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    1. 5 dreams, 5 adventures

      by , 08-08-2018 at 03:28 PM

      A fox followed me around on a playground. It kind of scared me since it seemed to be magical. Kitsune.

      Had an animation project that I needed to do. I was really proud of my work and had even made a doll. Suddenly after been working so hard I found another doll on a table. It looked sad. I picked it up and looked around. The owner soon came out from the toilet and spoke to everyone in norweigen. I was the only one who did understand since I was the only one who could speak both english and swedish. So I translated it and she was sent home.

      There was a classreunion with my very old class. It was interesting to meet all the old students and to see what they have been up to.

      There was a king that wanted to have a child but all his wives died within a year so he was constantly getting married. Soon there wasnít many options left and his latest wife asked me if I wanted to marry him. I told her that I would think about it. But first I needed to find out who tried to poison all the poor queens and why!

      I was being chased by a large hunter. He also had some weird creature as a hunting pet. They called me bunny and was desperatly trying to shoot me! They didnít succeed! I hit the hunter in the head so many times he just fell to the floor and didnít wake up. The weird hunting pet turned into a baby.

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    2. TOTM advanced ii - lucid 2017 DJ #8 LD #3

      by , 01-10-2017 at 10:26 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Apparently, the queen is moving next door. And her estate.
      I check next door, and a huge beautiful estate is there dreamily. I stare in absolute awe. I some how 'zoom in' and I am in the queen's bedroom. The queen mother and father lie there. The king is about to die. He hands the queen a red battered book, and dies. The queen mother looks like the 50 year old queen, but the queen herself looks 90. The queen mother gets out and proclaims, 'I shall never despair! I am the Queen Mother!'


      I am moving to New Zealand, and my home is being emptied.
      I reach the airport, and there is a grey alien spaceship. I ask myself, 'What am I doing?" I become lucid after approx 5 reality checks. I remember the other tasks, but the dream is too fragile. I touch the ground to attempt to increase vividness, but to not much effect. I see the spaceship, and remember advanced ii and hop on. The interior is like a passenger planes, but the ceiling is glass and see-through. The seats are a vanilla colour, and the controls look relatively easy. I fly it, encountering a few obstacles, which I MAY type up. I land easily, and I am in New Zealand. Out of sheer exhaustion, I vizualize losing lucidity.

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    3. A Very Short Lucidity

      by , 10-13-2016 at 08:59 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I am with some people, playing video games. My friend show me that I have a supernatural power to win at everything. I can't recall much. I recall there being news on the TV about King Rama VI giving up his throne. King Rama VI was already long dead IRL.

      I have a false awakening. I have trouble opening my eyes but I place my hand on my cheek and is surprised to count six fingers. I pinch my nose and find that I can breath through it. I get up and try to pry open my eyes, to no avail. I wake up.
    4. #198 - Powers / pee / geology

      by , 02-07-2016 at 10:09 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I didn't write these down in my DJ and I didn't try very hard to remember them either so I think they might be missing some key details.

      Dream 1 - Powers
      I remember it being night time on top of a building, there was a group of us who were standing before our 'king', a person who wielded a lot of power. We were his champions and we all had different powers. I think I pulled a stunt, creating a large distraction with my powers for some reason. One of the other champions jumps into the air and flips this umbrella-spear out and spins it around. Suddenly it creates a rain shower of black energy pelting down on the magical creations I had summoned as a distraction, but I had anticipated this would happen. It was okay, because I had already achieved the effect I wanted. The king was impressed with the other champions quick reactions. Now that I think about it, I think I was plotting against them all because they were getting corrupt with power??

      Dream 2 - Pee
      I woke up and wandered to the toilet, then took a leak. But I remember that the pee was really concentrated and then it went normal, then it went concentrated again.. It went on for a while as I wondered why this was happening.

