought to myself how did I get here and then realized I was supposed to wake up in my room!* Huh.* Well I looked around and there was a big ship on the sand parked like it was a hotel, people were all around me playing on the beach or just chilling.* I thought this is a dream but why not mix it up?* I seem to ALWAYS attempt control why not go with the dream and explore while aware?

      Now in this dream I falsely awoke maybe 8 times...

      I go to the ship and walk inside and start to explore but I open a door that looks kinda old and rusted and I see a big sunken ship's cargo hold but it looks like the zombie course from call of duty black ops with the sunken ship in the snow.* I see people being chased by zombies down below us in the big ship and two other kids come up to me and say it looks like fun!* So we go and start to get some zombies to chase us and they do and we see the people that were being chased use a zipline that's out of reach to us and I said hey lets take a zipline!* I point and a zipline appears (see still lucid!) and we jump on it and slide down it and on the way accross we see maybe 10+ zombies.* We hurry to the wall and I said if we don't find any weapons soon we aren't gonna make it.* I run to a tool belt I see on the wall and grab it and say outloud there are weapons in here and what do we get?* 3 airsoft guns...* I grab one and say its better than nothing...* I point it at a zombies head and say bang and he dies LOL!!!* So we keep running and I see another tool belt and I grab an mp-40 that is real but has no ammo...
      I seperate from the kids and I run to a door and it leads back to the lobby where I started and I close the door and decide to explore some more.* I go to the beach and same old same old.* I run to the shore and think to myself how much there is to see in my head today when my thoughts are broken by a giant ship being brought in sideways by a giant wave!* People all get up and run to the top of the hill on the beach to watch (but no screaming?) and I do the same.* I then laugh at how random that was and I go to the beach and start talking to this lady.* I said aren't dreams awesome?

      I sat down and everything started disappearing and I was worried I was waking up!* I woke up in my bead FALSELY!!!* I thought about recording it but I thought eh Ill just go back to sleep I'm sure I'll remember it.* I get back to the dream the instant I close my eyes.* I wake up on the beach again in the exact same scenario I was when I falsely awakened before.* Some lady was looking at me and said oh good, you're alright!* We all thought you passed out I guess you were just sleeping! Its hilarious how that happened.

      I go to the ship again and inside the lobby is a restaurant with a western style design to it.* I go inside and look around then the dream gets fuzzy and then I'm falsely awakened again, then I go back to the dream and I leave the restaurant and go back to the beach and then I get to the shore and I falsely awaken again.* I get mad while in bed and I go back to the dream again.

      I wake up look around while sitting on the ground and there is nobody around.* I get up and there is a zombie behind me.* O_O!!!* I jump up and he was just looking at me the whole time!* I run to the boat and I find a pistol and its empty again!!!!* >:-(** I run up the hill and I wake up again...* This time I am getting my phone when it dawns on me, what if I am still dreaming?

      I get up and I am!* I go outside, find out I am at my Grammy's house,* explore my street some more, and then I wake up several times falsely and finally I wake up for rizzle.* Interesting to go with the flow sometimes but next time I'll do the monthly task.
    11. Cool Lucid, Greek Gods, Thor, Terranova, Task of the Month October 31,2011 I GOT IT ON THE LAST DAY

      by , 11-02-2011 at 05:12 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Lucid Thor Harry Potter goblins terra Nova city played zombies (video game)
      Fortress I fly around and zombies can't get me.

      So this dream was on October 31,2011 I GOT IT BEFORE NOVEMBER!!!! but no wings...
      Oh well I'll post it anyway but it won't be posted in the October task thread.

      I don't remember the 2nd half of the dream that well but I remember the beginning really well and that was the task so it has the most detail.

      It started in the woods and I remember looking for friends and family liking I was camping again. As I searched I was enjoying the scenery. As I was taking a look at these rolling hills and occasional forest patches, things started looking more colorful like there was more saturation. I thought man either my eyes are messing up or this is a dream! As I looked at my hands they were normal but since nobody was nearby and I had no clue how I'd gotten there I figured yep this must be a dream.

