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    1. 2 lucids, but no control

      by , 08-14-2018 at 02:15 PM (Exterminate)
      I remember bits of a dream where I was exploring a multiplayer pvp map of a game I don't recognize. I went to the top floor of the building and snuck into a secret area through some vents. It had a greater purpose in singleplayer mode, but in multiplayer it didn't do much. I found myself in an office with a computer and a doomsday laser. I was trying to reach around to the computer but when I touched the floor alarms sounded. I hid and waited for the guards to show up. After a bit only 1 guy came in, and he seemed to be the evil boss you'd normally encounter when playing this. He didn't see me. He went to his computer and readied the laser. Evidently this laser would have the power to level buildings and he was ready to use it against me. I found myself with a rocket launcher. I pointed it at a router and walked through the plan in my head. First I'd shoot the router to stop any wireless activity, then I'd shoot the computer tower, and then the laser.

      Now the next two dreams may be mixed a bit. They were similar dreams and I had them one after the other.

      I woke up at 5am to my alarm and attempted FILD to no success. I rolled over and played around with my imagination. I couldn't see anything, but I imagined I was holding onto a balloon. As the balloon rose and flew in the wind, so did I. Before I knew it I was in a dream with the balloon above. I then got on top of the balloon and used it to fly circles around the area I was in. After a moment I realized I actually had transitioned into a dream, so I checked my palms and found they had detail. I looked around at the area and saw I was in a neighborhood with many trees. I descended down to the nearest house I could find and willed the inside to look like my dream hub. I walked inside, turned to my right to enter the living room/main area of the hub. I was disappointed with what I saw. Instead of what should have been I only saw one sad looking chair, a flimsy desk, and a few scattered items I didn't pay much attention to. I walked through the living room and into what would be a dining room in the original location. I found myself in the living room of my current house instead. I then decided I would spawn in my DG. I started talking to her. "Sarah, I know you're behind me. I am going to turn around and you'll be with me." I turned around...and she wasn't there.
      I then went back through the pitiful living room and went upstairs hoping to see the upstairs from my old house that the dream hub is based on. I turned the corner and just saw the current house's second floor. I went to my room and checked my computer out of curiosity. I could read it, but it was all dark with . It looked almost like an inverted effect. I quickly gave up on that and went back downstairs and outside.
      I woke up due to frustration with my dream control.

      I turned over and went back to sleep. My breathing rate was far too high to be relaxed so I had to pace myself and remind myself I'm dreaming every couple of moments until I fell back sleep.
      I was in the dream hub again, but it still didn't appear correctly. I again went outside to try some other things. I told myself "This is a dream. This is MY dream. I am in control. I can do whatever I want." After being unable to conjure fire from my fingers I then tried doing things that would be easier to accomplish that I could build upon to give myself control. I broke my finger backwards and felt it a bit but was able to quickly subdue the pain. I used that to tell myself the dream wasn't real and that I was in control. I was about to try some other measure of dream control until two ladies drive up to the house in separate cars. One car looked like a classic jaguar and the other a classic corvette. Both women were stunning and enticing. The corvette woman was very blunt that it was their mission to capture me and take me to their company. I declined the offer. She then took off and left. The other woman told me seductively that she knew what I really wanted. She told me to hop into her car and she'd take me somewhere special. I stupidly went along with it. As we arrived at our destination I asked if she knew how to talk to my subconscious. I had some questions I really wanted to ask of my inner self. She looked at me like I was crazy. She had no clue what I was talking about. She then took my into the building and I quickly realized I had been duped. I let my instincts take over and got myself trapped at this institute that they had intended to take me to before. I had enough of the situation and woke up later due to my 7am alarm.

