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    1. Barbie Doll Woman, False Daughter Visit, and Karaoke Fail - Feb 14, 2015

      by , 02-17-2015 at 01:00 AM
      I did the Wake Induced Lucid Dream technique using visualization followed by hypnagogic imagery until I slipped into a lucid dream without losing consciousness. I was sitting at my weight bench in the basement, and then this girl walked up beside me in a grey hoodie, with the hoodie over her head, but I could see her face, and she was very pretty. She sat on a bench in front of me and faced me with a smile. I thought, “Hmmm, who’s this cutie?” I felt the dream start to fade so I leapt to my feet and started to swirl, but the dream ended and I was back in the void with my body asleep, but my mind was aware. I focussed on trying to get back into that dream, but I lost consciousness and fell asleep.

      The next dream was a bit odd, because I became lucid for no reason at all. I was walking towards an old fashion wooden staircase, and then suddenly I was lucid. I thought where the heck am I? The stair case went half way up to an intermediate landing, and then the stairs went in the opposite direction, off this landing, to the 2nd storey. I continued up the second set of stairs to the 2nd storey, but just before I reached the 2nd storey, I saw a woman walking towards the staircase on the 1st storey, so I peeked my head over the staircase handrail, right near the 1st storey’s ceiling, and I saw this amazing looking woman. She didn’t see me because my body was hidden by the staircase, and my head was right up near the ceiling.

      This woman looked like a Barbie doll. She was tall and thin, had long blonde hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a knee length, light green skirt and matching jacket. Now what was odd about this woman was her perfect complexion, and her face had no wrinkles whatsoever. It was so perfectly smooth it didn’t seem to be real (like a Barbie doll). Also, her entire eyes were jet black with no whites. She was really quite the stunning site to see. Just before the steps she bent over and picked up a small golden colored object, about the size of beetle. She rose back up to almost standing and then she tilted her head slightly as if she could hear something (she still didn’t know I was there). Then I said, “Hey, hello!” She jumped back about 2 feet, and I totally startled her. I mean she looked like she just saw the devil himself. Again, I said, “Hi!” Her mouth dropped open and she backed up about another 5 feet right to the edge of another room. Then she grew old and wrinkly right before my eyes, and shrunk about 1 foot in height. Then she turned into an old wrinkly, gray haired man, and then she turned into a grayish and green cloud. By this point I was so shocked by her transformations that I woke and voice recorded my lucid dreams. I guess she didn’t feel very safe being around me. I just wanted to talk to her, holy smokes, chill!

      I was lying in bed, consciously awake with my body asleep, and then I got some very faint vibrations. I could feel one of my legs floating around. I thought great, OBE time! Yeah! I tried to leap out of bed, but my physical body moved, and it was over, and then I fell asleep.

      The next dream was a Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). The dream leading up to this DILD was very interesting and fun, but I’ll jump forward to the DILD. I walked into a utility room, and at the far end of the room was a pretty Asian woman cleaning something in a sink. When I saw her I became instantly lucid! I remembered my dream intent to visit with my daughter. The room had a landing at the door, and then it dropped down a couple of steps into the room. I was standing on the landing, and I couldn’t see the entire room. I bluntly said, without introductions, “Where’s my daughter?” She looked at me slightly confused, shrugged her shoulders, and said, “I don’t know?” I called, “Daughter please come, I’m lucid!” The woman suddenly looked with interest to the corner of the room, which was hidden from my field of view.

      To my surprise, a beautiful, dirty blonde haired woman came running around the corner and into my arms. I said, “Daughter, is that you?” She happily replied, “Yes, it’s me dad!”, and then she planted a big kiss right on my lips. I was thinking to myself, she doesn’t sound like my daughter, and my daughter certainly isn’t so quick to give me a big kiss on the lips. An elderly woman then walked into the room beside us and she pointed her finger at the woman I was hugging, and she shook her head side to side to let me know that wasn’t daughter. I understandingly nodded at the older woman, and then she smiled back at me. I thought to myself, well since I’m here I might as well hug her a bit longer, since, well, she was quite beautiful, and she felt pretty real to me! After about 10 or 15 seconds, I let her go, and I went off to find my daughter.

