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    1. First LD? | [02.09.2019]

      by , 09-02-2019 at 03:21 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      I am outside with my father, on the way back to our home. We're already very close, just about 100 meters away from it. We see my mother for some reason doing something in an empty store, placing science equipment onto the counter in front of the window. My father says something which makes me suspicious that they might be gifting me the store as a workspace. While advancing closer to our home, I start debating in my mind if this could actually happen, which is quickly interrupted by my father telling me to look somewhere.

      I look where he looks and we see a very, very dark cloud with lots of lightning. At first, we were both happy about this, but then, we suddenly see a very quick tornado zoom by, seemingly in random, chaotic patterns. We try to go back to my mother, but we apparently overshoot the target and end up in a shopping district about 600 meters from our home. I notice this and tell my father, so we turn around and again try to get to her. We go back a bit, then turn around again, before then again turning around. I asked my father which store she was in again, as I had forgotten because of my bad memory. My father said he doesn't know and we walk towards the house again. We then overshoot the target once again and end up in what was apparently a room in our flat. We're then suddenly at ground level in the house again, standing in front of the staircase to the higher floors and my father states something along the lines that we can't go outside again. I also knew it was too late to try to warn my mother.

      A while later, my mother comes through the door, seemingly not having noticed the storm, nor the tornado. I come to my mother, suddenly standing a bit further outside, and tell her that there was a tornado here, before seeing it zoom by again, making me correct myself and making me point to it. She sarcastically states that that's absolutely amazing and we go inside.

      Sudden (semi-)lucidity
      I am standing in the bathroom, my mother ominously standing in the back of the room, behind the toilet. She seems to look up outside the skylight. She appears to say something which I don't remember but was just as creepy as the way that she was standing there. Suddenly, I become (semi-?)lucid and run over to my room right next to the bathroom. I pushed my chair to my computer table, before trying to change random things on my face to see if I could do it. It didn't work, and I tried remembering lucid dreaming articles about dream control. I then recalled you could, for example, drink something and imagine it was a potion that would change something. I felt a bit afraid of that because I wasn't entirely sure if this really was a dream. On my computer, a DreamViews page was opened, but before I could check it out, I woke up.

      Short false awakening
      I "woke up", looking outside the window to the clouds. Something felt unusual, but I don't know what.

      I am on the staircase to my home. There're some changes, and it resembles an older dream from the design. I walk up the narrow staircase, having to go through strange doors leading to homes, as well as things like hospitals. The first room I had gone through was empty and had no people in it, the second had a doctor talking through a procedure with the son of a woman who seemed to be a neighbor in the previous version of the dream. I listened to the conversation a bit, before trying to exit the room to continue up the stairs. I woke up before I could continue walking.

      I'm not sure if the presumably lucid dream was actually that or just something else that I could mix up in retrospect. I seemed to be consciously in the dream, but I somehow didn't even think too much about anything else than what I had programmed into myself as what I first want to try to get a feel for lucid dreams, I didn't really think. Is that what a semi-lucid dream is?
    2. Lucid - Finally Had A Lightsaber Fight! - September 30

      , 09-30-2018 at 07:41 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 30 2018

      (3 dreams, 2 lucids)

      pre-star wars interstate/table in front yard, F's car - why are the keys on a table in the front yard? they can be stolen! have to get her car back, getting angry

      lucid/semi-lucid star wars dream* (badass)

      wbtb (lasted for 3 hours)

      lucid with D and 8, and roach antenae then hopping away like a deer, short, got lucid halfway through

      space station dream getting a delivery, we were running out, boss says forget about the reeses puffs and then they give us twice the delivery (everyone mad "we could have been getting twice this whole time? we didn't even get any reeses puffs") and guards and cutting ribbon lines (dad, w/ gun or broom) and other stuff (transformed into noir music video at end); remember the black slats on the divider vividly, and the floor; like an arcade! vivid, long

      lots of HI and feeling for dream scene, but no successful WILDs
      feeling for a white tennis shoe
      feeling for a white metal corner with slats on it

      *Star Wars dream:
      I'm in the office of 9. My best friend (A) and his previous long-time girlfriend (T) are there. There's also another girl from the previous dream who has orange hair (we'll call her O; I had a feeling she might have been a manifestation of my guide). A has a hooked nose unlike in real life, and he's standing next to the bookcase in the far left corner comforting T. O is sitting in a chair looking at me. It's a persecution-style dream, someone is going to eradicate us. I think I had to kill someone in the office, someone was a traitor. I become lucid but decide that instead of pursuing goals I'll let the dream take me wherever it was intending to go. I have a lightsaber and there was someone else there (my dad or F?) who had one, so I offered the group mine thinking that the other person and I could take them with just one lightsaber. They declined and I decided against it anyway, I would need it. So instead I give them a purplish greenish small box of parts to make their own. The dream shifts and I'm in the front yard in the passenger seat of the van. My sister and F are across the street selling pumpkins (as a disguise/to make it seem normal that we're there and that we have nothing to hide). They need to close up so we can go. In the car with me is O, and my dad and possibly mom are near the car. [I say something to someone.] Sister brings me a pumpkin in F's WL purse, it's ripping, I tell them to stop messing around, there's danger. Eventually the scene transitions and the pumpkin stand disappears, it's darker outside, I can tell Sith are coming. I think I told the van to drive away but I can't remember now.

