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    1. November 19th 2015

      by , 11-20-2015 at 09:46 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      In a parking lot that was the scene of a party. For a small moment it was like the inside of my business school's lobby and Dana came up to talk. She said hello and then her younger friend from her sorority (also named dana) came and said hello but I acted that I didn't want her because I didn't want to upset my Dana. The crowd left with my friend Moo but Kolby and I decided we wanted to go to the gym. We go left and down the street and then up the hill. We're on campus by Hanson field going towards the highway. I notice everyone is wearing white shirts with white greek letters and someone in the car says that they took their little whose also in the car through this process. I start reading off greek letters from peoples' shirts to myself. Moo and I end up in Pizarro. He goes inside to get food for us and immediately comes out with a sandwich which has a lot of gross things I don't like huge onions, lettuce, weird other things. We finish it and I note that my onions and lettuce are on the ground by accident.
    2. In which I'm given a guilt trip about ancient history and Bible stories

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:42 PM
      There's this man I'm hanging around waiting to talk to. He'd said something about an old massacre involving the Minoans, and how events are about to repeat themselves, and asked me to wait around. But I'm getting impatient, and the longer I wait, the more I'm convinced that this is all nonsense anyway. Finally I get up to leave, and ask this other guy, this kind of hanger-on, to give his boss the message that I couldn't wait.

      Instead, he tries to convince me to stay. He starts talking about how that Minoan disaster wasn't my fault, that I shouldn't have blamed myself for my inaction, that I couldn't have stopped it even if I'd stuck around, but that if I run from my sense of guilt now, I'm just going to make sure those events repeat themselves. Annoyed by all this, I make fun of him as I try to shake him off and leave, but he follows me out to my car. He talks about the time I married into the family of Lot and found the women practicing strange magic, and in my horror, slaughtered them, including my bride. He talks - and eventually, sings, operatically - about this long litany of disasters caused by running from my guilt. This ends in an operatic pronouncement of doom as I finally drive off.
    3. THE RANDOM (Read title with the voice of a scary movie trailer narrator)

      by , 08-15-2011 at 09:07 PM
      I was in a town, next to me was a girl, who looked a lot like Goldilocks! She was pulling a red wagon. We walked in a small downtown area for awhile and entered a gated parking lot. The girl turned into my mother, the wagon into her car. I took my seat in the passenger's front seat. We tried leaving the lot when a large, fat man who looked like Ed from the movies, "Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead", and "Paul". He closed the gate demanding my mother to take him somewhere. My mom refused and got out of the car. The GATED parking lot then morphed into a regular, ungated parking lot. And my mother morphed into my friend Sarah C. We walked on the sidewalk and ran in to a park. We started jogging around the track. On the side of the track was my 6th grade P.E. teacher holding a timer. She yelled, "COME ON GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT!" We kept running and running when that dream, ended.

      I was in a room, painted a sort of orangey-brown color. An asian man... who I believe to be....(wait for it).... forceez..... was sitting on a wooden bench. From a 3rd person view I began to give him a blowjob... -__-
      Thank God, that dream ended quickly.
    4. Lucid: Flying + Throwing Cars

      by , 03-25-2011 at 06:16 PM
      I've had a number of fragments and brief vivid dreams in the past week I've not recorded. If I don't have a fully recalled dream in the next few nights, I will go ahead and post the fragments in one entry. Because this fragment was lucid and connected to a discussion about flying here on Dream Views I wanted to log it right away.

      I was in a large bus parking lot. All the buses were light gray or white. Situated on the lot was some sort of military base. There was a militia on the lot, in gray and white camo. I became lucid while trying to evade them by weaving between buses. I took off flying but stayed at bus height so they couldn't see me flying around.

      I wanted to try something new so I flew over a car and picked it up by the top. My hands cut through the metal so my fingers could curl into a grip like a bowling ball. I hovered with the car in hands behind a group of soldiers in a jeep looking for me. They hadn't noticed me. I shouted "Hey guys!" They all turned around and I tossed the car at them which flew about 20-ft, flipped once in the air, crunched the jeep down about 40% as all the men leaped out of the way.

      I was thrilled. I flew away to go looking for another car. (For some reason I didn't try to lift a bus.) I left the lot area and was flying low over random suburbs. I spotted yet another white car. This time I tried to levitate the car into my hands so I didn't have to swoop all the way down to grab it...

      --Nothing happened.

      (I recall at this point thinking: I can't forget this dream now, it's much too vivid.) So I swooped down to the top and once again sunk my hands through the metal as if it were butter. Picked up the car, which was weightless, and flew around to decide where to throw this one next...

      I've been sleeping straight through the night without much waking up. It's reducing my recall severely. There was more to this dream, especially in the beginning.

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