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    1. Beyond, a Path through Tall Grass

      by , 03-01-2017 at 09:01 AM
      Morning of March 1, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am sitting in an armchair. I recall that there had been cheerful interaction with my family at a previous point. However, the setting firstly seems to be my Cubitis bedroom. The armchair is against the west wall, at the south end of my room (where no armchair had ever been in real life).

      My room is somewhat dark. I begin to hear, seemingly from just outside the window, some sort of very unusual sound, almost like an electronic squeak (actually caused by subliminal awareness of a real environmental sound). I hear it a few times and eventually realize that it is someone in the front yard who is not supposed to be there.

      I leave my room and walk around to the front of the house through the living room to possibly catch the imposer. At this point, it is still seemingly modeled mostly after the Cubitis house. However, when I open the front door, the area is completely different and unfamiliar, though my dream self does not register it as such (as I erroneously “recognize” it as our present address). Contrary to the implied Cubitis setting, there is no carport. There is no driveway or highway beyond. Instead, there is a huge front yard, mostly with very tall grass other than where it is short from about ten feet out from the front of the house. It now seems to be morning and I notice a beautiful blue sky.

      I see a young unfamiliar male running through the front yard from my left (from where the noise was likely coming from). He seems to be very amused. He keeps running to the northwest, where there are more houses in both northerly rows and westerly rows. The house I am in seems somewhat isolated (mostly due to the huge front yard). I yell at him saying that I have weapons. He keeps running but I do not even think about chasing after him even though he seems to think I might while maintaining his seemingly cheerful countenance.

      Looking at the front yard at the tall grass that is farther out, I also notice a clear path of short grass that goes for a very long distance. I feel very cheerful and even lucky about this feature even though I am annoyed by the idea of having to mow the rest of the yard on each side of the long path. I reason that grass does not grow much over all the old established paths. In the distance is also a beautiful mountain.

      The waking transition is atypical here, though the first prompt (preconscious running off to my right) still oriented to my right as it most often is. It is atypical for the personified preconscious to run off rather than more directly initiate the waking dynamics. The path through the tall grass is a clue, especially regarding my clarity of it at this point (even though I remain in the doorway until waking, which is in itself a waking event as a door represents a potential shift in consciousness and often serves as the exit point of a dream). A mountain represents subliminal focus on the conscious self and the goal of waking from sleep. Still, had I stepped out from the doorway, this might have induced a lucid state as has occurred in many previous dreams.

    2. September 5th to 15th 2015 - Starry Night!!

      by , 09-18-2015 at 12:12 AM
      Once again the pictures are mainly for me to quickly relive the adventures and I will add text for anyone else reading.

      Tue, 15 Sep 2015:
      Awesome!!! Not sure I remember anything else the rest of the night. 1054pm to bed. No waking noticed during night until LD is over ~525am 6.5hrs so no induction done.
      *Standing outside at night I look at the stars and I am astonished at how many are visible! I think this must be a dream but it feels so much like waking life!

      I look at my hand and at first glance appears normal but I start counting and get up to at least 7 fingers on left hand before stopping, fully lucid.

      I look back up at the beautiful sky and fly up into it joyfully. It is beautiful and I am feel myself getting more and more ecstatic and remind myself not to get over excited like a newbie...

      its just so beautiful, so many stars with some typically gray clouds as noticed at night. Having flown up quite a bit I decide to level out in altitude and scan the surface below. The light starts coming up though I see no sun per se.

      I noticed on the landscape below there is writing, map style, with text reading Louisiana Purchase and The River Authority.

      I look closer and land on ground. Open saloon style with Fraggle Rock like characters up to my upper stomach, soft spiking separated thick strands of fur!
      <but smaller nose, thicker hair that came out more like spikes narrowing to a point

      Cool! I interact, touch even consider alien sex but move on. Store aisles exploring.

      Rub hands furiously...better not too much or might activate sleeping waking body hands i think to myself. Cool, exploring once again but see Selena Gomez, irresistible, swoop off her clothes and we go at it.