      I walk to the curb and it's much darker like a storm's coming, dust blows by me dramatically and I see two white Hutts at the very end of the street. I remember now that I had told them in the van not to fire their blasters unless they had to, because if they did the others would know where they were. For this reason I don't draw my lightsaber yet (it's probably about 6 houses until the end of the street so I have some distance to cross). When I reach about halfway I notice three more Sith, they looked like Tuscan raiders. Unexpectedly one of the Hutts charged me! It was much faster than I expected because instead of slithering towards me it floated/levitated towards me at an alarming rate. It also held its red lightsaber in a fully forward way, arms up and forward at the chest. It was very intimidating. It also had force lightning. By this point, I had succumbed to the dream's validity to the point where I was still lucid in awareness, but it was more like an elevated state of consciousness and control of my own actions, not control of the dream. In any case I didn't think to use dream powers but was limited to the constraints of the universe, so because I had a blue lightsaber, I only had force push, and becuase they had red, they also had force lightning. So essentially we would circle around each other while facing each other, him sending lightning at me and me pushing or lightsabering it away. This was very intense and I was still only facing one of them. Once I had sen that the van was gone, I decided to flee as I couldn't face them all. I think I may have killed one of the Tuscan raiders first? I ran to a kid's bicycle and as I boarded it, one of the raiders had come up behind me on a Star Wars bike. I used the force to lift the bike up and start flying. The raider and I get into a contest of side-swiping and I dismount him. I have to pull up because there's a white fence/gate at the end of my street.

      Now the sky had gone from storm-blue with dust in it to full-on apocalypse brown. I was flying past twisted trees and power lines, turning sideways to dodge them. At some point
      the dream faded.

      Most of these dreams came from day residue; the SW part came from listening to an episode of MBMBAM discussing naming a kid Anakin; we recently got a new end table by our front door where we leave our everyday carried items, and it's next to a window with blinds so I recently thought "what if they can see through those?"; the arcade-themed space station was due to seeing a Dave and Busters-themed scene in the show F was watching (I think Once Upon a Time). Anyway the lightsaber fighting was badass, even though it wasn't as conscious as it could have been; but it probably would have been much shorter if I had been fully lucid the whole time, so I'm in part glad that the dream and the threats it posed felt 100% real.

      Interesting note: At the end of the SW dream, I was in an FA with the layout of my room being slightly different and although my eyes were closed, I could see a thin strip of light in front of me (in reality, this would have been to the right of me). I sat recalling my dreams and had a brief visualization/WILD attempt within the FA! Then I woke up. For some reason I wrote in my DJ that it's possible I had the SW dream stemming from visualizations during my FA? Interesting but I don't remember about the FA to say for sure now.
    3. Lightning Bomb [LDs]

      by , 09-30-2018 at 06:11 PM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      //Been meaning to write this down for about a week now. Oops. I'll put the lucid parts in a different color.

      Dream 1

      I'm walking around in a dark room, so I can't see much of my surroundings. I'm not sure what happens, but I suddenly become suspicious; I cannot remember how I got here. Since I'm alone, I jump, to see if anything strange happens. Nope, just a normal jump. I'm not convinced, so I jump again, expecting myself to float. I hover in the air a bit before floating back to the floor. I realize I'm dreaming!

      It takes me a second to push down the excitement. I shout for clarity a couple of times, and the dream stabilizes. I'm unsure what to do for a moment, then decide to examine my surroundings after jumping around a bit. Yes, it's still dark, but I can still see a little bit. There's a staircase to my left, so I go up. The stairs lead right into a bedroom with glass panes on the wall to my left and just ahead of me. There's a queen bed in the center of the room; someone rises out of it and stares at me, but I pay them no mind. I instead look out the window. It's stormy out, rain pelting the glass and the doors leading to the balcony. I'm about to explore more until I remember a goal I'd had for a while: to make a ball of energy in my hands. Better try it now before the dream dissolves!

