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    1. Spring Competition Day 2

      by , 04-18-2017 at 02:02 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      My dream self is a violent prick lately.

      At Work (frag)

      I'm standing by the grill where I work. It looks exactly like the place where I work. Only there is lots of cleaning going on. The toaster is taken off the table and lots of people are wiping things down to make it shiny.

      Nomad (frag)

      Frag where I am talking to Nomad. He invites me to come visit him in Hawaii.

      Dog (frag)

      A brief flash of playing with my dog at home.

      Note: I wbtb here at 4:30 am. No lucids but some vivid dreams.

      Field and Complex (full NLD)

      I am outside walking in a familiar field. I go up a small foothill and find a large white building.

      I enter the building and wander many hallways. Inside I find Kaomea at a big computer console with someone else. She's wearing a nice tank top with a pink overcoat. I forget what we say. She calls me a "fucking Loser" at some point for no reason. I get mad at her and grab her by the coat and start pounding her face in. She sort of cries but does nothing else.

      I leave the complex with the other guy. At some point its confusing to get out. We both have to climb a large fence outside to get back to the field. I remember falling off the fence at one point and kind of rolling on the ground.

      Underground Waterpark (full NLD)

      I'm with some kid going through and underground tunnel system. We keep going through winding passages and then up some step. At the top of the steps are the openings to water slides. I immediately Jump in after the boy. The whole experience is fun and then I land in a large pool.

      I realize I still have pants on so I look for a change room. I think I go into one but enter tunnels again and now I am lost.

      Fight over TV (full NLD)

      Starts off... I'm in my house watching T.V. with some kids.

      Asuka walks by and I follow her downstairs. She enters another living room and sits in front of the T.V. there and she tells me she's going to watch her show.

      I go back upstairs and tell my kid that I'm going to watch my show now. The dream then diverges... the latter fragment I'll show later. My kids kicks and screams that he wants to watch his show... it makes me mad so I yell and yank his arm a little but not too rough. His friend intervenes and pushes me away and then morphs into a golden retriever guard dog. I morph into a dog as well and tower over him still and step up to him and over him to show dominance (I think i got this from watching Cesar millan but can't be sure). Someone else is in the room. I turn around and see a semi cartoonish version of Louie from Life with Louie... umm ok. I guess it's the kids dad. I turn back and the kid now looks like a miniature version of Louie. I step back and let the kid go with his father.

      TV (frag)

      When I go back up the stairs and enter the living room I ask to use the TV and the kids say it's okay. I sit down and ask my son how to use the remote system because it's confusing.

      False Flag Terrorism (full NLD)

      Starts off Me and Asuka are flying to a version of Toronto at Night time. We land by a large building. It has an open foyer with no doors so I go inside.

      I see a man going up some steps with a group of teens following him. It looks suspicious so I cloak myself and follow them up many flights of stairs. The kids are placing what looks to be miniature nuclear bombs on walls and pipes. I head downstairs.

      I pull out a cell phone to dial 911. but the phone redirects me to 415 which is apparently the 911 of the city? Some man answers the phone and I tell him what i saw but he doesn't seems to believe me. I get downstairs and ask some guy what address we are at. he gives me a clear name of that street but the other street sounds garbled. I ask him to repeat but that street comes out of his mouth garbled again. I give the garbled version to the operator and he thanks me and says someone will be on their way.

      I tell Asuka about it she opens a portal and we wind up back home. She pulls up the internet on her phone and says that the incident is from a fake terrorist organization. They go around making fake bombs and making fake threats to make whatever group they want look bad,then the government responds to these false flag operations and start wars. I find her explanation rather perplexing when I wake up.

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    2. Cuddling with Kaomea and a Porn Shoot Prank

      by , 06-12-2013 at 04:52 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea and Cuddling (Non-lucid)


      Seems I was driving a car with Kaomea in it, and she's just wearing a long red dress. The environment feels a bit too familiar, like one of the neighborhoods when I was in middle school. It was afternoon most likely in the dream, and most of the content of the area was blurry unless I fixated on it.

      The house itself looks familiar, and apparently my father is non-existent while my mother suddenly is. I opened the door and let Kaomea in, and my mother is on the chair doing something. I didn't pay attention, except giving greeting Kaomea to her and her greeting her back. Actually, Kaomea looked as if she could care less about greeting my mother.

