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    1. Waiting in a Walgreens, and a strange Seru shrine

      by , 10-14-2015 at 09:57 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      I found myself lucid, but it was a bit unstable. I was rubbing my hands together to try to stabilize it, and I noticed my surroundings becoming more vivid... but I also noticed as I walked along the grass, I couldn't feel anything touching my feet, so I tried to focus on different sensations. Then I thought it would be fun to jump up into the sky and face downwards as I did it, instead of upwards like I usually do. It was pretty friggin terrifying seeing the ground fall away like that. The instability cut the dream short though.


      I was in the car with my grandma and someone else, and it was raining. She was driving, and we raced over a bridge... she was going like 70 mph in heavy traffic and I was all GRANDMA SLOW DOWN JESUS. We were driving over a bridge when the traffic came to a gridlock, and the weather was getting worse.

      Instead of sitting in traffic, we pulled into a Walgreens parking lot and went inside. I remember seeing weird decorations for holidays that didn't exist, and I was browsing the candy aisle. When we neared the register, we saw a bunch of customers standing around looking agitated. Apparently the employees locked us all in the store because the weather was so bad we couldn't leave, so we all just sort of sat around. There were a couple customers that kind of freaked me out, like I was afraid they were gonna shoot up the place or something.


      This may have been a continuation of the last dream, but I can't recall how it began. I became lucid somehow, and I thought something like "Oh I remember I was jumping up in the sky and stuff earlier!" I stood out on a grassy area next to a lake and attempted to summon up Seru, but it didn't work. So I tried shooting off a Kamehameha, which also didn't work. I tried going Super Saiyan, but only managed to stand there screaming looking like a dumbass. At that point I was pretty pissed over my lack of dream control, and I thought "There's one thing I can ALWAYS do, and it's not fair..." so I reached up and swiped my finger along the sky, and I could move the clouds around and create star trails. The clouds flew by pretty fast, and it made me feel a little better about failing at the other shit.

      I looked off across the lake and THOUGHT I saw Seru, it was like his silhouette or something. So I focused on this strange-looking tree trunk on the other side of the lake and jumped up... but instead of flying I fell like a stone right in the water. It kind of pissed me off... but I could breathe underwater apparently, so I swam to the other side of the lake and crawled out.

      Seru was not there at all. Instead I was standing in some sort of ruins, like the ruins of some kind of shrine. There were statues of him in different sizes, some pristine and some broken and worn. I sprinted through the ruins, grabbing a few of the smaller statues, thinking they might have some kind of purpose, but... I still couldn't find him. You'd think he'd be hanging out in a shrine dedicated to himself, that seems right up his alley with his damn ego and all. But nooooo. I woke up before I made it through the entire shrine. He'll be getting an earful over that next time.
    2. Joghing in a forest - MILD

      by , 07-18-2015 at 07:58 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a warm evening. With my mother we were jogging on a path hidden within bushes. The path took a turn right in front of two lakes, and it was easy to fall into the water. There were mountains to the left, and pine dominated in the forest.

      We were running and talking about helicopter crash in local forest. When running I almost fell into the lake, slipping on mad and ending slide just before water.

      I quickly standed up, and a group of friends appeared. We went away, and went through a sandtrap. I have fallen into the trap with one of friends. We were dragged down, and they wanted to free us somehow.

      Suddenly I realised that It's a dream. I thought that I should use something, and got an idea. I moved my arms, and frozen the trap, and then I broken ice jumping out.
    3. Columns of deep water, and a chamber in a dolphin-filled lake

