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    1. [07-08.08.2017]

      by , 08-08-2017 at 08:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Sabbath, paperwork, level and boar shovel

      It was a dark afternoon and the evening was close. I escaped from my house, a big, victorian mansion in suburbs of some big city and took a bus to it's centre, thinking about why I escaped from there. I realised that I did it because my sisters literally were witches about to have a sabbath. I had enough of their magic for some reason. Taking a walk around dark streets, I entered some shop and searched for stuff that I could defend myself with. More people entered the shop, they were my friends and tried to help me to stop witches from destroying our house or doing something even more horrible. We convinced checkout assistant to fortify the shop and set up a safe spot there, but I knew that I'll have to go back house sooner or later.

      Suddenly I found myself in some office. I had to fill in some forms taken from lobby downstairs and follow a spiral staircase upwards. I had to dodge opening doors once, as some woman was leaving her office and accessing the staircase. I finally reached the office I was meant to leave my papers in, only for clerk to tell me that I need to fill in some more forms. I had to go back down and up three more times to get all the paperwork done, then left the office. I was summoned by my witch-sisters back to our house - they were flying on their brooms, tearing through walls and shooting beams of energy from their walls that blasted holes in it. It was a ceremony of destruction during their sabbath.

      My perspective changed for a while and I saw myself working on a level for a video game. I said "Now, that's a great idea!" and imagined myself how the level looked and played out. The player would start in an airlock from which it'd be able to access an interior of space station.

      Then I was in some ancient ruins deep underneath the destroyed mansion. I was a knight in full plate armor and I had some companions with me. We ran towards some altar on platforms hanging above lava and met my sisters. They wanted to kill us, so we defended ourselves and fought, eventually throwing all of them down to fiery death, awakening some kind of evil serpent-god. We battled with the monstrosity, killing it with arrows and swords. When falling down dead, it ripped a hole in cavern wall where I immediately jumped. My companions started shouting "Boar shovel!" and I raised something that kinda looked like a strange mix of battering ram and shovel. I started digging for unknown reason and mistakenly dropped one of my gauntlets to lava, yelling "My knightly gauntlet!".

      Then my perspective changed once again. I saw an arctic ocean with an iceberg. From underneath the deep, gray-blue water the evil serpent-god emerged and said "In the end, I always win!", my witch-sisters flying high above the serpent, leaving colourful trails on the sky.

      Outbreak, recalling dreams within dream, survival, facing new world, avatar powers and "semi-lucid"

      I left a bus and looked at, seeing my reflection in one of windows. I was a tall, muscular, bald man in black t-shirt and in jeans trousers. There were a lot of people in there, it was some kind of a FEMA encampment or factory turned into an evacuation shelter. Suddenly people all around became aggressive and started attacking each other, then anything that was even moving. I was defenseless, so I started showing zombies finger-guns and pretended to shoot them, which actually spawned real colt gun in my hands. I shot my way from courtyard and was about to get to safety of encampment. I saw some horrified dog running towards the entrance that was automatically closing during emergencies like this. I heard some voice saying "And then the death race to doors began! Who is going to make it? Him, or maybe the dog?" I started running after the dog, almost catching up to it, but the canine jumped forward in last moment - the gate closed, leaving me outside. The voice spoke again, saying "So the dog made it."

      I decided to look around. Looking at that place I thought that it could be a cool location for a game, and recalled myself a previous dream that I had. In that dream I was a stalker and there were several heavily fortified military fortresses behind my barn.

      Then I came back to the reality I was in - there was no way to enter the encampment, but I could see entrance to sewers nearby. I cautiously approached dark tunnels and sneaked through sewers to some supermarket in city centre, shooting undead on the way. I lost all my ammo, so I had to find some melee weapon. There was a long, thin pipe that I could use as a staff or bludgeoning weapon, so I picked it up and moved upstairs, meeting with other survivors. My younger sister was one of them. We moved to some abandoned shop overrun by zombies and cleared it. After clearing it, some cop came from nowhere and cuffed me. As he was taking me somewhere, my sister freed me and he started escaping. I chased him and smashed his skull with my pipe, then strapped it back. With other survivors we decided to leave all the stuff for later and moved to another store. It was a fortress made by other survivors. We surveyed the area when suddenly another cop cuffed me. Sister freed me again and I chased the cop, but he opened the way for zombies, so they could get inside the safe spot. We gunned down all the undead, but owners of the fortress died. With my group I moved to that store we cleared previously and started packing my backpack with foodstuffs. No one else was doing that however. I cautiously checked contents of every glass jar, taking many of those ready meals, and then we moved on.

