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    1. lvi.

      by , 10-22-2018 at 12:19 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at about 7:40, I was very hot, remembering a non-lucid as I came out of it; initially wasn't going to make note of it but did so on my phone, remembering more detail than expected but quite tired so some details missed. Then I woke up again at around 11:00, with a non-lucid dream in memory that started fragmenting but didn't disappear as I got up.

      Dream 1:
      Was dreaming I was walking through a supermarket store with my partner (H) and it was a bit busy. The shop had a weird layout and looked like it was just in an old warehouse; the floor was a mix of large tiles and bare concrete? It was day outside and some light could get in through corrugated plastic that was only partly translucent. The place didn't look all that clean.

      Got to the other end and there was a tourniquet and a guy watching over it behind a counter. Somehow H had a ticket, it looked green and bulky. I asked if we should both go through at the same time but instantly I thought this wasn't a good idea with the guy watching so closely even if it was busy.

      I tried asking the guy about getting a ticket and he wasn't very interested in helping me and gestured to a machine. I ran up to it as some other people were slowly getting up to it too. I got in line first and probably annoyed the others; I couldn't read the screen properly because it looked like a calculator's liquid crystal display and it was small and dirty. Background was typical dry yellow-green and black letters.

      I faffed about with the controls because I couldn't see or reach properly. I felt twisted trying to use the machine. A kid with a yellow cap helped me and I thanked her and gave her a pat on the cap saying "thank you, you're a good kid" and I think she smiled.

      Struggling to get my wallet out from my (left?) pants pocket. I got it out and it was the wallet I have in waking life; there was a flat bit on the machine and I opened the coin bit and dumped it over the flat area and a lot of junk came out; there was a tiny blazon thing, some rocky/gravel fragments, and other things I don't remember. The total money I had that I could use was about 1.14 or something, and I apparently needed 1.73 or so for the machine.

      I put the crap back in my wallet and inserted what money I had somewhere into the machine and got the ticket and ran back to the tourniquet and H had already gone past it. I tried passing too now with the ticket but it wouldn't work and the guy at the counter said it didn't have enough money in it, I said "I know it doesn't but I don't have enough cash on me" to which he replied "you can pay with contactless...". I said "I didn't even notice any card payments" and I was hoping he'd pity me or feel sorry for me at least and be kind but I tried asking him to just sort it out with me here and now, but he ignored me and eventually told me to go walk around and get back to him.

      H come back but it wasn't H anymore but a friend from my childhood M, and I asked him what happened to him, as his nose was all bloody. I remember him smiling but don't remember his answer.

      I walked around and watched people in the shop getting milk and so on, and as I walk along, this black teenager has a trolley that acts like a spider or something; as he comes past me I smile awkwardly because somehow I think it's amusing and he was smiling too. I remember thinking he'd modified the trolley himself.

      Going through a cheap art prints section, it's very busy, and I appreciate seeing some of the art pieces anyway. I get to the end of the aisle and it's a corner of the building, so there's only a left turn, which I take and there are some vases with big-ish plants in them, like small palms. I start heading back to the guy at the counter and the tourniquet and then this bouncy beach ball appears and is going towards the vases; I see it hit one and I watch until it's just about to hit the ground, turning my head back in the direction I was walking and it makes a thud noise, presumably not breaking, and I hear people sigh in relief.

      Then the tourniquet guy accuses some youth and me as being responsible; I say I don't even know this guy and I was walking around like he'd told me in the first place and get pissed off, feeling like punching him in the face. I wake up sweating and too hot.

      Dream 2 (in pieces):
      I was in some unknown place, it was night and there were ancient Egyptian buildings. It was dark but I remember some creatures or some danger, and there was a pick-up truck thing, which someone was driving; they told me to get in the back and I remember climbing over in a rushed manner and sort of fumbling into the back.

      We drove away I think. Transition?

      In a building nearby, ancient. Dark inside, some faint blue glows. I remember previous parts of the dream where I was collecting some blue glowing stones, and here was a final one or something; this was a fourth stone.

      In this building there were two tiers, the ground level and a higher level on a bridge. There was some sort of lift mechanism to go up. I went up to the bridge, made of glass and maybe some metal, and there was a door at the end; glowing blue, faintly, with 4 square sections, for the stones. Dream implied I placed them and transition, unsure where to, but maybe I remember a dark hall next. Some sort of pet creature, a cat? Dream is too fragmented at this point and there are several possible fragments that could fit here, but not enough detail for them...

      At some point at the ground floor of a tall building, modern, day time, lots of glass, light coming in from outside. Some sort of levitating lift platform, my mom is nearby I seem to remember, but I break the platform trying to use it. A guy gets annoyed at me and I say "look it's fine, I can fix it" and I see there's a circuit board and I inspect it looking for an issue; it's snapped at one of the ends but it actually doesn't seem so important that it can't just be jumped with a new lead and some components moved; I do it somehow and it's fixed but the guy wasn't happy anyway.

      Transition, at the top of the same building, arrived in some sort of elevator. A much smaller room, but still like a big office hall, but glass all around still. I really need a wee and ask someone to use the bathroom, they tell me to go to a horizontal cylinder near one of the windows; apparently this thing is the toilet... I get inside this plastic tube thing, it is really uncomfortable inside, and I start getting pain hypersensitivity because there are sharp plastic edges and I ask for help to get out because I can't manage on my own; I give up on the toilet idea and am annoyed by the fact that these people aren't sensible to just have a bathroom that's actually a room.

      There is a big door. Reminds me now of a level transition door from STRAFE's final levels. I remember going through, different feel to this area. Isolated, darker, but still bright. There's someone else here, some sort of boss? But they're hidden, and I remember walking around at a calm pace, exploring. It looks like some sort of game level, there are conveyor belts and pick ups and dark pits. I see some glowing green panels, again, like STRAFE. I don't remember what I did next or what happened but woke up soon after.

