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    1. Noctemocity 28

      by , 03-03-2019 at 07:05 AM (Noctemocity)
      83. I awakened to my house vibrating to the beat of music loud music. A truck was parked in front of my house with its music blaring. Being pissed off, I went downstairs and called the police. On the way back up the stairs someone blocked the door. I kicked my way through and saw men dragging a girl out side. I grabbed a knife and chased them outside. I leapt into the truck and stabbed the driver. The other men fled. The driver still held onto the girl so I stabbed him some more. It didn't phase him. I tossed the knife aside and started chewing his face off. He finally let the girl go. I was so enraged I kept biting into the guys face, tearing flesh off, and spitting it back into where his face should be. The police finally arrived but they didn't care about anything that had happened. I loaded the girl into my own car and drove ther to the hospital.

      84. I was on a mission to reach a frozen waterfall. I walked for a long time in the snow and the waterfall never came closer. I was distracted by a large concrete ditch with a dam in it. I climbed down to the dam, balanced across it, and climbed many stories straight up the outside wall of a building. At the top I leapt up to dangle from the top ledge of the building. I inched my way to the left, grabbed a pole and then swung/leapt onto the small ledge of another building. Once there I thought, "What the hell am I doing?" I looked around. I was trapped several stories high on a tiny ledge in the middle of winter. I sat down and tried to figure out a way down. Then it struck me, "This is stupid, even for me. This has to be a dream." I woke up.

      85. On a train trip with a lot of kids, which eventually dwindled down to one kid. The train also changed to have no roof or walls, just benches on a swiftly moving platform. I clung to the child so he or she would not fall off.
    2. Dreaming While Sick:Restless Sleep And Short Dreams

      by , 02-16-2019 at 04:08 AM
      For the past week, I have been sick with an upper respiratory infection/flu like sickness. I didn’t bother to go to the doctor or hospital because my mom has the same thing and both doctor and hospital told her she did not need antibiotics or other meds just fluids and rest. I’d rather not waste my time and get even more sick from sitting in waiting rooms for nothing.

      Anyway. I have been sleeping on and off throughout the day and night. My sleep has been interrupted by nausea/wet coughs/tight chest/fever and chills/etc...This has led to MANY forgotten dreams and a lot of random images and short dreams that are unrelated and make no sense. There are only two dreams that seem remarkable to me.

      DREAM 1
      I am entering into a building with a childhood friend that I no longer have contact with in real life. The building is tall and is round like an old castle tower. There are two sets of steps opposite each other in the building; one going up and one leading down. I’m not sure how many floors, but it seems an infinite amount. My friend and I seem to be exploring this building. I look out one of the windows in the stairwell and realize that we are in what is now an abdandoned building on an old college campus that is no longer in use in real life, and I assume that is where we are in the dream. (Except in real life, the round building only had three floors and was used as a library, in the dream the set up inside has changed a lot and has infinite floors.)
      At some point, my friend and I realize that we are being followed, and we start trying to run away and keep running down stairs but on the way down, it seems like there are more floors than we went up and there are more sets of stairs and we get lost because we aren’t sure which to take now. The people chasing us eventually catch up and are right behind us. I look back and see it is a mix of men and women, about 7 of them and they are all wearing white scrubs. I decide it would be better for my friend and I to split up so maybe one of us can get away and find help. Of course, I decide to be the hero knowing it is only a dream and distract them by allowing the pursuers in white to corner me and she gets free and I watch her climb up a stairway as I am backing up against a wall slowly with the pursuers 3 feet in front of me encircling me. I don’t see her again for the rest of the dream.
      One of them, a man, pulls out a syringe and tells me that it is for my own good. I know that it will put me to sleep, allowing them to do what they please with me. I start thinking of a way to change the situation and while I think a woman comes up and wipes a clear jelly like substance on my forehead. I push her away, and the man puts the syringe back in his pocket and says, “Good work, it won’t be long now” to the woman. She smiles at him,and they all stand around watching me. I start to feel drugged and like I am going to pass out. I realize that whatever she wiped on me was the medication that would knock me out and that the man with syringe was just a distraction. I wipe the rest off with my sleeve and decide I am not going to pass out with my lucidity and overcome to drugging. I turn around to face the wall and decide that the wall is not going to be there so I can run away. The wall is gone and I run and they continue to chase me around the building.
      I find a hiding spot under a stairwell and one woman pursuer is on her own. I grab onto her and pull her into my hiding spot and wipe the remaining substance from my sleeve onto her forehead and keep her mouth covered. After a minute she stops fighting, and we watch two men walk past outside of my hiding cubby and hear them talking. One says, “this one is smart. A good placement will be as a facility researcher or in the university. We need to find her.” I then have a strong knowing that the dream world I am I in secretly controls everyone’s lives and decides where they work and how they live. I decide I will NOT be caught.
      I wake the woman by smacking her in the face and when she wakes I tell her she will get me out or I will kill her. She agrees, but as she’s leading me down through the stairs and floors, I just know she has decided to take my side. We are about to go down the last stairway to get the the exit floor when another woman calls to us and tells us to stop. The woman who is helping me pulls out a gun and shoots the other woman. Then I wake up.