      Oh snap.

      And then we went to bed and cuddled with each other. After that, I can't recall what happened next. Actually, it was probably just me laying down there and her probably giggling when her back was facing me when she was laying down on her side.

      Man, I am pathetic lmao.


      Porn Shoot Prank (Non-lucid)



      The environment seems like I'm in the backstage of a building, and I'm traveling behind a blonde and some random guy with a blue/black cap on. He's wearing a black jacket that's open, revealing a simple white vest and is wearing basic dark jeans. There's a blonde female that looks exactly like Amy Brooke, and I had a feeling I was going to be part of a Porn Shoot.

      My libido got the best of me, and I ignored the obvious hints that this was going to be a prank. Amy tells me that we're going a certain direction and points it to me. Seems that we're going to do this in a van with tinted windows. Then she presses some random buttons on a black remote she has on her left hand most likely. I suddenly get distracted when the van opens up in the middle of a mall. I realized I only had a jacket and tighty whities on, and I quickly went back to hide on the corner of the wall so people wouldn't see me.

      Then the Amy Brooke look-a-like tells me to go inside the random chamber that should've been a van...what?? I go there, and lay down on the floor, and she starts laughing and runs away. I get pissed off that I made myself look like an idiot in front of a mall full of dream characters doing the "OOOOOOOOOOH" "HAHAHAHHA"

      I got really pissed and ran for the Amy Brooke clone, grabbed her jacket collar and started to shake her around vigorously. After that, I can't recall what happened next.
    3. super heroes

      by , 03-21-2013 at 02:50 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Mannnnnn...there's soo much that went on in the following two dreams that I don't know where to begin at, and how it all went together due to limited recall.

      I remember helping R fight some super human woman. Well we all had super powers, but I think she was strong as both of us. The fight started out as just a verbal argument...then it went to rapping....and then an all out romp through the city. I think I ended up drowning her.

      Then the skies turned black and this woman I referred to as the "White Queen" arrived. Ronnie was no where in sight, so it was a fair fight. Well it was supposed to be. I ended up getting really powerful (or lucid, still not sure) and going to town on her. I had the power of earth/gravity so everything I was doing hit harder. I got her in a pile driver from two thousand feet, and reversed gravity right when I felt her trying to fly up, so in essence she ended up hurting herself worse. At one point I was sort of just playing with her...we both knew that she was going to lose, but this chick could take some damage. I woke up, and went back into the dream, and we caused a little chaos on the people in the city we were in for a bit.

      So I get out of bed, totally lucid, and I decided to look for Kaomea. I opened the door, and I thought i saw her....but she was really old. She said she needed help with something, and we teleported (I think) and ended up some place in China. I can't really recall what happened, but it was like a kung-fu flick, with a cartoon thrown in at the end. I know I ended up losing lucidity by the end of the dream though.
    4. Searching.....

      by , 03-18-2013 at 12:31 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I started out looking for Kaomea. (sure she wouldn't mind if I popped up...well that's what I was thinking) The dream started out in my room, and it was really dark. I did a backwards tucked somersault and melted through the floor. (yes, weirdest teleport ever) It was like traveling on an elevator that had no walls. I could see my room on the first three floors, and just decided to step out.

      When I did, I noticed my house was off...like even for a dream house. (I messed with something but the detail eludes me) When I walked outside, I found myself in some sort of amusement park. I was walking around calling out for her, but I didn't hear anything. I assumed that she wasn't here so I decided to do something else.

      (there's another gap in recall)

      I picked up a futuristic rifle. It had a touch screen and some DC showed me how to set it up. And just in time. All these demonic monsters came out of no where, and I was taking them out. It shot electricity, or something that looked like it. Once they all died, the other DC's start rushing he corpses for loot. I went to the biggest thing I killed and pulled out a book and some other papers. This little girl wanted the papers so bad, so I gave them too her. The book was the Bible. Some guy started talking to us about getting saved and I was like "um okay...what?" Dream faded out.
    5. Akashic Records Real or Fake, Calling my Father, Creature, Kaomea PM. Alyzarin commands, and more...

      by , 01-04-2013 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Akashic Records Reading Real or Fake? (Non-lucid)


      I remember that I'm inside of a hallway where things are quiet but peaceful. There's a very big book in front of me, and the exterior is a brown color while the pages are slightly yellow.

