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    1. 18 September - The longest lucid so far

      by , 09-19-2021 at 11:01 PM
      comment lucid dream

      A considerably shortened version, it was 20-30 minutes dream

      A very nice non-lucid in the 4th cycle, very light and mostly conscious sleep afterward. After an hour, I feel the 5th REM trying to start (vibrations starting and dissipating), but my mind is a bit too awake. I cuddle up with R. A minute later, vibrations again, and I finally relax into them.

      The beginning
      I see grey blurry spots and R is holding me tightly from behind (IRL we are in a spoons position, with his arm over me). I can barely move. Am I dreaming already? I don't want to risk moving in reality or opening my real eyes, so I close my dream eyes for a moment. But then it feels pretty stable, so I try to free myself. R holds me tighter and won't let go. I have to wrestle with him, and gradually the visuals come in, grey and blurry at first, then clearer and sharper. I throw him to the ground. He's lying under the table, all I can see of him are his legs. I want to unsummon him with a snap of my fingers, but I can't snap, so I just leave the room and forget about him.

      In the hallway, wondering what to do next. I don't expect anything from the dream, I have an unstable sleep in the morning as it is, and if R moves in reality, he'll wake me up.
      TOTY comes to mind first, I don't expect to finish it, but why not try.
      I walk into a larger room where a lot of old people are sitting at tables.
      I call out, "Hey Dream! Superhero time!"
      "Who can tell me what superhero I am?" I ask.
      Two old men raise their hands. I point to one of them. He says something to me, but I don't understand. I lean over to him to repeat it, but I still don't understand. I call out the other. He says something that is more of a feature than a name.
      "It's about the name. I am a superhero. Do you know my name?"
      His eyes light up, he understands, he nods. He doesn't look old anymore, more middle-aged.
      He says four French words.
      Oh. Okay. "Could you repeat it?"
      He repeats it slowly, and I say it after him. Word by word, sometimes he corrects me. We spend about a minute on it. Then I repeat the whole thing. He nods.
      Nice. I start to ask about my powers but realize that's the second task. I ask about the costume and get the answer that it's in a cupboard there.
      The entire wall behind the tables is made up of cabinets with doors, drawers, and compartments. I open a few and find random things, but nothing like a costume.
      I walk out of the room, down a wide corridor, and there I see a toy store. That looks good. And I see a costume rack!
      First on the rack is a burgundy dress with ruffles. Nice, fantasy, but not exactly superhero style. The second is a child's spiderman costume, that's closer, but it's not quite my size.
      The customer who was talking with the saleswoman leaves, and I ask her:
      "I am a superhero. Do you have a costume for me?"
      She nods and hands me a toy wrapped in clear plastic. It's a bee, with a black and blue striped body and red details.
      I'm confused. "Do you want me to use the colours? To have something made in these colours?" She nods.
      Behind her stands a man, thin, stern-looking. He says something like I know there's a message there.
      I walk out of the shop. I unwrap and take apart the toy, nothing.
      But okay. Good enough. I continue out of the building, repeating the French name to myself. I should wake up and write it down, but no... I don't want to... I'll probably wake up soon anyway.

      On my way out
      I walk down the wide staircase, repeating my name to myself. I look around and suddenly I'm confused - where am I? Am I awake? Or still in a dream?
      I do a nose plug RC and it fails. WTF. This again? (It failed for me for the first time 8 days ago.) I look at my hand and I have a sixth finger. That's better.

      After training in a few previous shorter dreams, I'm getting much better at the swimming technique of flying. I take off, below me is a nice park built into a slope, further ahead are some fish ponds and behind me is a city.
      I'm practicing faster flying (I'm still not good at that) and flying upwards, at altitude (slowly, but steadily). For a while, I just float on my back and fool around. Some people in sport suits run by, there's an air-running race going on. Then I try to spin and create a tornado, but I can't get enough speed.

      Underwater exploring
      I remember the goal of underwater exploring and fly into one of the ponds. It's deep enough to put me underwater. But it's extremely muddy, I can barely see anything. There are frogs croaking around. I try to breathe, and I have to remind myself that in a dream, you can breathe underwater. I can, but it's uncomfortable, a bit like inhaling mud. I have to keep reminding myself that it's possible. I don't like it in there, so I fly out. Better to try this in the sea, which has better associations. I sense the sea beyond the city, so I head there.

      Chatting with KD and Vikings
      I end up on some street with street food stands.
      I try to recall the superhero name. Was it Jamon (with ch/[x] sound)? No, thatís ham in Spanish. It was French J. I vaguely remember the rest of the words too but I am not really sure.
      My friend KD is there.
      "Don't you mind that you sleep and dream too much?"He asks.
      "I'm dreaming right now," I reply.
      He voices some more criticism of my supposedly unhealthy lifestyle, but I shrug.
      "Don't you think you've been here too long?"
      For a moment I feel time dilation like I've been here for hours, but my rational self is quickly back and I estimate the time so far at 20-30 minutes.
      There is now a wooden table next to me with a bunch of Vikings drinking beer.
      KD continues, "What about your body, how do you know you're ok, what if you're in a coma?"
      The Vikings are more interesting.
      One of the Vikings is trying to rip a piece of wood from a bench to use as a wooden sword to fight me. I don't know if I want to fight. He has long dark hair and a Viking haircut. I kiss him on the mouth.
      "Is this what you want?" He asks, a little surprised.
      He gets up and walks around the table away, I go with him.

