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    1. Harrison Ford’s Lecture to Tall Palm Trees

      by , 12-02-2018 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 2018. Sunday.

      Dream #: 18,976-01. Reading time: 1 min 30 sec. Readability score: 52.

      Harrison Ford (whom my infra-self perceives as a teacher rather than a celebrity in this dream) is giving a lecture, from behind a podium, at a graduation ceremony at Western Technical College, occurring late at night, but no one else is present (other than my dream self). Perhaps he is speaking to the tall palm trees that rise into the night, in the vague suggestion of an arc. They curve down slightly.

      Errors: Palm trees do not grow well outdoors in Wisconsin as it is too cold. I have not lived in La Crosse since February 1994. No discernible threads of my waking life identity are present, which often results in not recognizing celebrities.

      “Of Roof Space, Indoor Rain, and Shouting Palm Trees” followed on December 4.

      Harrison Ford appeared as Han Solo in a dream of December 22, 2016, that seemed precognitive of Carrie Fisher’s demise on December 27.

      “The Tallest Palm,” my music from a dream of July 23, 2006, is on a compilation CD with other artists as a benefit for wounded soldiers; released on July 30, 2007, by DMusic. My dream repeated on July 23, 2015.

      Preconscious (reticular activating system simulacrum) as authoritative, as a celebrity, as emerging consciousness (thinking skills), as teacher, as finalizing emergence (graduation).

      Trees typically correlate with subliminal, liminal, or concurrent consciousness factors of emerging physicality as well as implying presence of the interconsciousness. For example, in a dream of September 13, 1979, I was transformed into a tree by my “mystery girl” to correlate with the realization that my real physical body did not move as I slept. I merged with the leaves of a palm tree in a dream of November 1, 1992. In a dream of February 9, 1993, I commanded a tree to pick up a nun and rock her like a baby in its branches (a lucid awareness of being in peaceful sleep). In a dream of April 15, 2016, a rendering somewhat like a mechanized mannequin, though with a human essence, emerged from the bottom of an uprooted tree as the emerging consciousness (waking transition) factor. In early childhood dreams, trees sometimes held the essence of people, sometimes having human faces, in the realization that people do not walk around when in REM sleep.

    2. Conserve Merriment; Diversionary Tactics

      by , 02-17-2018 at 10:42 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      I am in what seems to be a dorm room set up for three people, although there are only two of us living there. Above the doorways, I can see red text continually scrolling by, which is then replaced by new text—records of conversations, it seems. On the walls, there are a few posters, different pictures, but all with the words “conserve merriment” at the bottom. This is a reference to something familiar to the person I am in the dream. I walk from the room where I am to the one where my flatmate is sitting.

      He/she—this person seems rather androgynous, and the dream itself offers no clues—wants to know if I’m interested in going to do something with him/her. I reflect that I do seem to have been learning more from the things I spend my free time doing than from my actual classes. But I still feel reluctant. It has to do with things I experienced before getting here, I tell my flatmate. In a way, it’s like I’m telling about everything that’s happened to me up until now, but all compressed into a sentence or two—a lifetime spent as a fugitive, never being able to stay in any one place for long, just one bad thing after another.

      And then he/she replies: “Is that all?” And actually, when you put like that, it really doesn’t seem so bad. Sure, I guess I’ll go to your thing.

      We then talk for a bit about the place we’re at, which is called Campa Piri, and another place I can’t remember the name of now. Then I find myself reading a transcript of the conversation rather than experiencing it. I glance a bit further on, where we’re talking about yet another nearby place called Stone Sway and joking about how it totally sounds like a double entendre. And at that point, I wake up.

      In the next dream of the night, I also seem to be a different person—a young boy staying at a large house with a group of other people, all adults, apparently. There was a lot that happened in the early parts of this dream that I can no longer remember, but it seemed to involve finding some kind of special thing in this house—I want to say it was a book, but I’m not entirely sure, and so from here on out it will be known as the MacGuffin.

      We are all preparing to leave, and it seems that my uncle—my actual uncle, the only familiar person in this dream—is going to be taking the MacGuffin back with him. I don’t like this: I think that it would be better off in the hands of literally anyone else in the world, and it really ought to stay in the house here. But he’s intent on it and, as usual, impervious to arguments.

