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    1. March 8, 2018 Non-Lucid | beach and birthday party in the woods

      by , 03-09-2018 at 07:32 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was at the beach. There were houses on the shoreline that were gated off and had nice green lawns. There were pools on the other sides of the gates. I was riding along a boardwalk path thing on this unicycle that was 15-20 feet up in the air. There were groups of people on the beach in bathing suits and every time I passed a group they were looking up at me smiling. At some point I went over the gate and into a pool that was filled with some sort of plastic balls but they were really small. The guy who owned the house came out and started yelling at me but ended up saying "thanks for getting sugar in the pool."

      Another dream I was in this cabin far out in the woods. It was my birthday and there were friends from home and my accounting program that were celebrating with me. It was like a party but it was also a sleep over. I was keeping tabs on people hoping they were having fun. There was a pool outside. The inside was really open and clean. Near the end of the dream this guy with a pony tail was gathering everyone around. It was time to go so he was giving a speech for my birthday. He sat me down at the door and everyone was gathered around as he was talking. I remember he was sitting down in front of me and I was looking into his eyes which were wide and a faint green. I think he was also a girl at some point in the dream too.

      The dream opened up and people were leaving in cars, I think I went into the garage and went home. I went home and walked up to my neighbor's house where I saw my neighbor walking down the drive way. I said "hey Ms. Laurie" and we started talking about something that I can't quite remember, but it was controversial. I got behind their house and was scaling up the left side. It seemed like there was someone coming to kill people at the house.
    2. 11/28/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:41 AM
      False Awakening

      I was with Laurie watching one of her kids, which was a fourth she had just had. We were at a mall buying stuff but something happened and we had to go home. We got to Laurie's house at night and the house she now lived in was a big mansion. Something scared her kid and he called 911, which made me run over and hang up the phone. While tucking him in bed, tons of cops started showing up asking about the kid. They thought I did something and started questioning me and doing stuff to me. Eventually, Laurie told the cops to take the kid as I talked to the cops. I was devastated at what was happening and was seeking answers from the cops. I couldn't find a specific cop I was looking for but when I asked a girl, she told me to follow her and she started lighting up the house's inside Christmas decorations. I was surprised and amazed and she started making a cake and some pasta with magic. I woke up and started thinking about the kid in the dream but then I really woke up.
    3. 9/19/2014

      by , 09-22-2014 at 08:16 PM
      I was in my apartment with Laurie when Marylin knocked on the door. She was mad that I had a cat and served me a 7 day notice. She then started pushing me against the wall and started flirting with me but I pushed her away from me.

      I was at a college campus with the student flight. I was teaching them parkour and showing them how some videos were recorded in that school.
    4. 9/6/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:45 AM
      I was in my car with Laurie driving in a suburban neighborhood that was on a hill. She was speeding and made a turn that had no exit and ended up crashing the car into a house. I got out of the car and started running, worrying that the owners of the house would come out but I went back to file an insurance claim.
    5. 9/5/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:42 AM
      I was in some room in Venezuela with my duty belt on the floor. I was keeping it a secret because I didn't want people to know about it and tell the government or have it stolen. The room then turned into a warehouse and I was with Laurie. There was a bedroom where we would stay in. I knew I was still with Desirae but she was somewhere else and we would keep in touch via text. She was freaking out cus of some stuff so she had her cousins send me mean voicemails. I got in a work van and parked it near a door so I could see who would come in and out of the warehouse.
    6. 9/2/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:40 AM

      I was playing Castle TD and the objective was to defend some eggs while they hatched. I was successful, so I went into the apartments with Laurie. Laurie was complaining because I said that I was breathing dangerous gas. I was then outside working out and doing some stuff with 2 of my cars. Nikki kept getting out of the apartment. I saw some skater kids and started talking smack to them. Moments later, cops showed up and asked me about it, me denying everything. A cop pushed a kid and he thought I did it so I took him down and cuffed him. The cops were gonna take me in so they tried cuffing me but I didn't let them. I saw that one cop was cuffed so I grabbed the other cuff and put it on another cop and ran. I ran and headed towards Rebecca's apartment, where I was going to hide, but remembered that they might look for me there. I ran towards Kayla's apartment but got the wrong one. I saw an Air Force helicopter with cops in it looking for me. I ran and got in the right apartment where I asked for help. I asked if I should turn myself in or just be a hardened criminal.