      And I finally wake up.
      Not remembering the name at all.

      Total time IRL between cuddling up with R and waking up - 30 minutes.
    2. lxix.

      by , 01-18-2020 at 01:11 PM
      Dream Fragment:

      I was at my old home or some version of it. I was at the entrance hall and it was a bit dark but still daytime, suggesting it was the time just before sunset. H was there, but H looked like this actress from a TV show instead. She was crouched up in the middle of the room, in front of the dark stained wardrobe and I crouched next to H and started to cuddle, giving her a kiss and feeling how different her body was compared to what I should remember.

      There is a transition and I'm outside, it's daytime but probably more around noon now. I remember walking by a few places that were altered from how they should be, namely D's building and its entrance. There were quite a few people there and I remember making small talk for some reason, but no idea what about.

      I kept wandering the streets of my home town and eventually after going through a few streets that don't exist and a wall turning into an open street, I started to become sort of pre-lucid and gained some dream-control, not consciously thinking about it. There was a square or plaza of some kind, surrounded by short two or three story buildings, as expected, and people were just going about their business. But I wanted to feel alone and solemn in this place for some reason, so I snapped my fingers and most of them disappeared. A woman and her young boy didn't.

      I snapped again, wanting rid of her from the scene. She wouldn't go. She walked up to me and started becoming antagonistic and asking why I wanted her to go. I didn't explain myself (perhaps I didn't know why either) and I eventually conceded and said "fine, if you won't leave, then I will", so I walked away across the plaza and into a small tunnel lit with fluorescent lights and as I did, she paced up quickly behind me, pushing me against a corner, hurting me, and twisting my right arm and gripping my bottom.

      She said something that I can't remember word for word, which basically summed up to be about how I often am careless with caressing and cuddling H (making me cause pain by complete accident), and despite the pain she was inflicting on purpose, I laughed at its irony. In that moment, I felt a dire need to go to the bathroom, and I falsely woke up, then getting up from bed and going to the bathroom, and just as I sat on the toilet, I was in bed again, as if that was only imagined, but the urge to use the bathroom was suddenly gone.

      Then I woke up truly and double checked how I felt, realising it was all just very realistic dream sensation.

      Some notes:

      • This dream wasn't particularly vivid in terms of visual clarity but the physical sensations were quite strong overall.
      • The woman who wouldn't go was some sort of anima manifestation. Often it isn't so antagonistic but her look was distinct from previous appearances, mostly marked by her shoulder-long hair being black this time. Her face was more chiselled, too. It was simply a more raw and aggressive look in general; ironically enough, what I would expect from my home region.
      • Though I had some dream control, it was completely non-lucid. I could feel myself having some sort of pre-lucid thoughts but they didn't rise up enough for me to start gaining lucidity.
      • The woman's young boy reminded me of myself when I was younger, but his role in the dream seemed to be minimal. He seemed to be there pretty much just to characterise the woman as a mother, as he pretty much just went off playing in the street without a care for what was happening.
    3. July Competition 19 long and cool lucid

      by , 07-31-2019 at 09:39 PM
      dream starts with sexual content i skip

      ...i walk with the girl and we pass a meadow next to a house. she tells me she doesnt like the city. i say why not its not that bad and its kind of green and other citys are worse. we some dog babys and the mother some of them starts barking but the mother keeps them back and educate them. one of them runs at me and i kick it away. one of them is more like just a face on the ground and morphs into a butterfly. my awareness rises. we reach a canon and i get lucid doing a rc. i ask her if she wants to fly with me and start flying. i reach the ground and meet some people. they are something like superheroes? one of them has a problem with me. i fly further to a woman who greets me in a very friendly manner (maybe with a kiss?) i tell her that in the following 24h i can help her. the group of "heroes" arrives and the guy that had a problem with me pushes me with his thoughts away and laughs. i come back and remember that telekinesis is not that difficult and start concentrating and do a gesture with my hand. suddenly his face get serious and a second later he flys up 5m in the air and crashes in the ground again. i lough my ass of because it looked funny like hell.
      the dream fades and i am in another dream. i do a rc and still dreaming. i find my self indoors. i phase myself slowly thru many layers of walls and rooms and wooden construction out and climb some parts. i am on a roof now and jump from roof to roof. i want to find me some icecream. i jump down and see some people that look like they sell ice on big bicycles like it is typical in mexico but everytime they come closer the just transport paint for some reason. i cant find ice and have a FA. i sit at a table eating icecream. i do another RC and again still dreaming. i get up and look out for icecream again to finish the task. i ask a young guy at a corner of a street. he tells me he doesnt have some but i tell him he should look behind him and when he does suddenly he has some icecream. i am happy and pay him some coins. its ice made out of coca cola. i continue my way and notice i am in the suburban train station. i want to get out but dont want to phase all the way out so i phase straight thru the walls and imagine to be outside and after the second wall flying thru i find myself outside. i fly up a building because i want to see the sunset. after founding a good place to be i do another handgesture to let the sun go down. i am a little out of practice so it doesnt work immediately suddenly there are one or two guys next to me and distracting me with talking shit and how it doesnt work. the sun goes down but the visuals get super bad like in dark night and i start to calm down rub my hands and focus on the dream. i tell him that for his reason i didnt notice the sunset properly. i try to get the sun up again but it doesnt work. i switch the roof and remember that the sun goes up from the opposite side so i turn around and fair enough see a nice sunrise. i jump and fly thru several roofs and found a well painted arty house. i enter thru the roof and explore the inside. there is a lot of art in the rooms. i see a woman lying in a bed and aproach her. i resist to start something and just pass into another room where i see another person sleeping i think its a boy but then it turns out to be a guy. i phase out and think about what to do next and remember Dreamers method of narrating the dream to remember it better so i think what happend so far. something happens and the dream destabilizes but this time its not getting black but white. i go into it and let it happen. everything around me spins and patterns appear a short moment of drawings. i ask a question to the dream: what to do/work? a new dreamscene appears and a guy talks with me he wants to tell me something but dont remember the word in the end he tells me something about a doctor or that i should be a dentist. im not sure about it and ask him what about physiotherapy he tells me that its possible but i wont learn to much there.
      i phase into a house and i feel its mine. i enter the kitchen and eat a fresh cherry and think what to do. i feel like the dream is hell long and try to remember how fast i got lucid so that the REM might be very long. i want to meditate a little but i feel like the dream destabilize
      but i let it go to not forget to much about it.
      lucid , memorable
    4. "The War and the Witch"