      Some notes:
      • Dreams from which I wake up too hot I think have an inverse cause-effect relationship. I think I'm having those dreams because I'm too hot, as when my body temperature regulation goes bad I start to get a lot of mental side-effects (if I'm awake and body temperature goes awry I start getting "fever-dream" effects).
      • The kid that had the cap, the cap was like ones I've seen (and worn) in my childhood, when I was very young and we went to the beach, for one example.
      • Though I wasn't aware of it at any level in the dream, there were actually a lot of elements in the last part of the 2nd dream that reminded me of a mixture of STRAFE and certain malls I've been to.
      • The other glowing blue stones weren't just dream memories, I had actually dreamed those bits too, but most of that was too vague and of little visual detail for me to be able to put into words.
      • Overall the 2nd dream was very long.
      • I've started noticing a pattern/dream sign with these two dreams, which I think has only started occurring recently; the feeling of being twisted using the ticket machine, struggling to get into the back of the pick-up truck and the cylindrical sharp edges plastic "toilet" thing. In all of these, there was a heightened sensation of struggle and pain to reach for things or to move. This may be related to something that is going outside the dream world...

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 52.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 5.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream * 2: 2.0
      ++ Buy something: 1.0 (the ticket)
      ++ Ask for advice * 2: 2.0 (asking the ticket guy for help; asking for the bathroom)

      = Total score thus far: 57.0
    2. The Missing Children Festival [Series of dreams]

      by , 04-29-2018 at 06:02 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      [This is a series of dreams that occured over three nights, from June 13 to June 15 in 2017.]

      [June 13]

      I am at a festival sort of place, where there are dirt paths and stalls selling things. There are many events going on. One "show" has recently been cancelled, something about the building being unsafe.

      There is something amiss at this festival; children are going missing. I am trying to gather all the children without families (which is most of them) and take them to a cave, a designated "safe place". The cave seems to have a magical barrier to keep negativity out. At one point I find a little blonde girl and try to coax her into coming with me, but she disappears when I turn around and look back.

      [June 14]

      Continuing from last night, I am at the same festival, but my girlfriend is kind-of there (it's weird, she was blurry, like she was phased in from somewhere else] and a frantic young man is following me. He is shorter than me - natural, as I am my alternate self which is rather tall - and has curly brown hair and black-rimmed glasses. He is trying to tell me something, something about a bad thing going to happen. I listen to him casually while walking until a loud rumbling begins. The grond shakes, and people start running and screaming. The guy tries to say something along the lines of "I told you!" but I shoo him off and forge my own way. I am surprisingly calm for someone who thinks this is all real, slowly moving through the crowd and keeping an eye on the sky; the sky is beautiful, a prismatic shatter of color that slowly turns black.

      I make my way out of the festival and to a nearby farm house. There are many people inside that aren't too happy about me intruding in on their space, but I ignore it. An old man, presumably the keeper of the house, tries to trap me in an upstairs room. I easily resist his attempts and look for something I'm apparently looking for. I eventually find it: a trap door that leads to a huge underground factory. It is big enough for me to transform into my royal form, wings spread and all. I try to fly but find it difficult, and the dream fades.

      [June 15]

      I make it out of the factory and am somehow back at a different sort of festival, an indoor one. I end up at something that is drawing a crowd, some famous performer doing something I cannot remember. I watch until two officers come up to me with handcuffs and tell me to come with them. I get the feeling I should listen, so I comply without protest.

      On the way to their vehicle, cuffed and all, I feel a man press a key into my palm and whisper to hold onto it. I stuff it on the side of my panties, where they hopefully won't search. We drive to the holding station, where I sit on a bench and the officers explain the "situation" to someone else. Somehow, my cuffs loosen, and I sneak away.

      I go through a few doors and am suddenly in an underground mountainous area, airy and full of light yet so artificial. As I walk through here, a voice begins speaking to me: the man from earlier. He tell me where to go and I eventually am led to a door with a key slot. I still have the key he gave me, and it fits perfectly. Thing is, it only opens to more scenery. The voice tells me to be patient. I trust him and keep going; a little hiking and a weird cougar later, I stop at the mouth of a waterfall. The voice tells me to go through the waterfall. A strange blue creature comes forth from the falls, beckoning me in. I obey, going through.

      Things are strange on the other side. So much so, that my first reaction is to turn back around...but then walk back in. The place has many vivid colors and strange creatures, plants, and such glowing, odd scenery in general (think Wonderland, really). A pink creature greets me, and then I wake up.
    3. Caged Experimentations [Half-LD]

      by , 04-28-2018 at 02:35 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      [From November 21, 2016]
      I am trapped in a cage most of this dream. There is a huge wall of cages that contain a lot of people I know, but I only speak with my captor and the boy in the cage next to me...Denarius. He's shown up in many of my previous dreams, and it seems now that he is in his cage on purpose, following me in my dreams. I've also seen him in labs and factories, strange how he seems to show up in places of experimentation.

      I don't know what I've done, but I have no way out. I am trapped in here for a long time, only given food each day. Eventually, Denarius casually remarks about this being a dream and phases right out of the cage. His familiar face combined with the action snaps me into lucidity for the moment.

      With this knowledge, I manipulate the bars to let me out, and I believe we escape together, but I lose lucidity at this point and wake up.
    4. Training at Kami's Lookout

      by , 10-02-2016 at 06:00 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up about 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 25 minutes. I went to bed and kept repeating to myself I would remember I was dreaming. Hypnagogia started and turned into a dream

      I was running through a forest. It was 11pm but the sun was still setting. A guy sprinted past me. I realized I was really far from the exit and it would soon be dark. I picked up my pase and then decided to cut off the path and run straight towards the nearest street parallel to the park. I was climbing over rocks, docking under fallen trees. I then remembered something and started waking up.

      I stayed still and SP set in right away. I tried to get up but couldn't. I waited a bit longer and felt the vibrations through my body and the buzzing sound. I got a little anxious and had an HI about a demon trying to rip open my mouth, but somehow I calmed myself down and told myself I would destroy the demon as soon as I was able to stand up in my LD.

      The buzzing stopped, I got up. I looked around my room, I was alone. I exited my room and went down the stairs. Fiona was lying on the stair rest. It seemed a bit light outside telling by the brightness inside the house, but when I opened the front door, it was night time. I stepped outside; the street lights made the street bright enough for me to stabilize. I rubbed my hands and looked at them. They seemed normal, and really clear. I looked up and could see the Milky Way, it was beautiful. I realized it felt as if my right eye was closed. I remembered Dolphin's advice, and instead of trying to open it (which usually ends up in me trying not to open my waking body eye and destabilizing my dream) I told myself I would "look" through my closed eye, and it worked perfectly. I walked down the street and wondered if I should fly to, or teleport to Kami's Lookout. I decided I would fly, but I needed to make it day time in order to find it in the sky.

