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    1. cxv.

      by , 04-20-2020 at 11:42 AM
      Mostly just one long dream and a small disjointed fragment from an early awakening.

      Dream Fragment:

      Something about a physical vault for porn; it was a gazebo-like building in the middle of a tiny island surrounded by a lot of water, but there were some nearby cliffs. I remember seeing it from there. H was in the dream and I remember feeling aroused from some of the images. I was sorting them, like they were in a computer file system. I wanted to finish what I was doing and spend some time together with H after I was done.


      Me and H were in the car. We were somewhere in Northern Ireland, we'd gotten there by boat but I don't have a dream memory of the boat trip. We drove through a few small villages. I remember someone telling me or talking about the weather, about how this little village here was always damp, wet, and cold. There were some very curvy roads, surrounded by nice and scenic woodland. Along the way two old men were just waddling about the literal middle of the road and I told H to slow down and be careful, since I was afraid we might hit someone like them. H didn't seem too bothered but slowed a bit.

      We went up some hills, eventually we arrived somewhere. We came here for an appointment apparently. Initially in the dream I was confused, because I didn't remember having any appointments coming up soon, but it was for H actually. I remember being at the lobby/desk and "checking in", I was asked for a name and gave mine, and I remember looking away at a clock on a wall and saying it was a 12:30 appointment. The man said something but I don't remember what, but everything was OK anyway.

      Then I went into a bathroom. It didn't have lights? But it had some natural light, but it was still dim. I don't remember what I was wearing up to this point, but now I was changing clothes, getting dressed as if going to bed. I had no pants on or anything but my top was the same one I actually slept with. The dark green one, which is long enough that it covered my private areas, so I just walked out of the bathroom not caring too much about it, walking more or less straight ahead, as I could see H sitting on a chair in a room, through a door. Understandably I did get some strange looks and glances from the nurses/staff as I walked towards that room.

      I walked into the room and expected the therapist would close the door. She didn't, but then it closed itself, or I did it. The room was small and plain with a typical office-like look, but it only had two walls, the one with the door, and the one behind where me and H were sitting. There was no ceiling and beyond the two missing wall sections was a green area, and some kind of stadium? I remember waiting for the therapist to say something. At this point, I was still in some dream-confusion about whether this appointment was for myself or H. But then H spoke and I encouraged it too, so they'd talk about some anxiety stuff. This part of the dream recall is a bit vague for some reason but some people across the way interrupted the therapist somehow; they shouted, calling for attention or notifying her of something?

      She seemed embarrassed and also unsure of herself. I remember she looked a bit like H's sister, but was naturally blonde and had at least twenty or more years on us. A bit out of nowhere, her superior showed up, a tall man in a suit, juxtaposing with her naturally small stature. He put his hand on her shoulder in a comforting way and told her something, but they were too far for me to hear.

      At some point through all of that I remember noticing my bare left knee. Before sleeping, the past night, my knee had been having burning sensations and hypersensitivity. When I looked at my knee now in the dream, I could see a circle of strange bumps, with somewhat concentric lines of more bumps on the inside of that circle.

      There's a transition of some kind. All of a sudden we're elsewhere, home maybe? I tell H I can't remember how we got here. I tell H that I have no recall of a trip back here and I feel confused, but do not remember to question reality.

      The next thing I remember is we're in a mine of some kind. Dark, poorly lit, but the lights are a warm colour. Details are missing. At some point, I see a grenade on the floor, over a grate of some kind. Oddly enough, I'm unafraid of the grate despite realising there's a bottomless pit under it, and I see the grenade still has its safety pin. I grab it and inspect it. I remember H talking to me and me to H as I was doing this. On the grenade, with the bad lighting, I try to read for instructions; although I have a general idea of how it should work, this grenade seemed very small, I could make a fully closed fist around it. The only writing I could see on it was a lot number of some kind. It was difficult to read because of the light and the fact that it was just sort of embossed into the surface, there was no contrasting pigment. It read "l624" or something.

      Disappointed by the lack of instructions, I threw it gently over onto a nearby tunnel that was lit by a lamp. I didn't want to hold on to it if I couldn't be sure how it worked. But then I detonated it or something, but while there was a big blast, there wasn't much light or noise. Virtually no damage occurred either.

      Then I remember walking up a slope in the mine with H, and as we were about to exit the mine (which in the context of the dream was like our hideout) for some reason, a woman about our age showed up. She just walked in but was not hostile to us. A small-ish bear and a wolf of the same size followed her. She had semi-blonde and very curly hair. We both spoke to her and the animals went into the mine to sleep; H stayed speaking to her and I followed the animals, finding them asleep. I gently woke the wolf up and he growled at me, I was unafraid and let him feel that I was happy he was interacting with me. I let him sniff my hand and then he seemed to like me. Then I got some notifications on some interface overlay that the girl favourited some things I'd posted? It didn't make much sense. But now she like me and H more.

      The last bit of the dream is kind of gone from memory now, but it involved some refugees she was helping and that we were then helping too.

      Might edit in some notes later but a bit tired of typing.

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    2. xl.

      by , 09-20-2018 at 02:10 PM
      Non-dream stuff - I wrote most of this non-lucid dream on a tablet while cooking lunch, as I didn't get a chance to do so before that. Managed to remember a lot of detail, but not some missing bits from transitions and the like, unfortunately.

      I remember being some place outside. I was getting a big weapon. The poor memory I have of the outline makes me think of a black bfg. I had a small van like the one my partner has. It was a cloudy and grey day. I put the weapon in the back of the van.

      I remember the presence of my middle sibling and I think we spoke at some point, about the weapon. It was very rare and valuable.

      Then there's a transition and it implied I took it some place else. I was now in my "lair" and I was a dinosaur/monster like something out of the game Monster Hunter. The weapon was on a rock, safely secrued somehow and I remembering seing an orange glow on its outline, like an item pickup in a game.

      Then I looked at the top right corner of a visual interface and it said 33,000,000 or so, and it was money I had.

      Another big black monster that looked like a Komodo dragon or some sort of lizard appeared and he wanted the weapon. I remember he had a deep voice but I don't remember any words. He wanted to take it by force so we fought for a bit and he tried to attack the things making the weapon secure, without much success. I think he ended up scurrying away.

