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    1. A Blast from the Past

      by , 06-30-2012 at 01:51 AM
      I can remember being back at my old classroom in Math class. I was seating as the teacher was organizing the stuff and everyone else was preparing to get ready to graduate from the school. I am seating there watching my teacher packing up some books while she talks to another teacher. Being here again made me feel so happy. I thought of Abby during this part. I think it was because I just got braces the day before. The teacher then dismissed us and now we were able to leave the class and leave the school. As soon as I left the classroom, I noticed how bright the sun was again and I saw so many people walking out of their classrooms. It was a ghetto city, so I was cautious of what or who was able to attack me. I followed the long crowd through the hallway right next to the classroom I just left. I followed until I saw an empty open space and walked in to it. I decided to help a few teachers help pack their things.But as soon as I entered one classroom, they were already receiving help. So, I decided to go home now. On my way home, I seemed to have super natural powers. I had the power to move as fast as I could. I was moving so fast I felt like Wesker from Resident Evil 5. As soon as I finally reached the school parking lot, I moved extra fast. Most people didn't even pay attention to how fast I was though. After a couple of minutes of running, the scenario changed and now, I was a different character of this dream. I was now a girl living up to her dreams of being successful in her life. I watched as her life slowly started to change from a bad one to a really good one. At the end of her success, I was in a jungle just watching as she took a high jump off a high ledge and landed on another one below her.

      by , 12-28-2011 at 10:39 PM
      IM on grass and its muddy ,i slip down a little hill there is a red neck in front of me and he is getting a traffic and but some reson his care is up the road somwhere i feel neagtiviy coming of him.

      i walk past him and continue up a side walk up the road and it runs between to bushes there is forest all around me
      there is alot of rings on the side walk at my feet im looking down there some one infront of me but i can only see his feet
      i feel we are walking to gather

      i grab the rings knowing if i leave them the red necks will steal them

      the rings are silver with a black band going around them and some are all black with small gray designe on them like circles

      i walk into this guys house i feel there used to be negativity beween us, his dog is growling at me so i puff myself up and show no fear his dog nipples at my cargo pants i do feel a little fear he will bite me

      he shows me and my friend a box of framed poems or hi cuks the frame has him on it in a suit smiling

      whiel im look at it or trying to read it a nother boy comes in to the room he of that t[S]v show kick it the dancing one kid

      he gives me a nother framed poem by hiting the one in my hand three times with his poem

      it a story about somthing that happen to him

      it about him fishing in a boat and some comes by on a nother boat and shoot his friend also fishing in his boat