      I took out my Ocarina and tried playing the Sun's Song. The first time I accidentally played Epona's Song. I tried again, this time I hit the correct notes. The sun came up but then set right away and I heard the wolf sound that accompanies that in the game. I played it again, this time it came up and the morning sound came on. It was bright and now more stable. I decided to start running before taking off. I gained a lot of speed and ended up running through a restaurant. Suddenly, something on my peripheral vision caught my attention, I thought Goku was there. I stopped and looked to my left; it was just a fat guy cosplaying Goku. His hair was really silly.

      I went outside and took off. I was flying through the sky and saw many "fake" lookouts; they were floating structures similar to Kami's Lookout, but they were small, square, or simply flat without any structures built on them. I kept flying and finally spotted Korin's Tower in the distance. I flew towards it and then started climbing it. I could just fly next to it, but I am a climber and thought it would be more appropriate to climb it. I noticed the indigenous designs on the tower, they seemed like the ones from the cartoon.

      I reached Korin's House. He was once again just leaning against a wall, holding his staff and eyes closed. I called out his name, his ears moved the way a cat's ears move when they hear something. He walked towards me and smacked me in the head with his staff. I laughed and jumped on his house's roof. I pulled out Goku's red staff, placed it on the ground, and held on to it as it extended towards Kami's Lookout

      I reached Kami's Lookout and climbed the ladder. I was on the side opposite to the main house. I walked across and reached the house. I went inside; once again Mr Popo received me. He gave me a wetsuit this time and told me to go through a door to get ready. Once inside I noticed a lot of my friends were there.
      I lost some lucidity. I wondered where Goku was. Mr Popo told me we were all going to be competing, and the winner would then get to train with Goku. I kept using my dream powers to do stuff like putting on the wet suit instantly, also made an annoying guy disappear. We were instructed to go to the lounge room. My friend Cali and I led the group to one of the adjacent domes, where we assumed the Lounge room was.

      I became lucid again. Inside we were received by random DCs and were told we had to jump down to the surface and come back up. My adrenaline levels went up, this was my opportunity to get to train with Goku. We ran and jumped off the edge. As I was free falling, I lost my dream body and was now in 3rd person. This allowed me to fall faster by "zooming in" into the surface. Once I reached the surface I saw Trunks and Piccolo talking. I inhabitted Trunk's body, and then used Goku's teleportation to get back to Kami's Lookout. It was a tie between Steven and I. We were instructed to fight inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Mr Popo led us inside, and then closed the door.

      Can't remember what happened afterwards, but I probably had a FA.
      I will try to train with Goku once more, and if that doesn't happen I will move on to beating Zelda Dungeons. This was one of the longest LDs I've ever had. I probably forgot a lot of details when I lost lucidity; I had a couple more dreams after this one and I hadn't written anything down.
      Tags: dbz, deild, long dream
    5. MOON Sex!

      by , 07-24-2016 at 11:05 PM
      I woke up at 3am for a WBTB but had significant trouble falling back to sleep. My iphone app (pillow) shows me awake from 3-7am.

      I took 200 5-htp, 1mg melatonin, 1000mg valerian root, 300mg b6, and 900mg of st. John's Wort

      Very long lucid dream, tho a little less vivid. My dream faded in and out since I was able to stabilize it a few times from ending. Occasionally I would feel myself in bed but was able to visualize my dream and reenter (DEILD??).

      It started with 3-5 short LDs, all starting in my bed, where I couldn't get my sleep mask off and had limited control of my bodyóCouldn't open my left eye or move my legs.

      I ended up in my house and lucid. The house I am in isn't my real house, it's just a random house (possibly a combo of all the places I have lived?) though it started as my room. I walk though the house and everyone is trying to talk to me. I know that if I get distracted I will loose lucidity, so I make up an excuse and go outside. I run and try to fly but again I have issues at first. I feel my body and start to focus on the world around me and how real it is.

      I am in a town walking down the street. I pull my phone out and open it. Inside the phone is a photo with a picture of me. I close the photo and it results in another photo of me. I get to a photo with Joey, David, and me. I try to look closely at their faces to see if it is actually them. It looks like it is. I realize that the part of town I am going into has a bunch of cool stuff. I run my hand through a water fountain and think that it would be nice if there was a place where I could swim. I walk around the corner and there is a beach! There are street venders up and down the beach. I remember that I want to eat in a dream so I look for food. I don't have any money so I can't buy any food. I think about taking it but decide not to since I don't want to make the DCs hostile. I look to the ocean and see large waves. I run out to the water and see a DC dive into the water I follow suit but it is just sand now and I land painfully on my head. I start to jump into the water and remember I should be able to breath underwater. I swim under water deep while breathing and then let a wave bring me back. As I get out of the water I imagine a beautiful bikini model behind me and turn around. There she is! I start to make out with her but my dream fades so I stabilize it.

      I am at my house's back yard. I try to fly but it doesn't work. I try climbing to the top of a building and falling off yet it still doesn't work and I slam into the ground. Eventually I try flying Backward and it works well.I am soaring above the ground! I see a girl and she starts to fly with me and we fly up, up, up and land on the moon where we start to have sex . My dream begins to destabilize.

      I am now on the grass with a sex doll...? I get up and go inside the house. Kristen (co-worker) and Gen (sister) are there and I think "I wonder if Kristen has ever been kissed." I kiss her and for some reason it feels like I am kissing a chair. She is shocked when I stop and says "I'm sure you can get some, if you try". I leave and go outside looking at the flowers. They are very vibrant and realistic but my dream has started to destabilize. I sit down and pull the grass between my fingers to stabilize. It works!

      I go inside and walk to the fridge, still remembering to eat while in a dream, I look inside and ask my dad for snacks. He says, "here!" And points to plain yogurt. There is also strawberry sour cream. I grab one of the yogurts but my mom stops me and says, "no! You can't have that!". I put it back and hurry to find something else to eat before I wake up! The dream is getting unstable! I grab a yogurt stick and open it even tho my mom is warning me of something... It explodes in my face and I wake up.

