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    1. Very good details & much needed sleep

      by , 09-10-2016 at 09:41 PM
      I kept having dreams all night but I didn't record them all because I really needed some sleep. I woke up when Meesha came in to be fed & closed the door so she wouldn't interrupt my sleep. Sorry Meesha Cat, but mommy needs to sleep!

      I dreamed that I was w/ my family most of the night. Not my children, husband, grandchildren, but my core family from when I was young that extended to my grandparents and such. We were in various places. I even found myself lucid but felt a strange pull to not change the dream. I felt like I was supposed to pay attention & learn. We were all in this gorgeous palace. The steps were like a block wide with giant pillars. The details were spectacular! I was really enjoying the details. My family was yet again trying to get me to interact w/ Crazy Daisy, my mom's mom. I was trying to calmly tell them that I do forgive her but I just don't choose to have such a compulsively toxic person in my life. There were a lot of tea settings & bells. Crazy Daisy collects bells & I came across a bunch of them in a store I frequent just a week ago. We went down into a theater in the palace. I went first & walked along the rows of red velvet chairs. When I got to the end off to the side of the stage I was discussing where we should put our stuff before we go back behind the stage. I was told to just put them near one of the folding velvet movie like chairs. I looked out over the auditorium & couldn't figure out what we were all going to do. I went up to the curtain & pulled it back & woke up.

      So I got a lucid but stayed true to myself & just bathed in the realness of it all. The great detail & such. I think we don't do enough of that & it's the foundation of lucid dreaming. Reminding yourself how real the dreamscape is in & of itself. My pull to find meaning was very strong. I don't know if my grandmother will pass soon or what. I also don't know why suddenly she is in a bunch of my dreams. It's odd. Usually dreams like that for me mean death, I'm going to talk to them soon, or I'm going to see them soon. Yes, that is a real gift I have. I also can ask where things are out loud & then find them. My husband loves that particular gift. I text him during the day opposed to saying it out loud some times because it works best when I ask him in particular for some reason. He also thinks I could find the winning lottery numbers somehow, lol. But I don't think it works that way. I have been talking out loud lately to my grand parents that have passed in hopes that they here me & give me a sign. Maybe it was that. I do forgive my grandmother, that is very real. I just don't like the feeling that I have about my family thinking I should talk to her. When they themselves acknowledge that she is a compulsive liar & fake. My parents & my brother are atheists & me & my sisters are not so we have an interesting dynamic. And when I say they are atheists, I mean they try to push that down people's throats on social media & are just as bad as people who do the same w/ religion. Good people yet pushy w/ this subject for some reason. I love them but they would never understand how spiritual I've become & would only mock it like they mock my cousin, who faithfully every day on Facebook is giving her thanks to God for everything. She also used to have an abusive ex like I did so I get it but yet she's still on the extreme side but always positive which is better than being a negative atheist. That's not to bash anyone but to say I don't like people being pushy in a negative way. At least my cousin doesn't push it on anyone. My sisters on the other hand have been in my thoughts. I have been struggling w/ telling them about some of the changes in my life such as lucid dreaming & other things that have been happening spiritually to me for like, forever, lol..... That's probably what this dream was really about. I talk to my family every day via a group text which is continuous. This is due to my parents new found traveling now that they have retired via their RV. They are currently in Canada.

      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown/OOB
    2. 16th of June.

      by , 06-16-2014 at 02:56 PM
      No dreams i could remember tonight .

      This may be caused by: -I was not ''hyped'' for the dream.
      -I used my pc close to bedtime.
    3. Fast track to Advanced Dream Control LD