      A map looking like it was made for a NES game appeared. I saw my group on it, inside ruined city. There was a small riverside town and a big metropoly. I saw roads with trucks and other vechicles of 20th century (as in, communism era). A voice said that this small town was forgotten, living in a shadow of a great metropoly ruled by evil dictatorship. Then I saw huge ant-like robots powered by steam marching through cities and that Poland was within one of destroyed nations. The last thing that the voice said is that one must defeat guardian of bridge to enter that little town. With my group of survivors we moved there and everyone except me went through bridge undisturbed. I was stopped by the guardian - a huge bear walking on two legs. I've seen it as if it was a sidescrolling NES game. I shot the bear with machinegun, curiously it shot arrows not bullets. When the animal retreated, I got to the city.

      Everything started to look like an animated movie, everything seemed to be drawn with pencil and coloured with crayons. Me and the group of survivors I travelled with had our new lives here. I was living with some family as they let me stay in their house. One day when we were having a breakfast, a group of lizards armed with spears busted into our house and were about to attack me. Instead of escaping, I called the powers of four elements and started blasting those lizards with them. I felt all the forces working on my body and gaining those powers felt as if this part of the dream wasn't meant to be and that I forced it. Everyone in the house asked in disbelief "Does he have avatar powers?" I blasted almost all of those lizards away, but two of them kidnapped father of the family. I burst out through wall and saw them far away, almost reaching mountain top in the distance. I tried to fly up there, getting high up to the sky, but I fell down on the road and made a small crater in it. Several more attempts of flying, I could feel something stronger than gravity pulling me down, but there were no more craters on landing. I got to the mountains, but there were no traces of anyone. Suddenly I received a vision of myself. I was in despair, as I couldn't link great fires after the bell toll and let dictatorship grow strong. Suddenly the kidnapped man appeared and said "That's what I was trying to make you recall."

      Damn, writing down those convoluted dreams took much more than I thought it would. Empty spaces are for easier reading, those dreams actually had no breaks between each of "scenes".
    2. The Black Hole/ Old Crush DC Talk

      by , 05-14-2012 at 10:24 PM (Meanwhile In My Dreams...)
      We're BBQ'in in front of my moms house. She is sitting in front of me and the BBQ'er is to the left of me smoking with some hotdogs and burgers on it. Suddenly my mom stands up and points into the sky, everyone else is starting to stand now too. I look up and see A blackspot in the sky growing. Everything in front of me, the house the shed my family starts to stretch toward it and now my hands are stretching before me Everything stretches till I can't see. Now I'm waking up in a white room no doors or windows just one little white slab sticking out of the wall that I woke up on. I pace the room looking for a way out or something other then just the bare white plastic/metallic like walls. Suddenly one of the walls opens up at the middle almost as if the material it is made out of just faded and two big lizard guys come walking in and throw some handcuff like things at me made out of the same material as the walls. I put them on as the two creatures stare at me. They look like something out of the old school Turok games. They take me and we start walking through white blank hallways, as boring and bare as my cell. There are no doors anywhere and the halls seem to form as we go.

      Now I'm across the Highway at a gas station. Inside it looking at stuff. I grab a couple of bags of Cheetos one flaming hot and one called death that had the cheetah throwing a nuke with the skull and crossbones on it, both labeled at 3.49 and a wicked looking pack of smokes labeled eleven even. I also grab some juice drink and walk up to the counter to have the guy tell me it came to 34. I almost pay him but I know it is impossible to have come out at that much and refuse. The guy gets mad when I tell him to scan them again but he does then they come out at the right price but he still insists that I need to pay him the original price. Now I'm getting frustrated and pissed and I start yelling at the guy. Someone walks in the doors to my left and Its Kylie, A girl I had a crush on from sixth grade all the way through High School. She grabs my arm and tells me to calm down and that my cousin and his girlfriend are outside waiting for me. She then starts to walk away and I follow her out. We hop in the back of my cousins ride and of course he starts driving like a maniac and we start to pass around a bottle of Cap'n and make our way across the highway and to my Cousins house. We get there and my cousins GF's Sister is sitting on the couch. We all sit down in the living room and start round housing the bottle. Eventually everyone leaves and suddenly Kylie grabs me by the hand and says "Listen you really need to remember this, You are doing good, but your not there yet you have to keep going on, and doing what you have been doing to make yourself better. You can get there this past year you have changed so much and you will continue to change." Then my cousins GF comes back in and asks Kylie if she wants to stay the night. She says yes and I stand up and Say I have to go home. I walk home and lay down on my couch and pass out.
    3. Lizard people, adventure, and sword fighting

      by , 07-24-2011 at 04:17 PM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Earlier in the dream I can't remember why or where, but these lizard people were attacking us and trying to get us killed.