      Longest LD yet and came after extreme inability to sleep.

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    6. Mansion dream I guess: The Return

      by , 08-13-2015 at 12:04 PM
      I remember the dream begins me in Katie's house (using people's names for the sake of my own memory) and there were two TVs, one in front facing the couch and one to the side of the couch. The one on the side was being used and it was the larger TV. I remember having false memories of watching that TV while playing on a laptop, and I watched them mess with the larger TV to try and get it to work. I also remember wondering why they don't switch TVs so you wouldn't have to look to the side to watch TV. And there was a nasty part... I remember having several pins (i guess they were more akin to nails) stuck under my skin and I could see them through the holes they made. I remember fishing them out... thaaaat was gross. While I was doing that someone mentioned something about the mongols.

      Fast forward and now we're at my aunt wendy's house except it's our house. My dad has someone over in his master bedroom and then they leave. I'm talking to my dad in the living room and we hear something weird coming from his room... it's a voice. My dad goes and looks for something under my bed... with the lights off in my room for some reason so I decide to use the flashlight on my tablet. He finds it but I stay behind a few seconds because I have a REAAALLY hard time turning off the flashlight, I keep accidentally turning it back on. I finally give up and leave. It turns out it is just a bunch of dolls on his ceiling fan (first it was one and then a lot more appeared before me but dream me didn't see this as weird). It was the guy my dad had over who did it and we took them down.

      Fast forward again and we're going to this older man's mansion for some reason, it's on a hill. The distinct parts I remember were his sliding glass window and how it had a couch facing looking out of the sliding glass door. Outside there was a bar on patio and there was a pool, this was all at the bottom of the hill. We went in his house at one point... talked... whatever, I think we were doing some job for him? This guy I know named Castro was there, too. We rode in his white car, it was a bit messy on the inside, and had stained seats. I remember driving and seeing the bay near where I live. Later we return on some huge 12-wheel vehicle, and I'm thinking the rich man is going to be upset we're driving this huge thing on his lawn so I jump off but I look back and it just has tiny metal wheels, like one on a little red wagon. We talked to him but I walked off. I was going in the mansion for some reason, but I saw human luna and someone else sitting on that couch through the sliding glass window and for some reason just turned back, lol. I went and sat at the bar down there across from human rarity and I could see the other human versions of the mane 6 in the background. We talked about... something. That's all I remember
    7. My First Lucid Dream

      by , 07-25-2015 at 07:34 PM
      After trying to lucid dream for the past two weeks, I finally had a lucid dream where I was able to maintain lucidity. I woke up at sunrise this morning (as I normally do), checked the clock, and went back to sleep because it was Saturday and I could sleep in .

      I went back to sleep with the intention of lucid dreaming. I lied down, completely relaxed, imagining myself literally "falling" into my dream world. Gradually, I noticed that my body could no longer feel itself. And then I lost consciousness; this was the beginning of my first lucid dream.

      The Dream

      I found myself walking with my classmates outside on a warm rainy day. A friend of mine (a dream character who exists only in that dream) was shielding me from the downpours with his large umbrella as we walked outside on a school field trip. We walked leisurely in the rainy park for a bit before it stopped raining. As my friend closed his umbrella, I looked at his wristwatch and saw that it said 4:00 PM. It was then that I realized that I was dreaming. No. This can't be real. I went to sleep at 12:00 AM this morning and there was no way that I could have slept this many hours.

      Normally, when I find myself to be dreaming, I would instantly wake up, but this time was different. I noticed that my consciousness and awareness increased but I did not let myself become fully conscious. I find myself in a state of consciousness between wakefulness and REM sleep. It was then when I felt the sensation of lucid dreaming for the first time.

      In the dream, this sensation translated to a drunken dizziness that I had to struggle against. The colors and the sensations of the dreamscape were slowly dissolving into an unconscious sleep as I fought to keep my eyelids open. I mentally held on to the colors, sounds, and the sensations of the dreamscape around me. And, in a "Eureka" moment, it just clicked: I was completely lucid! I was able to see the colorful dreamscape clearly with perfect vision. I was able see my reflection and the reflections of the surrounding Romanesque architecture, the clouds, and the blue sky in the puddles on brick roadway. I was even able to smell my synthetic jacket against the backdrop of the petrichor of the summer rain. I was finally able to hold on to and experience lucidity in a dream.

      The dream continued for another hour or so. It was a fairly mundane dream in very peaceful settings but it was exciting nonetheless. I drifted in and out of lucidity throughout the rest of the dream. I focused on my body and my environment whenever I started to drift out of lucidity. I recall walking around a lake in a beautiful park where humans and animals were enjoying the scenery together. I walked around the town in my dreamscape and visited a bakery. I took out my phone and decided to prank-call the cops but decided against it (because it was starting to feel almost too real to be a dream at this point). Instead, I prank-called my brother and left a silly message. Then I found myself at home, sitting at a desk next to my brother. Just to be ridiculous, I asked him, "Am I dreaming?" He rolled his eyes and sarcastically replied, "What have you been smoking?" At this point, not only did I completely lose lucidity, but I lost awareness of the dream.


      Dream signs: clocks, watches, imaginary animals, anachronisms
      Do's: Focus on the body and sensations in the dream, colors, smells, tastes, food, surroundings
      Don'ts: Ask someone whether I'm in a dream; Try too hard to conjure up of places and things that don't exist

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    8. 11th of june -> 12th of june.

      by , 06-12-2014 at 01:11 PM
      Date:12th of june.
      Total sleep:10 hours.
      Supplements: B6 and melatonin.
      Daytime Techniques:RC's, mantras, sensory awareness training.
      Lucid Techniques:was not lucid.
      Recall Techniques: Mantras, dream journal.
      Fell Asleep:12.00
      Dream Title: sex scandal at the supermarket.
      Dream: I only remember bits of the dream, some of it being: Having sex with someone named Suzie? (wtf) Outside of a supermarket. And finging she posted pictures of my penis on the internet to get back at me, for what, i cant remember. Also being by a trailer at the highway, before eventually swimming out to raft in the ocean with my little sister. After we arrive at small raft, we spot a bigger one, and swim out (my little sister clinging to me). When we reach the raft i see a familiar face, Hannah. My memory stops there.
      Recall: 2
      Emotions/feelings: happines, shame, aroused.
      Dream Signs: common DC's (Trym, familiy)
      Objects/places/DC's: Supermarket, highway, ocean, trailer, raft, people, alcohol, Trym, George Clooney, Suzie, Hannah, Mia, Video.