      I walked out the building and onto an outdoor, karaoke stage. There was small crowd of people, and so I decided to give it a try. I forgot about my intent to visit with my daughter. Distractions, distractions….., so I picked up the microphone, and the DJ put on an old song from the 70’s. I recognized the song, but I couldn’t remember the words, so I tried to do the best I could, but I sounded like crap and out of tune. Then I notice a woman walking through the field in red skirt and jacket, and this clued me to remember my lucid dream intent. Instantly, I dropped the microphone, and tried to fly to her, but I couldn’t seem to get any altitude, and I landed in the crowd. My vision faded and I woke.
    2. from karaoke to spaceport salloon

      by , 07-27-2013 at 05:43 PM
      last night I ended up into Karaoke restaurant in Kualu Lumpur. It was a high standars place were they didn't look all to well at hanging outside the tabbles or disturbing the singers. Restaurant came haunting me in my dreams

      first fragment that I recall is me sitting in Karaoke bar that didn't look a bit like Malaysian restaurants. Customers were European looking or American ones. I thought I was on vacation and wondered was I in states or Paris. I wondered the absence of black people. There were some steampunk cosplayers and I tried to make my way towards them but ended up talking with punch girl soccer players.

      Only Karaoke piece that I recall was "Power of Love"... how neat

      after a while I recalled the lost steampunk gang but at this point I was deep in dreaming. I wasn't looking for cosplayers but some steampunk gang with all too reasonable explanations and worldviews. I was in some kind of danger. Then Akari came chrashing in. I was in some kind of mixture of steampunk karaoke bar and spaceport salloon. Name of the place was really: Club Afterlife...
      I remember it from Mass Effect

      Rest of the dream was like adventure / thriller scifi movie but I'm unable to move any real happenings. Just the atmosphere, two locations (computer gamelike) and feeling of important mission while being hunted
    3. Groucho Marx, Singing, Traditional Boots, and a Christmas Party

      by , 06-24-2012 at 04:19 PM
      Haven't updated in a while, so here I am to post my latest dream!

      My sister is about to go to a costume party, and she’s walking around our room dressed as Groucho Marx. And I’m like, “Oh, nice costume.”

      In another part, my sister is watching a video on YouTube of this girl singing karaoke. And she’s like, “Oh, I know that girl. She’s a terrible singer.” The girl is singing something by Vanessa Carlton or Michelle Branch or something along those lines––can’t remember what song it is. But anyway, she’s not as bad at singing as my sister had said.

      There’s a panel of judges watching her, and they all have to give her a “grade” on her singing. So, all the judges give her an A except for one judge who gives her an F. And then everyone boos her for giving the girl an F.

      (By now I’m kind of … part of the scene instead of watching it. So yeah.)

      The girl’s father walks up on stage and he’s wearing these ridiculous knee-high boots. And he starts talking about how his boots are “traditional” of his culture or whatever. Then he talks about this traditional suit that he has, which for some reason I know looks like a red elf suit. Apparently this suit is some important family heirloom and it has never fit any of his children, so he’s upset about it.

      The scene morphs into a family reunion type thing … I think a Christmas party. Someone brings out this weird decoration, which is this Christmas tree with Santa’s head on the top, and it sings and dances. And my mom is like, “Oh, I made that a long time ago and then I left it behind somewhere.” So I start playing with this thing with a baby who’s crawling around on the floor––an imaginary cousin who I think is named Tim or something like that. That’s about where the dream ends.
    4. bike accident; robert plant's bad karaoke

      by , 10-29-2011 at 04:24 PM
      Good morning, everybody

      Dream #1

      I was walking with my sister out onto a parking lot. It was a sunny and clear day, but there was a lot of shade from the canopies of trees overhead. The parking lot was huge and empty. But most of the lot seemed to be shaded by the huge, green trees, which were only on the border of the parking lot.

      As we walked into the lot, my sister, who was to my left, and seemed much shorter to me than she is IWL, was telling me about my oldest nephew.

      As my sister was talking, I noticed that there was a building, much like the Rose Planetarium structure on the side of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The building was just a gigantic, glass cube. But I was worried because I didn't see the gigantic, silver sphere, the housing for the actual planetarium theatre, inside the glass cube.

