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    1. Noctemocity 27

      by , 03-01-2019 at 01:22 PM (Noctemocity)
      83. Hunted with a pack of wild dogs, we were not quite wolves. We charged through field and forest to kill and devour anything in our path. The hunting felt vengeful and gluttonous.

      84. Delayed recall. Was in a therapy group with my mother. We discussed fears, joys, sorrows, and lastly sex. My mother looked extremely uncomfortable with the topic. When it came my turn to speak, I considered my mother's very obvious discomfort and asked if she might want to leave. She said no. So I told all that I thought needed telling. The group grilled me afterward.

      Fragment - In an old abandoned building, admiring it.

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    2. Slightly-off party [Shared Dream]

      by , 04-28-2018 at 03:22 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      I am outside. There is a party going on, and I am in a wood, at a picnic table, with about 5 other people. This wood is sparse; just enough to provide a bit of cover, but I can see across the path, to a body of water, and a dock with little boats. There is a house, an old style farm house in the distance. The rest of the party is held there. I don't remember my outfit, but I am wearing something dark.

      Anyway, I am just hanging around, because for some reason I cannot leave this location even after trying to (I am semi-lucid). There is an asian woman, a man with long hair, and a guy with a scruffy goatee and a flannel shirt. Everything is fine until they decide to kill me. The woman morphs into a snake, another into a wolf, and they strike at me. I dodge them and finally say something that makes the morph back. The woman laughs as gold sparkles shower her form, as if it is all a game to her.

      After this, I make a point to go into the house, and hang out in the kitchen. It has hard floors and paneling, with a ktichen island with people sitting around it. Across from the kitchen is the living room and a set of stairs, but I don't go up them or into the living room. I lean against a wall, chatting with someone, when some girl suddenly tumbles in from upstairs and falls to the ground, sobbing. She has long brown hair covering her face and looks vaguely familiar so I try to get a closer look. That's when I wake up.

      //Turns out this person was definitely someone I know. I won't go into details, but said person described the place in complete details, we were just in different parts of the dreamscape.
    3. Sept 11 regular - writing my old dreams down

      by , 12-22-2015 at 05:16 PM (sparkley guy dream journal)
      Regular dream
      There was a flood in my town and my sister, my mom and I and a few of my cousins we trying to swim into a building so that we would be safe.

      So me and my sister swam in first and got the the first entry (there was two) and then we swam to the second entry where some guy was holding the door open for us, but then my sister budged me and got in first, the second entry doors closed but then my mom opened it.

      I became safe but the guys that were guarding the place with guns for some reason seen my mom "push" me, so they shot her.

      I became wicked angry and grabbed a gun from one of the men and hit them with the butt of the gun and started mowing down all the guards.

      My cousins never appeared afterwards, the only place I seen them was outside trying to swim in when I was swimming to the second entry so I'm guessing that they drowned.
      Tags: drown, killing, water
    4. meth and death

      by , 10-25-2015 at 08:00 AM
      I had this dream over 12 hours ago so its not the best it could be. I just remember the really odd stuff.
      I remember my dad being really hyper and smiling and giving me a hug then as i pull away he smiles and says he is going to stab me and pretends to stab my back. He seemed so happy and he was smiling. Very hyper which is not normal at all for my dad. Then i remember me and my grandpa talking about my dad and my grandpa said it was a shame that he was on meth. I dont know a lot about meth but to me at the time it made perfect sence Then I remember spending the next two days in my room planing to escape and I did. I was walking into town (i live out of town) except my town seemed very primitive. I saw this girl that i talk to and she asked what i was doing and i told her running away and she said that i could stay at her house and i was going to until this guy that flirts with me and use to be friends with walked up to me and said i could stay at his house and i thought good i could go smoke some weed although i dont even smoke weed.
      And i cant remember the rest other than i was driving and didnt go to his houses and i went shopping????
    5. The Other Side : Part 2 - Something's Wrong