      Dream fragments: Have a faint memory of a ''beauty and the best'' kinda scene.
    9. 8/31/13 - The Great Piss Adventure

      by , 08-31-2013 at 05:05 PM
      This is one of my longer and more interesting dreams and my recall is waning by the second. Let's do this!

      This dream was either very long or was an extension of the previous dream (basically a DEILD without the lucidity). I don't remember the first parts, save for that my sister was involved and there was a show that I wanted to watch after school. Now to the parts I remember:

      I was sitting in English class. There was some trip you could go on that day. I'm not one for doing after school things, so I refused. Besides, I had a show to watch. I said goodbye to my teacher and went to do whatever I had to do next. The school was not like my real one. After I was done with that, I had to hurry back to my English teacher's room, for whatever reason. The buses were leaving soon! I kept asking people how to get to her room, but the school was a bleeding labyrinth! I finally came across one of my friends and asked him, "What's the fastest way to Mrs. Callahan's (my teacher) room?" He replied, "Well, you can go straight through... (this part eludes me) or you can go through Bavaria at either end of the school." In this dream, there were two regions we referred to as "Bavaria" at either end of the school. These places were locker/shower rooms bathed in piss where freaky German dudes hung out (no offense to German people). For whatever reason, I decided this was my only option. I moved as quickly as possibe through the piss-covered rooms, trying hard to avoid slipping and being caught by a German kid. I tried to used walls to retain my balance, but every surface was covered in piss! I was almost free, but the Germans came after me. As I was about to exit Bavaria, some girls screamed as they saw me (the area looked like a store) and some German tried to grab me. I suddenly became invisible to them and everything became grayscale and there were words at the bottom of my vision. This is where the dream ends.

      Again, I apologize to any offended Germans!

      *The fear of missing the bus is a common element in my dreams, but this is the first time it's happened in a while, possibly because school starts on Thursday.
    10. Fights with my Subconscious - Monster, Ex-Girlfriends, Sex and More

      by , 07-31-2013 at 11:48 AM
      [Half lucid dream in 3-4 episodes. First episode: monster attack. Second episode: Ex-girlfriend- attack. Third and Fourth episode: A pimp attacking my car and war-games turned bad ]

      1. I'm walking through a mall. A lot of people are around. They are walking in every direction talking to other people etc. A typical day at the mall. I want to go to a cinema, which apparently is in the mall, although the place seems to be in one way very familiar, but in another very bizarre and strange. The place is mixed, it has features of at least three other places I know in real life: my favorite mall, my favorite cinema and the main railway station in my town.
      I'm tired from walking and I take a rest before a public toilette. The place is strange, the roof is tilted, it looks like I'm standing on a hill. I sit down and there is this guy. He looks like stoner. He starts to talk to me:

      - Hey you! How's it going.
      - I don't know, I'm lost in this place.
      - Aren't we all lost sometimes?

      He giggles.

      - No, you don't understand, I'm looking for the cinema. I want to watch ...
      - The New Alien film?, he finished my sentence. Ah man, you know, those films are really special?. sometimes a bit awkward, but rather fun. Isn't it?
      - True my pal, I said, especially this one scene where ...

      Our conversation get's interrupted. People are screaming, running away. They shout repeatedly "He's back, he's back! ". I stand up and see that the mall is attacked by a gigantic monster. It's running through the lanes, it looks like a scorpion, a lion, a boar and a snake mixed together . Something hideous like that I've never seen in my whole life. It's black-green-ish and has sparkling red eyes. People run away from it but it devours one person after another.
      Strangely enough I'm not that feared by the sight of the monster. I had a simple but clever idea to stop this mess as I realized that this might be a dream:
      I closed my eyes. After all, when I can't see the monster, it isn't there and can't see me.

      2. I open my eyes back again. I'm still in this mall. But this time, I'm in front of the cinema. I feel relieved that I saw a few friends of mine. We walked to the cashier. But the place is really crowed. I have to push the people aside. As i walk through the crowds I see HER. I'm really shocked about it, cause I didn't want to see HER. SHE is my ex-girlfriend, I haven't talked to since 3 months and haven't seen her since our break-up. I'm really irritated. Should I talk to HER or should I simply ignore HER? I recalled a conversation from last weekend that I had with my best friend. I said that I'm not angry anymore and that I'm totally cool about it, so cool, that I could survive such an awkward moment. I also recalled that I resisted every attempt from HER to get me back. But than I recalled that I haven't seen HER in waking life, but only in my dreams. So I feel really confident about it and start talking to her.

      - Hey M. Hey M. !
      She was looking away.
      Some one else said HER name and pointed towards my direction. She turns around.

      - Oh, hey, what ...? [SHE seemed surprised]
      - Hey it's me! I want to talk to you!

      She excuses herself and walks towards me. We go to a place with fewer peoples around and where there is less noise.

      I see that SHE has lost enormously weight. SHE has a fine silhouette in waking life, but it seems that SHE only weighted half. Her arms were thin, her legs too, she looked really fragile.

      - OMG, I said, what happened to you? You've lost so much weight!

      I grabbed her arms. They were so thin that her too arms would have fitted in one of my hands.

      - I know, SHE says, I did. People say that I'm a mess ever since I dumped you.
      - You're lying and you know it, I say. You aren't really her, I'm just imaging you around. It's a dream. You aren't real.
      - I'm not the problem, She answers, you don't let me go. This is your imagination world, not mine. Just simply let me go.
      - But I did it!, I protest, I haven't see you around like ages. The memories about you are fading.
      - But they come back, or don't they?, she rappels to my mind. You aren't over me for 100 percent.
      - How could I?, I replied again.
      I feel that I'm loosing the battle. I just want to dump her in my dream for the fifth time. To this day I resisted her attempts, or better said: I resisted to my deepest feelings in my subconscious. But this time it's really hard.
      - Don't you remember all the promises I made? I told you that I would never let you go and you answered me that you would ever stand by my side. but you didn't!

