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    1. 9 LD's from 1 DILD and 2 dream chains... Probably too much for anyone to read!

      by , 03-11-2018 at 10:28 PM
      Dreams from March tenth to eleventh, 2018

      I thought I woke up once without recording dreams. But then forgot the dreams from the second cycle of sleep while I thought back to the first. But then when the first actual dream detail came to mind I don't know why I thought that.

      Graduation party

      There was something about a party about my Nana's house. Maybe a school graduation thing. Something with my Mom and Sister about how I needed to pick my own food to bring. I could only recall that vaguely.

      Ground Worm!

      I was with my friend S S or G F and then his girlfriend C P was there and my dream girlfriend was with us. I think we were going to go on a double date but S S or G F had to read this book. So he was walking around reading this book. He seemed kind of obsessive about it. He wasn't really looking where he was going, but nothing bad happened.

      We walked down some stairs and over this dirt ground. These green worm things expanded up from holes in the ground. They had like circular mouths but then thorns coming off the side like a vine. First just one, but then another, and another. I remember three.

      One tried to get near me and I felt scared. I think it was saying something to me but I forgot what. I almost let it touch me with its mouth but then I sort of ran away. I don't remember much else of that.

      Tangled Beard

      I forgot some parts in between. But then there was this thing about how people could get an executive fired if they wanted to. It showed a screen with a grid of icons, 3 wide. Related to that was some parking garage.

      There was a guy talking about how he had to give up certain things, but it was a good feeling. He had black hair and a curly beard.

      There were these clamp things that people could put around their ankles for some effect. There was a headset thing for one leg and the other side had this screw in clamp thing. I was asking the guy if I could use them, mainly to humor him. Forgot more of that.

      Forgot more of this too but I was at the sink with the guy. I was trying to build a rapport for some reason. He was washing a dish, and there was a white ramican in the sink, too, all caked up. I got in there and started cleaning it with my fingers, with some misgiving. I felt grossed out.

      Some more parts I forgot. I hugged the guy for some reason. My brownish blonde hair got stuck in his beard and there were some strands of it in his beard. So I was taking them out of his beard, and more appeared.

      Then he, myself and another guy were holding hands forming a circle and saying something.

      Walking and Thinking

      I had a dream of walking near the end of K Road and thinking about the previous dreams, without knowing it too was a dream. That made it confusing to recall it when I woke up.


      I also had a vague sense of having dreamed about something with water. My early dream recall was weaker than usual but I just accepted it. I tried, but it just was what it was. I think I moved a little without realizing it upon awakening.

      Dream of D J entry

      One dream was that I was dreaming of a dream journal entry on a website.

      Cube Thing

      In this dream some other stuff happened before it. Then I was looking down into this little slat at the bottom of a metal cube I was in. There was something to do with someone in that slat producing steam. Or if you poured hot water into the slat, it helped more than cold water. It was some kind of competitive feel to it. I realized it was a dream momentarily. It was scary when I realized I was in this creepy metal cube. It was kind of dark. I think I looked out from the metal cube a moment.

      Jib Ipplication

      I had another smaller dream that I was doing a job application online and I wrote a really "primitive" kind of sentence. I didn't make a more detailed note than that, so I don't know whether or not I remembered the exact sentence. Or even membered it to begin with.

      Trip to Europe

      This was an interesting little dream that led to a fun L D chain. It was as if I was in tenth grade again going on the school trip to Europe. The bus was leaving at 7 P M that Wednesday, and I thought it had already left. So my plan was to drive after the bus and catch up with it while it stopped to rest, and get on. I was only an hour behind. I saw this little itinerary and it had the name Ilenny on the bottom right side. Two columns of names, black text, white paper.

      Then I went into the hallway and saw my Dad. He was vacuuming, which he did a lot in these dreams tonight. I asked him if I should go to Europe and we determined it was only Monday actually. In physical calendar it was Sunday early morning though. Anyway I was wondering, wait, how will we pay for this? But figured it would work.

      Maybe some other stuff happened that i forgot, but I was on the bus to Europe. There was something about asking the bus driver if I could use the bathroom. I was contemplating whether to address her as "miss" or "Mizz" or "M'am".

      I was sitting in a seat and watching the road lights go by on the black night. I felt myself drifting to sleep on the bus. It felt not much time had passed.

      OOBILD #1

      After that dream I was laying in my bed trying to think through it. Then I heard these loud buzzing or ringing noises and felt these vibrations like I have in the past. I started to separate from my body and kind of rotated so that I was in a child's pose from yoga, with my head at the foot of my bed. I noticed I was about to lose the dream and caught myself, staying in it.

      (Switching to present tense. ) I stand up in what seems to be my physical room, but I remember how I exited my body, and so I look around to affirm it is a dream. There are some small white square posters by my left closet door. I read one of them. I can see the words pretty clearly.

      I try a finger palm test but it doesn't go through. However, I am still pretty sure its a dream.

      I look out my back window and a couple things happen. I can hear a guy next door to the left running a bunch of different power tools and lawn equipment at once. I am surprised he is running them all at once, just leaving them sitting there, making all this noise. In waking life, this would anger me, but instead, I just yell over, "Those sound great!" I ask him, "Are you starting a band out of those?" Or something like that. He is pulling the choke on another lawn mower thing at the time. He kind of laughs back and goes inside. The sounds are very physical. They go away without my noticing.

      When I look out my back window, I look for any other differences from waking life. There are all these tall furniture things, one like a Cradily from Pokemon, standing up on the deck below my window. They are so tall and I am like, yes, this is definitely a dream.