      See younger sexy female and switch, Selena is upset. Younger hispanic,

      Spoiler for sexual content:
      feels like early night LD but is actually 6.5 hours in. #382

      Fri, 11 Sep 2015:
      Some dream where I produce something involving higher technology (virtual reality related?). I produce something to keep the person in front of me interested to continue.
      Something with real estate?
      *SSILD after longish period of browsing VR articles. Performing the cycles seemed a little bit hard to get the visual part at first because of all the screen viewing during WBTB. Finally was able to focus on the black backs of my eyelids and not all the color popping. The dream entry was wild style but I don't think I maintain consciousness all the way through. I am air swimming to enter the dream world fully from this Netherland I'm in. I begin to fly and I can hear sounds in the distance and I get inspired to find the stadium like I've been wanting to do and I tell myself after I turn it will be down and below me. it works on the second turn but everything is not clear yet . A stadium is down below in a slight fog when I head down there.

      I am flying around the stadium imagining awesome reactions from the crowd and seem to get some faint oohs and aahs. I also experiment with flipping through the space inside the stadium

      and it feels very realistic doing big aerial upside down circles later going down for cheerleaders but find an average looking female in short shorts, still awesome!

      Later false awakening and go back in DEILD style from inside dream realm I feel I never returned to my physical bed...and find girl Friday awesome again! So in this second entry I am confused at first that I may be waking up and writhing around in bed with my wife wondering what I'm doing or dreaming about, but I do my motion trick convinced enough with that to say I'm still dreaming and feel another dream forming. I feel around in the darkness of this still forming dream and know that I will reach out and find girl Friday and I do!
      <a representation of my Girl Friday
      I am so excited to see her and kiss her passionately and I remember how I plan to waste no time by removing clothes manually and instead just swooped them off her in a single wave of my hand.
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      it feels very realistic! When I eventually wake up for real I can feel the difference and that's where I came up with the conclusion that those previous re-entries to dreaming were from a dream state and not from a partially awakening state. it makes me want to poll other people that are very experienced with DEILD. Almost forgot! One scene fade I could see myself up close just one side of my face and one eye due to proximity to myself it seems. Pretty accurate representation of me. Could I have been out of body, I ponder briefly. #380-381


      Wed, 9 Sep 2015 - SSILD, 2 aha moments: boldness and sex with multiple partners and then later with a caught FA caught of wife in bed when I knew she already left for the day. #378-379

      Mon, 7 Sep 2015 - *430-5am phone browsing. Very unfocused at first with intention to do SSILD. "As soon as I am inside a new scene I know that I'm dreaming." 2 aha moments. One was taking off flying over pews inside big empty 1.5 story church to catch up to something and the other was boldness..seeing some cute girls in the busy hallways outside of the empty auditorium of the church, I think it was at a church also. Hallways somewhere. I had sexual experiences with so many girls. There was a cute somewhat overweight white girl with smallish breasts but still sexy/exciting undressing her. A girl with sexy shorts on. Some I call out to them and they engage with me. Some I have to catch up to. All tons of fun. Towards the end I am carrying one lighter skinny sexy thing and alternate between cradling and holding her front and center
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      as I walk around.
      I wake affected. Felt like a longer, maybe 8 to 10 minutes LD, possibly more. I remember waking and being very satisfied when I had a longish LD without G. #376-377

      Sun, 6 Sep 2015 - I decide to go back inside the sports arena after leaving and it is quite far away and I get the idea to fly and do fly and fully realize I am dreaming. I speed up flying and when I get there it is a completely different place. Fun messing around with a DC sitting on picnic style table in a restaurant. #375

      Sat, 05 Sep 2015 - A Girl Named Snow!
      WBTB with SSILD. I come across three siblings that I have met before either as a false memory or in a previous dream. Two brothers and a sister. they can see I'm struggling to remember their names and one of the brother says her name is Snow. Oh yes I know, good to see you all again. Snow is very pretty and pure, innocent.

