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    1. 07 Aug: Mountain hike and cornucopia with a message

      by , 08-07-2019 at 06:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      On vacation with friends. They go hike up a mountain. I was also planning to go, but I miss it for some reason. Look at it from a distance. Don't want to give up. I find some Asian group renting a transport to go there and I go with them.
      With my friends on top of mountain, there is an earthquake, we head for some type of railcar that goes downhill. But half way we see a river of lava flowing to our right side and crossing the rails a bit ahead of us. At that time some kids in very primitive clothing come out from the jungle around us and signal a stone platform where it is safe for us to jump to. When we are safe we follow them into the jungle. They never speak and when we try to talk to them, they get silently angry. They live in a small village and welcome us into different houses. The whole town is silent and soon we learn why. The forest is filled with dinosaurs and they keep this place secret by staying silent, since the dinosaurs don't naturally wander into this place except they know they're there.

      With friends at a table. On another table is Rinpoche with other people. One of them comes tell me to go to that table and meet Julie A.. I get up and realize I am topless, but I just use my long hair to cover my breast. When I am there I can't even see Rinpoche properly as he is surrounded by so many people. But Julie hands me a kind of cornucopia shaped tube with something written on it. Some note telling me to take what's inside. But it is empty! Except when I go back to my table, when magically it becomes heavy and filled with some liquid that I almost completely spill - manage to drink a bit. Then some sort of biscuits appear and I eat a few. Seems dog food. I offer the rest to a dude passing by walking a bunch of dogs, for the benefit of the dogs. Then I try to read what else is written on the tube, but it becomes nonsensical and each time I read it, it changes.
      Then I remember it might be because I am dreaming, I get lucid but unfortunately I wake up.

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      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 3 Jul: Mixing and rearranging old memories

      by , 07-03-2019 at 09:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Going through an office, like a school or library administration, until someone detects I am not a worker there. But I am trying to go across and find the exit or a passage or access to some place and I say I am just leaving. (This is a recurrent dream).

      Then with mom at what seems like a museum and we are caught in the middle of people marching or parading. I see a giant snake gliding on the floor between them. For some reason we start following them while singing along Bohemian Rhapsody. Then we continue our path on the street. It's already dark and we need to be careful as by the side of the road, there are lots of potholes with lava. I see someone falling into one but doesn't die. Instead, he gets his legs covered in lava as if it is jam or something sticky.

      Surprised to find that my house has a basement and lots of storage space and my dad saying "I told you, you would forget about all the rooms you have in such a big house". Except that no, it is not my house but a house I visited when looking for a place to buy. We had loved this house but the price was so high we didn't even argue with the salesperson, we just left. Also, the house is in the city, why did we even check it out? As we leave, I notice my mom looks much younger and thinner, must be about my current age.

      Then I visit my uncles in Amadora, at their first house that I can only remember in dreams, but it looks different. The streets are modernized. They used to be just empty land and now there is a brick pavement all around with nice parking lots. It's like I am accessing memories and rearranging and changing them.
    3. Monday, July 30

      by , 08-31-2018 at 08:32 PM
      I am at Matt and Sara’s house (not sure if it really looks like it). It is pretty dim in here and dark outside. There is a natural disaster occurring; I see a red glow outside. What I’m fairly certain is lava is coming up through the floor. It seems to be coming in through almost every side, but I am able to escape. Outside is almost no better; lava is flowing down the street towards me. I narrowly avoid it. I think Matt, Sara, and Makayla were still in the house, and I hope they’re okay. I am walking away, trying to distance myself from the lava/fire, when I call Dad. I tell him I’m headed a certain direction, to which he tells me angrily that is the wrong way to go. I guess it is worse that way. I get slightly angry at his quickness to anger, like he doesn’t trust my autonomy. With a slight bite to my voice, I tell him I’m fine and safe. I try to call Melissa and Makayla, with no answer. I end up in a Qdoba or something similar. Kenny is working here (he looks younger and older at the same time. I think he has a small mustache). I’m not sure if he recognizes me as I approach the counter. I think I ask what comes on something, and he says he’ll tell me when I pick something. I chose a taco, and he tells me what’s on it. One of the ingredients is bacon. I tell him that’s all okay. I then ask for just a medium sized drink. He moves to the register (to my right) and rings everything up. The total ($8) appears and then goes down, before disappearing completely. I didn’t mind paying and didn’t expect this, but Kenny just chuckles. I go for a fist bump, but he goes to shake it. I go to fill the pretty large plastic cup. I think I end up contacting everyone and finding out that they’re okay.