      I notice it is snowing big flakes of snow outside. They are getting in the wide open window, as if there is no screen. I can feel the cold. I have a sense this amount of snow wouldn't be likely to happen in physical matter waking consciousness. I close the window.

      (There is some other stuff from in my room I don't quite remember. )

      I go into the hall way and my Dad is there. I follow him to his room. He says he got me the Pokey Cable which is like a Pokemon game thing. It is like a hand held game with just one big screen and no buttons, more like a computer monitor.

      My Dad might have been pouring one barrel into another at some point. He called me into his room because he wanted to talk to me.

      I have my cell phone and this other electronic device. Every time I look at either screen, it shows some sort of monster pulling its arm back and then throwing a massive punch at the direction of the screen. I wonder why anyone would want their phone to start up with the effect of a scary monster about to punch them. To turn it off, I have to go to a menu called "Core". It seems difficult to change the settings. The app has to do with movie previews.

      There is another part of the screen where this creature is hanging from the top left corner, down toward the bottom right corner. It is a long creature like Night Stalker from M T G but with a green beak type of thing. I think it is towering over a smaller character. It looks kind of scary. I want to try drawing it. Its beak looks like it has teeth marks.

      Most of the dream I narrate my surroundings to myself. Orange, shorts, red, thing, whatever I see, I name it, or name its color, or both. It seems to help me engage the dream to do it out loud within the dream for now.

      When I go to talk to my Dad, I am afraid that I am entering a new dynamic. Because I am around another person, I can't just narrate things to myself around them. I fear this will make the dream end and it kind of does. I feel it is easier to keep calm when I am by myself in the dream.

      (I woke up from that in my physical bed, trying to think it through. I got more vibrations and ringing sounds, and eventually wiggled out into yet another OOBILD.)

      OOBILD #2

      (Somewhere during this I decided I would call these OOBILD's, O O B I L D's, or Out of Body Induce Lucid Dreams. Because I start separating from my body but then I am in a dream. So it is a form of WILD. But I will just call it OOBILD for now on. On Accounta That I think WILD is more like Tipharot's video of "What Does WILD Feel like?")

      I am having some trouble getting my body to separate this time. I push it a little, then try to relax. Then as I try to move, my eye cover falls off, and the room is brightly lit with yellow light. At first I am upset that this will wake me up, but then I realize that if the room is lit that way, it must be a dream. Catching this dream sign, I get on up out of bed, lucid.

      Standing up in my room again, I can definitely tell it is a dream. My back window is wide open and I talk to my dream reflection. I remember my intention to practice dream recall within a dream. I talk to my dream reflection about the dream so far. I am also talking about my OOBILD term with myself, and watching my reflection move as I talk. I like the way my face looks in this dream. At times I also narrate my surroundings to myself some more. The room is brighter.

      I start to think I need a real mirror because in the window my reflection is dim. To the right, on top of a dresser, there is a small square mirror at face height. It barely fits my head. There are two dressers along the wall on either side of my back window, or a long table.

      I talk to myself some more in this mirror. My hair seems shorter, but is the same color. My face seems a good replica of my physical face. I try to talk more about the dream, but maybe just energy flows out. (I can't remember exactly what I said. ) I start to think I will do that for the whole dream, and it will last a while, but then I get bored.

      On the other side of the window, I see some dishes with food in them, on top of the dresser. I am narrating them all to myself. They look like mixed nuts, maybe with macadamias. I am narrating it to myself but when I eat it I can't talk. The food gets stuck in my mouth. A shard of a nut gets lodged in between my back teeth and gums. I start to lose stability.

      I notice these triangular pastry looking things with candles poking up out of them. I think they are for my birthday even though my physical birthday is in October. I want to eat them but I am afraid my Dad intended us to share them for my birthday.

      I start to lose stability and the dream ends.

      (I was in my physical bed again after this, or so I thought. I was adjusting my body but it might not have been my physical body. For example I put my hand under my other arm and when I woke up it wasn't there. Or I felt my pillow was blocking my nose but when I woke up it wasn't there. So I think I dreamed of being on my left side and messing around with stuff. )

      False Awakening

      This would have been another OOBILD but I thought I had really gotten up. I had more ringing and vibrations but it seemed to end. I looked around my room and there was a blue or white light, like from a cell phone flashlight. (This wouldn't have been likely in waking life. ) The walls are actually orange red and I have two beds. One in the normal place and one on the other side of my covered window. At the foot of the two beds are a bunch of shelves.

      Something seems silly about all this but I still think it is waking life. I go to one of th e shelves, thinking something is there. I hear my Dad vaccuuming outside. Why is he vacuuming in the middle of the night? I think, but I realize I am already awake anyway, so I will just wait for him to finish, and then go back to sleep. I have to record my dream anyways.

      I figure I will just go to the bathroom and drink some water. I drink the water and the dream starts to end.

      (When I got back to my physical body for "real" this time, it was a totally different sensation. It was like, I knew I was really there. Where as the other times, it felt like I was, but I must not have been fully there. It was also difficult to think through the previous dream as the next one began this time. Maybe because the vibrations took a lot of my attention. I tried to form what memories I could between dreams in the chain though. )

      Liquor Store

      There was this part where I was going into a liquor store with a red liquor or wine bottle. I was F D, a big guy I knew from the local bars. I was asking for more of it. So we went in the back room and the manager or myself pulled out two white wine bottles. For a moment I kind of questioned, wait, wasn't my other bottle red? The white wine bottles were on this high shelf behind white paper. It reminded me of the guy's office in the first Italian Restaurant I worked in.