      Suddenly it seemed as if the walls of the multi-story glass cube were turning yellowy. It was like the glass was decaying, becoming brittle. It seemed as if the whole thing might crumble at any moment.

      My sister told me about my oldest nephew. "He may act fine and seem well-behaved to everybody. But I'm worried about him. He has these obsessions. Sometimes he needs to count certain things. And he'll just get so carried away with the counting that he can't do anything else."

      I thought to myself, I haven't treated my nephew kindly enough over the past few years. I've been pretty cold to him, and everybody else, almost all the times I've been home recently. I need to make sure, this time around (apparently I was on a visit), to be much more attentive to my whole family.

      My mom had a car parked way out in the center of the parking lot, which was otherwise empty. My sister's children were all playing around the car.

      From out of nowhere my oldest nephew came riding by on a bicycle. He could see that my sister and I were talking, so he didn't interrupt us. He just pulled a pop-a-wheelie, which he'd intended me to see. He held his front tire up in the air for a few good seconds as he rode. I figured this would be a great time to tell my nephew I thought he was doing a good job.

      But my nephew pulled back too far on his bicycle. He fell to the ground. He seemed to have injured himself. My sister and I ran to my nephew. My mom may have been there as well. But now my nephew was up and walking around.

      I was now wearing shorts. I noticed I had a big gash and scrape on the inner side of my left leg, just to the side of my kneecap. I may have had a similar gash on my right leg. The gash was deep and red, but it wasn't bleeding. The scrape was only white, as if I'd only scraped the top layer of skin.

      I knew this was what my legs would look like if I'd been in the same bike accident as my nephew had just been in. I asked my nephew, who was up and walking around alright, "How the heck did I get your injuries after you rode the bike?"

      I figured to myself that there may have been some kind of empathic connection between us. For some reason, I may have kept getting my nephew confused in my mind with my brother.

      I was now standing before my nephew's bike, which was just stood up, while my nephew was running around playing, possibly with my other nephews. My legs may now have been fine.

      My nephew's bike had a lot of chrome on it, as if it were now some kind of mix between a bicycle and a motorcycle. There were thick, chrome wheel-guards and a smallish, chrome mechanism like an engine. The engine seemed to be fastened right into the front end of the triangle of the bike's frame.

      My nephew ran up to the bike and began looking at the reflections in the chrome. He said that he could see his own reflecion in the chrome, but he couldn't see mine.

      I said that maybe he was standing in the wrong place. My nephew was looking mainly at the reflections on the engine's chrome. I suggested he look at the reflections on the wheel-guard's chrome. My nephew may have done this. But I still don't think he saw me.

      Dream #2

      There was a concert with some guy, singing some famous song that I can't remember. It was a really emotional kind of ballad. The guy was on a dark stage, apparently just a sound-stage for a TV studio. He was surrounded by either thin walls or tilting or triangular towers of TV screens. One light shone down on him, and a high-angled TV camera was taping him.

      There was some really famous part in the song that apparently everybody knew because it was so melodic and emotional. Everybody also knew when the famous part came in, because the buildup to that part in the song was so pronounced.

      But when the really famous part of the song came on, the camera view switched from being on the main singer to being on a kind of TV camera view of a TV screen. The image on the screen was a little grainy, not very stable, and monochrome, with a blue-green kind of tint. There may have been little time-code letters and numbers running across the top of the screen.

      Robert Plant's head and shoulders were in the view of the screen. Plant looked very young, like he looked in the 1970s. He was wearing some shirt that exposed a lot of his chest.

      Plant was supposed to be singing harmony on the really famous part of the song that the main singer was singing. But now the time for the harmony part had come in.

      Plant almost missed his cue to start singing -- in fact, he started about half a beat late, and he fumbled even then. He was tilting his head and looking off to his left.

      It became very apparent to me that Plant was reading the words of the song off a teleprompter. But this didn't help him much. He was hardly getting the rhythm of the song, and he'd sometimes slur or mumble the words, or say them at a much slower pace than the main singer.