      I am going somewhere with Melissa and her mom and dad. I’m driving Melissa, following her dad. It looks like we’re in a fairly large city, though the roads are not too bad. I am following a map and turn where it says to, though Carlos has gone straight. The turn does seem kind of wrong. Immediately, Carlos calls and tells me he knows what the map says, but to not go that way. I start turning around. We end up parking outside of some buildings. They are tall, with a gently sloping grassy area with a paved walkway nestled amongst them. There is a car parked so close to two low rock walls I don’t even know how it fit. We don’t see Carlos’ car, but we know this is the place, so we get out and start to look for them. We spot them walking through a sort of very small outdoor plaza that mostly looks like a patio. I also see Sage’s mom sitting out here. I’m wondering if she’ll see me. I must also see Granny, because I message Sage, saying how I saw my mom’s mom with her mom. I am now sitting on the cement with Carlos and Melissa. We are packing for a trip, but we are packing sausages? They are little pieces in what looks like an ice tray. Carlos breaks them out and puts them nicely in a small but long black bag. After a while, I start helping. We had them in nice rows, but those start to fall apart. There’s also some loose rice in the bag. Melissa starts putting small pieces of white cheese in the bag, before her dad says she doesn’t need to. I want some though, so I keep putting a few pieces in. We are packing for a lot of people - 60? I’m holding a Ziploc that has two plastic containers in it. I think they are full of water, so I add water to one. I am then under the impression that they are sunscreen, so I feel bad for messing it up. Melissa then tells me it is only water. We are now in a small, cement corner type area. There’s a Deadpool movie theater cardboard cut-out. We hold it up because we think Carlos will like it. Some others show up, about 3-4 guys and girls probably in their mid 20s. They start climbing up this large cut-out. I spot them. One of the guys drops down, bending his legs completely and bringing his whole body down to absorb the impact. There are holes in it, which is what they’re using to climb it. One of the girls is getting mad at them for doing it. This only provokes me. Dressed like Spiderman? I start climbing it. I initially pull myself up with just one finger in a hole at the top of my reach. I climb further than the others did. I start to swing out, a seemingly tense moment for everyone, but my feet land on a brick wall, on which I just barely balance and stand on. I then grasp it and lower myself down first before jumping the rest of the way to the ground. I think I was talking to the girl through all of this. The other say I just completely destroyed her (because she thought we shouldn’t be doing this?). I’m thinking I should’ve done a backflip at the end.

      I’m in a high school gym with Melissa. Something is going on; the bleachers are fairly full. We slow and look for a space to sit. There’s an empty row at the top, which we take. People are throwing a ball around, up and down the bleachers. We end up with all of our clothes off, but covering ourselves partially with a blanket.

      Melissa and I are staying at my grandma's house. Our bed is not even in a bedroom, just out in the open. I think we have been or are having sex. I hope we haven’t been too loud.
    4. Lava; Telescope; Puerto Rico

      , 08-03-2018 at 03:33 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Day before yesterday DREAM

      This was very cool, very long, detailed and it had a beginning, middle and the end.

      I'm in a low flying airplane. Coming in for a landing. Pilot finds a dirt road out in the hills and lands on it. We are rolling on the ground, up the slight hill, hoping to come to a stop without hitting anything. Then we turn left, parallel to the hill and I think we are going to turn down hill now and roll down and crash. But no, we come to a stop. I'm thinking pilot turned the plane like that so we can take off easier.

      We walk on the grassy hill to a restaurant. Look around and we decide to have lunch, then go back to the plane and continue. I know we are somewhere far, but have no idea where. I look for signs, anything that would say the name of the place. Someone says Puerto Rico. I'm happy.

      My best friend M from childhood decide to skip lunch and go look around. We are in Puerto Rico and we want to see the ocean. I look to the left, and from the top of the hill I see blue of the ocean. I say "aaaand there it is". We head down on a winding dirt path and end up by a bay. She wants to go in the hotel to look around. So we walk through the hotel, but I keep telling her that we are gonna get caught, because we are not guests there. She eats from a buffet and she wants to use the pool. But I urge her not to and we just walk around. It's a huge hotel, with pools, hallways, place outside that's in a shade, beach is rocky with clear ocean water.