      Crazy Dessert

      In this dream some stuff happened that I forgot. maybe a game on a T V. but I remember taking a piece of this pie or cheese cake thing and then cutting it in half height wise. Then inserting some more food in between, like another dessert food. Then I microwaved that together. I felt bad because I thought the cheese cake was my Dad's.

      I ate a bite and felt high as a kite. Oh, and the microwave was in my 15 Swoo bedroom. it had double doors and a T V screen when you close it.

      So eating that, I felt off to the races. I was like, all this sugar will really boost my dream recall! Then I was afraid because I thought it was waking life and it would trigger my sugar addiction. I put it down after one bite. There was a T V on top of a dresser and some other stuff on the walls. I didn't know if I was dreaming or awake.

      In another part in this bedroom, my sister was writing some thing in a little sketch book. Or drawing. I notice it is a little sketch book. She has a hand ful of thick washable crayola style markers. She seems happy and goes off to draw.

      There Arrrrrrr definitely parts i farrrrr got from all this, matey.

      Then my Dad came in the room after some more stuff. I was wearing these pajama pants that I am always afraid my you know what will pop out of. My Dad points out that it is showing. I already know it is a dream at this point. I try to put it away or something, slightly embarrassed. I think it is my dream telling me to be careful when I wear certain pajama pants.

      Still in the same modified version of my 15 Swoo room, now lucid, I notice an ominous feeling begin. A monstrous sound comes from the hall and I feel fear. I remind myself it is a dream, but still, it is intense. An adult sized black dog comes through the door and kind of tackles me. At first I fight it. I fight the fear and I fight the dog away. But then I remember it is just a dream and so I just relax. Relaxing seems to turn the monstrous dog into a small black puppy and the fearful or chaotic energy passes. Well done. I think I wake up a little or have a sense of waking up.

      (If the dream ended and began again, it was still in this same bedroom place. I feel some parts are missing from my recollection. This was a super long dream chain. )

      I notice a clear jug of orange ish liquid up on a high shelf. Knowing it is a dream, I feel excited. I grab it and start dumping it in my mouth. I lay on my back on the floor and keep dumping it in. It seems nourishing. (I don't remember reading a label or anything!) It is very sweet. I worry that I am consuming sugar, but then I remind myself it is a dream. So I get all the flavor, but none of the calories or chemicals.

      Through Sky Light into Sky Dark

      I go out into the hall way and my Dad is there, vaccuuming. He looks like he has been drinking. He looks grim, like he is angry at the world. There are some tears in his eyes but it pushed me away because it looks more like a glazed over drunk stare than genuine heart felt emotion. He seems to be vacuuming up baking soda.

      (I think I went to the bathroom from the previous dream. While I drank that juice, I was afraid it would make me need to go #1, even within the dream. So walking out of the bathroom I might have been afraid to look at the night light, even knowing it was a dream. )

      I say hi to my Dad, but my main thought is to fly through the sky light. I jump up and easily fly through it. I am confident about it because I have done this in past dreams.

      I fly pretty easily into the dark sky. It is dark with white clouds. I can see some houses in the neighborhood.

      (I forgot if there was anything else to this or if it just ended. )

      Boat Party

      The next dream begins with me out doors in a grassy place on the main road behind my parents previous house, W S Road. I realize it is a dream and I am like, cool, another one.

      I see someone jogging and decide to jog along the sidewalk, too. It is drizzling lightly. As I jog, I start to feel really good. I like it better than flying. I know it is a dream for sure because I feel so light on my feet. There is no sense of any impact, although I can feel my feet lightly touch the ground. I realize this might take some focus, to run in the dream, so I set my goal to this bridge at the end of the road, where there is a Marina in waking life. As I run, I notice a dirt path to the end of my old block, like there is in waking life. The sky is kind of grey. I want to catch up to the other jogger.

      The dream seems to teleport me to the bridge. There is water and then a boat. I want to dive into the water, impressing any on lookers, but it is too steep or close a dive to the hull of the boat. So I just go on the boat. (I think some parts of being on the boat did slip my mind, though I remembered it mostly well. )

      I arrive at the top of this balcony or beak shaped diving board thing high up on the boat. I want to jump down but there are people swimming maybe 10 to 20 feet down in the water, right below it. One guy passes slowly and another person passes. That person must be 10 or 15 feet tall, with another smaller person behind them. Someone behind me wants to dive. I decide not to dive.

      I walk down into the boat again and pass some Spanish speaking people. There are some books above a bunk bed type of seat near them. There are two women sitting along one bench and then a man on a perpendicular bench.

      I stop and ask the woman, "Es Usted Mi Amigo?" Careful to use the formal second person instead of the informal, which I always was when I learned Spanish. The woman said "Si" or yes. I talked with them a little, thinking that this might take away my dream stability, talking to others. Because it brings up more emotion. But my Spanish is coming out good. At another point, I ask, "Como se llama usted" or what is your name? The woman says a name, and I ask the man, and he says a name. I didn't interact with the woman between them much.

      Then I went to leave. The woman asked me to stay with them and keep talking. She asked me to tell them about myself, now in English. I considered if I should tell her I am a lucid, dreamer, and I am in this dream exploring. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't, and the dream ended there.

      Movie and Audience

      Unless I forgot another dream, the next thing that happened after that dream ended was I began to see this blue sky with clouds.

      So I see this blue sky with clouds. I am so surprised for this to be happening. I am familiar with this kind of dream. Words in white text begin flying towards me. For example one word is "thoughts". But other than that, I can't really catch the words. At first I try to dart my eyes around and catch all the words. Then I decide to just focus my eyes in a darker spot of the sky in the middle. That feels less frantic.

