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    1. Hello, Once Again

      by , 02-26-2017 at 03:42 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Hey guys, I thought I was going to be able to keep up with this while pregnant, but it just didn't turn out that way. I now have 2 little girls to love and hold, and my husband travels for work so I am home alone with the kids 24/7.

      Interestingly enough, I have had a few dreams about having two girls...they are in this journal, too...I believe they are sometime in 2011, maybe in the spring. I am about to go back and check. That was way before I was even married, or even dating my husband. Very interesting.

      Anyway, I need to make the most of my freetime right now. I may or may not be updating, it really just depends on if I can even recall much; my recall isn't great as I haven't been focused on dreaming in so long. Parenting is a full-time job! Maybe when they get a little older and more independent, I'll try to start getting back into dreaming/LDing, but right now it's very difficult. If I do remember anything vivid or crazy, I'll update if I can get the time.

      Lots of Love,
    2. Finding Myself

      by , 09-11-2016 at 04:50 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      More radio silence for an entirely different reason this time around. These past handful of days, I've been recalling little fragments. Although they were little, however, they held important significance. Each one dealt with a pretty symbolic subject matter corresponding to stuff that's been going on in my life lately. A shame more detail for them wasn't recalled.
      Which leads me to how things have been IRL these past few days. Lately, I've been undergoing a change in attitude. It was a busy week for me and my family, as we had my aunt and cousin over and we never see them since we moved, so we did a lot of stuff. One thing of note we did was go to the beach.
      The beach holds a lot of meaning to me, when it comes to lucid dreaming anyways. First and foremost, it's a relaxing place. Everything about it; the sounds, the breeze, the vastness of it all. It helps that we went at dusk. It also holds meaning due to my use of it in my lucid dreaming story Dream Gazers, as a meet-up place for the protagonists' shared lucid dreams. I find myself thinking about lucid dreaming a lot whenever I go to the beach anymore, and sometimes it can bring on strong, vivid dreams. In this case, it didn't, but that's okay.
      Since that night at the beach, I've sort of been re-analyzing my path in life and what I'm doing, where I'm going, what I want to do now. My life got turned upside down last year, and I've been scrambling to piece it together since then, barely able to grasp hold of something concrete. It's just difficult, sometimes, figuring yourself out, y'know? I've had to re-adjust all my expectations, all my feelings, all my views after losing someone special, and now, I think I'm starting to gain a foothold.
      Multiple plans of action have been laid out before me, and in thinking hard about these things, I've felt a lot more happy and clear headed these past few days than I have in a while. I've been doing my standard LDing practices in the course of that time, but I haven't been 100% going at it, as I've busied my mind so much with the future. In any case, that's done nothing to throw me off the track, and I'm thankful for it. To cap all of these thoughts up, I remembered (and wrote down) a non-lucid this morning, with moderate detail. ^^
      I was visiting my friend's house (call him A) and hanging out with the girl (K) from my prior dream (I'm starting to think she may be a dream sign) where she asked me to that dance. IRL this girl is A's niece, and I'm good friends with both of them. Strangely, A appeared to be absent. K said he was upstairs, but while we hung out down in the kitchen eating breakfast, he was no where to be seen, and we certainly couldn't hear him upstairs. What was strange about the setting of this dream was that it was shot like a movie. I could see myself in third person, and multiple dramatic effects and music scores would play when certain things happened. At one point later in the dream, I rushed back into the house, my mom and aunt following closely behind me. We were running from something outside, but I don't recall what it was, or if we even knew what it was.
      Also later on in the dream, K appeared on the news. Nothing bad had happened, thankfully, but I don't remember why she was on the news or what they were talking about, yet she was sitting right across from me still. She looked at the TV with an amused expression, and we resumed our daily activities.