      by , 10-22-2013 at 05:59 PM
      I stepped into this dream already aware. I was in a large courtyard with grass and tall pine trees. I noticed that i was lucid and started to use stabilization techniques that I had learned, multiple times before i was anchored and stabilized. I tried to make a piece of candy corn appear, but could not. There was a cop car that seemed to be looking for me. I tried to escape it by flying above the trees using a very basic method of flight because I could not fly like super man, like i originally wanted. It followed me as I moved around. Eventually i was caught when I ended up landing and could not use many dream control powers to escape them. I was taken to the mansion, where it seemed that they knew who I was, and they wanted to take me somewhere and experiment on me. I was lucid, but I wanted to see where this was going.
      I was taken into the mansion. The ceiling was high, and it all gave off a very sophisticated aura. I heard the group of people that captured me talking to one another. Though cliche, while looking through the crack in the door, they all turned to me and stared. I then faded and reentered outside of the mansion.
      There were 8 very large bald people that seemed to be in on the experiment. Each of them could use dream powers very well and i had to muster up all of my knowledge and dream control to escape each one. Through battling each one I learnt the drive and effort it takes to control each skill in a dream. I could phase through walls as if they were drapes, I could fly like superman, I could conjure objects at will, and I could use telekinesis. I never beat the first few, but using my powers, I survived. After their time was up, they turned to stone, and I was forced to battle the next one. There were battles on rooftops, and to the center of the earth as I dug, as well as through the basement of the mansion which was full of man-made streams. One by one, each turned to stone as I counted them off. There was only one left. We ended up battling to the roof of the mansion where, as the night turned day, the bald man looked towards the sun. He turned to me and said words which i cannot remember, but what I do know is what I felt, and it was that each of these giant men were all trying to teach me new powers. Only through the drive of desperation and self preservation was I able to achieve each skill almost unconsciously. The man used his long arms and pulled himself to the roof, as I flew up to see where he was going, all I saw was a stone gargoyle, and the petrified statue of the last giant bald man. I was able to stretch the dreams many times, but eventually it ended, before I fought the last boss.
      at this point I had to DEILD to get back into the dream. I woke up, did a reality check, then immediately closed my eyes, stayed still and reentered the dream. I was in the courtyard, and there I met the final boss. He had short spiked hair with a wave at the front. His hair was black and he was wearing a black leather jacket. using all the powers I had learned so far, i kept pace with him. he conjured a sword which i used telekenisis to throw away. we both flew in the air very naturally, like a superhero. I conjured my own sword. The battle wasn't finished as the dream started to fade while i was in mid combat and couldn't stabilize it. I woke up and tried to DEILD and MILD and WILD to reenter, but it didn't work.
    4. First false awakening

      by , 01-15-2013 at 12:34 AM
      This is the most lucid dream I've ever had, and I'm still sceptical as to whether I was awake or not, because I feel like I really was.

      I can't remember the dream before or after my false awakening, but I remember waking up, turning on my lamp and getting my dream journal from beside my bed, I lay on my stomach and started writing down notes on my dream, a voice was trying to speak to me, now that I think about it and I was getting distracted, I got down "short"then some dot points on the first dream, but I remember finding it very hard to concentrate as I was falling asleep and my eyes wouldn't stay open, so I went back to sleep. Now I think back on it, I do remember putting the pen into the book, but not putting the book back on my dresser or turning the light off, only flipping onto my side and going back to sleep into another dream. Also, everything about my room, which I was "awake" in was exactly the same to my memory, nothing was different/changed or dream-like.

      I woke up this morning at about 9:00 and immediately went to write in my journal, then remembered that I had already in the night, I flipped the book open and there was nothing there, I got pretty freaked out because I swear I was awake, when obviously I wasn't. I don't know why it happened, but the writing in my journal part was because I only just started this journal after reading about lucid dreaming induction only a few hours earlier, so I started the journal and there was nothing in it.

      Peace out.
    5. Learning How To Fly. Non Lucid - Flying

      by , 10-23-2012 at 12:12 AM (Zödra)
      I was going to sleep for an afternoon nap and trying to WILD. I laid down and went to sleep, I started feeling vibrations and all, but then I didn't keep consciousness, I guess it would be a False Awakening from a WILD.

