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    1. Lucid thoughts

      by , 01-27-2016 at 11:49 PM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in my bedroom, cleaning my two betta's tanks. I put them in a cardboard box without water, and then pour water in it, on top of the fish. I put my hand in the box to keep the bettas apart, but my brother tips over the box. I get really mad, and look for the bettas to put them back in the water. But I can't find them, so I assume that they are dead.
      I am running with Annie from Bratayley. She is ahead of me, and she runs through my neighbor's open garage to the trampoline. My neighbor is there, but she isn't mad, like I was afraid of. In fact, she tells us to jump on the trampoline because it reminds her of her deceased husband.
      Me and some classmates are on a hike, walking over a bridge over a creek. One of them is grossed out by the water, so I jump in to show them that it's no big deal. Everyone else follows me right away. Then we start having a water fight with some of the people on the edge of the creek.
      I am by my school locker and there are lots of different types of sports gear in it. I ask my locker neighbor if it is his stuff and he tells me no. I put the stuff on top of my locker and decide to just leave it there.
      I am at Goodwill shopping for ice cream with my family. My mom suddenly notices the floor splitting, and she says, "I knew it!" Then I am with my Literacy teacher from last year, and I ask her if the floor was cracked like that in "the last chapter."
      I walk into my elementary school's gym, and see from something on the wall that says Bratayley's amount of subscribers. I notice that it is the same amount as it was from when I checked earlier that day.
      When I wake up, I eat breakfast, and then go back to bed for about twenty minutes before school. During this time, I enter directly into a dream. I am outside with my friends, but we aren't really having fun, we're just standing there doing nothing really. This next part, I have know idea if it happened while I was awake or asleep. Here's what happened. I though, "God, if you won't let me have a lucid dream, can you at least let something fun happen right now?" I then fly up off the ground, and make the people below me disappear. I start jumping around from ball sphere-like things in the sky. I then remember something I had read yesterday about why some people have difficulties flying. (They are too worried and try too hard.) Because of this, I wonder if it will work for me. I jump off one of the balls, and slowly fall, but I am not falling to the ground, It is slow and graceful.
      I honestly have no idea what exactly the last dream was all about. I still can't remember if the thought, "God, if you won't let me have a lucid dream, can you at least let something fun happen right now?" was in the dream or when I was awake. But, it was an interesting experience anyways.
    2. Haunted School, Circus

      by , 06-11-2015 at 02:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream - nightmare

      I was in school. I was in the classroom, sitting in front of the teacher - a bald man with mustache. There were other students in the classroom. I asked if I can go to the toilet, he agreed so I went out of the classroom. I was alone at the corridor, heading towards the toilet.

      When I opened the door, I saw that the lights were on, but as I made one step they turned off. I closed the door and opened them again, and the situation was the same. Then I think "Is this school haunted?" Suddenly a DC janitor appears. A brunette woman in janitor suit, with glasses. She tells "This school is haunted." and goes away. She said it, like it was obvious to everyone.

      I thought "Even if there's hell inside, I'll do this!" I entered the dark toilet. As I started to pee, suddenly red light started to flicker, walls and floor tiles started to crack. School trembled and the walls bleed. I finished my thing and went back to the classroom. I looked at the clock and saw that it was late evening, but then I looked at the clock again, and saw that I should go to take a bus back home.

      I went to the cloakroom. There were some girls taking their stuff and going out. I came closer to my locker. It had padlock made of rolled paper. I opened it, and saw that I have loads of old, useless junk in my locker. I couldn't find my shoes. I took all the stuff and went out to a car. I looked at the driver. He was wearing gray hoodie, and he wasn't looking at the road. However, he was a great drver.

      Second dream

      I was on a backstage of a circus. Someone was talking about the place. He started from talking about clowns working there - batman, a clown with black, fake mustache in bat suit; crabman, a clown with blonde mustache in crab suit; and spiderman, a clown with brown mustache in spider suit. They were running around like crazy. There were huge crowds cheering from the tribunes.

      Then he told about a murder bug "Whomever may touch it, may he rest in peace.". A sad and frightening melody played in the background as he said about the bug. Then a dude looking like Eric from "Sweet 70's" TV show appeared, and show control switches of the circus.

