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    1. First successfull WILD!

      by , 05-15-2012 at 03:21 PM (Shiranui's Dreamscape Adventures)
      Wow, I don't know if i'm a natural lucid dreamer or what ... But I had a successfull WILD on the first serious try (refusing to give up that is.) Neat! I only remember a small fragment from earlier in the night though:

      Dinosaurs (dream fragment.)

      Some dinosaurs in a big room made out of paper. A guy said they were going to have to be put down since the "cage" could break so easily and they were quite dangerous. I told him it was a stupid idea, since we could just build a better cage instead. i mean helloooo, live dinosaurs! that is frickin awesome.

      I then woke up, did some yoga, drank water and did some reality checks, since I was gonna try some WILDing. I was unsure if i woke up at the right time (roughly 7 hours of sleep), but I hoped I would hit REM right away.

      Back in bed i lied on my back, just trying to relax. My flatmate went about in the kitchen, slamming things into benches and whatnot so I thought it would be hard to fall asleep. I meditated for awhile, counting to 150 with every breath. I started to get these weird and totally random thoughts, but I didn't feel sleepy at all and could still hear my flatmate in the kitchen. I just waited for SP to kick in since I quite often wake up in the middle of the night in SP and it comes quite naturally for me.

      I turned onto my right side, and my mind was unaturally calm. I kept having random, "dreamy" thoughts, but my consciousness was very clear and I didn't see any HI och had any SP. But then, REALLY suddenly, an image of a corridor appeared. I entered it.

      Foreign seminars!

      Oh my! That was weird. No SP or HI beforehand? but ohmygod, it worked! okay, calm down.

      I looked at my hands, touched the wall and just tried to really get into the dream. Seems stable, so I looked around. I was in a school probably, in a big corridor with many doors. I thought about how I wanted to meet Keiko, so I called out for him.

      (Keiko was a imaginary friend who appeared in some of my dreams when I was little. He looks like a red fox with green eyes. Sometimes he has butterlfy wings. He had a quite timid personality with a sarcastic streak underneath.)


      My voice sounded just like it does in real life. I turned around, hoping he would be there. Nope. Oh well.

      I started walking down the corridor. It was completely empty. The few times i've become lucid as an adult before, I’ve tried to take control of my dreams with limited success ...my dreams has instead become really chaotic and "focused" on me; random annoying DC;s and unstable, changing scenery. I think about just going with the flow this time, enjoying whatever the plot of the dream is. But it would be nice to have Keiko with me ... I call for him again and turn a corner. A guy runs past me, almost knocking me over. He looks stressed, almost scared.

      I look down the hallway. It's completely pitch-black from where he came, no light at all. Just perfect for a nightmare. No thank you, I think, turning back.

      The corridor looks pretty much the same when I pass it the second time. One of the doors is open though, and I walk inside. It's like a big classroom inside with lots of people in it. Looks like there is going to be a seminar or something, there is a huge white screen in front and some people are running around setting things up. I walk up to a table that is in the front of the “classroom” and sit down next to two boys, around 9 and 5 years old.

      “Hi!” I say in Swedish. “How are you?”
      No reply. I try again, in English this time.
      “Hi, how are you?”
      “I’m fine, how are you?” The 9-year old replies.
      “Oh, just fine. What’s your name?”
      No reply. He turns to the younger boy to the left and says something in a foreign language that sounds a little like Russian.
      “Oh, what language is that? Is it Russian?” I ask.
      He looks amused.” Haha no, it’s Magrorian!”
      I’m like ok, whatever. I turn to the younger boy.
      “Hi, what’s your name?”
      No reply. He has a vacant expression.
      “How old are you?” I ask again.
      “I was born in September.”
      Cool, I think, same month as me! If I ask him what year he is probably going to say the same year I was born. So cool.
      “What year?”

      I sigh. Stupid, random DC’s.

      I see that the professor is trying to get everyones attention. Everybody keeps chattering, so I call out “Heyhey! It’s about to start!”

      Everybody quiets down, I walk away from the two boys so that I’m closer to the professor. But when he starts talking it’s in the same foreign language that the two boys talked in! doh.
      I try to “will” him to speak Swedish, but then it just becomes gibberish and random words. I sigh. I think about that at least 10 minutes must have passed in real time. I lean against a wall and look at the audience. Everybody keeps paying attention to the gibberish lecture. I’m not in the center of the dream at all, which is very unusual. I really feel as if I’ve walked into the dreamworld as a lucid visitor undercover, neither disrupting or pulling any attention.