      Anyways, I the first part I can remember was when I was in Wal-mart and was looking at printer cords for a printer I have when this guy walks up and asks me if I know where I can find a cord for his printer. I gave him mine and said there are more in the laptop section (we were in the photo section) and I requested that he bring another one back to replace it while I look around. Just about then, my brother and the other kid came running up and said that we had to go NOW! Then, about that time a lizard man with a helmet and sword ran out and was on one side of our isle.

      Now earlier in the dream I had seen these things and learned two things; they are the toughest warriors of their kind (the urgasts or something) and they are led by a mafia dressed man who is very dangerous and wants us killed for some reason (some prophecy and storyline are missing because all I can remember starts at wal-mart). We fled and ran away from him until another one appeared and we split up. They both went after me and I tried to find my friends to help me out. When I found them, they were hiding in a small area in the corner of the store I ran up to them and then the lizard men split up where one went after them and one went after me. All I had to fight with was a blue razor blade knife I use for construction. I was standing there and my friends were leaned against with the lizard in front of them while I had one watching me. I swung at one and cut a huge gash in its back but then it started to slowly heal back. My friend said "That is why I can't kill them, I have to chop them in half and they are too fast to kill." Then, the power went out -_-, and just at that moment I flipped on the light switch and yelled "We have to get out of here!" I ran and both my friends stayed their and both of the lizard men chased me. I ran with no light through the store and I saw the entrance and ran towards it. I turned around to see how close my pursuers were and saw the lizard man with in reaching distance of me. I panicked and swung at him but he blocked it. We then began fighting and he cut me twice in the leg and arm. I had this feeling I was about to die when he raised his sword and was about to finish me. I then saw an opening and swung my knife at his head and sliced it all the way through his neck. He paused for a second and then he fell and his head rolled off. My new friend and my brother came up about that time and said they were relieved I was okay. The other lizard guy came up and after some fighting, my friend cut him in half with his sword.

      We were about to walk out of Wal-mart until we saw outside in the parking lot their leader coming out of a car and an army of lizard men with him. My friend and my brother then ran and the friend said I know a way out and ran towards the Wal-mart employee bathroom. I saw them run that direction and then looked outside and saw the lizard men getting closer with their mafia leader in front. I ran the direction my friends went and got in the bathroom and locked the door. It was a single person bathroom and had one toilet and no sink. Where could my friends have gone? I opened the toilet and saw the water running and thought maybe they went in their (stupid idea). I opened the seat and tank on the back and still couldn't find a way out... As I heard the lizard men getting closer, I saw a gap in the wall and light coming out of it. I pried the wall off and it was made of cardboard. I went in and saw a hallway behind it. I closed it behind me but knew it wouldn't help... I ran down the hallway which was made of wood planks and was lit up by flame torches. I then met up with my friend and brother who said they were relieved they thought I was captured. We heard something break and heard the lizard people were in the hall ways. I ran ahead of them and had a feeling of deja vu although I had never been there before in any dream that I can remember. I started knowing exactly where every hidden passage was and every door. I ran ahead and then waited on my friend and brother to catch up.

      There was a door to my right and a wall that looked solid then my friend came up and pushed the wall and it slid open. They were way ahead of me and started to lose me. I was getting lost in the hallways that now appeared to look like a cave or mine kind of, with high ceilings and wooden reinforced walls on the walls. I then was confronted by two lizard men, how did they catch up so fast? I started fighting them and slicing at them but they didn't have helmets and they were not regenerating and were a lot weaker. I killed one of them and ran with the other one chasing me. I knew I was catching up to my friends when I heard them up ahead struggling with something. I caught up and they were fighting the tougher lizards with helmets. Then my friend said "I'll go on ahead, I know a way we can finish them all off once and for all, good luck! I started fighting beside my brother against the two tough lizards and the other one that had been following me. I grabbed a sword and killed the weaker lizard. Then things took a turn for the worst when my brother was badly wounded. The lizards ganged up on him and I stabbed one in the back and they turned around and started fighting me. I killed one and then the other and my brother was on his knees with blood stained clothes. We knew he wasn't going to make it. He looked up at me and said it was over I assured him it wasn't and told him I would finish them all. I walked over to him and stabbed him to speed up the process instead of him bleeding out on the ground waiting on the lizard men to get him.