      I move my hands to make the energy ball; I can feel energy rush into my hands, but cannot see it visually. I speak aloud and describe what I want, speaking of a blue mist. Blue wisps emanate from my hands, but no "ball" so to speak. I then describe it as a lightning ball, but then my brain associates the word "ball" with "bomb". Yeah. A loud explosion comes from outside. The glass shatters inward, the results of the bomb nearing me at a rapid rate. I'm not afraid; I simply open my physical eyes to get out of the situation.

      Dream 2

      I wake up at this point and go back to sleep. I end up in the same dark room. I recognize this once more and go lucid. This time, I open the front door and will it to be nice and sunny. It works, sort of. I practice flying and other forms of dream control. I try to change location by closing my eyes and asking to go somewhere else, but the other location falters a bit before shooting me back in the one I first was in. Oh well. I believe I slowly lose lucidity after this.
    4. Nightmare number 999

      by , 05-30-2018 at 03:46 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I or my mom was driving a car somewhere. Then we got struck by a lightning. Mom stopped the car and then I woke up.
    5. October 15-24, 2013 | Lightning, Zelda WWHD, Secret Place

      by , 07-07-2017 at 02:50 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      10/15/13 | Waterspout, Lightning, Motorcycle
      So when I saw that waterspout-looking cloud on the lake, I grabbed my camcorder but it was dead, so I got my other camera and took a picture. Next, I went outside and saw cloud-to-cloud lightning that was really close. Next, a slow bolt started at the ground, slowly started, climbing, and sounded really big because it was in the middle of the street. Two more happened, the first with a plane, the second with an anti-gravity motorcycle that was hit.

      10/23/13 | WWHD, Glitched Islands, Gold Armor, Iron Knuckles, Space
      It began with me played WWHD. I said that I got everything in the game until my older sister notified me that I hadn’t gotten the gold armor yet. (Gold Armor allows me to eliminate an iron knuckle in two hits). Also, it was day time on the island, and the Great Sea looped with glitched islands. I then dropped inside the hole at the top of the island. First, I saw and killed a white Iron Knuckle. Next, I walked into the next room where I had to guide these blue text boxes across the far wall. Then I suddenly acquired the gold armor, and I killed an Iron Knuckle in two hits. I went back outside during the night and I saw several galaxies in the sky.
      [New Scene]
      I was playing GalCiv2, but on the scale of the observable universe. Thousands of galaxies on screen. I looked inside a few to find some planets, but found none until SEB? 5???, which housed several.

      10/24/13 | Secret Underground Place, Nature-themed, Dark and Green
      First, I had found an awesome place that I wanted to keep secret, but I failed in that. Some girl spotted me running towards the entrance and followed me there. I knew the place was dark, so I went to get a flashlight. The flashlights were on the floor inside a building. I held the PS4 controller that was next to them and it was perfect. Then, I walked into a heavily modified version of my house. The interior east side had windows xp and 95 set up side-by-side. [Timeskip] Mom turned evil, and attempted to catch me, so me and a couple of girls that followed me quickly entered the secret place via hole and jumped in. This time, it was a short tunnel. Climbing through it, I got to the other side…which was a FA.
    6. Night 15 + nap lucid again :D

      by , 04-29-2017 at 01:28 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Freezing Lightning
      I'm in a pine forest, or it looks like I am, but an elevator comes down from somewhere. There's people hanging around in the forest and most people have superpowers. I know the woman coming down in the elevator, her husband is upstairs in a hospital bed. It looks like he can't be saved. She is crying and losing her mind. I realize this and try to reach her with my words, but she's gone. She lashes out with her power, which is one of the scariest ones I've ever seen. Imagine the world around you being very clear ice, her power was to create cracks in that ice. It looked like she shot light blue lightning out of her hand, it had the same thunderous sound too. When it hit a person, that person was suddenly ice that shattered where the lightning went through. She slaughtered my friends around me and eventually killed me. I saw myself dying in 3rd person, head split into two pieces of ice. I turned back time at least twice, trying to stop her. She didn't listen when I told her we could still save his husband.

      After some resetting, the dream focused on two other characters in the forest. A red haired woman with a pistol and the ability to make bullets explode. She was crying and trying to kill a man. Another man stepped in to protect him. He created a wall of ice, or something that looked like ice. It didn't shatter when the bullet hit it. Anything that entered his ice slowed down, like the ice manipulated time. The woman kept firing and moving forward. The man he was shooting kept walking backwards and the third man kept creating more ice between them. The woman absentmindedly walked too close to her bullets and one exploded next to her head. Most of her head was gone. She fell down dead.