      I then was in a human form and in a black mustang-y type car, seeing it from third person like in many free roam games, and I drove at some speed toward a "waypoint" where I would find the black lizard. I was driving through a city and it was a bit dark at first. I got to a wide river, and I remember I could see an industrial estate type place across the way. I couldn't cross with the car and "remembered" I could summon a jet, so I summoned a bomber jet and got in and took off; the city was more like a complex megapolis now and it was a clear and sunny day.

      Somewhat unexpectedly I wasn't controlling the jet too well, and had a few near-hits with buildings; there were drag forces I don't remember noticing before when flying these in games and the tall and branched buildings made it difficult to navigate at high speed but after through the mega city jungle I was arriving over my waypoint so I jumped out of the jet, landing somewhere near my waypoint, which was a bunker entrance. It became night again and there were military personnel that didn't look like they were going to let me inside but they didn't threaten me with their weapons so I rushed through the entrance, into some dark and dimly lit concrete halls. The few lights that existed were weak fluorescent lights.

      There wasn't much staff inside this bunker and I seemed to have lost the guards. In this section of the dream I can't actually remember what form I took, possibly alternating between human and lizard form; but I found the black lizard in a small room behind a classroom place that had window panes to an "open" underground area. It was still very dark but there was bright blue light from the large underground area. I assumed some kind of high tech generator though I don't remember looking.

      The black lizard was smaller than before, but though he was the same one as before, it was like he was younger now, hence his reduced size. I remember confronting him with more agression and likewise back at me. I also remember thinking "why couldn't he just pay me a few millions for the weapon", also making me wonder how much money he had, which I assumed to be a lot.

      Unfortunately I can't remember what happened next in any detail and the dream ended shortly after.

      Notes (going into a bit of dream interpretation more than usual because of the dream's plot/context):
      • To me, the jet, the military staff and bunker are clearly based off my recent experience of playing Just Cause 3. Other elements from games are obviously present, like the weapon.
      • In the dream I did expect the jet control to be a lot more intuitive than it ended up being, but the giant branched buildings were very unexpected, because when I was on the ground I never spotted any.
      • Black seems to have been a very prevalent colour in this dream.
      • Black BFG, black lizard, black car, grey rocks, lots of places of darkness... Of contrast was the white van, the blue or tan jet and the shiny city buildings and blue sky when flying the jet.
      • Of note to me is that I immediately referenced the black lizard as male, and the fact that I was a lizard too, of some other colour, probably yellow or orange, indicates to me that the black lizard was likely a part of my Shadow and that I was playing some sort of Hero role.
      • I find that the Hero as represented by my less conscious mind tends to be too antagonistic towards the Shadow. This may just be a reflection of Hero portrayals in many typical stories. I personally see the Shadow archetype in general as a poor repressed fellow who needs attention or affection, rather than violence.
      • In my childhood pre-sleep lucids, the form of choice was usually a giant black lizard/dinosaur.
      • The last part of the dream has the most significance to me and follows a general pattern that my dreams sometimes take;
      • The underground bunker goes down and deeper and gets darker and darker, which is a common process in my dreams, but the presence of a bright blue light at the end when confronting the black lizard in the darkness was somewhat unusual. I do usually have meaningful interactions with dark characters in these dream stages however.
      • The fact that the black lizard was smaller and/or younger at the end makes me think that it is a part of my childhood that I've lost that I haven't been able to regain yet. As a child I was easily angry and aggressive, which was more or less the behaviour of the black lizard.
    3. Early morning Apocalypse - commonality: colours, control

      by , 09-25-2017 at 09:45 AM
      D1 - Abstract kind of dream, different persona are fighting (a bit) over whos incharge of me. I see them as floating heads, in groups of 4, sort of in bubbles. The group in charge have a woman head honcho, she is distinctive as her face is white and green due to the lighting and her eyes are blue & green but the colours are split like when people try and get a 3d effect by splitting the colours on the image (to be reassembled via 3d glasses).

      D2 - There is an election going on with a load of people gathered in a park. I have had this park before in a dream about a college, in this dream however the white stone building in the centre of the park is a hall for voting.
      The campaigning party are represented by a fluorescent light Greek blue colour, which is floating around in the air (kind of).

      D3 - Had a rambling dream of travelling somewhere by bike I think.
      Then I set off to work early morning, feeling quite pleased with myself that I am organised and will arrive on time before rest of family are even up.
      I then look around in the early light and notice that in every direction there are towering plumes of black smoke, on the horizon. I think "oh shit, apocalypse" and hurry back home.
    4. Train station, taking pictures and people leaving

      by , 01-23-2017 at 10:51 AM
      I am at a train-station.
      There is snow so appears to be like wintertime, but in a weird way I know I am in a warm country where winter with snow never happen. It is a dry and warm country in reality, the winter is meaningful in some way. There is someone with me, constantly behind my back and following. Its a friend.
      The country is a foreign place for me, a country far away, and we are both taking pictures with our cameras.
      I have noticed that mine has a very long lens on it, and I can zoom in very far. Its an interesting function, it takes some time for me to adjust and focus the camera. But at some point I succeed.
      I walk around in the train station and take photo after photo. Some are meaningless and not beautiful or interesting in any way. But every now and then I am surprised by how well a photo has turned out.
      I walk to another platform, where a train has arrived. People walk out of the train and there is a lot of hustling and bustling, people everywhere. Again I take a lot of photo's.
      The now empty train is soon going to a new place, so new people are going towards it to step inside and make their journey.
      People come form all corners and they even walk on the train track. It appears to be a country where a lot of people with dark hair live. I am not sure which country.
      I take a picture of how they walk towards and enter the train.
      When I look at the screen of the camera, I am utterly amazed by the beauty of the picture. Some people, people that are on the move, appear like a blur. Others are clear and colorful. I cannot explain what it looked like, it seemed a very balanced out picture.
      A flow of beautiful people leaving, on a journey. For some reason it has a significance that I do not fully grasp.

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    5. 16-01-17 “Road Trip to Iceland, with Steen and Dad”

      by , 01-17-2017 at 08:56 PM
      This dream was what I recalled this morning following the intention: My intention for tonight is first and foremost to wake up and remember my dreams. Secondly I feel like I am approaching a cross-roads and I feel uncertain about where to place my efforts, so I would be thrilled with some assistance from my dreams in this respect. But foremost I trust my dreams and want to remember whatever they bring. It feels as if it is relevant somehow and I will use it as an opportunity to practise both descriptive evocative writing as well as Jungian interpretation methods.