      My perspective changes to third person. I see how we are talking and talking. I can't hear what we are talking anymore. My view starts to fly, I see the talk from above. And suddenly one sentences got to my ears. "Take me back, it was my fault." It was the voice of HER. I've heard this sentences in nearly all my dreams, where she comes around . Instead of SHE kissing me and I getting upset and saying to her all the bad things she did to me, I kiss HER. I feel really guilty from my third perspective. I feel the kiss, it was cold, it didn't seem right. My other self and SHE went along together, I felt bad, so bad that I had the desire to throw up at both of them. BUT instead I disappeared through the ceiling.

      [The next section contents sex, violence and bad language]

      3 - 4.[SIZE=4] I'm driving a car through the night. I'm on the car park of the mall. I'm really upset about a thing I can't recall. a friend of mine sits on the passenger seat.

      - Yo Yossarian, he said, don't drive that fast!
      - Go fuck yourself, I say.

      We are exiting the car park. I turn left to the exit lane. There is a traffic light where none should be. I brake and wait that it get's green. But it doesn't. The waiting is unbearable to me and I light a cigarette.

      - Those bastards are going to kill me someday.

      I open the window to my right. My friend starts coughing.
      Suddenly two prostitutes run towards us.
      - Oh shit!, my friend screams. Close the window, they are mistaking us for some clients. Drive backwards!

      That's what I do. I drive backwards away from them. They seem really disappointed. Suddenly their pimp jumps up through a bush and starts demolishing the car with a baseball-bat.

      - Oh noes, my friend laughs, Pimp-attack!
      - that's not funny, the car was expensive

      I don't remember what happens next but suddenly I'm in a room with a handful of soldiers

      - My pals, the general said, today is victory day! As you know, we are going to win the annual war-games. This is the plan from today. You should ...

      I don't listened to his talking. All I can think about is when was the last time I got laid. And the creepy man standing in the corner of the room. He's bold has bad teeth, a beard and has crazy eyes. He's smiling. It's like he can read my filthily thoughts. I shake my head.

      - Everything clear now?, the general says.
      - Yes sir, the group answers.

      We go outside, But I and a captain go to another direction.
      - Hey private, he says, we are launching our sneak attack!
      - So it is, I lied.
      I don't know what he was talking about. The scenery changes. We are in a bunker.
      - I'll take a piss, I say and go to the restroom.

      After doing my duty, I washed my hands. My teeth start aching suddenly and i open my mouth and look into the mirror. I see that my teeth are in bad shape, one molar has a hole, another vanishes before my eyes. I spit three molars out. I'm not happy about that. I talk a paper towel to press it against my molars. I want to gout of the room, but the creepy man from before jumps out of nowhere and says:

      - That's my towel.

      And he takes it from me and vanishes again. Perplexed I go out with a fresh towel.

      In the bunker again, the captain is to be found nowhere. The outside door opens and he comes back in. He has a black eye.

      - What happened?, I asked bluffed.
      - I had a fight with a filthily girl.
      -Why? What did you do?
      - I tried to rape her.
      - You did what?
      - You heard right. But she didn't want to.
      - Does that even amazes you?
      - Yes, I always get what I want.
      - Are you nuts or something?, I objected. If you wanted sex, go check a prostitute, they are everywhere.
      - But I wanted her.
      - Did you never try to talk to girls first? That's the way I do it: you talk, you befriend and than you fuck.
      - That's too complicated. I wanted her now!

      I shake my head. What a bastard, I think. I go outside to look after her.

      She has a wound on her neck, some scratches too. I help her and make her a bandage. She is very delighted of it. She looks nice.

      - I heard you are filthy, is this true?, I asked her.
      I can't believe that this is true.
      - Yes, you're right. I'm a filthy whore. Everyone can have me, do dirty things and so on. Except the captain, he is a bastard. He doesn't know how to talk to a girl.
      - Yes I know. By the way, I'm going to say something but please don't be upset. It's just a proposition, you can accept it or refute it. No bad tricks.
      - Ok, she said, go on.
      - Do you want to have sex with me? I'm feeling horny now.
      - Why not, she said, that's the only thing good that will happen today.
      - I bet it will be.

      And so we started and the dream finally faded
    11. A snail having his birthday celebrated!

      by , 12-01-2012 at 12:11 PM
      Non-lucid | Lucid | Extra notes

      Since my latest DJ post, I've started putting on earplugs at night and I also have taken the habit of opening my window to get some fresh air and thus avoid to wake up in the middle of my sleep sweating a lot.

      Dream fragment 1: I'm unsure I even dreamed about this but I feel it's important to note it down. It was a short vision of an empty-town road, in a mixed Thai-Italian architecture style. There were little shops with their displays (some wooden tables topped with wooden boxes) on both sides of the road (which in itself was pretty wide; you could easily drive a car there). All of those shops were aligned and continued all the way down the road, and there were some square-ish buildings behind them. Though, there was literally noone and the displays were empty.

      Dream fragment 2: A little bit of background is required to understand this. I'm part of a gaming clan playing on a rather realistic game where we often plan out house breaches & raids. We have a helicopter support unit (TAU) which I've helped with some old paperwork yesterday. None of my real-life friends are in this clan.
      In this dream fragment, I saw myself in a history lesson in our usual classroom. People in the room were gathered in groups to do some work (which is something we always do in French lessons). We set the tables in a way that they'd form squares of tables. Then I saw two friends of mine, A and C, asking me whether I had seen the TAU "activity checks"; I told them I had not, as I was not a part of TAU. They told me they talked about me in a positive way in those checks even though I have nothing to do with TAU (besides that paperwork). So I stood up, turned towards another real-life mate which I called by a TAU officer's in-game name (D. L.) and asked him if he had read the checks. He hadn't. (Side note: as I turned the tables were in their normal organization, spread across either sides of the classroom in a straight line). Then I looked towards the window to find my two good friends A and C (the same as in A stressful night... - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views) and asked them once again. They answered they had not seen the TAU activity checks yet. I assume the dream then ended.

