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    1. 18-09-20 Lion Show, Jack Sparrow, Threatened by Shotgun

      by , 09-24-2018 at 07:02 PM
      I was in a kind of movie theater or opera house. There was a kind of show going on. As part of the show, the performer let loose a lion to terrorize me. I lay on the ground (hiding under a seat?), and tried to stay absolutely still. I tried very hard to calm my nerves and stare it in the eye without showing fear. Hiro and his younger, chubbier brother (?) were in the audience as well.

      Scene with Jack Sparrow. Kinda gross, actually. He pissed his pants and needed to clean his clothes quickly because he had to meet some people. It was disgusting but funny to watch.

      A guy behind prison bars (or was I the one behind bars?) had a shotgun pointed at my face. He wanted some intel. I told him what he wanted to know. He asked how I knew that, and who my source was. I told him I wasn't going to tell him. If I did, he'd have no more need for me and I might end up dead. I recall staring pretty deeply down the barrel all the way to the end, and noticing I didn't care. I didn't feel fear.

      Another note says 'university (no money)' but I'm not sure what it means. I don't recall the dream. Also, 'Kevin's place'. He's my brother. And 'pipes and WRC'. Every pipe represented a WRC game. I know it doesn't make any sense.

      I woke up with the soundtrack 'Fight the Power' still echoing in my head.
    2. Dream Journal Entry #7: A Red Headed Flirt, Some Black Slime, and Saving BB's Life!

      by , 06-07-2018 at 04:40 PM
      Dream: I'm on the plant floor at work playing soccer with DR and his kids. We're using tiny yellow balls. I try to put it through DR's legs to no avail.

      Dream: I enter an outdoor food plaza. The boardwalk is made of wood and so are the stores. I walk past a few places and stop at the burrito store. I was wet and hungry. Without making notice, the outdoor plaza transforms into an indoor plaza, yet still made of sanded wood planks. I get in line and notice a cute girl with red hair and she orders a bag of different things to fill her burrito with. I order a vegan wrap. The girl working the counter had black hair and a down-to-earth attitude. I asked if I could have both asparagus and curry tofu in the burrito. She gave the impression that my request was an inconvenience and that it would get her in trouble with her boss so I told her it wasn't a big deal if she wanted to withhold the asparagus. She was irritated but kept the asparagus on anyways in spite of my consideration. As I got my sandwich I went to say something to the cute, curly, red-headed girl but I was too quiet and she didn't hear me so I pretended like I was coughing because I was nervous. She walked behind me to speak with the cashier and asked if she could have her burrito made there. Now I spoke up (about what I can't remember) and we flirted for a bit. We walked into a seating area with Japanese aesthetic, but before I had the chance to do anything, the chef of the restaurant leaned around the corner and asked someone what the size limit was for recyclable Kombucha bottles. I spoke up and said "2L" although I had no reason to. She thanked me and disappeared behind the wall. Next, myself and the red-head went swimming in many different pools, all which had the Japanese aesthetic. She was running ahead of me so I happily followed her. She would take a dip in the pool and so I did as well. We arrived at, and dived into, a pool which rested near the edge of a cliff. There was a thin layer of fog obscuring the view off the edge, which rolled in between the wooden braces supporting the wooden ceiling. She asked me if I wanted to swim and I agreed. We embraced one another and swam, kicking our feet in synchronicity. She push away from, got out of the pool and playfully gestured for me to chase her. I happily obliged and we left from under the covered pool into the open ones. She dived into a very deep pool, which had a wooden plank on an axis. I leaped for the end of the plank and my weight drove the plank to the bottom of the pool. I noticed there was a man rock-climbing a blue wall in the water. The red-head was swimming gracefully. Suddenly a thick liquid hit me from above in the water. It's black and I assume it's a bird's dropping. I see a bird appear in front of me which I instinctively push away. The black liquid becomes thick and it becomes hard to swim. It spreads down from my hand to my shoulder and here the dream ends...

      Dream: The dream has a cartoonish, picasso-esque appearance. There is a king, being carried by four men on a litter (man-powered vehicle without wheels). He can only reach his destination so long as he has no apples on his litter. Myself and others are tossing apples onto the litter and the king's servant is eating each one. Eventually the servant becomes exhausted and full, but continues to eat the mass of apples. We've stopped for the night and are sitting around a fire...