      by , 06-22-2015 at 04:34 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      There was a huge circular aquarium with a giant monster fish in it, it looked kind of like a Coelacanth, but it had creepy Piranha eyes and mouth and was about the size of a school bus. On the wall next to the aquarium was a giant skeleton of the same fish. I desperately wanted to go examine the skeleton but I was so afraid of the live fish, he kept swimming at me and snapping, I thought he'd break through the glass. So instead I just admired the damn thing from afar. At one point, I joined up with a tourist group who were being led around the rest of the aquarium by a dude who looked like he didn't even want to be there. We went down some stairs, and I found myself in this amazing room underwater with a big window opened up to the bottom of the ocean. The water reflected off the floors and walls and the whole room was just bathed in this wild blue waving pattern. The guy said we were actually at the very bottom of the ocean and that we were a few miles underwater. Which kind of terrified me, since deep water has always creeped me out. Then I noticed that there was no window glass, the water was just suspended there, like maybe there was some kind of invisible force field holding it back. I took my hand and reached out into the water, and was shocked that it actually went in. But instead of crushing my hand, like I thought a few miles of deep water would do, it was super light. I moved my hand through it and it was like moving it through air, only I could see the water moving. It was a total trip. Later the guy wound up having some personal problem and herded all the tourist group into a room while he took care of whatever business he had. We all sat in there bored and impatient, and I felt very put-out by it.

      For some reason, I was given moderator status over an art group because the founder didn't have the time to deal with it anymore. As soon as I was given the reins, this guy submits three pieces of "art" explaining why I suck as the new moderator. They were really insane reasons, too. The main ones were because I didn't add a Sonic category under the video game art, and because I never invited these two specific artists to join the group. I tried to be polite to him and told him that if he wanted a Sonic category, all he had to do was request it, and that I wasn't going to pester people about joining because membership was free to everyone anyway. He got all butthurt about it and started screaming at everyone.

      I was hiding behind some boulders because I was naked. I have no idea why I was naked, what the heck. But I was super friggin hungry and saw a bunch of people eating pizza, but I couldn't join them because I had no clothes. On the ground was this teeny little shirt, but when I put it on, it didn't cover up anything so there in the rocks I stayed. This woman with long, sandy hair noticed me and invited me over to her hotel room to help me out. We ate pizza and she gave me a bed for the night, and I guess she gave me clothes because I suddenly had clothes again? The next day we wound up with cutesy little crushes on each other and she left for work and I went on my way. I tried calling her later but she was avoiding me. Apparently someone told her a lie about something horrible I did, and I just had to find her and clear my good name, so I went up to her work but she refused to come out and talk to me.

      I was in a huge estate, looking out the window over a big lake. As I watched, I noticed a big black shadow under the water swimming away from the estate so I kept my eyes on it. A little ways in, it poked up its head and I saw it was a dolphin. There was a whole school of them. Then I remembered Cory's sister had a canoe so I decided to get it and go out there on the lake to check out the dolphins, and the canoe had a motor on it apparently. Me and someone else took the canoe out along the edge of the lake that was up against the estate to where the dolphins were, and as we headed out there, I felt like the canoe was slowly sinking but I wasn't too sure so I kept my mouth shut about it. It turned out it was sinking, and it started going under as soon as we got out to swim around with the dolphins, but then we realized the lake was super shallow, like shallow enough to stand in. So we left the lake, hauling the canoe to shore. Later on I walked out there by myself, still along the edge of the water by the estate, and I was really careful as I stepped because I was afraid the water would drop off into deeper spots. Then I saw a big railroad crossing stick and was afraid to go past that, but I didn't have to because the dolphins were right there, so I stood among them and it was just the coolest thing ever. There was only one big one, so I guess it was the mother, and a bunch of little ones, and I grabbed onto the fin of the mother and she swam me out further into the lake where I discovered a secret chamber. It was a bit weird to get in, you had to duck under some shallow water and then come up on the other side. But the chamber itself was creepy, it had mossy stairs and a few sarcophagi, but... it also had a mini-fridge, so I filled it with neat orange soda imported from Germany that said on the cans that it would get chilled in the fridge in under six minutes. Which I thought was bullshit, by the way. It said it in German, like 'Unter sechs minuten!' or something, whatever. My dog Loki figured out my new hiding spot pretty quickly and would come down there with me. But later I discovered there was a scary something down there in the depths of the chamber, but I can't remember what it was, just that it was terrifying. To keep the scary something away, you had to avoid specific areas of the chamber, and I forgot and at one point I was running out of the chamber in terror.
    4. The building on the lake