      I keep telling her we should head back, so we don't miss the plane leaving. Suddenly there is a voice on a PA system about intruders. We gotta run. We are dodging security guys through doors. As we are leaving the complex, I see another bay. It's possible to walk-skip on large rocks mostly hidden under the water, only the tops are showing. So you can go like that deep into the ocean. My perspective changes and now I'm looking at the bay from the ocean, not from the beach. Someone is showing a map and explaining, how the ocean bottom suddenly drops into great depth just where the skipping rocks end.

      DREAMS last night

      Someone is showing me and my dad a new type of a telescope. It's small, but it should be really good. Looking at all the controls.

      On the shore of a lava pool. Lava is all white. People are watching how some people are dipping in the lava. Some kind of a ritual, or just display of machismo. Guy comes out, all covered in white lava, and as it cools, he kinda just rolls it off of him. There is a girl and they dip her back in a lake. I tell someone to stand back, because it can splash on us, and that's when I feel lava on me. It's really hot. I don't understand how those people don't die from it. They pull this girl out and she is in bad shape. I don't understand why are they doing this.
    5. May 16, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 05-16-2018 at 10:41 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm in my front yard with my neighbors. The idea is that the girl from stranger things (millie) is going to be at some conference and I want to go see her.

      Later on in the dream I'm on this tropical island in a giant field. There's a massive volcano in the background. There's a woman speaking out loud about giving birth. I find myself walking under this wooden tower. All around me are naked women laying down in different sections, almost like pods or maybe parts of the grass that are shaved down to rectangles absent of grass for the women to lay in. It was strange because none of the women looked pregnant, but instead were sunbathing. I was tempted to look at their bodies but at the same time was trying not to look. The volcano in the background exploded and huge portions of lava were raining down onto the field. I thought that everyone was going to die and this was the end. I walked down a hill close to a darker spot that opened up. There was a girl there that was bending below me. It felt like I was having sex with her but it didn't seem to work.
    6. 5/4/18--5/8/18 (L) | College, Lava, Bear Grylls

      by , 05-09-2018 at 12:25 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      5/4/18 (L)x2
      At an unfamiliar house somewhere. It had an empty yard and a hardwood kitchen. I was briefly lucid a couple times, but didn't do anything about it either time.

      Bear Grylls was placed on top of a mountain in British Columbia. I skipped ahead to near the end, where he found a paced trail with people on it. They noticed. Also, the weather was cloudy the whole time. I rewound the video to an earlier point. Later, I was in a cold cabin, where I had a snow machine setup. If it was cold enough, it would shoot out ice. The weather where was sunny clear, and the time of day was morning. There were multiple other people in this apparently single-room cabin.

      -F-I was watching a Dreams video.
      -F-I was watching something about cops in LA.
      -F-The 12th Doctor was doing something involving a dark room and incorrect lighting.
      -F-I was near a wood cabin in eastern Washington, possibly in the cascades.

      5/8/18 (L)
      -1-After a scene fell apart, things heated up, trees melted, and I became lucid. I jumped into a pool of lava and grabbed a red ball before messing around with electric floating objects above the lava pool.
      -2-At college, I got in the car and drove to a southeast corner of the campus to find a building, but it didn't exist. Later, I had a device that displayed and recorded my dreams on a monitor. Later still, some guy made illustrations for high-profile MLP fanfics. Finally, back at college again, it was approaching night, so I drove ther car through the snow to the far parking lot, where nothing of interest was. There was a random moment where I passed Hbox at an intersection.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Dragon Lair and Rhewin's Death

      by , 05-10-2017 at 10:33 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      A bad guy forces me to lead him to treasure. We make our way to an underground cavern. It's dark and there is a large pile of rubble or something. The bad guy looks around and I focus a set of silver wings, clothes and stuff. These are Rhewin's stuff. I'm sure of it. I feel sad and wonder what ended his life. There's another set of wings and clothes nearby that belong to another member from the same forum, but I can't recall anymore whose those were.

      Half of the cavern is dark and there's a deep pit. I realize that this is a dragon's lair. The exits are suddenly blocked and temperature starts to climb. I back into a corner and the bad guy realizes he's trapped. "You trying to kill me?" he asks. The heat starts to melt stone, the ground crumbles and reveals more lava. The heat starts to sting...a lot, but I'm very heat resistant and strongly believe I can outlast the bad guy. I focus on staying out of the lava as long as I can. The bad guy is struggling, but still alive. My skin is turning red and it hurts a lot. "It's ok. I'm resistant to heat. It's just pain. Fight through it." I tell myself. The bad guy collapses and I see the shape of a massive dragon in the dark part of the cavern.