      by , 03-21-2015 at 11:16 PM (GDreamer's spaghetti)
      I became lucid , I'm at the same place again , the bus stop before the supermarket.
      I look towards the supermarket , On top of the roof there is a group of people and a guy facing eachother.
      I was like " No ..... no ... no"
      Then I see a red energy blast starting from the group and explodes on the guy.
      "NO .... RUN.... RUN"
      I screamed and started to run towards the supermarket , I tried to summon some kind of weapon but only a rusty sword I can have , I run and run but so slow it takes a few minutes to get there.
      Then I arrive, they are already waiting for me .
      The guy is also here still alive, his enemies are in dark clothes it seemed to a be a girl and a few guys.
      They were speedy, they quickly jumped off the roof and surrounded me standing on lamps.
      The guy who just got hit said "RUN, RUN"
      I tried to knock it off "Don't attack me, I just want to enter the supermarket"
      Its no good , I panick and start to run . But they catched me , I fall over and then some of them quickly flies towards me and stabs me .
      I wake up . Its the middle of night.
      I fall asleep again , I'm back to the same place, again the bus stop .
      I quickly get over there, it seems to be they're on the roof, now talking.
      Now I manage to fly up.
      -"What are you doing here?" ask one of the black clothed guy.
      -"I'm gonna kick all your arses, what the hell is going on there?"
      -"Its none of your business" says the black clothed one
      -"Go away , its really ok" Says the guy who got attacked, he still stands meters from this group , I'm floating now nearer to the group
      -"Seems we got fight again" says the guy in a black robe
      the girl also says something , but I ignore her.
      Things get tense, but the black robed guys wait just for me to start, the good guy is also getting ready to fight on my side. Now I think of how to start, and then I remember this red bright clear energy.
      I charge my fists somehow , this energy surrounds in , and then I throw off a big punch on the group
      they fall all over and starts to float. One of em punches me, hurts but its Ok, I punch back.
      One of em draws a sword, somehow I get this sword and slice him off.
      I'm bashing em like if there's no tomorrow I manage to kill 5 of em, the good guy is also supported me.
      The girl just pops up from nothing and punches me off. I fall off and die. But I do not wake up but I respawn.
      I stand before the entrance, I go up there , but everybody's gone. no clue where the good guys have gone.
      Suddenly a team of people comes here and tells me that they know where the guy is , and that they'll support me in killing him . they advice me to be stealthy because theres some bad guys made by him and guarding the place. Actually, it was the guys dcs , and now we dont know which one of em is the real bad guy.
      The supermarket was altered , and very unstable, it was a big chaos.
      So here we were sneaking around, I killed one before the elevator, we were communicating by thoughts, they said that they're going well and soon will find the original one.
      I watch down , before a shop there was a guard, I see the guy sneaking behind him. and then he chokes him , I was like "good job man".
      -"We found him, he's in the underground parking lot with a few thughs for sure, we can ambush him, lets rock"

      In this moment I get warped down there , we're going in and running like mad, I was at the back of the group, we beat some people , and then I kill the original one, he dissappears.
      The dream ends
      Tags: fight, killing, lucid
      lucid , memorable
    6. Fake Reality

      by , 03-10-2015 at 06:39 PM
      This felt like one of my longest lucid dreams yet. I went to sleep at around 11:30 PM, after taking sleeping pills, and woke up at about 4:07 AM the next morning and stayed awake until about 5:10 AM using the internet, printing a sheet, and trying to figure out what to do next before I go back to bed. I went back to sleep at around 5:20 AM and performed the WILD technique, I think. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. This is how it turned out.

      I woke up in sleep paralysis, after desperately attempting to move my body up out of bed. It took me a while to realize it, meaning the demons, or whatever it was, would come in to the room earlier. I was laid on my back under my covers(even though the blankets were not actually on me). I closed my eyes and began visualizing myself escape the current paralyzed state and imagine myself leaving the bedroom. I never actually imagined going anywhere else but inside the home I was already in. The harder I thought about myself going through that levitating phase, the harder I had to keep it in my mind. I ended up losing my train of thought the first time, but the second time I tried imagining myself moving freely away from my dream bed, I immediately flew out of this levitation mode and quickly flew through the closed door in my bedroom, in hopes that whatever else was in there would not catch me.