      He pointed at one and said "This is a lunch button. We choose one person from the crowd, and give it a free lunch. This week we have a special offer. If you have three nipples, you can come over to us. There's a free lunch waiting for you!"
    3. Another Outlast Dream (horror themed)

      by , 03-03-2015 at 04:52 PM
      Another Outlast dream

      This dream was lengthy but i can only recall the last bit of it. I was in a very large building that looked like a mansion but was set up most likely as an asylum. Where i started i had one of the crazy people chasing me already. One of them was an actual character from outlast named Chris Walker. For those wanting a description he is a very big rather muscular ex-military police patient at an asylum(Mount Massive Asylum). He wears chains wrapped around his ankles, wrists and waists. He has military boots, camo pants and no shirt. His face has been self mutilated to where his nose is basically non existent, his lips are gone and can see his teeth showing, and he tore up the skin on his forehead, claiming it helps him see with the 3rd eye. The patients of the asylum, as they are from the actual story, are forced into dream therapy and have lucid dreaming tasks as tests for them, as well exposed to a series of images on a loop for hours that makes them very violent. He has a lot of blood around the chained areas that are not his own. So you get the idea.

      Walker is only trying to kill me, nothing else. I started the recall in a open, empty room with nothing to hide in so i decided to make a run to cover. The building interior had only natural light and a lot of open ceilings and walls to let light in. The walls were a tan color. It was late afternoon and the sun would be down soon. When i decided to find a new hiding spot i could hear Walker talking to himself about finding me. I ran down a short wide hallway into a room with a few lockers here and there and nothing much else in the room. It was a dead end! there was no other rooms to go in, just a small balcony. I ran to the small balcony with a single locker in the center of it and decided to hide there. I could see before entering the locker we were in a jungle area, lots of lush green plants surrounded the building. Walker enters the room and i watch him through slits on the locker. He walks past every locker in the room except Sure enough Walker didn't check any other locker except the one i was hiding In! He opened it and grabbed me out of the locker, stared at me face to face as he held me a few inches off the ground, and threw me a few feet across the room and proceeded to walk over to me. I had to run quick or he would get me and that would be it for me. But that is when the dream faded. Throughout the dream i never really felt much or any fear.

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    4. New Job - Work Shirt and Corporate

      by , 01-09-2015 at 04:43 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Working at some new job involving answering the phones and a square table with a few people standing around it. We are putting parts together sometimes, answering phones other times. I decide not to wear the uniform - some tan shirt with a collar. There are some other people out of uniform also. We get to talking a bit, but don't get along. Then I find out that they are the highest corporate bosses in the whole company, and they are upset about me not being in uniform! I tell my coworker if he thinks it'd make a difference to get in uniform. He's not sure. I tell him to wait here and I'll be right back then take off sprinting to my locker. I'm not sure what my locker combination is. I think it's 27, 3, 33 or something with a 17 or a 29 in it. I manage to get it right, and open the locker. Inside, no uniform. It must be in my other locker... I leave the lean-two locker room and run across a field at night to another small lean-two with lockers inside behind a small counter / cafe / bar where someone is serving food or drink. This time my locker is not even locked. Inside is the lock, with the combo set to 1337. I leave it inside and grab my shirt. It someone takes my lock, I don't really care, I just keep my work shirt in here. I put it back on and return to my post after what seemed like 20 minutes of trying to get the first locker open.
    5. Re-Hired

      by , 01-04-2015 at 02:13 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I decide to stop in to a place I used to work at. Arriving around 8:30 PM, I am included in an orientation group for new hires. I am a little surprised because I have yet to apply, but I do need a job so I just go with it. We get a tour, and the woman tells us about the company. Only lasting 15 minutes, I decide to go buy some food before the store closed at 9. Out on the floor, I see some old coworkers from CSU, Robert and Alberto. I am completely famished, so I talk with them as I browse for food, mostly looking for fruit. They seem to only be interested in distracting me, and not talking, so they leave. I end up eating a pound of cheese.

      Now I see some night crew people starting to arrive before the 9pm shift. I walk to the back room like I work there to see if I can find the night crew manager. I'm wearing a jacket and carrying a bunch of things, too much for comfort. I find my old locker, still with my things in it from 3 months ago, and stuff my sweater and a bag into it. As I hang up my winter coat, I see that I have 2 winter coats of the exact same type. That's strange. It must have been because I ripped the side of it. I don't remember ever having 2 though...