      Dream 3 - Geology
      I remember having written out a thesis for geology, I think I got like a B- or something which isn't great. The place I was in was a large warehouse building with lots of books everywhere on shelves. I was sitting down and I looked up and saw thesis' from past students. Wow I guess if you get an A then your thesis will be put up to be read. A friend nearby makes a comment and then I look over to the right a bit more, there's actually thesis' of all grades up there, including D's O_O.
    5. August 30, 2015

      by , 08-30-2015 at 09:49 PM
      Dream I:

      There's very little that I can remember from this dream, but Dakota and I were at another house. I believe that we lived there together. Anyway, there was a fire up above--it's very difficult to explain, but we could see the fire because it was like the first level of the house had a porch and so did the second, and you could see the second porch from down on the first. There was even a ladder to get to it. As I was saying, there was a fire up top, and when he and I noticed we began working to extinguish it. It was very isolated, though, and although we knew it could spread it wasn't at the time. I believe we did end up getting rid of it.

      Dream II:

      Either I was playing a video game or the dream was like a video game, because the objective was to save the king by defeating these levels.

      Throughout the dream I was somewhat conscious of my tulpa, Augustus, and I think I was wishing that I knew someone else who had a tulpa of their own. That being said, I couldn't afford much attention to Augustus because I was a knight for His Majesty, and it was imperative that I be the person to reach and save him before the others.

      Most of the levels were very easy, because although the enemies were shooting at me I was protected in some sort of vehicle, and therefore I was able to kill them off before they were able to do the same to me. On the last level, however, I was without any form of protection, and so they shot me several times. I died, but I kept trying again (which is why I think of this as a sort of video game) until I finally shot and killed all of them.

      Then, finally, I was near the king. He was at a Chunin Exams sort of place, and all of us (the knights) jumped out and tried to reach him first. I know that the rest of them were Naruto characters, but the only one I definitely remember was Tenten, who was dressed in more of a masculine style from the Renaissance era.

      She got to him first and somehow stopped the oncoming attack--I don't remember how. I remember that the king--who was a bit pale, with sort of longish hair that came to his shoulder blades--looked bewildered, totally confused. I remember feeling a bit of fear, because I wasn't the one who got to him first (what would he do with me?). But the king was just fine and amiable, and he did not hate anyone for not getting to save him. I suppose he was too grateful for Tenten to be hateful!

      After that, Tenten and I hung out a bit. I knew that she said she had a tulpa, but I wasn't sure if I believed her. I remember her cooking for me, though; I think she was trying to show me how to make something. Fire rose from the pan, and I had the distinct impression that her tulpa was right behind her, and I believed her.
    6. Childlike Subconcious (LD #178)

      by , 03-05-2015 at 03:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Bedtime: 12:20

      Well, I guess bedtime doesn't determine everything.

      It started off with some dream about driving and walking through an urban area trying to get my cousins to a baseball game.

      Somehow or other, I wound up in what felt like the woods behind my neighborhood. It was tropical though, and everything was green. The dream was very clear despite being nonlucid. I was showing them houses that had been overgrown and abandoned many years ago. We were talking about how we would have liked to live in them in their prime.

      We came to this one house, a huge four story mansion. (Or the frame of one anyway) A massive tree, about 20 feet in diameter and easily 500 feet tall had cleaved the entire frame in half, leaving only two smaller sections standing. Myself and the party of DCs (there were two or three of us total.) were hypothesizing about how the middle must have once looked.

      We made our way around back, climbing over fallen trees. We saw that a river ran along the back of the house. There were waterfalls flowing from the cliff-side into the river.

      "How cool would it be to live with 3...4 waterfalls in your backyard?!"

      I then made an observation of some of the tropical flora. There were fern trees all around us.

      This for one reason or another made me become lucid.

      I stabilized briefly. I then decided that I wanted to go and see my subconscious and tell him/her/it that I wanted more lucid dreams. I shouted "I want to see my subconscious right now!"

      I saw that there was a small double door between two large boulders on the forest floor. The two DCs that I was with walked through it.

      I opened the door after them. It was nothing but blackness. I let myself fall in. I fell for awhile before arriving at this location suspended in the blackness.

      There was a throne chair with a small child sitting in it. Built up around us was the back wall of the throne room, made out of castle stones, and the floor, made up of tiles. This crumbled away about a hundred feet from the chair in every direction, as if this one slice of the castle had been removed from the rest and placed into this void.

      The child (who I guess was supposed to be my subconscious) was wearing a red king robe, golden crown and had a long scepter. Though none of this quite fit him because he was so small.