      I knew it was a dream and thought what could I do next... Then as I came over the next hill I saw a small city in a Jarrasic period landscape. It looked like Terranova!!! There was also a pool of water with an alter-like appearance to it with people around it that looked like elf priests. I thought wait, I have a dream task to do don't I? It took a while to remember what it was but then I remembered that I had to be a God or something. I raised my arms, floated up above the city and announced to Terranova, "people of Terranova, I am your ruler now, your master, and your God.

      Some looked around amazed, some excited and some frightened. They asked whom shall I be addressed as? I thought of the Greek Gods and immediately picked Hades. I felt flames around me for a second and then saw the pool of water and thought oh yeah Posieden! I reached for the water as if using the force and it formed a wave and engulfed a guy standing nearby and pulled him in. I laughed but he swam to the edge and got out all mad and muttering under his breath. I then looked around for more water but there wasn't anything just hills so I came to the final choice of Zeus. Then, I started glowing bright and I felt static in my hands and started striking the city with lightning and it felt awesome. I thought well that's done, now what? Wait I can be Thor!!! Just need a hammer... I looked up and raised my hand and a shining hammer floats down to me in a glowing beam of light. I grasped it and it was 8 inches long total and the head of the hammer was 2x2x4 inches in thickness... It still could be thrown and lightning came out of it but it was puny looking. I then decided to explore.

      I came to an old middle ages style bar and walked through with my hammer in hand and got tired of holding it so I put my hand on my hip and a holster appeared. I put the hammer away and that's as far as I can remember from this morning because this morning I woke up late and jotted down some notes and jumped out of bed in a rush.

      The rest of the notes I wrote were: Harry Potter Goblins, Nazi Zombies in a fortress I fly around the fort and the zombies can't get me, and that's it. There were big pieces of this dream missing but I can't remember them, but I got the fun part done.
    12. Dreamcatcher Snakes/worms and good dream control

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:36 PM (High Quality Head Movies)
      So the setting of this dream was strange. We were in a house that looked like the house I grew up in when I was growing up (age 8-12). There was a swamp at the edge of our yard.

      There were a bunch of creepy crawlies everywhere out side. Big spiders, snakes, scorpions, etc. I remember walking around outside and looking at all the snakes and stuff because I was bored and had never seen snakes with that much color before.

      So I start looking at all the snakes and then realise that there were way too many snakes around the house. I find my dad and he tells me to use the shovel because he was busy.

      Okay so this is where all that appears possible become extremely strange and out of the ordinary. I watched a movie called "The Dreamcatcher" a few days ago. In that movie there were these monsters that infect people with there bites and make them impregnated with another monster. Well they look quite scary.

      So after seeing these outside I panic and run for the house to warn my family of the extremely lethal snake/worm things.

      Now that I have seen one, I start seeing a bunch of them. I run in the house and shut all the doors. I open up all the cabenets for any tool for survival but find nothing. Then we start hearing noises in the airvents and the walls and they soon start getting closer. We start seeing them in the smaller rooms and kill em on sight until there are too many of them to fight. We flee outside for our lives.

      I run outside away from our house, dodging the horrific worms as I go until I get this sudden extraordinary feeling of awareness of what the crap was going on.

      OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!! LUCIDITY!!!!!!!!

      So my first thought when I obtained lucidity was I could do anything I wanted but I am pissed off at these worms and they need to die. I close my eyes and cringe my stomach and think of flying and I start floating up above the house and all around the area was a beautiful city with lights and skyscrapers and the sight was incredible (amazing to see what your mind can come up with). I then look down at all the snakes and act like I am grasping them with the force and they all float up all around me in the air and they are flouncing about in the air unable to move anywhere. I felt the burning rage and they all exploded with fire and sparks.