      by , 09-24-2014 at 04:59 PM
      A woman's looking over a small art collection - sketches of the building she's in from various earlier eras, collected in a large book. On the wall directly over the book is a recent painting of this same building, but showing it thousands of years earlier when there was a lake here, with the door opening directly onto the water. She finds this painting a little funny - unlike the historical sketches, she believes this one's a sort of what-if image. The building's old but it's not that old. But the man who commissioned the painting, the owner of this place, she's thinking of him as being oddly precise about where the lake should be in relation to the building; as far as she's aware there's no evidence that there was ever really a lake here at all. The title of the painting is Lake Hae or Hayle or something along those lines. Although the building in the painting and the building in modern times are identical, somehow in the painting it gives the impression of being someplace sacred.

      She turns the pages of the book - she's careful with it, it's very valuable. After the sketches of the building there are a series of anatomical sketches and portraits. She's on a page showing several sketches of an old man, mostly bald and with a sort of rounded profile. As a disembodied observer, I'm fond of the sketch, sort of nostalgic about it - both about the subject and about the sketch itself. She keeps turning the pages, and there's a sketch of a young man with a very square jaw; looking at him changes the scene.

      Still in the same room, but a couple centuries earlier; the walls are lined with bookshelves. There's a woman sketching, holding a conversation with a man sitting in a chair. A servant comes into the room - he's that young man from the sketch - and the man in the chair stands up to speak with him. A man all in black and with very long black hair, he's the same man who owned this building and that art collection in modern times.

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    5. Sink Holes & Musical Apple Plants...

      by , 04-01-2014 at 03:27 PM
      I am driving my car somewhere coastal and high up, as i reach this apex i can see a lovely view of a bay down below, bathed in summertime sun, with a road that snakes wildly before me, and the sea to my right suddenly changes into a lake that i visit often, and suddenly i am transported back to this dream version of the place i know so well, except the ground is very uneven, and there are sheer drops everywhere, in reality there are no sheer drops at this place, you could run around all day and not get hurt, but in the dream version the ground is very unstable, and it is quite dangerous.

      Now i am walking about these grass covered monoliths, looking up at their height, and noticing that they dont seem to stay in one place, they shift position and occasionally fly up in the air only to land somewhere else close by, leaving a gaping hole where it once stood. These monoliths suddenly turn into some space rocket trying to touch down, and there is a panicked crowd nearby, and i realise i am now in the playing field of my old primary school, and i am inside the classroom but also outside as well, very detached from the scene, i can even see the sandpits and waterpits which we used to play in.

      This rocket thing eventually jumps out of view and i am now looking over a field covered in apple plants, not trees, plants! I walk nby and kick random apples from these plants and they ring out very musically like little bells, and sparkly glitter like substances fly from them as i kick them, and sometimes hummingbirds appear as i kick the apples, the apples then turn into some unusual flowers, all pointing in one direction, slightly bent also, with these long tendrills flowing gently in the breeze, and suddenly lots and lots of bright vivid colours, swirling together, and the sky is pink, like a sunset after a rainshower, bething everything in this relaxing pink light.

      I then pick up my laptop and notice one of my twitter followers has changed their twitter name to Cstocky500, i see this Cstocky500 twice more, and it never changes, the font stays the same, as did the word itself.

      Dream fades, i wake up normally...

      When i did become lucid upon waking, Cstocky500 was right in front of my eyes, as if i had been looking at the word for a while and turned away only to find the word still there, like when you close your eyes after looking at something contrasting, it leaves an inverted impression. Never had this from a dream before!
    6. I catch Saddam Hussein - 05112012 1st dream

      by , 05-13-2012 at 03:32 AM
      I have been trying to find Link at a lake recently, and I did not find him at the lake or the bistro table; but I did find Saddam!