      There were a couple of guards in strange white armor positioned on either side of his throne. I think Manei and Marcus manifested into the room behind me. I could feel their energies.

      SubC "I am your subconscious, and I am very busy! Each time you say something to me, it's gonna cost you [some kind of special money]. You have 1,800 of it. Go!"

      Me "How come so many of my efforts to lucid dream fail?"


      SubC "Because you didn't do the work I gave to you. Remember Jonathan? Why is he not dead?"

      Me "I did the right thing. He said that he wanted to go peacefully, so me and Manei agreed to let him go."


      SubC "But that wasn't what you were supposed to do!" His tone of voice started to sound a bit whiny at this point.

      Manei "If there is one thing [my name was garbled] taught me, it's that you shouldn't let other people decide who you are. You should [follow your own path or something.]

      I saw that Manei had some kind of money counter for talking to this guy too. She only had about 600 of it. Marcus had no money and therefore wasn't allowed to speak.

      SubC "What? You're taking his side?"

      Manei (mad) "I wish I was never on your side to begin with."

      SubC "Guards, show of force."

      Me "Look at you. You try to control people and [mold them into what you want or something.] And when they start rebelling against you, you threaten them. [If you want people to respect you, you have to earn that respect, not force it out of them or something.]" (My ability to recall dialogue is horrible.)


      SubC "Stop it! Stop it! It's not true! Guards, Seize them!" (He started sounding more and more like a whiny child.)

      The two guards began to advance on me. The dream started to fade. I saw my 'money' was starting to tick down.

      Me: "The way you choose to remove me from your presence rather than learn from me proves just how weak and immature you really are. When you [grow up a little], you will see that I was right about everything. I see no way we can come to an agreement if you are going to act like this."


      The dream cut to black here. I had an FA, but somehow still remained semi lucid. I was on the steps of one of the dorm complexes at my college.
      Spoiler for Sexy Toys:

      There was also a part where I dreamed that I was trying to send one of my cats away in a cardboard box that would float like a boat on a lake. I felt like the lake we were at had taken the place of my old middle school.


      I really don't know what to make of this. I don't know why my subconscious was so childlike and closed-minded. He wanted things done a particular way, his way. He wanted no part of anyone else, and didn't want to earn their respect. (Sure, sounds like a much younger me, but I'm sure a lot of us acted that way as children since we simply didn't know any better.)
    7. Messed up dream