      After that, I decide to have some fun with the dream and fly to meet some of my friends in city and I see a couple of people I hang out with after Church. I look at the street and imagine a racecar and a yellow nascar appears. I jump in and then my friend Haley jumps in with me and says WOW THIS IS AWESOME CAN I RIDE WITH YOU?!?!?! I said sure and she jumps in with me. We race down the street and then onto a track and then I make the car fly into an open street square with tall buildings and signs and land it in the middle of the square. She asks me how did I do the stuff I'm doing and I said well this is a dream and she agreed with me and went along with it (odd how that happened because usually dream projections disagree with me and argue). Then I see some relatives and follow them into a building and I am now in a tall house that is like a fancy condo. I talk around a bit and then I wake up after a while of exploring the familiar faces. LFS

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    13. Death Metal Bikers attack the mall, I get magic powers and invisible liquid.

      by , 09-20-2011 at 04:30 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      It started at a water park and we were probably riding rides but the farthest back in the dream I can remember we were about to leave the park. I didn't want to leave yet because I wanted to buy a souvenir before we left. So I got in the truck and my dad was with me in the passenger seat. We went through some parking garages and dirt roads through the water park and then we parked it and found a clothing shop.

      We went inside and found out it was a Gothic clothing store. After laughing at some of the clothing there I said maybe they have some better stores here. We went out the door, turned a corner, and there was another store but they sold boring stuff and I can't remember what it was they sold. We exited the store from another door inside the store and we were now in a mall!

      I love collecting knives and swords so I immediately searched for a knife shop. I couldn't find one anywhere... I searched and searched but still no knife shop. I thought maybe there was an app for my phone that can tell me what stores were here and there was. It said there was one but it didn't say where it was.

      I then began searching for a map (don't worry the interesting part is coming up). I thought maybe there were maps on those display stands at the front of the store. When I got there the unexpected happened.

      I saw the map and was so happy that I could find out where the store was! As I'm walking toward it, a bunch of people dressed like death metal freaks were riding on motorcycles with demonic appearances like fire and skulls, and they drove through the glass walls at the front of the mall, ran over the display stand (come on really? I needed that map) and, started attacking mall shoppers. I was kinda pissed at first when they destroyed my map, but then I saw the store I was looking for! It was a mid-evil/magic shop. I walked in with my broseph (taterking5), and we explored all kinds of things! There were swords, axes, shields, armor sets, wizard robes, magic spell books, wands, staffs, all the fantasy stuff in one store except it looked real. I found a veil filled with this sparkling liquid that said invisible liquid. It was 4 dollars so I bought it. I don't think we had much more time to buy anything else because of the death metal bikers causing havoc.

      I went to an office that had a bed, a desk, and a few other bedroom similarities in it and found a biker just sitting there. I walked in and started talking to him about the store I went in and he said yeah that store is cool. He held his hand out and focused on a cup on a table across the room and started concentrating on it and then he said a few words and I can't remember them but they were gibberish anyway. Something like blahmeg shnizen fluah (reminds me of German). When he said that, the cup started floating and he could move it around like he was using the force. So I went to try and accidentally knocked it over on the bed and it got wet. Then, I focused on the bed and said the words and the bed started drying! He smiled and said I was very powerful at this magic. Then, my friends walked in and he got up and left. I said watch this, you won't believe it. I focused on the cup and said the magic words, but it took way more focus and I tensed my muscles in my arm and head even more than before. It levitated and everyone was in shock. I told them how but they couldn't figure it out. I then said look what I got from that store over there and pulled out the invisible liquid and poured it on the pillow and half of it was now invisible! I then got some on my hands and then they too turned invisible in the pattern I spilled on my fingers. I then remember coughing a lot during the moving of objects and turning stuff invisible. I thought that's odd, I was fine before. Maybe I am getting a reaction from the liquid.

      I used the powers I got for a while longer and then I woke up.
    14. The Lil Wayne video game?, Harry Potter, Cliffs -ending lucid

      by , 09-19-2011 at 05:01 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      This dream was very odd but was adventurous as usual.

