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    1. Knowing things in dreams you don't know in real life

      by , 06-09-2013 at 12:16 PM
      This is a dream I had a few nights ago:

      In my town there is a petrol station on the corner of a cross road and I dreamt that the petrol station was now a small white wooden chapel. It didn't really have a main large room it was more like lots of small, home like rooms, but it was definitely a chapel. I went in and I was much younger than I am now (16), in the dream I was about 8 years old and dressed like Alice from Alice in wonderland, in a dress, long blonde hair the ribbon and everything...

      Anyway I was with a friend who I don't know in real life but I knew very well in my dream, he was a young boy, also dressed in very posh clothing, and we both ran through all the rooms right to the back room of the chapel which was a small toilet. I had an urge to move one of the tiles from the wall of the bathroom which revealed a wooden box, probably the size of a shoe box, but it had no openings.

      Next thing I know I'm in a forest. I was almost as if everyone knew what this forest was as if it was like a tourist attraction but I was in there for another reason. In my dream I was fully aware that there was a murderer in the forest dressed as someone like the Game Maker from the Hunger Games, and another murderer assistant person dressed in a scraggly dress, with boots and a rabbits head on her head. They were both after me and my young friend in the forest. We still had posession of the box and were running in all directions trying to lose them in the forest.

      Eventually we ended up running into them directly, I dropped the box and that was when I woke up..

      The thing I'm most curious about is the fact that in my dream it's like I have a completely different mind. I know things in my dreams like facts and locations and people that I don't know in real life. Like I know them from other dreams. But I don't know them or can't remember them in real life. It's like I'm a totally different person in my dreams but still me..

      does anyone else have this?
    2. One New Message

      by , 02-25-2013 at 05:40 PM
      I bet i'm newer than you!-mqdefault.jpg

      * ADA + WBTB + MILD after 7hrs sleep this night. Was up for about an hour. Ate a banana and drank cup of herbal tea before going back to sleep.

      I'm in a small living room but I don't recognize it. I'm mindlessly walking over to a table with an old answering machine that sits next to a telephone. I start playing the messages on the answering machine. Evil sounding noises start coming form the answering machine and I think to myself 'Evil' and I am suddenly very scared. I wonder how evil could have infected my answering machine. Suddenly I realize this doesn't make sense and I become lucid.

      I test this by looking at my hands and predictably my hand looks distorted. It always seems to be a different distortion and this time the odd thing is that my index and little finger are only about an inch long while my other fingers are the normal length. I am positive I'm in a lucid dream now.

      I make my way out of the room and down some stairs to the front door. I walk outside and looking up a hill is a large windmill. I try to do my lucid task of trying to run very fast. I think about running very fast up the hill. However I seem to be stuck and actually walking very slowly dispute my efforts to run.

      My vision starts fading to black and I wake up.

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    3. The Open Window

      by , 02-15-2013 at 06:34 PM
      Merry Meet, Everyone-upsidedowncouchgirlbook-600.jpg

      I (dream-awaken) almost instantly in a small cluttered room. I'm upside down with my head laying on the ground looking up at the ceiling with my back half-off a couch and my legs partly resting on the top of the couch. Almost as if you were attempting to sit upside-down on a couch in your living room. I was instantly aware I was dreaming and thought to myself 'I'm here'. I quickly got up and then reminded myself to rub my hands together which I did. The room had odd angles at each corner as if some walls were larger than others. There were many shelves of useless nick-nacks and books. The walls were a sort of cartoon orange and the objects all very brightly colored as well. After examining the room I decided to should do something and thought about fact that I didn't see a door and there seemed no way to get outside. As I turned there appeared an odd shaped window, again with the perspective and angles all distorted. I decided that I should try to go outside and I floated or walked through the open window to an outside alley. I was still worried about the dream fading and in fact a few times things had gone black and as I briskly continued to rub my hands together they would come back into focus and then fade again at times. I think sometimes in the dreamworld if you are not actively doing anything the mind starts to erase the scenery. The more I move around or intensely experience something the easier it is to keep everything from fading out. I'm still rubbing my hands together and I start to wonder if I'm doing this in bed as well as they actually start to feel very hot and raw. I decide I should move and so I run down the alley and think about floating off the ground and with that I'm flying swiftly upwards to about 40 feet. I fly for a few minutes down narrow alleyways of some sort of town. At some point I see three kids walking down the alley and I think I know them from another dream. I fly down quickly and while still levitating I playfully mess up the hair of two of them with my dream hands and laugh telling them I have seen them before. Things start fading hard at this point and I cannot stabilize it any longer. It fades to black and I am awake in bed now.
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