      by , 06-30-2018 at 04:39 PM
      (man it's a long one)

      Part 1: Spider-man and Dream Control

      The first section involved me trying to help Spider-man escort some kids to a destination across the generic city that often features in my dreams. I started out using the dream control powers I'm most adept at, superhuman agility and size changing. after I was done escorting, Spider-man thanked me, and I decided to try and perform a longstanding dream goal, to see if I could switch genders.

      After unsuccessfully attempting to to conjure a potion to do so, some weird advert for a product for it just appeared in my field of vision, and for whatever reason, I found out it was in my uncle and aunt's room in the hotel they were staying at. I immediately tried and successfully gained access to their room by sneaking in. The serum was apparently a form of shampoo, and I decided to take a shower with the weirdly complicated showerhead apparatus there. The serum didn't really work, but slowly did it after I took the shower, In the process, I completely destabilised the dream, plummeting it into chaos, I false-awakened as a girl, in my regular room, wearing my ordinary PJs, after that, I decided I'd go back to sleep.

      Part 2: Shopping and Terrible Rollercoasters

      I found myself in a ]shopping centre, specifically, the model most closely tied to the "docks" area, I woke up with a few friends, one even had a simulation of a rollercoaster they built, it appeared to be a weird fusion between a industrial/futuristic-themed ghost train, and a steel sitdown coaster in the fashion of The Scorpion Express, the ride jerked you around like some amateur designed it, too many Gs with a lot of corners in the tracks. We browsed around, getting a REALLY cool Nerf gun that had burst fire and multiple secondary dart types you could shoot, it looked like a cross between a surgefire, a Spectre REV-5, and a Demolisher 2-In-1.

      The War and The Witch

      After walking home for a bit, we stumbled upon a funeral parade for victims of "the old war", a lot of things happened before the parade, I even saw Emperor Palpitine driving a flying Arriva bus with only half the wheels. I saw multiple of my dad's old milliary friends marching in the parade, hearses carrying the coffins of young children, people who had fought in the war, and multiple machines that fought in the war. I climbed into one, and was handed a section of poem to read out. I can't remember the exact text of the poem, other than at some point it was replaced by an entirely new Harry Potter book. after the vehicle got separated from the main parade, we came across a destroyed bridge that had seemingly collapsed from all the people that had crossed it. As we plummeted into the water, we found some wire that got caught on the supply vessel we were in, something shot us out of the water, and on to land. I got out and tried to walk. I walked a familiar route, past the RSCPA complex, through the industrial estate, and onto a field. The only difference now, is that I picked up someone trying to get to a section in my journey.

      I encountered a witch on the path back to the parade, who then turned into a south asian women in a hijab, I recognised her, we had a talk, and then it all just faded out from there.
    5. Melachim