      I am pondering the idea of going to Mexico, which appears much as you perceive a fantasy or mnemonic ideation in the waking state – the incipient sense of an image, a map perhaps, appearing before my inner eye.

      I direct my attention outwards and find myself in the passenger seat in Steen's silver-grey car, although I am inside the car I can clearly see the matte nuance of the silver grey colour on the outside of the car. My dad is in the back seat, and he seems gleeful and excited though he doesn't say or do much during the dream. We are going on a trip, and my dad and Steen are there helping me out, as it is mainly me going on a mission.

      It is pouring down outside, it is clouded and grey, which produce a darkish hue. We are at a ticket office, which resembles a mixture between a gas station and a junk food drive in. There are two protruding window tills on our right hand side and above an almost square section of roofing is covering the pavement next to the windows, providing some cover for the rain outside.

      We drive slowly towards the first of the two window tills – one for ordering another for picking up the tickets – and as we do I feel something bump into the car towards the back, which also produce a mild audible thump. I look out the window and backwards to see if Steen has accidentally hit one of the massive concrete columns extending from the building. He is really close but I can't see any damage done to the car.

      I lean back in and Steen switches on the radio and the GPS system. The audio-scape is flooded with remnants of old mobile conversations, radio clatter and noise. I feel uneasy and a bit confused, as it is supposed to be a GPS system, providing guidance. Steen remains rather calm and composed and simply asks the GPS if it is there, and it dawns on me that it is a voice activated system.

      “I am here” a clear loud and direct female voice responds, which is a tremendous reassurance.

      Steen proceeds to drive forward and I wonder why I don't have to open the window to get the ticket. “It isn't necessary when you have one of these” he says and points to a rectangular electronic device, with an old school digital display in the bottom right corner of the front window, just in front of me as it would seem. It is essentially a device that registers that he has been here and automatically charges him for the ferry ride, which is what the ticket office is for.

      “So we are going to Iceland” he says, and I feel at first excited, but then a bit concerned because we will be sailing and we are supposed to go to either Mexico or the Faeroe Islands as well today and I am afraid we won't have time. I think about this only briefly before relinquishing the thought at aspiration to do all of these things.

      We look at a map and a black marker line appears that takes us from the ticket office “to Odden” which on the map is a full scale island, elongated and egg shaped except for a very pointed en on the right hand side. The black line takes us to the top and centre of the island, where the port town is based, from where we will board the ferry to Iceland.

      End of dream.

      In this interpretation I will start by breaking down the dream into its constituent motifs, and run free associations on them.

      There is a preceding map, an idea of a journey – which implies a plan and a set destination it also represents an overview of a trip, which can symbolise knowledge of where I am going in life. This is particularly salient as I am taken somewhere else than what I had “mapped out”, which excites me although the expectation of having to go somewhere specific within a given time frame becomes a source of frustration and tension/restlessness.

      The car is a solid and large station car, it is silver grey – the colour symbolising the silver grey snake-like pathway through space I frequently perceive in meditation, cannabis and psychedelic states also symbolising the spiritual cord often reported as seen in OBEs.

      The car is a symbol of my body, it is in good shape and the fact that my dad has been relegated to the back seat can be an expression of our recent confrontations and my insights on how he has dominated the development of my low self-esteem though his parenting style. He is now put in the back seat, representing that I still carry him with me and care for his approval and love, yet this aspect is no longer the driving motivating psychic energy for my aspirations for life – such as “save the world and become super famous”, which is simply a conditioned tendency I have developed as I felt under appreciated and unseen as a child.

      Steen is an old friend of the family, both my mum and dad – I associate to him that he recently helped me out with cheaply renting his summer house to me following an Ayahuasca journey where I wanted to stop smoking and I didn't feel for returning to my parents' house where I currently live right after. At this time he said to me that he sees how my dad communicates to people and told me that one would get insane living in that environment constantly, which felt extremely pleasant to hear as someone external with knowledge of my dad seemed to understand how hard it can be. Recently my mother expressed – in a sober state – that it can be extremely challenging for her to live in that and that friends of the family finds it a challenge to be around him as well. With Steen in the driver's seat I feel that I have taken a step towards taking control of my life and am grateful for the moral support of individuating myself from my dad, who has – without fault of his own or even consciously – dominated much of my life, through establishing uncertainty both with regards to a fragile self-esteem but also the messianic and grandiose drive to save the world to finally be worthy of his admiration and love. Steen represents a new found aspect of myself that is compassionate and understanding towards why I have turned out as I did as well as the drive to liberate myself from the clutches of my dad.

      The rain outside symbolise a torrential state of affairs with regards to my emotions – since my last Ayahuasca journey it is as if a lid has been removed and my libido is now coursing freely upwards, which result in more passionate responses and an easier time setting boundaries. It could also symbolise the fact that I am expending a lot of emotional energy in response to external uncontrollable aspects of the world, which is reminiscent of the saviour complex alluded to earlier.

      The ticket office could symbolise a public institution, such as the Health Authorities which I have recently been in contact with, with regards Ayahuasca. I might be approaching, or at least that is how I perceive it, a point where I am close to getting in trouble due to my enquiries, yet no harm is done yet. The whole point of issuing a ticket could represent my thinking on Ayahuasca's precarious legal status and potentially in the future thinking of a license model for practising, where the dream hints at that license is nothing that comes from the outside but an internal license, a calling (electronic ticket system).

      The GPS and radio system is particularly interesting to me. The clatter represents conditioned thinking and the attention I pay to outward clues for finding out how to direct my life. However when I look closely the “ancient mother” (female GPS voice) is there and is capable of taking me in the direction I need to go. The trick is to ask and learn to listen for what is coming from within and ignore restrictions I put on myself based on external sources of esteem and approval.

      The fact that I am concerned with the duration of the trip represents a problematic aspect of how I relate to life in an impatient way. I am lacking trust in life unfolding as it is supposed to. This is related again to the map I saw in the beginning of the dream, which representative of how I tend to construct expectations of how life SHOULD unfold and I am operating under an assumption that I need to go somewhere specific and I need to go there quickly. In essence this result in an escapist approach to life, where I am not allowing it to unfold on its own terms and cannot fully embrace and meet events in a curious, compassionate and open way.