      I was really surprised. Robert Plant was supposed to be a pro, one of the best. But he wasn't even doing the karaoke version of this song -- a song apparently everybody in the world knew -- correctly!
    5. karaoke, obama, and the fed; blue bar and the fed; marrying rich man's daughter

      by , 09-04-2011 at 01:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some place like a workshop. There were one or two groups of people in the workshop. I may have belonged to one of the groups. But one of the groups had finished whatever they'd had to do.

      This group left the room. They walked through a long, ramped hallway, like in a hospital. They were now in a dark room at the end of the hallway. The room was like a bar, although it didn't seem to have anything in it. The people were all singing karaoke.

      I sat down in the workshop-room at some big working table. I was at the back end of the table. I really wanted to do some karaoke. I was getting restless.

      I had a pile of money in front of me. I realized that some people had left their money here. So I should give it back.

      President Obama was sitting on the right side of the table, near the front end. I gave the pile of money to Obama. I realized that the money was money that Congress had left on the table. They'd probably need it back. And President Obama would probably be able to give it to them.

      I walked away from President Obama. But, for some reason, I still had two $10 bills in my hand. So I turned back to Obama and dropped the $10 bills on the table. They lined up nicely, the bottom edge of one matching wih the top edge of the other. They also looked really nice and new.

      I knew that the $20 was some kind of "extra tax" that came with the money for Congress. The main pile of money was the pile that Congress got as a matter of course. The "extra tax" was tax that Congress received on this money.

      But President Obama told me to keep the extra $20. He said something like Congress hadn't really earned the stack of money in the first place, and they really wouldn't miss the tax money if it was missing.

      President Obama then asked me, "Well, why are you sticking around here? You can go, if you'd like. Don't you wanna go do karaoke with everybody else?"

      I said no. I knew the Fed was going to talk about something pretty soon. I felt like it would probably be a smart idea if I hung around here until the Fed got through talking about whatever they were going to talk about. I had partly said this to butter-up Obama and make him think I was smart. But I was also genuinely interested in what the Fed had to say.

      Dream #2

      I was in a restaurant/bar. The restaurant had a weird shape, kind of an upside-down "L" shape, with the tall part of the "L" being really long and kind of narrow. The lighting for the whole place was a kind of neon-blue. But there were windows to the space outside of the bar, which looked like the inside of a mall and was lit normally.

      I had gotten a table to sit at. But I had been asked to stand up. I'd had to walk all the way to the end of the area I was in, i.e. to the "base" of the "L" shape.

      Now I was back at my seat. There was some other guy with me, an Asian man in maybe his late twenties, dressed in a business suit. We seemed to be co-workers or friends. We were about to sit down when another man asked if he could sit with us. He was also Asian and young. He was dressed in an all-black business suit.

      We didn't know the man, but we let him sit with us. The two men sat beside each other. They started talking with each other, as if they were familiar with each other. I understood that they had never met each other before, but that they "knew the game" well enough to talk with each other as if they were familiar with each other.

      I sat on the opposite side of the table, kind of awkwardly positioned in my seat against an empty seat, and messing around with stuff at the table, possibly a glass of water and some condiments or little appetizers or something.

      The men tried to include me in the conversation. They asked me something. I responded by giving some speech about the Fed, which I don't remember, other than the fact that it was about them not needing something and having some kind of disagreement with Congress. The Fed might have said that Congress didn't need something.

      Dream #3

      I was in a big, nice living room in some wonderful apartment on a high-up floor in a big building. An old, white man with white hair sat on a couch. I may have sat down and stood up alternately.

      I had been interested in the old man's daughter. I wanted to marry the daughter. But the old man was sure that I only wanted to marry the daughter because I wanted to get at the old man's money. This wasn't true.

      There were elements of the dream before this point that proved, I reflected, that I really liked the girl. But I can't remember those parts of the dream.
    6. space shuttle crash; friend's apartment; boss' bedroom; singing to hyde; bob dylan's bless

      by , 06-25-2011 at 01:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was standing out in some kind of open, desert-like plain. I stood with a woman, possibly my mother. We looked up into the air and saw a space shuttle lifting off -- all by itself, and with no exhaust.