      So for the record the dream hub is still in the planning phase at this stage. I have been thinking of the idea for a year or two. I know what it should look like. I originally intended it to be a wonderland for a tulpa I was working on. Her name was Sarah. I'd still kind of like to succeed with tulpamancy, but it requires so much work. I have tried with tulpamancy for almost as long as I have with lucid dreaming and haven't had much success. I have had seasons of giving up tulpamancy altogether and other seasons of trying real hard to accomplish my goals. I think my main roadblock is that I want to dig straight into the most difficult parts at the start and am disheartened when I don't see results. I want to see a visually imposed tulpa and psychically hear her. I don't trust my mindvoice. It isn't very loud to begin with so a voice in my head wouldn't be much different as far as I know. Anyway, the wonderland started as just the living room in my old house. The living room had a fireplace and was connected to the dining room of the house. The living room was accessible straight from the front entrance. You would walk in and see stairs to the left going to the second floor. In front would be a mirror on a door that lead down a hallway that had the door to the basement. If you kept walking you'd find yourself in the kitchen.
      If you went right from the front entrance you'd see the living room. I picture that in the far right end you'd see a large corner couch with an old T.V standing in front of it. If you can picture a television like this one from fallout, but the monitor is on a simple stand and has speakers on either side of the screen built into it. The screen you see would also be HD. To it's left would be a desk with a mirror for Sarah. To the left of that and in the corner would be a queen size bed. Across the room would be a computer desk with 3 monitors and a VR setup, because I imagine Sarah as a gamer. To it's left would be the fireplace. The fire would be lit and there would be two large red chairs next to each other facing the fireplace with a small table in between that has two fresh hot chocolate mugs ready. As I grew the home from a simple wonderland I pictured the basement as a sort of dream hub. Ideally most dreams I have would take place at this house somewhere. Any time I try teleporting and fail due to not thinking a location fast enough, etc, I'd like to return here. Any time I would cause myself to wake up early I'd like to return here instead.

      The basement would take on an appearance very similar to the one from the old house. You'd go down the stairs, and on your right would be a door with a short staircase that leads to the exit through some large doors, as it used to be a shelter entered via that spot. To the right of that door was a small useless hiding area in case of storm. To the left and across the way would normally be a stack of papers and an old boiler, but in my dreams and as part of the dream hub instead there would be an additional room that would be located here. As you walk through the hallway and into this new room you'd notice it is all white. You stand on a platform with only a void below. There are many doors surrounded my a central console. Central console is just a glowing white orb, kinda like this but not. The doors again are just standard wood with glowing white inside. As I touch the central console I would create a new permanent realm in one of the doorways. I could then just walk through the doorway of my choosing, through a portal into a world of my creation. The world may have specific rules set upon creation. Some places may not have gravity, some may allow murder, etc. For the most part these realms would pause when I leave and start again when I return. If at any time I forget the realms they should have a name above the doorways and the central console can always give me the details on the portal at any time.

      Also as a note the entire house would be located on a cloud. If I wanted to I could just go outside, sit on a porch swing and enjoy the breeze. I could also fly out and through the clouds and see where it takes me.
    2. the death dream

      by , 04-06-2018 at 08:54 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Hey friends, this didn't happen last night but I wanted to record a dream I had in the past that's important to my dream history.

      The background is I was very sick when I was about 13 or 14. I had gone to summer camp and came back with swine flu. Not sure if anyone remembers but swine flu had its course of importance a little while back. So, I had this sickness and was in bed or on the couch for a week. I had gone to bed one night at a normal time around midnight and had this interesting experience which tops any nightmare or bad dream I think I've ever had.

      Like most dreams it starts with being in another dream before. I was in this giant landscape that had a valley. The valley was inhabited by ropes for old wooden ships. It was a little bit of a game where my vision was changing between these wide spiral structures made from this rope but wasn't more than 30 or so yards off of the ground. I think I was trying to get through the rope in the structures.

      It's hard to explain the death dream but I was outside of someone's house and simultaneously in a cave. I know we die in dreams often and it's not really a big deal, sure we are dying and we believe it but it doesn't resonate far into waking reality and it doesn't have much to say about our lives, but this is the only time it was different for me.

      I was in a cave with several other people near me, but this dream seemed really important, like me and the people around me were taking part in something important and the feeling was that each of us was nervous and hoping the other would take more responsibility and control of the situation. I haven't been able to feel what other DCs were feeling in dreams, especially not one that was unpleasant, but this time I did. We were all nervous looking around at each other.

      The idea of this dream is that there's a boulder falling down onto one single person. That person is experiencing this boulder falling onto them. It's not like a job to hold it up, there's no purpose between the boulder and the person. The first part that made this dream intimidating is that the boulder is somehow simultaneously getting larger and smaller at the exact same time. The boulder is rumbling extremely loudly and shaking the entire cave. The boulder is more of an idea than a physical object getting bigger and smaller in my mind.

      Outside of the house, there is an RV camper to the left of me. There's two people in front of me, but the idea is that there's eight people there with us. The main idea is that we have to nominate someone to die out of the eight of us. This is where the death comes in. I can actually feel the chance that I will be chosen and executed. The two people in front of me are busy doing something, but I can feel eight people looking at me like it's my choice who gets killed.