      by , 05-21-2018 at 11:19 AM (Nef's dream journal)
      I was in some sort of a surreal game with a group of people
      We were placed into a place and we didn't know what to do
      There was several levels
      The first one was called moama and everyone died, it was some sort of island but then men and women dressed in red and black came, they had an empty look or smile on their faces and just stood here I heard weird noises and suddenly everyone started to die Like of they're being scrapped into bloody pieces
      Then we got respawned at another place, it was a forest and in the middle of it, a hill, we took shelter there
      We didn't understand wtf is going on, in the end we agreed to avoid those ppl called the melachim, we named them that cuz we thought they're the ones organising this game
      The next time they came, we saw them emerging from the hill we hid with haste I think some of us died but most of us survived and we actually won this game
      So we came to the conclusion that in order to win we must avoid contact with the melachim at all cost
      That's how we can survive
      The thing is that when they came they usually came from a great distance and they walked really fast, also a weird drum or music or noise could be heard when they were near and electronics Got Jammed
      In anther instance I was traveling in a subway when they turned up, I was standing in front of a little corridor between two wagons
      That's where they appeared as those persons who check the tickets at a train
      Me and a few ppl hid by the window shitting bricks, the door to the corridor saved my ass cuz it hid me from the melachim
      But as they came I knew I will have to go to anotger room and so I did just when the humanoid was about to enter through the corridor I stepped through anther door and sat down among ppl and pretended to be npc
      It worked but when the melachim was just behind me cuz they also entered this place looking for us I got super dizzy but I survived
      And won the match
      Next time I was watching other ppl doing this game on YouTube and somehow i got into one of the games
      There was an empty city
      Youth were having fun it was teenager kids walking around, the lights were on and it was sunset
      Then they found a
      Shopping cart
      And there was a kids face in it
      A fat kids face in a cube like shape in it
      I told the kids that is possibly not a good idea to play with this since it's a surreal object probably placed there by the melachim, but they didn't mind it, they started to roll down the street by riding it
      Then it happened
      I heard an electric noise, then the majority of the citys lights got turned off
      We was like holy shit
      We then knew they're there
      We went on to hide, a young guy said it's OK cuz he still got his phones light, I argued its use saying the complete darkness is better cuz we have to hide
      And then I think I woke up
    6. 008 [l]: Tuesday 5 7 2017

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:42 AM
      (Man it's a long one)

      My dream started with me on holiday, in this large house. One day on the holiday, I fell out with my mother after arguing with her on how to drink coffee. After some unrememberable and unimportant details about the rest of the holiday; We had to leave, and I had to wind up the ginormous grandfather clock in the center of the house. The clock took up an entire segment of the house, it took up a good chunk of the foyer the pendulum's weight was about as big as me, and I could only barely reach the chain so I could wind it.

      On the way back from the holiday destination, for some reason, I found myself in a weird version of Seoul in South Korea, in some nondescript shopping mall, after messing around in the shops for a bit, I realised I was dreaming, and decided to become the superhero, "Slime Guy",
      based upon the various Dragon Quest memorabilia that was scattered around. After trying out a bit of dream control, I started exploring the place, only to realise that some bits of it were flooded. for some reason, and the dream characters were walking around in the water nonchalantly, like the water wasn't there. I caused a bit of chaos and stole a shopping trolley, quickly dashing into one of the lifts (which where like a miniature network of wonkavators mixed with trams). I picked one of the wrong destinations, and got separated from my group.

      I ended up at one of the lift stations, unable to get back on the lift. I managed to get another lift that was pretty crowded, the lift had a tourist group, as well as a few locals. After trying to find a seat in the lift, I accidentally got sat on by one of the local girls. For some strange reason, she kept doing it, I was incredibly uncomfortable with this happening, so I attempted to get a Korean phrasebook up on
      my phone, but like in real life, it just wouldn't connect. She was on my lap for the entire duration of the ride.

      We eventually got off the train, the girl and her friends spoke some Korean which I understood as meaning "What is your name?" (For some reason, it actually did sound like the proper Korean for that phrase), I decided to fool around with them, and replied to them, "AMERICAN GUY!" in a perfect General American accent, before running off. All of a sudden, the supervillain "Iron Spinner" showed up and started attacking the bus. His whole gimmick was legitimately him being based around the concept of fidget spinners (I kid you not).

      The girl then suited up in an iron man suit and started blasting Iron Spinner, after a bit of tussling and scrapping, I saw a whole load of RED stickybombs from the game Team Fortress 2, I decided to try luring Iron Spinner in to them, I succeded, and they exploded, I also saw who layed the stickybombs, Donkey from Shrek. At this point, the wierdness factor must have overloaded my brain, beacuse I can't remember any more of the dream.

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    7. Long dream

      by , 04-21-2018 at 09:11 AM
      Part 1:
      Normal day, Im in the very nice virtual reality game where everything looks amazing, its in an apartment with other people and you can hold everything, the physics just work.

      The game is called game of the unknow or something and I keep telling the other guys how good everything looks for a vr game and they keep telling me to shut my mouth. When I look to the left I can see the window in the real world and every now and then someone cycles by.

      Back in the game, I dont know what the game is about but Ill find out soon enough. I grab some cash and it just looks so real and physics amazing.

      I enter some more rooms and from now there are mannequins in every room some even holding knives. And
      After a couple more rooms I understood the game. And it happened. The mannequins turned into people and started attacking I quickly evaded a knife strike, took the knife and stabbed someone then took a knife from someones throat and got an axe by killing another.

      Its now 1v1 Im up against this giant dude with an axe attached to a knife. I keep blocking the strikes with my axe but keep getting pushed further in a kitchen where a teammate stabs him from behind,.

      Part 2:
      We take the run. We get in a car and drive away. Were safe after a while of driving and everyones calm and Im asking myself some things about lucid dreaming and CLICK, I realise Im in a dream. I fly out of the car and over the mountains like really just feeling the wind on my body amazing. It was morelike really far big jumps at first. After a while I came to a farm, some mix between zoo and farm and japanese. I ly on this porch and enjoy the evening and wanted to see the sunset.
      Part 3:
      I look to the left again again and see theres little girls running around. I take of my headset and Im moved 5 meters from where I started the vr. Its eve again and it seems to be christmass.