      My mom and I may have been talking about the shuttle. The shuttle then did a loop, somehow flipping around so that it was also upside down when it returned to its original point. I knew that this meant something was wrong with the shuttle. The shuttle then fell and crashed into the ground, topside first, not too far away from us.

      For some reason, something in particular struck me about the back, top fin of the shuttle. I think I was surprised that the shuttle had crashed into the ground, but that the back fin was still intact and erect. The shuttle was smashed in other places and was overall covered in red soil and dust.

      I saw inside the shuttle. Some woman who was apparently my mom's friend, but who actually looked like LP, a friend of my friend H, was the only person in the shuttle. She was older looking, kind overweight, with frizzy-curly grey-blonde hair. She wore a greenish t-shirt.

      The woman was buckled by both shoulders into the pilot's seat. She looked a little exhausted, more like she had run a long race than like she had just been in a shuttle crash. We'd thought she was dead. But it was now like she was fine.

      She herself was apparently worried that she wouldn't be able to fly the shuttle again. But apparently the shuttle wasn't completely wrecked, and it would be able to fly again.

      Dream #2

      I was in a bedroom in my old friend R's apartment, with my friend R. My friend R reclined on his bed. I either stood or sat on the floor on the side and near the foot of the bed. On the other side of the bed there was a wall-height, wall-length window. On the other side of the window was a wide staircase that ran down the side of the wall. It was night outside, and there was just a dim incandescent light in R's bedroom.

      R seemed to be talking on the phone. But he was also talking to me. It was like we had had a pretty nice conversation about some slightly intellectual subject familiar to us both. But apparently I was also getting ready to leave. R asked me if I was coming back to his apartment later on to have dinner with him. I told him yes, but I don't think I was really planning to come back.

      Dream #3

      I was in my boss' bedroom. All the lights were turned off. My boss was in bed. I stood right next to the bed, although I feel like I may actually have been very short, as short as if I had actually been sitting by his bed. I may also have been doing stuff like packing clothes into a suitcase.

      My boss asked me if I'd be coming back to work after a certain amount of time, possibly a few weeks or a few months. I told my boss sure, that I'd be back. But I really didn't think I'd come back, and I kind of hoped I didn't get sucked back into everything.

      Dream #4

      I was in a subway car, kind of like the car of a 3-train, with the silvery-reflective walls and green-white fluorescent light. The car was only moderately full of people, and I felt like I was with a couple of friends, maybe younger girls. I was standing, standing-swinging from one of the horizontal bars over the seats, with my back toward the seats.

      As I swung, I sang "My Heart Draws a Dream," by L'Arc en Ciel. I could hear myself very clearly as I sang. It felt really good to sing.

      But then Hyde from L'Arc en Ciel stood up from a seat across the aisle from me and walked up to me. I may have stopped singing for a moment. I felt bad for singing in front of Hyde. I obviously wasn't as good as him. I didn't want him to think I was making fun of him by singing his songs.

      But Hyde just smiled gently at me. Somehow his looks implied that he was listening to me patiently, almost like a parent might give an interested face while his child sang him a song. So I may have started singing again. But now the song sounded just like the L'Arc en Ciel song, as if I weren't singing, but the song were being played from somewhere.

      Dream #5

      I was in a dark bar. The bar was so dark that the bar and the wall behind the wall all seemed to be just as black as the shadows. There was like coming from some area on or behind the countertop, and the bottles and mirror were lit as well, so that these things were all a gently bright, incandescent white.

      A woman stood behind the bar, and another woman sat in front of the bar. This bar was apparently a karaoke bar. I was already singing a song, even though I don't think I held a mic. I thought the song I was singing was a Bob Dylan song. But it was actually the L'Arc en Ciel song "Bless."

      The woman sitting at the bar asked me if it was difficult to sing this song. I said, "No. I know these lyrics pretty well. I'm a big fan of this Bob Dylan song."

      The song hit the instrumental part, and suddenly I felt like I wasn't familiar with the song at all. But right before the chorus was about to start up again, I remembered how it all went. But, as I sang, I may have been singing along with the actual song, instead of a karaoke version of the song. At this point I may have realized I wasn't singing Bob Dylan.
    7. singing fake beatles song

      by , 06-06-2011 at 11:37 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big theatre. The theatre was kind of crowded. The lights were on, but a show was playing. It was apparently the Ed Sullivan show where the Beatles played.