      After this, my vision is of this spiral inwards. In the middle is this powerful white laser beam of light. I don't mean a white light I mean this thing could cause anything that touched it to disappear. This was death in the dream. I was at some point in the white laser beam getting blasted. In the dream, I was dying, but I was fighting against it with everything in me. I was not okay with dying. I've been shot in a western shoot-out, I've fallen off a cliff, but I somehow knew I was dying here.

      I was at the same time in the cave, the boulder had rolled down a ramp and now above me. I was supposed to carry this boulder that was gaining mass but at the same time getting smaller, but the mass was too heavy and I was struggling. At the same time, I was in this white laser beam at the center of this maelstrom fighting for my life. At the same time I was outside of a house next to an RV getting volunteered to be the one who dies in this one of eight game.

      I eventually woke up absolutely drenched in sweat early in the morning. It was still dark. When I woke up, I felt in a way that I had cheated death or somehow saw what it was but avoided it. I got some water and went back to my bed but was absolutely terrified of going back to bed. When I used to pray, I would pray for the normal things. But if I was ever lying in bed and thinking about dreams I've had and that particular death dream came up, I would send a prayer up that would guarantee I wouldn't have that dream ever again.
    3. LD 96 - Super Bike (From 14.7.17 )

      by , 08-31-2017 at 03:25 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      At my old school in my hometown. Teacher missing, classroom outside? Iiro trying to sleep, he ignored me and I got mad. After some yelling I left. Old school buddies biking around. Awareness slowly rising. Got to my bike, unlocked it and left. I was almost sure this was a dream. I tossed the heavy bike lock at a car driving by. It left no dent in the glass. Yeah, dreaming. I hopped on the road and imagined my bike having a rocket behind it. Successfully rocket boosted forward. Car was coming my way, I decided that my bike was an indestructible laser blade that could cleave that car in half. Well, I phased through without harming it. Disappointed, I tried again with the next car. My bike cleaved the front half cleanly in two. I phased into the car and talked with the two guys. Gay couple, it turned out. Lucidity started to fade as my mind wandered. The chat with the gays made me visualize South Park games and my kitchen. I moved stuff with my mind in the kitchen, then the dream ended.
    4. [20-01-2017: 7th competition night]

      by , 01-20-2017 at 10:32 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      It was a warm afternoon. I was wandering some mixed forest (mostly deciduous, with some coniferous additions). I followed a path until I reached my house and went towards father's carpenty workshop. I entered it and saw my younger sister. Then we heard a radio alert about aliens landing. I grabbed her arm and wanted to run to the house, but apparently she had broken leg for some reason and we couldn't do it as quickly. Somehow I knew that she was the key to this whole aliens problem, as we left the workshop several government agents left other buildings of my backyard and chased us. We managed to escape to our house, but nobody was there. Everyone either escaped or put resistance to aliens. I wanted to barricade inside the house and wanted my sister to stay with me, but she escaped to some swamp. After a while I decided to join the resistance, finding my sister first. As I approached the exit, my family was back, bringing sister with them.

      Suddenly I woke up in my bed, in the middle of some meadow. There were two other beds, one was empty and my younger sister was on the other one. The meadow was surrounded by really scarce, young forest. There was some lake and ancient ruins nearby. Suddenly we saw a bright, shining orb floating on the sky. These were the aliens. With sister we searched for some weapons and started fighting with it. I caught the orb and punched it several times, but it still wasn't enough. Then I found a laser under one of pillows and started shooting the orb, but it still wasn't enoug to win.
    5. Egg of Power

      by , 11-28-2016 at 08:03 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I run through a building holding a golden egg shaped objected. It fires a laser out the top. I am being chased by my duplicates. I find a door. It slides open when I fire the laser. I then shut it with the laser. However after that my egg stops working. People try to convince me to sell it to them. I refuse. I end up crying.

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    6. Satan vs the Pew Pew Laser-Cat

      by , 05-28-2015 at 06:21 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      In a crowded section of New York City, flames erupt from the sewers as Satan himself rises from hell and bursts through the pavement of the road ahead of me, sending cars flying through the air and people running and screaming in all directions. He has a gang of demons around him, all made of flames, forming a painful looking perimeter of death and destruction around the Devil.

