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    1. my ninth, crappy lucid, but it had it's moments.

      by , 04-21-2012 at 02:32 PM
      I only remember the part of the dream were I knew where I was lucid (except for some t-shirt stuff I'm not writing down.)
      I was walking down the stairs when I suddenly thought, Hey.. I fell asleep; I'm dreaming.
      But man, this lucid was of really poor quality. I could not look any more the 2 meters in front of me, and it felt like someone was trying to push a lit over my eyes the whole the time. And at the same time, I was at the brink of waking up.
      The best moments was when I ran of the porch of my house. I screamed, because it was much higher than in real life. I was heading for the parked cars, but luckily avoided them. That was a real thrill
      Then I ran off into the night (because it was really dark outside and I had nothing to do) and before I knew it I had flapped my black feathered wings open and was heading full speed for the heaven. Ah, it was wonderful. I did a salto (spin in the air) and just played around. I spotted my friend L. on the ground and landed next to her. She ought to show me something, and I tried it.
      I suddenly felt like I had bad time and took of again. As I was getting higher and higher, I suddenly crashed into an invisible barrier. Thinking I could make it trough, 'cause it was just a dream, I did. On the other side I was back in low-quality mode, in a room with no doors, no paintings, no people. Nothing. The walls were a light lemon color, and the floor were white.

      More I can't recall to scribble down, so I'll just post a little picture. I like pictures.

      Note to self: In daylight my wings are white, yet they are black at night ^^

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    2. Idealistic teenage terrorist group (can you make that one word?)

      by , 03-27-2012 at 08:13 PM
      So I was in the library with L. again, which means this could be a possible dream sign except that I don't think I have ever been in the library with L. yet..
      Before we went down the stairs "terroristic" buillies came over to us and made us sit in a corner, trapped. We didn't know what to do, but eventually we talked ourselves out of it I think. I don't know what they wanted, except bully, which frankly, a lot of bullies appear to long for. It might have been something about not borrowing the book I had found and now held in my hand. We were sitting at some benches. They slouched down the stairs with hunched shoulders, and we followed after making sure we were not in the danger-some.
      The stair had business like blue, dimmed transparent "fences", and the stairs themselves were grey.
      When we got down I was about to deliver my book. I felt jumpy and hurried. I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, without bringing attention to myself. The floor was grey, the walls white and the room dark, so I should'a known better than to feel "safe" so soon. If safe means not in a potentially life threatening circumstances..
      The disc had a woman librarian behind it from Real Life. The disc in the middle of the room was also from the library in town, oak brown with a black plate on top in a curved form went towards the entrance. The entrance was a fancy double glass-door. It had kind of a "light" atmosphere. I was soon getting out of there and starting to feel more confident.
      Before I talked to librarian I glimpsed a TV hanging on the wall next to the left door. The librarian, and now my friends A. and M., was also watching. My companions, subtract the librarian, didn't pay as much attention to it as I did. It was a news report.
      On the screen there was a young dark male in a dark green bobble-vest. He was running, plowing trough the impulsive and officious reporters. He pushed away a black camera in pointed towards him, and a voice came on. It was the anchor on the channel, talking about "Idealistic terrorists on the loose. They are teenagers and are very idealistic".. or something. O, jeez z__z .. I think the news in my dream might have been a clip from a RL memory from the riots in London on the news channel.
      "Oh my." the librarian mumbled.
      I looked at her, and the book in my hand was just seconds away from being handed over when the teenagers bursts through the glass in the doors. Although there wasn't any shattering or scrapes on their faces as the group gathered in the room staring determined on us. I barely had the change to act at all before they pointed their millitary guns at us and shouting us to leave the room and enter the little door on another wall of the room.
      "They want to isolate you!" I heard the librarian gasp terrified before we were all ripped away from her and enclosed in a small, green-walled room. I knew that this must be some sort of experiment. My friends knew no escape, but I had the escape in my mind.
      They sat hopeless at the end of the rectangular room when I showed them how we could climb out somehow and jump over a fence with a hedge. A. did it nicely, but M. needed a little instruction. But we made it out and that's the important part.
    3. Family meeting

      by , 03-21-2012 at 09:27 PM
      This was a very vivid dream, and I remembered a huge part of it, possibly caused by the HILD technique (uses a mantra, only during self-hypnosis)
      This post is very messy, so my apologies, but I'm not gonna straighten it up.

      1: I was playing with Ernie from Sesame Street (!?) in my room. Mom encouraged my younger brother to do the same. (okeey..)
      Afterwards, I apparently decided to take a stroll in my underwear, in the middle of the night. Acutally, I just went a few steps outside a door in my room (wich is pretty none-existant IRL) and started to bleed from my nose. To stop it I cuffed a fist snow into my face. The snow wasn't really cold, it never is in my dream. It had a cotton candy-like feel to it.
      As I lifted my face, about to head back in, I saw a grey car park on the raod beaneath my yard.
      That caused me to run inside, heart in my troat. Although I had little hope that anyone would take me seriously. I quickly slam my door shut and lock it. I dress, then hurries to dad, to tell him about the "robbers".
      He doesn't take me seriously, as the old tale of dreams, that tells you that any thought, any excpectation you have, will inflict the situation.
      What I do then, is run upstairs and spy on the car that waits on place, maybe for me to come out again, but after awhile they lose patience and gets lost.
      As I am spying for cars, I see my neighbour, Erik, having guests; Sander, himself and Trygve steps out of the car. I think something like "Ah, NOW I understand why he is so friendly towards Trygve."
      And in the darkness, I see headlights driving towards my house, down the road. It is the family car, bringing guests from the family and further (?).
      There was a boy there, wich I have never encountered in RL as I can remember, but he has now shown up 3x times, as my "love interest.
      *side track* First time (this was last year, I think) he showed up: A boy with blackish hair asked me on a date. I was hesitating, 'cause I love someone else.
      Second time, I don't remember.
      Third, in this dream. *end of side track*
      We had a singing gruop. Black boy played guitar and we played along with him. We had a really good time, creating a comp song.
      Afterwards, we had a fight and my sister made me preay for him even though. (With pray ''options'' like you have in some chat boxes.)
      I even think he gave me flowers.
      Next I had two friends over. We bought small wedding-ish cakes for each of us, 10dollars total, I had to pay two for mine. I chose not to have any toppings (nugathi, mayonese, creme ). They chose some topping.
      Someone I know was watching us as we went out of the store, but we didn't mind.

      .. I wish Sigurd was here.. with me, a little more. I want to smile with him..
    4. New hair..

      by , 03-14-2012 at 04:33 PM
      1: There was something about a cave, maybe a Readingcavern in the library. It was navy-bluish on the outside walls, and inside is was dark. Me and a couple of friends sat there.
      We probably went outside of the hole, as the next thing I remember is standing by the library disk, lending a book about handling handicapped children or something. Me and L. had been put in charge of taking care of a disabled girl we didn't fully know.
      We went outside, to our car. As I sat in, E. drove past.
      He had a new hairstyle, the punk-ish kind where half the head is shaved and a bang that covers one eye is the only "long" hair on the head. It was it's usual brown, with black or red stripes. Kind off a undercut with lenght on top, covering one eye. (false memory- he had been at the barbershop a little time ago) He really suited it.
      He drove past in a red sports car, I think. He had a great smile on his face, directed at me, which meant we were still friends.
      There was something more after this, but that is long gone for now.

      (undercut Men's Hairstyles For 2012)