      by , 02-20-2015 at 10:50 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark all around, but I managed to open the door and go outside. Where should I go? I thought. Then everything changed. I saw myself running on the desert from top-down view. I was avoiding spike traps and boulders rolling down from hills in my direction. I barely escaped when almost all the place was filled with traps. My point of view changed, and I saw my moves like it was a side-scrolling game. In the middle of an underground cavern I found an entrance to a forgotten city. When I tried to enter it I was attacked by hordes of small weasels weilding bows. I ran deeper into the caverns while escaping from flying arrows. I saw an entrance to a dwarven fortress. I jumped into the moat under the drawbridge, and climbed up that bridge. When I was climbing I felt the weird structure of the drawbridge. It was somehow soft and slimy. I entered the dwarven settlement. It was made of dark-gray rock. Dwarven masons were the best I've ever seen, I was in awe and wanted to share my thoughts with two dwarves standing nearby. It was a king and his advisor. We haven't talked about anything in particular, but then the king mentioned that he wants to make a wedding of me and the princess. We talked about that wedding while we were going down strange stairs - a maze of handrails without steps. We had to climb the handrails to go down. When I appeared in a chamber below the entrance the dwarves disappeared. I saw a group of adventurers standing there. They told me that their quest is to help me marry the princess. We moved from the chamber to a tunnel. I saw gigantic set of stairs carved in rock. The stairs were reaching high up to the surface. One of the adventurers told And now we have to go up these stairs?! I told him Don't worry. These stairs have over two hundred ad twenty steps!. We moved up. I had troubles with climbing the stairs, but we've reached the surface. Rainy afternoon. It was cold, the dense fog was covering the horizon. I could feel the water flowing on the road with my bare feet. I was wearing only my underwear. The stairs led to the street. I looked back and saw that the entrance to the tunnel with stairs was a phone booth. The street was empty, and I saw only a few persons there. A man wearing gray hoodie and glasses. He had dark gray beard and was smoking a cigarette. When I looked at him I knew that he was on of the adventurers, making a distraction so I could enter a nearby palace. It was high building made of white marble, ornamented with exotic wood, silver and gold. Near the gate made of finest steel I saw a couple. A man wearing black trechcoat, glasses and black fedora hat. The woman was wearing a white, long gown. She had dark-brown hair and blue eyes. I saw them from the distance, they were kissing. When I came closer I saw that the woman was lying in a stroller and eating chips, and the man was kissing a barbie doll resembling the woman. They were also making a distraction for me. I entered the palace without much trouble. Inside I saw a dwarven king sitting on a throne. The place was made of white marble and granite; and random ornaments were made of exotic wood, silver and gold. There was no trace of his advisor. He had someone different instead. A president of Poland was one of his most loyal servants. The president was wearing dark-orange sweater, glasses and blue jeans trousers. I asked the king about my wedding with his daughter. Then the princess appeared. A yound girl in light-blue gown. She had light-brown hair, pale skin and green eyes. She came closer to me and told me that she wants to escape with me. Her father was mad after hearing this, and swore that he'll stop this by any means necessary. I ran to the street, and head for a barn standing on the north side of the street, west of the palace. The rain was getting stronger. The water was slowly gathering inside buildings. I entered the barn. There was a wooden plank leaning over the old wooden wall. I took it and placed it on the ground, so I could sit down on it. I looked around the building. It was divided into two parts. A storage area filled to the brim with wood and hay. There were also other object. A metal drill to make holes in the ground, and a some shelves. There was also a garage part, which I was sitting in. I took a small pebble from the ground, and tried to make a fire, so I could warm myself up. I was unable to do it. I sat alone in the cold, dark barn wearing only my underwear. After a while I decided to go back to the palace. This time however I avoided the main entrance, and went to the backyard. There I sneaked into the dining room through the kitchen. It was a large chamber. There was a long table in the middle of the room with a set of chairs standing there. They were made of exotic wood, and standing on a red carpet with a golden outline. The corners of the carpet were ornamented with gold. The dwarven king was sitting near the table and waiting. After a while the president appeared. He was carrying a silver platter, and was happy. He thought that the king would enjoy the meal made by him. The king was mad, he was still thinking about me and the princess. I came closer to the dwarf, but he pushed me away. I escaped to the street. I looked to the right, and saw a TV reporter talking about mercenaries hired by dwarves to kill civillians. For a while I seen the reporter from cameras point of view. She was a woman in her late twenties, wearing a trenchcoat. She had dark-red hair, pale skin and brown eyes. I seen again from my point of view. I looked to the right, and saw SEALS soldiers waiting for something or someone. I decided to run for it, and ran to the barn. I get there without any action from their side. I sat down on the plank, and tried to make a fire again. It was vain. I thought the end this madness. I got out of barn, and walked straight the treet. I entered my home. It was early evening. I thought about taking a bath. Then my father appeared and told me that he's going to take a bath first. I agreed and went to the living room. I sat on a couch, and was wondering if I left something in the barn. Suddenly I saw a glass of tea, and fire set up by someone. Then I felt strong, piercing pain in my index finger. I looked at it, and saw a huge, dirty nail sticking out of my flesh.
    8. Cursed golden coins

      by , 09-29-2014 at 09:45 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Cursed golden coins (Non-lucid)


      In this dream I was a warrior and it appeared to be in the 1500s. I was in some sort of barracks with some soldiers. We were talking about our battles until we noticed that one fellow warrior died. As soon as the news spread, one of the other warriors just fled.

      There were a lot of gold coins around and it appears we won them during countless battles:

      I grabbed the coins and shouted, "We believe in our king! We have these thanks to him!"

      A voice from the distance said, "Takes these away. Toss them! They are cursed! These are cursing all the net!"