      I look away and to the left. I am surprised to see a theater full of people all illuminated from the front by the movie screen. They are all staring at the screen. I appear to be the only one not totally absorbed in it. (A few moments before this, I had no idea I would look away and see this movie theater effect. That is so cool. )

      I know it is a dream, so I try to stand up in my seat, facing the back of the theater. maybe I will talk to everyone and get their attention off the movie, or just fly. However, I feel my body is too heavy. I sit back down, look back at the screen a little, but then look away again. At first I am afraid to miss out on the movie, but then I realize watching the watchers is more what is "really going on here".

      Just then the movie begins to end. I stand up. The guy in front of my elbows me really hard as he puts on his coat, without any acknowledgement. It seems like an accident, but still.

      A kid to my left is asking me if these quarters have any use any more. (I guess this dream is set in the future.) He shows me one state quarter, then another. The image of the state quarter from the front is very sharp and clear. I explain to the kid that, yes, quarters have a use. Although "most money is electronic now" (in the context of the dream) the quarters can still be used to buy some items. The quarter on the back has the name of a state I can't ree cognize. I tell myself it must be a state I never heard of, but now I think the dream made it up. The name starts with an "A" (but I can't remember it now). The back of the coin has a guy on a horse.

      (I woke up from that, thinking it must be over. But...)

      Invisible! & Invincible!

      I find myself in a brown room. "Another false awakening!" I think. "Ha! Gotcha!" I have a sense that I have been dreaming quite a while now.

      I am in a bathroom with brown walls. I jump up and fly up towards the skylight. It is too solid. I fly back down and land. I feel like this might be a set up for a fight. Like another dreamer or an entity has been wearing me out with these other dreams and now has trapped me here for a final show down. I think he won't let me wake up until the fight is over, based on someone else's dream I heard. (This doesn't actually happen, it is just my assumption.)

      There was a way out by one wall, but when I turn around, it is gone. I see some cabinets. I see some windows with accordian like blinds, like in 15 Swoo. I try to pull them open to see if I can fly out. Although I feel somewhat ready to face some adversity, I think it might be wise to get to open air if at all possible. It is a healthy mix of fight and flight.

      Every time I draw the blinds open, another smaller set of blinds appears, or a type of door thing. Eventually I realize, after 5 or 6 times, that that might go on infinitely. I decide to look for another option.

      I walk the opposite direction of the opening that closed, and notice a circular sign that says Women. I must be coming from a Men's bathroom and there must be that Women's room accross the way. It seems like I am in the lobby of a hospital, almost like the P V hospital, with the guards desk at the front. I walk towards the Womens room, thinking there might be a way out through there.

      As I walk, I remember my intention to practice dream recall within a dream. My "dream recall affirmations" from the M P 3 playlist come to mind and I start repeating those. "I remember all my dreams" is the main one I can think of. I am saying this aloud as I walk through the building.

      To my right, there is a huge open door, as plain as day. Ah, I think, that must have been there all along. The fear was just in my head. What a relief.

      Two smaller people and a big guy are walking toward the door, about 50 feet away. The big guy is in a police officer style uniform, but instead of navy blue, it is red. They are like, "That is him!" And the guy in red pulls a gun and shoots me. I dodge the bullet, still repeating my affirmations. (Well done, mate!) Knowing it is a dream, I am not too scared.

      Just to be safe, I start repeating dream affirmations in my mind instead of aloud. And, I sort of summon a protective shield as well as invisibility, all at once. When in need, my shields can usually activate. People can blast me all they want, stuff can attack me, but my shields are really strong. However I don't have much in the means of offensive tactics. I can protect myself from harm at will but I can't harm others it seems. I think this is a good trade since I don't need to be violent if nothing can harm me anyway.

      So I kind of fly out the door, and the red guy and the two people run past where I was. More red uniform guys run into the building. Sure enough, they run right by me. I am sitting by this wall to the left of the door as you walk in. It is like there is a dark grey wall heater behind me I have my back to.

      I am really surprised my invisibility is working so well. I continue to think to myself, "I remember all my dreams", as I watch the guys run by.

      One guy in red shoots this blaster gun thing at me, but I don't feel anything. Then they all continue running by. I am not sure if I was hit, or if I was shielded. I don't feel any pain from it at all.

      A younger looking kid, who looks like Sean from when I was young, stands near me, his eyes darting around. I stare at the pupils of his eyes as they dart around. They are sky blue. He tells another guy that "It looks like it went straight through." I don't know if he just sees a hole in the wall behind me, or if he is looking at me, with a hole in me.

      (I don't know which really happened. One possibility is the guy shot at me, but somehow I was like transparent, and the blast just hit the wall behind me. Or, the blast hit me, and left a hole in me, but I just didn't feel it. But why would the guy have aimed at me and shot if I were invisible?)

      Someone behind the guy standing near me has an alarm go off. It sounds like a standard alarm clock sound, like a beepy thing. The kid with the sky blue eyes is now saying, "Man, thats a powerful alarm" or something like that. The dream starts to end with me still repeating "I remember all my dreams" in my mind.

      F A D J'd!!!

      I then found myself writing on something like Fii Write but it was like a parchment note book with really tall but thin sheets of paper. My left hand is writing dream notes in black. It is weird because the dream notes can only fit like 5 lines on a page, and with a space between each note, it is hard to space out. I am not lucid in this now. I really think I am recording my dream.