      We go off on our own. We like each other. I give her a kiss it feels so wonderful. I ask her if she wants to have sex and I realize I am dreaming. Start to remove her clothes unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping them and pulling them off and I think about just mentally removing them but I continue since I'm already half way done and remove my clothes too. visuals get a little weak but I continue and begin intercourse and visuals come in and out. I eventually wake smiling big despite turmoil IWL. #374
    3. (July 18, 2015) Orcas #5, Family of Orca

      by , 07-18-2015 at 02:35 PM
      This dream had an incredible scene. I was by the waters of the Pacific Northwest Unites States by the water. I think I was in a cove or maybe by a saltwater "river". The clouds would roll in and out making it sunny or cloudy at any given moment. The landscape was beautiful pine forests with a sandy shore in some places and rocky in others. the water was slightly stained. I was in a small cove when I spotted a pod of orca milling(playing) in the area. I got so excited I almost jumped. There was a raised wooden viewing platform and I immediately went over to it to get a better view. On my way up the stairs an orca was splashing enough water to send some of it over to me as i climbed the stairs. It was a spectacular sight looking out. Watching this family of orca swimming, playing, and socializing with each other. The family bonds so obviously strong in this pod. Most of the orca swam down river but one decided to stay, I think maybe for me. It played around right in front of the stand as if to show me some things. It was a massive orca, the biggest of all the family rolling on its back and sending water everywhere with powerful inverted tail lobs slapping the water with powerful force. I wanted to go see the whole family and I began to walk down river to where they had begun playing again. Walking down the rocky part of the beach I looked out over the water. I could not believe where I was. As i got to the sandy side of the beach I also was in the forest now by the water. Two adult orca were laying in the sand looking across the water. I walked up in between the two and they both looked back at me. I was slightly nervous being near there tail knowing one blow could knock me unconscious. I got near there mid sections and petted them both at once but they rejected it and slid back into the water. With my confidence hurt I went to the waters edge where a smaller one was playing by the shore. I reached down to pet it but it quickly made an effort to swim away. Now I was getting a little disheartened until finally a small calf swam over to me, excited to see me. It rolled around and let me pet it for a bit. We looked right in each others eyes and all I saw was joy, playfulness, and curiosity. It was not afraid. I was over-joyed with finally getting to interact with one. I understand this is never my choice, the orca will always determine whether or not they want to interact with people an i have no choice but to respect their decisions; but i'm glad the calf gave me a chance to interact with it, I feel honored. It swam away back to its family and I watched a little bit longer. Sad they were all leaving but happy I got to see them. That was the last I saw them.
      Tags: family, joy, ocean, orca, pod, water
      memorable , non-lucid
    4. 5/10/2014

      by , 05-12-2014 at 01:41 AM
      I was in a place with some train tracks and trains. There were a few people I knew like Warner and Derek. Derek had a daughter and he couldn't take care of her so he asked me if I wanted her. While she was in a train, I walked up to her and got introduced. She gave me a big hug and she said she loved me. I felt a feeling of joy and happiness. The girl was about 2 and had long blonde hair.

      I was on a main street that looked a lot like Las Vegas, with hotels and lights and stuff. I was doing parkour and I jumped off something trying to do a front flip but failed and landed on my side. I got up and kept doing parkour. Some blonde guy with medium curly hair was also doing parkour and he tried doing some sort of flip and ended up hitting his neck on a bench or half-wall. I ran towards him and told him to stay still. As I called, 911, which was really hard to do, people started gathering. I was describing the area to the dispatch and there was a huge, beautiful, cathedral in front of us. Eventually, ambulances came in the distance but took the wrong turn so the guy took off behind them. I ran after him telling him not to run. When we didn't catch up to the ambulances, he stopped and started walking back to where we were.

      I was at drill and MSgt Lamb started yelling at me saying that I betrayed her or something and some other stuff. I told her that I didn't do anything and she told me I was a liar and that I'd be getting kicked out. A lot of the student flight was happy and I knew that on chick had made up stories again. We went out to shoot bows and arrows and suddenly I was in a construction building. I knew they were building a parkour playground but it wasn't finished. I tried to escape but unlike the other people I was with, I had my green box filled with stuff and I wasn't gonna leave it behind. I remember asking a few construction workers what they were building.
    5. The Emotion in His Eyes...

      by , 10-02-2011 at 04:55 AM
      So this is a dream I had from last night <3

      I was at the church with the guy I like. I was sitting on the stairs near the stage area in the front of the sanctuary. I was sitting on the right side where the drums are. After a while I stood up and we walked around the sanctuary, it was just the two of us. For some reason, he randomly was outside and I could see him out the window. It was overcast, and there was a slight drizzle of rain. He came back in and we stood on the stage, this time over to the left in the back of the stage. He held me close to him and...(I'm not sure how to explain this) put his forehead on mine and touched the end of my nose with his. He looked into my eyes and I saw my own emotions reflecting back at me. He just stared into my eyes for a long time, until, slowly, the dream faded into darkness and I woke up, my heart beating quickly in my chest.