      The end of the dream I see the ocean and the beach sort of imaginatively overlapped onto the map with the black line. I take it to symbolise that I am still in the process of letting go of my tendency to construct expectations and narrow definitions of success, but I will shortly arrive at a position where I let go and let Life overcome me and simply concede to the abrupt changes that are about to happen, with excited anticipation and joy in letting whatever happens happen. The fact that it is a sailing trip could represent a recognition of the potent force of the collective unconscious, and my submitting the stubborn fantasy that I am in control and surrendering to the collective collected wisdom of the evolution of Life itself.

      Reconstructing the meaning from associated and elaborated ideas.

      So a potential message from the dream could be that I am still constructing expectations of where and how life should take me. This becomes a source of frustration when I run into unexpected opportunities and twists of fate.

      My dad has been a source for grandiose and messianic ideation, due to his belittling and command-like style of communication, from where he will never explain why he commands, reminds, reprimands, but simply asserts himself in a supercilious tone of voice. Since we have widely different interests in life and he has proclaimed that he has no interest (or capacity) in trying to understand me I have since very early childhood developed these tendencies as a way to garner his approval, which is already there he has just never shown it in a way I could understand it when younger. The fact that he is relegated to the back seat symbolise that I am relegating the grandiose and very ambitious saviour identities – and associated expectancies – to a position where they are no longer “driving me”.

      The downpour contrasted with the comfortable, sturdy and undamaged quality of the silver grey car, can symbolise the progress I am making with meditation, where I have found an easier time dealing with painful emotions, as well as physical symptoms. They aren't allowed to penetrate to my core and when I continue the exercise I will strengthen my capacity to sift out the “radio clatter” (which can also signify the attribution of value to others' judgement of me) and listen to the voice of my heart, represented here by the Anima archetype, my deity in prayer – Mother Gaia.

      The ticket office close call could symbolise that I need to tone down my activities with certain authorities to avoid getting in trouble, especially because I already have an inner license to pursue my dreams.

      The trip to Iceland represents where I am headed next, which isn't a literal journey, although that might be fun also. In fact it might be very useful as it is Steen guiding me, which could mean a pointer to a place of safe haven, which he provided following my last Ayahuasca journey. However I have also recently considered reading up on mythology to get a better understanding of the empirical data that underpins the theory of the archetypes. This journey serves as a pointer towards examining Nordic mythology and shamanistic/divination cultural history.

      In short. With particular reference to the intention here I am being reminded that uncertainty is OK, cause if I try and envision or anticipate a direction I will form an expectation, which will lead to suffering when life takes me elsewhere. As long as I listen to my inner voice the direction is guaranteed, so I should just continue the work of being better at letting go of old ways of thinking and sharpen my attention on what matters instead of the clatter. Then a further dive into the Nordic mythology is in store.
    6. A Perilous Journey to the Wondrous and Strange New House

      by , 07-13-2016 at 08:33 AM
      Morning of July 13, 2016. Wednesday.

      The first segment relates to my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now though living in a house that seems like a variation of the Loomis Street house. One difference is that there is an additional porch door on its south end, closest to the internal wall. It had apparently been unused for longer periods by other tenants and was even nailed shut. In fact, there is a point at which I remove the nails and we use it for a time. Eventually, our landlord appears and, even though we had been using the door recently, makes the claim “this door has never been opened”. I find his ignorance typical of people but amusing. He appears to be here to make repairs.

      Soon, there is this idea that I am leaving for an undetermined amount of time. Zsuzsanna had asked me at least twice if there was a nude man sleeping in the middle of the street (dream sign). I am not sure at first as it may just be an animal that had been run over. It seems to be late afternoon. Everyone is sad to see me leave. I leave with no additional belongings or items. A car pulls up (from the north if assuming Loomis Street) and an unknown teenage girl is the driver. (This is one of those many times when I somehow know that I am creating the events in my dream, in this case summoning the driver “out of nowhere”, but I am not at all aware that I am dreaming.) Before I ride off in the car (the driver’s side being on the left even though I have lived in Australia since 1994), Zsuzsanna asks me again about a possible nude man sleeping in the middle of the street but I am still not sure.

      The dark-haired girl is dressed somewhat formally in black slacks and a light-colored sleeveless top. I do not learn her name at any point. Her demeanor is somewhat formal though still cheerful. I notice that the unusual imagery in the middle of the street is actually an animatronics display of two beavers as in an implied scene from one of the “Chronicles of Narnia” movies. This seems curious to me as it may be a hazard for vehicles to have to drive around. Ahead, as we go south, we notice other animatronics displays, most of which are large but most are on each side of the street. One, on the left, is somewhat like a small Nativity scene. This all seems like some sort of temporary publicity stunt as well as a holiday-related event.

      A shift occurs and it is now late at night. I am now walking with the unknown female in an unfamiliar alley though it is an illogical setting as one alley leads into an additional perpendicular alley with a high light-colored wooden fence on the opposite side. An unknown man approaches us with a knife to rob us. Even though I am not lucid, I say “You have no knife” and his knife vanishes. He appears to be very puzzled and somewhat concerned. For a short time I think of making him vanish as well but instead, I create a revolver in my right hand and aim it at him. I then think that this might make the girl think that I am a violent person so I cause my gun to vanish. The man runs off into the night.

      I am now returning to my family. It has been two years since I had seen them (though Zsuzsanna appears about twenty years younger and our children appear about three years younger). I hug her in the doorway. We are going to travel to a new home. Many people are going to help us, though most of them are in their fifties to seventies. The journey will be difficult since we have to wade through a river in the coldest part of the year. In fact, someone asks me why I want to go there at this time but I do not have an answer for them. Still, I am not sure how Zsuzsanna and our children get through as I only see several older people making the journey. I am with them but somehow not fully in my body. I do not seem as stressed as they are by the conditions of the environment. One older male’s outer flesh had come off from his right side and I can see his ribs and lungs. He keeps wading through the cold water with the others. I think perhaps he may die, yet he continues. I feel a bit guilty about his condition.

      We all end up on the porch of my family’s new home. Oddly, it just seems like another version of the Loomis Street house (in seeming location and orientation) that we had left. It seems an older unknown male is letting us live there for as long as we want. The male who had a large strip of his flesh come off seems to be okay now. Many antiques and knickknacks are visible, including some sort of smaller cylindrical objects with a forest painted in one smaller circular area on the side and which may be candle holders. I remark about the house probably having been built in the 1700s. I see that the brick wall on my right is very crooked, with the bricks at various depths from the wall’s implied center (almost as if something very strong had tried to push out from the other side) but this does not seem problematic in any way. There seems to be some sort of machine attached to the ceiling. I can see two small rectangular buttons close to each other longways, one red, one yellow, the red one on the left as I look up. Someone activates it with a switch on the wall for a short time and a few are wary of it as it is fairly large and hanging over their heads. It is connected to some sort of pulley and is part of a device to carry parts for production from one area to another but has been unused since perhaps the 1800s.