      One note I write is about how the alarm went off at 6 A M. this makes sense because maybe one of the dreamers on that team of red suit people had an alarm set for 6, and it was waking him up. So the sound could have got into all of our dreams. I see "3:03" somewhere on the page. 3:03 A M. I think this connects also to something in the dream, or maybe the dream lasted from 3:03 to 6 A M. (When I looked at the timing of my notes, the entire dream chain was under an hour, counting the time it took to fall a sleep!)

      I wake up from this sort of gradually into thinking about the dreams into my physical bed. Then I realize I am really in my physical bed for "real" this time, and I can tell the difference. I think back through it and pull as much as I can into my mind.


      WOW. This dream was one of my craziest dream chains. Maybe because I had trouble sleeping last night, I got REM rebound. I am so happy about this. It was so much work to record it all, but, so worth it, to have these memories.

      My theories about the red suit people: I think what happened was, they were a team of dreamers doing some kind of mission to defeat some zombies in the hospital (or to destroy all the circum sizers!) and I just happened to spawn in that bathroom at the same time as their mission. Then they thought I was one of their enemies and shot at me and stuff. But I wasn't their enemy.

      Either that or I was having such a long dream chain that I attracted some attention from "dream agents". Because I neutralized the dog attack, flew, drank the power juice, had in depth conversations with other dreamers on the boat, and attempted to disrupt the movie theater thing, they saw me as someone who was making waves. And I had to be stopped. That is my other theory.

      Again, I was able to type it up at least 90% without even going back over my voice notes, even hours after awakening. My dream memory is definitely getting stronger. When I look back at older Dream Journals I can see how I just have a much higher volume of recall now than I did then. It is encouraging to see that. Also I can see big gains in my dream skills and dream quality that are harder to notice when just comparing to yesterday's.
    2. #129: Language fragments

      by , 04-19-2016 at 06:34 AM
      Bed time: ~ 00.30
      Get up: 07.30

      I don't remember a full dream. All I remember are a bunch of fragments of a language related event. I'm talking with multiple people in multiple languages. I'm talking with a British guy who's planning to stay in the Netherlands for 6 years and who already speaks Dutch quite well. We're standing somewhere in the city centre during the day, close to one of the canals. Later I'm talking to a group of people. I think it was in English. I believe I also spoke some French somewhere. At some point I enter a restaurant. A white, male staff member is asking me the regular questions and I tell him my girlfriend is already sitting in the outside area. He seems quite bend on etiquette and quite annoying.

      I remember I had another dream. I think it may have involved my mom. I can't remember it at all though.
    3. Private

      by , 04-09-2016 at 02:38 PM
      Well, I hope that this is not going to happen too many times in the coming weeks (with regards to the competition). I remember two dreams that I'm not ready to share in public....

      There was also something, I can't really call it a fragment, it's in between a feeling and a fragment, about me hardly using my native language (Dutch) anymore, but only French and English.
      Tags: language, sexual
    4. #112: Language cafe & fragments

      by , 03-18-2016 at 03:58 PM
      Language cafe
      I'm at a social gathering / semi language cafe. The coordinator is my thesis supervisor. He makes two groups and splits us up using a wall divider. One side is for people who want to speak in different languages, the other side for people who just want to talk to others. On my side of the wall are perhaps 6 people. I think I end up speaking some Spanish, despite my Spanish being shitty in real life. At a certain point the divider is removed. My classmate Kristen is with some people on the other side of it. She starts crying because the person she was talking to left. She's crying because she just wanted to meet someone and her plan fell through. She's totally burned out. I think my thesis supervisor tries to comfort her, though at this point he may have also turned into one of the other lecturers, who isn't capable of being very supportive.

      » I'm at a camping site. Several of my friends are there. It's already a bit dark out and it's quite a mess around here. As if a multi-day festival just took place... or a flood. We're working on inflating my mattress. It's quite a big thing. You can even open it using a zipper and then store your bags inside for safekeeping. There's also a flute looking attachment which you can use to manually inflate it a bit more. I recall talking to a guy I haven't met before, but I'm not sure what it was about.

      » I'm at a train station. I was sitting on the train, but a bit panicly came out. I think because I was afraid to miss my stop. Whilst walking the length of the platform my grey hat gets blown from my head and lands on the train tracks perhaps 5 or 10 metres away. It instantly combusts, though it partially survives. Physically I don't respond to this at all. In my mind I think it sucks, cause I bought that one in Indonesia. It is my own fault. I could feel my hat shifting a little bit due to the wind, but did nothing to stop it. The second pull is what made it fly away.

      » We've gone on a trip with our class and now we're headed back.. by bus? We're going back to the central meeting point. One girl is disappointed by that, cause her house is in the opposite direction.

      » I'm with some classmates. One of them is making a fuzz over having kissed one of our classmates.

      » I'm sitting in class. Two of my classmates are arguing and eventually it resorts to one of them being silent and the other intermittently shouting "why won't you listen to me?!" or something along those lines. After a while the lecturer threatens to stop the lecture if my classmate doesn't stop interrupting it. My classmate says he'll be cool, but in the end.. nope.
    5. #95: Canal jump

      by , 02-18-2016 at 08:29 AM
      Canal jump
      I can't recall the beginning of this dream. I'm somewhere in London it seems, trying to get to my (taekwondo?) class. The city has been overgrown somewhat by plants and the infrastructure has crumbled. It's sort of post-apocalyptic, except for the fact that there are still people. At some point I have to cross a canal. I think this is where the dream started. I'm swimming in the canal, going upstream. In my left helft I'm holding a loaf of sliced bread, wrapped in plastic. From somewhere (perhaps a voice over) I hear the information that the Chinese dump their poop in this canal, on the left side from my perspective. I can see the poop floating by on my left, going downstream. There's a clear border until where the poop is floating. My bag with bread is floating away from me a bit, crossing the poopborder. One of the floating poops touches my bread. Fuck, no! Nasty! Am I still gonna take this bread with me? [This part of the dream was so freaking gross]. I continue upstream. I need to be on the left side, but there's no easy way to climb out of the water there, though there are some boats lined up to the side. I exit the canal on the right side. The wall is quite high, but I climb out easily.