      What I find weird, is that when I dream about him, everything feels real, like it should happen. When I wake up, I'm surprised that it was only a dream. I don't understand why I dream about him so much, and why we're always at church when I dream about him.

      I wonder if he likes me just as I like him, because in this dream, I felt so close to him, and we realized just how strong the bond was between us. He acts like he likes me, but I can't be sure. It's just, I wish these dreams would come true, but I don't know... Maybe there's no chance of me and him ever being more than friends, but well... I won't go on and on...

      Please comment, thank you.
    6. The Family Reunion in the House on the Hill

      by , 06-13-2011 at 08:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am in a house I do not recognize and most of the action takes place in the large kitchen, dining room or hallway to the bedrooms. The house sits at the top of a hill amidst a forest whose leaves are ablaze with all the brilliant, fiery colours of autumn. The inside facade of the house consists of very natural colours and materials: wood floors and earth tone colour schemes.

      There is going to be a party if sorts tomorrow, maybe a family reunion or something, and I am in the kitchen making dish after dish of salads and casseroles and other side dishes. I think the party is a pot luck because even though I know that other people are going to be bringing food, I have an almost uncontrollable urge to make as much food as possible. I worry that there will now be enough for everyone even though I am not sure how many people are going to be there (though I know it is going to be a lot).

      I have guests who have arrived already and they are going to stay the night. There are two men and two women. I am suddenly in the living room talking with one of the men who has a beige polo shirt and who has a bushy brown beard. He is joyful and always smiling and seems very happy to talk to me. We are related in the dream, but I forget how. From just above the knees down to his ankles his pants become transparent and I can see his leg bones. The transparency effect becomes stronger the further down the leg you go and his feet have completely disappeared. I know this is wrong somehow and I sit back with a white marker to blend the white of his bones with his pants and try to colour in his legs to make them look full. For some reason I think that the man will be embarassed about it if other people notice. Suddenly I realize that the bearded man I am talking too is a ghost and that is why his legs are transparent. I am not afraid or anything but I am confused as to why he has come here and not gone to the afterlife and I think I ask him this and his response is that he is glad that family is getting together. He disappears soon afterwards and I think I realized that there were other ghosts around as well or something but I cannot remember if I talked to them or not.

      While I am the same person in the dream in mind, my body has suddenly aged significantly and I am now an old lady. Also quite suddenly I am in a foul mood (though not because of the aging) and start throwing plates and cutlery around roughly and pushing the two women guests (one is a blond middle aged woman in a baby blue sweater and the other is younger with brown hair?) around in the kitchen . They are visibly shaken by my sudden mood change and though they say nothing I can tell by the expressions on their face that they wish I would retire for the night so they could finish their work in peace. I stomp out of the kitchen in a huff and scream "Dont touch my fucking cheese casserole or I'll fucking kill you!" as I enter the hallway to my bedroom. For some reason I think they will eat it when I am gone and it only adds to my sudden and inexplainable rage.

      I go up to my bedroom and lay down on the bed and though the house has three other people in it downstairs I cannot hear them at all. They have either gone to bed or are tiptoeing around because they think I am trying to sleep, but honestly, to me it feels like they are not there at all. The house feels empty again like it did for a long time before they arrived. The window is open and I can feel the soft night breeze coming in the window and hear the rustling of the leaves on the trees. A few autumn leaves are blown in with the wind and scatter across my bed and my floor but this doesn't bother me and I find that I am no longer so full of rage but feel very lonely. I become confused and start to think all the planning and cooking was not real and I imagined the whole thing. I get up and head downstairs. I cannot find my three guests but there is indeed many plates of food prepared and scattered through the kitchen and in the fridge.