      Hi Grandpa
      I was with grandma and grandpa in a place I don't recognize. We were outside next to a road, looked rural. Silent and sunny day. Grandma talked to other elderly about how grandpa was paralyzed and nearing his end, but could still move his eyes. Grandpa was floating in air. The eye thing was news to me and I started asking him questions he could answer with eye movements. I started to float away with him as we chatted. We didn't lose or gain altitude, just floated a metre off the ground. I started hearing him talking, telling a story from his childhood. And then the dream ended. I lost my grandpa a few years ago. I guess seeing him in a dream no longer makes me lucid.

      Fragment: Back in school. I'm together with Satu?

      Took a nap from 12 to 14:23 with several awakenings.

      -I'm in the store I visit often. There's a bed near the entrance. A girl is on it, waiting for action. Suddenly I'm on the bed, getting busy with my hand while people walk by. I realize this and try to hide it. (Woke up)

      -Back in the store, this time I become lucid, but it's a really low level one. I walk deeper into the store and lights dim until it becomes dark. I'm not scared, I tell myself I can see even in complete darkness. I do see outlines of people, shelves etc. I still lose the dream.

      -I wake up (False!) in my apartment. I get up and my room appears to be part of my parents' place. My brother has a new shabby room outside, next to the cold room. (No heating reaches that room, nothing else.)There's a lot of snow outside and I'm only wearing sandals. A thin stream of snow rolls of the roof. I grab some with my hand while discussing turning a window into a mirror and back with movable silver panel with my brother. (Woke up)

      -Woke up again (Or did I?), same deal, my apartment fused with parents' place. Something is happening and I try to get up fast. I'm paralyzed and can't get up. After a short struggle I can move and get up.

      So many missed opportunities to become lucid.
    7. Alexander, Lightning, Intense Game

      by , 04-26-2017 at 03:22 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was playing a high-speed video game as Alexander (main char from King's Quest VI). The rule of the current room was simple, but intense: Damaging lightning would spawn just in front of me in the direction I was moving, about once every second. I caught on to the pattern, and zig-zagged to counter it, occasionally messing up and getting hit. The floor was blue and had a shallow depth of standing water. This is all I remember.
    8. Goddamn Lightning

      by , 04-04-2017 at 11:45 AM (Break the code, break the node)
      I got into a dream, I was not lucid this time cuz lewd thoughts distracted me.

      I was at home, just finished having a bath, I also see that my parents washed their hair. I was talking on discord to some buddy of mine, sitting on my bed.
      I looked out the window, and saw that the weather is rainy ,and I actually heard thunder. I wondered " how could this happen? thunder at this time of the year?"
      Then it started to get louder, and I told my buddy on discord that i gotta go. turned off the phone , and then suddenly saw my parents outside in the rain with wet hair .
      I thinked to myself " they will get struck by lightning if they keep doing this" , tried to tell them to get in. But it was too late, for a lightning near them stroke , and it was so strong , I felt the electricity going through my body. My senses dimmed , and I got paralysed, couldnt hear well ,I couldnt even scream, only moan a bit. I suddenly found my parents inside the house, they were fine, they sat down, but they couldnt hear me ask for help.
      I just moaned here and hugged my legs and slowly collapsed on the floor in terror. It felt so real ,and I legit thought that I may die now.
      Then I woke up.

      What I experienced was in fact sleep paralysis, and soemhow I already felt it

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      non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening , memorable
    9. 27/9/2016

      by , 09-27-2016 at 07:11 AM
      1) A girl was in a cablecar. I had to get to her so was on the roof of the cablecar. There was an announcement that the cable had become jammed, a guard came to check the girl's ticket, I scrambled around the cablecar to get to her without being seen.

      2) On a long distance car journey. It was getting warm later morning and I commented that the traffic was increasing and it was good we had got away early. Then I was sitting outside the car with another man he seemd like a student of some sort, he was asking questions. He asked me if I undertood the futures market, I said that I didn't know anything about it and he offered to explain it to me.

      3) In a large hall. There was a cartoon like woman running around I gathered she was something to do with lightning. She ran up to the top of some steps and went onto a ledge - it was like I was watching a film. She was rolling a container towards the edge and some old powerful looking man was talking to her in a booming voice (just like in a film) telling her not to do it. Then I was back in the hall. My wife was organising some sort of sleep over and children were arriving and being put to bed. For some reason I started getting changed into my motorcycling clothing, it as so tight I had to lie on the floor and ask my wife to do up the final zip, after that all I could do was lie there and couldn't move.