      I did not feel these could be cursed so just placed them in my pockets and wondered if the war ended.
    9. Magic and Climbing through Intense Waterfall

      by , 07-30-2014 at 03:46 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I stand before a mighty king, surrounded by his advisers. We are all in front of a small wooden building, surrounded by strong stone walls, all sitting atop a tall plateau in the middle of a desert. There is a woman next to him who appears to be some sort of necromancer. I talk to her, and am able to receive visions of exactly what the surrounding area looks like. It seems to work by flying my field of view radially outward in a straight line at any angle I wish. I spy to the West, and see not much but sand. Snapping back to myself, I do it again, but a little South-West this time, and see a giant cave, with a huge demon beast guarding it, and some sort of portal inside. There are smaller demons surrounding him, and the whole area sits in a large crater with a tall ridge around it.

      Suddenly, I am teleported to the edge of the sandy crater. Terrified of these demons, they are much stronger than I am, and I have no ability right now to fight them, I try not to get too close. Still curious about what else is around here, I look around, and peer over the top of the crater's edge. A giant half boar, half human creature wielding an axe spots me, and starts jogging in my direction. I turn to run, and see the woman who summoned me here just floating ahead of me, about 10 ft above the hot sand, smiling with a mischievous grin as she watches me run for my life. She gets the attention of a few giant animated skeletons, and sends them to attack me as well.

      "Clearly, we have been deceived by her, as she is helping these demon creatures more than us." I think, as I run for my life back toward the stronghold. She morphs me into a wolf so I can run faster, but then casts a spell on me, that slows me down even more so than I was going before. Cackling with her head back as she does so, she slowly floats behind me, amused by my struggle. Still determined to make it to safety, I push on, and will myself to still be faster than my pursuers.

      It works, and I manage to climb up a rocky cliff next to a waterfall, out of reach of the skeletons and boar thing. They don't seem to want to climb at all. The waterfall is coming from a river that flows through the stronghold, so this is a potential entry point to a safer location. I sense that my mom would want me to just climb back down, and use the side entrance gate, but that seems too risky with those beasts down there. Plus, this looks like an easy climb. I see that there is a 2 ft wide ridge, one side - a raging waterfall, the other side - a steep plummet to death. Stakes being a little high, I play it safe, and crawl forward on all fours, hugging the ridge as I make my way up.

      The going gets much steeper, and I have to climb more than crawl. Still pretty easy though. Then, without warning, the waterfall surges strongly, overflowing the side of the cliff bank that I'm climbing on - nearly knocking me off. I pull a few boulders loose as I struggle to hang on, and hear them crash down the cliff, breaking other rocks away as they fall. The surge dies down, and I climb onward. One hand in front of the other, I pull myself up the edge. The incline lessens to about 60 degrees from horizontal as I near the summit. Right when I feel like I've made it, another massive surge comes out of no where, stronger than the last. I hold on to what seem like strong hand holds, but they pull loose from the ground. My footing also breaks loose as the water pushes me back. Determined to make it, I push my hands deep into the sand, up to my forearms, and hold myself in place.

      The water, now covering me up to my shoulders, I feel very precariously stuck in this spot. Barely able to keep from being pushed down to my death, if I life a hand or a foot to make any forward motion, I will not have enough traction to keep myself in place against the force of the water. A woman in the stronghold sees me, and runs to get help. Two young kids walk up to me. They look like they're between 4 and 6 years old. The girl is dressed in a red dress, and the boy is wearing all blue. They just look at me calmly and smile from the grassy flat plateau just above me.

      I feel my grip start to move in the sand, and know that help won't be here in time. I kick myself forward, using just my calves, and claw by just flexing my fingers, and in this way, painfully make slow forward progress. But it works! Another big wave of water hits me, but I continue to crawl forward and make it, cresting the ledge to safety.

      The kids immediately take the form of West Highlander White Terrier dogs. They wear vests of the same color they had on before: the girl in red, the boy in blue. I recognize them now as enlightened beings, and thank them for helping me find the strength to survive and make it to safety. I hug the boy, and he bites me in the face, one of his teeth pulling at my right eyelid! I recoil, turning away and stepping back. I hug the girl dog, and she is much nicer, wags her tail, and licks me. I pet the boy dog, and he tries to bite me again. I don't understand why yet, but I still know they're enlightened beings and are helping me in some way, even if I can't understand it yet.