      I now heard lizard men everywhere. I don't know how they could've gotten ahead of us but they did. As I ran through hallways and jumped and dodged lizard men while trying to catchup to my friend I noticed the hallways were getting bigger and they became rocky slopes like in a cave. I then I got to this big room where there were barrels along the wall and two big tables towards the middle of the room and there was a female lizard warrior with a red aura coming off of her shoulders. She was fully armored except for her head and had an evil smile while looking at me. She taunted me saying I was too late and that the end of the world was going to happen soon and they will take over. I drew my sword and attacked her but she was super fast and very strong. While we were fighting I could hear my friend in a room above us that you could get to by climbing a wall with a net nailed to it. He kept saying, "Come on, come on, I've almost got it!" I still fighting the lizard warrior when she knocked my sword away from me and laughed saying, "You don't stand a chance weakling" I ran past her jumped off of a table and grabbed the net and started climbing. She laughed again saying, "Now what are you trying to do?" She climbed the wall next to me and got right at the top and had a glass jar with some animals in it. She said "Here, have some of my special creatures I made just for you. Their were some panthers, some (other dangerous animal but I forgot what it was), and a rattlesnake! Most of the animals fell out of the jar and hit the floor and were really small but the rattlesnake was on the top of the wall about five feet away and was also really small. It started to come near me really slowly. I climbed the top and ran toward the room that my friend was in. The lizard warrior was in the other room and started to hiss and said, "Wrong jar, lets try this one with much bigger creatures". I ignored all of it and ran up to my friend who was pulling on a lever on the wall.

      The room looked like a bedroom and above a table next to a bookcase on the other side of the room, was a lever that extended out of the wall and moved up and down. I pulled it down with him but it wasn't working. Then I heard more animals like tigers and elephants and lions. I said we have to hurry!!! He said, "I know I think it's broken or something, I've been pulling it down and it won't work!!!" Then I saw the lizard warrior come in the room. I pulled the lever out away from the wall and then pulled it down and it made a loud thud. The lizard warrior hissed "NOOOO!" I jumped onto the bed and so did my friend and the room started shaking. The lizard warrior suddenly exploded into dust and the cave felt like it was collapsing. I know we made it out, but I know the dream didn't last much longer...
    4. Fragments of several dreams

      by , 10-15-2010 at 12:42 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid
      Just for me to remember, dream is color 067300 and lucid is one lighter than the deepest blue, #4169e1.

      Dang. I remember at some point I woke up at 5:40-something AM and forgot to do a reality check. I think it was right before the Boy Scouts in my house dream. (It rhymes!)

      The amnesia dream
      I remember having a dream before this but I don't know what it is. I've seen second or two long snapshots in my head and then I'm like, 'Oh!' and then I forget it.

      Angry lizard-people on a spaceship dream
      Then I had this dream... There were seven people; two groups of three and one person, me, each in one of the three rooms of a spaceship. I don't remember launch but I do remember I (er... I think I was a girl in this story) went up to the front room to talk to the pilot group, but they turned to reptile faced bad guys and hissed at me. I ran to the back, where the three in the back did the same. I sat down to talk with the bad guys in the back, and explained something important (I wish I remember what...) and while doing so got out some important object. I started to negotiate with the hostile animal people. End of my recall of the dream... But I do remember I won.

      Side note about next dream
      Some time before, in the middle, or after the Boy Scouts dream this scene happens. I have seen this exact place before in other dreams. Sometimes I have dreams or parts of dreams that I just know I've had before. The whole place was cement textured. Our family van was going down a spiral ramp (think like how a parking garage slowly spirals upward/downward in a rectangle, but only 20 feet long and much steeper.) and at the end there's a left turn into like a hallway sort of thing. But the problem is, the end towards the ramp is way lower and collects LOTS of water. In other dreams, I've seen the van drive through a foot of water. It slowly tapers in depth as you get farther away from the ramp. However, in this dream all the water is frozen. So, I'm in 3rd person, listening to the people in the van talk. The finish the spiral ramp and drive perfectly fine at the ice, but everyone's concerned as they drive across the ice. Knowing my experiences with this spot from other times, I was afraid the ice would collapse. It didn't as they came back, either.

      The Boy Scouts in my house dream (who love stickers)
      The next dream I had was in a modified version of my house. Everyone from my troop in Boy Scouts was inside and we were all (I'm not sure if I was) getting ready for some trip. I was at the laundry, next to my stack of clothes. I gave a bunch of people stickers, and some of them refused, others didn't. Then I got out this big textured rubber sticker that had holes in it. It was like the colored lines of some figure made into a 2mm thick rubber sticker that really did feel realistic during the dream. It had some meaning that I have now forgot. The majority of the sticker was peachy pink, the rest near the center was other colors like black. I think it My dad laughed, 'Stick it on the <insert forgotten name here> !'. I reached out the window and did so, laughing. The thing was like a stone bird bath slightly curved by maybe 2 inches like a chair. So no water would ever stay in it (there wasn't any in it in the dream) because it'd all pour out the front. It was only like two feet tall, yet it was so high up I could reach it from my second floor window next to the laundry... Which never gets opened and has junk in front if it so I normally can't reach it. I guess I never noticed it was too high. The rubber sticker didn't stick, it only curled into a 'U' and stayed where it was.

      Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.