      I go outside and see theres a christmass place with statues of jezus and stuff next to my house. And everyone was having fun. It was snowing aswell.

      The girls seemed to know me but I didnt know them and they took me somewhere in the back with a small ladder in a small room where they asked me to go trough a door to go to "The circel" but I refused because they had this look that wanted to lock me up.

      When I went back out there was a girl discussing with me about making a language by using only 4 letters in each word.p

      Part 4:
      Im back home all of a sudden but I dont notice. Theres some girls from my class and some cousins theres at my computer theyre watching anime and discussing some things about a ceetaint video.
      Part 5:
      Im in the mall looking for some products and theres thid black girl I asked to show me something. She said I couldnt buy it tho so I wanted to steal it. I put it in my pocket and she guided me out till at roght at the entrance she asked to give it back and I ran.

      The mall was ontop of a hill in the alpe and I started gliding on my shoes like skiis and there was this guy from the mall chasing me. We did some jumps and I landed on his back. It was some sort of game and a voice said combo or something. Then a big wooden plate came under us and we skiid on that too.

      Part 6 ("continues" part 4)
      Im in this room that with 1 big table and some chairs. Theres this older guy and a teen. Im with the girls from back home and the older guy asks me to sit down. He gives me a plate and chops some chicken and gives it to me with some sauce. The girl said she had something to tell. She said she was the girl from the video and showed us the clip. "My" girls went crazy.

      Part 7:
      I wake up and have that amazing feeling after an amazing dream so I go on my phone and tell hormoz about my amazing dream.

      I wake up amazed that that last bit was a false awakening and enhanced the feeling of the amazing dream.
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      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening
    8. First projection into desired location, and probably an hour of back to back lucids.

      by , 04-02-2018 at 12:12 AM
      Today I had my first lucid dream/out of body projection into a desired location - my home in Bangalore.

      Wall of text coming up. Keeping it succint, and the info useful and mainly discuss how I get into it, dream stabilisation techniques I used, and how I moved from one environment into another for those of you who want to get into what I feel is one of the most thrilling experiences of my life - being completely 'awake' and aware in dream world.

      It was a mixture of feelings of joy, accomplishment, elation, amazement, wonder to move from one completely 'real' and solid dream environment to another one in my Bangalore home (on a side note, I realise that I don't call it my parent's place, but Home).

      I started reading Jurgen Ziewe's Multidimensional Man yesterday. So that got me hankering for lucid dreaming again. I've also been a bit cut up about the fact that a lot of people count lucid dreaming, and OBE as separate, but Jurgen was clear that he felt they were both the same. This ties into the zeitgeist on the dream views forums where they class all lucidity in the dream world as lucid dreams, and not OBE's. As I felt that OBE's are out of body projections into consensus realities i.e. 'real' worlds, as opposed to dream worlds. Good to know someone Jurgen confirm they were the same. Then again, he can see his body in his dream in OBE, but probably wouldn't in a lucid dream - ahh, who knows. But we ramble, and somebody promised they wouldn't do that .

      My usual habit is to get back into lucid dreaming is to start dream journaling, but I hit upon a quicker more effective solution - I voice recorded my dream journal yesterday.

      It takes a few days of dream journaling to get into dream awareness to recall more than a few chunks of it. And that dream awareness making me recall more than a few chunks of it, also helps me more aware that I am dreaming in a dream, and allows me to get lucid.

      I had about an hour of pretty much continuous back to back lucid dreams, and whilst this was my longest stretch of lucids, it's also my usual pattern that I do get back to back lucids, around 3-4 of them at a time. Mainly because once I'm lucid in one dream world, I can retain that lucidity into the next 3-4 dream environments.

      I won't bore you with individual details of my dreams, but share what's relevant to those of you who want to try it. Mainly how I get lucid in a dream, and dream stabilisation techniques I was using and how I 'projected' to a different environment.

      Journaling makes me retain slightly more awareness in a dream world. I thought of making a song that says if I'm flying, in a strange place, outside my home, traveling, meeting friends, or FLYING, that I'm in a dream world. So it's basically flying that gets me to realise I'm in a dream world, or strange situations that I'm not supposed to be in, like Minnesota the last time around.

      So last night, I was flying in a dream, and showing off my flying skills, to people and realised, hey, I can only do this in a dream, and got lucid in the dream, but it dissolved.

      The next dream, ditto - realise I'm flying, so must be in a dream, but it dissolved.

      In my next dream, I find some tapestry before me and start feeling the intricacies in the tapestry, looking at them in fine detail, and I go in and out of lucidity though the dream stays relatively stable in that environment.

      I then do a cross brain (Psych-K) belief change posture in my dream, and change the belief that I can't stabilise a dream world, into a belief that I can stabilise a dream world.

      I'm then in a bed, where I wake up and step out of my bed, and it's a half formed, dark dream world, and I just keep my hands on the walls, and walk from room to room, up and down stairs, never taking my hands off the walls. And I'm able to extend lucidity for a fair bit.

      Then come a whole series of back to back fully lucid dreams for about the next 30-45 minutes.