      I look out through the doorway and discover that there is now an additional porch that is illogically linked to the front of this porch. It is a bit bigger and mostly glass and metal rather than brick. There is a series of French doors all the way across the front. I clearly see writing that is printed in large letters (at least six rows) from ceiling to floor. It says “To Lulu” on each left door and “To me” on each right door (and there are probably four sets of two) so that the writing is close near the middle of where each pair of doors open. The writing is on bars that go across what is otherwise glass to where I can see outside to the street.

      I go back into the other smaller porch and comment on how the house was built for, and dedicated to, a girl named Lulu. I start repeating “To Lulu, to me, to Lulu, to me” over and over. (Lulu is the name of a singer who sang “To Sir with Love”, which I heard a lot as a child and young adult and which I also performed as an instrumental on both accordions and keyboards. However, there is also a song called “Don’t Bring Lulu” which I also performed, though I assume it means the singer as Paula Abdul was referenced in one of my last dreams.)
    7. Cosmic Connection

      by , 04-24-2016 at 12:52 PM
      D1 - In school i am doing exercises with the class, to reach another dimension. We are making a square with our arms and everybody is making the same moves. I see a large square (portal?) being created. At the top we create a swirly square that is yellow and red, bit like thick acrylic. We keep doing this.
      The powers that be ??? want to stop humans from connecting with other beings in the universe. So we must pass on the knowledge to the children of the next generation, for tha sake of all.
      I am generating music with my intention and emotions. The music starts to play over and over along with the production of the square.
      We have opened the channel and the woman I know appears, her skin is like gold with dark tones. She is dancing and undulating.
      I am overwhelmed with emotions of joy and happiness, waves of energy.

      D2 - Next I am travelling through hills and valleys, in the countryside trying to reach her again. The journey seems like it will take forever.
      I am high up on a hilltop and the countryside stretches on in front of my to the horizon,
      Again I am worried about the powers that be trying to stop me.
      I take a leap of faith and jump up and plummet down, down , down into the valley below.
      I use my powers to change the landscape into flatness and manage to land perfectly safely.

      I had another similar dream to dream 2 but only remember journeying again.

      The song in dream one, was Alabahma shakes, I found you.

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    8. Canoe

      by , 07-03-2014 at 02:11 PM


      I find myself in a rain forest. I am surrounded by millions of squaremeters of trees. After some searching I find an old canoe. I decide to leave my friends in the forest and go on a journey to find help. When I want to put the boat to water I get attacked by piranhas and salties. I take the dust road. So I slide over the ground, down the sandy roads a while, doing jumps and steerin with my paddle. I reach a city and go inside the city-walls. I find a big pile of conterfeit money and put some in my backpack. The looks more and more like a modern Jerusalem. I find a train and get in. When the train stops I get out and find myself in another city, even more beautiful than the last. I start snowing.

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    9. The Journey Mural

      by , 11-12-2013 at 10:53 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #161: The Journey Mural

      I'm walking around in the kitchen with Wife, carrying a baby girl and lamenting the fact that my previous lucid dream was too short. I look over to see that the microwave timer is counting down from 59. "A short lucid dream is better than nothing, isn't it?" asks Wife.

      I figure she's right. I look back at the timer again and notice that it's now counting 2... 1... and then blanks out completely. I realize that everything about this is odd and
      I become lucid.

      The baby girl has vanished and I no longer hear Wife saying anything. I guess they've both left the scene. I move toward the closest exit (the back door) but it looks oppressively dark in that direction. The dream is not feeling stable to me and I don't feel like my cognitive abilities are all there.

      I turn back toward the living room, slowly moving past the dining room table, through the living room toward the front door. The darkness presses down on me the entire time, and I feel like I'm slowing down.

      I suddenly notice that I'm having trouble breathing. I try again and can't manage more than a few gasps. The whole experience is starting to make me nervous, and I start wondering if I just need to make the dream more vivid to make these problems go away.

      A picture on the wall catches my eye. In waking life, it's a stylized world map. But in this dream, it looks more like some kind of abstract mural, similar to the artwork you find in the video game Journey. There are 3 or 4 robed figures at the bottom of what looks like a multi-story building.

      As I approach the painting, I see the robed figures stir just a bit as if they're alive. I'm still not breathing, but I hope that if I can somehow just change the scene everything will be okay. I rub my hands together for a moment and then reach for the painting, intending to dive into it. The robed figures stir to greater activity, the painting becoming a larger and larger part of my vision... but
      the dream ends.
      Tags: clock, journey, wife
    10. 8/31/13 Fragments of Traveling

      by , 08-31-2013 at 04:17 PM (Illuminating the Dream Realm)
      1. Traveling with my cousins (to dragoncon?) We stopped at a hotel with wierd phones everywhere. My aunt called and asked which one of us pooped on her couch, and we said it must have been the dog. o-e

      2. My family was beginning a journey, and we stopped at same aunt's house for supplies. I wanted to take their rootbeer, but they wouldn't let me.
    11. But songs should *change* darnit!

      by , 08-30-2013 at 08:49 AM (SilverWolf's Sleep Sessions)
      Thursday, August 29 8:00 am WBTB Induction attempt *fell asleep too soon *

      Interesting dream fragment where my mother is driving us somewhere, and the song 'lights' starts to play on the radio. (The song by Journey, not the one by Ellie Goulding). When the song is finished, I start to complain about how there is no difference between that song when it first came out, and now. I complain that there needs to be a new rendition that is different because the song is so boring (which I don't REALLY feel, so why I would say that in my dreams, I have no freaking clue, LOL). All I can remember really, is my mother and I arguing about this, as she tells me that the song is a good song and should stay the way it is, not be changed. Wish I could remember more, as this was a rather funny conversation
    12. The Desert Camp

      by , 07-15-2013 at 05:01 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      The Desert Camp

      Lucidis, Chris, and Claire had recently crossed the border into Efile and set out to walk in one direction, which was south. I don't think they really knew where they were going. The map from "The Heart Stone" had no details relating to roads, cities, or geography. I wonder if it's a part of the world that people from outside Efile know little about.