      After making it out, and already becoming lucid, I decided to walk outside the home. I didn't really have anything to do so far, but to save me the sensations of bordem, I decided to go ahead and summon Sydney again, out on the parkway(which was all empty). I extended my right arm back and summon her. I pulled her out in front of me but I didn't actually sure what to do with her. Once we walked back in to the house, I noticed that two of the televisions were on inside the house; one in the living room and one in my parents' bedroom. My father was inside the living room and my mother was inside their bedroom. I also saw two kids walked in to the scene at the same time I did(they somehow where already in the house). One of them was a boy and the other one was a year, one who looked so suspiciously familiar.

      Me and Sydney followed the little girl and when she walked over to my mother inside her bedroom, I then realized that it was one of the children I helped back at a preschool a few years ago. She didn't look exactly the same, nor did it look like she had any of her traits come to think of it, but while dreaming, it really felt like we were finally meeting each other again after a long time. I'm not sure if I hugged her or not.

      Me and Sydney then walked back out of the house and walked around the front steps of the house for a small bit. I saw my dog there, along with his lover, at least that's what it looked like. They stuck very close to each other, walking around me and Sydney. My dog had a tendency to lick me every time he had the chance to. I didn't like it, but then again he was my dog, so I could never neglect him. He also had a tendency to drink water from anywhere, including the dirty brown water that was inside a small fountain next to the front porch. He drank it and didn't even care how dirty it was.

      After hanging around with my dog for a while, him and his lover left. Me and Sydney were now alone with each other. This was the best time to try and talk to her, especially since our waking life communications don't exit, they never did. I walked Sydney over to the wall next to the parkway and turned towards her. I looked in her eyes, closely observing her facial expressions and attempted to ask her a question hoping she reply with a somewhat real answer.

      "I like you, Sydney." I said.

      "I like you." she repeated.

      I continued telling her how I felt about her but she kept repeating what I said. After a couple times, it got annoying. I asked why she was copying me and eventually told her to stop copying me. She didn't want to listen to me. After asking her so many times, she did manage to tell me something irrelevant, but I forgot what she said. I then decided to leave Sydney here while I went venturing out the street I was in.

      Before I walked in to the street, the dream started to turn on me by fading away. I believed the sky was adding to it. It was so dark that many of the homes in the city looked haunted. I raised up both of my arms and imagined the skies to be lit with bright stars. After several attempts, all I did was turn midnight in to late evenings. The dream was practically blind by now. I resorted to the spinning technique as a last motive. I turned my body and turned it as much as I could, so I could feel the vibrations of my dream body move along a strong, consistent pattern to assist in achieving a better vision for the world. It surprisingly worked. Everything, including the skies, were clear. I was not only shocked, but amazed.

      I walked out on to the street and I already saw someone walking it. It was a stranger, someone that kept walking down this street consistently in the dream. They wore a pink/black decorated hoodie, so I had a little trouble recalling if they were male or female. I followed them out on the side of the street. I was walking behind them and felt the urge to do something I knew. I extended my right arm back and pulled out in front of me a metal hammer. What I wanted to do to this person was obvious, and I was going to do it whether or not there were people watching. Unfortunately, that person walked in to an area I did not want to walk in to. I decided to walk away and try my luck someplace else.

      On my way walked off to other houses on the street, I saw a police car driving off in to one of the parking lot of someone's home. I saw another one opposite of the same of the same home. The first one was going down in flames, which I'm not sure what happened, and the other cop car(and whoever else was in it) didn't seem to care that one of their pals' car was burning out.

      I walked over to different house on my right side of the street to see who I could kill in a discreetly manner. I noticed several mothers on the front lawns of their home working and taking the trash out. I focused on one that lived in a darkly lit area, followed by a lonely backyard parkway. I trespassed in to their home and walked up in to the shadowy trees and bushes. They were walking closer up to me and I waited for them to walk up in front of the shadows I was in. Once the got close enough for me to touch them, I swung the hammer heavily on to their forehead and unintentionally broke the hammer. The woman then started laughing at me for not being able to kill her. I gave up trying to kill someone else, so I decided to do something else with my lucidity.