      At the end of them, I think, okay, lets project to a different dream environment, and I think about my Bangalore home. I imagine the door, and how it would look like. I look down, and I see a part of the gate, and think it's part of the home, and then see the house and stumble into it. I'm so excited by this, instead of waiting to stand and look around, or see if I can meet my folks, I just try and 'project' into the next place I can think of, and the dream dissolves and I finally wake up.

      Points to ponder:
      1. Audio recording more effective, and easier than typing it out. I record it on a whatsapp message to a 'dead' contact.
      2. Dream stabilisation techniques as a priority in the dream. Use all senses, touch, sight, smell, temperature, to get immersed in the dream environment. If the dream starts to dissolve, I bend down, feel the dirt, or the walls as I walk.
      3. No sudden moves in the dream or it destabilises. Slow and steady work the stabilisation in.
      4. Once stabilisation settled in, then attempt to project to a different dream environment by imagining parts of it. The brain fills the rest in, and I'm immediately transported there.
    9. Trying To Get an Android, Turning Lava Into Ice.

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:33 PM (My Dream World)
      I went to sleep at about 23:30 and I woke up about 6:40 if I remember correctly. I did a quick wbtb and then tried to wild for a bit, but ended up falling asleep.

      The dream begins at my grandmother's appartment, in my brother's room. I make a RC, since I try to make a habit of doing one when waking up.
      I do a nose RC and I get lucid. I then do a few more, just to make sure.

      I walk out of the room and the place is eerily empty and quiet. When I'm about to turn around the corner and go to the area with the dining table and balcony up ahead, I think I should summon a DC so I can have them help me with stuff. For some reason, the first one I think of is a girl I used to go to school with, F. She's there in the balcony when I go around the corner. I call her and tell her something about opening up a portal. She opens up a portal to a weird dimension that doesn't seem as vivid for some reason. It's kinda blurry, it almost looks like a videogame. I step inside for a few moments then come back to the living room. Suddenly, it's filled with people.

      I'm still lucid, but around this part of the dream I begin to lose lucidity a bit, so I start losing focus of my objectives and kinda start going along with the dream plot. I'm talking with my family and for some reason have a discussion with my uncle, so I decide to get rid of him. For some reason now I feel like I'm an evil genius and kinda start playing a character here (I'm still lucid, but it's like my personality changed) so I want to replace my uncle with an Android.

      I walk outside the apartment and go into an elevator. Suddenly, I'm accompanied by a college friend, A and someone else that I cannot recall. We go down the elevator into another area. We are now in what seems like an office building with several people. I go up to a DC and tell him I want to replace a defective Android and he gives me a number. I'm supposed to wait for my turn but I decide to speed things up. I go back to the elevator and rip up a panel from the wall. I make up some logic hoping the dream goes along and say it's a living creature mixed with machinery. I "hack" it by jamming a screwdriver in it and twisting it and I hear my number being called on the speakers.

      I go up to a desk and explain the situation to the DC that works here, saying that my Android that I purchased there is malfunctioning. The clerk gets up to get some forms and I think about how I need a receipt. I pull out my phone and again make up some stuff and press buttons on the screen and somehow the phone prints out a receipt. When the clerk gets back they handle me a form and I think I start filling it, but this is as far as my recall goes, I think the dream ended shortly after this.

      I wake up in my grandmother's apartment in the morning. I decide to turn on the TV because I want to play something on the PS4. The TV makes a lot of noise when turning on and I hear my brother shout something from the other room, so I turn the volume down. I notice I'm actually very sleepy so I turn the TV off and go to sleep, quickly transitioning into a lucid dream.

      In this dream within a dream, I'm flying around and I think I'm seeing a scene from a movie. I see two characters fighting in the distance. I'm in some gloomy forest in the dark. I continue flying around very fast and transition to an area with a volcano. I was feeling powerful, so I extend my hands and make the volcano erupt. I then transform the volcano's lava into two ice pillars on the sides of the volcano.
      I wake up shortly after that.

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    10. August 25-28, 2013 - (L)x2 - DILD, WILD | Longest LD (up to this point)

      by , 06-17-2017 at 03:25 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/25/13 (L) | Generic Lucid 3
      When I became lucid in the dream, it wasnít very stable, so I spun around and rubbed my hands together, as well as verbally instructing the dream to stabilize. It worked. One of the conditions was near-optimalóit wasnít too late in the REM period, but I forgot my dream intention.
      Time: 20-30 seconds

      8/26/13 (L) | Successful WILD, Longest LD Milestone
      It started out right at the beginning of the REM cycle. I lost lucidity for a moment, but then I regained it. I noticed that I wasnít fully anchored in the dream and I was getting excited, so I did a reality check and calmed myself down. I grew my tail to 38 inches. I felt it and controlled it. After that, I had minor difficulties and suddenly had 3 legs. [New Scene] It was an urban area and a guy, a girl, and another guy were around. There was snow on the ground. I strangely forgot my dream intention again. There was this purple liquid that the girl had to use for something and it wasnít completely edible, so I made a green liquid that was. When I drank it, it tasted like soap and did nothing. [New Scene] I was on a bus and wanted to do a whirlwind sprint through the window and on to another bus on the freeway exit. Instead, I froze time and rode the bus. [FA] I thought I had woken up, so I looked at my heater, but I couldnít see it enough. SP was engaged. I waited for SP to disengage so I could see what temperature the room was, but the display was off. The fan was still running, however. Because of that, I again reconfirmed my lucidity and another dream scene happened. [New Scene] A camp-like outdoor place during the day. [FA] This time I was standing up, and I saw a few zeros on my alarm clock display and I was still lucid. [New Scene] I donít remember anything after that, but I eventually woke up because the REM period ended. I was lucid the entire time.
      Time: 10-20 minutes