      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Iím on a drive in the hills in what appears to be acombination of California hills and the Alps. Iím on a high road in a vehicle,and off to my right and slightly below my elevation is a small lake, a body ofwater I can occasionally glimpse through the trees and in gaps between houses.I really want to get a better view of the lake, but every time I think Iímgoing to see it the view is obscured.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The vehicle Iím in is headed uphill to some unknowndestination. As we climb, different lakes are visible off to my right. Ipresume that Iím seeing different lakes as I climb up the hill; each oneappears to have a different shape and different volume. Sometimes they seemquite close to my level, as though a short walk would get me to the edge of thewater. Others seem far below me, hundreds of feet below and perhaps as much asa mile distant.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]The scenery is beautiful. While I am driving up narrowstreets occupied on both sides by houses and small businesses, the view to myright is the occasional shot of tree-covered mountains, deep blue waters, andlake-side hotels of luxury. I really want to get out of the vehicle.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Ahead of me the road splits, and my dad, who seems to be driving,takes the road on the left. We donít go more than 50 feet before we are stoppedby a table and chairs blocking the narrow road. A bistro with a storefront onthe road has set up a large table right in the middle of the street. The road, onlywide-enough to allow passage for one vehicle, is now impassable. I canítimagine why they would set up this table in the street, though I suspect it isfor me and my guest. Some thought crosses my mind that the restaurant waswaiting for me and some other person who has failed to show up. My concernsturn immediately back to the problem at hand.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]To our right side and slightly below us is the other fork ofthe road. My suggestion for getting past the obstacle is to back up and takethe other road, and hope it leads to the same place. Moving forward isnítworking at all as the bistro-owner wonít move the table and the water is nowrising around the van we are in. [/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Someone tells me the situation is okay because the van cantake a bit of water, though I doubt their information. The water has risen upover the hood of the van and is lapping gently at the bottom of the windshield.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]My initial reaction is slight worry about the van and thepossibility of water coming into the passenger cabin. I look over at mydaughter and find her sleeping, her head resting upon her arm. She is aspeaceful as any child ever was while asleep, and this reassures me enough tostop worrying about the water.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]More comfortable with my surroundings I exit the van.Someone has to scout out the way ahead and figure out how to get the group pastthe table and other obstacles that might lay ahead. A little ways in front ofme the road makes a sharp turn around the corner of a building, and from thatcorner someone is shooting at me.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I pull out my weapon and shoot back, ducking behind the nowupturned table as projectiles fly past me. I have the impression that theprojectiles are made of Play-Doh or some other colorful substance, and Iímcertain they are non-lethal. None of the impacts around me seem to cause anydamage, confirming my suspicions.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I move swiftly around the table to chase the shooter who hasdisappeared around the corner. What had been a road is now a brick-pavedsidewalk, and below me is a 50-foot drop to the water below. Iím not far behindwhoever Iím chasing and the sidewalk dead-ends at a brick wall, the only placeto hide being a few stacks of supplies and some crates.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I run to the end and what I took to be refuse and emptycrates was actually bags of flour and various food supplies. Finally getting agood look at my attackerís face I realize Iím chasing Saddam Hussein, and Iíve accidentallystumbled upon his hiding place. All the people searching for him throughout theworld and I find him in this little alley with his bags of flour and stockpileof supplies.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I only have a moment to realize Iím mad at him before we arefacing off, his back to a wall overhanging the water. I seize the moment andrear up with my foot, shoving him against the wall with a thump that knocks hisbreath out. Without a pause I kick at the crumbly wall next to him, sendingseveral ucubic feet of material plunging into the water below. Saddam, stillwithout breath and now nothing to hold onto, lands in the water on his face andslowly sinks into the depths, and it is clear I am seeing the last moments ofhis life. I feel little in the way of regrets.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]I head back along the tiny sidewalk, around the corner, anddown the path towards the van to tell everyone of my triumph. The table hasbeen cleared and the way is no longer blocked, but something feels out ofplace. I start to look around for whatever is picking at my mind when Isuddenly wake up.[/FONT][/SIZE]
      [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT]
    7. The erratic flying airplane