      So that's been me these past few days. Life's just being life.
    3. 28 Sep: Blood moon

      by , 09-28-2015 at 02:56 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I fell asleep thinking of the super moon eclipse, but was too tired to set my alarm clock to wake up to see it, so I thought " maybe I'll wake up to pee and check if the eclipse is happening at that time".
      At some point I started dreaming that I had to wake up to see the eclipse, so I got out of bed, went to the toilet, then realized the figure on the mirror was of a man and shape shifted constantly. I realized I was still dreaming. Tried to wake up again, this time even got outside, but the landscape was a bit off, there was a huge forest and many people gathering around to see the moon, which was big and red. But I don't have such forest near my house. I was still dreaming. I think I had one or two more false awakenings until I finally woke up for good.
      I did a RC to confirm this time I was really awake, I looked to the clock and saw that it was the exact moment of the half-time of the eclipse around here, 3:50 am. I grabbed a coat, went outside and the eclipse was at its peak, with a beautiful red moon in the sky. Still, I had to do another RC, because I kept seeing things quite extraordinary, like a huge dark flying shape in the sky (it looked like a dementor!?) or sparks of light, but I'm in the countryside, there's all sort of animals probably causing those sights: bats, insects... My dogs were pretty excited with my presence and offered me the certainty I was awake when they started biting my ankles.
      Back to bed I had another false awakening, this time I thought I was waking up in my house in the morning, to find that bombs were dropping from the sky and star wars imperial walkers were battling on my land. Then I realized something was not right again, but honestly the impression I had was that dimensions were crossing over, not that I was dreaming. I ran around the house looking for my pets, to run away with them to safety, only to realize that my house was being slowly replaced bits by bits, by different realities, namely other spots in space-time continuum. So, my living room was still intact and normal, but opening a door to my room I would find a street with restaurants, entering the kitchen, it was now some kind of zoo, while on the other side of the house, in the garden, an intergalactic battle was taking place. I felt awed and saddened with the perspective that my house, my haven, my life, would disappear under whole new realities, buildings, events, that would not connect in any way with the memory of me and my loved ones. It was humbling.
    4. Seeding a planet

      by , 04-07-2015 at 10:32 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Seeding a planet (Non-lucid)


      I traveled back and forth to a new planet. It was much alike Earth, but much larger and not populated. I had to seed this planet alongside other ET beings.

      We were creating animals. I could see that this planet looked like the Earth even the layout of the continents, but it was green and clean, it was amazing, air was pure. There were some super sonic planes that traveled from the US to Europe in seconds (remember, the planet was larger than Earth, so US-Europe distance is much larger)

      Some guy wanted to implement money in this planet, but myself being the highest authority I said no... money only brought corruption. I flew above this planet a lot to check out how it was going. I saw some massive buildings, up the clouds and realized it was once populated.
    5. 30.11.13 - The girl of my dreams / My birthday party

      by , 12-09-2013 at 09:47 PM (In the real life)
      I dreamt about the girl of my dreams apparently, it was something like a slideshow of our life together you know... About how i meet her, how i mimic everything she does to show her my affection, she sees that ofcourse, i behave like a nerveous trainwreck, but she still loves me. At a certain point i get better and our whole life becomes this sunset fairytale, where we hold each other tight, look into our eyes drunk with love and ofcourse kiss like there's no tommorow, my whole life i spent with her... In the beginning when i met her i was seeing the whole thing 3rd and rather than me there was this hella awkward guy. (Guess that'd be me in a different form) So i approached her at a bus stop and tried to talk to her, upon not succeding i just asked for a hug and she gave me one, i saw myself jump around filled with joy, after that it was the happiest moments and only that... but it isn't so vivid anymore...

      Anyways, dream life goes on and i find myself in this wierd art classroom with only like 8 or 10 desks and a wardrobe shelf (yep) in the corner of the room. I had stolen a painting and everyone thought it was mine, so ofcourse i accepted the praise and whatnot, but i had acctually stolen the painting from an abandoned house.
      After that a teacher came to me and started giving me shit about some other thing and i threw my coffee at him in the presence of the whole class. He didn't do anything about it he just dissapeared...
      I went to the wardrobe shelf thingy at the corner of the room to put my stuff in it, but only not on the acctual shelf, but a mini shelf attached to the side of the whole thing. Then i looked to the side and i saw that girl... i think she smiled at me. Then we started cleaning the whole room and putting up christmas decorations. After we were done, two teachers came in and started commenting on how they thought we couldn't do it and they were very proud. I looked at my right again and i saw her smiling at me... Then i woke up and did a WBTB (unsuccesfull)