      8/28/13 | 19 Purple Coins
      It started out on a freeway, driving past a fair that I suddenly teleported to. I was riding on a Kirby Air Ride rail that transported me to the entrance. When I arrived, I was handed 19 Mario Galaxy purple coins. I stood there for 5 minutes or so.
    11. 3 Frustrating Lucid Dreams

      by , 04-28-2017 at 03:21 PM (My Dream World)
      Dream 1:
      The beginning of the dream was kinda like a videogame, but I was also inside it. I was some kind of space bounty hunter and I was in an enemy base. I was carefully taking out everyone until some security system spotted me and alarms began blaring and I had a timer on the bottom of my "screen". I tried to escape the ship while enemies tried to stop me. Some friends appeared and helped me. When I was at the ship's hangar (it was a big cargo ship I think, so it had a small hangar for smaller ships) our ship was there. Instead of being in space we were just in the sky tough. I think I jumped back onto my ship and we flew away to safety.

      We landed on a grassy island with a plateau and a spiral pathway leading to it.
      As I was nearing the top I gained lucidity. I climbed up onto the plateau (I don't remember how) and there were lots of grass and trees. There was also a naked girl there, for some reason. I hugged her and could feel her soft, warm skin against me. I began to fly with her. I had some difficulties because I would ocasionally think about falling down and I lost a bit of altitude, but I still managed to fly a little above the trees. I think the dream ended shortly after that.

      Dream 2:
      I was in the back of a car with my grandparents. I became lucid and tought of opening a portal. I couldn't do it so I decided to stick my hand out of my vision and summon someone. I extended my hand foward and pulled a hand wearing a white glove. Mickey Mouse immediately came to my mind and when I pulled the hand it was him. I asked him to open up a portal and he opened a weird small cartoony portal on the back of the car. I sticked my hand through it and I could feel a pile of clothes. It was a small enclosed space. I asked him to open up another portal and he did. I put my hand through and it was just a hole that led me to the trunk of the car. I woke up a bit after that.

      Dream 3:
      I was in my grandparents' house, and I think I had a massive urge to go to the bathroom. I eventually became lucid and tried to fight that urge until it subsided. In the beginning of this dream I was RCing constantly to make sure it was a dream. I was walking around, I remember summoning someone from behind me but I don't remember who it was. I remember walking around the kitchen for some reason. At some point I tried again to summon a portal but couldn't. I tried to justify it by saying things like "Oh I'm supposed to clap before I do it" but it didn't work. I even tried recalling times where I did it succesfully but it didn't work. After a while I decided to use something to help me.

      I started looking for Rick's portal gun (from Rick and Morty) and opened a lot of closets looking for it but couldn't find it. I found a weird gadget with knobs and dials but it didn't do anything. I asked my older brother to show me where it was and he told me that he would but had to do something else first and he went into his room. I tought that I wouldn't wait that long so I turned around and began rotating both my arms in front of me and imagining time going faster. When I turned around he was already there and had done whatever it was he had to do.

      The dream skipped a bit (or I forgot something) and then I was in my grandfather's bedroom, where the floor had turned into some kind of weird brown vortex and I was floating around in a plank of wood with Morty. There was a gooey, cartoony brown creature on the ceiling which Morty told me was called a... Gloorpadoop? Something like that. I had somehow obtained a portal gun that was made of glass and didn't seem like it worked. We escaped out of the room while the Gloorpadoop spat some weird slimy brown substance on us. I escaped the room and while Morty was going on ahead he told me the gun needed Gloorpadoop spit to work, so I dunked the gun in some of the Gloorpadoop spit that was by the door and it was pretty disgusting. That didn't do anything however and I couldn't use the gun.

      I know I had 3 lucid dreams in one night which is unusual for me... but this night was pretty frustrating.

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    12. Artifacts Non lucid

      by , 11-18-2016 at 02:34 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I have to search for certain artifacts in a fantasy world. Eventually I have to get an artifact by going through a giant spider web guarded by a white spider. I run away from it so much that the dream loses its plot and turns in to a dream about getting on trams and trains.

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    13. TOTM Fail TOTD Fail TOTY Fail

      by , 11-16-2016 at 09:50 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I was in a choir, singing in an auditorium. It is soon over. I am now in an orchestra I play in. I can't find my music. Suddenly I see that my desk partner is on both sides of me! I do a reality check, and I am dreaming.

      I announce that I am attempting the Lucid Task of the Day which is, figure out 1% of 5. It shows this on a plaque. I fail. I fly out. and arrive in my house. I try to find Candyland (TOTM) half-fearing I might instead find a girl called Candi. Nothing appears. I give up and try and remember the TOTY.
      I remember it as : Be a unicorn and destroy a Snellkork (I remember it as a sort of intelligent mountain troll). I give up. I then have a talk to T about life.