      Harry Potter again
      It started with some building and me running from something or some one and I don't remember know why but this is common. I was running through the building trying to find a place to hide when i found the closet (no I'm not going to Narnia). I jumped in and it was filled with coats and clothes. I used to remember when I was a little kid we would play hide and seek and we would hide in the closet and bury ourselves with clothes and we were hard to find. So I crawled into the wad of clothes and then I froze. I waited for the bad guys to come and then the clothes started constricting around me and were attached to the floor. I was stuck in the clothes and stuck to the floor. Then, the closet opened like a box and I was in a cave full of giant spiders. They were about the size of a medium sized dog and were moving all around me.

      I thought I was doomed when a broom appeared like from Harry Potter, and the clothes let go of me. I grabbed the broom and flew away and tried to find a way out. I flew out of the cave and realized I could fire lasers from the broom tip so I started flying in and out of the cave firing lasers at the spiders until I had killed all of them. I flew back outside and then noticed a queen spider inside the cave and flew in after it to finish it off. After killing it, I flew out of the cave and there was a futuristic tank shooting fireballs at me (same shape as a wraith tank from halo). I remember flying away from it and getting in a car with some of Harry Potter's friends and we drove away.

      Lil Wayne fps video game
      I remember getting out of the car and seeing a crowd around a video game store. I went inside with my friends and then a lady came out and pointed to us and said Lil Wayne wants to see you. Everyone in the crowd looked disappointed that they didn't get picked. When we went into this room, there were recliners, beanbag chairs, and food stands around the room with Lil Wayne sitting on one with a PS3 controller in his hand. He said wassup I'm Lil Wayne and Immunah give you an exclusive preview of meh new game! I had never heard of it and I forgot the name but it was a first person shooter! We all sat down and started playing. It was a weird game. It was like planes, guns, experience points, tons of different weapons, etc. The best first person shooter ever but I was terrible at it. It seemed that everytime you kill someone, you get killed by someone else. There weren't many places for cover. After that we said thanks and walked out the door and went to sight see around the city until I was reunited with my family.

      Odd thing is, I don't care for rap music and I only saw an album cover of Lil Wayne on a Jukebox yesterday and that must be how he got in my dreams.

      Restaurant on a cliff in paradise
      So my family and I were sight seeing and I was tired and starving the whole time (completely normal). Then we found a balcony that led to a rocky cliff side on the ocean. Everyone decided to jump in and swim for a bit despite my starvation. I jumped in and complained we need to get food I am starving. They said that we were already on our way to the restaurant and it was at the top of the cliff. I looked and everyone was climbing this impossible cliff and I went with them. I started climbing and it was easy at first but then the cliff got steeper and steeper to climb until i was practically leaning backwards unable to hold my feet against the wall.

      I said that I'm not going to make it and everyone else was doing fine and said I was just complaining and then I looked at the water and realized I was dreaming and said okay I'll just fly. I jumped off the wall and glided to the water like a flying squirrel. I was trying to fly out of the water but I would just jump out of the water a foot high and then go back in. I then found a small square foot of concrete that was an inch thick and got an idea. I focused on it and turned it into a firebolt broom from the Harry Potter movies.

      I started flying around and then I woke up to my phone ringing in my room.

      Odd how I've had so many Harry Potter dreams recently... 3 in 2 weeks.

      I have been lucid 3 times within 5 days and that is a record for me. My average before was 1 per 2-3 weeks!
    15. The Crazies-Lucid ending

      by , 09-15-2011 at 04:27 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      So this dream was the first zombie dream I've had in a long time but it ended with me being lucid.

      Okay so it started on a Camp Ground (as usual), and everything was normal. There were a lot of people I knew there, it was like a big gathering from my church. I just walked around and checked stuff out and talked to people about normal stuff. Then I noticed a Japanese girl with an anime haircut and outfit. She seemed alone and she wasn't talking with anyone so I introduced myself to her and led her around the campgrounds showing her the place. Then we met some people around our age and they were watching the crazies on a small tv plugged into a wall outlet on the outside of the cafeteria. It was half over when we got there. She was nervous at first but she got used to the other people there and I got to know a few of them (don't remember them but I know I got to know them). She didn't like the video because she said it scared her. I told her not to worry and that it's just a movie. When the movie was over I said that I was going to go back to my camp. When I turned to walk away I saw a guy on the shore of the lake trying to catch a bird and eat it. He looked like one of the crazies from the movie.