      The day before, I was playing Castle TD and asked myself "I play this game quite often, I wonder why I don't have any dreams about it."

      I was watching an extra episode on the game The Walking Dead. The girl went on about how so much changed after she saved someone and got back on the boat. She then left her group, which was turning corrupt.

      I was at an agency that I've been at in one of my lucid dreams. I was picking up money and didn't know all the paperwork that had to be signed but once they asked me for the time, I noticed my watch was weird. I was about to jump up and say that I was in a dream but I didn't, in case I wasn't. I counted my fingers and counted 5 but since I was being rushed, I wasn't able to keep doing reality checks.
    7. 8/30/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:28 AM
      I was in some sort of school running against some people in a gym, which was pretty crowded. While running, there was a lot of things that were distracting me like eating a sandwich, talking to friends, etc. In the end, I got 3rd place and some girl was teaching me how to eat a sandwich.

      I was at a small reunion with Laurie and her friend Mitchell was there. I started picking on him and hitting him while he was cooking food. We went outside to fight and I think I hit him a few more times but then I went inside and served him some food and apologized.

      I was in Counter Strike and was killing the enemy team with an awp. Some stuff started happening about some paperwork or something.

      I was playing New Vegas and was getting mods for my game. I was also talking to Laurie. Some guy I knew was in the Marines and he got killed so I was getting him ready for the Morgue. I was talking to the person getting him ready for his casket and how he should look. I then talked with his parents on how they had to pay the guy.
    8. 8/23/2014

      by , 09-15-2014 at 03:31 AM
      I was in some sort of hotel or college doing parkour. I passed a few pools and then hung out with Laurie. We were with Aiyanna going to a party and some security guard started frisking me and giving me trouble. I was about to fight him but he backed down. Suddenly, the government called a state of emergency and I ran up to my apartment, telling Laurie to meet me there. I got chased but managed to evade the guy and go into the apartment where I turned around and shot him. He pulled the bullet out of his forehead and said "You can only kill me with pepper spray," so I opened up a little bag of some cheap pepper spray, which he seemed to be used to. I reached for my belt to get my Phase IV but a girl showed up. I grabbed my guns and was gonna look for Laurie. I got into my old camry and drove off. I had found her and we were gonna go get supplies. I stopped at a gun store to have a long range scope put on my .22. I returned to the apartment and found a girl turning into a zombie in the bathroom.

      I was at a super market taking a police entrance exam.

      I was with a group of people that was together for some sort of training thing for a week. The teacher gave us all cups and we went outside, where it was raining. We had to go over a huge bridge so a few people swam but I went over the bridge, walking on the railings. The water was rising quick and I dove in but I slipped and hurt my hand. When we went back to the class, we picked different cups and I wanted to get chosen as leader. We went outside and started flying. Some girls took something of ours and we started fighting in the air.

      Someone had broken into a home of mine at night because I had left the garage door open while I went out. I hunted them down in the house with my Remington 870. which still had the bacon sticker on it. I found the kids but they turned out to be cats.
    9. 8/22/2014

      by , 09-15-2014 at 03:19 AM
      I was in some sort of junkyard at night playing with Desirae's boobs. They felt good so I didn't it for a while until I noticed that she didn't have a head so Laurie and I planned on burying her. After. I was playing a computer game that was a combination of Sid Meier CIV 5 and Command and Conquer Generals. I was playing online with people but I didn't realize it until we started attacking each others bases.

      I was on a NM highway where there were a few cars and mountains in the distance. To the left, there was a building and I was going down a hill. I was going so fast that I had to slam the brakes to slow down.