      Dream: I'm walking to a building with the dogs (my friend group) and I notice a group of female lions approaching and I yell to the dogs to climb on top of the building. I get out and I see most of my friends make it. A few get scratches and bite on their legs or arms. BB gets fully bitten in the torso by one lion. We all free him from it and bring him to the roof. His heart was hanging from a gaping hole in his chest and was white and the size of a brussel sprout. My friends are pressuring me to save him. I have no idea how to sow a heart back together and I tell all my screaming friends so. They tell me to just do it so I do. I turn over the tiny white heart, which spurts a misty gas which smells horrible. I put it back in his chest and sew his skin back together. He gets up immediately as though he was never injured...

      Total Dream Sign Count
      Inner Awareness = 4
      Action = 4
      Form = 11
      Context = 5

      Total LD's/Dream = 0/7 = 0%

      Please comment and let me know if you think I missed some dream sign classifications in the journal entry!

      P.S: During the day I remember trying to persuade people not to inconvenience themselves. At work I was doing a time study and the worker told me he needed a weld tech and which point I told him not to worry about it, and that it wouldn't effect the study, but mostly to convey that I didn't really care and he could work without feeling pressured to be efficient. This mirrors the moment with the cashier and the burrito. This is the second dream (not included in my journals) where I have seen my friend BB who was been chomped by some animal on the chest. The first dream, he was crushed by the jaws of a massive crocodile but I was too distraught to do anything but cry. This dream, with the lions, I chose to do something about it.
    3. A Secret Lost Park with Mechanical Animals

      by , 11-10-2016 at 05:10 PM
      Morning of November 10, 2016. Thursday.

      I am in a van being driven by my brother-in-law Bob. Most of my family members are with me in the back except for Lorenzo (middle son). Looking to my left, I see that an unfamiliar female passenger in another vehicle (probably a van as a car would be lower) somehow holds onto the top of the driver’s side window of Bob’s van, which I think is a very foolish thing to do. (This seems to be a preconscious factor, at least potentially, but the situation eventually fades.) The vehicle has four chubby and aggressive females, probably in their late thirties. My brother-in-law does not respond. I eventually yell at them. They soon drive on ahead.

      We eventually arrive at an unfamiliar shopping mall near a mountainous area. It now suddenly shifts to nighttime, around eight o'clock. I suddenly feel concerned that Lorenzo is not with us, as I feel he should not be left alone (at our house) for the two or so hours we will probably be here (seemingly for shopping and a movie). I decide to quickly fly back to make sure he is okay, though on one level, I feel silly about flying all the way back after just arriving here, as it apparently took a long time for Bob to drive out here. However, because a parking lot symbolizes liminal space (a higher state between dreaming and waking), I somehow get “stuck” right on the perimeter. I am flying but not making much forward progress (a very rare event for me, but I have rarely attempted flight over a parking lot in dreams). I almost manage to fly above the roof of a nearby house. Instead, I decide to teleport to my bed (false awakening) and I am glad I am now able to check on Lorenzo.

      Almost immediately, I am with Lorenzo and the rest of our family in the front yard in Cubitis. It now seems early afternoon. It seems there are several people trespassing, close to the bedroom windows. I get angry but my family and I end up leaving, walking southward (with no destination in mind). I shout several rude remarks back at them as well as making rude gestures. They do not seem intimidated. Curiously, they are mostly all seated on the ground in formal meditation positions, including an unknown toddler (male). I get the impression that the oldest male (about sixty), who is thin and wearing coveralls, had been working on a car, but I do not see a car anywhere.

      Soon, I am walking with Zsuzsanna and an unknown female with dark short hair. As we walk along, there is mention of the van event that occurred in the first part of my dream (as this female apparently had trouble with the four from the vehicle as well). I eventually enter a very subtle lucidity, but not active lucidity. This is where I am not lucid but manifest, mostly through pretense at first, the idea of a secret area to explore (commonly recurring since early childhood).

      Even though it is mostly an outside area, we come to floor-length curtains (subtle lucidity sign, akin to going onto a stage). Going through the beige curtains, we enter some sort of secret abandoned park with a zoo theme. I am at first somewhat startled by a male and female lion (just to my left and past a doorway we come out from), and I am concerned for a short time that they may jump over the fence. However I soon realize that they are animatronic animals that have not been maintained for a long time as some of the sections of fur are missing and metal and plastic can be seen through certain areas. We continue along a beautiful garden path. The sidewalk, always with a continuous hedge on each side, turns at ninety degree offsets fairly often, but is not really maze-like. Although I am aware of several other animatronic animals, I do not see them due to dense shrubbery. I feel very happy and relaxed.