      This was where things got interesting. I flew over near a small food market on the corner of the same street I just came out of. As I was flying on to the parking lot of this place, I summoned someone I didn't really intend on summoning before I went to bed. It was Madison, one of Sydney's friends. I held her hand until the both of us were on the ground. The reason I landed on to the parking lot of this small store was because there was going to be a special event taking place her in just a few more minutes. There was coincidentally two chairs already laid out on this parking lot. I sat in the left one and Madison, on my right. We were seemingly the first ones here. There were still a lot more people left.

      As we waited, I decided to go ahead and summon a bag of chips(seeing how you don't gain weight in dreams). They were my personal favorites - Cheddar Ruffles. I grabbed some of them to munch on and then handed the bag over to Madison. She ate some with me. The taste felt almost the same, but not vividly. It wasn't strong enough for me to actually set one of my intentions to summon them before going to sleep some other night. Me and Madison both sat there as people quickly started piling up.

      The seats began filling up quickly. Many of the seats in front of us were already filled. Some of the individuals attending this ceremony were young and some were old, but not too old. As me and Madison were eating our food, I noticed a young male staring at the food we were eating. This guy looked a lot like my best friend I used to hang around with during high school. I'm not sure if it was him, though. He never bothered greeting me and I never bothered greeting him. I assumed in forgotten all about me.

      The parking lot was full by the time the one's responsible for this ceremony put up the red/white decorations scattered all over the place. I turned over towards Madison and gave her a small kiss on the lips, which was a little tasty seeing how she still had the cheddar Ruffle powder taste on them. Madison was my date for the night, but I'm not even sure if she knows it.

      Eventually, the staff presenters walked up in front of the large crowd of audience in the parking lot. They went on talking about whatever it was they meant to talk about. I don't have any recollection of what they were trying to speak out. That wasn't the purpose of this perfect moment I held in delight as I sat there that night with Madison. As I sat there, surrounded by so many cheering individuals, most of which were strangers, I felt it'd be the best time to expand my relationship with Madison to something intense. I extended my right arm back and summoned a small black case holding a valuable item inside. I pulled out the box in front of me and held it discreetly in both my hands as I got down on the ground with one left knee in front of Madison. I held the box out in front of her and opened it up as I spoke out those four dazzling words, Will you marry me?

      The audience cheered with "awes" and applause. Madison was caught by surprise. I waited for her reply but after the audience began cheering less, Madison then went on to say something along the lines of, while smiling, It's too early. I was shocked, but as long as the two of us could keep together for a little while longer, it'd eventually be a possibility. The ceremony was over by now and everyone started getting up out of their chairs and walking towards the exit. Me and Madison both got up out of our chairs. I held her in my arms in front of me very closely. At that moment, I just noticed she wore a red. glittery dress. We then both walked out towards the exit, after being escorted, and walked in to what seemed to be a casino.

      Me and Madison departed ways once we entered this new scene. At the beginning on this small hallway, the one we were escorted to, I broke out a few dance moves behind some of the girls I was walking behind with. I think I was dancing to Uptown Funk, but I'm not quite sure. I followed these three girls until we reached the bigger part of the casino - the lounge. This area was big but not too big, and not too small either. There were slot machines on my right side, a set of tables just outside the small hallway I just walked out of, and a small bar to me left, one where Jay-Z happened to be in. Perhaps Jay-Z enjoyed bar tending more than making music. That is what I thought. I also saw two older men sitting just outside the hallway near the tables. I remember summoning a Berreta to see if it couldn't fire actual bullets this time. Instead, I fired off one plastic bb and I also had to reload the gun, which would eventually become harder to pull, at which then I decided to better yet throw the gun at the hairless man who didn't mind me throwing it at him.

      I saw a few others things in the dream. I tried setting the place on fire by using a small box of match and throwing it in small cups of gasoline(what I thought) scattered around the room. The fire would sometimes extended as far as where I was holding it but didn't feel a thing.
    7. Fake

      by , 03-07-2015 at 10:18 AM
      I woke up at about 7:00 AM in the morning, debating whether or not I should go back to sleep or to begin going about my day. I decided to dose off to sleep.