      He’ll also be taking all the paintings that were in the dining room. It’s a wood-paneled room with a long, wooden table in the middle of it, and pretty much all the space on the walls was taken up with paintings, which illustrated various stories. But now he has them stacked in a closet there, ready to be taken out to the car. I’m not happy about this either. I tell him that he wouldn’t have the space to hang them up, and they’d probably just sit in his house, not even properly stored. He claims he’ll hang them up, but I don’t believe him. What strikes me as particularly unfair about this is that it was only by means of the paintings that we had managed to understand the MacGuffin’s true nature and gain possession of it—possibly from some dark sorcerer type, but that’s also escaped my memory. If the paintings aren’t available, the MacGuffin may never be able to make its way into the hands of someone more suitable in the future.

      But then it occurs to me—I can make sure the paintings never make it to his house. There are many people here who also feel this isn’t right, and with their cooperation, we can have the paintings mysteriously back on their walls. Maybe we can spook him into returning the MacGuffin. I pull someone aside to tell them my idea, and pretty soon, the plan is ready to be put into action. But we need a diversion so we can get our hands on the paintings.

      It’s announced that I’m going to be talking about a painting in a nearby room, and so everybody—minus a few co-conspirators—files in and sits down in rows of chairs. I have the painting there at the front of the room: a fairly small one of a winter scene with trees. I begin talking. I am a kid and don’t know a thing about painting, but I confidently B.S. my way through it.

      Just as I’m explaining how the branches of the trees in the painting are reminiscent of the branches of knowledge, continually reaching out and producing new shoots, an older man with short, white hair stands up and approaches me. He is a professor of art history, and he thinks that the branches are nothing of the sort. I tell him that that’s what one of my philosophy professors had said about them. I definitely have the impression that he, too, is in on it, and that this, too, is part of the diversion.

      Once I’m done, we head out towards the door. This requires us to pass through the dining room, which I had forgotten about, but I see that the walls there are still bare. That’s good—right now, it’s still too early. But I’m sure the paintings will be back up once everyone’s gone through.

    3. Lecturer Spock

      by , 11-02-2016 at 06:26 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      We had Spock as our guest lecturer (or Leonard Nimoy in character, one of the two.) He ranted about how in the future, reality had restructured into something eldritch due to a nebulous cascade event, and he must keep sane by pretending that there were still vestiges of logic and reality left, while the others fully embraced the insanity of the universe. He then tried to explain the cascade event to us by going on at lengths about string theory and showing a 3D render of a string manifold.

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    4. #205 - Blueberry pizza

      by , 03-04-2016 at 10:43 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember being in a lecture theatre with a bunch of other students. We had a bunch of ovens at the back of the class where everyone had pizzas cooking. I had to start 10 minutes later than everyone else due to running errands (can't remember what I was doing though). Me and someone else who had been delayed like me both put our pizzas in the oven (totalling to 2 pizzas each). We had the same pizzas as the other students except ours also had blueberries!
      Some time passed and everyone was getting their pizzas but mine wouldn't be cooked yet. I came up with a 'genius' plan to flip the pizza to make it cook faster, I did this and all the toppings went everywhere. Wait, we only have 2 pizzas now? What the... The pizza is back the right way up, with toppings scattered around... Didn't I flip it? I decide to leave it and someone gives me a clean up task, they hand over a bag with a bunch of wood-working tools and I think I have to go outside and feed a hamster.

      Dream fragment - I remember yesterday I was sitting at the train station and talking to a man and his 2 year old. The kid dropped his raisins on the ground and his dad let him eat them off the ground, it was kind of gross because the kid literally had black dirt and hairs on his hand as he was eating them off the ground... In the dream I had, I was at the train station and I looked down and saw some more raisins, "Oh look there's some more for you" I said to the kid
    5. #17: Lecture / Car / Languages / Boring sunset

      by , 10-23-2015 at 09:01 AM

      Dream 1: Lecture
      I'm sitting in a lecture hall. It's one of those classrooms where the rows to the back are way higher than the rows in the front. I think the lecture was already over. There are just a few people left. I myself am somewhere halfway to the back, perhaps a little bit further. I remember a girl sitting a bit further to the back. Also a classmate whom I rarely talk to because I don't care for her too much is there. She asks me how I'm doing with the final assignment. Ow man.. I'm too busy with the exams right now to do the assignment. I walk with her a bit, down the steps. She mentions that the assignment is already due this week Thursday. Wait what?! Isn't it the week after? I'm fucked. I realise that I need to go back to my seat instead of walk out with her, cause I'm barefooted and my shoes are still at my seat. I end up having the attention of the girl in the back for just a split second, while I'm standing in a row that's further to the back than hers. I do a diveroll [parkour move] over a row of seats.

