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    1. Death Discs and Boring Conversation. November 28th, 2011

      by , 11-30-2011 at 07:31 AM
      Involuntary WBTB around 5:30, which was too soon, and I stayed awake for about an hour, which is too long.

      No LD.

      First, I was in this hotel-looking place. I was with a bunch of people, none of whom I recognised, but I knew that I didn't fit in with their crowd. The room was very well-lit, thanks to the large window that occupied the entire wall we all faced. There were various blandly-colored chairs and plastic plants placed around the grey room. The group of people and I were all gathered around the window, and looking at a person floating next to the building we were in. It seemed we were pretty high up, like if we were in a skyscraper. The person flying next to the building was pretty far away, but I could make out his flamboyant, super hero-ish outfit. What he was doing was creating these energy discs that he chucked at us vertically. When they came whizzing towards us, they would instantly and very cleanly cut through anything they touched, but then the object that was cut would automatically reassemble, as if nothing had happened. The rest of the group I was with were anticipating these discs, like it was fun when they cut through them, but I was understandably cautious, and did not want those things chopping me up. I was in the middle of the crowd, and I noticed that the floating guy was throwing these discs, and from my right to my left, so he could get everyone. I took advantage of this pattern, and tried to time them so I could hop between them safely to the right, and away from the room. I almost jumped too soon the first time, and I had to quickly jump back before one disc caught my head. There was little time between this disc and the next one, and I had to shift my momentum forward to be able to escape this one as well. I got out just in time, with only a rip in the back of my shirt.

      Next, the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond was standing on top of a square platform with sewer water below them. There was another similar platform adjacent to the one they were on. The background to this part of the dream had dirty orange and green colors, and the cast didn't pay attention to this, and just went about their business. I don't remember what they were talking about, but eventually, Raymond turned into a pig, and fell down a sewer grate on the second square platform. Frank then morphed into a pig as well (although he had an apple in his mouth), and went after him. The sewer grate led to a series of see-through tubes that the two were just zipping through, like some sort of carnival ride, with the occasional build up of dirty garbage water, where everyone held their breath through. Soon, my dream forgot all about Raymond, and it was just watching Frank, the pig, sliding through the tubes. There were a lot of parts of the tubes that went through strange places. One part was a supermarket, in the frozen food section. Right where one of the glass doors would be was the tube that came through the floor, around one of the doors, and then back into the ground. The dream only showed a glimpse of this part, with Frank flying through the tube. There was also a dream with the best train conductor in the world, but I don't remember it.

      There was one dream I vaguely remember where I had to get ready to go somewhere, and I shaved off all of my body hair. The hair on my head was blue, and I was procrastinating something. Meg from Family Guy was there. Coffee had something to do with this dream too. In the end, I was embarrassed or something because I did all of this for nothing. I forget.

      Lastly, I was at some sort of newspaper stand, and there was a giant stack of video game pamphlets or something. They were red and black on the front, and were reserved for people who work for IGN. I was talking to some guy with a coffee and a soft pretzel I think. He made an exception for me, and I took a pamphlet and did a "game of the year" review. There were also meatball sandwiches that were "not for guests." Suddenly, I was in Anthony's kitchen, and his house looked kind of like his grandparent's house, but the table was on the wrong side of the room, and the doorways leading to the living room were too...unrealistic? But anyway, we were eating meatball sandwiches, which were delicious because of the sauce, and we were talking. There was some other third person there, but I don't remember who it was. It may have been Matt. The subject of a Sony Super Smash Bros came up and I asked if Sonic was still going to be in it, since he's not a Nintendo character. I got a yes, and I said, "Who is going to replace the rest of the characters?" I'm sure I got a list of characters, but I don't remember who they were. I asked if Mega Man was going to be in it, and the other guy who was there said yes, but I knew he was talking about some other Mega Man. I thought to myself, "Oh, wait. THAT guy is Mega Man, too." I clarified and asked if Protoman (huh?) was going to be in it. I turned to Matt and said I should have said Mega Man Volnutt, because then they would know who I was talking about. Anthony and I went to sit down at the table. His brother and his sister were there, and we were all listening to the radio. The radio was on the table with a big plate of roast beef, and I was flipping through the channels. I wasn't hearing anything I particularly liked, but I knew the Jazz station was coming up. Just as I thought, it was the next one that came on. I knew that his brother would probably complain about it, so I kept flipping through the channels after i gave a look of "cool, jazz. Too bad we can't listen to it right now" to Anthony, and he returned to look. We settled on this one channel, and Anthony was sitting across from me. As if he was answering a question, Anthony said, "Yeah, this is Bob Cole." I called him an idiot and said, "No, this is Bob Dylan, you idiot." I changed the channel again, and American Idol came on and the radio started flashing red and blue, like a police car, because I guess those are the show's colors in my subconscious. Suddenly I was in the mall with Matt and the other kid. We were all sitting at a table chatting. I got up to walk around and put a coat on. I went back to the table we were at and I picked a piece of bread, and held it in my mouth while I continued to put my coat on.