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    1. Almost Lucid? Repeated RC fail

      by , 01-05-2016 at 02:49 PM
      I woke up to my first alarm at 5am and was really tired after sleeping late so fell back asleep between my alarms, knowing that I had to get up soon. I think because I knew this I fell in a really light sleep which on the one hand, perhaps, made it far more likely for me to be able to do a RC, but on the other hand resulted in me not taking my RC seriously (as my brain thought I was actually awake since such a short time before I had awoken and part of me was listening out for the next alarm). Anyway this is what happened:

      I wake up in the dream and it is early morning, light but still a bit dark (corresponding with real time). I go to the bathroom to get ready - I flick the light switch and enter the room...the room is still dark. I go back and flick the light switch again and re-enter...still dark. I do it again. Still dark. I do this like 5-6x. Then D comes into the room and I say "i'm having trouble getting the light on" we look at each other and then have the same thought I should be checking my hands I bring my hands up to my face and the same time he grabs them and brings them up to my face for me. I examine my fingers but they look normal (usually I see more fingers straight away) I count them anyway but I come up with a funny number 6 or something. I concentrate and count again and keep coming up with numbers like 7 or 9 on one hand. I am really confused trying to figure how how my hand looks normal but when I count them I keep coming up with more. It's like my eyes are playing tricks on me. I either give up and keep getting ready or I actually wake up then realising it's now 5:20 am (and I know/can sense what the time is before even looking at the clock)
    2. The Stars Of Heaven

      by , 04-19-2015 at 06:35 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #432 - DILD/DEILD/OBE - 4:30ish

      I was having a bad night with restless legs and stomach issues and ended up on the couch. I thought I was hearing noises outside so I was listening as I was falling asleep. At some point I felt the beginning of a shift in my head toward the dream state, but I latch on too soon and it stops. Seconds later, I hear glass break and a rock lightly bounces off my abdomen someplace. I get up and look at a window to see several small holes and cracks. I rush out the back door to catch the vandal and see a preteen boy standing in the neighbors back yard just looking at me. He hits me with another rock and I cover my face out of reflex. I only feel a slight sensation where the rock should have hit me and realize it's all a dream. In fact, I remember that I was literally just now trying to fall asleep and the environment has full on daylight. I quickly find a rock and launch it at the boy, hitting him square in the face. He flinches a bit, but remains largely unaffected. He smirks and picks up a huge red brick. I think, "ok fine" and get a brick of my own. We launch bricks at each other for a few moments and I backhand a few as the come at me, as well as TK to form an invisible shield in front of me.

      I wake up into vibrations and relax into the feeling. My legs feel light and floaty and stretch them out enjoying how amazing and pain free they feel. It's been a while since I've noticed SP sounds, but this time I could hear to tones of high pitched ringing. I focus on the sensations for a bit along with general body relaxation. I turn my head too look at the living room and notice how much darker it all looks. I wonder why it's can't just look the same as waking life. I wake up into vibrations again and repeat the process.

      After a moment, I am able to get up and blindly go out the front door. I see a few cars passing by on the street, but mostly ignore it. When I step into the yard a look up at the night sky, I see a full view view of beautiful bright stars. They don't look like normal stars but the longer I look the more they change into differing versions. All the while I am awed by all of it and hear a music cue that reminds me of this from Polar Express.

      I feel an emotion release of joy and peace and I am reminded of movie scenes where the light shines down from Heaven and you hear the angles sing. I do my best interpretation of it of that mingled with the voices I am hearing in the music., "ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh" but it sound horrible and I choke on the sounds a bit. I chuckle a bit and and continue to admire the ever changing star field though, I've forgotten about the music now. Now, I'd really like see a more realistic milky-way-filled-starry-night, so I focus on it. I see something like what I've seen before only for a fraction of a second and the dream destabilizes into darkness.

      I decide I better move on before I wake up and manage I manage to get my visual back. There is a car parked on the road and I leap from where I am standing several yards over to the other side of the car. As I pass over the top of the car, I run my hand over a strange glass sunroof. The car is black and strange-looking resembling one of my son's Hot Wheels. I''m not sure when my transformation began, but as I let out a growling howl I realize that I am now a werewolf. I am over come with a feeling of triumphant power with a hint of harmless mischief. My, that escalated quickly. I look into the driver side glass past my werewolf reflection to see my neighbors from across the street panicking in the car with a look of shear terror on their faces. Unsure what I should do now, I just watch them for a second and am completely surprised then they slowly vanish from the dream like Marty McFly and his family. I decide now to just use my super power to break glass. The driver side, front and back windows go easy like eggshell with a satisfying glass-breaking sound. I move to the back glass and remember a stupid video I saw on Facebook were some dope tried several times to break car glass with his head. I decide it would be fun to do this in a dream and when I raise me head back I see a cracked spot on the glass. Amused, I ram my head right into that spot. The dream goes back.

      I have a vividly physical sensation of opening my eyes and find myself sprawled out over the truck of the car with my face resting on the glass. For a split second I begin to freak out as I think that I have been sleep walking and actually woke up outside. The idea quickly goes away as I remember this is and old fear and there is no way that happened. I look now at the main road and see a lot of traffic passing by. I remember a thought I had a long time ago about riding a motorcycle in a lucid dream. I'm not sure that I have ever done that and decide too now. I think I see one in a neighboring yard, but it turns out to be a bicycle. I decide to get one from the road GTAV style. I run out into the traffic and cars avoid me. While I let them pass, I see so many odd cars, again like life-sized Hot Wheels. I watch with amusement until I see a motorcycle coming up. As I passes I snatch the man off with one hand and the bike rolls forward then lightly falls over. The man is so light that I think I could hold him in my mouth like a dog with a rag-doll, but decide I'm done with being a monster and I toss him to the side. I watch him flip end over end as he fades into the night. I quickly hop on the motorcycle and take off. I work the manual transmission for fun and quickly realize I am on a dirt bike. The sound is super realistic as I zoom ahead on the road. The dream becomes way too dark again and I can only see the road that's right under me for brief seconds as I pass under the street lights. I ride for a few moments still enjoying the sensation of speed then, quickly hop backward off the bike as I realize I that haven't thought of my dream goals. I intended to use a pocket hole to travel to ISS with bemistaken. The bike rolls ahead and crashes someplace as I step out of the street. I quickly and blindly reach into my pant pocket. For some reason my hand just doesn't want to fit in there, but I manage to pull something out and slam it on the asphalt. It's a black spot on the road, but looks like it is half faded out of 'reality' much like the neighbors vanished. I decide I could work with that as long as it hold, but it's much too small. I use a pinch zoom motion over the whole and it becomes big enough to fit into. I fall over head first and the second I enter, I wake up.

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