      A few metres further I'm standing at what used to be a bridge over the river. It's broken. All that's left are a few steps on this side and a few on the other, both sides quite overgrown with vegetation. I consider jumping to the other side, but it's clearly too far. Plus on this side the bridge is basically a set of stairs going down, making it impossible to get a good run up. There are 2 white guys standing with me. I'm not sure if we're talking in English or in Dutch, but I tell at least 1 of them that I need to get to taekwondo class, which started on the hour. I look at the watch the guy has on his left wrist. It's one with a white background. I can see that it's already 15 - 20 past the hour and that I'm late. I think it's slightly raining at this point. I look down at the river. There are massive tubes underneath the water surface, perhaps 1.5 metre orso. They have various colours, amongst others purple. I considered diving into the water from here, but if I do that I might hit the pipes. I also wonder for a moment how I didn't feel the pipes if I was swimming down there just now.

      I'm back along the edge of the canal. My new plan is to jump back in the water and cross to the other side. One of the dudes throws my bag of bread in the water. No you idiot! He asks me why it's a problem, since I'm gonna swim anyway. I tell him that it's a problem cause he threw it in close to our edge of the water and I was gonna jump as far as I can so I wouldn't have to swim that far. I think he retrieves it for me. The stone edge with the water is just a step higher than the rest of the street. Perfect for a run up. There's a small box on it which I can use for extra height. I don't have much space to run though, perhaps 2 metres. From a position a bit further to the left I have more space to run. I consider running with a bow, but that's inefficient. Then I realise I can just move the box to the left, where I have slightly more space. I do so. There's a young kid playing around the box. His mom, who I think is on the other side of the canal on a boat, tells him to give me some space. A man with black hair who is turning bald is approaching from the left with 2 young girls. Somehow I'm under the impression that this guy is from an Eastern European country. He's about to get in my way. This isn't the best run up due to the people around me, but I decide to go for it anyways, as else I might have to wait for the guy and his girls to pass. I run with a slight curve to the right to avoid the guy and jump as far as I can. I had estimated that I would land halfway in the canal, but instead I make it all the way to the other side. Then I continue as if I was doing a parkour run. In the mean time I hear a voice. It feels like I myself am narrating something, but it is in an Eastern European language [I don't speak a single Eastern European language]. I have some fun and do a cork.
    6. Adam and the desert

      by , 11-26-2015 at 08:55 PM
      Earlier, was just lucid enough to deliberately fly upward with the intent of getting a wider view, instead lost visuals and wound up in a completely different scene, losing lucidity.

      Standing on a ladder outside a suburban home, the wind shifts, hot and dry, a sense of the desert that's going to claim this place and incorporate it into my people's territory. I'm the one who led them to this place, but I feel conflicted now. I excuse myself to the man who'd been holding the ladder, and go inside to take care of some loose ends. There are too many signs of how personal an interest I've taken in this world, learning their language, getting much too attached; I should dispose of that evidence.

      Elsewhere, among the troops, I'm speaking to one of them on behalf of a man in this world, Adam, trying to make sure they take care when they process him. I say I've never seen a dreamer with power like his before. Which is true, but I'm also being careful to phrase it in practical terms, downplaying any personal attachment. I have to stress the importance of him as a resource not to be wasted. The man I'm speaking to agrees that they'll be careful, but I don't think he's really paying attention, just brushing me off. I end the scene flying back to that suburban house, desperately searching for Adam.

      The following scene focuses on a brother figure chiding me for hanging onto a ghost.
    7. Sat Feb 23 (2:30-12:05) **

      by , 02-23-2013 at 10:31 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Quests Galore

      I decide to play an old Harry Potter game for nostalgia's sake. I finished the main plot long ago, but there are a bunch of bonus quests that never did finish, and none of them are easy. You have to save up a lot of gold before doing them. After collecting some money, I try starting one of the quests that I've heard is particularly hard--not because of difficult battles, but because the quest is sort of a mystery and it's hard to guess where you're supposed to go next. Indeed, a glob-like creature rises out of the darkness, eats most of my gold, and vanishes without a trace. Well, that got me nowhere. So much wasted time gathering that gold.

      I decide to give one of the other quests another try. It involves defeating a ghostly horse-riding warrior. I've tried it before, earlier tonight, and I know that he does a lot of damage, but at least the objective is straightforward. I ride down into his canyon lair and we immediately start fighting, repeatedly charging down the canyon and passing each other like we're jousting with swords. If I hold down one of the trigger buttons on my controller (like the R2 button on a PS2) it will charge my attack, so that if I release the button at the right time, the slash of my scimitar will do lots of extra damage. The trouble is, he's doing the same thing, and we're both losing health at about the same rate. In fact, I'm about to die!

      Hurriedly, I pause the game and try to find a health potion in my inventory. While looking around in there, I realize that I also still should have Armageddon's Blade, an epic weapon that I received for completing the main storyline all those years ago. I drink the potion, unpause, and run away from the ghostly warrior to give myself time to search for the sword. I'll also have to ensure that I'm suitably fireproof so that I don't kill myself as well when activating the sword's epic power.