      I walk up to the main stronghold area to where the king was before, and find him talking to the woman from earlier. He seems to now be aware that she is a spy, but is planning to use her for scouting the nearby terrain anyway. He tells her that she must explore the Southern and South-Eastern coasts of the huge island we are on. I watch as he gestures to the particular areas on an animal skin map, that is divided into named zones. As he gestures to it, new zones appear. He tells her, "Also, make sure you go South, to Dakota. Not South-Dakota, but New-Dakota, which is just North of Dakota." On the map, a glowing green line of light appears, outlining two new Dakota areas, one of which is then labeled as "New Dakota".
    10. The King

      by , 04-02-2014 at 03:46 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #197: The King

      It's modern times, and Iím the king of a small nation. Iím sharing a smallish hotel suite with several royal guests. A few of the royal guests in the adjoining room are very upset with me about something and Iím pacing the room, dreading that I have to talk the issue over with them.

      I inspect one of the hotel desks and see two narrow drawers. Somehow I realize that the drawer on the left contains a picture of the girl that my son E (who I think is a prince) is engaged to. I open the drawer and see that the future princess is a cute girl in her late teens with long brown hair. I think for a moment how odd this pairing is since my son is only 4 years old. I struggle with this for a moment, thinking Iíve forgotten my sonís age, until
      I realize that Iím dreaming.

      I walk into an adjacent room where I think my kids are sleeping. Thereís a crib here but instead of a child, the crib contains my friend R (who appeared in a few of my early lucids way back when). R is squatting in the crib, not doing much of anything, so I grab him under the armpits and hoist him out of the crib. I tell him that Iím having a lucid dream and that I hope heís having one too (or maybe that I just hope heís having a lot of them recently.)

      He walks back to the main part of the hotel room with me, briefly exploring the kitchen area, before we turn toward a large picture window overlooking a lake. I invite him to come fly out over the lake with me, but he seems hesitant and apprehensive. He remarks that he doesnít think heís got the skills to pull this off.

      I say some reassuring words, and when I turn back to the big picture window, the scene has changed from a lake to a large office filled with cubicles. Thereís a woman with long, dark hair and glasses working quietly at a desk, and when she looks up to see us seems completely astonished.

      The change is a surprise to me, so I decide to head out the other way from the hotel room. I donít press the issue with R and let him just hang out in the hotel room. The hotel room exit takes me into a library with a high ceiling. I take advantage of the ceiling space by flying around. I help myself navigate around the room by pointing where I want to go, and it works great!

      After a moment I remember that I need to pursue my goals, so I land and make an attempt at the Jack and the Beanstalk Task of the Year. I produce a seed from behind the back and then plunge my hands into the industrial carpet of the library floor. I find that I can dig it up easily and all these little chunks of foam pop out of the hole I leave behind. I use them to cover the seed back up and start thinking about how I should water it to help it grow.

      As Iím thinking my way through this, the scene goes dark and
      I feel myself lying in bed. Iím super hopeful that itís just a false awakening, and I even hit the nose pinch. Too bad -- Iím awake!
    11. 1/31/14 - reincarnated because riot

      by , 02-01-2014 at 08:04 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm on this rock mountain island. It's a medieval times castle and kingdom. I'm in the royalty part of the castle, I walk up to the child's table. The kings son and daughter are sitting. The boy tells me he is stevie nicks new incarnation. I try to ask him why he was, but he looks as though we are being listened to and this we can't speak of. I look forward to the adults feasting at the other table, there are see through pink cloths hanging down this room, I see stevie nicks dining with the king and queen, stevie nicks turns to me and gives me a fearful look, then suddenly I'm out side the castle, on the dark rocks, all the people of the kingdom are out here they begin to riot because they've realized something, then the king storms out with his men and orders them to get the hose and shoot us with the "water". They do and I dodge it, the water coming out is foggy white, I instantly know it is water that is very very highly concentrated with fluoride. When the people are drenched with it they severely slow down and calm down and have no motivation. They aim it at me, but then I climb the rock wall and go around it which is cliff over black sea. They try to aim it but I keep climbing around to avoid it. I climb around the whole rock wall to the other side of the kingdom, I almost fall into the black sea a few times and I almost keep losing my footing and grip. Then I hop over this brick wall, and see all the towns people all zombie like.
    12. The Kingís Court