      I woke up in paralyzed in sleep, again. I didn't need to look around the room to notice. All I needed to know was the sudden change in emotions that were building up inside my body. I couldn't move. My hands and arms were the only source of strength I could use to try and rise from bed, but once I did, the force on my chest prevents me from doing so. After becoming consciously aware of my current state, I immediately let my mind sink in to the realm of the dream world. I closed my eyes and calmed down my nerves. For a few seconds, I avoided the thoughts of nearby terror. I imagined a place where I would be summoned in lucidity - the home living room.

      My mind then began changing the outcome of this paralyzing fear. My body, as I felt, hovered just slightly over my bed and began tilting out towards the exit door located in front of my bed. My mind was doing good. There was nothing that could have prevented me from escaping sleep paralysis. I gradually went hovering faster throughout the door of my bedroom and the dream then started to take place.

      Suddenly, I ended up in my living room. The ceiling lights were on, all four bulbs. I stood standing in the middle of the somewhat small room and observed what was around me. I felt a strong sense of lucidity. Not only that, but vividness, a very strong fell of it. There was no one else in the room, though it felt like it. At that very moment, I decided to do what I can with the dream world and utilize it in any way I can to escape my waking life.

      I wasn't motivated to perform anything in the dream, not as much as I once was, but my memories of Sydney reminded myself of how much I loved lucid dream and that was the first thing on my mind. I summoned Sydney, extending my right arm back and pulling her out in front of me. The rest was unknown, or unable to remember. I then appeared outside, out on the street. I saw these few individuals and decided to follow them. Their path led me to a small party happening on the front yard of someone's home.

      One of the first things I wanted to do here was to summon a pistol and shoot anyone who might have been an enemy. It turned out, one of them was sitting on the parking lot of the front yard. He was up to something, I just wasn't sure what. I walked slowly past him and slowly tilted my head over to see if he was doing anything suspiciously. I pulled my gun out and moved over to a quiet area. He then moved over deeper in to the backyard of the house. That's when I pointed my gun at him and squeezed the trigger. Surprisingly, nothing happened. What I thought was a overpowered weapon was now an air soft gun. I had to keep pulling the top loader part of the gun back to keep shooting the plastic bb's at him. He then started panicking and ran towards the back yard.

      I ran over behind a set of pillars and summoned an assault rifle, one without bb's. I aimed it at him and started firing. Everyone else at the party ran around in panic. There were a few other individuals standing behind me, one's who wanted to help. I summoned a few weapons for them, in hopes that they would assist me in stopping the bad guys. Bullets went flying over everyone's head, all without any sound coming from the opposite side.

      The criminals then started running back out on to the front yard and running towards the street. Me, along with almost everyone else at the party, including unarmed ones, were all still at the residence. I stood out and ordered everyone to go after the criminals and demanded all to attack. The whole crowds of people then stormed out on to the street towards the direction of the criminals. Change, however, took its toll on me. Before I knew it, I stood on the sidewalk of a street where the only humans left were me and my small group of armed individuals.

      The mood got quieter, softer. The noise left the dream world and the criminals we were all chasing were long gone. Me, along with my group of about 10 people, walked on the sidewalk, hoping something better would come up for us. I stood behind the larger numbers, walking next to an unknown guy. I talked to this guy just like I would to any one around my age. At one point, I brought up Sydney. I even summoned her. I extended my left arm back and summoned her. She stood right by me as I stared at her, almost as if she knew me. This is not true in waking life. I woke up happy.
    8. Coles and Town Shooting

      by , 11-02-2014 at 09:05 AM
      1st. I remember walking down a street and there was this large brick building, I went inside and I had to go past the lobby even though no one was there I still felt like it was a big deal. When you walked through the lobby doors the was a very gradual slope or possibly just long stairs, there were windows on one side and the flooring was just a really shitty red carpet that you would find in old(ish) buildings. At the end of the stairway there was a large are although nothing too big. There was a class room directly opposite of the stairway and next to it a door. I didn't expect there to be a class there and just wanted to leave now, but I soldiered on (Dream Neason is such a trooper!). This led to another hall with steps at the end, tonnes of Coles logos on the walls (because why not??) And then a turn to another door, when I tried to open this door it was locked so I headed back. As I was walking through the small hall door way Jake Sut walked through and scared the shit out of me.