      The night crew introduces themselves to me. There are now about 20 people on the crew. Compared to 6 when I was working there. The manager tells me he's called Justin, and then we all just wait around in the break room for the shift to start. Justin lays down on the bench seat and keeps encroaching on my space. I keep moving over until I have to stand up. He goes even further so that his head and upper body are not even on the bench seat anymore. There is a chair I was going to use that he now is using as a pillow. He moves around and it doesn't look comfortable at all. I move the chair out of his way and he looks upset at me. "Well are you using it as a pillow, or is it hurting your neck?" I ask him. He laughs, and everyone gets up for the start of the shift.

      I clean up the back room, making to throw out some plastic and recycle some cardboard, but the trash barrel is 30 ft tall. I try to throw it into the barrel, but it's just too high, and the plastic doesn't throw well. Someone starts using an industrial vacuum, but is having trouble with it. I'm not sure they know how. I remember that's the same one we just got when I quit. Now I see that the 30 foot barrel is just several barrels stacked up to clear the floor for vacuuming. I walk to the receiving dock where several people are standing around, getting ready to unload the truck. One guy puts a climbing harness on so he can climb up a 20 ft pallet, and attach ropes to unload it with a crane. That looks like the best job to have! Too bad I quit earlier, now other people are having all the fun. But I seem to be back on the team now, so it's all good.
    6. Invisibility in the Girls' Locker Room, and a Failed Visit to Erebor

      by , 01-07-2014 at 04:56 AM
      I realized I was dreaming and thought about what I should do. I thought of a task of the month and remembered the invisibility one. So I think of the most classic "naughty" trick in the book, go to the girls locker room. I'm outside, and I know I need to find a school, but it's really dark outside and hard to see. So I put on some night vision goggles, and things then green but they brighten up. I see a school not too far away so I head in that direction. I stop and realize I haven't gone invisible yet. I just think about it and repeat that people can't see me. For some reason I knew it worked and I head inside the school. There were girls leaving and they didn't see me walk by them. I head to the girls locker room, and there was one girl left. But then she left and I was by myself...
      I then remembered that I wanted to visit Erebor from the Hobbit. I decide to phase through the wall and think that's where I want to show up. I push through it remembering an old dream that's how I did it. When I go through, I come out in a fancy hotel. I thought about trying again, but I decided to just explore a bit and see if I could just "stumble upon" Erebor. I find a hallway, and then a door. I open the door and realize I found it. But it was extremely dark and hard to see. So I thought maybe I just need to help my subconscious out, so I'm walking down the stone stairs from the movie trying to think of what it looked like. It doesn't really work because I end up back at the hotel.

      I'm at home, and for some reason my mom is like a tyrant. She loves Erica, but doesn't treat me very well, and treats McKenna like dirt. This doesn't sit well with me so I confront her, and get mad at how she treats us. She's confused at why I'm mad, and I respond it's mainly for McKenna. I trash some of the food she's made to let her know how angry I was and then left to let that sit with her. Soon some people come over, and I felt like I needed to tell someone what happened. I grab either my dad or someone else and pull them away from the crowd to my room, and talk to him saying I was mad at her, but she's still my mom so I don't know how I should feel.

      I'm at someone's house, but we're like all prisoners there. Someone hacks a computer to give us GPS coordinates from the wi-fi. Someone breaks in because they knew what we were doing.

      I look at a mirror and think I should try to see through this, then realize that means I'm dreaming, but I wake up.
    7. Sat. Aug. 25

      by , 08-25-2012 at 06:33 PM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)

      A large group of students slowly makes its way across campus, myself among them. I wish we were moving faster, but my heavy backpack makes it difficult for me to pass anyone. Fortunately, when we reach the courtyard outside of our destination building, a lot of the group stops to socialize--they're not actually committed enough to go all the way up to the destination room. I'm able to pull in front and lead the dozen or so of us who are left.

      As we start ascending the stairs, I realize that I don't remember which floor we're going to. It's been a while since this group last met, you see. I ask the people behind me, but they don't remember, either. On a landing halfway between the fourth and fifth floors, the stairs stop, and we'll have to ascend the rest of the way on a tight-rope, with just one other rope at about chest height to hold onto. Then I remember that our floor is the first possible floor above this point. But it's not the fifth floor, because there's a message printed along the bottom of the wall up there that says something like "This is a false door." So we won't be able to go through that one. That means we have a floor and a half of tight-rope walking to do, which is a bit scary but not impossible.