      I am holding a dark gray cat, almost black, with white on its face and some of its paws I don't remember picking it up, but it seems to like being held. I cradle it on its back like a baby in my left arm, against my side, and hold its tail out in front of me like a cannon. I aim it at the Devil and make my best "Pew Pew!" noises. Almost like a "pshhyeeeoo!!!" As I make my very best laser noises, bright blue laser beams shoot out of the cats tail. They move through the air at about the speed of a jogger, so Satan easily dodges them.

      I run toward Satan, aiming the cat's tail a few paces ahead of him and with "Pew Pew Pew Pew!" shoot four slow moving lasers out of the cat's tail into Satan's path. I almost got him this time! With great enthusiasm I go wild with my best "Pew Pew!" noises, filling the streets and alleys with blue lasers. 'If I shoot lasers everywhere, I can't miss.' I tell myself.

      Satan dives behind a sky scraper and out of sight. I pre-fire a few laser blasts from the cat's tail down the next street in case he tries to run for it, and then run down the alley to cut him off before he can get away. He gave me the slip somehow, and I haven't got a clue where to find him now. I find myself at a busy intersection, looking every which way as traffic flows through. Next to me is a fire fighter and a cop. They look at me, then at the cat I'm cradling in my arm, and then at how I'm holding the cat's tail out in front of me with my other hand, and then look back to me.
      "Check this out" I tell them as I aim the cat's tail in a harmless direction and say "Pew Pew Pew!" sending three bright blue laser beams slowly through the air.
      "That's pretty cool" they tell me.
      "I know, right?!"
      "Aren't you going to film it or take a picture or something?" The firefighter asks me.
      "No, I don't think anyone really needs to know about this. Plus I've gotta get Satan"
      They both give me an understanding nod, and I start walking away as I think about where to look.

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    7. LD#172: Courtesy of Manei...

      by , 02-21-2015 at 02:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at some kind of anime cosplay/ comic shop. They sold cosplay costumes from different popular anime as well as prop swords and wigs. Even the greeting cards they sold were replaced with anime characters on the cover.

      I was browsing around but couldn't find anything worth buying. I was getting ready to head out when Manei walks up to me and does the nose pinch on me.

      "Here, pinch your nose, see if you are dreaming."

      "Oh, you're a lucid dreamer too? Cool." (I didn't pay attention the first time.)

      A tall black guy of about 20 asks me what the heck she just did to me. I start to explain.

      "You see, it's a reality test for if you're dreaming or awake. So that you can realize that you are dreaming while you are dreaming and do cool stuff. But the important thing to do during RCs is to actually pay attention."

      I did a second nose pinch, being sure to actually pay close attention this time. It of course worked and I was lucid.

      Unfortunatley I can't really recall what happened after that. The dream went dark and I knew that it was ending. I tried to explain that fact to a couple of nearby dream characters.

      I false awoke on a raft in an ocean. I RCd but somehow turned up nonlucid. There was a massive floating fortress on the horizon. It began launching large white airplanes that shot tons of tiny green laser beams at me. I got the inkling that this was some kind of computer simulation.

      Spoiler for Interpretations:
    8. Wrong Story

      by , 09-11-2014 at 03:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This is a big mish-mash of stuff from the last couple days. I've been caught up with college.

      I am at S's house. But it feels more like my grandmother's house mashed with some completely unfamiliar elements. S is having a birthday party, and has invited only me and seven or eight very attractive girls.

      S is in his room all alone, and the girls are doing shots (and drunk as all heck). The invite me to try and drink the most, and give me a big glass of tequila. I take it, and when nobody is looking, pour it out the open window.
      S calls us into his bedroom, that looks more like a hotel room with two beds. He sits everyone down and we start playing apples to apples.