      4) Walking down an alleyway, someone walked past me and smiled as if they knew something. I got to the end of the alley and there was a large thorn bush growing across so I couldn't get past, so I turned around. As I reached the other end two people I knew were walking past, they were organising a run and I think I talked to them about it and realised that I couldn't join in because I wouldn't make it on time.
    10. Summer Comp. Day 12 - Two short Lucids - nothing special

      by , 08-10-2016 at 10:33 AM
      Tonight was the first night since last Friday where i could sleep in and i knew i could make some points. normally i would try to be more aware during the day and incubate now and then what i want to do with my lucid and maybe get of the computer some hours earlier and read a little or meditate but yesterday i just couldnt motivate myself...
      nevertheless i got some lucids but they where very short with bad quality and my overall awareness of the night was not to good too..

      i got to bed at 23:15 and woke up for the first time at 3:45. wrote down a dream and go to toilet.
      i lay on my back, do progressive body relaxation and start with SSILD-Cycles my concentration is not too good again and i feel restless. after some cycles i lay an my side but dont fall asleep. i continue doing cycles but turn atleast two more times... not too good but i try to stay calm. after some time i feel drifting away. i see some HI and get an interesting bodyfeeling. suddenly i feel light vibrations and my body starts to spinn in my bed. i try to promote the feeling but suddenly it stops and i lay in bed again a little dissapointed.
      i stand up and sit on my desk [which is at a different corner in my room] i pick up a small container and notice that there is more inside as i thought and the screw cap is broken at one side. i think about put it into another container and while standing up i wounder and do a nosepinch. i am already dreaming! the feeling i had was indeed transition! just like that i try to push my thumb thru my palm and it works after some seconds. i am happy and jump right thru the wall outside. i hang in midair and for some reason i dont fall down... the quality is not too good... i try to get down, i look up and around and suddenly i start falling. i look down and there are some people going on the pavement. i crash next to them into the street and say "hi!" but they ignore me. i step onto the pavement and shout STOP to freeze time but everyone is moving on. i repeat my command and one guy seems to be a little confused and stops moving but more because i am shouting than because i freezed time okay so thats not working. i now shout REWIND! and after a second shout suddenly everything runs in fast rewind. good finally i get any reaction... i pick up a girl next to me and lay her down. i inspect her body from head to toe and make her stand again. the people go past me and i think about my next three step task. mass TK... i start with a traffic road sign. i try to lift it and it starts to shake. i think 'this sign is not heavier than a feather' and the pole rips out of the ground. i throw it aside and now i want to do it with a tree. it seems to be windy because the tree is moving. i concentrate again but wake up trying.

      now its 5:15 and i drink something and go again to the toilet and again repeat my procedure

      i am in a room that has similarities to a doctors room. there is a girl with very long hair. the hair gets stuck somewhere and i help her. a woman enters the room and she is harsh [this is some Harry Potter residue i think]. she says my hair and or my beard has to go. i sit in the chair and the girl starts to cut my hair. i trust her. then while still the woman is there she shave my beard with a razor but without water or soap. it hurts and i tell her. i stand up and leave the room. i move some stairs up, pass some people and enter a toilet where i look into a mirror. my beard is only shaved half and it looks terrible. my hair is short and has no shape. i am a little pissed and ask her if i done something to her or it was just random... we move down the stairs again and i slide on the handrail. we go to a party and i meet an old classmate C. she tells me she had some funny feeling in her mouth after eating some food half an hour ago. i tell her i know the feeling and i had it too some days ago as i take some drugs so i didnt know if it was the drugs or the food... [for some reason i feel like i talked to her about it already] we stand in line and there is another friend Y. some people are pushing and he pushes strongly back so that we nearly fall down from the terrace. i look angry to him because one could get hurt but he just smiles. i ignore him. he seems to know the security? because a guy next to me tell him he wants to buy a package of cigarettes for 2€ too... i see there is a desk with some prices/gifts. i conclude that the entrance costs 10 € but when you pay more you get a gift? i talk to the guy at the counter about a festival and that it was pretty big and all. that i like smaller ones and if he organizes another smaller one. he tells me that this party here goes also two or three days. while talking he changes into an attractive girl i start to flirt a little. i remember my beard and my hear and hope it looks not too bad but she seems not reluctant. suddenly i see a video of her doing some flicflac in the woods? and landscape changes and i am in the woods on a swing. i swing around and look at the horizon. there i see some lightnings and just like that i lift my arm and try to manipulate the lightnings. now i see a transformer station and i see some lightning coming out of my hand. i do a nosepinch and i am lucid. i notice that the quality is pretty bad and try to rub my hands on the swing but its not enough. so i let myself fall down from the swing to the ground and crash down with my whole body. this stabilizes enough and i stand up. behind me the sun goes down and it looks pretty nice. i move up the hill where i saw the lightnings and want to do some TK again. some stones are already levitating and i lift a handful more. there are some runes with blue glowing signs and i pick up one or two and activate them so they disappear but i wake up before i see an effect.
    11. Strange Weather for Healing

      by , 04-04-2015 at 09:02 PM
      Morning of April 4, 2015. Saturday.