      I was surprised by the songs. The first song sounded a little bit like a Beatles song, but it also sounded modern. It may also have sounded like the "Boss Boss" song, by RC Succession.

      The second song sounded even more modern. I could also hear it very vividly. I was really surprised by this song. I was surprised I hadn't heard it before, and that the Beatles had chosen it for the Ed Sullivan show. But I really liked it.

      I was now getting up on stage. I was taking part in some kind of performance show, like a karaoke show or something like that. I felt like there was a band somewhere, but I didn't see a band: only a couple of guys leading me up on stage. The stage was empty and seemed to be made up of two or three tiers of some kind of beige-colored, polished material.

      I knew I was supposed to sing the Beatles song I had just heard. But I didn't know the song. I thought that maybe all I was supposed to do was lip-sync with the song. I figured that if I paid enough attention to the words I could do that on the spur of the moment.

      I now faced the crowd. The song was playing. The song was full, so the singer's voice (don't know which Beatle it was: didn't sound like any) could be heard. But I was actually supposed to sing out loud with the song.

      I actually got through the first verse pretty well by sticking to the sounds as I heard them sung. I ended the chorus of the first verse pretty loud, with a lot of enthusiasm. I had a feeling that sooner or later the singer's voice would be withdrawn, and that I'd have to sing all by myself.

      The second verse was starting up. I was really afraid I didn't know the lyrics. But I figured that if I heard the first words from the singer, I'd probably recall the rest of the song.

      At some point I may have been back down in the crowd, or I may have had the view of a camera looking into the crowd. I may have realized that the crowd was really a group of my peers and that I didn't have to worry so much, even if I did a bad job.
    8. home fries at a karaoke bar

      by , 04-10-2011 at 01:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was really late at night. I was walking out on a sidewalk in front of the building where my old job was. I noticed that there was a karaoke bar similar to the one I regularly go to. I was kind of surprised to see a second bar like this, so I went in to check it out.

      There was a small, narrow staircase leading down into the bar. The bar was also small and narrow, very dark. There were a few young, white men sitting at the bar. They looked kind of miserable, a little scraggly and unkempt. The bartenders were all Indian, and they all wore headdresses.

      I looked for the karaoke song books. I found a couple laying around. At some point, I looked at a menu and ordered food -- home fries and cucumbers. I didn't really feel like singing. The place was so dark and cheerless. I looked around, but I couldn't seem to find any screens for singing.

      I finally saw a television screen. A news program was playing on it. A mass grave had been found somewhere. Some group like the al Qaeda had murdered a bunch of people, possibly Jewish people. They had buried each person in a specific square and then put some sort of statement in the square of soil over each person.

      The news report may have said that the statements were Jewish or written in Hebrew or the language of the victim. In this way, it almost seemed like the statement was a statement of solidarity with the victim, as if the people had been part of some kind of voluntary death. This was confusing to me.

      I then got a closer look at the grave -- still on the television screen. Some squares of soil were undug, revealing people's bodies, which weren't decayed at all, so that it looked like the people had only recently died. Other squares were still untouched. I saw the writing on the soil. A lot of the writing was actually ancient Egyptian. I couldn't figure out why al Qaeda would use ancient Egyptian.

      A young man, apparently of the family of the people running this bar, was sitting behind the bar or at the end of the bar. He was dressed in a modern fashion. His skin was pale, and his tightly curly hair was cut short. He may have had green eyes.

      The man turned around and looked past me, into the kitchen, which was bright with fluorescent light (and which may have been the only source of light in the bar). The man spoke to one of the older men, saying something to the effect of, "Well, that's what (whatever race it was) gets. They deserved it."

      I felt like, when the man was saying that, he was also saying something about me. I felt like the men didn't like me because I appeared to be of whatever race it was that they didn't like. I figured I'd just get my food and go.

      The young man took my money and handed me a small, white bag (paper or plastic or some kind of papery plastic?). There was, I could tell, a very small, clear, plastic box inside of it. I thought I'd ordered a decent amount of food. And I thought I'd paid a good amount for the amount of food I thought I'd ordered.