      The room was a little dark, but there was a window right above me that was conveniently placed right behind the book so that I could easily read it. I couldn't remember the first pages of this book, and I probably wouldn't have been able to decipher them if I wanted to.

      So as I'm going through more pages, I finally noticed something comprehensible. For some reason, that page came out to me, like it tore out on its own or something like that. It stated about me having a 53% of something, and by doing these actions, I would an augmentation leading towards that event being more probable and in my favor.

      It was kind of hard to bear at first, and I don't really recall embracing the magnificence of the Akashic Records, probably because I felt I was in the lower levels of my own Records. The paper showed a graph somewhere on the right, and then there's a table that shows actions I can take that gives me a certain percentage if I accomplish them.

      Then I had this mentality where it was Thursday of next week I believe, or maybe Thursday that already passed for this week. But to be practical, I'm going to presume the dream or astral scenario was for the week coming up after this dream journal entry.

      So if I wanted to be in the clear for the event to be in my favor I had to get at least 10% to make it 63%.

      With the options below on the table, it seemed I had a pretty good chance in making this happen. After realizing this, it gives me a sense of relief,
      but I'm still not sure if this was simulated or not.

      Then the whole experience starts go into dream like qualities, and I see random people like Nick from Young and the Restless,
      so now as I'm typing this, the Akashic Records reading was either:

      - Real, but I dozed off and got the experienced intertwined with a random dream

      -Simulated along with the random dream

      - Real, but how I conceptualize it was associated with how I analyze dreams.

      Now the dream shifts where I'm planning out some of the activities on the paper that's torn out (this was obviously a simulation or something, because I don't recall your own pages actually being able to be ripped off or being able to be torn out.

      It was mostly things related to college, and then it felt like it was Friday, and I didn't have any kind of awareness on any percentage increase. I felt my time here was limited, and that things would start crashing down for me.

      Going into this self-induced pit of negative emotions, I start to phase out of my planning, if I had one, and I can't recall the rest of this experience.


      Trying to Call My Father (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house I'm currently residing for the New Years break, and I find myself trying to call my father. The phone starts blanking out pretty frequently, which irritates me.

      My father picks up sometimes, but most of the time I can't even hear him at all. I didn't bother to check if the phone volume was on mute, but I didn't really want to do anything but to call him.

      The house itself has the kitchen light turned on and the T.V. on the left is on as well I believe.

      There's someone wearing an orange shirt and brown leggings or velour pants in the house that starts becoming annoying after a while and starts screaming, and I'm not sure if it's at me or my father.

      But when she's screaming, I hear the response from my phone. I get confused, and I can't remember what happens after that.


      Weird Creature & Dave Chappelle (Non-lucid)


      There's a creature consisting of orange and a slightly green tentacle. It's as small as a human fist, and it's moving around like crazy where I'm too scared to do anything.

      Dave Chappelle randomly comes into this dream, and I'm trying to throw a ball at the creature, but Dave catches it with his butt cheeks. He starts going random mode on me, and I'm trying to look the other way before things go into the shitter for this dream.


      Kaomea PMs me (Non-lucid)


      Kaomea PMs stating that I could PM her every now and then.



      Alyzarin makes me Respond Quickly (Non-lucid)


      Alyzarin wants me to respond to a thread with preset responses, and I do it quickly because she says it to me in a rush.

      I thought I created the thread, which was something related to putting what describes you as a tag or something, but it seems Erii created it before me.

      After reading my reply the second time, I felt this didn't really describe me. Then some random user below me with a Kid Goku picture for his avatar stated how he was going to describe himself, but I pretty much took part of what he was.

      A lot of people liked this, and I feel confused on what I actually did to "steal" part of his identity in the first place. I felt guilty either way, and then as I'm scrolling up to see who liked it, I saw Kaomea and 6 other people liked it.

      I was still speculating what I did wrong, and I felt guilty....lol...guilty over people who liked something that basically makes me look like the bad guy.

      I turned to Alyzarin and told her that she shouldn't have made me do that, and she instant messages me with (paraphrasing here):

      "I tend to do that a lot, get used to it."


      This dream so random and incomprehensible to piece together.


      Don't Bold, Italicize, or Underline! (Non-lucid)


      It's pretty much the whole dream; someone tells me not to bold, italicize, and underline.