      Everyone sitting near me that had been watching the movie just froze. The japanese girl said, "It can't be..." I immediately ran to the camp ground to tell everyone what I had just witnessed. They said I was just letting the movie get to me. I remember walking around some more and then decided to get back to the people I met watching the movie a while before. When I got there they were watching a women in the lake with water up to her nose with only her eyes showing above the waterline. She looked like one of the crazies. She just stared at us with no blinking and dark eyes. The people around me were talking about helping her and I was the only one that said it was not a good idea and that we need to warn everyone. Nobody believed me...

      I ran to the camp and it was becoming hard to find people. Cars were not moving, no fires, just silence.

      I knew I had to hurry and find something/someone to help me. I ran to an office building (odd having one of those on a camp ground) but it was somewhat destroyed. I ran to the building and rushed to find guns or something. Then, two crazies came from around the corner of a hallway and ran at me. I grabbed a piece of concrete from the building rubble and smashed one in the head and punched the other one in the head. They both lost their heads with ease (surprisingly).

      I ran to the elevator but it was smashed in with a giant I-beam smashing through it. I took the stairs and explored the building a little bit but found nothing useful... I looked out the window of the building and saw two guys with an army truck and a machinegun turret on the back of it. And they were shooting at a few crazies but were also shooting at normal people. They were doing it just because they could. I knew I had to get out of here. I ran back down to the stairs and ran toward the parking lot to find a car and there were a ton of people running and screaming frantically in panic. Then things got worse. The two people on the army truck started crashing through cars and shooting everyone. I hid behind a car and watched people get mowed over by machinegun fire. They drove off after more people and I told everyone that we had to call for help but they said the phones were not working. I ran back towards the camp grounds and noticed some disco lights going off from the cafeteria. I can't remember if I was more relieved or confused.

      And now, the strangest part.

      There were crazies all around and all walking towards the cafeteria and TALKING TO EACH OTHER. They were like zombies. Slack in the jaw, mouth open, and the weirdest part was they talked with a redneck country accent. Now I have a country accent and I know that this was a REDNECK country accent. I thought maybe if I act like them, I can go in there too and they won't know. I walked in and talked redneck and had my mouth open and to the side (like a mentally challenged kid) and they didn't notice!!! Inside the cafeteria was a live band that weren't crazies, arcade machines, a dance floor, and food stands. I started having some fun and thought maybe they were just crazies in appearance and were just misunderstood. Then, I noticed that many of the crazies in there were friends and family of mine that were at the campground. I talked with them and they were glad to see me and were glad I could join them and be a crazy.

      Then after a while the music got quiet and someone got up on stage and said, "People, you know why were here!" Everyone cheered. "We are here to stop the humans and destroy them!" More cheering but occasional zombie sounds like hissing and snapping. "We will kill them, eat them, or change them onto our side!" They all cheered and started exiting the building slowly.

      I desperately tried to get away before someone noticed me and right when I got out of the cafeteria, they saw me going the wrong way and snarled "A human! Get him!" I ran as fast as I could through the forest until I came up on a hill and there was a cliff edge with a drop that I couldn't see the bottom of. I looked at the scenery and realized I was dreaming.

      Scenery does that for me I don't know why but when I see lots of scenic stuff, I immediately feel that I'm dreaming.

      I turned around and saw the crazies still pursuing me and said "I've got to get away from here."

      I jumped off the ledge and looked forward and flew.

      I flew for a while until I knew I was far enough and then thought hey what if I flew lower to have some fun while flying. So I lowered my altitude and then I started rapidly approaching the ground and tried to raise back up and I crashed into the ground while moving forward and into a woodsy area.

      Then, I woke up. <--------Most common journal entry ending.
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