      Now it's my birthday, not the exact date, but a couple of days earlier and i'm having a party at my house. I'm waiting for people to tell me happy birthday, so i could correct them, but no one seems to even know that they're at my party... No wonder, my guests are no other than Kris and his friends (not really friends in the waking life) I'm standing in the kitchen and no one's there so i decide to go upstairs and check around. I see a light coming from my room, so i go there. I see Kris and he says "Congrats man! You chose the right room!" And we begin a tour of every room of my own house, while they are rhyming and singing and opening doors and i see people in the rooms doing exactly what Kris is rhyming about. At one point he was rhyming about an old man with a rubber dick, so you know that was fucked up...
      So the whole thing turns out to be like a birthday present for me. At the end of the tour we end up in my basement and upon opening the door i saw three corridors. To the left was a corridor full of ugly chicks, the one on the right there was that girl... taking a shower, and in the middle corridor there was this like conference room, with a conference desk and everything only it was situated on clouds and there were like 6-9 people sitting on both sides and a guy sitting in the master seat or whatever.There are mini clouds infront of everyone sitting there on the left they are greenish and on the right black. For some really idiotic reason i choose to go to the middle room instead of the right one, where the girl of my dreams is... so those people at the conference room start talking about destroying earth and stuff and before they could finish their demonic plan i was back at the entrance to my basement, then Kris asked me which room i chose and i told him. He called me a moron and i woke up...
    6. In the real life

      by , 12-05-2013 at 12:26 PM (In the real life)
      Hello everybody!
      I started my very own dream journal just a couple of weeks ago and since pretty much everything i wrote in it was written right after i wake up, it's all scrambled and barely readable. So to give my dream recall a boost i'm going to post my dreams here too, edited and in the proper sequence. I hope you enjoy the life story of my other reality! : )
    7. Those days when you wish you knew what you were doing.

      by , 10-24-2013 at 08:31 PM
      So my girlfriend is always right. NO MATTER WHAT. "Hey hun, you think that this color looks good on me?" Me- " Ikt looks great on you!" She says, "No. it looks like ****." Im always wrong. Even when im right. i'm always wrong. go fig for life...
    8. Red Pill or Blue Plue

      by , 05-13-2013 at 09:20 PM
      I remember staring at a brown, wooden table with several small holes in it. I had to make a difficult decision, and I was really struggling. The room was pretty dim, everything was shadowy beyond the table. There was an empty pill bottle, and there were about 4-5 red and blue pills each in a pile beside the upturned bottle. There might have been green pills as well. I knew that my life would change in completely different ways with each pill, because I was only allowed to pick one color.

      Dream Fragment
      I remember walking around my hometown. Something weird was going on, since there were no cars or people. I got a view of the four-way from above, as if I was perched on a lamppost or if I was on the balcony of that old antique store. I remember looking around with my hand on my brow, like I was blocking the sun from my eyes. I think that I was trying to solve a mystery.
    9. Wake up, Have Breakfast, go to Math..!

      by , 02-19-2013 at 11:28 AM
      In this dream, I woke up to my phone's alarm, went to the kitchen, put 2 bread slices in the toaster, and made cereal. Once I finished the cereal, I felt full, but noticed the two slices of toast, ready for Jelly, but I ignored them instead.

      I end up walking into Math Class, and in the corner of the class near Ms. Schilds desk was Miyuki and Vladimir, both talking about whatever they usually talk about. I pretend to not notice them as I walk to the place I thought I sat, somewhere in the back. As I walk, I look back at them a few times, and see Miyuki quietly talk to Vladimir about something, and her face didn't make it seem like it was anything positive.

      Before I knew it, the entire class was filled with kids. Jessica, Cat, Matt, Ashley, and Issac where the main characters in this dream. I Walked to the front to find out what we were doing today. On the board, it seemed like we were coping down answers from multiple Homework Assignments and Tests. When I passed Miyuki's Desk, she stopped me for a moment and said "Hey Chris? About yesterday..." and she whispered something, but the class was way too loud, and I told her to just text me, and walk back to my seat.

      Ashley Quickle asked out loud to the class if anyone had any wax, and I immediately remembered Matt Garcia asking me for wax the previous night, though the wax Ashley needed was for imprinting answers from the textbook (Silly Putty Style) and not for a Vape.