      It wasn't like that exactly, she made a blog post on how "Brandon" is violating the Terms of Service by doing these actions. Then she goes on to ramble on and on and on and on.

      Then I looked at the comments that seemed automated and a bunch of one-liners. Then after speculation, I realized this whole blog post was a bunch of BULL, and this didn't make sense AT ALL.

      Could've done a reality check, but nope.
    6. The fuck is going on!?

      by , 12-28-2012 at 05:56 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I get out of bed....everything is black as night. Okay, maybe it'll get better.....no, I'm back in reality.

      Lets try this again. I head to the living room, and I think about finding Kaomea, and I see her right at the door step, and the door is open. When I get to the door, she's not there....and I get this weird super creepy feeling...like something just scared the shit out of me. Everything turned to blackness as a soon as I stepped out of my house....wtf

      Okay, here we go. I'm at some club, the lights are flashing like that last lucid I had where I was looking for Kaomea in the club. I run across a couple of people I know...flirting ensues, and I move on. There this one girl who has her hair stuck in one of the buttons on my shirt. I take it off, and restructure her hair to make it look longer fuller and better. A piece falls out while she was dancing, but oh well.

      I started looking for HER....I came up to a blonde girl, but she had black bangs, and everything else was blonde. I asked her if she's ever seen me in any other dreams, and she said yes. Someone else tapped me on the shoulder, and I ignored her (probably was the real HER) and then I asked her for her name. She said it was Shyree. Then I woke the fuck up.

      Had some other dream where I had this carton of eggs that could move like a pull back race car.....WTF.
    7. All is not lost

      by , 12-03-2012 at 09:04 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      First dream...either I'm watching a movie, in it or just the perspective keeps changing. This takes place like 20 years after DC gets decimated by some alien attack. These aliens basically look like us if we didn't have skin. They possessed this power to transform us into them, and I guess we were some of the last few remaining people. Some sort of way, the humans and aliens came to a truce, but right when the humans were least expecting it, the aliens started invading the last human town.

      I get out of my bead and head to the living room. I plan on visiting Kaomea, so I decided to use my new teleport technique (taught by some crazy DC a while ago). I went up to a wall, and opened up a portal, and climbed through it. The weird part about it was I saw some guy on the other side, with like a dragon on his chest....and the guy looked like me.

      Anyways, I get through to the other side, and I'm totally not where I wanted to be. I'm in an underground cavern...walls are red, floors are red....molten lava is everywhere. This is either hell or something similar. All these monsters started coming at me, and then the cavalry arrived. Thor, a valkarie, Conan, and the Green Lantern showed up. We started handing out ass whoopings throughout the dream. I don't know exactly how the fighting was (because this happened hours ago) but I do remember Thor tried a synergy attack and it backfired. Giant golems appeared, and started fighting some of the monsters, before the part of the cliff they were standing on gave way. We had even less room to fight, and I guess all of the monsters could fly like nothing. Eventually Thor used his magic on Conan's sword and it grew ten times it's size and he ended up killing everything.
    8. Kaomea's DJ Entry and Elie's Etherion Going Crazy

      by , 11-21-2012 at 11:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea's DJ entry (Non-lucid)


      So I'm having those dreams where I read dream journals again.

      And guess what? The DJ system is back, glad that things are safe enough to have them out again at least.

      I'm scrolling down down some entries, and they're all a blur to me because I'm scrolling way too fast. I see the basic color of Dream Views, at least the format I have in waking life that's transcended towards the association I see here in the dream.

      I see Kaomea made a post, and I was going to click the ">>" button to get to it. I saw that there were 11 comments overall in her post, and I scrolled down really quick to see what it was about.

      At that time, I just wanted to see who was having a conversation with her, wasn't too interested in the content of the conversation though.

      So I scroll up, and Kaomea has a lot of pictures of very strong sexual nature. She had a dream involving something really sexual and enticing, that she even collaborated a video that matched what she had in a dream.

      But she takes bits of what occurred in the video, and made snapshots of them. In the majority of those pictures, there's a naked lady bending down on her knees. She has sweat and small drips of water at the right parts, the eye-candy....the breasts, near her stomach, her face, and near her vagina.