      My extended family (so a lot of people) are being taken to a very upscale movie theater by my cousin to see Divergent. We get there and the movie starts by explaining the post-apocalyptic setting. But then it begins to deviate from the plot some.
      Man, why does this always happen? A dream glitch occurs and I become a character the movie.
      So it turns out this isn't Divergent, but rather some other movie. The plot is as follows, and it's complicated.
      Meteorites containing an unknown alien element come crashing to earth. There are just a few at first, but slowly more and more of them begin to arrive. When the meteorites impact they create what are known as psychic wormholes. These are portals intertwining the planets of the inner solar system (that have also been hit by these meteorites) as well as the distant origin star system. The portals can effect a human's consciousness by hypnotizing them to walk into the portal, turning them into a zombie, or just trying to kill them.
      Humanity built anti-oribtal laser cannons to combat the meteorites and prevent the portals from covering too much of the earth's surface. Although a large percentage of the earth is already under the influence of these portals, there are small zones where the remaining humans live that are free from the psychic effects of the portals.
      Occasionally scientists and others go outside of the safe zones to study the portals and look for ways to destroy them. But only people with what's known as a 'psychic resistance' can leave the safe zones and study the portals.
      I can remember that I am one of the people that is going outside the safe zone. I am waiting in a field alongside others. Some people are saying goodbye to their families and hugging one another and what not, because of the people turned into zombies, going near the portals is dangerous.
      My character is however, an orphan. I have nobody to say goodbye to.
      While I am waiting in the field, I notice the surroundings. I recall there being a huge concrete pedestal in the field with a telescope observatory dome on top of it. But rather than a telescope there is this huge steel cone with prongs on the end of it. There is a red conduit going up the side. I think to myself that is probably one of the anti-orbital lasers.
      A small boat pulls up in a lake by the field, and people start getting on. That is the boat that take us outside the safe zone. I take note of how cramped the boat looks but then remember that the ride is not very long. I get on-board.
      It was at this point that I met a character called The Marshall. He was this huge, brawny man who wore a cowboy hat and motorcycle goggles. He divided everyone up into groups, each one of us was to investigate one portal. They needed as many people as possible for these missions so anyone with psychic resistance had to come.
      My group wound up being with a very young, brown haired boy, probably six or seven. An elderly woman, at least 70. And a woman with short black hair who was probably in her 20's. She looked like as though she was very experienced with going outside of the safe zones.
      I can remember the Marshall passes out a printed test to everyone to make sure that they have the psychic resistance that he needs.
      The dream skips ahead to my group walking through the streets of an overgrown city. The black-haired woman has a detector used for locating the exact location of the wormhole. The old woman, who was around before the meteors struck, knows this city because she used to live in this town.
      We end up finding the wormhole on the floor of an abandoned Cafe. It is a small blue energy vortex bound onto the floor, perhaps a foot in diameter. It seems to distort the tiles around it, making them appear to twist with it.

      I walk into the cafe, through the broken front wall, and the black haired girl tells me not to go too close. Even though I have psychic resistance, I can still hear the wormhole calling to me, telling me to jump in. I decide to give in to it, even though I could easily fight off the desire.
      I can remember walking over to the spot on the floor. I look up at the ceiling and see a small hole, no bigger than a baseball with sunlight streaming though and think about the meteor falling through it. I then jump into the portal.

      I am high above the earth's atmosphere. The moon is huge and very close to earth. Mars is smaller and visible on above the moon. I start falling toward the earth and burning up in the atmosphere.

      I am standing in what feels like the entrance to an ancient city. There are roman-styled buildings made out of a white crystal all around. They appear crumbled and in a state of disrepair but are still beautiful. There are cherry blossom trees everywhere, and the air is thick with flower petals. There are so many petals that they form a thin layer, perhaps an inch thick on the ground.
      Hands break through the thick mat of petals and grab me around the ankles, and start pulling me in. It feels like the petals are much deeper now, and the scent of them is overwhelming. I struggle and scream but it is muffled.
      I start to become lucid. I wake up.

      I am at my university. I am walking around and come across this very odd dorm building that looks like a motel. It is supposed to have really fancy dorms but looks very junky and beat-up.

      I am having a fight with somebody. We both have mild superpowers. I can recall we are fighting in the parking lot. I pick up a small white car and try to throw it at him.
      I recall very vivid imagery as the car skids down the parking lot hitting another car and then my opponent. I can remember hearing one of the car's alarms going off.
      I then tried to chase the opponent who as acting like he didn't want to fight anymore.