      Somehow I end up in a village with a friend of mine, a girl, accompanying me. While I'm talking to some NPCs, she sets off to do a different quest. The NPC remarks upon her departure, saying in a commiserating tone of voice that "women are ever unfaithful." Irked by his sexism, I try to explain that women are people too, and this one just happens to be busy at the moment: "There are only ten slots in our inventory, and we're each trying to do about twenty quests at the same time," I say.


      I'm hanging out with my dad's friend's son, whose father is there as well. The father makes a casual remark that I respond to at face value--then I realize that between the lines, he was actually saying that his son is gay and he thinks I ought to start going out with him. Apparently he thinks I'm gay as well. I'm impressed that he can say this much without actually saying any of it outright: it's the only logical interpretation of his comment. [I can't remember the exact wording of the comment, but presumably it wouldn't make as much sense in waking life anyway.] I add something to my previous response, hopefully making clear that now I understand his second meaning and I'm actually not interested in guys. The son does indeed interpret it that way and hurriedly responds, "That's fine." I suppose he probably feels a bit uncomfortable about his dad's attempt at matchmaking.

      Previous hours:
      Feb 20, 0:00-8:31
      Feb 21, 3:40-8:30
      Feb 22, 0:25-8:33; frag: doing touristy stuff

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    8. Nap time

      by , 01-10-2013 at 12:58 AM
      So I took a nap today as per usual. While in my dream I began observing the people around me. There was a group of people toward the back of the room speaking in some strange language I've never heard before. There was a lady standing next to me and I asked her "am I dreaming?" Her reply was a simple no. I walked over to a sink and began washing my hands while looking around the room and thinking to myself "I'm dreaming."

      Of course right then my alarm clock went off. Bummer!!
      Tags: language, lucid
    9. The Castle on the Island

      by , 11-30-2012 at 12:03 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      12:51 pm

      NOTES Drank apple + carrot juice

      3:00 pm

      MILD, watched Dante's Cove, read Tibetan Yoga. I daydreamed about taking a bus back in Negros, thinking that being in Manila is just a (day)dream I was having while in the one-hour bus ride. It was kinda depressing, and I thought of how I am actually sitting in the bus, and me lying on the bed here in Manila is the dream. Then I tried pushing my finger through my palm; it went through. I tried again, same result. I was happy. I looked at the people around the bus. They have strange faces. Masks. White alien masks. I went down the bus and ran and ran, without stopping. I just kept on imagining running around, encountered a 3-foot tool, red, worm-like creature with a hole for a mouth. I jumped into the mouth, and the running kept going. Fell asleep.

      4:55 pm - wake up


      I was in an island with other people. We were scattered across different islands. I asked a girl how were her parents. The answer was vague, but she actually meant they just saw each other in a different island.

      We were guarding a castle near the sea. There are invaders. We are doing our best to keep them off. My allies in the castle were able to create a huge machine-monster to fight the enemy's monster-giant. I climbed down to give them ideas. The archers on the walls are good, but they're vulnerable from flyers and other arrows. I suggested (hingal) to cover them from above, attach magnets near them to minimize arrow damage, and build spikes to discourage flyers from coming closer. They nodded, but I felt they're not gonna implement it.

      I looked around, and at the 'back,' there are huge gates and walls. There's a local family passing by. Peru or Peruvian came to mind. Their child was able to fit through the bars and climbed inside. The few guards in the area caught her and brought her out. The panicked family outside began to leave in a hurry after they have their daughter, talking in a panicked language (unfamiliar language; probably Peruvian as well?). The guards signed to them to please don't talk about this area. It's a very vulnerable spot. I thought they shouldn't have let them get away alive at all. I got annoyed at the other officers for being careless. The area is largely blocked off by a huge forest, but there's no telling when the enemy will discover this vulnerable spot. I plan for the immediate strengthening of the location.
    10. Playstation and Colours

      by , 08-27-2012 at 02:52 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I can kind of remember two dreams from last night. Well, more like fragments. In the first, I was trying to help a girl hook up a Playstation to my laptop because she needed a monitor to play it on. The second dream involved me guessing at meanings of things in a language made of colours.
    11. More pieces from the last couple of days.

      by , 04-20-2012 at 07:57 AM

      I'm at a meeting, I'm sitting at a long table with many roughly middle aged people talking. A man say something in a pretty normal, unemphatic voice and a translator starts saying the same in a weird language. Apparently emotional facial expressions convey meaning in the language, since she is shifting from a happy face to an angry one and everything in between. The man say something again, just as unemphatically, and the translator start yelling in an angry way, spouting out syllables and bangs her head on the table. She finishes the sentence going trough grief to a disgust.

      Someone asks if I mind being there, not knowing anything about what is going on and I say I don't mind. Apparently I'm just representing some organization so that both have the same amount of representatives. The person talking to me is the cook and he says the food is going to be late because of some problem with equipment. There is cheese frying in the kitchen. I offer him some advice and then get up to help him with the food.

      Industrial Forestry

      Something happened before this, I don't remember what, and then I'm walking with someone on a road next to a forest. There is a complex of buildings around us, it's a university campus, perhaps. We notice that some of the trees in the forest next to the road have been cut. A bit further there is a huge industrial machine cutting away all the trees from a patch. It cuts a whole row at once and tows them all in to a container. I say I didn't think they would be this far. I was planning to show the forest to the person I'm walking with, before it's cut.


