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    1. 18 Nov: Small enlightenment and rebirth

      by , 11-19-2018 at 11:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Looking to attend my guru's teachings. Not sure if I will see him, because I just dropped by and was not invited, so I decide to explore the place a little bit and see if I encounter him by chance. I risk going through an area I am not supposed to enter. I come across a few monks and lamas on a hallway and before they see me, I go down a flight of stairs that lead me to a sort of chamber where some people are seated waiting for an audience with my teacher. Nobody sees me as I hide under a table covered in a cloth. At the opposite side of this room there is an opening to outside and I spot my teacher arriving with a group of people. I am watching through a gap in the cloth and I notice that although he is talking with the people on his group, his eyes are looking in my direction and I know that he knows that I am hiding there. I feel there is no need to keep hiding, so I come out and join the other people in sitting on the floor in front of a low wooden stage. My teacher comes to talk to people but he chooses to sit on directly on the floor of the stage, right in front of me. Since his eyes locked with mine, he hasn't let go and I feel as if he is inside me. I feel dizzier as he comes closer, so close I stop feeling there's a separation between us. I become sort of lucid, not exactly, it is more like a small enlightenment. I feel so light that a breeze pushes me through the ground and slowly it elevates me in the air, seated in half-lotus position. I just go with the wind, I cross walls and tree trunks and rise up in the air. I rise and rise until I am in outer space, surrounded by darkness with the dim lights of the stars shining far away. Then I go across the fabric of the universe itself, until all shapes and forms start to disappear one by one. All of my memories fade like 2D pictures dissolving in a black background. I let go all of them. But then I panic. I don't want to lose my teacher's memory. I hold on to his memory. And as I do it, a faint vision of a table and a chair become stronger in front of me and I grab the chair and sit, to stabilize this reference. I grab the table and try to recall familiar things. Then from the table, embedded in it, a dark male figure rises, kinda demonic, but I feel it is also the help I need to go back. He wants to know what I want. I state clearly that I have to go back to my teacher, no matter the time or place, just meeting him again.
      He says no way, that's gone, now I am stuck here forever in this limbo. But I insist on coming back to my teacher. I recall the time I last saw him, but any other time and space will do. He gets mad and disappears. Around me a scenario of an office starts to take shape. I get up and walk around until I find a couple ladies at a booth, like a ticket booth at a train station and they ask me my destination. They ask date and exact hour. I don't know. I feel a bit confused. They yell there is no time for hesitations. Only a few seconds for the time to be set. I could see in a screen random numbers starting to form a date and I shout my actual birth date and as I am saying the hours, I am already feeling a pull and I am thrown back on planet earth. As I approach I see the clouds, rocks, majestic ocean waves, buildings and people and I feel an intense happiness that I will be meeting my teacher again.

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    2. 2,419 Words

      by , 06-27-2018 at 02:54 PM
      I went to bed around 8:30 or 9. I did more journaling and memory work on 6/26 than I had been doing on previous days.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I remember one part about being angry about washing machine noise. I was on the phone with my nana. And the washing machine was making annoying noise. So I just flipped out about it on the phone. Nana was listening very sympathetically.

      I remember another part at the end where I was running from some pirates. I was inside a building. Maybe a basement. I had locked the door knob behind me. It was one of those door locks that has to be pressed in. Then I ran up some stairs.

      Some how I re-appeared on the other side of the door I had locked. But I just opened it again, and locked it again.

      I woke up and recalled what I could, then did an RBFA. I didn't re-remember everything but still got a good amount.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I remember being in my Nana's room. And then near her dresser drawers. I had stored my food in some cups and shoes. I had stored one serving in each of my white vans shoes. And some others in some cups.

      I wondered if the food in the shoes would be edible. 'Wouldn't it get contaminated from the inside of the shoe?' I thought. 'Maybe I will just eat it from the shoe this time and then start using other containers.' I didn't want to waste it.

      At some point I remembered the cups I store my food in in waking life, which are more sanitary.

      There may have been a part with my sister and her friend M. Maybe something with my dad.

      I also dreamed about rolling down a hill. I had been encouraging people to roll down a snowy hill as fast as possible, and they wouldn't get hurt. Then someone rolled down and landed on some stairs or someone who was stuck at the bottom, and got hurt badly. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'I mean, they could roll down, as long as someone has verified that the coast is clear.'

      I went to write some kind of amendment to my original statement so that I wouldn't be sued or anything. That led to me posting on some message boards. There was a board that had a variety of topics, all in alphabetical order.

      I also remember being in a building with some stairs. The forum had lots of pages. White back ground, blue hyperlinks.

      I recalled those and did another RBFA. This RBFA and re-remembering thing is great. I am getting so much more sleep now.


      Round 3 of Dreams.

      I remember a part outside these buildings. A guy was reading from the Big Book. It was an early chapter. Maybe Doctor's Opinion. I didn't want to hear it.

      Everyone was waiting outside the building for the meeting to start. Sitting in an overhang thing by the door. I didn't want to sit with them in case any one smoked.

      Eventually we got inside. I remember standing around with people. Then some other people wheeled out giant peanuts. 'They make peanuts this big?' I thought. 'I guess so!' The peanuts were like 4 or 5 feet long and wider around at the biggest point than my shoulders.

      Then there was something with coconut oil. It was for something specific in the meeting. I had a little table spoon measurer, maybe a green plastic one, and I took a table spoon. I wasn't supposed to have done that.

      Y J saw me do it, but didn't get me in trouble. I hid the tablespoon of coconut oil under something, and considered eating it to make sure I wouldn't be caught. I wondered why I had even taken it, if I didn't even want it right then.

      There were a bunch of rectangular tables. They were a light golden brown color of wood, with a wood grain patterning. I kept expecting them to put all the tables in one long row, but they didn't. Instead, they had them separated. I guess it made it easier for people to walk around them.

      I sat next to someone who showed me the design of the table. They showed me how it repeated almost like a fractal pattern. And how the design looked like peanuts. They also showed me some dark spots and said something about how it looked like a holiday.

      I remember being at some kind of store in the mall. It was something like S P's store but also reminded me of C W's store. It was a lucid dreaming store. He had shelves of lucid dreaming related pills in the middle. One was called "Red Tops" and said Benadryl on it. I was like, 'They use Benadryl for lucid dreaming?' Those were just circular red pills

      There was also something called "Blue Tops". Those were blue cylinders with white stuff poking out of each side. There were other shelves of pills, too, but I think I woke up.

      I remember seeing a picture of Alakazam. And something in the dream was telling me, "You have to fall asleep with focus. Once per night practice falling asleep with focus, then the other times you can fall asleep normally." Something like that. I understand that, but I already fall asleep focused on dream recall, so my mind is occupied.

      I recalled those and let myself RBFA again. That last detail with the lucid dreaming store was funny because it was on my mind as I typed the outline, but only OTTOTT. Then suddenly it came back into full view. Yay!

      I took my Alpha-GPC 300mg and Huperzine-A 100mcg before going back to sleep for Round 4 of Dreams.


      Round of 4 Dreams.

      I remember being at a shoe store in the mall. I was trying on some black and/or tan shoes made of a fabric material. I needed another size. The attendant guy there was saying how he needs 45 minutes to find the right pair. but I'm not allowed to leave the store to go any where else while I wait.