      I head out onto the rope, and the group follows me. Halfway to the fifth floor, the girl behind me slips, screams, and throws her arms around me from behind to catch onto the rope in front of me. Her feet are dangling in midair. I just try to hold on as solidly as possible so she can depend upon me for support. She sounds very scared, so I also try to reassure her that it's not very far to the sixth floor, and I start to walk her through getting her feet back under herself. She gets her feet back on the rope, but she needs to get her hands back behind me as well in order for us to advance. I tell her to do it one arm at a time, but it turns out that we're actually holding onto a vertical rope which I'll first need to move behind my own body. So I have to do some balancing of my own, but eventually we manage it and continue on up.

      Starting at the fifth floor, there's a four-inch-wide strip of wood running along the walls that we can use to stand on, rather than standing on the tight-rope. It's much easier that way, and without further incident, we arrive in the room on the sixth floor. A couple of old women are waiting for us inside.

      Orange Soda

      When I open my locker at the gym, I'm surprised to find it stuffed full of soda pop and food. I remember I left that stuff in there a while ago, and since this is only about the second time I've used my gym locker this term, I guess I haven't had time to remove it yet, or even had a chance to remember that it was there. In any case, it's time to start taking this stuff home. My backpack can't fit it all at once, so this will take at least three visits: one for the orange soda, one for the root beer, and one for all the food. In addition to the orange soda, this time I also pack my dream journal. I'm a bit confused that it's there--I've been using it recently, haven't I?--until I remember that I've been carting it back and forth daily using my gym bag. It's high time I took it home permanently.

      Suddenly I look around to discover that all of the lights are off. I've been here so long that by now it's after hours and all of the employees are gone. Part of me thinks that this is cool, but another part wonders if an axe murderer hasn't also sneaked in after hours to kill me on my way out the door.

      I make it back to my house and announce to Mom that I've brought home a lot of orange soda. We both sit around the coffee table and I start taking it out. The first one I remove is open and half empty. "I forgot some of them were open!" I say. I really hope I haven't spilled soda all over my school things. "I guess all of them were open," I observe, as I take out the rest of the cans. There are several wet spots on my binder from spilled soda, but none larger than a dime.

      Under Construction

      Taking a shortcut through the math department, I see a giant pile of dirt in one of the hallways. Apparently part of the building is under construction. I follow Prof. S up and down a short staircase that goes around the dirt. Prof. S walks into a classroom. I'm curious what he's doing this late in the evening, so I peek in the windows. It looks like there are a lot of professors and older students in the room--must be some kind of advanced seminar. I decide it's time to get moving again.
    8. I must be an idiot in my dreams.

      by , 03-28-2012 at 11:38 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at school, and it was between my second and third hour classes, where I go from Spanish class to algebra. I had to go to my locker and get my notebook for algebra.
      I went to my locker and my friend was there and he distracted me from getting what I needed. I started to walk away from my locker to go get my notebook again. I went back, but forgot to get it again.
      The warning bell rang, so I only had one more minute. and I realized that I still did not have. I went to my locker and got my notebook. But I somehow forgot it in my haste. The final bell rang and I still had forgot it. I just told myself that I was going to be late and that I should just take it slow and get my notebook.
      When I got to class, the teacher took no notice to the fact that I was the only one in the class. he was standing up at the front of class. He had a binder and held it in front of his body with both arms.
      He shoved it out in front of his body, facing the class. For some reason, this scared the crap out of me. The teacher repeated this a couple of times then started laughing at me because I was scared of him.

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    9. Weird school day

      by , 01-04-2012 at 12:05 AM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      This was actually from Sunday, I just haven't uploaded it until now.

      I was in a classroom, and everyone was having some kind of party. We each got a bagel but before we could eat it we had to cut around the edges so that it was perfectly round. I also had to bring one next class, so I was trying hard to remember.*

      Then I went downstairs to my locker, and realized I had forgotten the combination. A girl next to me pointed to the principal's office. I thanked her and went in. There were three other kids looking at the long list (stack of papers) of combinations. Once I found mine (0, 0, 35?) I opened my locker, only to realize I didn't need to put anything in or take anything out.