      I try to forget about Miyuki, and walked over to the front corner near the door, where Jessica King, Cat Kaiser and Matt Fowler all sat and hanged out. Cat had a math book open, while Jessica sat next to her, trying harder then anyone I knew to stay awake. I sat in front of Jessica and we basically had a conversation on how it was fucking incredible that Jessica goes to sleep every night at 4 a.m. and wakes up at 6 a.m. and manages to somehow stay 'awake' during the 8 hours of school we have, and she laughed a little bit, but it was apparent there was a very thin string between her awareness and knocking out into a deep sleep. I remember Jessica's eyes were very baggy, but her actual eyes were very fun to stare into! (Is that weird? Nah!)

      After awhile, I went to the front corner between the board and Ms. Schild's Computer Desk, to copy more notes, because I was talking and forgot to do them, seeing the rest of the class was far ahead. Some people talked to me, and a lot of it dealt with me musing to myself about the day so far, and what to expect next. Its funny actually a lot of my dream 'thinking' was all about remembering the 'dream' I thought I had (The Breakfast) but it turned out I was in a dream while I thought about remembering a dream! All of a sudden, my foot knocks down this large wooden board with answers on it, that everyone was copying down from. Issac Mills immediately starts yelling his clever, witty, 'disapproving of my everything' remarks, for all the class to hear, and I frantically struggled to get the board up right so people could copy it again, but the board was very long and unbalanced, so after many failed attempts, I woke up.
    10. In the river - Black Mamba

      by , 06-12-2012 at 07:04 AM
      Looking down on a river where my brother, Lian, was on the other side in a "island" type part. I saw a black eel like thing in the water and was explaining to him how we could go fishing. I was doing so and as the eel like thing came past me from the left I could see it was a black snake. By that time it was already caught by some device I had that wrapped, like a noose round its back end. The snake made sounds like a rattle snake when moving through the water, but only after thats what I realised it was.

      When it realised it was caught it became agressive and went for my brother, who I warned about the snake. He dived into the water to swim away but the snake caught up to him. It bit him on the finger as he tried to grab it on the head. I jumped in to go and save him and had a flash of statictics come up about how many seconds he had to get to shore before the poison would kick in and he would not be able to swim. They seemed inaccurate as he made it to the shore, though it took longer than he had.

      I got there just as he made it to shore and took the snake from him, as I did so its head came free and I pulled its head towards me from around my right hand side where its fangs dug in. I took hold of the head and pulled it out, looked for a rock to kill it with and found a square concrete tile. I had the thought that if I had not been fishing non of this would have happened as I did not want to kill that snake, but it would kill us if not.

      I pounded its head and went to assist Lian, who was ok. I had the thought of some leafs that would help draw the poison but non were about.

      We seemed to be both ok, as I knew after 2 min if we were still standing we would be fine
    11. Philosophical Chat

      by , 04-01-2012 at 04:11 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      I had various dreams last night, but I forgot all of them except for this one, which I think I had right before I finally woke up.
      I was in my friend's house for some reason. I didn't know which friend it was, however. Apparently I was staying at this house for a sleepover. Suddenly, I wanted to go to my friend, Aaron's house instead. I looked up at my friend's parents, and asked, "Can I go to Aaron's house?"
      "But why?" they asked.
      "I figured I'd spend an equal amount of time here and there as well. We haven't visited each other in a while, so..."
      "What about Logan?" they asked.

      Ah. Okay. So this was Logan's house.
      "What about him?" I inquired.
      Logan's mom frowned. "Tell us about him."
      It's too bad my dream self didn't notice how odd this statement was.
      "Well, he's a great guy, I mean, he's pretty religious too. Does all this stuff for his church, the youth group, things like that."
      All of a sudden, Logan's sister walked in, hands on her hips. She looked angry.
      Something weird about this whole thing was that I've never actually met Logan's family up close in real life, I've only heard about them. So I'm assuming how they looked in the dream wasn't true.
      She glared. For the next 5 or so minutes, she lectured me on how people should act in the world, and how they could make their lives better. I took it all in, and it was actually quite useful advice. Afterwards, time seemed to fly, and Logan's sister and I were watching some anime. I then decided to finally go to Aaron's house, and got a glass of water before I did.
      Then the dream ended. I'm pretty dismayed I didn't remember the whole talk Logan's sister had with me, because I vaguely remember that what she said was actually pretty true and useful advice.
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. Brief DEILD

      by , 01-09-2012 at 10:18 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Previous dream involved a conversation where my sister was trying to convince me that my two nieces were exactly alike. Something else about my pops and money.