      Dream 2: Car
      It's daytime and I'm sitting in the car, back row to the right. On the left is my girlfriend. The driver's seat is on the left side of the car. Cas, someone who I haven't talked to in years, is driving. In the passenger seat is at one point his ex-girlfriend and at one point a different girl. We are driving to the airport of Jakarta. I've got a sort of comfortable foetal position going on. At one point it feels like I kinda pretend to be asleep, but eventually I actually do fade in and out of sleep [in the dream only, I didn't really wake up]. I think about having to spend 14 hours on the airplane back to Amsterdam. So long... I don't really remember the conversation, if any. At one point we were just there. I do remember being able to look at the girl in front of me as if there was no chair between us. I also remember an oddly shaped part of the car, underneath the dashboard.

      Indonesian cars have a steering wheel on the right. Also, this car [kinda beat up] is definitely not Cas' real life car.

      Dream 3: Languages
      I'm chilling with my housemate and Indonesian classmate, both girls. We're at one point at 'home' [it doesn't resemble our home] and at one point standing in front of it. My housemate has a lot of thick fantasy books, which were left behind by the last person who occupied the room. Nice for her. She has some stuff to use to her liking, or just sell or whatever. We're outside, but it feels like we're just sitting.. on the ground perhaps. My housemate spends about 90% of the time talking in Dutch to me, which I think is mean to my classmate who barely understands Dutch. I try to talk mostly in English. I don't remember my classmate talking at all. My housemate justifies talking in Dutch by saying that there's no need to talk in English if my classmate doesn't participate in the conversation. I explain that it's a vicious cycle that I've experienced myself in Indonesia: because people speak a language you don't understand, you don't participate. Because you don't participate, they continue using a language you don't understand.

      Dream 4: Boring sunset
      I'm in what's supposed to be one of the rooms I lived in during my time in Indonesia, except it's much more luxurious, with a balcony and such. There is ok-ish scenery with a sunset that is supposed to be beautiful, but right now [while writing] I don't think of it as such. I remember I promised to give my friend pictures that I made from my window. There's another guy in the room with me.. and a baby, a boy. I film the baby, who does some funny stuff.
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-27-2015 at 06:42 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Yeah, here's another. First time trying to convey multi-threaded perspective dreams. Let me know how I did. =P


      Google has selected me for a special interview session at one of their local facilities. I'm not thrilled about it, but I show up anyways. As I arrive at the facility, I notice the huge analog clock on the face of the building. Except, the clock doesn't tell the time. Instead, it's keeping track of the number of people in the building with IQs over 124. I raise an eyebrow at the misplaced elitism, half-wondering why they chose something so low as 124. I enter the building anyways.

      A bunch of other candidates and myself are directed to an open-floor-plan classroom on the second floor. A lecture begins. The lecturer starts going over some hex string maths and methodologies that don't make any sense. Everyone else in the class seems to understand it, but I can't be bothered to try and wrap my head around what I'm sure is nonsensical. Instead, I leave the classroom and head downstairs. However, I leave a perspective thread to follow the lecture.

      While the lecture continues in the parallel thread--and I dread being called on to answer a question--I make a stop at HR to get the benefits spiel. I figure there's no way they'll be able to match everything I enjoy at my current gig, so it'll be amusing getting the sale's pitch. They start off with the badge they had given all selectees. At this point, another thread flashes back to my research into the interview after I had received the invite. The Defcon-esque badge I'd receive for attending would be proof of my qualification, and allegedly a rather impressive resume builder. As the thread where I'm in the HR benefits pitch continues, the guy starts talking about their EEO initiatives, and I can't help wonder if the only reason I got an invite was because of affirmative action silliness.