      Dream fragment 3: This time, I was having a maths lesson in the classroom that is normally used for German lessons. I was sitted in the middle-back of the room and we started doing an exercise, that was to complete individually. Now I consider myself a pretty good student in maths due to my marks, but for some reason I badly struggled and could barely read, let alone understand the exercise. I was frowning my eyebrows while I had my gaze locked onto the exercise book. My maths teacher, which I've had for three years so far, walked up to me and told me that it wasn't such a big problem I was... dyslexic. I was surprised at first then she kept on talking about dyslexia and saying I should receive help but that I shouldn't fear failing. I was feeling really bad and sort of misunderstood. Unfortunately, I can't recall anymore of this dream.

      Dream 4: THE longest dream I had. It might have spread over 2 REM cycles considering its length. At the beginning, I was supposed to show a few of my friends (four or five max) my apartment, and the dream started in the hallway of the building I live in. My friends following me, including A which came to my house with S and D this very Thursday to celebrate D's birthday at lunch. We headed to the lift and stepped in, and found ourselves on the landing of my apartment. Then, the dream sort of returned back into time and I found myself in the lift with JC and another friend. My apartment's on the 6th floor of the building. This time, the lift interior was made of classy stainless steel but was a bit smaller than the real one; and its doors opened as we reached the first floor. I saw an immense hotel or conference center interior, which was extremely bright (lots of windows around the hotel, thus a lot of light came in), with what could have been a bar or a reception desk (it was basically a huge marble cylinder and there was a counter surrounding it in a circular way) to our far left, a dark and round marble pillar in front of us (although it was a bit in the background), and lots of shiny white light to our right. The hotel interior itself was circular and if I'm not mistaken, we could see a dome on our far upper left corner as we looked up, exclusively made of window panes which flooded the hotel with pure light. It was quite a magnificent sight. We also saw a few people in front of the lift exit, doing their business, really. Then the lift doors closed and we went up to the second floor; once again, the doors opened and we could see the same interior but a man in his late forties or early fifties (tall, approx. 1m90, with a bit of grey short hair), who was wearing a suit and a nice, black coat that stopped at his knees. He entered the lift and smiled at us, but I do not remember seeing him any longer. We finally reached the third floor and the lift stopped in the middle of an apartment entrance, the said apartment being very dark as there was no light at all. There was a path leading right ahead on our left and a couple of stairs on our right, with a huge wall/closet (similar to the one in my dentist's office) separating those two ways. We went for the stairs and we saw a little table on our left with a mom and her kid; she was taking care of him. There also was a kitchen. And again there was a right turn leading to a bedroom but I can't remember its looks, although I'm almost sure it wasn't mine. From there on we walked back to the kitchen and surprisingly, around ten people had joined. Everyone was celebrating... a snail's birthday! There was a mini rectangular shaped cake with two blades of grasses on its both extremities. I started cheering up just as everyone else in the room and the mini-snail (it was nowhere near the size of a real one) crawled onto the top of the cake and started eating the grass. Suddenly, a similar second snail came and helped the first one to finish the remaining blade of grass. All of that was pretty funny and I remember laughing. BREAK!

      Once again - back into my hallway. But this time... there were at least 40 persons! My friends, a couple of adults, and LOTS of elementary school children who were wearing dark blue smocks. I was kind of overwhelmed but I still realized I had to make them visit my apartment; so I opened up the door that led to the lift with my key and pretty much everyone started flooding in this little bit of space in front of the lift exit. I started thinking that our lift could only handle 8-9 persons at a time so I told other people to wait for their turns but I went up first - and if I remember correctly there only were my friends with me. At this point the lift didn't stop as it was climbing but I felt it went higher than the last time; everything around me was sort of white and blurry. It eventually dropped us in the same interior and I quickly walked up to the bedroom (the same one). I widened my eyes... because I honestly had no idea why the bedroom looked like that. It was filled with gigantic bookcases containing tons of old yet beautiful books (those magic spells books you see in Harry Potter). The bookcases were organized in a trail, which went from the right of my room to the left whilst leaving a space in the middle. The floor was a wooden parquet that looked brownish and rusty. The only light in the room was an extremely dim light but I managed to spot a double-decker bed, the upper couch having two, seemingly comfortable, black and red pillows. Those pillows were laid against the wooden border of the bed. At first sight, my hands grasped onto my hair as I thought; "What's this? They're not supposed to see that...".
      The dream ended there.
    12. The Deadly Raining Pebbles

      by , 10-07-2012 at 11:05 AM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      4:00 - 5:00

      Me and my family went on vacation at some hotel that owned a farm. It was a creepy, old, run down farm in a field with many hills. There was an abandoned old barn next to the hotel. We were going to stay there for two days, then leave the next night. We were having fun for a while. The first day went pretty well. There was a golf cart there that I rode around the hills. It was very fun. I also explored the farm a bit. It was great... until the first night.

      It started raining. The rain was very, very hard. It was raining all through most of the night. Suddenly, at probably around midnight, We all heard a very loud cracking sound. We went to the window in out room. (which happened to overlook the abandoned barn next to the hotel) We all got there just in time to see the barn, with thousands of holes in it, collapse into a large pile of old wooden rubble.

      My family started to panic, especially my mom. My dad started making phone calls to figure out what just happened. He eventually figured out that it rained PEBBLES! These pebbles were a unique part to this region of the world, and they usually didn't tell anyone about it because it happened so infrequently and to keep people from panicking, but tonight, out of all nights, it had to happen.

      The next morning came around. We tried to go outside to see what happened, and we found that we weren't allowed to go. The hotel security said it was too dangerous. The pebbles penetrate any material that is or weaker than wood, including, but not limited to, human skin, silk, fabric, and some sheet metals. They said the only reason the hotel survived was due to a steel roof that they made to protect against the pebbles. They gave everyone this metal umbrella that they said helped stop the deadly raining pebbles.

      We went outside to get into our car and drive away, but for some reason, it didn't move. I think it was missing a part. So we went back inside to stay there for a while. I, however, saw a guy trying to start an awesome looking convertible. I helped him fix it, then tricked him into giving me the car. It had a great steel covering on it that was perfect for this kind of stuff. Instead of driving away from my family like a selfish a**hole, I drove to the nearest town to try and get the missing part.
      The rode was very scenic. The only thing that ruined it all was the fear of the pebbles.

