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    1. Highly lucid trying different things - flying to the stars

      by , 03-09-2012 at 05:03 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      (I wake up after some 4 hours of sleep, stay up for almost an hour and pop in Galantamine and Choline.... then just lay down in bed, not moving a hair... waiting while listening to binaural tones... I am pretty pumped up from the "wake up in your dream" seminar....)

      Suddenly, I feel vibration wave going from my head to my chest.... and another one... somehow I understand what is going on.. and I just continue being still....

      I wake up in bed in my grandmother's house, still attempting to fall asleep, not realising that it is a dream already. Then I do the "pull my finger" reality check that I was shown at the seminar. And at one point my finger stretches!! However, I am struggling to get up.

      Then Karim enters the room, and he keep interrupting me. Next a small Colombian girl comes in, and I start to mess around with her a bit, taking off her top. Then I realise it is a dream, looking at my hands and finding my index fingers having a funny branch mini finger!!

      It is a very high level of lucidity (4) as I remember so many things I want to do that I read about or heard of at the seminar. I am at the garden behind our house in Czech now. I want to fly different methods of flying. I want to try everything. I star waving my arms and it takes me up a little bit. Then I start kicking my legs, and I can feel much better acceleration, but its still very tough, and I think to myself "this is stupid, there must be a better way." So I just spread my arms and intend to fly, lean forward as I learned at the seminar... ... and to my surprise it works.... Then I just glide around over the top of the roofs and trees. At one point, I can see the roofs and antennas around our house.... gliding on them black and white trees. As I fly over the trees I can see a storm at the distance, I want to fly through, but I avoid it at the end. then I try to fly to the stars, but it is little boring as it seems like I am being still, since there are no objects around..... suddenly I notice red dots crossing the sky in different directions. I think to myself it must be satellites. I decide to fly back landing at our garden again.

      I want to try door teleportation too. There is a family of 3-4 having a barbecue at our garden. I don't wonder about it, and sneak around them to the garage. It has nice white door. I walk through, but it is just dark in there (as I did not intend anything behind). I think, damn this doesn't work, so I walk back outside. Now there is a bench a bunch of teenagers, some of them girls. I have dirty thoughts again, but then I remember to try press ups. So I walk away a bit and start doing press ups. I goes tough, but i am not getting tired. Suddenly some of them teenagers start pressing on my back... so I stop.

      Then I feel my hand is hurting. I know it is in reality as I remember falling asleep and having duvet held in that hand. I am thinking how to move my arm without waking up. Strangely I manage to merge these realities and a fix my arm to a better position.

      Now, I am worried that it is too late and that I will not hear my alarm! I am running around trying to find working clock and my phone.... then I force myself up as I don't want to be late... waking up at 6:12 when my alarm is set to 6:15!!!

      This was by far the most advanced and vivid lucid dream.

      Updated 03-11-2012 at 02:14 PM by 43244

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    2. Meeting Karim and Receiving a Key

      by , 03-28-2011 at 08:34 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I wake up in my current room, go out to the kitchen, and start attempting to make coffee. The coffeemaker is big and complicated, with lots of buttons, and I can't figure out how to use it properly. While it's percolating, I decide to take the carafe out [I don't remember why], and press the Stop button, but it doesn't stop completely. Six thin jets of coffee continue to come out of it, streaming down onto the heating element and boiling and sizzling away. I look in the cupboard for breakfast, and find lots of mini-donuts and other packaged foods there. All the time I'm getting breakfast, my mind is on the fact that I have to get out of the house in time for my 8:00 A.M. meeting. [I actually had such a meeting coming up in the morning in real life, and it was on my mind as I went to bed, so, not surprisingly, I dreamed about it.]

      I have another false awakening in which I check the time on my cell phone and see that it's only 6:17 A.M. Good; there's still plenty of time to get to the meeting.

      I woke up, for real this time, at the end of a sleep cycle, and said sarcastically, “Well, that was wonderful.” I didn't bother to get up to check the time on my phone.