      I got up from my bed and started walking around a weird, almost haunted looking house. My sister was here. We started looking around collecting clues, there was one in the giant chandelier. It said how to explode. very weird. It had a location that the information was supposed to be at, I followed it with my sister (extremely strange). There was a table that had glasses on it, a bigger glasses over a little glasses. My sister picked up one of the bigger glasses and there was a tiny piece of tinfoil that said five cent piece. my sister put it back and we went our separate ways. I floated over to my room (I was no longer walking) I got on my laptop and started talking to people on DV, Some people are posting pictures of dragons. I look at one and then get off the computer. My other sister walks in and tells me to turn the lights on. I float off of my bed and get the light switch, and then I try to float to the other one and I can't reach. It feels exactly like it does when i am trying and failing at flying in LDs.
      "Just stand up and pull the switch!" she says, but I am determined. I close my eyes and imagine myself being lifted up in the air. After I do this I can fly with ease. I start questioning things, my biggest question is Why can I fly? I start thinking a lot and think It is because I was trying to WILD, if you are close to dreaming, you can fly. I lay back down in bed and get on the computer. I open up another Dragon picture.

      I am always pulled into computers/tvs/windows when I look in them. I am standing, looking at the dragon. The dragon is standing on a cloud and is 1000 ft tall easily, and 3000 feet wide. It is red and it's tail is the same as a scorpion's tail. It sees me and roars, an extremely loud noise that puts shivers down my spine. After it is done another tail looking thing shoots out of it's mouth and at me. I am standing very far away from it, but it seems like it is going to reach me. I look away from the laptop. My wife asks me what I am doing, I tell her that I am just on the computer, but I will still lay down next to her while she sleeps. I start looking at the computer again and wake up.

      In some dreams I can fly, and in some it seems impossible. When I tried the last time in this dream it had such a real feel to it and felt exactly like when I normally can't fly, but I got over it. I think I should be able to always fly at will now.

      Updated 10-22-2016 at 11:17 AM by 58222

    6. The DreamViews Academy

      by , 09-03-2011 at 10:20 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Yeah... I had a dream about this.

      I am standing out side of what seems an ancient chinese building.

      It is the Dreamviews Academy, I go in.
      There is lots of rooms everywhere, each room represents a different technique.
      I see I technique I would quite like to learn about, I go into the room.

      Comment: No I don't beat myself up because I dream about lucids and not realise Im dreaming. My dreams are too realistic sometimes.
    7. Butterfly DNA

      by , 06-16-2011 at 05:09 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      I was in some sort of trial, I had been bio-engineered to contain butterfly DNA, in the hopes that I could fly. I remember being in Port Macquarie, though my purpose there I'm not sure of. It was night, and I was on one of the higher levels of the resort, though the room didn't resemble anywhere I've ever been before. I could feel I was different, I could physically feel that if I learned to, I could fly, as though I had wings in my back.

      I have a fragment of being in a carpark, it was daytime. We were going to court, something about my modifications. I don't remember the first visit or anything that happened during it, it is all blank.

      I made the decision, I was going to have to learn to fly. I went to a field, long, stretching glass plains and tried to fly, but I failed. I needed to get my father to help me. My dad was in the loungeroom, with 3 other people. One was his business partner, the other my dentist, and I'm not sure on the 4th, but I believe he was old. They were all drunk, and relaxing in soft padded lounge chairs. It was late afternoon, and a soft, warm sunlight filled the room, but the atmosphere was still tense for me.
      "I'm going to learn to fly. I want to, all the hormones in my body are telling me I have to, there's no reason not to."
      They didn't seem as disturbed as I thought they were going to be, and I told them I would owe them a 6 pack for helping me.

      The dream skips, and I am in court again. Artificial lighting, lots of wooden furniture and walls. I believe I was being told that I wasn't allowed to learn to fly. All the people here wore suits, with extremely pale skin. One old man in particular glowed blue, and stared at me and hissed. They had some sort of paper shredder made out of spinning knives in a box.