      These same spots made her look majestic, she was simply beautiful when it comes to just looks alone. Her body was lean, tight, and fit. She didn't have abdominal muscles showing as much, but her contours around her thin and curvy stomach made that concern insignificant.

      She's closing her eyes, has her mouth slightly opened, her dark red lips entices me to look at her face instead of the rest of her tanned and soft skinned body. It's weird to describe the texture of her skin. It was soft, like I stated, but it was also firm too...it was in between.

      Kaomea basically made the pictures stand out more, and used as less words as possible.

      After that, I can't remember anything else, other than being shocked at how much she exposed this female naked.
      Elie's Etherion Goes CRAZY (Non-lucid)


      Let me give you a brief summary on what Etherion really is in the anime/manga series, Rave Master.

      Basically just think of it as a power that can take off a huge chunk of Earth if it's not released sporadically.

      I'm honestly surprised I wasn't shitting myself on how much power could've been released in this dream. And I'm starting to get why I had this dream.........the power of Etherion, its potential to destroy a world and much more is associated with how I'm not holding on to practical grounds in this world, and that maybe my passions are starting to become too chaotic.

      Maybe. Just maybe...I don't a have lot of Rave master theme dreams, so it's probably a sign.


      I'm inside a building, but that main point of focus here is that it's a fairly long hallway. The walls are white, the flooring, I'm not to sure of, it mixes around from blue, white, and other colors I didn't focus too much on. There seems to be some content on the walls, but there's so much paper stuck on the walls that it's too overwhelming to even bother looking at them.

      They all had the same format, but were just in sporadic and random locations.

      Which means there could've been a message my mind is trying to give to me.

      I feel that I'm Haru Glory, from Rave Master, or at least just wearing his default jacket costume in the anime series. I didn't realize this until later, but I had a quiver strapped on my back with a few arrows on it. I also believe I had a sword, but my recall is a bit shady, so I'm not so sure.

      Elie, one of the main characters in the series, seems to have Etherion going full blast, and everyone is fucking panicking on how to seal this power.

      Yeah, that's what happens when Etherion is released...things go chaotic, she goes into a mini-coma, and all hell breaks loose in trying to seal it.

      Spoiler for :If I were lucid":

      I see that various people, that I can't really recall too well on their visages, are trying to stop Etherion from expanding, and potentially blowing up the place we're in. Their magic attacks are not working obviously, it's way too late to do anything.

      Then I get the idea that if magic doesn't work on magic, that weapons like arrows will do the job. I guess the reason I was thinking that was because of the combat triangle in Runescape that I was so used to when playing it.

      In short:
      Rangers own Mages,
      Mages own Meleers,
      Meleers own Rangers

      So I become aware of the few stacks of arrows in the quiver I have attached to me. I grip my bow out, take an arrow out of the quiver quickly, and aimed for Elie.

      But I can't make the reflex to just shoot her immediately. I struggle, because I'm worried that I might injure her. I finally let go of the arrow and it doesn't AFFECT her at all.

      If you skip to 4:43-5:07, that's the power of Etherion, at the initial stages, which is still kind of scary.

      I have no PLAN B, C, D, E, F, G, H, OR Z!

      And because I don't have the logic of Rune Save (the sword) applied to in this dream, I start to get worried on how to deal with this situation, while Elie is in a mini-coma, and the Etherion within her is going crazy.

      After that, don't know how I solved this dream, maybe it just faded away....

    9. Zombies and Kaomea

      by , 11-21-2012 at 09:54 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm at this war torn area that has been over run by zombies, and there are several factions there that are fighting....mainly for their lives, but each other too.

      Random Civilians: it's their city, and they plan on defending it
      A group of secret security: I'm pretty sure they're related to what caused the outbreak in the first place.
      Random mercenaries: They're trying to help out the remaining civilians and get a little target practice. I think I may be with these guys.

      I'm walking down a road in the middle of this huge city, debris is cluttered everywhere and it looks like something out of the end of a transformers movie minus the robots. I see one guy wearing Vietnam era cammy's and it has all this writing over it. He's talking to himself, about things that's been going on. We started talking, and he said he only wanted to find out the truth behind what happened there. We came across some important documents, and took them to one of his hiding spots. There were weapons laying on bed, and it actually reminded me a little bit like a room in my grandmothers house. Anyways, the guy starts reading and he says the project started when they decided to build 45 houses underground. It's not really safe here, so the guy tells me to grab some weapons and roll out. I grabbed a shot gun, and some sort of submachine gun and draped it across my back. I was so disappointed that this guy didn't have any katana laying around....they don't run out of bullets.