      Interesting dream. Feeling pain is never fun, but I felt pretty badass outlasting the bad guy.
      Tags: dragon, lair, lava
    8. Lava imminent; TOTM attempt

      , 03-30-2017 at 06:21 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Cool dream last night. Long and detailed, some convos with DCs.

      We get to a building with my school class. I know that lave eruption and flow is imminent, and as we enter some room where we suppose to do something and spend some time, I see orange glow from underneath the floor. The floor has wooden pieces and in the gaps between them I can see lava, and the floor is partially translucent like some milky glass. I tell them if we stay, we will die. We need to leave. NOW. It's gonna happen withing seconds.

      Someone left on a train and I'm looking down in a valley, in a distance, how the train has made a u-turn and it's coming back. I'm not sure the person I'm waiting for will make it back on time for us to escape. But I'll wait.

      TOTM attempt monday night.
      I did my usual.
      3:20am GPC, 1 hour of sleep,
      then WBTB at 4:25
      GM at 4:50 am

      When I heard the chime at 6 am, I figured I'm about 20 min into a lucid, and it went for 20 more min.

      It was weird. I was not able to get away from my body. I woke up and for a few seconds if not minutes I was trying to figure out where I am, and I came up with answer that I don't know. If childhood house or current place, or somewhere else, I didn't know. I just was not able to sense, like you are able to sense the position of your bed and it's relation to your room and house in the morning just after you wake up.

      I assumed I'm in my parents bedroom, after they are no more, so in the future. Had hard time getting up from bed and into a dream.

      Still managed to do some jumping, bicycle and squash. Whatever that mean, coz I don't remember anymore.
      Tags: lava, totm
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. October 10th-12th 2015 Alpha Has an Effect!! Lava Planet Fantastic!!

      by , 10-12-2015 at 06:14 PM
      first Yuschak Extended Play Trigger (8, 500, 300 elemental)
      (see previous DJ entry/entries for what I am doing here with pictures)


      float up to investigate brightness in distance

      but two moons stacked vertically and colorful planet further to right and redish-purple instead.

      LD#2: all sexual

      10/12/15 playing with fingers trippy DILD

      10/10/15 sex with wife, visual off DILD

    10. Mars station - the forge, Reactor core coolant error

      by , 09-28-2015 at 10:39 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was on the planet Mars. A space station was built on it's surface, with the most modern technology currently available. Something strange have happened there, and a red fog was covering all the tight corridors. I was walking inside some dark tunnels, trying to find my way around that strange place. I heard two persons wandering these tunnels, and even saw them once too. It was a scientist and a technician, they were talking about some kind of massacre happening in the station.

      I finally found my way from tunnels, which were in the lower sector, to the surface dome. In the middle of the dome there was a huge pool of lava, and there were some building on the sides. In the middle of the pool there was a powerful demon, though I somewhat can't recall it. It shot missiles of red energy at me, which were hard to avoid. An idea came to me - building a forge, to create armor protecting me from these missiles.

      After a while of wandering in the dark, I heard a speaker voice "Reactor core coolant error!". Blue emergency lights turned on in the tunnels, and I heard machinery turning on - the coolant reached hyperactivity, and started to freeze all the space station. I thought to myself "I should be invincible now." and so I was invincible, and I have gained abillity to phase through walls and objects.

      I watched as the ice slowly covered walls of the tunnels, and walked there for a while. Then I floated up to the dome - the lava was still present, but demon was nowhere to be found. I ripped some tiles from the floor, getting to lava underneath them, and started to build a lava powered forge.
    11. Escaping from an island

      by , 08-11-2015 at 10:00 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was in a harbor city on a tropical sea. On the nearby island a demon living in a volcano was defeated, leading to strong earthquakes. I was on a wooden platform, when the earthquakes happened, and the island started to fall into the sea. A group of sailors joined me on the way to one of ships, but someone chased us. The water was raising as we were escaping, and streams of lava flown in some parts of town.