      So I waited. Then a woman brought out a form for me to fill out. It was at least 4 full pages of stuff. "Do I really have to put my social security number?" I asked, noticing 3 little squares. "Yes," she said. I went ahead and filled it in. (I was thinking of how forms say "last 4" of your social but in the dream it was "last 3".)

      As I filled out the form, and looked around, I figured it was because every person's shoes would have a different foot print. Then, they could easily catch someone who did a crime based on the foot prints. They wouldn't just sell shoes to someone with cash any more.

      Then I saw my Uncle C at the register. He might have had someone with him. I looked at him, but he didn't seem to notice me at all.

      I remember being at this church building place. Then went outside. A Mustang was out to the side, in the drive way. I got on a motor cycle. I had my lap top open on a panel of the motorcycle. It showed a map which was similar to near the Arboretum.

      I had a funny feeling throughout this dream. I thought it was waking life, but I thought that I could fly or use powers if I really, really tried. So my plan was to fly the motorcycle to the arboretum.

      Then I decided just to drive it... But realized I had no helmet. 'Will I get in trouble for having no helmet?' I wondered. I had on my orange glasses and some head phones or ear muffs.

      Just then, a family pulled into the drive way. They were out of gas. The father had 2 red gas cans to help fill up the car. 'I could just give them some gas from my tank,' I thought. But I didn't know how to get it out.

      They came into the church building with me. The dad went to light a big cigar. "Wait! Please don't smoke that while I'm here. If you start smoking that I will leave." He put it out.

      "Maybe you should just call some actual mechanics," I suggested. The mom told me that she didn't want to, because of a bad experience with the mechanics last time.

      'Maybe the other people arriving at the church can help them!' I thought. Sure enough, some people were beginning to come in from a hall way over to the right. There was one older man in a suit. I figured they could help, and I went to the bathroom.

      'I know it's not a dream, but I really think I can have some powers,' I thought. I was in a bathroom stall and some how the lock didn't work right. But anyway, I tried to jump in the air, then turn my body into a push-up position in midair. Then, use the force to push against the ground, making me levitate. It actually did work a little, but I eventually landed on the ground. More lightly than I would have with full gravity.

      I left the bathroom stall and walked back out to the room I'd previously been in. There was some water I slipped on. A heavy African American guy was out there. I asked him why I felt like I had powers, or something like that. "Because of all the love!" He said. I still didn't know it was a dream.

      I walked over to a table where E L was working. He was in charge of a Pokemon card table. I remember seeing one Venusaur card. It's HP was in red lettering, but not in bold. It had something like 228 HP. There were other cards, too. Some looked like proxy cards. I remember an electric type.

      I realized that E L had been covering for me, and really, it was my shift to be in charge of the Pokemon table! From 3 to 4 PM. It was already 3:50. "Do you want to do the rest?" he asked. "Sure!" I said, almost not seeing the point.

      I walked around the side of the table. There was a chair. I wanted to do a front flip with my hands on the chair, and land inside the 4 tables. I managed to get in the air but crashed down on the table on my left side.

      Then i woke up. I had been laying on my left side physically, so it made sense to land that way. I think I was afraid I had hurt my ribs, until I realized it was a dream. Then, I was like, 'Argh! I was trying all that stuff but didn't realize it was actually a dream!!!'



      Round 5 of Dreams.

      I remember driving around near O B and then being at a gas station. I was thinking about making a You Tube channel. Something about hiding my identity though. Or responding to comments. Not sure.

      Then I was in a place like that church place again. I remember Vegeta was there. A guy from the church was offering him some diagrams on the wall that would be helpful for target practice. Vegeta said, "no thanks," because he was afraid the pictures would brain wash him.

      Then, an older man came through without a shirt. He got his shirt and put it on. There was something about how that man proved that people here were being brain washed. They were under mind control.

      Then Vegeta was about to buy something at the vending machine. "No! Don't buy the processed food!" I said. But it was too late. He selected a thing of cookies.

      He ate half of one. "I will just use these when my HP gets low," he said. There was something about writing it down. "Okay," I said. "It's good to have something you like."

      Then it shifted to where I had a brand new blue chair cushion on a table... And a guy was walking on top of the table to get to something. He stepped on my blue cushion a little and I got really angry. I started yelling at him. "You should ask first to see if its okay to step on my cushion!!!" Something like that. He yelled back.

      I also remember something about writing my dream journal entry. I was writing on paper, and also had some drawings on the paper. I was writing around the drawings. I remember I was writing about the part with the mom and the kids.

      I also remember something with a stack of coins. I think that was as I was waking up. I saw that image.

      I woke up and recalled those, then re-played all the night's dreams in my mind. I've been regularly getting 5 rounds of dreams per night, which I think is good. I also appreciate the consistency. My shoulders have begun to hurt from sleeping on my side again. That worries me a little but I hope it goes away. I missed the 7:30 W A meeting because it was 8:14 by the time I finished the dream outline. But I'm glad I'm sleeping enough for a change. Sometimes early morning meetings are hard to let go of. In the past I would be too adrenalized about getting to the meeting, and not let myself finish sleeping. I am trying to let go of that now, since there are plenty of day time meetings.
    3. Lost in thought...

      by , 05-10-2018 at 07:07 PM
      I'm walking about in my studio, which is just a fancy name for my computer room with big TV home theater setup and consoles. I'm lost in thought thinking what to do. I have so much to do, but I feel stagnant. I have enrolled in so many courses online as well. I just couldn't decide what to do and am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff I set out to do. I stop for a moment and look around.

      I notice that the room is completely empty. No home theater stuff, no couch, no computer table or chair. It's all completely empty. It occurs to me immediately I'm in a dream. However, I didn't feel like doing anything. I was feeling indifferent about the realization. I wanted to continue thinking about what I wanted to do. I tried jumping and immediately I started to float about as if there was no gravity. I continued being lost in thought just floating from one end of the room to the other and back again. It was calming to just float and think. I think to myself it would be cool if I can do this in waking.

      I decide to get grounded again and place my feet on the floor and suddenly the room changes somewhat. It now becomes a bedroom, but not exactly like my bedroom. It's as if my bed and stuff had been moved into my studio. I look around. That was sort of cool. It was bit dim though without enough light coming in through the windows. It was nighttime. I turn on the lights and sit down on edge of my bed. I didn't feel motivated to do anything. I decide I'll go take a relaxing bath. There is a knock at the door, I reply with "you can come in." It was Kana. She comes in looking surprised to see our studio turned into a bedroom. There was that unmistakable radiance about her, this was not just a Kana dream character. I ask her how she was feeling. She looks at me and tilts her head "Hey, you are lucid..." I look away. I say "Maybe... anyway, I was thinking of taking a bath." She looks puzzled. "In a dream?" she asks. I get up and ask her playfully if she wants to join me. She gets all flustered replying "look who's all grown up now." Of course, I was teasing. Something Kana used to do all the time. The bathtub wasn't nearly big enough for two anyway and I didn't feel like manipulating the dream. Kana says she's gonna nap if I'm not going to do anything. I get up and get undressed and wrap myself in towel. Then I put on light music and place my phone in the basket in the bathroom. I fill up the bathtub and put in some bath salts. I get into the warm bath. It was relaxing. I listen to the music. I never heard the music before. I lean my head back looking at the ceiling wondering what I'm doing. I'm in a lucid dreaming, I can be doing anything else but I had no motivation. I could be hanging out with Kana, but she would realize I'm feeling troubled and I didn't want to worry her. I think about my online courses and which I should prioritize. I still haven't put our life back together since Kana passed away. I get lost in thought. I start to feel drowsy and the dream fades.