      I then ended up going to the plaza after that, it was partially empty and some parts were even decorated for Christmas as I was walking through there was this weird circle elevator although it only led to a platform about a metre of the floor. An old couple then walked by and went up the down escalator. I went to do the same but every time I tried it would speed up and at one point my feet were scraped against the bottom of the escalator, so I had to walk around and go up the up escalator but once I was up I realised that it was fucking pointless and continued to wander around the plaza until my dream ended.

      2nd. I’m not sure how exactly this dream started although I remember there being lots and lots of hype around a certain person. He claimed he would kill the whole town. There were literally hundreds of police in the surrounding area. At some point I ended up going home to my room. The lights were off and the curtain was shut although I still had this weird fear that I was in aim and could be taken out at any moment. Often I would turn the lights and blinds off although they’’ My dad would always come in to check on me although one of the times I had this weird sense of deja-vu one of the times, so strong that I knew he was in the kitchen and that my dad knew he was the murderer. I walked out to the kitchen and he was sitting in a lawn chair.

      Despite the fact that I knew he wouldn’t hurt me I was still fucking scared out of my mind. He gave me a beer and told me to drink, it tasted like a liquified potato disguised as a beer. He talked to me about other stufff and then decided to leave and get back to business. As soon as he walked through the door the police swarmed our house and arrested him. They asked him a few questions although I can’t remember what the answers to them were but I remember he got a few people laughing, soon after I woke up.
    9. 8/10/2014

      by , 09-10-2014 at 03:50 AM
      I was on a plane traveling to a different country. When we landed, everyone waited around for someone to pick us up but we realized that we had missed our train, so we went into a subway that looked like a sewer system. My group grabbed wooden sticks to use as weapons and I had my pistol. As we moved through the subway, one of the team members found a small boat in the middle of the sewer so we got on it. We sailed through the water and started seeing figures that looked like zombies. Since we weren't making noise, they didn't attack us as we passed them. Suddenly, something happened that made me have to use my pistol, which made the zombies attack us. A bear appeared behind us and started charging towards the group. I shot at the beat several times but I knew that I wouldn't hurt it with a 9mm bullet. The bear threw me into the water and that scene repeated twice.
      After the third time, I was able to kill the bear by putting my gun in his mouth, causing his teeth to break. The team kept moving forward while fighting the zombies. We regrouped after killing a large dog. Some girl said I had an ugly cheek and I said "Oh well" The view then changed to a beautiful green valley and it looked like I was flying through it.
    10. Game of Thrones

      by , 09-01-2014 at 01:46 PM
      I remember game of thrones. Joffrey Lannister was being a dick, as usual. That's all I remember.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    11. 8/6/2014

      by , 09-01-2014 at 04:18 AM
      I was at a mall getting all my gear from work. I knew I had to get my hair cut so I went to see if a hair place in the mall gave military discounts. I kept walking and suddenty was in a forest with a scoped rifle hunting some strange creatures near a lake. Cops showed up and started chasing me and suddenly, more people started chasing me also. I had a lot of guns and it reminded me of GTA. I shot at the people chasing me as I ran up a hill. There was a helicopter with Air Force insignias all over it and I knew it had been downed for a long time, so it became an attraction. When I got to the top of the hill, a little girl told me how, at the bottom of the a river, there was the 'Ultimate Gun'. The river she was talking about was dirty and with black oil. There was a way to enter and exit the river without dying and the girl showed me how. I grabbed the gun that was made of plastic tubing and killed people with it. The way the gun would kill people, is that it was open their mouths and the oil it shot would go into their stomachs and make them explode.
      The area changed to a factory and when there was only 2 people left, I almost got caught a few times. Eventually. I killed everyone. 2 girls, which I recognized from plenty of previous dreams, were sitting down and they said "Now you die" and the whole world exploded. I remember opening my arms, embracing the blast. Everything went black and I said "Now I wake up."
    12. Mountain Lions and Crocodiles in a river

      by , 08-26-2014 at 01:06 PM


      I remember being with my dad on some obstacle course over a river. There were many dangers. Rapids, crocodiles, and mountain lions. They were always taunting us along the river. I think I've actually been to this section of river before in another dream.