      by , 06-18-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I cannot recall how this dream starts but at some point I am in a small fixed wing aircraft that seats approximately ten people. The outside of the aircraft looks like a Cessna 195, except that the fuselage is slightly longer and it is painted completely white. The inside of the aircraft seems much bigger than the outside would allow and the seats and carpeting are a mix of light greys and blues. The first two rows of seats are arraged with the aisle between them, but the last row of seats sits oddly in the middle of the aisle. I am seated by myself on the farthest left seat on the back row. There are four other passengers on the plane. In the front row on the left side there is a man wearing a dark red t-shirt who has brown hair and is obese. In the front on the right are two passengers with short hair, one blond, the other redhead. In the middle row on the right side of the plane there is a woman with shoulder length blond hair. Despite the small size of the craft it has three crew members; the pilot, co-pilot, and a thin, blond stewardess.

      There is a long metal pole positioned directly in front of my seat. It is the only such pole on the plane and it runs from the floor to the ceiling. Though I am strapped into my seat with a sturdy "X" shaped seatbeat, I lean forward and cling tightly to the pole. The aircraft is flying low over a lush green temperate forest, but swearving back and forth in wide arcs, like it is trying desperately to gain altitude but just cannot. The landscape below varies from thick forests and wide open fields filled with long grasses and wildflowers. Rolling hills are divided by sparking rivers and lakes. While the scenery is beautiful I cannot enjoy it because the erratic flying of the plane is making me very anxious. Everyone on the plane is silent and facing forward; there is no conversation. The other passengers do not look scared but rather bored. No one else seems bothered by the plane pitching and rolling but I am terrified that the plane is going to crash. I am thankful for the pole because it gives me something extra to cling to, even though it is completely useless in doing anything to protect me if the plane does go down.

      The sun begins to set as the aircraft swerves wildly over a grassy hill, almost crashing into it, and then suddenly lands smoothly on a narrow landing strip on the other side. I could not get off the plane quick enough! There is a lake or river nearby and an abandoned and crumbling lighthouse. There are no other signs of civilization other than the old lighthouse and landing strip, but the pilot insists that we have stopped for the night to rest and refuel. Everybody sleeps on the plane except for me. I sleep under a tree on the hill that the plane almost crashed into before landing. When the next day comes it has suddenly changed from summer to autumn. The trees are now reds, oranges and yellows rather than green, and the grass has faded to dull shades of green and brown. The plane takes off and flies smoothly at first, but then begins to swerve and dip and arc all over the place again. I cannot remember how long flew for, but it was awhile and I am strapped tightly into my seat and clinging fearfully to the pole again. The crew and passengers are still silent and unaffected by the plane's erratic flying.

      Suddenly I am on the ground watching the white plane fly away into the distance. It is no longer having trouble staying on course or gaining altitude. This makes me feel bad, like I was somehow causing the plane's troubles. I am standing in an open field on a hill and there is a thick forest nearby. It is still autumn and I know that I am in the middle of nowhere, but relieved to be on solid ground. I know that I am far away from civilization and for the most part will have to live off the land, but this does not upset me one bit. I makes me feel happy and at peace. I walk into the forest and after a while come to a small dark brown wooden cabin. I know this is my home and make myself comfortable inside.

      The dream suddenly changes again and I am no longer in the dream but watching it from a third person perspective. The cabin in the autumn forest is still there but now it is a home (or school?) for troubled youth. The woman who lives there is a robust and beautiful black woman in her mid thirties. She is coarse and tough but genuinely cares for the youth under her charge. Love and wisdom permeate her entire being. There are several youth of mixed backgrounds and they are sitting around a square wooden table. I cannot recall any of the conversation but at one point a young man in a dark blue baseball cap becomes very upset and storms out of the cabin. The woman stands in the doorway and shouts his name: "Owen!!" but the youth keeps running. The end of the dream has this young man standing in a small clearing in the forest looking up at the blue sky.

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