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    4. Boyfriend-induced LD

      by , 11-29-2016 at 10:21 AM
      This was one of the most amazingly vivid LDs I've ever had and all thanks to my awesome boyfriend. I went to bed at 10pm, he joined me at 3am. That woke me up, but I was too sleepy to actually get up and do WBTB, so I just rolled over and immediately started dozing off. That's when he whispered to my ear: "Go lucid". And man did that work like a charm. The moment he said it I slid into the most vivid LD ever. I was walking down some hallway and everything got hyper realistic. I was so excited I could barely keep calm.

      I enter a room and there's a girl named Lucy who's apparently my dream world friend. I'm telling her that I'm lucid and trying to stay calm. I remember that I should stabilize the dream - stand still, breathe slowly. It works.

      I try to levitate a bit and that also works nicely, the room is not that large so I can only jump into the air and then softly float around or land on my feet again. I've never felt this AWAKE in my life.

      I want to try to create something in that dream world but for the love of me I can't come up with anything I should do. Still too excited. I ask Lucy and she says "Well why don't you float up to the ceiling and create a little landscape on this floor here." (By the way my bf pointed out her name to me this morning when I woke up - Lucy/Lucid. Coincidence? )

      I try to float up but my body seems to be too heavy and I'm still kind of sinking back to the floor. Out of the blue Lucy faints, it's like her consciousness gets knocked out. I come to her and try to wake her up, but there's just her lifeless body lying on the floor. At this point it feels like I'm losing the lucidity.

      I walk around the house and find what I consider to be her actual real life body sleeping in bed. I don't want to wake her up so I go to my room, find my bed and sit in it. Then I remember that the one thing I always wanted to do in a LD was to meditate.

      I sit in a lotus position and close my eyes. Immediately I'm sucked into this vast black void, it physically feels like I sunk hundreds of meters deep into my mind. There's nothing but blackness but also this amazing clarity. I have thoughts but they don't matter, everything is just so ... clear.

      There's a lot of energy, like everything resonates with it, it's the matter of my mind and it's myself and it feels so awesome. I don't know how long I linger there, but then I wake up into a non lucid dream. I feel like there's an intruder in the house.

      I get up and go check the hallway. Noone. At this point it's just a regular dream. I walk over to Lucy's bedroom and wake her up to tell her about my LD. She seems excited about it but her dad won't let me speak and keeps talking about his comic books.....?

      And then I wake up.

      This was the best LD ever since the first one I had 10 years ago
    5. 16-07-07 Return to Gen-Sys, Evil Universe

      by , 07-08-2016 at 03:48 AM
      I was driving under a bride, or parking garage or something similar. The surface was wood, and I had to brake suddenly when I saw a group of children. Predictably, I started sliding on the slippery surface. I honked the horn to warn the group I was coming. The adult leading the group, William Fichtner (last saw a few days ago in Independence Day: Resurgence) got them out of the way, and I safely came to a stop. I apologized, and got out. The kids started singing and dancing, and for literally no reason I joined in. I thought to myself that this was a good way of "blending in", and not being noticed (by who?).

      In the last dream, I somehow ended up in another universe. That is, a world parallel to ours but with different rules. I recognized this one as a world of "pure evil", one of "reverse entropy" (makes no sense, I know). This world was one of torment, where no drink would satisfy your thirst, no food kill your hunger, and things you wanted vanished when you reached out to them. I was in a street of a big city. Everything had this worn, cold and dilapidated appearance. There were posters on a building, torn off except the bottom quarter. Possibly some construction work on the road. I knew the people in this universe were all mad. I saw some guy, a rather tall and buff one, and spoke to him. I asked him if he was like me, the only sane person in this universe. He took offense, being as mad as the rest of them, and walked towards me in a threatening way. I got mad, really mad at his insolence. I was not lucid, but somehow knew he was my creation, as was the world around me, and I hated him for his audacity to question my authority. I got him wrestled to the ground somehow, and was on top of him. I went off on an evil rant about how I owned him and could make him do whatever I wanted.

      There was a previous scene, but suddenly I was in Japan. I thought this was odd, as I didn't travel there, it just happened. I "knew" this was a scene change, as if my dream life was a movie. I was on a bus, I think, and a girl I know, Xiaoxi was there too (she is actually Chinese). Something odd happened. There was a very strange atmosphere. It rained, and I think I saw some kind of lights outside?

      I was back at my previous-previous job, and my colleagues (Patrick in particular, Mark too) were suspiciously friendly. They hated me in real life.

      I have flashes of a car pulled over on the sidewalk, in a big city. There were kids in the back. I felt a certain someone's presence.

      I was in the headquarters of a company I dreamt up in a dream months ago. I could see the name above a door, and it was the same: Gen-Sys. We were in a lab, conducting a levitation experiment . The device looked like a small flying saucer (but more angular), or hi-tech drone. The device was very cold, supercooled even. We turned up the power, expecting the thing to start levitating. There was nothing immediately visible, so I put my cheek to the ground and tried looking if it was at least a *little* above the ground or not. I was frustrated that we didn't have better equipment, implying the company wasn't exactly drowning in money.

      In the next section I was still at Gen-Sys, but on one of the top floors, in a classical-looking office. I think I knew it belonged to a higher-up at the company, sadly appearing to imply I wasn't running it. We were running another experiment, using special chairs in two different rooms, the office and somewhere else (a lab, presumably). There were a ton of wires that I was supposed to attach to my head, as well as a VR headset that was someone another component of the experiment. I don't remember what we were trying to do. Perhaps telepathy? Teleportation? Anyway, I pulled the wire a bit and accidentally unplugged the machine. I quickly plugged it back in, but it cut the internet connecting temporarily, making the whole experiment fail. I later asked the scientist I was working with how it turned out. He said it failed when the plug was pulled, and that "Trident shut it down" after that. From context, I guess Trident was an AI managing the building.

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    6. Dead Bats/Beatles Campout/Tuxedo Chase/Shopping Drama

      by , 06-23-2016 at 02:03 PM (Book of Dreams)
      4:00 am

      Dream 1
      I'm at my parent's house in my room (thought it looks different than IRL) and there is a bag with some stuff in it, looks like meat patties and potatoes, but when I open it up, there's a bunch of dead bats in it as well. These bats are huge, not just regular small bats. They spill out all over the floor, it's totally repulsive. I think there were some crazy weird beetles, too. I pick up the bats with something other than my hands, I can't remember what I was using, but I didn't want to touch them. I remember their wings were so strange. They were very large and the bones in the wings were as long as drumsticks. When I put them into a new garbage bag, the wings would poke out of the sides. It was a really disturbing image. Now that I'm awake, I feel bad for these little guys, but in the dream I was scared out of my mind.