      I'm in a computer game. The game is really easy and I'm at the end, but there is a final boss who seem pretty big and strong. It's a rpg type game and I spend some time tinkering to get to an optimal position for the match.

      Moldy bread

      I'm making bread. There are five pieces left and I use four of them. I notice that the last one is moldy. I throw it away and ponder whether I can eat the other ones. I don't have anything else to eat at home.
    12. The Polite Second Person

      by , 02-04-2012 at 10:32 AM

      I'm in a city. There is a bridge over a road, and a man standing there. I tell him about how weird it is, in my mind, to use the second person plural to indicate politeness in singular. It causes one to use less polite forms in actual plural.


      There is a news story about a friend of mine, who has compared the image of the city I live in to that of the city where I was born. There is a picture with very similar details in both cities. I'm in my city of birth now, in a rural area. There is a mansion that belongs to the family of a very old friend. The lights are on and I wave, but secretly wish that I wasn't seen, I have something I should do. A car pulls in and I hide behind a tree.

      It's the owner of the house, and some other familiar faces. I come out from behind the tree and greet them. The friend say something with a weird accent that I don't understand. I ask him to repeat a couple of times, with no luck. We go inside and most of them go upstairs.

      I decide not to follow, since I have something to do and I don't understand what the owner of the house is saying. My intention was just to say hello anyway. Downstairs in the kitchen I talk for a while with a girl I used to know in school about my efforts to get elected in Australia. Apparently it's hard since I'm not Australian and don't live there.
    13. French to Spanish(Nov 20, 2011)

      by , 11-21-2011 at 04:19 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I am in a spanish class trying to learn spanish. I remember being in distress becasuse I was supposed to be learning french and not spanish.
      Tags: dream, frag, language
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Faking the French Language

      by , 11-11-2011 at 12:47 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can only remember a fragment of the dream I had last night, but it is the first dream I have remembered for a very long time.

      I was either in school or in a store of some kind and I went up to a man who was sitting behind a table selling things, but he only spoke French and we could not understand each other. I can barely read French and I certainly can not speak it in waking life, but for some reason in the dream I started "faking" what I thought was good French and apparently it was because the man behind the table and I had a long and cheerful conversation with me. I knew by the sound of it that we were speaking French, but I had no idea what either he or myself was actually saying.

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    15. Shoujo Hop

      by , 09-27-2011 at 09:51 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Notes: Because things have changed so much for me in the past few months, I ended up just setting aside my dream journal for about a month. It's hard to be dream motivated when things are so stressful. However, I think I'm ready to try again.

      I read a post here about writing down your day's events at the end of the day, and I started doing that two days ago. Already I've noticed improvements. I was motivated enough this morning to write out a long dream.

      I think I'll wait a week before picking out dream signs since I started over. Also, I don't know how the next few days will go because this morning, I woke up feeling like I was dying (stupid ovaries), so I may not care about writing dreams down as I reach for the trash can and some pain killers.



      Shoujo Hop (Non-lucid)

      Me, mom and dad were walking in the store on the far right. We saw an Asian (he had the typical features) standing there looking confused, but he looked towards me and I, walking ahead, moved back with mom because I was shy, so that dad was walking ahead.

      The boy, who looked about my age, started trying to talk to dad in 'Korean'. Dad was like "okaaay" and started to walk on. I took pity and before I passed him, I stopped to help.

      I had my hair up in pigtails like I went to bed with in RL.

      I asked if he knew any English. He shook his head. For a second I wondered why he was there then, and how he understood me. I ended up moving on and saw that he'd gotten on pixiv. Maybe on a small black device, and I saw it that he was on pixiv in my head.

      We walked on again and mom and dad were arguing about the boy. Dad thought maybe he was mentally retarded or something.


      - I'm walking up to mom and the cart, and maybe I have something.

      - I was talking to dad about product(s). There was a little more detail about the groceries but I didn't have the best recall.

      ~ Gap~

      Mom ducks under a low hang. 'How cute it is', she said, and I was confused. I ducked under it, bumping my head. Then I see a baby seat on a shopping cart. I look at the baby in it as I pass, but it's kind of ugly and I wonder how mom thought it was cute. It looked more like a baby with a man's face.

      As I passed it the mother came back. I tell her about bumping my head, but she seemed to ignore me.


      I was walking along a swingset. The style felt more anime-like. Girls (5-6) were swinging. One saw me and pretty much flew off the swing and glomped onto me. A couple more piled onto me, and someone/me mentions/thinks that we looked like the Powerpuff Girls.

      I think we were sprawled on the ground in a pose. I started naming off groups we could be, and the girl's expressions changed depending on what I said. They were amusing. Only one I remember now is Sailor Moon and some licensed media.


      We were posting our cosplay pics online for a short time. One got taken down because the media was licensed. I saw the page on the internet. The pic link wasn't up anymore. I figured the cosplay based on the Japanese show(s) hadn't been taken down because it's harder for Japanese companies to wade through English pages.

      The girls were less anime-like and older.


      One of the girls, blonde-haired, was sitting outside a house on the porch. She said she was 'practicing her Kubota by _x_ anyone who went by'. She seemed to be glaring.

      x = Something like 'taking care of'.

      Me: Kubota from the manga Wild Adapter by Minekura Kazuya.

      pixiv - A Japanese (fan)art website I go to often.

      Side notes: My dad would never say 'okaaay' much less not help someone in need. Also, I totally understand the gap parts, I know why I'd associate certain things with other things. It was interesting to follow.

      I had one other private dream.

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