      We somehow end up in a kitchen, which is a little like the one on Stadcor Street. I am, for a short time, aware of a group of people walking by outside the large windows, but I do not actually see them through the curtains. I only hear them and they seem cheerful. There are soon unusual implications in the immediate setting. I see the year 2002 on a small calendar magnet on the refrigerator as well as seeing it on a couple documents. Zsuzsanna and the other female do not seem to “realize” the implications. To me, based on seeing “2002”, it seems like we are in the present. I feel that there is a pretense that the park had been closed for many years even though the date (false assumption) reflects the present (and even though by dream implications we are fourteen years in the past). Still, I feel a sense of harmony and peace.

      Being in the kitchen in the last scene represents light hunger during sleep. A lion is often the coalescence factor (return to consciousness) as it can swallow the imaginary dream self (and is an association with “The Sleeping Gypsy” 1897 oil painting). The curtains were the same color as the lions, so this was a type of subliminal expectation, though the lions turned out to be mechanical (and not any sort of threat) in this case. My puzzling over the date and not knowing the present year is quite common in my dreams. The personified subconscious (dream self) has no concept or understanding of time in the majority of my non-lucid dreams. For example, I am often much younger or in a different or mixed up time period that combines different time periods. I do not like conflicts or conflict-related challenges in dreams, though the preconscious biologically needs to be aggressive to push the dreamer to activate waking (via RAS) even though coalescence consent (such as hugging a dream character as also has recurred since childhood) would be much better, though the personified subconscious (dream self) typically sees the preconscious state as a threat (especially when there is a subliminal desire to sleep longer), both with negative daybreak types (or end of the world events) and various forms that chase the dreamer, rather than allowing time to indulge in sustained dream exploration as here.

    4. [28-08-2016]

      by , 08-28-2016 at 07:36 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was a witcher in white orchard, fighting with monsters that attacked a village.


      I was in a car, driving on the road placed in between fields, from village to village. It was a warm and bright evening, there were beams of light and orange glow of descending sun. O stopped in a really small village with two or three cottages. The was a fireplace with people gathered around. I met a brunette woman with long hair, she was wearing a purple blouse and jeans. We had a short conversation, when we ended she agreed to go on a date with me. Seeing that my car disappeared I borrowed a bike from someone and drove home to prepare. Next day I searched around the house to find something for a date, I wanted to take something from shop but I haven't had money with me. There were also stocks of random products in my barn as someone made it a warehouse, but I couldn't take anything from there.

      When I was about to finally go on that date I was told to urgently go to school. A student exchange program started. They drove us to find village, but forgot about and we had to find our way back. We could choose one of two ways, we checked right first but there were dangerous snakes in there. We checked the left one, it was a dense jungle. On the way through we met a couple of lions, they were roaring at us. I told everyone to just go calmly like me, but they didn't listened and had to run from mad lions while I just walked calmly. We took the right way and this time it led us to school, we met with some teacher who talked about some kind of errand he needs a volunteer for. Everyone tried to get themselves out of it, in the end he have chosen me.
    5. 16-07-16 Collecting Seashells, Underwater Cannibals, Lions

      by , 07-17-2016 at 03:25 AM
      First dream was me on a tropical island, scouring the beaches for seashells. There were 7 or 8 specific seashells I had to collect on the island. I found one, and a similar-looking one next to it. I wondered if I could "fool" the system by just taking random shells that looked similar enough to the ones I had to collect. I put the shell in my jeans pocket, and the other one in the smaller pocket below it. At some point I somehow gained Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. I figured it would be a great way of getting around faster. I tossed it, and was pulled along behind it into the air. It went fast, like really fast. I was afraid that coming down would hurt for a second, but gained courage to go higher and faster. I almost overshot the island. In a later scene, the island was a kind of reality show I was watching, and Evangeline Lilly (Kate in "Lost") was joining the show. The person I was earlier was now Matthew Fox, who played Jack on Lost. I anxiously awaited the reunion.

      Okay, how to put this... I was with a people who flew a kind of double-decker airplane, except it "flew" on and under water, not air. The pilot would be submerged below the waist. At one point, the "plane" went under water, and I was worried I would drown for a moment. But for the rest of the dream, which was all under water, I never once had issues breathing. Near the bottom of the ocean (we were swimming now, no more vehicles), I saw several of our "team" grabbed by a huge, featureless worm-like creature. It tore the man in half, and proceeded to rip apart the others, too. Then, the monsters turned out to be simply very big humans (twice the size of the average human) living underwater, and they ate humans as part of their diet. I conversed with one of them, and expressed my outrage/discontentment with them eating other sentient beings.