      I look at my hands and count to seven fingers, but I never doubted I was dreaming, I know I’m sleeping in my bed and that my flatmate is probably still banging around in the kitchen. I look at the audience, looking away and back. Nothing weird happens.

      I think about something to do without changing the scenery or trying to take control of things, and remember that somebody on DV said that it was cool to listen to music in dreams. I look for my phone in my pocket, I untangle my headphones (it tangles up even in dreams) and put them in my ears. There is already music playing, and it’s the opening song from HOUSE M.D. Totally weird, I probably haven’t heard that song for at least 3 months.

      Oh, random subconscious, how I love you. The song sounds just like it should, no weirdness or unexpected noise.

      The lecture is still going, and nothing weird or random has happened. On one hand I think this is really cool that the dream is so stable, but on the other it’s a little boring to waste lucidity like this. I mean, there is no plot in the dream! I’m a total outsider!

      Sick of this, I turn towards a random guy in the audience and will him to shift into a monster. It’s really hard, it’s like the dream is fighting me, but he slowly turns, he gets black eyes and a really wide, creepy smile with shark-like teeth.

      He starts coming at me, and I lift my arm and concentrate on flinging him across the room with pure willpower, certain that it will work since the dream is so stable and I’m so confident.

      But no! He keeps coming at me, time slows down as he lunges, all wide grin and razorsharp teeth …

      I kick him right in the stomach the last second. The kick feels really weak, but somehow he still flies through the air … Right into the lecturer! Time slows down yet again, matrix-like, as the both crashes into a table.

      Everybody in the room starts shouting, confused. I feel as if I reaaally fucked this seminar up. Ooops. I better get out of here.

      I turn around and start morphing into a wolf. It takes some concentration, but finally I feel as a wolf. I start running towards the exit, but it’s a little hard to steer and I bang into the doorway. It hurts!

      I run into the exact same corridor as before. This is so weird, how stable this dream is! I think idly about how long time has passed since I entered the dream. At least 15 minutes!

      I start looking for a way out of the building, wanting to get to a forest or something. As I run the song “Pärlor” by Kent plays.

      The dream starts to fade! Noooo. I start spinnng round
      , but still wake up. I lie completely still, hoping to fall asleep again … And yes. I see some trees! I enter the dream again.

      Through the mirror world into Mordor

      I’m sitting in a canopy. I take a moment to really get into the dream, stabilizing the enviroment, looking at my hands and so on. I look at the leaves around me. They are red and yellow maple leaves. I pick one and smell it, and it smells like chocolate! I bite into it, but it just tastes bitter and a little like grass … : (

      I stand up on the branch that I “woke up” on, looking around. There is a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds, and when I look out over the land it’s a big yellow wheat-field. It’s really beautiful. I take into the sky flying. It feels awesome!
      I fly higher and higher, feeling the wind in my hair … So awesome.

      But the higher I fly, the weirder the ground looks. It’s as if the horizon ends way to early, and the sky just “loops around”. The ground is slowly diappearing, and I try to will it to stretch further on, but it doesn’t work. As I fly onward, the ground slowly disappears, and soon there is clouds everywhere.

      Okey then, I think. Here we go. I fall, or rise, towards the sky, I’m not really sure. but as I get real close gravity shifts, and it turns out the “sky” is a reflection in the water. I’m at sea! There is water everywhere, and a clear blue sky ahead. Just blue skies and clouds everywhere!

      I can’t even describe how awesome this looked. Anyways, I start flying over the water. I think that I want to go faster, and I hear a voice saying “there is 5 more levels, you want me to increase speed?” I think yes please and sure enough, I speed up.

      Then the clouds darken ahead, and it looks like Mordor ahead or something, angry black clouds and fire.

      The water underneath me becomes orange, then turns to molten lava.
      Huge rocks shoots up from underneath the surface, and I dodge around them the best I can. It feels as if something is trying to keep me away from that Mordor-like mountain!

      I just keep flying, trying to get there, but then my visual fades … I try to hang, but nope … I wake up.

      Awesome dreams though! It was really neat to not try to control the first dream, and I still can’t get over how stable the dream was. Insane, I tell ya.
    2. Building & Glass Elevator, Sportsmanship, Mechanical Insect, Keiko, Aang Crying, Bus

      by , 03-10-2012 at 04:47 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Building & Glass Elevator, Sportsmanship, Mechanical Insect, Keiko, Aang Crying, Bus


      Dream 1: Building & Glass Elevator

      I remember going to a huge building and I'm walking with a few DCs. In my backpack, I have some statement verifying I have funding for college, and it's a lot of money for me.

      I go inside and I see a lady that looks like she would be someone at a Help Desk. She looks like she's in her 30s wearing a short full body skirt.