      Dream 2
      I spent the night in a backyard (not sure who's house it was), in this weird metal spacecraft looking thing. The whole night I was drifting in and out of sleep, and in between sleeps I was listening to the Beatles on an iPod, but they were old songs I've never heard before. Finally, around 5am, I woke up and ran into the house. I think I can remember my mom saying I needed to drive to her house, so I did.

      WBTB: I didn't attempt to WILD, but I did do a bit of positive thinking and mental prep for a MILD. It worked!!

      Dream 3
      I am in a restaurant, and there's all these really hot guys there. We're all eating together, and then the next thing I know we're all lying down on the table, and it feels like an orgy is happening but everyone has their clothes on. I'm not really participating, but someone is holding my hand. The next thing I remember, I'm standing up and I hold my hands out with my palms facing down and push, which causes me to levitate. I'm not lucid, but I think I must have been sort of semi lucid, because I remember thinking "is this going to work?" and it worked very well. Everyone was staring at me floating there in the middle of the room.
      Then there is a break in the dream where I can't remember what happened, but the next thing I know, everyone including me are wearing tuxedos and we're running through the mall (this restaurant was in the mall). I'm with this one guy and we're trying to find a place to "be alone" , while everyone else is running for different reasons I think. We find a gymnasium full of guys playing basketball, and I tell the one I'm with that I'm going to use a Jedi mind trick to make them all leave. In my head I'm not sure if it will really work, but we get in there and I snap my fingers. The guys all start to leave but they're giving me dirty looks. I turn to the guy I'm with and all of a sudden he looks completely different. He's like this small mousey kid and he also looks mad at me and runs away. I run back out into the mall and meet up with another one of the guys from the restaurant. I tell him I can levitate, and I try it again but it doesn't work. He says, "Try looking up at the sky when you do it," I try this and it works for a few seconds. Then we reach these glass doors guarded by two guys (who are also in tuxedos), and they say we have to wait 20 minutes before we can go through. I tell one of the guards he needs a haircut. Somehow they get distracted and we run through the doors. The guards start chasing us. I'm with a larger group of people now, and we're running toward these huge marble columns. I know my best option is to slide down them. I reach the columns and look down. It's a 3 story drop, and I say to myself "I can't do this, I can't do this..." I remember thinking I could try to manifest a feather bed at the bottom, but I know I could still get hurt. Then out of nowhere, I become lucid. Like completely full on lucid. I say "I'm dreaming! This is a dream!" I grab onto the marble column and prepare to slide down. I notice how real everything feels. It really was just like waking life. I realize I haven't done a reality check, and sliding down a marble column could be a really dangerous way to figure out if I'm dreaming, but I really felt that it was a dream and I didn't have time to check so I began my descent. There were little decorative holes in the column that I used to quickly scale down, and everyone followed me. Once we reached the bottom I almost punched one of the guards in the face, but since I was dreaming I decided what's the point. I was so excited to be lucid, but everything started to fade to black. I reached out my hands to touch something but it was too late.

      I was in this black void. I tried to open my eyes but they were like glued shut. So I kept them shut and tried to stay very still. I felt still very connected to the dream world. But nothing was manifesting so I opened them, and I was in my room. I should have done a RC, because this turned out to be a FA, but I wasn't lucid anymore and was just so excited, I remember jumping up and down on my bed and clapping my hands. Then I woke up IRL and tagged it all in my DJ.

      Dream 4
      I was going to the mall with my sister. We pulled up to the front in the car, and there was a car in front of the door, but no one was in it. A little dog was sticking his head out of the driver side window, so I got out and pet his head while I waited. Then the driver, an angry transgendered woman, came out and glared at me. I told her I was sorry for touching her dog and she was really pissed. She dropped her scarf and I picked it up for her, and she was like "yeah..." like it was my fault she dropped it or something. Then she left and I dropped my sister off, then I parked the car. While inside, I saw my high school biology teacher, and we talked for a bit. Then my sister and I went to Sears and had all these coupons. There was a man who was following us and he kept taking our cart every time we'd step away to grab something. I needed new work shoes but couldn't find the ones I was looking for.

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    7. Lucid at the park

      by , 01-08-2016 at 11:26 AM
      I don't know why, I'm lucid since first moment. I did a WBTB (without the back to bed part, I woke up and stayed awake in my bed) and attempted an SSILD. I'm lucid since the first time.

      I'm at the same square as in the last DJ entry, except that this time there is grass on the floor, with beautiful paths made of cobblestone. Kids are playing, some of them are running, some of them just playing with some toy cars on the grass. There are some benches around this park-square, kids' parents are sitting on those. As in nearly all of my dreams, it is dawn time. Really beautiful sunrays are irradiated from the sky. I decide to go for a walk
      - Whoa, this is really vivid and beautiful, the grass, the paths...
      I decide to levitate a bit, instead of walking I go levitating to another "patch" of grass, like those fairies in the films. I crouch on this grass and try to stabilize, I rub my palms and then I start touching the grass, which really wasn't grass, but really small round leafs of some herb, the touch is kinda "cold" like some dew
      , I also smell it, smells like grass (what a coincidence!). I think:
      - With this I should feel more my dream body and not my waking one.
      Wait, my waking one, I shouldn't have said that. My dream starts to fade away. I'm in the void now.
      - Quick, I got to think about something before I leave the dream.
      I start feeling my body.
      - This is it
      I wake up.

      Well, at least the dream was longer than the other ones and I could stabilize, at least for a while.
    8. I Levitated :) but Damn Those False Awakenings!

      by , 11-27-2015 at 10:29 PM
      This morning I had an LD again .

      Here are some highlights and notes I'd like to remember:

      • I could fly for a short distance, finally. It was more like a levitation. I didn't fall but I didn't go higher.
      • I tried to walk through things, but that didn't work.
      • After some time in the LD, I heard a loud noise, and I struggled to stabilize the dream, and I did for a while, but the noise kept coming back until my sister woke me up. I was so mad that she did but I couldn't tell her I was lucid dreaming since she knows nothing about it.
      • Then later when I woke up after a few non-lucid dreams. I realized that the noise and the waking up were a part of my false awakening. I should have noticed that I woke up on the couch and I never sleep there like I noticed the wrong bed in last week's LD.
      • The memory of LD is a little foggy since I woke up after I had some normal dreams. I usually remember it way more clearly when I wake up right after it and replay it in my head.
      • I had 3 LDs so far this month, and I'm very happy I'm getting better.
      • When I used to stress over having LD, I never had it, but now that I know I only get DILD when I nap in the morning after a good sleep especially if I'm just feeling drowsy and not tired, I kind of go to bed for these naps (I never force these naps) expecting an LD without obsessing over it, so it happens. I can't have these morning naps except on weekends, but that will do.
      • I really need to work more on my surroundings control.
    9. Notes on dream awareness

      by , 07-30-2015 at 05:58 PM
      Now that my extensive travels (Paris, Rome, Montreal, Montana) of this month have ended, and I'm back home and gradually returning to my normal sleep patterns, I find that dream awareness is stirring again, though so far it falls short of full lucidity. I had no trace of it while on my journeys, and I didn't even have any dreams I judged worth writing down. This was not overly disappointing because I was not actively engaged in any kind of dream practice and too busy to spend an hour updating my dream journal every day, so it felt okay to take a break.