      I was with a large group of people walking through a park or garden-like area. I think someone commented it was a shame we didn't see any lions, because I pointed out I had seen a white lion just a little bit down the road we came from. They went back, and sure enough, there it was. The crowd was dumb, however, and got too close and too bold, trying to take pictures of the wild animal. It attacked, and started killing people (or trying to, anyway). I fled with the rest of the crowd. In the next scene, I was alone (I think) with several (regular, not white - also these were females, no manes) lions. Somehow, I knew I was invisible. I snuck to a small concrete stair leading to a higher level of the garden, and hid underneath - as I was afraid they would still bump into me, or smell me.

      I also think I had a dream featuring the full *REDACTED* of *REDACTED*, and I believe I interacted with some of them, but this incident has been completely forgotten.

      There was more to these three dreams, much more - but many details have been lost.

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    6. 19/01/2016

      by , 01-20-2016 at 10:40 PM
      I have poor recall of this dream, but here it goes what i wrote as soon as i woke up.

      I think i was tired of people being slaves that i decided to free them. They were like people of Yunkai and Meeren from Game of Thrones. There were moments of sex between that people. After it there was a fighting pit with Tywin's armies. But as soon as Tyrion rised those soldiers changed linage, and when Tywin ordered to kill Tyrion only 3 soldiers followed his commands, the others just dropped their knives and stopped those three. Sansa was there as well, but on the wrong side, she thought she would rule but Tyrion took the power. Anyways he secretly forgive her.

      Then the indians who "fu#@&@" a lot decided that all tribes would accept the indian grandson (he was a slave) to represent them and free them. So he started, with my help, walking through all the places of the castle (it was a big castle, lots of villages) to free the people and gain their support. We reach a point where i knew people would be hostile but after he talked to them they would be the best supporters. The place was like a cave, and it was surrounded with heavenly water, and at the center there was something like a church. I told him that when he steps into those waters he would be like a demon, so he had to be focused and bring the best of himself. He stepped into the water and he started to become a demon, he was very confused and didn't know what to do. Then he stepped into the church and people were agressive, throwing arrows, but the job was done. So we teleported out to the opposite village. That village was that people would be receptive but after we talked to them they would be offensive. So he did his job and we teleported out, again to the village of the church. Now these people were very thankful for what we did.

      Then i dream about being in the streets, like in street Paunero, close to Bv Roca, with a mix of street Las Heras, where the coffee fabric is, and i turn right and i realize im dreaming. I was riding a bicycle so i wanted to fly with it, since when im riding a bicycle in waking life a kind of reality check i do is try to fly with the bicycle. I managed to levitate for a bit, but the dream just collapsed and i woke up. Then i tried to do a DEILD but i fell asleep without awareness.

      Then i dream about being in an island. There was a river and it was impossible to cross it because it had so much vines. However i found or made a tunnel in the water and i crossed it with a girl. Then a storm came and we couldn't go back. So we were like four years in that island, alone. We had a child, and after some time we were rescued. We were in a complex of three houses and we were given attention with food and medicines. We had the best medicine of the world.
      There were many families there so we engaged in knowing them. We were at night, in the backyard where there was a pool, and we watched the lions closely. They were pets, but i thought it was dangerous so i went away.
      One time i was in the porch of the log cabin, planning to plant some trees. There was an old man besides me, probably thai, and suddenly he dies and is transformed into water. So what i did is to find spots of soil to plant seeds and pour that water so the tree could grow. I planted some seeds but i had one left and there were no spots to plant. So i went all around looking for a spot and i ended up in the third house. It was like the other houses but different floors, everything was covered, no grass. So i went to a football 5 field and dig a hole on the green cloth and put the seed and water there. I was just leaving when i saw a sports teacher from highshool called Fabio. He said that he would see what i did and report it. Well he still had to find it, so i left anyways. I went to the tables of the first house where everyone was eating and watching TV. I sat and in front of me was an english woman and besides me there was a pet lion that was mine, but in front of me there was these woman's lion. She didn't know how to control it. Then i woke up.

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    7. Lions and Monkeys

      by , 12-11-2014 at 06:11 PM
      Morning of December 11, 2014. Thursday.

      Dream #: 17,524-02. Reading time: 1 min 45 sec.

      I seem to be part of a crew that is making a documentary about wild animals. The jungle scenes occur locally, possibly at the park a block from where we presently live in real life. At one point there are two different species of spider monkeys side by side with other animals including two lion cubs on the top plank, to the right of the monkeys on the lowest plank. They are on a shelf-like structure (facing south) that resembles a three-dimensional duck shoot with three levels, though it is for filming purposes only - as the animals remain still. Even though the monkeys look mostly the same, the one on the left starts attacking the one on the right. Both of them take off to climb trees again with a lioness in pursuit. My viewpoint sometimes seems to be from mid-tree-level, but I never feel threatened by the lions even though the perspective is very close to my dream self’s “face.”