      They were traveling through a hot sandy desert. They wore white hooded cloaks to protect them from the heat of the sun. Chris was also carrying a large backpack which likely contained traveling and survival gear. Traveling through the desert wasn't too difficult for them, though it certainly wasn't a walk in the park. It felt kind of like traveling through the desert in Journey (an indie video game).

      They didn't talk much and early part journey was pretty uneventful aside from sliding down large sand dunes. Lucidis and Chris found that to be fun. After traveling for a fair amount of time, Claire spotted something from the top of a large sand dune. She activated the visor of her stasis armor and used the binoculars function to get a better look at it. Claire then told Lucidis and Chris that there was a camp and river a few miles to the west.

      Initially Chris wanted them to keep traveling in the same direction to avoid getting lost and to get through the desert quickly. After talking it over, it was then decided that going to camp and following the river would be safer. They began to walk west towards the camp and dream time skipped here.

      It was now what I think was morning of the next day. Lucidis, Chris, and Claire had apparently stayed the night in that camp. The camp appeared to be the remains of an old abandoned military camp. It was mostly in ruins, but some of the structures were still in tact.

      Claire had asked for Chris and Lucidis meet her at a location a short distance south of the camp in the morning. Chris and Lucidis traveled there and what they found was a rather large obstacle/training course. It had what looked to be about a hundred stone platforms elevated above quicksand. The platforms were spaced apart with various obstacles such as rope swings, monkey bars, and balance beams between them.

      Claire told Lucidis and Chris to remove their cloaks and to start training. Naturally, Lucidis though training in the middle of a hot desert was ridiculous and protested. Claire told him it that it would help condition their bodies to the desert environment. She also threatened to shoot Lucidis, so he started training on the obstacle course.

      After training for some time, Lucidis made it to the far end of the obstacle course and stopped to take a breath. He looked out towards the river and followed the river with his eyes. He looked towards the southwest and saw what appeared to be silvery-blue towers shining far off in the distance. It looked like it was a city to him.

      Lucidis called to Chris who was navigating an obstacle a few platforms away. Lucidis pointed in the direction of the city and asked Chris if he could see it too or if it was just a mirage. Chris confirmed that it was real by saying that he could see it too. They worked their way back to Claire and told her about the city. They planned to journey to the city after that, but I think it was around this point that the dream ended.

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    13. Journey through the Dream

      by , 06-16-2013 at 07:26 PM

      Level of Lucidity: 1
      Level of Clarity: 6
      Level of Realism: 7
      (levels based 0-10, 0-5 being low - good 5-10 being great - extreme)

      Parts of this dream are in present tense and some are in past tense. When I wrote this I had just woken up and was going back and forth between the tense because I was tired.

      Dream 1: I am standing on a sort of futuristic football field with a large-ish African American kid about my age. He and I are supposed to be protecting somebody, but it’s not a life or death thing, we’re supposed to be protecting him in a game we’re about to play. There are tons of other people around our age (18) there, just walking around the field. Something happens and everyone starts running in the same direction, as if a race is starting. I start running as fast as I can to get to the front of the pack. The race leads off the football field, and there was a long handicap ramp for people to roll up if they’re in wheel chairs. I ran up to it, and jumped over the railing, taking a shortcut. I jump over the next two railings too.

      I see that my old middle school friend, who I just saw recently for the first time in years at a grocery in the waking world, was running and she was in the front of the group. It reminded me of when we were back in school, and she would always be at the front of class, always putting her hand up first. In a sense she was leading the class.

      I catch up to her and she seems to know where she’s going, so I start to follow her. We run through a building and then down several flights of stairs. The stairs change from being a house kind of stairwell to being an industrial kind of stairwell with cement stairs and railings and cement walls. All of a sudden the stairwell ends and we’re in a large cement parking lot. I looked around and everything had a sepia tone to it.

      There were some tire marks on the cement, but no parking space lines.

      I looked forward and remembered that I need to keep following her. She ran around a corner and got a slight lead on me, but she didn't know I was following her. When I run around the corner she is gone, and there are multiple stairways and multiple doors leading all sorts of directions. I had no idea which way to go. To my left was a scissor gate like a small business would use in a town to keep the front of the store inaccessible during the night from thieves.

      I didn't have much time. I looked around desperately trying to find her, but I was too late. The herd of kids had caught up, but they were in the hallway that was blocked off by that sliding scissor gate. Cayla (my friend from school) was behind the scissor gate too. I looked at her and she looked at me as if to say “How did I get in here?”

      I took advantage of the opportunity, and ran in one of the random directions. It led me to a train tunnel like place, and I kept running. Eventually I wound up at a bus at the end of the tunnel. I looked around and noticed that it was night time, and everything was dark. I got into the bus and sat near the front. There were already three other people on the bus. Two girls my age and one boy who I seemed to know from somewhere. Once I was on, the bus started to drive away. We drove down a street and I noticed that it was a place I was familiar with, my grandparents neighborhood. We all started talking to eachother, saying hello and asking names. I think one of the girls said her name was Stacy. She was very attractive. I then sat back in my chair and waited for a while. It felt like we were driving for an hour. By this time we were all good friends, even the bus driver. We pulled into a small city, and I saw some small houses on my left, and what appeared to be an amusement park in front of us. I looked down to the road as we approached a red light, and noticed that there was a small African American baby sitting in the road. He didn’t seem scared, he was quite playful. He was acting like a frog, and as soon as I acknowledged that, a black frog about the size of the baby appeared next to him. They were both sticking their tongues out and trying to catch something on the ground, perhaps an ant or a bug, with their tongues.

      The light changed and we progressed on our journey. I looked behind me at the girls and noticed that they were making out. I thought to myself “ ……. HOT!” My buddy who was sitting in the back kind of looked at me and laughed then looked out the window, as if he’d seen this a million times. The girls off and on started kissing eachother, and I looked at Stacy and said “Can I help you girls out?” They kind of ignored me but I was persistent and said “I wanna get involved with that!” They stopped kissing and looked at me, it sort of creeped me out because they didn’t say anything for a second. Then Stacy said “No.” (Damn!)