      A couple days ago I had a dream that was atmospheric but not very interesting plotwise, so I didn't write it down at the time. However, one detail is notable: there was a giant white USB cord on the ground, at least twenty feet long, and arbitrarily I found myself wondering if I could bring it to life. I focused my attention on it and sure enough, it raised its "head" (the USB plug) and began to slither and writhe like a snake. This gave me an eerie sensation, because I found myself thinking, "This better not be happening in real life!" I decided I'd better check to see if I was dreaming. I levitated and was relieved to conclude that yes, indeed I was. However, true lucidity did not emerge because even though I now knew that I was dreaming, I did not stop and think what I could do with the dream state but unreflectively continued to go along with the dream events, which largely involved trying to take a good photograph of a distant landscape. It was a classic case of awareness without agency.

      Last night's dreaming included one of my classic dream signs, a public restroom of questionable functionality. Although I did not recognize the dream sign, I did find myself wondering if the facilities would be clean enough to use. Then I remembered, "I can keep them clean and functional by maintaining the right mental attitude." Though I fell short of actual dream awareness, I still recognized the causal link between my will and the surrounding environment.

      I find it interesting that, though I have still not done any sort of LD practice since early in the month when I left on my travels, simply returning home and restoring my ordinary sleep schedule has been enough to reawaken the potential for dream awareness that felt very distant while I was on the road.
    10. 3/16/15 "Canceled Movie" + "Mountains, Goblins, Geisha" (DILD + NLD)

      by , 03-17-2015 at 07:43 PM
      Ritual: WTB 1am, WBTB 4:45 to 6:15, woke 6:45 am with first dream, 8:30am with second.

      DILD, "Canceled Movie": Theater, lights go down to start movie, then come up again, we all have to move, no clear reason. I lose track of my mom and brother. General confusion. I wonder if it is a dream. I feel convinced it is though I can't be sure. How to figure out? Reason, if it's a dream then in WL I should have already seen the movie and be able to recall it (dream logic!) I think back and can't remember what movie I watched today. Still not sure, need more substantive proof: levitate something. Point to stairs and levitate small random object; decide I need a barrette for my hair and it is one by the time it hits my palm. Pin back my hair. Okay, pretty sure I'm dreaming, that's good. Distracted by all the confusion around me still, people trying to figure out what is going on, don't think of tasks, wake up.

      Note: I wrote the notes above hastily because I hadn't gotten much sleep yet and wanted to get back to bed as soon as possible. One detail I left out because it seemed too insignificant to mention was that in the dream, when I first got up and was gathering my things to leave the theater, I put two large jars in my purse and was surprised that they fit. I don't remember now what they contained, but I have the impression that at least one was a beverage. This is only relevant now because of what happened later.

      I had made coffee late at night because I still had a lot of work to get done before the next day, but realizing I was too tired to simply stay up late, I decided to go to bed and get up to work after a few hours of sleep. I left the coffee to cool on the counter in the large mason jar that I always use to make it, hipster pour-over style. During my WBTB I again decided not to drink the coffee since I was planning to return to bed, and transferred it to a smaller mason jar with a lid that put in the fridge. The next morning, the coffee was still there and I was feeling groggy, so I brought it to work with me. At the end of a long day, as I was gathering my things to go home, I tried stowing the now-empty mason jar in my purse for lack of a better place to put it, and was surprised that it fit. I had a sudden flashback to the same thing happening in the dream that morning. The parallel felt eerily similar, though I had to reflect with amusement that if this was an example of dream precog, it only seems to happen for me with the most wildly trivial and insignificant events.

      NLD, "Mountains, Goblins, Geisha": I'm part of a group that is planning to take a trip to a town high up a mountain. I show my friend a picture of the mountain, which is alarmingly tall and sheer, and point to the location of the little town three-quarters of the way up. I've been there before and am nervous about the drive because the roads are so dangerous. I'm convinced that when I remembered the drive I was actually drawing on memories from a different dream long ago.

      On the mountain, we become the playthings of some goblins. I don't recall what they are doing to the boys, but the girls all have to make themselves up and dress like geisha. The goblins are telepathic, so we have to moderate our thoughts. We end up with psychological conflicts because we are obliged to maintain conscious thought patterns that are at variance with what we "really" think.

      We are being housed in some dingy rooms with cheap blue carpets. I wonder if they were originally designed as dorm rooms, and that question makes me wonder where all of this is actually taking place. I sense the unreality of my situation, but I attribute it to the idea that we're being filmed.

      I look out the window to see if there are any clues about our real location. In the window of the building next door I see a neon "Michelob" sign—it must be a bar! I look for more clues, and see a sign attached the building with the word "Make." That must be the name of the bar... later I'll have to google to see if I can figure out where such a place is located. My suspicions are that we're somewhere in the Catskills or Adirondacks.
    11. Barbarians

      by , 01-21-2015 at 08:53 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall only some fragments. I saw barbaric hordes running towards the beach. They were escaping from an army. I was a wizard, and entered a cavern, where our outspost was made. I was attacked by a group of barbarians, but I used levitation to escape. I flew to the upper caverns, and watched as knights appeared inside to deal with them.
    12. Snowboarding Tricks and Perfect Timing

      by , 11-08-2014 at 03:15 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Standing in the street with a bunch of friends, we are all going to a skate park of sorts, but it is far away. They suggest I levitate to make the trip easier. I'm jump up in the air, and lay horizontally, levitating above the ground and slowly moving forwards through the air. I ask them how to go faster because I could walk this fast normally. One of my friends shows me that I can bang my fists together while holding them out in front of me to go faster. It works, but I only go a little faster. I keep doing it, and keep increasing speed, but only slightly.

      A large crowd of people are walking in the street, and start tugging on me as I float past them. I think maybe they're jealous, so I stop levitating, and walk with them so they don't feel bad. They settle down when I do this, and we all walk together toward the skate park.

      When we get there, it turns into a snow/ice version of a skate park, and I am on a snowboard. People look at me, expecting some fancy tricks. I realize I'm dreaming, and this seems fun, so I drop into a big half pipe type thing on my snow board.

      Suddenly, the dream is in 3rd person, as I watch myself doing tricks. But physically, I feel myself doing all of it with first person tactile sensations. I manage to do lots of spins and flips in this way, and people are happy with the performance. I also retain a physical sense of observing all this from about 30 feet away, standing on the packed snow. I go full tilt with spinning super fast, and doing every twist and rotation physically possible.

      Now the audience becomes loads of Buddhist monks and nuns, who all look at me at once and tell me it would be a good time to wake up now. I recognize that it's up to me, but I trust them, so I concentrate my mind on waking up. I feel a peaceful tingling, kind of dull and soft, as the dream fades back into my subtle mind, and my waking sense of my body in the dark room gradually exists again in my awareness.