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    9. The Sand Tunnels

      by , 10-29-2013 at 04:48 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Didn't manage to remember the previous two days' dreams, but this one I was able to recall by laying in bed for a moment and thinking. It almost slipped by my memory!
      I was in an underground passageway, with lots of sand and rock around me. The lighting was dim; some lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Apparently I was tasked with completing a computer project by finding a sound-bit for the Windows start up noise and downloading it.
      Instead, I put that project off and decided to read manga. Eventually, I got bored of that and headed around the nearby corner to find a long, sandy hallway/tunnel. I saw some people walking down it. I made my way forward but was suddenly blinded by a bright blue light. I heard a static-like noise, and then saw a flash as a blue-purple colored laser fired from the end of the tunnel where the light was coming from. The laser killed many of the people in the tunnel, much to my horror. I ducked in a side area as the laser fired, and overheard a man nearby shouting "I can't believe they have diamonds!"
      I turned and saw some strange humanoid looking creatures who were holding spears and coming closer to me. They wore brown cloaks, and their faces were shrouded, the only thing possible to see was their orange eyes. They looked like Jawas from Star Wars. I fought them, and as the battle commenced I heard distinct arabian-ish music playing as a backdrop for the fight, almost as if I was in a video game. Once they were defeated, I collected the nearby loot on the ground: some skittles and a bottle cap.
      This is actually my dream referencing my real life hobby of collecting bottle caps.
      I walked back out into the hallway where the death laser was previously, and saw my family walking towards me. They told me we were going on vacation. And funnily enough, we just recently got back from vacation.
      That's all I could remember.
    10. 17th Aug 2013 Various video game fragments

      by , 08-17-2013 at 11:57 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      There was some video game where i had to search something and there was something about dragons.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was in some game and i was in snowy forest, i was on some quest and i had inventory full of items, then there was a shop which had various weapons and i was trying to figure out an upgrade path to add one massive laser cannon to my weapon collection. Ended up looking through various tiers of laser weapons in shop, including heat beam weapon, some green laser gun, a few small laser guns, and another huge black-red laser cannon which i believed to be prerequisite for the one i am looking for. Also i lacked alot of items that were required for crafting anyway. Then i went ahead to continue on the quest and was going through some wooden building areas.

      Dream 3:

      I was playing some FPS game that was mix of different games. I was on coop mission with somebody(3 people) and we were going through some tech complex. It was rather mazey and at times looked like doom, at one point i was even using minigun from skulltag port to gun down a few enemies including an archvile that could become invisible. Then we had to solve a few switch puzzles and were going through some area guarded by turrets. Then there was room with teleports and i screwed up and ended up back at the level start. I had to go through level again, but then there was one jumping puzzle that was not there before. It involved climbing ladder to the top of the room and jumping on air planes that were suspended in the air. First few jumps were easy, but then there was another jump that involved something about jetpack according to tip, and also there was random drunk demoman from TF2 who was giving free parachutes even though falling damage was non-existent in the game.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was playing different FPS game where i was going through some complex of skyscraper buildings, then i went outside of complex and there were some strange creatures and i could select one of them to have as a pet, and i selected some red spikey creature. Interestingly they were named after pokemon but didn't looked like ones at all. After that, wave of enemies appeared and we had to fight together versus it.
    11. Steering Clear of a Laser Tracking Weapon

      by , 06-18-2013 at 12:18 PM
      Morning of June 18, 2013. Tuesday.

      This was my long dream of walking and sometimes running over a seemingly long distance while being apparently pursued by someone we never see though possibly more like a remotely controlled mobile weapon, though not directly being chased. (I get the impression at times that the weapon or person remains mostly in one place in the distance.) There is a part near the beginning where a friend and I duck down just in time to have a small missile barely miss us. I can feel the wind and the movement as it hits and explodes dramatically a short distance from us. It is so close, there is a feeling that it may have even brushed across my back as I was kneeling down, as there is a sensation of weight having pushed upon me, but there is no pain or injury.

      I soon discover that I have some sort of device that is somewhat like a flashlight in design. It shines a bright even light at a fair distance and somehow causes whatever weapon is targeting me to target and fire elsewhere. A lot of the action, near the end, takes place at a maze of boathouses, or a lot of boathouses in a large unlikely cluster of some kind. I think that my flashlight-like device scrambles the weapon’s targeting system by somehow making it seem that I am on the opposite end of the beam from where I am holding the device. I perform the routine many times as we move on to various areas. I am not sure who our enemy is. The weapon mostly fires smaller missiles seemingly from a longer distance. I am not even sure if a person is operating it. It is possibly some sort of programmed and automatic setup, but I am also not sure at this point what it was targeting in the first place. Our body heat maybe? But how would it tell us from others? Some sort of unique detailed thermal signature perhaps, or even DNA.