      I laid there and had some HI about watching some fat guy dancing and then SP kicked in. It felt like I was being pulled through my bed. I could even hear my mattress springs squeak.

      I arrived in my driveway laying on my stomach. My face was flat against the ground and it made me question weather or not that was my sleeping position.

      I stood up and saw this red haired guy I instinctively called "life" and started asking him questions. I knew I wanted to share a dream but I couldn't even think of the name when I asked him about it.

      Life replied "oh that little short girl." I nodded and he said I didn't want to have anything to do with her. I found it odd that if this guy was so wise why couldn't he think of Koamea's name either.

      "Well is there anything I could help you with" I asked. He told me he was fine excep for one person that was in my house. I naturally thought that I was going to have to kill someone and he agreed. Then I started thinking maybe it isnt the best idea to kill someone I didn't really know about.

      I was lucid but I lacked a lot of reasoning I this dream. I decided to head to my back yard and see if I could find anyone randomly who I was supposed to see. I looked down the road, and saw my old school bus heading towards my house. I hope this isn't going on in RL. This crap is going to wake me up. I watched the bus do some awkward u-turn and head the other way. I thought about going after it but I woke up.
    13. Seeking eternal life + interview + culinary TV show

      by , 08-02-2011 at 07:25 PM (The journey of JussiKala)
      Eternal life -

      So the dream begins with me following this guy who proclaims to me that his ultimate goal is to make eternal life possible for himself. I'm in his lab and he explains this to me. The guy looks very old, fragile, and evil. I leave for the day, confused. I find out the guy has been going and killing a few people for the sake of his experiments. I go back to consult him about it, but he is in the process of using his eternal life device. This is like those octopus like things (the robots, not the creatures) from the game crysis 1, but more of a metallic color, and a whole lot bigger. One of the huge tentacles, which looks like a million thin long tentacles intertwined, reaches out slowly towards the guy. The guy doesn't move a squat. The tentacle finally touches his neck and attaches itself to it. The guy stands there strong but looks like he is in great pain. His muscles start tensing up and bloodveins being visible under the surface. He started laughing like a mad man. Dream end.


      Most likely the result of a v-wild. Not sure if lucid.

      So i found myself in this empty opera hall. On the stage. There's a 9 year old boy standing in front of me in a fancy suit. He starts interviewing me, and is quite chlidish at that. At one point he ignores me and I yell at him. Do not remember the context of the interview

      Culinary TV show

      Some sort of reality TV crap about food was in my home with some of my friends, recording the whole process of making the food and eating it and opinions and such. I think I had chicken & salad for food. Liked it. Not much else.´in this dream.
    14. The life of Her

      by , 04-13-2011 at 07:55 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The life of Her (Non-lucid)


      This was an extremely long dream. I can only recall fragments from the first part of the dream. Several days, nights, months and years happened in this dream. I think I was a spirit guide from a lady since she was born until she was old. The whole dream covered the life of her. She had no name, so I call her, "Her" It felt odd to be a dream, I was not lucid and I was not Astral Traveling either.

      - Her was born. Female, blonde, special child. She could see me.
      - Years passed, she had a hard childhood. She only could trust me.

      I was in a hotel with Her. Her was about 10.. The hotel did not have much decor, it was mainly a wooden closet, a bed with a green cover and two brown lamps. There was an odd lamp by the closet that made noises and revealed images from the future when you walked by, but I was uncomfortable, so I left. I started to talk with Her. Music sounded in the dream. She was sad because she had no friends. I told her to be assured people loved her. I told her she had indeed friends.

      Now I was at a swimming pool. Her was about 18. Her was nervous and excited at the same time. She was going to have a race. She jumped on the second aisle of the right of the pool. Two female ladies tried to screw her, however, a third lady, who was Mexican jumped between then and pushed Her to the corner. Her was happy that she did not have to deal with the other two ladies anymore. A gun was shot and the race started. Her dove and started to swim very fast, she arrived second, someone arrived prior to her and received the gold medal.
      Her left the swimming pool to me her only friend, or maybe two friends. I was floating in the middle of the pool, now empty. I could see the spectators seats. The seats were wooden and they had a shape like a pyramid. The sits were so next to each other that I could slide on them and get into the pool. Oddly, I did not splashed.