      Eventually, the threads all re-converge on the lecture. I overhear one of the staff, the HR guy, talking about some data loss or something, and the need to track down the people who took it and bring them to justice. That sounds more interesting, so I volunteer, stepping out of the window onto the ledge. I'm quite high up, and as I lean over the concrete, the fall into the forest below looked a bit too real. My fear of heights kicks in and I start to have some doubts. Stomach fluttering, I take a breath, and calm my nerves. No way this isn't a dream, I remind myself. And if it isn't? I silently consider. Well, this'll suck then. I jump off, taking to the air, shouting back to the HR dude, "Just don't tell your boss on me, kay?" I shoot off at crazy speeds.

      Flying so fast is exhilaration, but the archetypes necessary to enable it make the control a little wonky. Nothing I can't compensate for, as I tear through the sky, over the miles of forest below.

      I spot a clearing and descend, locating the culprits. I charge up some energy in my hands, and blast them with it. The intent was fire, but due to the archetypes used to form the little globules, I end up hurling a sort of chemical foam at them. Intrigued, I made some more foam energy globules and tossed them at the crooks for the sake of experimentation. The foam burned them more aggressively than any fire could have, which honestly was a bit hard to watch as the three of them writhed in pain, screaming as the foam dissipated, sinking into their skin and leaving discolored blotch-marks. I let them run past me, not caring to continue the experiment.

      Unfortunately, I notice a T-Rex in my peripherals and teleport into forest-cover as the crooks are summarily eaten by the T-Rex...who's supposedly my teacher. Weird.

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    7. Lecture

      by , 06-02-2015 at 02:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was middle of the night. I was sitting near a desk with paper and whole jug of tea. I was writing a speech for a lecture. It started from history of hunting traditions, going through thoughts about holocaust, WWII era economy, and ending with criticism of feminism. The whole work was full of chauvinism, Marxism and God only knows what. During writing I drank hectolitres of tea, and in the end when I saw what I've written I almost threwn the desk through a window.
      Tags: desk, lecture, speech, tea
    8. Pirated Books

      by , 10-01-2014 at 06:11 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      11 AM

      I was walking, looking for a book or store. I was on the street, morning or afternoon. I met a seedy-looking guy who led me to a shop. It looks more like a shop for pirated copies. The clerk there showed me a pirated CD copy of "books". I declined. I looked around the shop. There were Christmas decors for sale too.

      I saw a small ceramic statue of a "sifu" or "sensei", an old man with a long white beard and red clothing. Not sure if he was bald.

      I was in a dorm. My dorm? I went to the bathroom to pee, but then I realized I was in someone else's room, peeing on the wall and floor. Once I realized it, I finished it first then ran for a mop. I wiped the wall and floor.

      Jen/Sarah was giving a lecture and mentioned me to the students.

      Rob was there. He was talking about eating or avoiding eating something since he ate too much of something the night before. Hito? Pork?

      Daniel/Someone was talking to him online. He asked Rob if he believes in the Astral or something. Rob got annoyed and told someone to tell Daniel/Someone to shut up.


      I slept around 5:30 AM.
    9. Dream #1: The Lecture

      by , 11-21-2013 at 02:17 AM
      I was inside a classroom listening to my lecturer go on about projectors. After a while, there was a thump on the door, possibly caused by someone placing something on the door which irritated my lecturer a bit causing her to go out there and yell at them. She came back to lecturering in which I then went outside to check out the scene. It was a school of mind from my childhood, you could see some people running up and down the area but after a while, my lecturer came out after me and we had a conversation about shoes near the door.
    10. Paper Earrings, Snake Creature, Flirting Sucks, God Lecture, Dream Guide Feigns Desire to Kill me...

      by , 12-17-2012 at 09:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Paper Earrings (Non-lucid)


      I didn't do a WBTB, so my dream recall is kind of skewed.

      All I remember for this one is that I'm helping something create some kind of poster for a presentation.

      They also seem to have their earrings made of paper as well since I colored in two dark gold ovals and quickly glued them on her ears.

      I told her good luck, and she doesn't really say anything to me, or at least my recall of her saying anything is bad.


      The Prehistoric Snake Creature (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a random neighborhood that seems to be derived of the one I'm currently at for winter break.

      I'm casually walking around in the morning time of the dream, and something feels weird near my feet area.