      The young man was already talking more with the older men and making it clear that he was going to ignore me for the rest of the time I was there. I opened the bag to see if I'd actually gotten what I'd ordered. I saw a little bit of home fries and a little bit of cucumbers in the small, plastic box. I figured that was fine, and that I'd take it. I didn't feel like arguing with the men to get more food.

      I walked toward the exit. As I passed something that looked like a tiered display for desserts, but which held karaoke books, I thought that I would say something out loud like, "Yeah, I really like this place, but I'll come back at another time. I just wanted to check it out and see if it was good." It was like I thought the men actually cared whether I liked this place and like they actually wanted my business.
    9. severance package; subway follower; karaoke fail

      by , 03-07-2011 at 12:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a big, concrete structure like a parking garage at night. I was on one of the floor near the top. But I was down at the bottom of some stairwell that opened from the road. There was some room at the bottom of the stairwell. Some of my old friends or co-workers were in the room. This place was apparently my office.

      My friend from work, M, had been instructed, I somehow knew, to deliver a manila envelope to a young man in the office. The envelope contained a hiring package. The man was now employed by my company.

      Then M walked away to get another package. I was still standing out in the stairwell. I knew everybody in the office knew about the next package, what it would be. Even thought nobody told me about it, I also knew what it would be.

      M brought the package to me. The package was basically a letter saying I was fired. M treated me kind of coldly and told me I couldn't come back into the office.

      I walked up the stairwell. I was out in the parking garage. My office desk was out there. I figured I should clean out my desk. Near the desk was a dining table. An older Asian man and a little girl, the man's daughter, were seated at the table. I was ashamed to be around the man and girl after just having gotten fired.

      Dream #2

      I was getting onto the subway. I was going somewhere kind of far away, and I might have been planning to be there for a while. I was wearing a big backpack, which went all the way up my back and even a little higher than my head.

      As I was getting onto the train, an older black man followed me. He had a white beard and a wool cap. I felt like I'd seen him all over the place, wherever I'd gone. We were the only two people getting on the train. So obviously now he was following me.

      I wanted to yell at him and ask why he was following me. But I didn't feel like it would do any good. So I let him go ahead of me on the train.

      We were the only two people on the train. The train was kind of dark. The seats were set weird, like the benches were all lifted on a platform, and there was a guardrail right in front of the bench. It didn't look like there was any legroom.

      The man lay down at the far end of the bench and fell asleep. I crawled across the bench and tried to find some way to sit down.

      Dream #3

      I was in something like a living room with an old woman. We were part of some karaoke contest. We were about to go on. But suddenly the woman sprang the idea on me that we should do a duet. She suggested some song I didn't know.

      I didn't want to do the song, since I didn't know it and I'd be horrible. But I felt grateful to the woman for some reason, so I figured I'd better do the duet.

      The woman showed me some lyrics and gave me the tune. I still didn't know the song, but I thought I had the words.

      Now we were out on a big stage. The music began. I recognized the tune! I started to sing, but I suddenly realized I'd forgotten all the words.

      The old woman looked at me, terribly disappointed.
    10. two-floor house, karaoke books, packed house

      by , 11-18-2010 at 12:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody. I recall three dreams from "last night" -- although these dreams all come from about the last hour that I was in bed.

      Dream #1

      I was in "my house," which was a two-floor house. I was in a bedroom on the second floor of the house. The curtains were pulled back. Outside, the sky looked grey and cold.

      I may have just moved into this house. I was kind of surprised that I had so much space. I'd never had this much space in my life. Still, the place wasn't huge. It was two floors, but it was rather narrow.

      Nevertheless, as I walked down the stairs to the first floor, I thought that people would see a guy like me living in a place like this, and, getting jealous, they'd try to break into my place.

      I tried to think of what I could do to prevent a break-in. I thought I would never use anything I owned while sitting near a window on the second floor. That way nobody would ever see that I actually owned anything.

      I thought that the only thing I would do on the first floor would be to watch TV, even though I thought that would be dangerous, too. But I figured that everybody owned a TV. So why would anybody want mine, too?