      I am lucid in this dream, though it is not of the level of lucidity that enhances the dream state to full vividness and highly focused dream-self awareness. It starts out at our present address on W street, rendered fairly accurately in layout and overall appearance. My wife is with me for most of the events. Two unknown people (late forties perhaps - male and female though not necessarily a couple), dressed somewhat formally as for a business, are on our porch while there is a storm beginning. A thicker bolt of lightning comes down and strikes them, actually curving around underneath the eaves, seemingly knocking them unconscious. I decide to summon the lightning to strike me to see what will happen (regarding my in-dream state of awareness) as well as thinking it may improve my physical well-being. I am not able to do this though and become somewhat annoyed though not outright angry.

      Later, my wife and I are on a crowded bus in a larger city though the storm seems to threaten to tip the bus over. We get off the bus and the other people do as well, though we hold a cheerful disposition. There is a strange sudden heavy rain that blows horizontally (mostly only in one small area of the street, near the corner) and for a moment, almost seems like a large unseen hose spraying from the front of the bus (from near the rear-view mirror). It is not even near us so we do not get wet.

      I am later walking down the sidewalk and there is a large gnarled tree that actually moves one lower branch to avoid physical contact with me, which annoys me in the manner of an insult. I then demand (though without projected anger in my voice) that the tree make contact with me and heal me. The branch perfectly forms the shape of a human hand and holds it over the back of my wrist. (This reflects somewhat on a long vivid dream of over twenty years ago where trees on a boulevard reached down to caress my face and express love though the mood is entirely different here.) The mood is not fully positive though, and my lucidity is not that pronounced - though I am still aware that I am making most of my dream’s contents.

      Later, it seems to be after sunset and there is still some sort of unusual storm activity (but not directly threatening in any way). My dream takes on a similar mood and setting as previous dreams where I am looking straight up at the sky; the zenith (and almost always with abstract features). It actually seems to take place in the same setting as other similar dreams somewhere in the southwest area of La Crosse. (It is not anything like the “remember the twilight” dreams where I watch lights or other things and events in the sky over the horizon with a nostalgic sense.) The sky is very unusual regarding the cloud formations and I also see various “objects” moving around, such as an orange trapezoid and other geometric shapes now and then, though which seem two-dimensional and not related to a spacecraft of any kind. From here, my dream becomes too distorted to hold cohesion of any kind. The sky; the zenith; becomes a random hodgepodge of abstract morphing shapes.

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    12. Finger Painting and Searching for Santa!

      by , 12-22-2014 at 12:28 PM
      I was sitting on the bleachers of an indoor volleyball court, watching an old girlfriend serve the ball over and over. I was trying to sit next to an asian guy, but not too close. I ended up sliding magically towards him and I would edge away over and over again. There was some awful woman that was thoroughly scolding her child for no good reason and I asked if I could talk with her outside. She followed me out of the room and I basically told her that she wasn't a very nice lady and that she didn't deserve to have children. Everybody in the room came out to watch this and she just stood there. It wasn't very nice of me but she was soooooooo mean.

      I ran up two flights of stairs to get away from the scene. I noticed that I was in this enormous underground school. I became lucid when I realized that I was moving in slow motion and jumping maybe 10 feet in the air.

      I took off flying when I got outside. I got high above the school and it looked like my old elementary school. I started to wake up. I woke up into another dream, but I was still fully lucid and aware that I was in a dream. It was almost like a dream intermission or commercial. I was a woman and I was talking to this guy. I told him something that made him really bored so that he would want me to go back to sleep so that I could go back into the dream from before.

      Back at the elementary school again, I was flying high into the sky, into these dark clouds. I was doing crazy tricks like flips in the air and dives down to the ground. I let the lightning shock me several times just for fun by flying up into the dark clouds. I felt like I was showing off but I don't know who it was for, it was certainly fun though. I woke up into another dream, once again, but I was still fully lucid and aware that I was in a dream.

      This time I was a guy in his 40's and I had woken up and I was cranky and I wanted to fall back asleep so that I could go back to the other dream. These intermission dreams were unusual because I felt like I had control if I wanted but they also seemed like they had a life of their own and I was watching them while fully knowing that they were just dreams. I would try to softly guide them back to the people falling asleep so that I could get back to the dream that I wanted to be in.

      Back in the dream, I thought about what I wanted to do. I had the sudden realization that what I was seeing was entirely in my mind. I moved my hands across the front of my vision and the world vanished in the wake of my fingers, leaving behind a trail of blue ripples. I tried to erase the school with my hands and I almost succeeded in it before the image snapped back into place. I wanted to experiment more with this but I woke up into another dream.