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      lucid , memorable , task of the month , task of the year
    14. Epic Non-lucid

      by , 11-14-2016 at 05:45 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      After a long trek with T through a swamp, we climb up a hill, and sight a city. T hugs me and I feel warm and protected. When I arrive at the city, my identity changes. I am now a boy with another boy in a house and we run upstairs and find an attic. I am carrying a file of folders. We are hiding. A woman finds us and starts crying and is angry. She says ' You promised not to!' and leaves sobbing and angry.
      suddenly I am between two hills and there is a battle. I see an old man on a strange elephant/horse/bird muttering 'no...' and lets me mount it. I fly around exhilarated on the beast and then I have to complete some mission concerning saving harry potter's parents by going back in time. Eventually I arrive back to the city and I am buying meat. There are two queues, one for people who needed to use two cards because of stupidity, and one for the more reserved. I buy my meat, and ask a few people where T is. As I run towards T I wake up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Pretty Long Lucid Dream

      by , 10-28-2016 at 12:26 PM (My Dream World)
      Alright, I think this one my be one of my favorite dreams and probably my longest lucid dream right now. Some time before sleeping I took some melatonin (one tablet, this is the first time I ever used it) and I guess since it supresses rem sleep I had some kind of rem rebound after I woke up which gave me this long dream.

      I was in the street in front of my house, at night. I remember opening the front gate and going up the stairs. Details are kinda fuzzy but I remember entering my apartment and going to my room. I suddenly woke up but managed to stay still (might have swallowed, but didn't move) so I tought I might as well try DEILD. Now, I've tried deild many times before but I just get a lot of popping in my ears and the feeling of a numb body, then I just give up and get up. This time tough, I persisted and tried to imagine things, like dream scenarios. My toughts started getting derailed so I tried to imagine seeing my room's ceiling through my eyelids. I think I also tried to imagine the sensation of flying. There was one point were I decided I should get up and check if I'm dreaming. I opened my eyes and stood up, everything seemed pretty real until I did the nose RC and found out I was dreaming.

      I was pretty excited, running around the house trying to do some dream control. I don't remember very well what I tried to do but I remember not being able to control the dream with expectation and being confused because my recent LDs have had pretty good control. I went to my parent's bedroom and it was pretty dark so I imagined it becoming daytime outside. I looked through in the window and it was very early in the morning and still pretty dark, so I imagined the sun speeding across. Surely enough it started getting brighter and the sun speeded across the sky. I stopped it by shouting some command (maybe I held out my hand too) and I positioned the sun to the middle of the sky. I then told it to come closer. Closer! I began to try to pull it with my mind and it came closer and closer until it seemed to have engulfed everything. It was kinda like I was floating in space and I was now inside the sun which was blue now.

      The inside of the sun is kinda hard to describe. It was like it was empty and the outside of the sun was a thin blue forcefield. In the middle of the sun there was this little white dot which I tough was a blackhole. Eventually everything snapped back to normal and I was back in my parents' room. I continued trying to control things and failed, so I decided I should look for my Dream Guide again. I went into the hall and said out loud "Dream, I'm ready to meet my dream guide" but as soon as I said that, a voice said that I wasn't ready yet. I argued that I was and then I found out it was just the housemaid that used to work in my house.

      I figured that if I can't find a DG I might as well summon Yuu (she is a dream character I created in waking life). I extended my hand behind my back and felt a hand. When I pulled it back it was a doll and I tossed it aside. Walking towards the living room I did this again and failed somehow. I tried it again, imagining the feeling of her hand and succeded. There she was. I don't think I had seen her in such a vivid dream before. Her hair was bright pink, brighter than usual. I told her that she looked prettier than usual but I don't remember what she said, but I remember she was "smarter" than usual, like it wasn't just some random DC. She had a sweet fragrance to her which I also commented on. I told her we should go to her house. She manifested a pair of fancy magical pink scissors which she used to cut up a portal in the dream. I didn't create annything like that for her but it was pretty cool.

      We arrived in some kind of huge house (it looked like we had been shrunk) which kinda looked like mine. I remember there being some huge dogs which we played aroun with. The details are kinda fuzzy here. I asked her why this house was so big and she said "Because it's not my house!". She used the scissors again and we ended up inside a car in some street, at night. I remember there being some bright pink fuzzy dice hanging somewhere. The car seemed to be moving by itself. I told Yuu that I wanted to live here with her and she said something like "You just want the car!" but I said that I really meant it. We got out of the car and walked on the streets. I'm pretty sure there was snow. I really felt great at this moment, just walking around with her in this dimly lit street.

      Eventually I woke up in some amusement park at night, walking on some kind of orange catwalk towards some attraction. I was feeling really drowsy and had some drool on my face. I tought that, somehow, I was dreaming while I sleepwalked around the park. There were two guys behind me, who seemed to be dressed as Dumbledore and some other character. For some reason, they were following me while I sleepwalked. I called some guards because I felt they were creeps and the guard pinned them to the floor and told me to go to an attraction (it was some kind of bullet train with a lot of people getting on). I went towards it and when I entered the train I woke up.

      This was a pretty cool dream, I loved hanging around for the first time with Yuu. This dream is so long, tough, that I forgot some details, unfortunately.
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