      Eventually we got to some wooden platforms we had to climb. I climbed up first, but then a crocodile attacked my dad. Many more crocodiles started attacking him, too. There were also mountain lions attacking. I tried to do everything I could do to save him, but it was too late. I then tried to revert to a previous point like in ksp, but I couldn't. I was more saddened than frightened.
    13. Hunting in the Woods

      by , 08-25-2014 at 01:50 PM




      I remember animals. Many animals. When something that I forgot about happened to them, they became sprites you could go over and pick up, like Minecraft sprites. I specifically remember this happening to some elephants.



      I remember being in the boonies with my dad and brother. We were in a trailer in the woods. It sort of looked like the same area where the dream with the birds kicking me out of their house was. My dad, brother, and I went hunting into some woods. We went on our ATVs. We stayed in the forest until it was dark. Dad said we should get back, and my brother and I got on our ATVs and got back to the trailer. During the trip, we saw some spooky fog around the area. After a while, and dad didn't come back, someone came and told us our dad was dead. I burst into tears, thinking it was all my fault, and that I shouldn't have gone without him. This was somewhat of a nightmarish dream.



      I remember a nuclear explosion. That is it with this one.
    14. I Remember...

      by , 08-22-2014 at 01:15 PM


      I remember being in a certain room for quite a while. In this room, there were many people. Two guys were playing ping-pong. One old guy was sitting on a lawn chair. He kind of looked like an old version of Michael J. Fox. There were also many women in skimpy outfits. I specifically remember a woman wearing one, who was pretty much covered with hair below her waist. The women seemed to dance a lot. There was also a lot of gangsters in the room, doing various things. After many hours of sitting around, watching everyone do stuff, I remember a very loud bell playing the melody of the doorbell on my childhood house. It was almost deafening.

      Suddenly, everyone got up and started shooting and fighting each other. I guess some agreement was broken. Suddenly, some people grabbed me and I was dragged out of the room and building. The last thing I remembered was looking into the old guy's eyes. He looked kind of worried for some reason.

      We ran into a van. Apparently, I was part of a gang of people who were making an agreement with those guys. Something went wrong. They talked about time travel I think. I didn't believe them.

      After this event, we went to various places. I remember one of them was a building in the middle of a desert. Here, something was done, but I don't remember what. After this, I remember being back in that room from the beginning. I was the guy in the lawn chair, but now I wasn't that old. I seem to have gone back in time.

      At first, I didn't remember what happened or where I was. I was just watching everyone do stuff. This time in the building, the whole floor was flooded. It seems the room was turned into some sort of water park. Many of the skimpy outfit girls were there, spraying each other with water. They were playing and laughing in it, like children.

      Later, after quite a few hours of people doing random things, some van arrived. It carried a gang of people there to make a deal. I saw a specific person, and then that bell rang. Suddenly, I remembered.... I remembered who I was and why I was there. What I've done in the past. I also remembered being in that specific building at that specific time in the past. Right now.

      Everyone started shooting and fighting just as it happened last time. After my past self and the gang left the building, I ran out through the back door.

      This was the end of the dream.
    15. Inside a Nuclear Explosion

      by , 08-18-2014 at 12:47 PM


      I was inside a nuclear explosion. I was very close to where the explosion happened. I ran from it quite quickly. I got to a thin wall and ran across that. I saw the wave thing part go through the wall. After the explosion, I got to a school.

      Many people were in the school. I saw many people who went to school with me from real life. They were talking about dying from the radiation. They said most of the people have 1 year to live, While the luckier ones had 2 years. I became very worried of dying in two years; of dying, actually.
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