      by , 09-18-2013 at 02:19 AM
      Morning of 09/17/2013

      I am in a crowded cathedral like place. It is dark inside even though it is daytime and has a medieval church feel to it. There is a lot of noise and activity as if something is going on. One of the men comes over to where I am, to see a woman there. The 30ish handsome guy is in dirty medieval clothes and is not supposed to be here but nobody has noticed. It is understood, between the woman (also attractive) and he, that he needs to change clothing. She wordlessly suggests average working guy clothing but he rejects those saying, ďIf I wore those, what would be the use (of being royal)?Ē He put on flashy yellow and gold armor.
      Iím a bit taken aback when a good looking blond woman also in medieval clothes walks in front of him a bit, but facing me, and takes off her medieval dress being naked underneath.
      I hear a lot of noise all around but there is a commotion behind me. My view moves in reverse back out of the main cathedral into the entrance hall. It appears the King has arrived and there are a lot of people all trying to get his attention and attending to him like a superstar. I see his face and he looks like Star Trekís Worf, which for some reason does not surprise me. As I see him coming towards me, I become a person walking along, I feel having feet again, feet in sandals. The King walks by and I say to him ďThereís a surpriseÖĒ referring to the naked woman, but he took little notice of what I said and kept up with his poseí. I then thought how I thought talking to a king was never so formal or that not just anyone could talk to him so easily.
    13. Kingly Chase

      by , 09-08-2013 at 02:53 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Chase. We are being chased in an unknown place. A squatters area in an Asian city. I separated from the rest and thought I lost them.

      I came upon a playground surrounded sparsely by trees. I hid on the slide. A kid saw me. From nearby, I saw one of our pursuers, a guy who was wearing a kingly red-and-white robe and a crown, pretending not to see me. He was waiting for the right moment to catch me.

      CR. Korean. Eyes. Question..
    14. 3 types of liquor for the king, unwilling to part with books

      by , 06-20-2013 at 03:46 PM
      This dream started out with the king visiting, and my looking in our home bar for three types of liquor for the king. (We don't have a bar, nor a king in waking life

      But then the focus shifted, and I was looking for books to sell. I carried many of them to a garage sale to sell. They were very heavy. But once I got there I looked through them one more time, and decided I was not willing to part with most of them after all. And so the dream ends with me carrying my heavy burden back home.
    15. Lucid Dream 520 (EPIC!!)

      by , 06-16-2013 at 10:01 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      June 16, 2013
      Lucid Dream 520: Magnetica of the Gameverse
      Series: The Mind of a Gamer, Episode 6 : The Gameverse Chapter - I
      Technique: ADA

      Clarity: High
      Recall: Moderate
      Enjoyment: Very High

      I was at the E3 gaming convention. I was talking to my friend Diddy when he said, "Wouldn't it be badass to go to E3 in real life?" I instantly became lucid. I replied, "Yeah, but then we couldn't do this..." I then turned and punched a random passerby square in the jaw. He fell down, then stood right back up and continued walking as if he hadn't been punched in the first place. I laughed and began exploring the convention. There were quite a few people and loads of different game demos set-up. I was going to look for Kingdom Hearts 3 when I noticed a huge electrical outlet in the wall. It was 30 feet tall or better and people were in line to enter the outlet. I had to stop and stabilize for a moment to hold my excitement back. I then took off running and jumped into the outlet/portal.

      Blue lightning/electricity flashed as I passed through the portal and I found myself in a huge area. It was the like the area in the movie, Wreck-It Ralph where all the games were connected. I could see archways, doorways, and portals all around me that led to many different games. The area was more futuristic looking than Wreck-It Ralph. It was like a futuristic, industrial, steampunk mixture. It was really cool. I could see people using hologram screens, robots moving through the crowd, and some people were wearing cyclops-like visors. There was no way I wasn't going to go along with this dream setting. I immediately jumped into my "King" persona.