      The lions climb straight up the tree, and even over small thin branches without breaking them. The monkeys still get away by jumping to another tree, yet they have to keep doing this, as the lions do not give up. I see both male and female lions climbing the tree in this manner.

      Ultimately, monkeys are just another form of vestibular system correlation due to their ability to climb trees and my subliminal association with that fact while in the dream state. Lions are a waking alert factor.

      In a separate section of my dream, Zsuzsanna and I are looking at an abandoned building from across the street. It seems to be a warehouse. There is a vague false recall of having been in the building earlier and reaching an area where one could see outside through a small hole, yet not be able to leave.

      As we gaze at the building from a parking lot or section of sidewalk, I focus on the wall to deliberately (without lucidity) create more holes to allow me to see into the building. It seems empty, though there is concrete debris on the floor. I use a telekinetic force. I do not perceive my ability as being a result of being in the dream state. I continue to open the wall until my dream loses cohesion.

      Warehouses are typically the last setting to occur in the sleep cycle as a form of liminal space discernment. Wall mediation also occurs here as my emerging consciousness activates. As validated here, dream control and lucid dreaming are unrelated. Still, my dream self understands the dreaming processes even without my waking self realization.

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    8. 8/22/13 dream- Big Cats in my house

      by , 08-23-2013 at 05:57 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      The entire dream takes place in a two story house where my fiancée and I live, but not in real life. If this place exists in real life, I want to know about it because it is awesome.

      The first part of the dream was concentrated on trying to prove that some people who had come into my house were trying to steal from and harm me. It lasted a while and ultimately resulted in them leaving because I had proven their intentions. I can't remember specifics, only bits of memory.

      The second part of the dream started where I was sitting in a chair on the bottom floor, when a cat walked up to me and rubbed against my leg. I stared at it and thought "Wait, I don't have a cat yet?" Then I noticed another cat, and another until there were dozens. I walked into the living room and found they had opened and small window on the wall next to the floor, like those you have in you're basement, and they had also managed to open the screen. They kept pouring in and I knew that they had been the cats living under my house. I managed to round them all up and herd them back outside through the small window, then I closed it and the screen. I walked into the other room when suddenly a lioness walked up to me and started rubbing against me also. I was shocked, what was a lion doing in a rural area. Then after a while of trying to get her to leave, which she refused to do, another lion came up to me. I could tell he was young because his mane was just now starting to grow in, but he had jaguar spots. I assumed he was a lion, jaguar hybrid. All they wanted to do was play with me, and on my way to my mothers room (both my mother and brother lived with me at this point), a black panther showed up and joined the happy, playful, other big cats. I got to my mothers room and woke her up. She asked what were these big cats doing here and I told her they had just showed up. She got up and left her room, then I lead them into the room, ran out fast, and closed the door. My brother was awake and asking what was going on so I told him. He got excited and went into the room to play with them. I warned him that just because they were tame doesn't mean they won't go into hunter mode and try to eat him if he made the wrong move. He ignored me and continued on. I grabbed my phone while my mother explained to me that when lots of cats live under your house it means you have a snake din under your house too, and she knew people that had lots of cats show up only to have snakes pour out of the crevices moments later. I blocked up the widow again and started looking everywhere for the number to animal control. The lions had destroyed my moms room by that time and we re herded them into the down stairs bathroom. My mom said they would just destroy that too but I had to put them somewhere. My brother had stopped playing with them and they were in the bathroom alone. I continued looking for a number everywhere then finally tried the Internet. I found a number after a long, annoying, search and called them. A lady answered and I told her that three Jungle cats had made their way into my house and she told me that someone was on the way. My dad came over and my mom went outside to join him. They were talking about something and I ended up in the backseat while my dad drove my mother and I away. After he rounded the corner I freaked out and said I had to be there when animal control got there or they would leave. My dad argued but finally agreed to turn around. I suddenly got a very bad feeling and became afraid for my life. My dad was driving really fast and recklessly. I told them my fears and he just wondered why I thought that. He missed my road and we started driving in an area I didn't recognize. Suddenly, the realization dawned on me that I was dreaming. I became very relieved and decided I would do a WILD. I succeeded and found I had no patience for a crazy drive around the block so I made the road to my house appear and my dad took it. Upon arrival to my house I lost the WILD and went fully back into the dream, but stayed lucid. I went inside and found the animal control dead in my moms room. My brother said the two lions had bi-polar disorder and went crazy. I saw them and grabbed a piece of meat, then I threw it in the bathroom and re trapped them. They started clawing madly at the door while I called animal control again. They sent another person my way when we all started working on barricading the door with our bodies before it got broken out. They had busted it up to be pretty thin, but we managed to keep it closed, mostly from my lucid influence, when animal control finally arrived. I told him what had happened and he brought in a net gun. We opened the door and he shot a net at them that had special properties to put whatever was inside it to sleep. He asked where they came from and I said most likely someone in the area had raised them without the authorities knowledge. I asked him to check under my house for snakes as well and we followed him down there. We went under the porch and he started pulling up the paneling one by one and found there were no snakes. Instead there was hundreds of rats. They got angry when a flashlight was shone on them and we left. I got stuck under the boards of my porch when my claustrophobia came over me. I started panicking so I teleported myself by lucid means to the other side of the porch and found everyone else had gotten stuck too. Knowing they couldn't do what I had just done, I helped pull them out one by one. Animal control left after that and when I went back inside I found that he had forgotten the big cats passed out on my floor, and they were starting to wake up. I called them and told them they had to come back. I was waiting for them to return when I started thinking about another dream I had had in the past and decided I wanted to know what had happened to it while I was gone. I transported my vision to look at a place I had lived in another dream. I found that it had been bought by a guy with a motor cycle and that made me unhappy. I really liked that place and hated how that dream had ended up, with me having to leave and sell the house. I saw him motor away and found that he had put up a circular motorcycle ramp in the backyard. I was glad that he had kept the tree swing and playground structures though. I was discussing the place with my mom when I woke up.