      But there's no time to dwell on that. One of the secret security people rushed in the room. He was wearing a black motorcycle helmet and all black leather. He shot at me twice and I dodged both times, kicked him in the shins and shot him in the face. Apparently I was dreaming in pg, because he died, but there wasn't any gory damage done. We got separated and I got infect some way. I met up with A, and someone else. They didn't want to kill me, but I told them they would half to. A was talking about finding a cure or some crap, and I slapped her in the face as hard as I could and said "just get it out of the way". She still didn't want to. We were at the city limits of town, and supposedly it had some sort of invisible force field around it, but I was able to pass through.....

      Meanwhile in a total unrelated dream

      I'm talking on the phone to Kaomea, and we're talking about what should we do when we met up. I think we were bouncing ideas off of each other, but we didn't come up with anything set in stone. All of a sudden I asked "what if things got sexual?"..."cause you know, I get like that sometimes". She told me she didn't mind. I didn't mind either, but I didn't want to make it a goal, nor did I want to get her upset about something that could have just randomly happened out of force of habit (can't even count how many "plan B moments" I've had).

      Something happens here....because we're in the same car, and I don't know who's driving, but we're both in the back seat.

      I want to say it's a white girl driving, but again.....I can't really picture it that much anymore. We're having one of those general "get to know you" conversations at this point, and she asks me about music. There's rap music playing at the moment, and I told her I could give her an example of what I like. I pulled out my cellphone and opened Pandora. I played an instrumental song that had rap influences, but the beat was more complex. My phones speakers were filling up the car like it was connected to the sound system. I stopped it.....waited. Played it again, and I got the same results.
    10. lucid frag and other jazz

      by , 11-16-2012 at 01:37 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Don't even remember how I got lucid, but it's night time outside, and I'm flying looking for Kaomea. The area seems endless, so i decided to land and teleport. I started sinking into the ground, and these dogs came up and tried to bite me.

      Either I'm playing a game, or just in some super weird world. Everyone is dying...people are getting killed left and right, and it's actually supposed to happen. I remember growing in size to fight some humanoid type monster, but lucidity didn't last long at all. I think the objective was to find all things...like rings or something, and the world would get restored. It happened before, but we never knew it.

      Now I'm playing some game...it's pretty crazy. It's an over head beat-em-up, and it has like at least 100 characters to choose from. I'm playing it with my niece, brother, nephew, and some other people were watching. There was a weird sex scene in it....so I told the kids they'd have to get out. Then my sister tells me I have to go fill up the van for her (she doesn't own one) and pick someone up. On top of that, the van takes 110 octane. I'm really mad at her, and I'm trying to reason with her.
    11. Apparently I forgot I was lucid

      by , 10-15-2012 at 10:44 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      All I remember was being at a place with a lot of open tents. I was looking for Ar for plan b action and I didn't see her. Instead I saw Cy...we flirted a bit and then I thought about looking for Kaomea. I called out her name and she yelled back. I started working my way towards her voice and I started thinking about how sound works while dreaming. Anyway, I never did see her, but I know she was around.
      Tags: dild, kaomea
    12. Protecting Kaomea from creepers

      by , 10-06-2012 at 03:17 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I had a series of weird dreams last night...mostly frags and images. Woke up...WBTB'd....had one more....forgot what it was, but shortly after, I was in SP. I couldn't move an inch...it was the real deal. Well time to stay relaxed and ride it out. I felt the usual sinking feeling I get during the transition after a few minutes, and nothing happened.

      WTF...I opened my eyes....I was in my room. My eyes were barely cracked open and I could see the window with light poking in. I'm pretty sure this is just a FA. I did a quick nose pinch RC....no pressure. I did one several more times just to make sure....Okay we're good, it's go time.