      This is similar in theme to a number of other dreams (since childhood) where it seems as if my dream self is trying to avoid the sunbeams of the light of day (though consequently, whole consciousness as well). In this case it is as if the light of my dawning awareness is trying to escape the real light of day.
      Tags: beam, escape, laser, weapon
    12. Afraid of the Dark

      by , 04-01-2013 at 03:07 PM
      I was really going for the "sand" trick that I used in The Sands of the Colosseum but I never could figure out how to capitalize on it. I need to learn to be a bit more flexible and much less fearful of the dark. Given what I've learned, all of that concern about the dark is nothing but a bad habit. This was a good learning experience though!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #82: Afraid of the Dark

      I believe that this was a DILD, but my first memory is of being lucid in a huge, empty office space with plain white walls, harsh fluorescent lighting, and blue-gray industrial carpet. It looks like a place where there'd normally be a cubicle farm, but the floor is totally clear.

      I'm happy to be lucid, but I want a new location. I want to perform the "sand trick", which involves focusing on the floor and rubbing it until I'm convinced that my hands are digging through sand. I start crawling around on the floor, find myself a spot, and start rubbing.

      Nothing happens at first, so I focus harder on the thought that this is sand. Unfortunately, I'm looking right at industrial carpet and the thought won't go away. Finally a bunch of disgusting dust and dirt puffs up from the carpet and blows around, but it's not what I'm looking for. I try for a while longer but I feel myself becoming obsessed.

      I get up and notice a set of doors in a far-off wall. I run over to it, place my hand on the doorknob, and imagine that the Colosseum is on the other side. I throw the doors open and instead of the Colosseum I see a darkened warehouse. I can't see in too far but I do make out a few scattered cardboard boxes.

      "Too dark", I think. "Not going in there." I close the door, think about the Colosseum, and open it again. This time the boxes are gone and the room looks even darker.

      I give up, close the door, and follow the wall to a closet-like cubby hole. I crawl around in here and again try to produce sand from the carpet. Even though this cubby is set off to the side, the lighting is unbearably harsh and I just produce more puffs of dust, like the carpet needs a good vacuuming. I try to close my eyes but they won't comply. It seems like this office scene is burned into my brain.

      I jump to my feet and run around a bit, doing a quick dive-roll just for kicks. I round a corner and find one of my Siberian Huskies locked in a big cage. He whimpers and paws at the door. I fumble around for a latch but don't see anything.

      I'm preparing to open the crate via telekenesis when Wife appears from behind me and says, "Oh here, let me take care of that!" I almost tell her that I'm having a lucid dream but I figure that she already knows. She crouches down and starts working the lock. I make the mistake of waiting around and
      lose lucidity.

      The lock pops open and our dog comes bounding out. He runs past us and buries his face into a used-up paint can that's nearby. I look to see what he's doing and am horrified to see that he's happily chowing down on a couple of dead roaches. I'm about to tell him to stop but Wife hugs him around the neck and says, "Oh, such a good boy!!" I feel ill. Still, I decide to let it go because he's probably hungry.

      Wife wanders over to a nearby window and I follow her. There are a pair of laser gun emplacements on the window sill. We each take one and she points across the dark city to a tall office building. Wooden boxes float silently out of the office building, flying off to destinations unknown. Wife explains: "Those boxes have dangerous cell phones in them that will give people cancer." We start firing our laser cannons at the evil cell phones, destroying as many boxes as we can. We get most of them but, I'm sorry to say, many get through.
      The dream ends...
    13. 6th Mar 2013 Video games, Class-based game, Battle with bosses, Parkour

      by , 03-06-2013 at 07:21 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I wish i could have recalled start of dream 2 in better quality, other than that pretty good so far.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was in my room playing some video games and eating some weird food. I was surprised to find that in the latest patch there was new character added to the game i was playing. It looked like small dragon.

      Dream 2:

      Don't remember much of start of the dream, but there was some multiplayer game with classes(by that i mean player classes) about two teams fighting over some locations. There was number of various classes, including some 'monster' classes that i really wanted to try, but game was telling that they are pretty hard to play, and considering i was pretty new to it according to dream, i picked one of more normal classes. I was actually in the game instead of just playing it also. I can't recall much for a while but i think there was mostly just fight for points going on, i might have even played as one of the 'monster' classes.
      Later on there was some virtual grid like area where i had to fight some sort of danmaku boss, i had number of problems dealing with it's attacks and had to retreat a few times but eventually i defeated it.
      Then i was in my room and there was some dude that looked suspiciously like sniper from Team Fortress 2, we went to the balcony and we were talking about a bunch of things including some stuff about lucid dreaming, though i didn't got lucid.
      I was again in the game and i was playing as one of the stronger classes with some sort of energy gun/cannon as a weapon, there were bunch of other players and we were in some cityscape. I took position at the bridge which had good overlook and shortly another boss appeared, it was some sort of big pterodactyl creature that was flying around and attacking from the sky, there was also bunch of other weaker enemies appearing around. It was pretty easy boss and our plan was to be sure to defeat as much of the cannonfodder enemies as possible before downing the boss, since whatever appearing next is quite more powerful and we didn't wanted to be distracted by weaker enemies at that point. I was kiting the boss while others were mostly dealing with stream of weaker enemies, i could easily dodge or block most of it's attacks, but apparently i was too strong and ended up killing it a little bit too early(there was 4 or so other enemies left).
      Suddenly the cityscape started shaking and HUUUUGE turtle appeared(For reference buildings were 8-12 floors tall, turtle was at least twice as tall while it was moving on all four, really huge). It was destroying buildings with ease and was slowly coming for us. We were concentrating fire on it, but shortly turtle opened it's mouth and started firing huge yellow/orange beam at us. It was way off from my location but apparently, it was not a simple beam. Once it reached bridge we were mostly on, it got split to the left and the right with 90 degrees angle, almost hitting me. And if THAT's not enough the side beams started radiating some yellow lightning blasts that started hitting me, though since i was one of the strong classes it was not that much of damage and shortly i started dodging those blasts. Eventually we have defeated the boss.
      I was back at the home balcony again, talking to that TF2 Sniper looking person. He called his two of friends and there was more of talk that i can't recall.
      I and TF2 Sniper looking person went to some sort of training area, it was huge construction made of chains and platforms. He said i was not strong enough at parkour and in this area i was supposed to get as high as possible by hanging and quickly jumping from chain to chain. First few attempts were not much of success, i kept losing height on jumps. But later i managed to reach one of the goal areas, though TF2 Sniper person said that my timing on grabs is all wrong and that i need to practice more.
      We were back at the balcony, though his friends were not there. I asked why his friends weren't there and he said that they were busy. Dream ended shortly.
    14. 13 Nov: Coup d'État

      by , 11-13-2012 at 12:42 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Something with werewolves.

      Stuck in a reality made only of "me". The floor is me, the walls are me, space is me, there's me all over and nothing else exists besides me. Talk about being egocentric... But it was afflictive and claustrophobic! I shoot some rays from my hands to blast with this reality and to get out of it.

      Something about inaugurating an exhibition with some friends, but to visit it, people have to walk a thin pathway high up in the air. It's not a big success, people get really scared up there.

      Something about a contest. My friend ZIlla wins the 1st prize of 45.000 EUR and the 2nd and 3rd place are disputed between me and some guy but it's about grabbing as much stuff as we can get from a pile they put in front of us. Ok, the problem is that the stuff is exclusively pharmacy stuff, like creams and band-aids.

      Invading some mansion with friends. Something to do with overthrowing a sinister government. But the house is protected by an intelligent system who recognizes faces, detects intruders and shoots lasers at us. One of the girls, who looks like Carrie-Ann Moss, is pierced by a laser in the chest. It is not a fatal wound, but leaves her close to death anyway. We retreat and try to carry her with us, but there are guards everywhere, so we have to hide her at some kind of wooden box in the garden with some bread to eat and we have to leave, promising to come back to rescue her.
      Eventually, me and another guy are caught and jailed, but one day, at an infirmary at the 2nd floor, we manage to escape through the window. We are cuffed to each other, but we manage to run away into the city. Soon the entire city is under siege and we have to hide, so I leads us into some nearby friend house. Although it is a private It is more like a commune. It's always full of people, discussing politics, poetry soirées, etc. My friend lets us in very discretely without anybody seeing and takes us to the attic. At first we just planned to stay a few hours, but he discusses this with 1 or 2 trusted friends and they decide to hide us there for a couple of months, do us a make-over and organize our escape when things have calmed down outside.

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    15. Hostage situation

      by , 08-29-2012 at 05:10 AM
      Walked into an auditorium where I knew my children and wife were. Not sure what was supposed to be going on there. Turns out to be a hostage situation, with some woman shooting people with a laser. She thought I was a fellow terrorist for some reason, and handed me the laser so that I could continue the shooting while she worked on some electronics behind the lectern. I started sending children out to the toilet, whispering to them how to escape once there. I was just beginning a mass rescue when I woke up from the dream.
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