      This lucid dream actually made me very happy after I woke up. I found I managed to do these lucid things with little to no difficultly for the first time hurray for progress.
    9. Lions and Zebras Try to Take Over the World; I Steal Sunglasses and Have a Nose Piercing Problem

      by , 01-25-2013 at 05:39 AM
      Uh … OOPS it’s been months since I last wrote an entry in this thing. That would explain why lately I’ve been having so much trouble remembering my dreams. I really need to get back into the habit of doing this so that I can have cool dreams again. Yeah.

      Well, I recently had a pretty cool/weird dream. It went something like this:

      It starts off as kind of a third-person thing, where I’m not really a part of the action, I’m just observing the story.

      There are a bunch of lions and zebras living together in a giant palace. There’s one lion who’s the king of them all. And he decides that he and the other lions and the zebras are going to destroy humanity. He sends one of the zebras to warn the humans of their oncoming doom.

      So, the zebra walks up to a house. It’s night-time. The back door opens and Will Smith walks out. The zebra is like, “We’re going to destroy humanity, bwahaha.” And if I recall correctly, he has some gruesome thing with him like a head on a stick or something which I guess is part of the warning sign or whatever. Will Smith is like, “Oh no!” And that’s the only part he plays in the dream and I’m not sure why he was there at all. Oh well.

      This is where I finally become a part of the dream, although I’m a random character and not really myself. I’m riding on a white horse to the palace along with some other people––I don’t know who they are. I think I’m leading everyone there. I have a sword and I start swinging it around and thinking about how I’m going to cut off the king lion’s head.

      We’re galloping over this beautiful landscape with rolling green hills and everything. I think we go over a bridge at some point. Then in the distance, I finally see the palace. It’s huge and gleaming and white, and there’s a rainbow coming out of the top of it and stretching up into the sky. I’m like, “Whoaaa … that’s pretty.”

      At this point I have a somewhat lucid moment, in which I’m suddenly aware that I’m in the dream and that I’m simultaneously asleep in my bed. I know I’m about to wake up, but I try not to because I really want to get to the palace and kill the lion. Alas, I wake up before we get there. Oh well.

      As for dreams I had last night (or maybe it was this morning):

      I vaguely remember a dream in which I was at a beach, and I acquired a pair of fancy sunglasses. Somehow, I know that I stole these sunglasses, although I don’t remember exactly how that happened. I feel guilty about stealing them, but I keep trying to justify it to myself, like, “Oh, everyone steals sometimes!”

      Anyway, I can’t remember much about what the sunglasses look like besides that they have a brown tint to them, and I also realize that I can see through the lenses (and I’m super near-sighted, so this is weird). So, they basically function like regular glasses except they’re tinted. But for some reason I think this is like, the best thing since sliced bread.

      Not sure if it was part of the same dream, but I recall a brief fragment of a dream in which I am standing in front of a mirror and I take out my nose piercing. My nose instantly begins gushing blood everywhere and I panic … but I think I manage to get it back in again.