      When I got there, the town was in complete chaos. People were lighting fires, dying from penetration by pebbles, and killing each other all over the place. I happened to find a nice group of teenage girls. I explained my situation, and they decided to help me try to find the missing part. They talked a LOT.

      Together, we found an auto parts store that was selling the missing part. We went in there, got the part, brought it into the car, then we started driving.

      *Note: I have actually never driven a car and it's pretty apparent in this next part, but at first when I was driving to the town to get the spare part I was able to drive the car fairly well.*

      So, as we were driving out of the parking lot of the auto parts store, I found that it had stopped raining pebbles. I encountered this very steep hill that many cars were able to go up with ease. I tried to floor it up the hill, but I couldn't control the car and crashed into a tree. The car was still working and no one was injured. It was then that I encountered a person from school, named An. He was actually the boyfriend of a girl that I like. So as I was cursing and trying to back up, I saw An there, walking down the hill about 50 feet away. He waved and said hi to me. I hesitated and said hi back. It was then that the conversations with the girls got more serious. I explained to them about me liking his girlfriend as we went around the hill on a different street. Then, I SAW her walking around a corner. She looked great. I said hi to her, and she said hi back. That's all that happened. Me and the girls were talking about how shy I was around her. They mentioned how much I acted like a girl there. I said, "well, I guess I do act like a girl sometimes." One of them answered back, "Maybe we should take you back to our place sometime." or something of that manner. I didn't know what it meant, so I just kept driving poorly around the countryside.

      When we finally got back, it started raining pebbles again. I quickly went up to my family to show them I got the missing part. They all quickly went downstairs outside to attach the part to our car. I said, "I think I'll meet up with you guys at home. I want to go with these girls." They said okay and drove off home. After that, the scene skipped.

      I was watching what my family was doing at around 10:00 at night. My mom said, "Well, B (me) seems pretty happy." My dad said, "I think he's just finally happy to get some." Mom then said, "I wonder what he's doing now?"

      The scene then skipped to some movie theater or acting stage or something. I could see myself, but I looked VERY different. I looked very much like a girl. I was still with the girls this whole time. They have apparently turned me into one, somehow. Not with any surgery or anything, though. One of them said, "Come on! We've got to get ready!" Another said, "Alright, we're coming." The lights turned off and the dream faded away.

      It was all a bit like a movie, now that I think about it. Everything about it just seems so, movie-ish.

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    13. Epic Adventures :D (long dream)

      by , 08-16-2012 at 05:37 PM (Dimension X)
      One of the longest dreams I've ever had, that's for sure... It started out in what was apparently my house, even though it looked nothing like my house. My mom said that we were going to go to the local restaurant down the street. But when my dad showed up from work, a thunderstorm started. From this point on for a while, the dream just involved me getting ready to go. I was looking all around the house for my usual things, like my watch and my headphones. Next part of the dream was that I was in some sort of... Just... Weird place... Hard to describe. But I was getting chased by some people. Except that I was pretty much un-catchable. Next thing I know, I'm some kind of secret agent in my school. There's one specific person I'm looking for. He's standing outside of a computer lab in the hallway. I walk up to him and I beat him up I guess. So then I go into the computer lab and there's a class in there. One of his friends asks "Where's *Name*?" (I obviously don't remember the dudes name) And I respond with something like "I don't know..." All of these students were people who I don't know. There was only one person who I saw that I know. Then, the room seemed to be literally flooding with students, all starting from one corner. I remember shouting something, but I don't remember what exactly it was. There's a bit more to this dream, but I don't remember it. I got to the computer as quickly as I could tho...
      But yeah... Pretty weird dream...
    14. Very long dream held in a few minutes.

      by , 08-15-2012 at 11:59 AM
      I woke up and saw the time: 04h25
      Went back to sleep.

      I dreamt that I in an old neighborhood (El Paraiso) I used to visit a long, long time ago when I was I child.
      I was in a known car; owned by one of my best friends in high school, is the one we used to drive around, but the driver is not my friend but anther good friend from a very different time. I was in the back seat and someone else was in the car.
      The ride was full of curves. We ended up at the soccer field in my high school. There we met the owner of the car.
      We talked about, at least, four different topics, including my friends efforts to find a date (which was the kind of conversation we used to have).
      We all go to a party held in a several stories building.
      There I met with several people to whom I talked as in a party.
      I met with a girl I used to like a long time ago, we held a long and fine conversation. She leaves and I slip of the party.
      I wonder around the building for a (long)while. I stumble upon a terrace on the second story. I look down and I see a pool. Nobody is in a pool except by two dead small little mammals (canít say what they were but they were small, mice-like, and white with dark spots. They where puffed maybe due to the drowning)
      I fall into the pool making a big wave. The wave moves out of the pool the little mammals.
      I start to feel guilt and I run out of the pool room. While I open the metal door, water displaced by my wave gets through the door, into the building.
      Now I am in the buildings corridor and I realize I am in underwear.
      More people start to appear down the corridor, this time they are family.
      I donít want to be seen in underwear and I desperately talk to the security guard to open the elevator door. He is sitting across a typical security desk and acts indifferently. He finally agrees to open in very slowly.
      Iím impatient.
      I wake up. I see the clock; itís 04h35.
    15. Really long dream O__o

      by , 07-24-2012 at 03:43 PM (Dimension X)
      Ok this is probably one of the longest dreams I've ever had... So all I remember is that I was in this parking lot, and there were a few people around me and I had a cell phone in my hand, which is weird because I don't actually have one. Then I was in a convenience store looking for something. I remember at some point in the dream I had randomly gotten $40. So I was looking for something to buy I guess. Then I remember the convenience store somehow turning into a full-blown grocery store. So I went further inside and I remember the things I got. I bought only 2 things, or at least 2 that I remember. A box of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, and a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli. Apparently it was the last can of ravioli too... The inside of the store itself was bright white and the shelves were shorter than regular ones. So I was taller than them. Some of the items were open, and their contents spilled, too. That's all I remember... It was probably one of the longest dreams I've had, but what I find weird is that I was only semi-lucid. I knew I was in the dream, but I still went along with the "story".
      I've had quite a lot of dreams where I'm in a store or somewhere public. And in all those dreams, it appears as though the main focus is always to get home. O_o
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