      There is a knock at the front door and I open it to see a young black man in grey clothing standing on the path leading to my house. He is smiling and asks me to walk with him for a while. Even though it is the middle of the night and I don't know this man I go with him anyway and we walk through a path that leads to a forest talking, though I cannot remember any of our conversation now, but I am very content to be with this man because I feel like I know him but I cannot articulate how. The sun starts to rise and we go return to my house and stand at the very top of the hill and I am surprised to see a very long line of people outside of my house consisting of thousands of people, most of whom I do not recognize as family or friends. I have trouble believing that all of these people are here for the party and the young man in grey just responds that these are all the people whose lives I have affected or who love me.

      I start to realize that something is amiss and suddenly I am back laying in bed, half conscious and vagely aware that I am waking from a deep sleep. Instead of being in my bedroom though I am in a hospital room surrounded by the three people from before who were my guests. It dawns on me that I had died the night before and the walk through the forest with the young man was actually a walk through a replay of my long life with my guardian angel, though I did not realize it at the time. I was able to talk to the ghost of the man with the transpartent legs before because I had been a ghost too.

      I reach out and take the hands of the people surrounding me and tell them I love them. I feel so full of love for them and for the whole world that I feel like I am going to burst with joy. Even though I had just died the night before the doctors let me leave the hospital and go back to my house for the pot luck party. There are not thousands of people there but there is a lot and everyone is happy, filled with good food and enjoying life and the company of others.

      This is a very unusual dream for me, because it ended positive and there was lots of positive feelings in it, when usually my dreams are dark and depressing and scary. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying...
    7. Meeting Dreamer

      by , 02-11-2011 at 04:51 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Meeting Dreamer (DILD)


      I was in some sort of fighting tournament. The tournament was playoff based, with only one fight per round. All the DC I saw were random and appeared very strong. Also, there was a female DC.
      It was my turn to fight and I entered the arena, I was a little afraid but I had to embrace. The battle ended pretty fast making me a victor. It was also my turn to fight again and I felt I did not rest from the previous fight. I was walking around the resting area a little worried. The resting area was made like a Colosseum. The walls and the floors were made of big squares of dark gray stones and some dirt. I had to fight a huge guy, but for some reason, I saw a book in the battle arena. I opened the book and realized it was that guy's Akashic Records. I started to mess up with them until he went bananas and defeated himself.

      I exited the area waiting for quarter finals. I had to face this female DC and she told me, "Do not even thing in messing up my Akashic Records. I am a psychic and if you try, you will get confused and defeating you will be easy."

      While I was planning what to do, I asked to myself, "What the hell I am doing in a battle arena? I do not fight! I am a spiritual person, not a fighter. I turned lucid and wondered where the that weird dream came from.

      I exited the Colosseum and saw a dirt road. I decided to fly to make my dream stable. The sky was very blue, not even one cloud. I could feel the warmth from the sun on my face. I felt great. Dreamer came to my mind and the warm feeling arrived. I saw mountains on my way and flew faster, hopping to find Dreamer.

      The mountains were very high but I could fly over them. I landed in a green and beautiful field. The field was surrounded by mountains and the sky was still very blue. The ground, was all dark green grass. I saw Dreamer meditating in the middle of the field. I flew towards her and I sat in front of her. I had a very intense warm feeling, bigger than ever and I was very happy. All I wanted to do was to stay with Dreamer. She opened her eyes and she hugged me. I felt joy. The dream started to fade and I really wanted to stay more time with Dreamer. I started to move my eyes and the dream quality increased.

      Dreamer told me, "I am very happy to see you. I feel very connected with you. It is so great we are dreaming of each other all the time." I realized that due our time zone, she was not dreaming yet, so I figured she might have been thinking about me or a piece of her consciousness traveled to my dream. Dreamer did not act nor had the same energy as a regular DC.

      Dreamer decided to lie down in the grass. I also did. We were looking at each other eyes. It was a continuous, permanent and without distraction eye contact. I knew I was going to ruin my REM, but I did not care. It was the perfect moment. Dreamer and I were looking into each other's eyes and after a while, the dream started to fade. I allowed it to end and woke up with a perfect image of Dreamer face, eyes and smile.

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    8. Deleted

      by , 01-05-2011 at 04:22 AM (Torra)

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