      I was in a city with a river flowing through the middle of it. I was with Nathan and the Strogg from quake started invading. I had a black, large caliber pistol and a few magazines. The belt I had didn't have a holster but the belt itself could be used as one. I adjusted the belt like the one I have in the waking world. I killed a few Strogg even though they were hard to kill, eventually getting split up with Nathan. I looked for him and a specific street. I asked an APD cop where it was but at first they ignored me.
    10. 8/6/2014

      by , 09-01-2014 at 04:03 AM

      I was in another country that was very communistic. Laurie was with me at first while a flood was happening. I had my AR15 and my AK strapped around me and was wearing a battle dress uniform. I saw a lot of people trying out to be cops but they were wearing a student flight tshirt. I went into a castle and did parkour. I was then with some girl telling her about lucid dreaming and she told me to whisper because that stuff was banned. We started going to a party but I still wanted to tell her about lucid dreaming. As I went to the top of the tower by doing parkour, I reached my room and saw a girl going through something in my room. I figured I'd sneak up on her and ask what she was doing, so I crouched down and sneaked towards her. I told myself "Too bad I can't use Blink and suddenly realized that I was in a dream!
      I used blink and teleported closer to a counter for concealment. I increased stabilized and increased lucidity before blinking towards the girl again. I got close enough and asked her what she was doing and she turned around, obviously startled. I tried to pull her closer to me with magic but couldn't and slowly started to wake up.
    11. 7/16/2014

      by , 08-03-2014 at 04:14 AM
      I was in an apartment complex and was walking to Laurie's apartment while I was covered from head to toe in a silk robe. When I got to her house, I saw through the window that she was kissing a guy we were helping out earlier. I knocked on the door and when they answered I yelled at them. She told me everything was okay. I said "No it isn't" and all these monsters and skeletons started appearing so I used magic against them. I was conscious not to use anything other than water magic against them.

      I was at some apartments and was looking for people to fight. Jason and his brother were there and they said they would and I gladly accepted. They never showed up but a girl fought for Jason and I beat her so bad I took her to a hospital. She didn't get treated so the next day she ran up to me and hugged me and said that she was taken care of at a church. I was at a car dealership and was wearing my work gear. It was getting time to close so the place was rejecting costumers but they let 2 ladies through. A man came up and did something and before he left, he said that he had children in his car and he's kidnapping them. He sped off in a golf car and I yelled and pulled out my gun and shot a tire but missed. I ran and jumped on the car and made my way to the front of the cart while the guy ran red lights, making me worry that we would crash. We went down a hill and I was trying to convince the guy to let me and the kids go but he wouldn't say anything. He even threw my phone out when I set it down. As we approached a hotel, he slowed won and I opened my spray holster, which he noticed but I quickly asked if he had chips to eat. When he stopped the cart, I sprayed my whole bottle on his face. I told him "Don't open your eyes, fucker, this is Phase IV" somehow knowing that he knew it was a powerful pepper spray.I got out the cart and he tried to speed off but I shot him until my gun went click. I reloaded K83 and told people to call 911 while I kept my eyes fixed on the guy. People refused to call 911 and they started turning into the guy I had just shot. People had to take me down to calm me. Eventually backup arrived and witnesses started being questioned. A black guy was talking something about not snitching.

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    12. 6/30/2014

      by , 07-23-2014 at 02:25 AM
      I walked into a McDonald's and when I went into the bathroom, I found a little kitten. I wanted to keep it and so did another girl. I went to the counter where Laurie was and asked if they could let me borrow money to get a pet permit I would take the kitten. They said no so the other girl ended up taking it.

      I was at a movie theater with people from work. We were about to start watching a movie but I went underground with some military people. It was a place where they kept people who were doing community service. After I got out, I left with some guy and we came up to my car. We loaded up some groceries and the car started moving while in park. I tried to make it park a lot of times but it wouldn't and it almost ran into some other cars. The guy I was with told me that there might be a rock in the breaks so I drove around trying to fix it.