      To escape, we had to jump over one of those streams. Most of us did it easily, though someone almost fallen into the lava. I have jumped into the lava, while pushing the man in the air, so he would land on the ground. I have melted in the heat, though one of the sailors that haven't jumped yet said "Life for life. I give you one more life." and took an amulet into his hand. I resurrected on the ground, and escaped to the ship. The sailor with amulet was there too.
    12. Lava Waves

      by , 04-02-2015 at 01:05 PM
      Morning of April 2, 2015. Thursday.

      I am sitting in the back seat (on the right side) of an unknown car which is facing north, in the central area of a parking lot of a medium-sized shopping center (probably near Shopko regarding the streets and general layout that appears later on). My wife is in the front seat but on the passenger side on the right (we seem to be in America in La Crosse, though she has never been there in reality). Over time, two unfamiliar younger light-haired males (that remind me vaguely of rock stars from the 1980s but are dressed informally) get in the car and then argue and physically fight (not that violent, just pushing each other around) over who is going to drive. Finally, they both get out without even seeming to notice either of us.

      Soon, another young male gets into the car, which is somewhat of a surprise as I had decided I might drive us myself. The young male, wearing an unbuttoned denim jacket, reminds me vaguely of a young Lionel Richie though he seems completely unknown in-dream at the time. I ask him if he needs any money and he passively acknowledges that he does with a slight nodding. I give him two ten dollar American bills, although that amount seems embarrassingly small to give if he needs food for the day. Oddly, even though I am not at all lucid, I will them to change into two fifty dollar bills, which they do without much mental effort. I hand him the money and so he will then drive us to our next destination. He seems slightly tired and world-weary but is cheerful. (There is possibly a play on “Rich” here, as well as a focus on the “hello” vocalization of his song “Hello”.)

      From here, my dream goes into a fairly rare state of me completely ignoring the implications of the environment as if I was not fully “in” my dream (even though I technically am, and fully in-body). There is some sort of nearly inaudible “music” that seems to be caused by “tidal waves” of lava coming from the west of Third Street (and me additionally expressing my illogical and unlikely boredom of the event with some sort of dull mental “humming” of a mostly static melody). The streets at this point seem elevated by about four feet by volcanic rock and streaming lava. We travel in the car through the lava and cooled volcanic rocks for several blocks without much difficulty (I seem to be “mentally driving” the car at this point for the most part even though the other male is still technically driving) even though “everything” else (including most of the commercial buildings) is being destroyed. Curiously, I am somewhat annoyed by the imagery but otherwise think nothing of it. My dream takes on a very dull and bland awareness and emotion at this point, but grows again in vividness and comfort in the next scene.

      Eventually, we are at our house, possibly somehow now in Australia on Stadcor Street, though rotated ninety degrees westerly to the earlier established directions (overall layout) of Wisconsin. I notice that we do not have that much bread, though I am preparing to use some raisin bread (from about one-quarter a loaf left) to make a ham and cheese sandwich (as there is no other fresh bread). It seems the previous volcanic “tidal wave” and streets covered with both cooled and ongoing lava streams was so inconsequential I have already seemingly “forgotten” about it at that point in-dream. My family seems cheerful, though there is a slight awareness of how ridiculously expensive bread is as well as how it often does not even last a day or two without going moldy (and is sometimes already moldy in the store). There is also a slight awareness of how store shelves are growing more and more empty with less and less workers acknowledging customers and even a hint of reasonable service (at least in this region).
      Tags: fire, lava
    13. Fragments

      by , 12-22-2014 at 12:11 PM
      Did a natural WBTB at about 5:40, I stayed up for only 10 minutes this time but it was pretty light outside so I had some trouble going back to sleep again. I originally had some notes on my dream app that I was going to reference but that was erased unfortunatly so I'll have to type this from memory which will make the fragments even shorter.


      Fragment 1
      I was in a beautiful steampunk inspired city that was floating on an island in the clouds. I was with another boy and we were traversing the city trying to help someone while trying to avoid the police. We were being questioned by an officer and decided to take him to the museum so he would get bored and leave us alone.

      Fragment 2
      I was with a group of survivors in an abandoned house surrounded by lava which had covered the entire Earth. I was sent on a scavenging mission and remember running away from something before the dream faded.

      Frgment 3
      I was in a doctors/scientists office and he had a huge magnifying glass pointed at me. I got up from my chair and looked at a hologram of the Earth which appeared to be made out of lego, I glanced behind me and the magnifying glass was lego. I took a couple pieces from the glass and the doctor/scientist told me to put them back.