      … So yeah. Now I should start remembering to write these lovely gems down. I want to keep having cool/lucid dreams.
    10. bush flowers, lions

      by , 11-16-2012 at 09:07 PM
      in an area that i relate to oxford for some reason. just has a rural england feel to it and seems to link to many previous dreams. there is a bush on the side of the road. it is about to flower but completely green. when you rub your hand over it suddenly all the flowers come out in bloom aswell as strawberries underneath. i hear an old rugby teammate (LM) shouting and go over to investigate. all i say is is that you L are you ok? she! says yes and just walks off with TL. marsh is there too so i go and chat to him. we run off down this field which has lions on each side. i then get invited to a party by daniel agger. all these things directly relate to things i saw just before bed
    11. beach lions apider

      by , 11-12-2012 at 06:04 PM
      first bit was just lying around on the usual beach and going from there to bars. then i was in a park with alot of people and there were also groups of lions around. got caught between two groups of them but they didnt seem too bothered by me. then later on i killed a little spider and was really upset with myself
      Tags: beach, lions, spider
    12. Clear Body and the hunting grounds (DEILD)

      by , 08-27-2012 at 12:05 AM

      Feel the vibes when they finished I roll out and now I am in dreamland. I get up and rub my hands. First thing I notice is my body is different, it is clear and see through but it is still me. This dream scape is slightly different than my waking life room. For example there is no mirror in the living room but in this world there is some extra furniture that has a mirror attached to it. I believe I see my mother but I ignore her. I remember my goal is to go through a mirror to see what would happen. I go up to the mirror I talked about earlier. I look at my face and it looks like me but it is clear and see through. I then slowly put my hand onto the mirror and as soon as I touched the mirror my lucidity goes away and I am transported to this big open forest area. In this place random animals would just appear and come at me and I die. Soon I come back. On the upper right portion of the 'screen' is a health bar. I am more mindful but not lucid anymore. I know that I cannot be harmed. As the lions come at me I keep them at bay with just my will power. I can somehow manipulate my health bar by smiling in a certain way. In an instant it becomes dark and this strange minotaur like creature shoots arrows at me but they do no harm to me. The dream collapses and I wake up.
    13. Budget chaos & Mania

      by , 02-03-2012 at 09:40 PM
      In this dream, I took note of what I remember each time I woke up. Thus it is far more detailed than most other dreams, even though the memories faded pretty quickly.

      Watching a video, or maybe being part of one, on Youtube. This Asian girl with long hair was talking about "How not to get kicked in the balls", or rather WHY. However, at the 4 min 26 second mark, she says "how not to get kicked in the budget".

      My old bedroom, chart paper at the side, window at the back, cupboard at the right. I see a white poodle trying to get into the video scene. It gets stopped every time, getting mad, but I grab it, apparently unafraid.

      The dog tries to enter the scene from a pile of paper, first from the side, and then diagonally. Unsuccessful after the third or fourth time, it runs out the door. Somehow, this dog rather resembles a human character.

      In fact, this Dog, or whatever it was, was to be charged with a repeated drunk driving offense. Later, it runs, or rides, up a sheet of white furled paper.

      There's an announcement from the blue. Somebody has a love problem. No idea where those details went, but now, they're gone.

      A random part of my journal: "consp. causes". No idea what it indicates.

      Flashback: March 16, 2009. Security camera video shows terrorists plotting to bomb a concrete pillar, somewhere in southwestern central Ontario. Maybe it was near Alliston, we'll never know.

      I'm sitting at the site of a swing, or some-other place. This sandfly, part wasp, part fly, tries to fly into my nose. I ward it off, but at the last minute, it stings me, there is a feeling of spray being injected into me...

      I wake up, and go on Dream Views.com. Writing about my dreams, my thoughts are rather clear, the transitions vivid, the meaning intact. Yet soon I realize this is not to be.

      Waking up for real this time, it's about 3:45 am. Take some notes, go right back to sleep.

      I'm in a music room. Some girl takes my flute, initials AR, and throws it toward the percussion area. It's broken, and I say "FUCK". This flute cost $70, or maybe $430. I'm afraid to tell my dad, because he bought it for me.

      Sometime later down the line, there's an engine. Perhaps I'm examining how it works - I don't know.

      I'm reading this book about the physics of weather, a possible flashback to my poorly-done presentation about the physics of artificial trees that absorb carbon dioxide. As usual, the book goes into a computer model simulation.