      I ran outside so that I wouldn't miss the bus. However, they weren't busses; they were trains. I boarded one, and looked outside the window. Some kid did a backflip and landed right on his neck, so they had to use our train as an ambulance. We had to wait for another train to come. This time I sat all the way in the front. The train was made of very light metal, almost like plastic.
    10. A Gift of Flowers

      by , 11-18-2010 at 03:24 PM
      So I was at school. My boyfriend Chris showed up there, which I thought was meant as a surprise since he goes to a different school. I'm not sure what occassion it was for, but he gave me a boquet of purple flowers (maybe thistles?). I was disappointed, though, because my favorite flowers are red roses. But then my friend (can't remember which one, maybe Megan) gave me a boquet of red roses. I was grateful, but still disappotined that they weren't from Chris.

      Later on in the dream my friend and I were at my locker. I wanted to clean it out since it was so messy, but one of the resource officers said I couldn't
    11. Show Me Something Meaningful

      by , 10-17-2010 at 04:53 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 17, 2010

      Synopsis: For the past few days I wanted my dreams to show me something I should see. Small dreams with meanings.

      Hidden Treasure Locked Away

      My sisters are visiting me at
      school. After touring them around a bit, I decide we should head home. But first I have to empty out my art locker. I warn my sisters I have a lot of artsy junk so it can take a while.

      We get to my locker, which looked like a microwave in the middle of a brightly lit room. Sure enough its
      full of stuff! But to my happy surprise someone has organized everything for me. All the clothes are neatly folded into bundles, and all the papers are organized by size. I start handing all the art junk to my sister, when I noticed a hidden treasure!

      Its an awesome
      art bookI forgot all about. I bought it to give it to my sister, how could I forget? We flip through the book together admiring all the colorful pictures. I give my sister her belated present and then I wake up.

      Visiting My Friend Was Not So Much Fun

      I'm visiting a good friend of mine, who, doesn't have the best relationships with her parents. For some strange reason in the dream, they lived in a really crappy ghetto apartment. I mean, this neighborhood is so bad their
      windows need bars to protect them. I'm just minding my own business, eating dinner my friends mom cooked for me. When suddenly, my friend and her mom start arguing about something.

      It's starting to get really
      awkward now. I get upset, because as my friend argues with her mom, it makes me feel like an unwanted guest. But here I am eating their food! I try to find a corner to hide in before the mom takes it out on me and takes my dinner away. Sorry friend, this argument is all yours.

      No Space! No Time!

      I just want to do some
      yoga. I try to find a spot in my bedroom, but its crowded because my sisters are here blabbing away. I try to ignore them and just continue with my yoga. My mom comes in the room and now its really crowded. I have no space on the floor anymore to do yoga, so I try to do yoga on my bed. I whine, telling them, "hey I'm trying to do some yoga here, do you mind?".

      But they just keep blabbing away. Then, thinking we were throwing some sort of party, dad jumps into the mix. Now I'm really annoyed.
      "Damn! Can all of you get out of my room?"

      They snap back at me asking me what's my problem.
      "I'm trying to do yoga here, and I'd like some privacy for that!"

      none of them respected my wishes and kept blabbing away as if my bedroom is a party place. On top of that, my yoga time was all up. Now I have to leave for work.

      All The Cake Is Gone!

      My friends are throwing me a
      birthday party (my birthday was months ago!). It's not a very fancy party, it feels more like were in a run down soup kitchen. But I'm still happy that my friends are here and were all about to have some good cake.

      As more guests come, I decide to pull out some chairs for them. Half of our table is being used by random strangers. They were all black, which I thought was strange because we don't have such a large black population here. So I told myself I must be visiting my friend in NC. The strangers were nice enough to help me pull out more chairs for my guests.

      Wait a minute! My cake was here just a moment ago! And so was were the drinks!
      Now its all gone! The evidence was all over the strangers faces!

      "Hey, you ate my cake!"

      My friend comes up concerned "Whats wrong?"

      "Those jerks ate my birthday cake!" And even as I was speaking they were drinking the last cup. "Hey, those were for my friends! What are my friends supposed to have now?"

      The man pulls out his wallet as if to refund me "Man, woman or child?"

      My friend says "I'm sorry, it wasn't them, it was me. I was so hungry, I had the first slice."

      What is going on, and why are we throwing my party here! I woke up after that.

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