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    1. A Couple of memorable dream fragments 120212

      by , 02-13-2012 at 02:33 AM (My Wapped Dreamscape)
      The first of these was a couple of nights ago on 10th February:
      I remember being on a spaceship heading away from one of many planets, I knew the area was uninhabitable for some reason (black hole, antimatter or something). The next thing I remember was heading back towards the planet, feeling nervouse, with some sort of process in mind to make it habitable.
      The next dream was last night 12 February:
      I felt in a panic as I needed to get something important to a friend or work collegue. I was on the bus heading down the main Leeds road, trying to make sure I had everything only to realise that I'd left without putting any shoes on. Very concerned, I tried to work out if I had enough time or money for buying a pair before we were due to meet up. I decided not to and on turning up had to admit my ommission to which this person said not to worry, he had a pair that would fit. I felt sure they were too small but not wanting to contradict him I put them on, at which point I woke up.