      Now I was in some gardens. Her was about 40. Her found some hidden stuff of a friend. Her told me she was not a fancy city gal but a more rural gal who grow in the woods. She told me she had to act like a city gal to fit in. There was a small wooden house under a couple of trees. There was a sink in the middle of the house, but not faucets, just the sink. The sink looked old and damaged. There was not pipe on the bottom of the sink. I saw some blood under the sink (on the ground)

      I was in a big forest, but it had almost no trees. Her was on her 80s. One of her last wishes was to take a picture of me, with her. I told her I did not belong to that world and I doubted the camera could picture me, but I tried. There camera had a two inch radius objective that was tried to a cord. She moved the objective and placed it on my forehead. Her said, "Right where the Third Eye is!" Then, she moved the objective back to the camera. It was dawn and after several tries, only her appeared on the photo. I decided to take some pictures of her and I told her that my energy would be within her photos. Her was happy. She smiled, lied down in the ground and died with a smile on her face. Shortly, I woke up.
    15. Paired Souls

      by , 04-08-2011 at 06:33 AM

      Mid March
      Every so often I have a dream that speaks without words using a kind of telepathy. I have identified 3 different kinds of telepathy but I won’t go into them here. The one used here I have been calling Universal Telepathy because it seems to be the most used and nearly everyone seems to understand it; it uses pictures, thoughts, and feelings. Since no words were ever used I will try to state words as accurate and meaningfully as possible. I will describe the pictures and feelings independently.

      I am at the back of large audience, I am where the walkway to leave an auditorium is. There is a strange looking water container attached to a pipe or wall or something that gets my attention. A male being I will call the Instructor asks me using Universal Telepathy if this thing interests me. I reply using Universal Telepathy that “yes from the heart” and I smile.

      Instructor: This is about Paired Souls.

      Then there is a huge dark gray sphere attached to the water thing which is going to be a device used to tell this story.

      Instructor: This big dark sphere is the full soul. Its dark because it holds all the skills and abilities one can ever have represented here by color since if all the myriad of all colors were mixed up they would thus be gray.

      Out of this “full soul” comes out a small droplet, about a thousand times smaller, swirling with red, blue, and gray colors.

      Instructor: This is the fractionalized soul (like yours), represented by the small droplet, can complete a life on your plane quite successfully in this form.

      The droplet then divides in two with one having the red coloring swirling around in it and the other having the blue.

      Instructor: However if the tasks and the energies used to complete their undertakings are halved then the being can internalize-and-complete these tasks with less struggle and in short order. For this to be realized though the fractional soul needs to be divided into ying-and-yang-like halves. One should also become committed to a nonphysical life while the other incarnates into a physical life and world. These two different worlds use nearly opposing energy sectors to successfully complete. Preferably the “feminine” half should be tasked with the nonphysical life and the “masculine” half with the physical incarnation. Masculine halves are best used on the physical plane as masculine energies are superior at moving the energy that is matter due to their propensity for sheer force of will. The energies used by one half will then not be used by the other, both being different in polarity and in different realms causing nearly opposing situations. The really advantageous aspect to this pairing of souls is that the energies not used by one can then be transferred to the other. Since they are both of one soul they will naturally share energies and thus, in this way, be able to support each other’s tasks and lives. The depleted energies of one can be boosted freely by the other half at no cost to its own energy needs. They can then complete their tasks quicker and with less struggle. The double dichotomy of differing worlds and the pairing of souls is quite advantageous.

      There was then a period where he stopped I guess for questions but I was trying to take it all in and impressed with the logic of it all. I then wanted to touch the red and clear ball that was depicting a half of the paired soul so that maybe I could take in some more knowledge from it.

      Instructor: That’s just for demonstration.

      I felt a little dumb now and disappointed. “Oh, hmmmm.”

      I woke up.

      P.S. This was a lot harder to translate than I thought. So much is packed into so little that I have to not only find the right words but the right over all meaning. I hope this all makes sense.

      This is a great depiction of the full soul (middle) and the fraction soul's (tiny bright circle at the top) size difference. It was also understood that the full soul came from another even larger unimaginably immense "soul."

      Click image for larger version. 

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