      We pulled up next to a large strange shaped rock/metal formation at the amusement park and stopped next to it, still on the road, by a curb. The wall formation looked like the wall in this picture of a ride at six flags:

      We all got out and started walking, but we knew where we were going. After we turned a corner I was at my old house, which has recently sold. We’re standing in the driveway, and my dad and some people who seem to be his friends are in the garage next to a car with tools out. They say something taunting to me as a joke and we walk into the garage.

      I felt a sense that told me “The whole reason we did this mission was to get here to fix something on a car.” It made me feel like It was a lot of effort just to do something so small, and why was it so important that all the kids from that school wanted to come fix it?

      I heard some noises in real life and began to wake up and journal.

      I used the WBTB and ADA Technique here, never became fully lucid, but was conscious enough to make SOME decisions in the dream of my own, but at no point had any idea I was really asleep.

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    14. Journey up a Mountain

      by , 05-19-2013 at 05:36 PM

      I lived in a tribal area with a large family. I know that we lived at the foot of a huge mountain, and that we might have lived in tan-colored tents. Something was threatening us, I think it was a guy that wasn't human (dark hair, I think). My job was to go up the mountain and stop him, although I can't remember what he was doing wrong.

      I remember climbing up a snowy mountainside with my servant. It was very steep, and tough to not slide. I remember catching bugs and finding plants to eat. I was constantly worried that we would starve or not be able to find shelter. We came upon an abandoned house on the mountain, had been white but was now green with mold and moss. It had a very creepy air so we kept on moving.

      The mountain had this spiral 'stairway' that was constantly moving. My servant and I had reached the stairway and were staring at it as it descended below us to a point that we couldn't see. There was a digital clock with red letters above the stairway that I think said 4:20. It told us how long it'd take for us to make it to the top of the mountain if we started now. We decided to wait for a while, because we wouldn't have to walk as far if we waited until the mountain had descended a little.

      We used materials that we found to make a shelter, and at this point others joined us. I remember seeing a big sheet of metal that I think we used as a roof. At one point we went and checked the clock again, but decided to wait when we saw that it still had two hours left.

      Fragment: There was a radio or old TV that someone got very angry over and accused another person of stealing. I remember seeing someone carrying an armload of supplies. I was very busy.

      We finally did come back down the mountain. I remember running on my hands like some animals, but going really fast. I remember seeing a tree that was growing like a huge corkscrew, but was like Jack and the Beanstalk because it was still growing. My dad met me at the bottom of the mountain. At this point I felt like I had been chasing someone, and that they had escape up the spiral tree.
    15. Iboga: My First Lucid Experience From Materiality to Spirituality & a New Committment to Lucidity

      by , 11-16-2012 at 07:51 PM
      I ingested a traditional tribal "flood" dose of Iboga, a oneirogen that induces a waking dream state for 12 - 48 hours & has been used for centuries by the people of Gabon as a coming of age shamanic plant. Basically you're Lucid Dreaming while awake. I decided to take the root when I found out about it & how unlike hallucinogens the visions you receive from Iboga are not vague or open to much interpretation. Many people see parts of their life replayed, they feel the pain or joy their actions caused. Some see deities or significant people in their life including people who've passed away. Some people claim it's the tree of knowledge of good & evil from the bible.

      It was risky for me to begin with because I have a heart condition & Iboga is very intense on the heart. The idea is to experience complete ego death which is followed by all the visions. Going through hell to get to heaven. Knowing this I decided to take the root right before going into the emergency room so in case if anything happened I would be in good hands.

      I was really yearning for a spiritual aspect to my life which had been lost. All my life I was told what to believe mixed with my own beliefs & thoughts about all these different possibilities. I felt as if it would be best for me to experience what is true for me spiritually myself. So I decided ego death & true transcendence along with visions of my life would give me some answers. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-226022_173492909452774_1369104690_n.jpg

      It started to come on subtlety at first, in the emergency room waiting area things became very dim & dead looking like all the warmth to colors was slowly being sucked out. I started to feel as if I was riding some giant wave of reality in isolation of everything around me. Like the world could swallow me whole at any moment. I started to get worried because the waiting room was full & only 30 minutes into a 2 day experience I could already feel some effects. I kept trying to stress the fact I had ingested something that could send me into a psychotic break, get sick, or kill me. That I needed to be in a bed with a heart monitor & people who could check on me & bring me water while I began to purge.

      I eventually get to a room & there's a bed, I'm questioned by doctors nurses & staff constantly as I'm starting to trip. I tell them I ingested it for spiritual purposes & that I should avoid being overstimulated. I purposefully brought a long a sleeping mask & my phone to play music to help move things along. As soon as we made it to the room all this was taken as a precautionary measure to ensure I wouldn't try to hurt myself or someone with it. They kept questioning me for what seemed like an hour. The first part of the trip felt like my body was trying to escape reality, the conscious voice in my head got increasingly paranoid about death, going crazy, saying something wrong to the doctors or nurses. I increasingly was drawing a complete blank as I was being questioned, I kept saying umm more & more as thoughts escaped my mind. My consciousness was becoming consumed with fear as I lost the ability to think & create a coherent sentence. One doctor made me feel guilty saying I ingested a hallucinogen & I was wasting taxpayer money in my "recreational pursuit". This was a search for truth, for meaning. Eventually I asked to be left alone trying to avoid over-stimulation after I answered the same questions about 5 times to 5 different people.

      I drank some water which was brought to me & my heart starts pounding like crazy, I hear this intense buzzing in my ears that sounds like I'm near a high voltage transformer or surrounded by beehives. My heart is spiking off the charts on the monitor & I'm told I went into VTAC Ventricular Tachycardia (where your heart beats so fast it could stop). I'm so nauseated & worried at this point I purge into a bucket this green liquid, it looks like I puked up part of the hulk or Nickelodeon slime. I start to feel this energy building at the base of my spine, like hot magma or electricity charging up. At this point my heart is going so fast I'm convinced I won't make it through this & that before I knew it I would be moving onto whatever's next. At this point my ego is just screaming in my head like it wants to murder me, "You're going to wake up insane, you're heart is exploding get ready for the pain, you're dead.. nice job".

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-579181_199565330178865_107535776_n.jpg

      Eventually after what seemed like hours of fighting between death & my mind I accept death. With acceptance I slowly start seeing with my eyes closed - red very strongly, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, then violet. As this is happening I feel that magma, that energy, that electricity building at the base of my spine slowly move up as I accept my fate. I kept thinking of mercury moving up a thermometer. With complete acceptance I jolted out into the universe a soul past the purple into an infinite white light. Being a part of it but there was no sense of "I" no me, no body, pure spirit & an overwhelming sense of connectedness & unconditional love overwhelming every ounce of being. Being one with the big bang, forget infinite energy, light, the realest thing you could sense in there was pure joy, bliss, unconditional love, complete peace. No thought, stillness, nothingness, the void.