      About 30 seconds later, I get out of bed, and walk over to the desk to check the time on my phone. As soon as I pick up my phone, the alarm starts to go off, and I silence it before it wakes my room mates :-)
    13. Dual Experiences - Two Perspectives Simultaneously (briefly)

      by , 10-16-2014 at 03:23 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      At work, I'm in just my underwear. I'm trying to avoid people, especially one creepy guy. I think they wouldn't like seeing me in just my underwear at work. So I look for the bathroom that is more in the back part of the store to stay clear of customers and employees.

      I go into the back room where it is, but hear someone at the back door working with their keys to open it. I take off at a sprint - much faster than normal being in just underwear and bare feet. I don't know if they saw me, but I think two of the girls did.

      I reach some stairs at the end of the hallway, but as I go to sprint down them, my legs stop moving quickly, and I feel like I'm up to my waist in molasses. It is really hard to move my legs, but they do move slowly with a lot of effort. I think, "This is just like when it happens in my dreams" and consider that I may in fact be dreaming. (It only happens in my dreams)

      I decide to think about that once I get a bit further down the stairs just in case I'm not dreaming. Since I might be dreaming, I also try to levitate through the air while also walking. I somehow manage to split my reality into two separate experiences, doing both simultaneously - floating above the stairs slowly, and also walking down them with great effort. Both simultaneous experiences feel like they're totally in my mind. Like when I think of two or more people at once in my mind's eye, imagining what their perspective is, their experience - only more real.
    14. Fortune Cookies and Patronus Charm (WILD + FA)

      by , 09-16-2014 at 09:51 PM
      Ritual: WTB 1am, woke 4:20am, got up and read, drank spice lassi (yogurt, water, turmeric, cumin, salt), did 12 minutes seated meditation incorporation SSILD technique before returning to bed at 5:50am. Before going to bed I affirmed several times, "I vow to lucid dream," reflecting on how a vow is much more serious than an intention, a little nervous that I might inadvertantly break my vow, but reminding myself that I didn't dare, failing to go through on an intention is one thing, but you're never supposed to break your vows. I wanted to avoid supplements for the most part as that hasn't helped much lately, but I did use a few drops of Calea Zacatechichi tincture, because although I can't say for sure if it actually works, I thought the distinctive taste might contribute a useful placebo effect. I lay on my back in bed and did a series of tension-relaxation exercises, then cycled in random order through several affirmations ("I am aware / I do / I dream"). Drifted off, woke up a little, realized it was getting too bright out and my mind felt sufficiently wakeful that this might be an obstacle to sleep, so I put on my sleep mask (a device of last resort as I don't like wearing it), turned on my left side, and continued the affirmations until I fell asleep. I got a lot of distinct hypnagogic imagery and sounds every time I started to drift off, but I did not feel the physical signs of transition.

      WILD, Part 1: I woke up again, thinking I might have transitioned successfully, and got out of bed. I could still distinctly feel myself wearing the sleep mask so I wondered if I was really dreaming, but realized that since it wasn't obstructing my vision, then I must be. I was tempted to rip off the mask but decided to just ignore it, and soon the sensations disappeared for the duration of the dream. Now that I was sure I was dreaming, I wanted to get started right away on my tasks. I reached behind me for my wand, a gesture familiar from a few years ago when I had been playing a lot with Harry Potter style magic. I got used the idea that my wand was sheathed just behind my right hip, so I could just reach back there at any time to draw it. However, this time I came up empty-handed. I realized that this was probably because, having just gotten out of bed, I wasn't wearing any clothes. Nevermind, I can work on that task later. By this time I'm in the kitchen, so it should be an easy matter to procure some fortune cookies!

      I walk toward the kitchen counter, expecting to find a bag of fortune cookies ready to hand. Sure enough, there is a clear plastic bag right where I expect, but as I reach for it I see that it contains... what are those, pierogies? I laugh because they look almost like fortune cookies and are anything but, and it is just like dream to bait and switch this way. I pick up the bag and reach into it anyway, focusing my expectations around pulling out a proper fortune cookie, and by the time my hand closes around something, I can tell that it is falling into line: it has the dry smooth surface, distinctive shape and ridges of a fortune cookie. I pull it out and break it in half to get the fortune. I remember that I'm supposed to eat the cookie too, so I start nibbling at it while extracting the fortune, which was wedged inside the cookie in a crumpled up wad. As I smooth it, I see that the little strip of paper is covered with what looks like dabs of herb butter mixed with little shreds of nori seaweed, a kind of east-west fusion of ingredients. I'm disappointed to see that there is no writing on the paper at all, just the seasonings.

      No problem, the bag contains several cookies. I'll just get another. I try again, and fortunately the next cookie contains a larger slip of paper, one that comes out properly this time and contains actual text—quite a lot of text actually, four or five lines of it. I start to read it, murmuring aloud to help fix it in memory. It starts something like: "And earth her allies rift..." It goes on from there, not making much sense, and worse, by the time I get to the second line the first one is already changing, now "her allies" looks like it has been replaced by something in German, "die Beile."

      (Weird, according to my German dictionary app "die Beile" means "axes, hatchets." I've studied a bit of German, which is why I have the app, but I'm not aware that I've ever learned that word and didn't even know if it was a real one until I looked it up.)

      I continue reading the fortune, and by the time I get to the end the first line has changed again even more, and I'm pretty sure so has everything else. I realize this is somewhat hopeless, the fortune was so long that it would have been hard enough to remember even if it were static, much less track all the changes, so I just determine to remember the part that I read initially, since I think I can keep at least this much in working memory: "And earth her allies rift."

      By this point the fortune has transformed into a large plastic wrapper like the sort that might have wrapped a whole box of cookies, and as I continue to look at it, I'm surprised by how much additional text is written on the side in small print: mundane details like the address of the manufacturer, etc. I see a date, "1945," and note that the place of manufacture is San Francisco, which makes sense (wasn't the fortune cookie invented there?) but by now the date has already changed to "1929."

      FA: Around this time I wake up and grab the notebook I keep next to the bed to start writing things down. Something's wrong, though: even though I normally open it to a blank page before sleeping, it is now open to a page wholly printed with graphics resembling some type of manga. I don't remember the notebook having graphics! I flip through to find a blank page quickly while my memories are fresh, but all the white pages are already filled with previous notes, and they are interspersed with the manga pages, like a cross between a notebook and a graphic novel. I find a space of blank color on one of the manga images, just enough room to scribble, "and earth her allies rift," but then I feel guilty about spoiling the drawing. I don't even remember what the story is, but if I write all over it I might end up regretting it.

      While I'm still trying to figure out where to put down the rest of my notes, my husband comes into the room carrying two boxes wrapped in paper, like presents. Apparently this is some new game that has just arrived that he wants to play together, a console game. I remember him telling me about it earlier: the plot has something to do with cartoonish kids and their gorilla allies. It seems that the game can only be played in two-person mode, so he has come in to try to wake me up. I'm still lying in bed, so he sets the two boxes down right on top of me and starts to rip off the paper wrapping. The boxes are cubes measuring about a foot on each side, and at first I wonder why they are so large, but as he tears off the paper I can see from the box art that they contain individual devices like Playstation controllers.