      I considered what I would watch on TV. I wondered if I had cable TV. I hadn't owned a TV in quite some tiime. Maybe everybody got cable TV nowadays. Or maybe, I thought, this place was like a hotel. And all hotels had cable TV. I may have considered watching some porn.

      Dream #2

      I was in a living room of an apartment with a group of friends, none of whom I recognize. The friends were all young, pretty cool. The living room was a little dim, as if it were lit only from a light in the hallway, around a corner.

      I sat on the floor before a coffee table that was set against the wall. A stereo stood on the coffee table. Cluttered before the stereo were huge binders full of lists of karaoke songs.

      I had one book open and was flipping through the pages, trying to find a particular song. But the book was full of pictures instead of titles. Each page may have had two or three CD-sized pictures on each side. One picture I remember of a person (man?) standing over a dark landscape under a purple sky.

      There were so few pictures per page and so few pages in this book, that I thought the chances were slim of my song being in this book. And I couldn't figure out how the songs were arranged: not in alphabetical order, but in some kind of picture order -- if they were, in fact, in any order at all.

      I concluded that my song wasn't in this particular book. Somebody may have taken the book from me. I shuffled through some of the other books. I may now not even have been able to remember what song I wanted to sing.

      The covers of the binders were all really awesome. They had all kinds of flaming designs of people,guitars, and monsters. Each binder held song lists for a specific genre of music, and the picture on the front represented the genre. Sometimes the picture actually had the name of the genre written above it in fancy lettering.

      I finally chose a certain binder, figuring this was the genre of music I wanted to sing, so that the song I'd been looking for all along would probably be in this binder.

      Dream #3

      I was at "my house," an apartment on the upper floor of a big building. The apartment probably had a living room and two or three bedrooms.

      The apartment was busy with a few other people, probably all older than me, some of them somewhat older. There weren't a lot of people in the apartment, but the craziness of their actions made it feel like the place was stuffed with people. The living room was bright, frenetic, and totally messy.

      The apartment was all mine, but the people who were here right now were trying to move in and stay here. For some reason, I really wasn't doing much about it.

      Just off from the living room was a small, bright hallway. At the end of the hallway was a little niche, in which was set a white, wood chest of drawers. The chest was a little more than a meter tall, and maybe 2/3 of a meter wide.

      Some old, short, fat, white man with a balding head, scraggly, grey hair, and a loose, stubbly face, had one of the drawers open and was crowding me away from it. I was fighting the man, trying to get him out of my stuff. This was my chest, and the man had no right messing around with it.

      But the man kept shoving me off. He was pouring stuff into the top drawer from out of a garbage bag. The old man himself may have been wearing a weird outfit that looked like a mix between a potato sack, long underwear, a mattress, and a garbage bag.

      I looked into the drawer. It looked like there were a bunch of small, empty,glass vials inside. It looked like vials that had once held drugs. I got really mad. Was this guy pouring garbage bags full of drugs and drug paraphernalia all over my house?
    11. lots of fragments.

      by , 10-22-2010 at 02:04 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Kaomea 1

      Something about me and Asuka doing something funny and silly in a dream for kaomea. Can't remember what it was except for the fact that Kaomea was very pleased.

      Kaomea 2

      I wasin bed or something. and Kaomea changed into a big black woman. and tens he said "There, Now it's easier for me to move around with you." doesn't leave much to the imagination does it?

      Fuckin drunks

      i'm walkin in a town somewhere and some kids hand me a bottle of Captain Morgan. They start yelling "Chug." I think I hate getting drunk so I take a swig just to shut them up. I keep walking.


      I remember being with Jaas and Haley at some water slides. When I was going down one I was afraid of crashing so I held my hands on the sides to slow me down. didn't work I went super fast anyway. It was fun.


      i'm walking around in some house while Playing som dude's gibson guitar. I was only supposed to play it for a few minutes but i kept playing for longer.

      Walking around town.

      another dream of walking around in a familiar dream town. Remember going to some bar for a meal and karaoke. Someone was suggesting that I check out the other bar which had better karaoke. This was a really long dream.. but i guess most of the other details are lost since it was really boring.