      I look down, and about 3-5 feet away from me is a creature that looks like a Prehistoric and fossilized Snake structure.

      The head of this creature was like semi-circle in a way, except there's a bump in front where the sides would crown around it.

      It has a transparent body structure where the body organs are easily visible; most noticeably the big glowing organ near the head and the start of its flexible spine.

      The best thing I can associate this thing's composition is the Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas parasite, especially the one that shows up when Leon starts hallucinating inside a shack where he would encounter the big sea creature later on.

      It had a slight light brown color for its body structure, along with a scaled lining that seems to be stacked under the head. The head was basically shaped like a broad arrowhead.

      It continues to follow me, and I try to walk slowly to see what this thing can actually do. I noticed that its arrowhead composition obviously points me out like a sore thumb.

      And if I try to make quick movements, it would sling itself like a slingshot and get even closer to me. So small movements definitely were the only option I had until I figured out a better plan.

      And I doubt I was able to find that "better" plan.


      Flirting is Not Working (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to this girl that I used to have for my English AP Lit Class in High School, and she seems to be kind of dull and stoic.

      I tried having a decent communication with her, and I believe there's someone else that we both had to meet to talk about something. I tried flirting with the girl, I think?

      Whatever happens, she leaves the area without saying anything to me, she didn't even portray any kind of emotion that she was concerned about me or anything at all.

      I watch her open the door, and she quickly gets on a Maroon Bicycle that looks like the University's default bicycle service model. She rides the bicycle awkwardly, but that probably pertains to the actual model in waking life making one ride strangely in the first place.

      The trees outside are full of life, and even though the leaves are covering the sunlight, it's apparent that it's bright outside. It also seems to be slightly windy outside.


      God Lecture with Grandma (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting at an auditorium of some sort, and the overall atmosphere is saturated with this yellow color.

      My grandmother goes on with this speech of the Christian God, and I'm really bored trying to listen to this. I try to block it out of audio, and there's a lot of people that are getting out of the area.

      I remain in my seat because of some weird reason of not trying to make my Grandmother feel bad.

      Eventually, I do leave, so HA!


      Dream Guide is Going to FREAKING KILL ME!!!! Or Not? (Non-lucid)


      I remember the dream starting out where I'm walking around an area that's close to my apartment in waking life. It feels like its 4-5PM in the dream, since the sun is close to sunset.

      I go to the left and end up walking to the curve that goes in a "C" motion, with me starting at the bottom of the "C."

      Then I ended up going to the right side of the other "C" shaped path, and I hear a police car coming nearby. The car ends up being some kind of old car model that's bulky and a little too large to be in the car category.

      I also hear some parts inside jingling and close to coming off as well. Don't know what the cop was going to do, but he left to do whatever it is. I thought it would be for me since I just happened to hear the siren out of nowhere.

      The dream shifts where I'm apparently going out with this blonde girl (inb4DreamGuide), and she's kind of cute. However, I can't verify her age, so I don't try to do anything weird with her. She does seem obsessive over me, requiring that I'm with her, or else she'll threaten to kill me.

      She looked a lot like Catherine from the game Catherine, the succubus one. She looks like she's 16-18 years of age in this dream. I remember being at the top stair level in an auditorium, and she's sitting around the front area to get a good lateral view of the stage.

      I look at the back of her head, and she quickly turns around and locks in on me. I don't think she's trying to kill me, she's just using that so I can get her attention and possibly do a reality check. Unfortunately, I didn't do that, and she turns her head back to look at the stage.

      I believe that I decided I should go ahead and sit next to her, and she's obviously a big contrast from the dark room of seats with people in dark clothing. The stage is the main attraction with the yellow lights shining on the shiny brown wooden floor layering.

      The glow emits all the way until it hits the Catherine dream character that's wearing her default white costume, or at least just a white nightgown.

      There's a part where I'm taking out a sword out of a sheath, but it doesn't seem logical that the sword can come out properly if the design is having "X Y Z" stick in the middle. It's practically impossible in waking life, but it slides off the sheath with ease.

      I don't know where this part came into the dream, because my dream recall is slightly off right now after not paying too much attention to remembering my dreams.

      Considering she was one form I wanted my tulpa to be in, maybe I should use her characteristics for tulpaforging.....excluding the "pretend to kill you" part.

