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    1. Julbock (WILD)

      by , 12-21-2016 at 07:01 AM
      Ritual: I often wake up briefly during the night, but at one point last night I noticed that my husband was awake too, so we ended up having a conversation, probably around 3 or 4am. After that it was hard to get back to sleep, and I tossed and turned for a while. Eventually I realized that I was tossing and turning with the distinctive sensations that suggested I might already be asleep. I played with it a bit, rolling until I was sure that I was not moving in a physical way, and when I felt certain that I was in the dream state, I "got up."

      WILD, "Julbock": I realized that it was my first WILD since moving to my new house, but as is typical, I failed to recognize the ways that the dream environment was different from WL. In fact, it bore very little resemblance to the place I currently live.

      I remembered my intention to work on the last two TOTYs I haven't completed, but after my difficulties making rainbows the other day, the idea felt stressful. Maybe I could just relax and explore the dream world? But I knew that abandoning my intentions was a recipe for losing lucidity fast. I decided on a sort of compromise: I would work on the Basilisk—why do I keep thinking of it as Basilisk? This is a mistake I keep making in waking life, not in dream—I would work on the Chimera task, but rather than go through the motions and try to force things to happen, I would let my subconscious take care of it.

      I was actually surprised how well this worked. Normally, if I needed a goat (as the task specifies) I would deliberately try to summon one, but this time I just held the idea casually in the back of my mind as I walked through the my darkened apartment. Moments later, what should catch my eye, but a stuffed toy goat! It actually resembled an object that I possess in waking life, a little Beanie Baby goat that I have for many years brought out around Christmas time and designated the "Julbock." I have not yet brought it out this year, but it crossed my mind to do so a few times recently.

      Is this a psi-ball?-julbock.jpg

      "Would a stuffed goat work?" I wondered as I picked up the small toy. I tried to remember the wording of the task. Surely it just specified "goat," not "live goat" or "real goat," as if those terms could even be meaningful in dream, so I figured that this goat would be adequate for my purposes, and carried it with me.

      Since the task required the chimera to act violently against DCs, I didn't want to create it in my own apartment, what with the dream version of my husband asleep in the other room, so I left and went out into the hall. (It is worth specifying at this point that I don't live in an apartment, and have not for many years, nor have I ever lived in any apartment that resembled the one in this dream, which is what I mean when I say that this dream environment was very different from WL.)

      Across the hallway was an open door leading into another bedroom, apparently empty. Should I summon the chimera there? But I didn't know whose bedroom it was, so I decided to keep moving. To my right was a solid wall, the end of the hallway, so I turned left and walked down the corridor. The hallway was narrow to start with, and the walking space was further restricted by the many chests of drawers that were pushed up against the wall on the left hand side.

      I sidled along with barely room enough to pass through the corridor for about twenty feet, until I emerged into a slightly wider but still relatively cramped lobby area. To my left, a chest-high counter bordered a desk and work area where two women were seated, clearly employees of this apartment complex. Attached to the wall behind them was a row of large gingerbread men, a festive decoration for the holiday season—but also just what I had been looking for. I was impressed how well my subconscious was pulling through for me. You see, in my earlier WL attempts to plan how how I might complete the chimera task without harming any human-like DCs, the inspiration occurred to me: have it fight gingerbread men! I wouldn't feel the least bit bad about crushing some animated DC cookies, since I happily bite the heads off gingerbread men in WL. And now, even without any elaborate summoning rituals or focused intent, my subconscious had handily provided me with everything I needed to complete the task: I had my goat, and I had some gingerbread men that could serve as victims. All I needed now was to transform the goat into a proper chimera and cause some cookie mayhem.

      "Could I borrow those gingerbread men?" I asked the women politely.

      "Sure," one of them replied nonchalantly.

      "Okay," I said, preparing myself for the complicated part. "I'm going to try to keep this under control. Hopefully no one will get hurt."

      Though I intended my words as a subtle warning, it was apparently so vague that the women took no notice whatsoever. One of them asked the other, "Could you get me a Coke?"

      "Sure," the other replied.

      "Half," added the woman who had made the request. This puzzled me. I had assumed that the request was for a can of Coke from a vending machine. How would one bring back half? But I didn't put too much thought into it, because I was preparing to transform the stuffed goat into a chimera... everthing was in place...

      ...And I woke up, once again, just before I could get to the heart of the task. When I was at my best, early this year before my long recent dry spell, I could often keep from fully waking and DEILD-chain my lucids in order to finish complex tasks like this, but now I seem to be out of practice.

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    2. Fragment, White Hotel Lucid Dream

      by , 04-08-2015 at 05:31 PM
      Fell Asleep: About 6am (woke up from a long sleep and dad told me to stay home today)
      Woke up: About 8am maybe 9am

      There was a lot more to this fragment, but I can hardly remember it. I just remember being at my friend's house very late, we were doing something and he took me home.