      I walked through the huge lobby/area like I owned the place. I greeted random DCs, making up their names on the fly. One said, "Welcome back your highness," in fun, but respectful manner. I had already decided in my head that this was the center of the gaming universe (the Gameverse) and I was the King, the #1 gamer in the world. Another of the DCs shouted, "The King is back!" There was an eruption of cheers and applause. Several DCs came up to me and greeted me like old friends. I looked at the nearest one, who was a fairly attractive chick with black hair and a cyclops-like (x-men) futuristic visor, and said, "Yo, Clair! You down for a challenge?" She laughed and said, "Well that didn't take long, but what do you expect from the #1? Of course, I'm down!" Before I could finish asking what game she wanted to play, she shouted, "Magnetica!" Going with the flow, I playfully acted confused, "Magnetica? You really going to play me at one of my strongest games?" She said she had been practicing since I had been gone. As I followed her through a nearby archway, I saw a winding and twisting roadway that went into the air and led into tunnels that passed through the surrounding walls. The road pretty much filled up the entire room. We walked over to the start line and there was a hologram screen where we had to choose our characters. I told her to be her best character and I would be the worst on the game and still beat her. She chose Princess Peach and I cycled through the characters. Some were random made-up characters, some were from Mario Kart, and other were from many different video games. I cycled through and found my character. It was "Mangled Peter Griffin." Peter Griffin from Family Guy, but he had been cut in half and didn't have any legs/waist. He was dripping blood at his severed torso.

      Upon selecting characters we were now in these metallic silver racers. Each racer had a different paint job and there were at least 20 magnetized to the road/pipe. The road was more like a flattened out pipe. It was flat on top and bottom, but rounded on the sides. The racers were metal and the road/pipe was magnetized. You could drive the car on top, on the side of the pipe, or even upside down on the bottom. We were driving on the outside of the pipe ride and not like the inside of a pipe. Since I had no legs, I had to press the gas pedal with one hand and steer with the other. The start light turned green and we took off and a really high speed. The pipe/road twisted a winded all throughout the huge room. It often times led into dark tunnels through the walls and then back out into the room again. There were electric barrier-like obstacles here and there as well as these mesh walls that some racers crashed into and exploded. To avoid these, you simply had to drive to the opposite side of the pipe (upside down or rightside up, accordingly). The race was fast and felt like it was at pod racing type speeds. I had a blast flying through the course and slamming into other racers causing them to ignite and explode. At one point, the course went through a town. The road was still the same pipe, but there wee houses and whatnot on either side of the pipe. It also weaved through a candy forest (reminiscent of Wreck-It Ralph) at one point.

      By the time 5 laps were completed, me and Clair had lapped every other racer several times and were neck and neck. I was in first and stated to pull away on the 6th and final lap. Suddenly, I noticed the course had changed for the final lap and the barriers were now moving all around the road. I barely missed a few before clipping one of the wire mesh walls and spun out. Clair passed me as I regained control. She was pulling away, so I got an idea. I started spiraling around the road at a high speed building up Spiral Energy (Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan). My racer and myself started glowing green when I shouted a battle cry and hit a huge jet speed burst. I passed Clair about 20 yards before the finish line and won the race. A huge crowd of people were cheering and throwing confetti. I hopped out of my car (I had become myself partway through the race and was no longer "Mangled Peter"). Clair walked up to me smiling and said, "I swore I had finally bested you!" I told her I was surprised at how much she had improved and she told me that she had climbed all the way up from being unranked to being the new #2 while I had been gone. I took her hand and set out to explore some more.

      As we traveled through the sea of people, I now noticed many alien, star wars-like species. I asked Clair where Kingdom Hearts 3 was and I she had now taken off her visor. She looked incredibly hot and I couldn't resist. I said, "How about the new #2 and the #1 become official?" I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. I began kissing her and she started kissing/licking my neck/ear. She whispered, "That is all I've ever wanted." I become incredibly aroused and pulled her into a nearby photo booth (like the ones in the mall, lol). I began undressing her and went down on her. The dream began to fade and for fear of forgetting this epic dream, I allowed myself to wake up.

      I was mad as shit at myself for getting sexual and ending such a masterpiece of a dream. It was one of the best I've had in a while. I couldn't adequately describe the race itself, but it was such an amazing experience. I can't wait to get back into the Gameverse again.

      Series Details
      With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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