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    11. DC Wants a Piece of Me

      by , 09-23-2012 at 08:37 PM
      This was my first encounter with a hostile, physically violent DC. Great learning experience, I think. I also wound up giving an LD mini-seminar in dream, which was interesting to say the least!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #18: DC Wants a Piece of Me

      I hurry into a grocery store to pick up some items, passing my friend R on the way in. (The only IWL friend I have that regularly LDs.) I say hey and we catch up about the time he's been spending in Seoul, South Korea. I'm in a hurry so I tell him I have to run.

      As he's leaving, I call back to him and ask, "R, what city are we in right now?" He thinks for a moment and then says that he doesn't know. How can we both not know? Something's off. "Buddy, aren't you supposed to be in Seoul? I've never been to Seoul." We agree that it's strange neither of us know where we are and I
      realize that I'm dreaming. "I figured out what's going on, R. I'm dreaming. Well, one of us is, I guess. Probably me." He congratulates me and agrees that it's "probably" me having the LD and not him. I clap him on the shoulder and head into the store.

      I walk through a set of automatic doors and casually explore the store, taking my time marveling at the items on the shelves, the level of detail, and the sheer number of dream characters buying food for the week. I spend several minutes just enjoying the people and texture in the place. One DC, a bulky man in a football jersey and baseball cap, gives me a slightly unfriendly look, but I ignore him.

      A more serious confrontation is next. I'm approaching the frozen foods section when a fat, enormously tall man locks eyes with me. His many chins quake with rage and his fists are balled up for a fight. The huge man strides toward me, flaring out his arms like an obese grizzly bear. I hear him grinding his teeth. The sound is awful, like ice cubes being crushed against one another.

      My own temper starts to smolder but I catch myself and say, "Wait. You're not upset with me. You're angry about something else. What can I do to help you?" He stops and drops his arms to his side, mouth hanging open in surprise. Sheepishly, he says, "Drumstick." I point to one of the cases in the freezer aisle and it begins to give off a warm glow. "The ice cream's in there," I tell him. "I made this place. That means it's my fault it didn't have what you needed. I'm sorry for your trouble." He smiles broadly and waves, turning toward the ice cream.

      I walk further down the freezer aisle, studying the ice cream and shelves full of frozen dinners. (My subconscious seems to mostly produce lasagna and meatloaf.) At the end of the aisle, I come to a door that leads into a hotel banquet hall with a view high above the city. (What city? Still don't know.)

      I'm barging in on some sort of convention and the well-dressed DCs act shocked to see me. They protest at first but I inform them that all of this is my lucid dream, so they'll just have to be patient until I'm through. They become very interested, peppering me with questions. A small crowd of well-dressed young professionals gathers around me, asking me why I keep rubbing my hands together and prodding at my arms. I explain a bunch of LD concepts to them, starting with stabilization, going through how I enter an LD, etc. None of it feels like a waste of time. If these DCs represent some part of myself, what could be better than reviewing the basics?

      I tell them that I have to find the Cretaceous sea. I hold my hands out and will the Cretaceous sea to illuminate. A chunk of the horizon starts giving off a warm glow (just like the ice cream!) I try to push through the window, which fails, and then try to punch it. It acts like plexiglas, wobbling and vibrating but refusing to break. I finally grab a chair and knock out a smaller panel.

      I squeeze myself through to the outside of the building. The wind is fierce, tugging at my clothes, and the ground looks far, far away. I cling to the building, suddenly more afraid than I was prepared to be. I start to calm myself
      but it's too late -- I'm awake.

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    12. Waterslide, Knowledge

      by , 08-28-2012 at 08:24 AM (Into the Ether)
      Entering a classroom setting, a group of us are instructed to find a seat and begin the test.

      Test? What test?

      After a few failed attempts, I manage to find a seat and flip open the booklet.

      Ah, bubble answers, I can do this.

      I bubble in a few things; I seem to know what I’m doing when the test format changes to a computer.

      Uh, what exactly am I doing?

      I glance over to my neighbor and he doesn’t seem to have a laptop yet suddenly I know what to do. There’s a first person shooter game I’m supposed to ‘play’.

      Alright! Game playing, easy as pie. Picking up the mouse, I begin executing a hoard of virtual zombies. Strange, but completely doable.