      I headed outside and was immediately met by distractions. The first one was the fact that I was naked. I shouted three commands: residual shirt, residual shoes, residual pants. Each one, worked perfectly. I checked the souls of my shoes because they were almost feeling like feet....and then the feeling subsided. And now the kid next door is following me, and I come up to something that looks like a dog house is being built in my back yard. He wont shut up, and I hear all kinds of music, and I don't know if it's coming from WL or what, but I gotta get the eff out of here. I tried creating a portal several times and failed.

      something strange happens at this point...because there's a total lapse in recall....either due to the length of the dream, changing of rem phases, or something else.

      I'm in an office/library there's tables and people everywhere, and the walls are lined up with books. I have probably a shred of lucidity, but I'm still calling out for Kaomea. She answers on the second shout "I'm over here Auron". I looked to my right and there she was...wearing a white sheer dress. It looked like something out of a movie. We were both going in for a hug, and just then, D and this random DC...tall, skinny asian guy came up to her. She said something like "don't call me by my real name".....and I found that odd...I don't know it, and I didn't use it. I asked her "where the hell have you been"?

      I can't remember what she said, but all of a sudden D and the random dude started moving in closer. Kissing her...lowering her down to the ground. One of the guy's starts trying to lower the top of her dress, and I see that she has a tatoo on the upper part of her left breast. It's a triangle with the eye of horus on it.......WTF!?

      Something doesn't seem right, and lucidity starting to kick back in. I get a good look at her, and she seems...kinda out of it.

      Me: Do you want this to happen?
      Her: No
      Me: well then what the fuck!?

      I grabbed both of them and threw them into book cases several feet away. They moved back in. The Asian guy swung at me, and I ducked it while preforming a sweep kick on D at the same time. He went down quickly, and while I was standing back up, I hit the Asian guy with with a series of punches and elbows....I'm not sure what happened to him....but that was the last I saw of him. I turned my attention to D, and he's furious.

      Him: You just want her for yourself.
      Me: No, but I did want to see her...what the hell are you trying to do anyway?
      Him: What's it look like?
      Me: *pointing at his wife* Well your wife is over there...why don't you use that pent up anger on her.

      She calls out his name, and he completely ignores her while rushing at me. He took a swing at me, and I grabbed his fist when it was a few inches away from my face and said to her "this may get messy". She ran off, and I threw over several bookcases. I could hear him landing through a couple of tables by the time I got there. He gets up...breathing hard....and I'm thinking damnit, I hope this isn't a strong DC.

      I got on the defensive block, parry and dodge all of his attacks, and finally threw a punch. He got laid out by that one....good. He got up and picked up a surfboard and tried to hit me with it...he was better off hitting me with wet newspaper. The board folded when it touched me, and I didn't feel anything except the breeze that came off of it. I grabbed the board away from him, folded it in half horizontally and then in thirds vertically.
      It looked like a big gray 8-bit bat. He rushed me one last time, and I hit him so hard with it, it turned into a little star...that turned into a paperclip. It spun several times around before hitting someones desk. And people started saying "new bank", "new bank", "new bank", as a couple of people left. I asked one of the DC's what it meant, and she said that's what happens when someone leaves the company and we might need to reference that person......um, okay, the dream ended.

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      lucid , memorable
    13. Tiger my friend

      by , 08-13-2012 at 05:12 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm laying down in a dark area on the floor. There's a huge white tiger near me. It growls a bit and I started moving, and I felt it grab me by the neck and pull me backwards. The teeth didn't hurt at all. I think I was a cub or something. Another tiger was there and it was still learning how to use its claws.

      Still searching....

      Either DILD or WILD.

      Transition was pretty clam. I felt myself sliding off my bed and then floating through the floor.

      It's my house, but it's not. I headed outside and decided to look for Kaomea. I focused on making a black hope on the ground, and after several attempts, I was able too. I jumped in and it felt like I was melting in the ground. I focused on Koamea during my decent and arrived at a big house.

      It had polished wooden floors and white walls. And thing were on the ground. Plates, dishes, decretive things made out of glass and crystal. I called out to her and she replied. I found her in another room. I'm still not sure if its her or not, but I'm trying right? We greeted eachother and said a few words...then she mentioned sex. I didn't know what to say at first, but then I was "might as well". And shit got akward....