      I wish I remembered more of this dream. I thought and felt as though I was in waking reality throughout the whole dream, and it was one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a long time. I could physically feel how I would use my wings, it's such a weird sensation and I can stir the feeling in waking life. The men in the suits have me confused, they had a very, very strong presence.
    8. 07/05/10 The Book of the Abyss

      by , 07-07-2010 at 08:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I woke up and sat up in my bed. I couldn't see anything in my dark room. I got out of bed and headed for the door. I tripped over something furry… with a loud hiss, the cat ran out the door. Crap… I hadn't intended to step on a kitty… I followed the running cat and found her in the living room. I turned on the light so I could see the kitty better. A cute little tortoiseshell kitty jumped into one of the chairs and curled up to go to sleep. I did a double take at seeing that. The tortoiseshell cat could be no other than my beloved Amber…

      but Amber got too old and sick, we had to have her put to sleep over 3 years ago. Yet there she was, curled up on the chair and sleeping. I approached the kitty, a bit afraid she would disappear and prove to have been just an illusion. I stroked her soft fur. She no longer appeared angry from being kicked, she started purring loudly. Amber always had such a loud purr. I scooped the kitty into my arms and hugged her close to me. Nothing could make me let go of that kitty… never again. I hugged my purring kitty close to me. It was a dream come true to have her back. Wait… no… what if all of this really was just a dream… a dream that would disappear before I knew it was gone… then Amber would disappear with the dream… no, I didn't want to lose her again, my beautiful Amber... I did an RC… Definitely a dream. I held Amber close to me, I felt like I would cry…

      Amber started to wiggle. She wanted to go. I set her on the floor and she rubbed around my legs a few times before going into the other room where the cat food is. I could hear her eating in there. It seemed so unfair that I had to lose her again… Now to get my mind off of that and onto one of my dream goals. Open and read some of the contents of that locked book I found in the Akashic Records. I went into my bedroom and found the book on my dresser. I took the book and lied it on the bed. I undid the lock, the lock opened easily. I had already figured out the lock earlier, though I no longer remembered how the lock had opened. I opened the book to the beginning and looked inside. The pages felt like parchment under my hands. There was such detail on the book for a dream… such beautiful detail. I admired the leather cover and the pages inside right down to the fact they were completely blank. I flipped through some more pages in the book. Blank, blank, blank… I couldn't find a single line of text or a single picture in the entire book! So how could that help me with anything? Completely annoyed, I slammed the book closed. This sucked. All that trouble to get into the book for absolutely nothing. So I would do something else during this dream. There was still time left… and I hadn't yet dilated time, so I could make it even longer. So what would I do next?

      When I reached the door I got a strong feeling that I should turn around and go back to the book. Something about the book pulled at my mind, insisted that I return. I walked back over to the bed and sat down. I had a very strong feeling guiding me to pick up the book and open it again. But how could a blank book help me any? It couldn't help. The insistent feeling continued. The urging, the pull. This feeling could not be denied. I had to open the book. I lied the book on my bed again and opened it up to some random point in the middle. The blank pages stared back at me as if taunting me with their mystery. I reached out and touched the page of the book, felt the parchment. The parchment felt like liquid now… like it wasn't quite solid. My hand sank into the liquid, and then I felt myself falling… falling… and everything faded to black before a whole new location came into view…

      I surveyed my new surroundings. I floated down to what looked like a stone platform floating in the middle of an endless abyss… weird place. Purple clouds or something filled the abyss, but that only made it look emptier. The large stone platform floated in the abyss without any obvious means of support. I floated down and landed gently on the large stone platform. I looked across the platform, which looked to be about the size of a few football fields… not a small place. A figure stood at the far side of the platform. I could not tell who he was. I moved closer to the figure, the figure did not respond to my presence at all. The figure could have been a statue if it wasn't for the subtle movements I noticed as he shifted his position. I approached slowly.

      "Get on with it, will you?" the man said, "Do I look like I have all night? Come over here and tell me what you are doing with a book about dark energy. You don't look like a dark energy being… I see way too much of that disgusting light stuff in you. So tell me what you're after and make it quick, I have little patience for those of your kind."

      "Those of my kind?" I asked.

      "Light entities," the man responded in an irritated manner, "If I had not been bound to this book you would already be dead, fool. Now either tell me what you want here or go away!"

      So he didn't like light energy. I wondered what he would think of Walms. I saw the man looking at me with an intense star that made it look like he could peer right into my mind.

      "I have seen this person you are referring to as Walms…" the man said with obvious disdain, "I can see much of what goes on in the worlds, I just can't participate. I saw your Walms using dark energy to restore a forest." He scoffed, "There are those who don't realize dark energy is not meant to create life, it is meant to destroy life. Using dark energy to plant flowers… such a waste. Now, for the last time, why are you here?!"