      Game ends. I wait for the results, my score. I can’t seem to read the numbers? Or are they letters?

      Now we all sit and listen to a lecture. It’s interesting and the speaker is in the field I want to be in. He’s also decently charismatic until he says something funny about not liking vegetarians.

      Oh, that’s right, I’m slowly transitioning into vegetarianism… sort of. Guess I’m included in his statement.

      The girl I happen to be sitting next to is giving off a strong vibe. I look at her a moment. She has brown hair, tall, athletic, vibrant. Do I know her? I feel like I know her.

      Dream transitions and now it’s post academic setting. We’re bonding at a hotel, with a large water slide. My new friends are shouting at me to jump down the slide. I feel a little foolish but decide I should have some fun. I kick off the boots I happen to be wearing, remove my cell phone from my pocket, then take a running leap through the entrance to the large water slide.

      Practically flying down the slide, I can feel the rush of the cool water, the wind against my face, my breathing quicken. I haven’t done this for ages.

      Seeing the end in sight and a friend nearby, I attempt to fly backward, mid-flight, and head over to my friend. However, once I hit the water, sinking into the middle of the pool, I hover there a moment. Treading water underneath the surface, I look around and take in the refreshing environment. I feel the beauty of the place.

      I get out and wander around the hotel at some point, still with the same group of people.
    13. 6/14/12

      by , 06-14-2012 at 06:17 PM
      I had a dream about being in High School, sitting to the side of the hall, and there were desks just set outside one of the teacher's rooms. I walk over, set my backpack down, and listen to a lecture. I remember cracking jokes with someone at some point. Didn't recognize any faces.
    14. Lecture, wicked gate and new bank account

      by , 12-06-2011 at 07:04 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I am in a lecture theatre... and I walked down to the bottom. There is a professor getting ready for his lecture. For a moment I think its Simon G, well perhaps he is, but I can't tell for sure. When I am passing by, I look at his nose and it looks as if he had some disease on in. Its all brown and with a thick layer or sore skin as if he had some infection on it. I just keep walking. There is a stage behind and some door. I know the door goes outside, but I never went through. When I come to the door, it is actually a gate. This gate is made of several flat metal bars. As I come near it... it rotates on the top and it pulls the metal bars up. I look at it wit amazement. I don't understand how is that done. How could the metal bar "bend"?? I keep moving forward and backwards just to see how the gate opens and closes. I cannot figure it out, but its very cool. Then there is another one that separates the outside world with the University area.

      Next thing I now is that I am at a bank. It is Loyds. I want to open new account so I can get my phone insurance. I am standing in the middle and wait for someone to serve me. There is this cocky guy as an assistant and he seems little confused. Then he comes to me and I tell him about the account I want to open. He says that it is no problem and just to take a seat. So I do. He sits next to me. What strikes me is the way he sits. Balancing on the char with his legs spread, as if some teenager or so. I always pay attention to body language so no wonder this surprised me. I though to myself, that this is not very professional. Then I notice a woman, that is clearly a manager. I ask the guy what documents do I need, because I don't have anything on me really. He looks at the manager, then he says, that we see what can be done. Next I can hear some other customers that are opening new account, talking about address and postal code. I think, thats good, I can remember mine easily. And I do so.

      Then I am on my way back to the lecture and my phone rings. Its George. We chat for a while and he asks me if I go out, to Disco Hut with him. I don't understand as he is supposed to be in australia. He says that he is in Czech and whether I am coming soon too. We find out that he is staying only until 20/12 whereas I am coming back at 21/12... so its not gonna work out.
    15. Bullet Hats!

      by , 09-15-2011 at 01:31 AM (Lyrics to Lunacy)
      No TF2 in this dream fragment, sorry. But there were some amusing things that happened withing the thirty-or-so seconds of the dream, so I'll post it anyway.

      I was observing a mostly dark storage room, with dim light glowing into a break in the rectangular crates. In the center of the area was a chair with a man tied to it with rope. There was another man walking slowly beside him, relaxingly pointing a revolver at his chest, and giving him some kind of lecture. The sitting man said something witty, to which the standing man bent over and whispered in his ear.

      "Well," He hissed. "How about your wear this bullet... AS A HAT?!"

      That's all I remember. Funny.
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