      Not very long but that's to be expected when I'm doing it from memory a couple of hours later. Gonna keep doing WBTB and try going to bed earlier so I can wake up naturally when it's still dark.
      - Have another Lucid Dream
      - Bend all 4 elements
      - Tell a DC I'm dreaming and see their reaction
      - Fly
      - Find my Dream Guide or have them find me
    14. Lucid Flight Through a Cloud Break, Online Multiplayer Video Games, and More

      by , 10-07-2014 at 03:25 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was staring out the window in a house. It was nighttime outside, but I could see this weird break in the clouds that had a reddish tint to it, as if the sun was setting behind that small break, but it was nighttime. I'm not sure exactly what triggered it, but I figured out I was dreaming! Very cool. I examined my hands to stabalize. Then, just for fun, I did a nose pinch RC, which is something I've been practicing IWL lately, but have never done in a dream. I could breathe! So that's what it feels like.

      I then decided to fly towards the break in the clouds. I phased right through the window, no resistance or anything, which doesn't ever happen to me. I then started to jump to take off to fly, but once again remembered to just let myself float up. I did just that, and it was so easy! When I was in the air, I used this same technique to move to the left or the right. This is one of the first times in a long, long time that I have flown and not started to immediately lose height while in the air.

      As I approached the break in the clouds, it started to look more purple than red. I briefly thought of Dreamer because of the purple. I then went into the break and saw what looked like a Mario Galaxy world with all these giant floating black bombs with faces and red tops among other things I can't recall right now. I feel like I saw them all from a different angle than the one that I entered the break at.


      I felt myself falling asleep and entering the dream. I was with Dallas. I was sitting on the kitchen floor with him in the house I grew up in. There were all these kitchen utensils on the floor scattered about. I told him that since we were dreaming, he could do whatever he wanted to me (I definitely meant sexually ). I was kind of excited so I briefly lost the dream a couple of times, but went right back into it. I took off my pants, which of course made me more excited and once again I briefly lost the dream but went back into it immediately. Dallas then took this long straw-type thing with lube and inserted it into my forearm. Totally NOT what I expected at all, and if felt so weird! He kept sliding it in and out, and I couldn't even look at it because I was afraid to see it.
      "No! Not that! Don't do that!" I said.
      He kept doing it.


      I was at Dakota's apartment. Someone else lived there as well. I hadn't heard from Dakota in years, much less seen him. He was sitting on the couch smiling, but it was a sad smile. I talked to him a little, though I can't remember what it is we talked about. I noticed he was wearing a dark green sweater, and he looked so much thicker than usual. Not fat, just...thick. He had a really thick neck that was as wide as his head.


      I was playing this online multiplayer game where you would get put in a house in one of 8 places. The house would be themed randomly and would have a shop in it for food. The house would be where you "lived" in the game. I got put in one but I don't remember the theme. I went up to the counter in the back to buy something, though I don't remember if I actually did or not.

      I then was doing something else and not paying attention to what was happening in the game. Three girls came into my house. One had a short blue dress on but I don't remember what the others were wearing. They then started to change all my furniture and make all these alterations to the house itself. It then kicked me out of the house, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Wtf! I was then looking at all the houses in the area from an above view, kind of like The Sims.

      I then somehow got another house. I was then working in the food area, which, in this house, was in the front. I felt as if I was in first person now instead of third person gaming. Other people would come in and buy food from me. I was then making some kind of chicken pita sandwich when a girl came up and was telling me how it would be good if I did it a certain way. I was still doing it my way. I then noticed that the girl looked like one of the girls who kicked me out of my house before; I noticed her blue dress. I asked her if she was, and she said yes, and I cussed her out and she left.

      I then saw some sort of small purple pop up that came up when someone wanted to buy your house. It would give you an option on whether or not to sell it to them for a certain price.

      I then was on a menu area where you could pick a place to visit, one of the 8 places you could be assigned a house. They were represented by little icons. There were 3 areas in the "fun" category, which was off to the left of the screen, separated from the rest, and the rest were in multiple categories, all except the "fun" category. I don't remember anything about what the categories were called. There was a mountains area and a town/village area, but I don't remember any of the others.