      Although I do want to play the game at some point, I'm annoyed at this disruption because I was in the middle of a lucid dream attempt! After jotting down my notes I had been planning to try to re-enter the dream state. However, I already vaguely suspect that this might not be a real awakening because everything seems so exaggerated, from the problems with my notebook to my husband's rude attempt to wake me. He may not share my hobby, but he's aware of it, and would be unlikely to disturb me while I'm still sleeping, much less set boxes on me! This remains only a suspicion, and I don't become fully aware of the fact that I'm still dreaming. Rather, I conclude only that I'm still on the verge of it, since I can still feel the heaviness and tingling in my limbs that lets me know that I can probably re-enter the dreamstate once this distraction has diminished. So I quietly grumble at my husband until he leaves, careful to keep calm and not lose my temper since that could wake me up too much and make it impossible to to return to the dream. After he goes out of the room, I get myself settled in the bed again and prepare to re-transition. This is amusing in retrospect because evidently I was fully dreaming the whole time—I had the impression that I was DEILDing back into the dream, but obviously if this had been a real awakening DEILD would have been impossible after such a chaotic interlude! When I felt confident I was dreaming again, I got back out of bed.

      WILD, Part 2: Having done fortune cookies, I thought I should put all my focus now into completing the Patronus TOTM. Once more I reach for my wand and once again come up empty-handed. No matter, I've used a chopstick as a wand before with great success, and I keep a jar of those right on the kitchen counter, so I walk up to it and pluck a nice sturdy one. Although the jar is mostly full of delicately-pointed Japanese chopsticks, I choose a sturdier one of the Chinese type, cut half-square and half-round. It looks just like one of my real chopsticks, from a simple and practical set I acquired many years ago in Nonthaburi because I didn't know I was supposed to give them back to the door-to-door noodle vendor, and it feels comfortable and familiar in my hand.

      I figure that it would be most appropriate to summon a Patronus if there were a real threat, but I don't want to over-complicate things by going to look for one. I reason that since my husband was annoying me just now with the boxes and almost woke me up, this could serve as a sufficient stand-in. So I find him in the living room, point the wand toward him and say firmly, "Expecto Patronum!" I hear an audible "pop" like something bursting but see no change in the visual field. I try again and nothing happens at all. I strengthen my resolve, try a third time, and... what is that?... I look closer... it's... moths! The air between us where I was aiming the wand is now occupied with a cloud of small shimmering moths!

      I'm delighted with these results because they were so unexpected. I figured my Patronus would turn out to be something predictable like a type of animal I like, maybe a cat or an owl or a raven or even a horse, but moths had never crossed my mind! However, I had intentionally left the form of the Patronus unspecified, because I was hoping the dream would collaborate with me creatively and come up with something interesting and unanticipated, and in this respect it fulfilled its role splendidly.

      Moths! I would never have consciously arrived at this solution, but now it makes perfect sense: I am very much a night person, after all, and these are definitely night moths. I watch them for a few moments, entranced by the glitter and sparkle of their silver bodies in flight. They are relatively small, with wingspans of roughly three-quarters of an inch, but there is a whole cloud of them, many dozens filling an area several feet on either side. Although we are indoors, they appear to be illuminated by moonlight. It is incredibly beautiful. And they've fulfilled the function of a Patronus, it seems, in that they have averted the "threat" (such as it was) and completely defused the tension in the room. My husband is watching them too, and appears just as enchanted with them as I am.

      After admiring the moths for a while, I notice a rabbit on the living room floor. It is wonderfully well-articulated, closely resembling Dürer's famous drawing of a hare. (Probably WLR because I briefly saw that drawing yesterday.) Since I'm still holding the wand, I figure I might as well try out another HP spell. I recall that there's one that ends with "leviosa," and although I can't remember the first word, I figure it is unimportant because clearly "leviosa" is the operative term. So I point the wand at the hare and say, "Leviosa!" Sure enough, it rises right off the ground into the air. I set it back down and pet it fondly.

      I now feel satisfied that I have accomplished both the tasks I had intended, and I know I should wake up now and write promptly before I forget any details. But the dream is going so well, so clear and stable and responsive... it would be a shame to leave it so soon... I give in to the temptation to take a quick look outside, just for a minute, before coming back in to wake up and begin my report.

      Walking back through the kitchen, I open the screen door to the back patio. Sometimes my WILDs become more unstable after I leave the house, probably in large part because I've developed the expectation that this can happen, but in this case I plan to wake up soon anyway, so I walk outside without hesitation.

      It only takes a step or two before the environment no longer resembles my backyard. I encounter a group of four DCs, a mix of men and women who appear to be in their twenties. They begin to approach or accost me in a vaguely threatening manner. I try the Patronus charm again, but it is not as effective this time: the cloud of moths is much smaller and the DCs appear unimpressed. I'm not sure if I actually see them holding wands, or only rationalize that they might be, but I figure this would be the perfect opportunity to try another HP spell. "Expelliamus!" I shout, aiming at the guy on the far left. Sure enough, his wand jumps right out of his hand toward me, and I catch it neatly. You'd think this would give the others enough warning to prepare their defenses, and indeed they seem to be scrambling to try, but I promptly disarm them all using the same technique.

      I walk on a little further, and encounter a few more DCs sitting on a low brick wall and chatting. The initial four have followed me, and I get the impression that the new ones are their friends. I wonder if they are going to retaliate at me for having taken all their wands, so try the Patronus charm yet again: "Expecto Patronum!" This time only a scattering of moths appear, a half dozen or less. I feel a bit embarrassed at this poor showing. "It must be out," I muse, wondering if the wand can only conjure a limited number of moths in a given interval.

      Nevermind, I've got more tricks in my arsenal, and I want to intimidate these DCs so they'll back off. I wonder if I can levitate the whole group of people? "Leviosa!" I command, trying to make them all rise in the air at once. It doesn't work, and I speculate that maybe this is like game mechanics, where it is easier to perform such effects on simple creatures like animals, but harder on a more intelligent creature like a person, since they get a free roll to resist. I think it over and decide, well, maybe so, but... I have all the wands! Their combined power should be enough to counter any resistance. Is it possible to use more than one wand simultaneously to cast a spell? Only one way to find out!

      Standing in the center of the DCs, who form a ring around me, I levitate myself initially—partly to cement the idea of levitation more firmly in mind, and partly because some of them look like they might want to make a grab at me at any minute. Hovering in the air just above them, I arrange all the wands together in my right hand so that I am gripping them evenly, and try again: "Leviosa!" This time I am pleased to see the whole circle of people around me—about six or seven now I think, the initial group plus their friends—rise simultaneously several feet into the air until they are almost even with my own level. They all look discomfited and alarmed by this change of circumstances, so to reassure them that I mean no real harm I let them sink gently back down to the ground and come down as well myself, satisfied with the results of my experiment.

      I decide to stop fooling around now and go back into the house to write my report. It seems dream logic has made me forget that I can just wake up whenever I want to, I don't actually have to go back bodily into the house and manually start writing. But as I turn to go, one of the girls who has returned to her seat on the brick wall yells something hostile and sarcastic after me. I figure she's upset over my levitation stunt, so I decide to use friendliness to try to transform her attitude. I walk right up to her and, maybe taking "friendliness" a little too far, kiss her on the lips. Although she just looks startled and confused now, I smile warmly and say with genuine affection, "See you later!"