      I was in person with Dreamer and we were talking about her nana. I said something about her eating a lamb shank, which makes absolutely no sense, then the dream ended and I was back in the clouds, flying still.

      I remembered the bonus task of the month and decided that I could find Santa's sleigh at the north pole pretty easily, so I flew at super speed until I was convinced that I was right above it. I dove down into the clouds and saw that there were stars below the clouds. I looked around me and there were stars in all directions, I was in outer space. I started flying at ridiculous speed but I felt like I wasn't moving anywhere because everything was so far away. I thought that maybe I could let myself fall backwards, down to earth. So I started to fall and I could feel myself accelerating, but I still felt as though I wasn't moving anywhere. I felt as though I was falling at the same speed as the entire universe, so there was no relativistic change in my position. I had the split second thought that maybe I was falling into a black hole and I noticed a twinge of discomfort. I decided to teleport away.

      I ended up waking up just a little bit at this point and I could feel my body lying in bed. I reminded myself that my body was relaxed and that I didn't need to move and that the next dream would start soon.

      The dream started in my room. I got out of bed and I could hear Free Fallin by Tom Petty playing in the background. I thought about moving through the wall to get outside, but decided to just use the front door. I floated up on the roof, looking for Santa's sleigh. I only found a little toy santa with a toy sleigh. I reached my index finger into his bag of gifts and found a tiny present. I opened it up and there were two miniature plastic cherries inside. I was QUITE unsatisfied. I saw another toy santa and looked in his bag as well, there was a present with a styrofoam cube inside of it. I started to wake up again. DEILD'd again

      I started back in the same place. I looked over at another roof and saw a bright, golden, shining light and tons of giant presents that were wrapped in various brilliant colors. I knew that santa would be there and so I floated on over and sure enough, he was. His sleigh was there as well and he was having a conversation with a reindeer. I looked inside his bag of gifts and found a single present inside. I quickly tore off the wrapping paper and opened it up. There was a neon green tie inside.
      A welcome thread gone awry...-image.php.jpg

      I was so disappointed. I don't mean to be ungrateful santa, but, what a shitty gift! I decided to open another present and I found an even longer version of the same tie that was probably at least 10 feet long. I opened another present and found a blue silk shirt inside. I really don't like clothes as gifts. I opened another present and it had ribbons inside, for putting on top of more presents. Determined to find a good gift, I opened one last present and there was another box inside of it. I opened that box and there were a bunch of ribbons in that box. Damnit. Santa was clearly fucking with me. I had looked at him with a Stare of Death but then I woke up before I could give him a piece of my mind.

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    13. The Tower, Posing For Provocative Pictures, and Trying to Avoid Work

      by , 10-20-2014 at 01:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going to get married to my high school boyfriend, Brett. His mom was talking to me about it; she was really excited. I kept thinking that I would rather be with Dallas, but for some reason, I agreed to marry Brett.

      We were then in the building we were getting married in. It was a tower. The room we were in was very large and had tall ceilings. There was a very large, almost floor-to-ceiling window to the right. There were very few people there, only immediate family. We were up at the front, about to get married. All the sudden, we heard thunder. We went to look out the window. It was nighttime, and you could see many other towers outside the window, as if we were in a city. There was then a very large bolt of lightning. The thunder coincided with it, however, it struck a tower that was in front of us, and the thunder just...stopped. It was like it hitting the building muted it. I think it had something to do with the sound barrier. The tower that was hit started to crumble. It then started to collapse. It was hitting a tower directly beside it as well, which was making it fall too. One of the towers then started to lean towards our window! I thought for sure we were done for; this was the end. My mom started to yell
      "We're gonna die! We're gonna die!"
      The top of the tower then came crashing through the large window we were observing from. I noticed my brother was in the path of it, and I tackled him out of the way. The tower crashed down inside the building, crushing Brett and his family, but my mom, brother, a random guy, and I were all safe.

      I then replayed this scene over again for some reason. I already knew what was going to happen the second time around. Nothing changed except for the fact that I already knew what was going to happen.

      This dream was very intense and vivid. The feeling of being scared, about to die and accepting it is really powerful. As soon as I woke up, I had the urge to wake my husband up and tell him about it, but I let him sleep.


      I was in this area that was just a lot of rooms. It's like the rooms were many room-sized stalls lined up. They didn't have a ceiling. In my room, I was getting provocative pictures taken of me by a young, blonde female photographer. I believe it was nighttime. We took a break from it, and I left my room and saw that next door, Ceejay, this girl I used to work with at Kohl's, was also getting provocative pictures taken of her. She was naked and sitting on the floor. There was a huge glob of yellow-tinted (I assumed it was used) lube sitting on a pillow next to her. She was talking to me, and I kept looking at the gross lube.