      This time, there's talk about global warming not being real. Of course, I strongly disagree with that position. I see Greenland melting, refreezing, melting, refreezing again, rising and sinking above and below the waves. There are vivid colours here: sky blue, navy blue, orange, red, green, tan, yellow-green, yellow with a tinge of green, and brown. Near the Gulf Stream area, enveloping both Greenland and Iceland, a supervolcano destroys the land there in a big oval fashion. Iceland is first to melt, its people unaware, or possibly no people there at all. It's a Supervolcano, much like the Siberian Traps during the Permian-Triassic extinction era.

      I wake up. It's 6:45.

      There's a vivid drawing of some sort, the details now gone. Examining currency, bills, coins and American $1 bills. They're everywhere.

      At my house, time is frozen, and my mom is here. Suddenly, somebody knocks on the door, and gives her two white pills that smell very industrial. She takes them, and weird effects happen. We try to lower the dose, so that days two to five will require one pill a day only. No idea what it's for. She bikes outside, and I see some guy skateboarding outside my window, and they go down the street and it's a sunny day.

      Talking to my teacher now about French. Apparently one of the old teachers came back, and nothing happens. Or rather, there is not much to talk about, or maybe, there is.

      Waking up again, and it's 8:20.

      At some kind of zoo, or maybe it's a video game facade. I'm on the side of the lizards, but there are also mammals, lions and penguins. For some reason, the lizards decide to hide out on the near-vertical wall, bathing, possibly reminiscent of the sphenodontians, the last remaining species being the tuatara of New Zealand. Am I responsible? 30-40 % go extinct in a few hours. A travesty.

      Later, some kind of land mammal, forget the name. Every day, the lions jump over them, and a few of them get injured and die. We try closing the door, we try negotiating with Atlan, and nothing happens. Later, we storm the beach, and head outside. Success.

      I'm here at a beach party, outside now, warm weather. I ask this girl whether she's still interested in going to prom with me in a few months. Yet I get completely tongue-tied, and she ditches me, preferring instead to go with somebody else. Maybe those promises weren't meant to be kept that long. For a year.

      Waking up again, but forget to check the time. Guessing it's around 9:30.

      Something happens prior, no recollection. An old acquaintance of mine is standing in front of me, making me read some stuff that I find objectionable. Yet I read another text, this time in faux Greek, meaning the letters are greek, but the words English. I read this with no difficulty. Yet I leave out a compound word. The text turns out then, to be about spicy food. Oh no!

      Wake up for the final time now - it's 11:00 am. This dream had had at least twenty-five parts, none equal.
    14. First dream remembered for a while!

      by , 12-15-2011 at 06:15 PM
      This is the dream that made me interested in dreaming, and lucid dreaming.

      I am biking home from school. Someone had broken my Plastic ocarina that I'd brought in, and it is crumbling to pieces like foil.

      Whilst biking, I see Ronan Parke, except he doesn't look like Ronan Parke. He has short, brown, weedy hair and I only catch a glimpse of him standing in an archway of a medieval castle-like building with lots of doors and arches. I walk into the building and open a door. All of a sudden there are several over people with me, yet I can't remember their faces. A massive, spiky cartoon lion head bursts out and tries to grab me. The others fight him off whilst I slam the door.

      Looks like this, but with a lot more spikes, colours and ferociousness.

      I move on to another door, and I am on the sidelines of a film set, even though we were standing around a medieval courtyard. I am watching the filming of Link visiting a fairy house. I get bored, so I grab a security camera and try to break it, or push it away. Some people become annoyed at me because I was blocking the camera.
      I am watching a premier Inn advert, with Lenny Henry in it.
    15. First dream remembered for a while!

      by , 12-15-2011 at 06:13 PM
      This is the dream that made me interested in dreaming, and lucid dreaming.

      I am biking home from school. Someone had broken my Plastic ocarina that I'd brought in, and it is crumbling to pieces like foil.

      Whilst biking, I see Ronan Parke, except he doesn't look like Ronan Parke. He has short, brown, weedy hair and I only catch a glimpse of him standing in an archway of a medieval castle-like building with lots of doors and arches. I walk into the building and open a door. All of a sudden there are several over people with me, yet I can't remember their faces. A massive, spiky cartoon lion head bursts out and tries to grab me. The others fight him off whilst I slam the door.

      Looks like this, but with a lot more spikes, colours and ferociousness.

      I move on to another door, and I am on the sidelines of a film set, even though we were standing around a medieval courtyard. I am watching the filming of Link visiting a fairy house. I get bored, so I grab a security camera and try to break it, or push it away. Some people become annoyed at me because I was blocking the camera.
      I am watching a premier Inn advert, with Lenny Henry in it.
      Tags: lions
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