      I'm on my college campus, walking around outside the dorm buildings, which are big and L-shaped and multistory. I'm trying to get to my room, which is room number 16999-A (that is, bedroom A in suite number 16999). I stop and talk to a resident assistant (RA), who asks me where I'm going. I tell him [her? not sure], and he [she?] consults a list and says that someone else is already in that bedroom. I know I'm supposed to be in that room, and I say so, showing the RA the key I have to that suite. He [she?] permits me to continue on and go to the room.

      I continue walking, outside, among the dorm buildings. I pass another RA at the entrance to a new part of the complex of buildings, and speak to her as well. She tells me that there's a game of Sardines going on in that part of the complex, and offers me a raffle ticket, which shows that I'm participating in the game. I accept it and continue walking. I find the entrance to suite 16999, which is at the corner of the long, narrow building, on one of the longer sides. I stick my head in the door, but don't go in. [So I never did find out whether or not anyone else was in my bedroom.] All throughout this part of my dream, my mind is still focused on the fact that I have to make it to an 8:00 A.M. meeting.

      I continue exploring around the sunny side of the building. There are basketball and handball courts there; it looks a lot like the playground of an elementary school. The sunlight is very bright and cheerful. On the other side of the courts from the building, there is a chain-link fence on the border of the playground. On the other side of the fence is a river.

      Not far from the playground is a covered pavilion housing the queue for a tram that offers tours of the campus. It's the same kind of tram used at the parking lot at Disneyland. The tram passes through, setting out on its tour. A group of five students with ski masks on, their heads wrapped in white cloth, and dark sunglasses are walking alongside the tram. They're tour guides, and this is their on-campus job. They're holding a series of signs that say something like, “Be sure to pay your tram driver.” I wave at them as they pass, and they wave back. As the tram pulls out of the pavilion and drives away, a group of five or six people runs out of the queuing area, trying to catch up with the tram. They wanted to get on it for the tour, but they got there too late.

      [Dreamskip.] I'm walking across a parking lot. I recognize that I'm dreaming, and that I've had this dream before. [Now that I'm awake, though, I don't remember having had it before.] I begin to concentrate on my feet, watching them move as I walk. I'm wearing dark red-brown, slip-on, closed-toed shoes with big bows on the toes that are made of the same shiny, leather-like material as the rest of the shoes. As I approach my car, I attempt to ensure that my computer backpack will be in the trunk when I get there by expecting it to be there this time. It doesn't work. Other stuff is in there, but no computer backpack.

      Some guy starts talking to me as I look into my trunk. My boss is there, too. The other guy gives me a long, ornate, old-fashioned, brass key with a long, thin black string tied to the loop on one end. When he gives it to me, he says something like, “These instructions are very important. You must never let this item leave your possession.”

      “Because it represents my soul?” I ask.

      “It represents a lot of things,” he answers. I infer that my soul is one of those things.

      [I don't remember the rest of the instructions, but they probably included the following information, because I do remember knowing it:] I understand that this key is a skeleton key. It's not just an ordinary skeleton key, either; it is magical and can unlock any door in the dream world.

      That guy, my boss, and I go exploring somewhere else together. I use my key to unlock a door at one point. At another point, I ask that guy, “Do you have a name?”

      “Karim, or...” he begins.

      “Karim,” I say. “Okay.” To me, the way he said “or...” after his name implies that he has many names, and I'm welcome to use any of them, but I just go with the first one he says.

      Karim, my boss, and I are climbing a ladder up through a narrow shaft. I look up and am intimidated by how long the shaft is, but I can see the top of the ladder, far away.
      [That's the last thing I remember from this dream.]

      When my alarm finally went off, I was relieved that I was back in reality, and that there was still plenty of time to get to the meeting.

      Side notes:

      I don't remember having the high level of conscious self-awareness in this dream that I've had in past lucid dreams, but if I started trying to use dream powers, I must have known that I was dreaming. Also, when I was receiving the instructions about the key, I was definitely aware that the context to which those instructions applied was my dreams, which I was in.

      Have I met my dream guide? I can't say for sure. I feel uneasy about it. What I can say is that I hope Karim and the key show up in future dreams.