      Then, this tall, sturdily built blonde woman who was supposed to be my mom, looked into my room and saw the photographer and all the equipment. She was a very conservative woman, so I knew she'd be pissed. After a few minutes, I ran into her, and she told me that she told the photographer to go home. She said other things, but I can't remember. She was stern about it. I'm sure at some point she told me not to do that, blah blah blah whatever.

      So anyway, she left, and I saw my photographer walking by. I wanted to stop her and tell her to stay. I don't think I did. I then was thinking about how I didn't normally like to get my picture taken, but if it was a provocative photo, I enjoyed it.


      Dallas and I had just gotten back from being out all day. It was my day off. I was playing some game though I don't remember much about it. I was then thinking about how I had picked up a shift at work that night. Why had I agreed to do that? I then couldn't remember what time I had agreed to. Was it 5? 6? 7? I then saw it written down on a piece of paper. I still couldn't tell if it was 5, 6, or 7. I looked at the clock and it was past 5, but I was then pretty sure it was 6. Boo that.

      I then was in this hospital room with Dallas. It was a very large hospital room with many beds lined up. The lights were half off and no one was in the room but us. I walked down to the 4th bed down and started telling Dallas about how I was in that bed one night when I was having very bad stomach pains. The doctors checked me out and I was fine, so they sent me home. I "remembered" a guy being in the bed to my right.

      I then was at the bakery with Dallas. I wasn't on the clock; I was honestly hoping that they would forget that I agreed to come in that night. The manager, Shannon, was there by herself. We got to talking. She was being very nice to me. I then made a comment about her being there all the time. She then said something about me being there all the time.
      "The kids would like it if you were here all the time," she said.
      It made me really happy to hear her say that. I must be good at talking to the kids who come up wanting free cookies.

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    14. Electric storm and an old car

      by , 09-14-2014 at 01:00 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm staring at a sequence of lightnings which sometimes fall close to where I am. There's nobody else there. The sky is densely clouded and some of the lightnings are beautiful. The thunder happens immediately after the flash light and I can hear details in the sound that gives me the creeps because of it's weirdness. I'm a little bit afraid of it could fall one on me, but I stay still and continue to watch the spectacle/...

      .../I'm driving an old 70's car like this one here:

      The model corresponds to an uncle's car which he had when I was a little kid. I'm trying to park it to deliver something early in the morning in some of the streets of my job but it's hard to control and it tends to slide forwards or backwards for more that I hardly press the break pedal. It's like the street has a slight slope and the car tends to back out. I'm worried to crash it against other cars in the street, but hopefully I got to stop it before it happens, to start again to move it. Once I try to drive it forwards but I excessively accelerate it because it tends to turn off, then and make a big noise with the screeching wheels. The street is empty but I think perhaps it could wake up the neighbors. Sometimes I have to pedal it as a bike to make it start moving. Finally I got to properly park it and stop it by switching it to first gear while it's still moving backwards. Then I apply the hand break and realize how stupid I was to forget this basic thing, although in general I feel relieved because of I didn't crash it/...
    15. Exploding Lightning // Class Again

      by , 07-06-2014 at 04:04 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 05, 2014

      Exploding Lightning

      I was in a class, cutting up paper and taping them to note cards (this is funny, because I actually had to do that for one of my elementary education classes). The class was in a mountain; like, literally, there was a door in the side of a mountain that led to this classroom.

      It was time to change classes, and I had to go to math... It was in a room across the valley, so we all had to walk through said valley to get to the other door in the other mountain. I opened the door, and it was breathtaking.

      The lighting was surreal; There was a storm raging in the sky, but it was still fairly light in the valley; almost like day-time (or maybe more like dusk). I looked up at the sky; the lightning was more like fireworks. It was exploding. I know it was lightning though. It was distinctly lightning, and yet it wasn't behaving like it. Every bolt spread out in a starburst before striking. It looked amazing.

      Class Again

      In this fragment, I was also in a class, but it was a different one. I was in an outdoor amphitheater-type classroom. There was a big stage at the front, where the teacher(s; a man and a woman) were demonstrating the stuff we were learning. It may or may not have been dirty...

      Once class was over, I was waiting for my ride, and so I looked around; I was sitting in the top-left corner of the room. To my left, instead of a wall, was a steep (but not too steep to climb) grassy hill. There was a huge floor-to-ceiling window behind me, at the back of the room, but I didn't look out of it to see what was there.

      My ride showed up in the form of my younger cousin, who just graduated high school.
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