      DREAM 2
      This dream was short and not very interesting. I was with three other women my age but I don’t know them from real life. In the dream we were best friends. We were in a large bedroom with a dresser filled with expensive clothes and costumes and a large closet filled with clothes, shoes, costumes, etc. We were all picking out outfits and accessories to wear to some kind of costume party. I woke up while we were laying out our outfits to show each other. Wasn’t a very exciting or interesting dream, but one where I vividly remember and where I was lucid and in my own body and decided to just “go with the flow” to see what would happen.

      I just can’t seem to get enough rest even though I am sleeping on and off throughout most of the day and night. I can’t wait until this infection/flu is gone! Happy Dreaming!
    3. Search

      by , 07-22-2018 at 09:15 AM
      I went out of body a few times only to be returned back after a few minutes. But at last I managed to stabilize the existence out of body and I went out of my home by shortest possible way, through the roof. Outside, it was pitch black environment. I made myself to discern the surrounding, even if I didn't see anything. And I flew. I wanted to try shared OBE again. I flew, pulled in direction to my soulmate as fast as possible.
      The surrounding changed and it stopped to be pitch black... I was in big hall with multitude of doors... to other lives. And I felt I have lost the feeling of pull. So, I started to call for my soulmate. To no avail. I saw a few older looking human like beings so I came to them. I asked them whether they could show me a way to right doors. One about 60 ears old woman with blonde hair told me: Follow me, and she started to run fast. I was able to follow, only just so. After a minutes of run she disappeared through one doors and I dived through those closed doors right after her.
      I found myself in blackness. I don't know how long I was hovering there, the time had no meaning for me and I didn't care.
      Next thing I remember, I was very young girl. I had slender figure, about 1.5 m tall and black hair. And I was with a boy. The experience started to feel more like lucid dream. I remembered all from this life, then from that OBE and search for my soulmate. And I touched the boy and I was sure we are meant to be together. He was my soulmate and I would never leave him. It was strange to be in girl body. What is normal for a man to feel, the emotions, weren't present. I felt serene. In that LD like experience I knew that my children from this life were alive and well. And I told that boy while snuggling to him about this life and my struggling for something... more... and that I understand things better.

      - Maybe the feeling was there because of state of mind I was in. I stabilize those experiences subconsciously by being concentrated, to be here and now and as much unattached as possible.
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    4. Dull inducement

      by , 05-26-2018 at 09:03 PM
      so these dreams is I'm always staring at girls then I get the nerve wrecking pinch that makes me want to do something else then about a hour a later I want to stare at girls again then when I recall it only last 8 to eleven minutes every time I have this dream
    5. first lucid in a while

      by , 04-05-2018 at 11:46 PM
      I am in a white car, in the back to the left. I cannot see the driver. I see a street of stores and I assume I'm in Pittsburgh (where i went to college), and that I go back and forth between Pittsburgh and where I live now. Then something clicks: I realize I don't live in Pittsburgh. I start to wonder if I am dreaming. Once I am certain I am dreaming, I jump out of the car without opening the door (what does that mean?). I walk around and then the driver comes out of the car and tries to stab me.