      Returning to what I think must be the spot where I came out of the building, I go back inside. Just in case the DCs are still feeling miffed and try to follow me in, I lock and bolt the heavy door behind me. This is no longer the sliding screen door to my kitchen, but a large and solidly made wooden door with numerous locking mechanisms. I'm not sure if I came in the right door at all, because when I turn around I see that I'm in what looks like a nineteenth-century boiler room: it is full of heavy, old-fashioned machinery. Nevermind, I'm sure I can find the entrance to my kitchen just a little further on, so I'll go through and look for it.

      As I pass by some of the machines, I marvel at their intricacy and the clarity with which I can perceive how they are constructed. I pass one machine that has a cylindrical body like an old stove. Although it is made out of solid black cast iron, there is a primitive electric cord incongruously coming out of it, so I figure it must be from a period of technological transition in the late nineteenth century. The electricity is driving some kind of rotating grinder that is hidden in the upper part of the cast iron body under a round upper plate, and with a flash of insight I think I know what this is: it must be a mill of some kind! But what is it grinding? I look at it a little longer and see a lower basin, also cast iron, positioned below the cylindrical body to catch drippings of some kind: the drippings resemble hot slag, semi-melted metal. Whatever this thing is milling, it is definitely not flour!

      I continue to make my way through the room, dodging complex pieces of shaped metal and machinery that crowd around closely on all sides, but when I get to the far wall I'm disconcerted to find that there's no door. How am I going to get back into my house? Although there seems to be no exit in the walls other than the door I came in, the ceiling is so far overhead as to be out of sight, and I observe that this is less a room than a vertical shaft filled with industrial machinery all the way up, so I begin to levitate and rise through the lattice of metal bars. When I get about three storeys up I see in the wall what looks like the worn wooden cover of a hatch, arched on the top and with a flat base. There is no handle and it looks like it would be too small to crawl through comfortably, but I figure I can make a portal in the wall here to pass through.

      Aiming my wand at the wall, I intend for a portal to form in the location of the hatch. Although nothing appears that I would recognize as a portal, the wall changes, the area in front of me becoming transparent, and just a few feet beyond I see a vertical transparent sheet of glass, apparently the wall of a neighboring building, a modern glass-walled high-rise. Directly across from me through the glass, I see what looks like the interior of a cafe, the sort of place the people who work in this building might stop for coffee or a snack on their lunch hour. It is dark inside and empty of customers, as it is nighttime, but I notice with mild alarm that several cops are running through the cafe and aiming guns at me! They seem very deliberate, as though this was a sting operation directed at stopping me. If they shoot, they'll surely break the glass and then I'll be exposed.

      I consider making the first move and breaking the glass myself to engage them, but I don't feel like getting into combat. I point my wand toward the cops with the intention of creating some kind of protective barrier between us, but I don't see any change and can't tell if this is successful. I decide to just get out of here. Making another portal directly in front of me seems like a bad idea, because the cops might shoot at any moment, so I get a bit creative and make the portal directly under my feet—all this time I have been hovering in the air, after all—and then I take what feels like a leap of faith and simply let myself fall directly into it. Would any pursuers be able to follow? As I fall, I decide that probably the best course at this point is to let the portal lead me to waking, and so I transition from feeling as though I'm falling through a round tunnel of undefined space to waking up in my bed and scrambling to start taking notes before the memories fade.

      It's interesting how clear and stable my dream memory remains—even of such a complex series of episodes—for as long as I am still dreaming, and it is only on waking that the whole fabric begins to thin and fray unless it is captured immediately. Fortunately there were no problems with my notebook this time so I jotted down the key details quickly by hand and then spent the next hour and a half typing up my full draft of the report while the memories were still fresh in mind. I don't mind devoting the time (and sacrificing the sleep) for it when the dreaming is so good!
    15. Bomb Diffusal (with hax turned on)

      by , 06-04-2014 at 06:53 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Sneaking into a military compound of sorts, there are multiple levels of concentric balconies surrounding a central structure, every bit of which is teaming with guards. There is a bomb that is set to explode soon which will kill a bunch of innocent people. Looking at how heavily guarded the bomb platform is I think, "This is going to be really difficult, but those people in there need me, so I don't have a choice"

      Vastly outnumbered, I try to remain unseen as I creep into the central structure. There is no roof on the central structure, but the whole compound area seems to be in a building that resembles a covered football arena, only never meant for sports. One of the guards spots me and immediately starts shooting. I jump into an adjacent room to dodge the gunfire, but not fast enough as a bullet tears through my abdomen. All I can think is, "It burns so much!" as I crumple to the floor behind a large metal desk. Trying to crawl to a safe place, I drag myself across the floor, but the guards have me surrounded now. Sadistically, they plan to kill me slowly, in the most painful way possible. They taunt me and laugh to each other, trying to instill fear in me. Rather than be afraid, I simply prepare to die. Loving the guards now, I alertly observe their actions to see what they will do next. One of them shoots me in the foot. It really hurts! On impulse, I pull my shoe off, and apply pressure to my blood soaked sock as my foot throbs in pain. Noticing how much blood I'm losing I become lucid!

      I realize that I cannot be harmed now that I am lucid. Just in time - another guard runs towards me and rams a knife through my stomach! I am a little surprised at this, and yet confident that I am indeed still dreaming and there is no pain. "I could feel the pain from this" I ponder, but decide not to go there right now. Screaming at me, the guard pulls the knife out and stabs me again, but in the chest. I have to consciously decide to have his knife just pass through me unhindered, but it is worth doing for now. A handful of other guards surround me and start pulling at my arms and grabbing me to hold me in place.

      Feeling a little too close for comfort with all these hostile DCs, I levitate a good 15 ft above them so as to be out of their reach. This works, until they start shooting at me. Really, it's very loud, and distracting to have all that gunfire so close. I float out of their line of sight and contemplate my options, "I could do anything now that I'm lucid. There's not even a real bomb, no one will get hurt, so I don't have to defuse it anymore... What should I do?"

      I decide that it is an interesting challenge, and even though the innocent DCs don't exist, and that this whole scenario doesn't exist, I still want to defuse the bomb to save them. It seems like the moral thing to do, and I want to follow my good intentions more anyway.

      Floating around the corner, I get a peek at the bomb on the top level of the building, complete with a rats nest of wires, and a pulsing red light. It reminds me of Counter Strike for some reason. There are a lot of guards nearby, and each time I poke my head around the corner, there is a hail of gunfire. It's easier to dodge than to allow to pass through me. I hear the timer on the bomb tick down, and know there is only 17 seconds left before it explodes. "That's not much time to work with!"

      So, I turn on the cheats, decide that the hostile DCs' guns no longer shoot bullets (without their knowledge), float into line of sight with the bomb, and use telekinesis to break the bomb into individual parts, levitating each one of them out in the air so it looks like one of those exploded view engineering diagrams, frozen in space. As I do so, the timer clicks to zero, and makes a loud buzzing noise. I find it to be a very annoying sound, but at least the bomb cannot explode now. I feel satisfied with my choice there.

      Now, if only I can stop this buzzing!

      I gradually become aware that it is in fact the same buzzing as my alarm clock as I wake up and my room fades into view.
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