      I wake up sometime later after being moved to what I learn later is the ICU. I'm incredibly lucid & the personal visions are starting to come, I'm so lucid it's like the power of lucidity carried over into waking life. I imagine this medical light on the ceiling that looks like a mushroom cap stretching & changing shape. As I believe it stretches it does so & it really seems to work when I send it unconditional love from my chest. I imagine stretching it so far with love I eventually break through the ceiling into another room.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-534578_194096464059085_2061048134_n.jpg

      The first room I broke through into was like a dusty old worn down house with cobwebs all over, wooden floors, a broken window, & it looked like something no one would really appreciate. I notice in the dream I'm wearing clothes that appear to be like Link from Zelda. I'm greeted by two groups of people to my right. One of which is very happy, joyful, they have an inner-childlike sense to them. Curious, compassionate, encouraging, happy to be alive. They're cheering me on & saying great things about the room appreciating everything. I get the sense this is what I must do to move on. Love the room impartially, seeing the good in it. The other group of people seems miserable, they're void of color full of grays & find fault with the room saying things like "Ewww". I decide this is not the direction I want to take & I break down the wall by loving the place I'm at.

      I end up in another room & another they're all very similar except each consecutive room is characterized by things of the chakra system. It seemed as though I was breaking down walls to move energy from the 1st chakra (the root) to the 7th chakra (the crown). The root is at the base of the spine & the crown is at the top of the head. A hierarchy of energy from the base of the spine to the top of the head; from the physical aspects of existence to the spiritual. Overall all the same lessons were to be learned. If I hesitated in loving a room, in breaking down a wall I was sent back to the beginning. It seemed like my visions were very influenced by the video games I played growing up. After a lot of tries I made it to the heart chakra (the central 4th & central chakra, the point where the physical aspects of our world become intertwined with the spiritual). Tibetan Buddhists believe the heart is responsible for the white light I saw, the white light people describe seeing before death right before moving onto the next life. Once I got to the heart alot of the questions I wanted answers to started getting answered.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-577036_133455673456498_106690346_n.jpg

      I wanted to know who my soul mate was, what the meaning of life is, why we're here, what is truth for me. The first answer I got was about my soul mate. Right before the trip I was torn between this girl Windy & a girl Samantha I had just met who reminded me of Windy. Then it seems as though Windy had forgotten all about me but she holds such a big place in my heart I wasn't ready to move on. A free spirit, a soul that burns in the night with a deep passion for life, a fire within that you only read about. Her way of living inspired me to begin my spiritual journey which led me to this point. Little did I know there's a reason I dream of her almost every night, why I get Deja Vu around her so much, why when we first met I felt us both gaze into each others souls & I had this incredible sensation like we had met before. Iboga showed me we're soul mates & now I'm left waiting for the right time, for a chance to be her friend. If I ever get that chance I'll make it last until the end. In the vision when I reached the heart chakra I heard my voice boom out loud like I was asking who my soul mate was, it happened automatically like I didn't even have to think of it. It was like because I wrote down all my questions before taking the root the questions were already programmed into my subconscious to be asked later. As soon as that happened Windy appeared on a green lotus flower platform suspended in space & from there she yelled "Kenny! I love you! with such enthusiasm it warmed my soul. I heard her say "We're meant for eternity, our love will stand the test of time". The platform symbolized her heart chakra as I was on mine we communicated our love & our platforms moved together suspended in space until we were together & hugged & kissed with such passion I could feel a beam of love going from my heart to hers with such pure joy & ecstasy it was as if we became one in that moment & our souls were in complete bliss just combining with the others counter part.

      Every part of this experience seemed more real than waking life & everyone I saw that I knew personally seemed to be their true self, like the inner child in them was fully out to be them-self, they were so creative & enthusiastic & passionate about everything they did or said. That alone was inspiring to me, passion is a big part of a joyful existence. Enthusiasm, joy, an inner curiosity & appreciation for everything. Every moment. Being true to yourself & not letting your mind convince you to hide or discard aspects of yourself. We have to laugh at the mind, our fears, doubts, insecurities, repression, limiting beliefs. They're all the enemies of progress & reaching our true potential I feel like I got the answers to my other questions through breaking through the walls & becoming one with the clear white light, pure consciousness, connectedness, bliss, joy, I'm a part of everything & everyone as they're a part of me. Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe & we have to learn to appreciate everything we do have. I live in America & have a car, a guitar. Do you know how amazing that is? We should all be happy when our basic needs are met because some people don't even have that luxury! Don't wait until you're nearly dead to start being grateful!

      This by far was the most beneficial experience I've ever had even though it almost killed me it's like every day is a gift now. When the experience was over I was exhausted & slept for quite a while, when I woke up i saw the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen from my hospital bed & I was so grateful to be alive, I made sure all the doctors & nurses knew how much I appreciated them taking care of me. I still laugh because when I woke up the kept asking me all these funny questions in case if I had gone crazy.. You did this for spiritual reasons? You said you were selfish before? Do you think eating is selfish?

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-76233_194096590725739_584512785_n.jpg

      Beliefs shape our reality, lucidity will show you that so take what you learn with lucidity back to waking life & meet your true potential, that is my foremost goal. Don't be afraid to explore, reintegrate lost parts of yourself, face nightmares with love & see what happens. Lucidity is an invaluable tool. In my second lucid dream ever through belief I was able to experience that ego-less state once again & I woke up feeling great! I highly recommend reading "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner if you get the chance. I'm now completely committed to Lucidity for life. I ordered the Remee lucid dreaming mask & I'm so happy, this marks the beginning of my dream journal here & the beginning of my journey to the inner self. To reintegrating every last lost part of me. Healing what I rejected in the past & facing any & all fears. Going on adventures to space, Europe, Australia, Africa, Egypt, the Amazon all with my soul mate Windy who is still in my dreams almost every night (I bought an engagement ring by the way) & I'm saving it until the right time. Thanks for reading! I hope maybe I can inspire someone to strive for lucidity or to just go after their dreams I know my beliefs aren't for everyone. Happy dreaming
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