      The lucid dream that followed was actually a followup to the previous dream, I'm walking into a large Hotel, the ceiling is SUPER high up, in the middle is the check in desk, it has those signs on it that movie theaters have that show what time movies are playing, and it's also surrounded by corinthian pillars going all the way to the ceiling. There were light bulbs around the top of the desk. To the left was a hallway leading off somewhere, to the forward-right was a sitting area and there was a door leading somewhere (and later on a sliding glass door leading to a pool area). To the back-right, was some round kiosk and another hallway going off. The dream was also very clear despite not making it so!

      At this point I realized I was missing my pants and tried to cover myself with my shirt. Then I was like "there is no way this is real" and without doing a reality check I try to fly up, I tell myself I KNOW I can fly, and I begin to fly up towards the top of the pillars when I fall. I can never keep flying for long. When I reach the ground I see a black man in white with dreadlocks in a ponytail sitting in a chair alone. I decide to ask him for advice for some real life things. (I won't say due to personal reasons) but he gives some pretty solid advice. It's mainly reassurance, which was exactly what I was looking for (I wanted to make sure my subconscious was on board to know I have no doubt in myself). I then go to the hallway across the lobby and I see my mom and dad in a kitchen. I say hi to my dad and he greets me back, same with my mom. But as DCs, they acted pretty weird (especially in contrast to wise black man, for example I say "hmm." under my breath and my mom was like "WHAT?!?!?"). I then went back to the sitting area, and in the door that was back there. It was a bedroom, I went out and then tried to summon a girl to practice talking to her (sounds lame but don't judge me!), but no matter what I did it never worked. I decided to go outside to the pool area. I'm pretty sure it was night time until I saw the sliding glass door.
      It was HUGE, the pool, and there were chairs all around. In the distance were some awesome mountains. I tried to fly away but to no avail. Then I tried spinning, and that didn't work either. After a few seconds the dream dissolved and I was looking at my ceiling fan in real life.
    3. Sinister Lobby

      by , 10-27-2014 at 07:34 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Sinister Lobby (Non-lucid)


      Recalled from three days ago, did not have time to transcribe it to the pc and now, I only recall what they DJ said

      - Fragments related to cleaning a lobby.
      - I had a lot of cleaning utensils.
      - There were other employees, to train me I believe.
      - Someone was messing up with dirt.
      - It was cold and dark, there was a sinister room.
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    4. Fallen angels

      by , 09-23-2014 at 06:25 PM
      There's a group of people camped out in a field. One of them's a veteran of multiple wars, very old now, and she's berating a young man who wants to leave. He's frightened; he's heard of traps, innocuous-looking pieces of paper which will curse the reader to be killed, or else to kill others until you die.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A mother and daughter in the center of a crowded throne room, with a royal baby (not either of theirs) in a basket. The daughter quickly steps to the basket and announces that like a sister she'll tend to the child with loving care. This is a calculated move. She wants it to appear to the crowd as if she's being a good loyal subject, and to appear to her mother as if it's part of their secret political power grab. The truth is closer to the former - the daughter has no interest in ruling and is trying to spare the child's life without making her mother suspicious of her.

      Fragment - I'm someone describing the differences between those who fell more recently, the Grigori, and the first fall "for pride or love or whatever we're calling it now."

      False awakening. I'm writing down a previous scene. In it, I'm someone in the lobby of a place where I work, and Satan's just walked in to see me. There were a number of things I wrote down as being off about his appearance - the last thing I wrote was that there was snow still on his shoes - he'd become human. I'm kind of torn about how to react to this. On the one hand, this is bad news for me - whatever happens to him affects me too. But on the other hand, this is hilarious.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm someone in an abandoned warehouse, talking with a fallen angel about his plans. We don't get along. As he's talking, a portion of the roof caves in, and through the hole I can see a human woman up there who's been listening to us. He knows her; she's part of his plan, but she's been opposing him. They have a brief shouted conversation; he says, "You won't hurt me, Jane."
    5. School and Life

      by , 04-14-2012 at 03:48 PM (The Dreams of a Trapped Mind)
      Ok, I remember that instead of going to school I went bowling with some friends (Yesterday I actually did go bowling, so that explains that) afterwards my girlfriend's school (my old school) was having this dinner/movie showing thing and I decided to pop in and hang out with her and some old friends of mine. Near the end of the movie i noticed I was still wearing my bowling shoes when I remember that I had returned them (dream sign that didn't kick in) Later I discovered that I apparently live at this apartment home (which is really like a hotel for the old and feeble) I was walking around in the lobby and noticed someone else from school was there too. Her dad was sitting at a computer. She introduced him as like Andrew or something. The computer screen said Alyssa instead of Andrew though (second dream sign that didn't kick in).

      In the dream I noticed the dream signs, said they were weird, but continued on.. PROGRESS!! h

      I know I haven't been on top of things lately, but it's going to seem like it's getting worse because I'll be gone for a week. I'll try to write my dreams down and post what I wrote at the end of the week when I get back.. Too-ta-loo!
    6. Triton Squad

      by , 09-17-2011 at 07:01 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I´m in a Victorian mansion.