      There were other DCs that had statements for funding from different banks as well, and I wanted to show her mine, but I decided that I should go up somewhere.

      I wanted to use the restroom, and it was designed for one person to use. There's someone occupying it, and the door is slightly open.

      He's washing his hands, and he sees me and tells me I can come in since it looks like he's almost done anyway. I tell him "Thank You" and he responds "No problem."

      Then when he leaves, I do my business, I have trouble aiming at first, but I get it on target. The door is still slightly open. A male peeks and I notice this, and then I get mad at him and start to close the door quickly with fury.
      (Funny how someone lets me use the bathroom while they're almost done with it, and I get mad when someone tries to come in. But I guess if the other dude was still doing his business, he would be bothered too).

      After that, I was going up a lot of stairs and felt like a corporate building, and a I knew I met a female along the way, and when I get to the top after talking for a while, the fire alarm rings, and we all decided to go on.

      I wanted to go down the stairs but someone tells me that I should come to the elevator with them. I think it was my mother, and I ignore whatever she's trying to telling me next.

      We're in a glass elevator (sort of, I can see outside though), and I'm waiting for it to go all the way down, and it's pretty bright outside.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ABiWy.jpg 
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      We go outside and I see an Asian guy that looked Viet that I used to know in High School. He's going after this girl, and it seems he likes her. There's another girl behind him sitting down watching him make a move on the girl.

      She starts to follow them, and they're probably 15-20 feet away from me, I look at her for a while and then I shift my attention to going forward somewhere.

      Dream 2: Sportsmanship at Bar

      I see a group of males that looks like they are on a football team, but they're just wearing athletic shirts like Powerhouse shirts. Two males look like they have the same body structure, and they all gather together.

      The whole environment seemed to be in a bar late at night.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WXsq3.jpg 
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      One guy comes up to join in on the victory, but since the opponents are close to them, he portrays some sportsmanship and stays quiet until he reaches his group.

      After that, he even shakes hands with the other team to just help them not feel like they're complete losers.

      Dream 3: Mechanical Insect

      I'm inside a building again, and I see this monster in front of me. From my view, it looks like it's around 6-9 feet tall, and it's weird.

      It looks like an insect, but it's a mechanical insect, and most of the colors that coated the metal were blue and green. It starts releasing green goo, and me and another guy are dodging it.

      One person tries to stab literally straight to its heart. One sword goes on the top section, and the other goes on the bottom. A lot of goo is spewing out from this creature, but it just won't freaking die.

      The person sees this isn't working, and tries to go for the right torso region this time, there's more goo spewing out, but it is still alive. The guy decides he has to make some kind of radial attack to cover all sides near its heart.

      It finally dies, and I swear the guy who killed it looked like Zolo from One piece, but I'm just going to presume it was him.

      The dream shifts to where this a male has some cleaned metal base from the creature and it's black. Whenever he adds oil to it, it makes this really hot flame.

      I can literally feel the heat as it radiates and I cover my face and neck region, and I tell the male that he should stop doing that, and he's like "Ooooh okay" in a stupid hippy accent.

      Dream 4: Keiko

      I'm in a building again, and there's this anime girl outside. We (I'm with random DCs again) had to keep her safe somewhere because she's tied up with white rope.

      We decided to lay her somewhere, and then as I start to turn to follow whatever group of DCs I'm with, I see some being near the girl.

      The person looks like Elder Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho, and before he could do something horrible to her, a random anime chick comes in to save the girl, but I think she vanishes, which was really no point in her coming in the first place.

      Elder Toguro vanishes and gets closer to the same girl being bound by white rope, and he starts to form a weapon, kind of like a cutlass from his arm.

      He has the girl by her neck, and I see Kurama is behind him, and he's talking like Kazuya, one of Shinobu Sensui's personalities. I found that a bit odd for another character's voice to be one of the main character's accent, but I just go along with it.

      Kurama does a rose-whip attack on Elder Toguro's head, which apparently kills him. We leave the girl safe again, and we loosen up the white rope a bit so that she could move.

      She looked a lot like Keiko Yukimura from Yu Yu Hakusho.

      Dream 5: Aang Crying

      I'm riding down a huge slope with a bicycle, and it's daytime. The road is really wide, and when I have to go up, I end up flipping some object all the way to the top.

      Once I reach there, I see an image of Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender crying as Katara is holding him.

      Dream 6: Bus

      I'm going inside a bus and I go to the back end of it. In the middle are three seats. There's a DC to my right that's sitting on one end. I'm not sure if it's a male or a female, but I sit in the middle of the seat.

      I feel like I took someone's spot, but I didn't care.

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