      I pushed thoughts of Walms out of my mind, and focused on creating a mental shield to keep this guy out of my thoughts. I saw the annoyance on his face when I did that. I told the man that I wanted to control the dark energy. When I said that, he seemed to be a bit more interested. He said most of my kind only seek to destroy dark energy, and all who use it. I told him I was no longer that blind, dark energy can't be destroyed, if it did that would destroy the balance of the reality. He snorted at that. He said if I want to use dark energy I would have to get rid of that light crap I have right now. I said no, I would have both. He looked a bit surprised, but got an interesting smirk.

      "So you seek to live in both the dark and the light at the same time? You would dwell in the world of twilight?" the man was asking me, "Not just anyone can control both the dark and the light simultaneously. Mostly one has to select between the two, at least for their primary energy. Choose either dark or light." He looked at me as if evaluating something about me. His gaze was so intense I could feel him probing over me… I reinforced my mental shield to be sure he could not see my thoughts again. "But yes, it looks like you might just be able to do it… as long as the process doesn't drive you mad."

      "I will control both," I said, trying to sound confident. I had the feeling it would be an error to display any form of weakness to this man. I asked him who he was.

      "I am the darkness," he said, "I am the destroyer of worlds, I am the bringer of night. My name would mean nothing to you, though, human. If I was free right now I would rend your soul from your worthless carcass and devour it whole… you would be forever imprisoned within me, where you would experience an eternity in hell." He chuckled as if thinking of a pleasant thing. "But alas, it is not to be. I have been bound to this book and am now forced into servitude to fools like you. Teaching you how to use dark energy. There's still some fun to be had when fools who think they can control it are instead consumed by it, but not nearly enough. So if you seek my knowledge, come over here. I find some things about you amusing, but my patience for you is running thin."

      I wondered if I should trust this person. Who knows what he might try if I got too close. I eyed him from my current position, wondering what the best action would be.

      "Oh, for the hate of…" he said in a very impatient voice, "This cursed book won't allow me to directly harm anyone. And if I had wanted to kill you, you would have been dead long before you got even that close. Now get over here or go away. I'm not going to say that again. I might not be able to harm you, but I can refuse you my services."

      I went over to the dark sorcerer. He violently and suddenly took hold of my right wrist with his left hand, and my left wrist with his right hand. It felt like his grip could break my bones. But any pain I might have felt was instantly numbed by a surge of icy cold energy. Like dry ice. The cold flowed through my body in a massive rush. I felt instantly both drained and energized. Images filled my mind, images of various moves that looked like Alex Mercer from Prototype… the form changing, the consuming, the tendrils, the spikes coming from the ground, the sword, the claws… and some things I didn't remember seeing at all… becoming a dark vapor, fusing with an enemy to take control of them, creating raging black flames, calling forth darklings that would do my bidding, absorbing dark energy from any source, including the darklings I had just summoned… The flurry of images passed through my mind so fast I didn't even catch all of them. The images of using dark energy powers were interspersed with disturbing images of violence, torture, and death. I didn't see all of those, either, but I saw images of a child impaled on a spike, crying and writhing in pain, darklings coming out and eating the child alive, seeming to feed more on the cries of pain than on the flesh… I knew I had missed quite a few images, both of the torture and of the powers, but then the images stopped. The dark sorcerer pushed me away from him, my legs buckled and I fell to the ground.

      "Maybe I was wrong," the sorcerer laughed, "If you can't even handle that, you haven't got a chance of handling dark energy. Don't expect to be able to use those powers on your own yet… that's assuming you saw any of them… and return here in 24 hours time… if you have the backbone to take another step into darkness." I stood up, facing the dark sorcerer. I didn't want to show any sign of weakness. "Now be gone, human. We have no further business to discuss here tonight." With a flick of his hand, an invisible force sent me flying up into the air. I passed through the surface of the book and crashed into the wall of my own bedroom. Ok… that was weird… I wondered if it was wise to return there again… or if this was all a trick.