      Another attempt

      Back in my room. I head outside, jump on my roof and call out to her. She's about a block away at the edge of my field. I started heading towards her, but something happened. I think someone was in trouble so I tried to help him and things got fuzzy

      I ended up having at least two more lucids that night. It seemed like no matter what, I knew it was a dream.
    14. Auron goes to hell

      by , 07-30-2012 at 06:54 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      1st dream

      Conspiracy theory is performing at my elementary lunch room. The sound messes up and I continue to play a beat on a table but they walk out anyway. I don't know how their sound is set up but I can't fix it.

      2nd dream

      I'm in my bed with my eyes closed and all of a sudden I can see everything. The dream obviously started..maybe this is what happens when people complain about not being able to keep their eyes shut. I mean because this is a really good FA. I walk into the bathroom and I see a small pot with flowers on the ground. They look like they were cut from a tree in my yard but they're purple. I know she left them. She can't be too far. I get outside and I see a turtle walking on the ceiling of my carport. So Nevermind..it's a straight up dream. Something in waking life wakes me up.

      3rd dream
      I'm back in my bed. I imagine it rocking back and forth and it does. All of a sudden I can see everything again and now my bed is floating. Things blackout again...must have just gotten some vivid hi. It feels like I'm traveling down a river except I controll every rocking motion I'm feeling. It stops and I can see again.

      I get out of bed and there's a guy who looks like he's made of glue in the kitchen. I ask him if he knows where Kaomea is...he doesn't answer...I don't think he can talk. My pops is in the livining room. I can't get a straight answer out of him even when I stry to ask backwards questions like "tell me where everyone isn't except for Koamea". The only thing I get out of him was she was in fact the person who left the flowers.

      I head outside and it's thundering and raining. It stops and I head to the back yard. D's dog (who passed away) is there. She's chained up to a pole in the basketball court and is sitting in the only dry spot. I unchain her and tell her to find Kaomea. It sniffs around a bit and starts heading to the house then I stop it and let it smell the flowers she left. She turned around and started digging a hole.

      My sister was there, and I didn't have time to listen to what she said. I just jumped down this hole. It was different from my portals as this thing seemed to go in forever. Finally I arrived at some office. It looked like a telemarketing office but one of the DC's said it was hell. Hmmm hell doesn't look so bad, or maybe that's what they want me to think! Anyways, I'm here with some random DCs who slid down as well and we'er walking from office to office. They just want to leave. I want to find Kaomea. In fact I think I remember reading about how she was here recently.

      I continue questioning any and all DCs on her whereabouts. None of them know. We come up to security, and they stopped us and tell us satan is back there. A few kicks and punches, and I'm in. He approaches us. He's this Asian guy wih a maroon rayon shirt. He says none of belong here so we have to leave. I tell him that I just need to find Kaomea and I'll be on my way. He says something and we walk a bit and he shows the other people out.

      I think this guy is pulling a fast one. I turn around and head through the area with more guards. There was a wall with a window. I jumped through it without shattering the glass and continued on. Some clown tried to stop me, but I ruined his day. I don't see this punk anywhere. I come to another room and something's off. Outside

      I can see clouds. Wtf. Some guy taps me on the shoulder and says "Satan told me to give you this". He had headset in his hands. What!? The guy tells me that I'm the senior ranking individual here now. "Wait what!?" He says if I get addicted to crack in the future...either way the job is mine now. Then he calls me by my brothers name. I told him that wasn't me. He says "oh the. It must have been a mixup". He looks in his computer and presses a few buttons and says "worker". I walk away from the guy and wake up.
    15. Should have wrote something sooner

      by , 06-25-2012 at 04:50 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I had another spy dream, and Kaomea was in it. I just don't remember any other details.

      I was in class, and my old speech teacher was there. He had a setup with a bunch of spray cans and a small stress ball on the table. He closed the door and had several students spray the entire contens of the can in the class room. I said "what is this supposed to do?". And I noticed my voice was several octaves higher. I had to talk in a low tone on purpose just so my voice would sound normal. He grabbed the stress ball and threw it and it bounce so hard and fast that it hit the ceiling several times in a blink of an eye before finally slowing down. He said that the cans had fix a flat in them, and they contained helium and some other stuff. I remember telling D about it at lunch and J and I can't think of her name. But they were arguinging. One of them said I was only friends with the girl because I wanted to get in her pants. Mybe it was like that initially, but we have been friends for so long that I gave up on that. I told her no, and the other girl backed me up.

      I think I was lucid for a bit last night too, but I don't remember. Hmmm
      dream fragment
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