      The floor is made of black and white tiles. I´m in the lobby, and the sunlight in a shy way enters the lobby, but i cant see where
      the light comes from.

      The lobby leads to 2 sets of stairs. I don´t go through any of them.
      I see a dark red door in the middle of the lobby,it stands on its own, with no walls attached to it.

      I opened the door, and i was sucked in.

      I´m inside of some sort of catacombs with arcades of gothic arquitecture.

      The catacumbs have water that reaches my waiste. The ceiling columns and the floor are brown.

      Behind me are 3 or 4 persons, and i´m trying to protect them from 3 water-green beings...they look like tritons. They are coming frow below the waterline.

      We are getting trappend between the tritons and the walls of the catcombs and the tritons.
      I don´t fear them, but the people behind me are in pure terror.


      Comments: This dream is part of dateless dreams series.
    7. ozzy quotes jesus; baby video store; might take book; service desk; dismissive man

      by , 05-26-2011 at 11:41 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A young version of Ozzy Osbourne reclined in a longish chair. The young Ozzy had long hair and a kind of big pot belly. Ozzy wore a long, white cotton dress that may have had a patch of black on it.

      Ozzy either said or thought, "The greatest shall be least, and the least shall be greatest." He might have said this with my voice or thought it as if he were thinking it through my thoughts.

      Dream #2

      I was looking down to a baby that sat on the floor. The baby wore nothing but a diaper and may have been playing with some toys.

      I looked up and saw that I was in a video store. The store kind of reminded me of a Hollywood Video in my hometown. There were rows and rows of shelves of videotapes. I was amazed at how huge the place was.

      Dream #3

      No vision. I had the thought, "I might take a book with me."

      Dream #4

      A black man stood before a reception desk in some kind of lobby. The desk and walls were designed to look like they were made of wood. But the color was so strange -- a kind of greyish, purplish brown that everything seemed to sink into. There may also have been a column of the same color near the desk.

      A black woman sat behind the desk. She asked the man if she could help him. The man replied in a gentle, slightly high-pitched voice, "Service desk?"

      Dream #5

      I was in a room with a woman and a man. The room felt like a hotel room or meeting room. It was bright with natural light, which was probably yellowed by the room's fluorescent light. I sat in a wooden chair, like for a dining table. The woman sat off to my left, possibly sitting in a bigger chair or possibly even sitting on a small coffee table. The man sat on a couch that seemed to be made out of white leather.

      I couldn't see the woman, although I think she was young, maybe in her 20s. The man was older, maybe in his late 50s. He was kind of short, but strong-looking. He had tough, tan, slightly wrinkled skin. He had white hair that was a little wiry, though it was arranged well. He wore khaki slacks, a navy blue blazer, and a pale blue dress shirt.

      I had apparently been complaining to the man about something. He asked me if I wanted him to talk to ----- about it. I said no, that that didn't seem like the right person to talk to. It may have seemed like talking to that person may have struck me as making too big a deal out of the situation. But there was a different person I thought we could talk to.

      The man was disappointed in me for not wanting to take his suggestion. Before I could even tell him about the other person, the man stood up out of the couch. I was standing as well. The man said, "Bah!" And shoved past me, heading out the door.
    8. Health Care Lesson From Tupac

      by , 01-07-2011 at 09:35 PM (Dreamjumper)
      Health Care Lesson From Tupac

      I stood in a crowded bar, watching people, but without any type of drink. The energy was high and the dream characters seemed to be having a good time. The energy shifted drastically when Tupac Shakur arrived at the scene. All of a sudden Tupac pulled out two hand-held pistols and shot the place up. Now, I don't know if Tupac was there specifically to shoot me or to settle the score with someone else, nonetheless I had been caught in the crossfire. 7 bullets lodged into my body, as I felt the pressure twist me around. I felt each bullet inside of me. One in my chest just below the clavicle, one in my right bicep, two in the groin area of my inner thighs, one in my left leg in the quad, and a bullet went through each of my calves. I fell against the bar, and panic erupted in the bar.

      I stumbled out of the bar, intent on living. I wasn't in pain as-so-much as shock. I wasn't afraid that I would just drop dead, I was mostly afraid that Tupac would exit the bar and finish the job. Bleeding, my only intent was to make my way to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. Luckily, the hospital was only a dream block away. So I shuffled my way to the hospital, feeling every bullet in me as I walked.

      I quickly arrived upon the hospital and shuffled into the ER lobby. I had bled profusely everywhere I went, but the receptionist didn't even seem to notice. She simply shoved a clipboard towards me and told me to have a seat and fill out some paperwork. I remember saying, incredulously, "Seriously!?" before accepting this and sitting down. I was uncomfortable because I was bleeding on the chair, the table next to me, the clipboard and the floor, and I didn't want to bleed on the other people in in the lobby.

      So I stepped backoutside and leaned against the wall next to the automatic sliding doors of the hospital. I tried my best to fill out the paperwork, but I couldn't concentrate, I had lost too much blood and energy. That's when I grew dizzy from blood-loss and threw up on the exterior of the hospital's walls, before I woke up.