      I decided to visit a different area, though I don't recall which. I then was calling a book store inside of the game with my phone outside of the game. Some kid answered and was talking really fast, so I couldn't understand what she was saying. I heard another kid giggling in the background. The girl kept repeating whatever she was saying really fast, so I couldn't understand her. She started to sound impatient. I then figured out she was asking me if I was over 21. I said yes. She then started telling me about a porn book that was on sale and a lesbian book. I turned to the person that was with me (I guess someone was with me now) and said
      "This is an adult bookstore!"
      I was amused, but not interested. I hung up the phone.

      I then visited the town/village area, and heard some music from KQ7 playing, the music from Archduke Fifi la Yipyap's party. There was a stage at the front of the town, which looked 16-bit, that had small flies moving around on it. The area looked quite primitive.


      I was feeling myself fall asleep. I would see images around me that looked like movie screens playing clips of movies. I then was in a dream where it looked as if I was looking through my cupped hands to see what was going on. I don't remember what it was now, but it looked vivid and stable. However, it didn't feel stable. I then woke up.


      I was playing this game, though I was inside of the game playing it. It was like League of Legends, where you pick your player, but it was an open-world game instead of a MOBA. We were underground in an area with lava and some very small erupting volcanoes that separated the sides of the cave. Right before the other side, there was a pool of what was supposed to be hot water. You still had a team. I don't remember who my character was, but Dallas was playing as Captain America, and someone else there was some girl from Captain Planet, the Asian one (was there an Asian girl on that show? I think there was). She had on a white shirt and a short orange skirt and white pants/leggings underneath the skirt. She was hovering around above the ground and shooting around magic spells. I thought that she was the weakest, but whoever was playing her knew how to play her so she wasn't as weak. I only saw her from the back.

      I then saw people from our team walking over the lava to get to the other side and getting hurt, but not dying. Dallas (Captain America) was trying to explain how to do this so you didn't die (you weren't really supposed to walk on the lava at all). He was saying you just had to avoid the small erupting volcanoes and the "magma" (he used the word magma) that was pooled around them. I think I tried it and died. I know someone else did too, someone who had done it without dying before.

      Dallas was then using a bucket to scoop lava out of the lava pools and dumping it in the water to try to make a pathway. The lava just evaporated and disappeared though when he did this. He didn't think it would work (like it does in Minecraft), but it was worth a try.


      I was telling Dallas about my dream and that he was Captain America.
      "How appropriate," he said.
      It made sense why he said this in the dream, but not IWL.
    15. The city of cool people at the end of the volcano

      by , 09-24-2014 at 10:01 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The city of cool people at the end of the volcano (Non-lucid)


      I was trying to go to a secret town, and I believe I was in a video game of some sorts because I was seeing the dream in third person during a scenario that involved the inside of a volcano, but the lava was purple and I believe it was poisonous. From here, the dream went back to first person. There was some sort of skeleton with a shield that was stalking me:

      I was not afraid but I figured that I had no weapon I no way to fight it, so I just started to run avoiding the lava until I went through a big door and appeared in another room. Here there was a lot of lava, but now it was normal lava. At the very end, I saw a huge door that was made out of stones, but these were very cracked, so I figured that I needed bombs to shatter it, but I had none and I tried to look for an alternative. I saw a couple of big roman vases that had water on them, but the water was boiling and the vase was super hot:

      I figured that moving the vases would help me proceed, but I did not try because I would burn my hands, as I figured that the vase was very hot in addition of very heavy (it was like 4 feet tall.)

      I was able to find some secret entrance that took me to the woods. I explored the woods until I found a secret village. There were about 20 houses, each of them were next to each other making a square shape, and in the middle, there was a plaza. I figured that I needed to talk with certain people in the right order to be accepted there. I had memories of being at this place before and I was able to recall that, but i had no idea how to do it or whom to talk to. I tried to use my phone and Google for advice but I could not get my phone started. I believe it did not even turn on.

      It seems that you needed to be cool to be accepted here, otherwise, you could get killed. I started to see some people coming out from there houses and they told me we had to party and figure out if I was cool or not. There were several tables with drinks and food (the plaza was empty earlier) The tables appeared to be pretty fancy:

      There were also several speakers, huge speakers and very loud music. In a split second, there were lots of people dancing and having fun, so I got involved and started to have fun as well. There was a small black bee in the party as well, said bee did not sting anyone, but it was flying around and sometimes resting on people. The bee stooped flying and jumped onto my pants. I tried to ignore the bee to not loose my cool.

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