      I start to fly instead of fighting back. I am spinning out of control in the flight and I am scared. My body is acting like a tornado. So I breathe in and control it. I levitate down and up and propel myself forward, far away from the road of shops that realistically look nothing like Pittsburgh. I sense water, and I land in the water. I can feel gentle ripples/waves and the water is dark blue, almost black. I sense sharks around me so I levitate up out of the water. I am out of control again, I am flying fast and its like someone else is controlling my flight. I control the dream. I slow down, meditate in the air and wake myself up. I wake up and wish I kept flying, that I found some utopia to explore my unconscious mind and heart and soul. Anyways, this was my first lucid in months.

      I am doing reality checks hoping my dream signs (Pittsburgh, sustained flight, perfect gymnastics, figure skating barefoot, etc) appear at night. I am not ready to keep a real dream journal. I mean I want to, need to develop the discipline first. Any tips?
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      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    6. orange creme sunset

      by , 02-16-2018 at 02:14 PM
      it was very cold the breeze was a deep chain of being crucified in the wilderness I felt as if I been here before or the place same like a familiar setting I start running as I was running the cold pressure got more intense I was frozen in a staring photo as I try to open my eyes I see a pinch black sunset arise from the clouds into a orange crème as the orange took control of the sky I see a pinch dull of blue getting ready to take the sky over as the creamy orange was settling in
    7. crucified computer boy

      by , 02-16-2018 at 03:39 AM
      I'm staring at a blinding white light trying to type words as the ink of black stain the white pre scene I get engulf in words that are meaningless if they have no purpose the intent of the dream fades as I'm staring upon the glass I close my eyes and start typing words in my dreams as I'm dreaming I cant understand anything that goes on I jus see a floating of words trying to memorize the event that never happen I try to write more yet its just black ink staining the ominous white color as the black ink stains the white I see myself transforming in letters of gesture I only have when my eyes are closed
    8. Bye Family I'm Off to The Moon!

      by , 01-16-2018 at 12:05 AM
      I was sitting at a table with my family when I decided to do a reality check and I had an odd amount of fingers. I kept checking again and again and again and still had 6. 7. or 8 fingers. I plugged my nose but still breathed through it so sure enough I was dreaming. I hung out with the DC's (Dream Characters) for a little and jumped up to the second level of my house with ease. I noted how unbelievably real the dream felt. For some reason the DC's disappeared after a while so I saw the Moon in the sky and decided to go to it. I used my mind and came up with this unique strategy to get there. I got myself to be slowly sucked into the Moon's direction then covered my eyes, changed my orientation and sure enough I was on the Moon. But everything was all blocky like in Minecraft and my vision was tunneled as well. Some things happened after that but I didn't finish my entry.

      This image is a good visual of how it was.

      I AM CONFUSED!!(LD's always in 3rd person) HELP!!-2013-05-31_14.59.20-2-.jpg
    9. My Long Lucid Dream Story (FIRST POST)

      by , 12-22-2017 at 11:30 PM
      Hi there! CrushTower, here!

      This is a long lucid dream story, just for a heads up. It's actually one of the longest lucid dreams I've had and consider it one of my favorites! Please enjoy!

      I was in some unknown neighborhood when I decided to enter someone's house. The owner greeted me and allowed me to enter, weirdly enough. He never said anything, but he walked somewhere else, leaving me to myself. I remember his attire being a white dress shirt, which was neatly tucked into his khaki pants. He also wore a pair of glasses with a neatly combed hairdo. I entered into his very messy kitchen with dirty dishes and utensils stacked on top of the counter. It was everywhere, but in the midst of it all, I spotted a microwave sitting on the counter. I walked towards it and opened it finding a stack of pancakes with butter resting on the top of it. There was no plate underneath them, but it smelled so good. I even had the urge to take some, but I thought it would be wrong since they weren't mine. Te next thing I know, I find myself at some random park with three friends (whom aren't real, but keep reappearing in a lot of my dreams). It was a bright, sunny day and we were all having fun hanging out with each other. Something triggered my lucidity, and I decided to ask one of them a question. I quickly tried to think of something before I woke up. Without really thinking, I asked, "Since you're my subconscious, what is one of my greatest fears?" The girl with golden hair jokingly responded by saying, "A water bottle in water", before she and the two other dream friends of mine walked away from me. I remember not knowing what to say next because I wasn't expecting a joke answer like that. As I watched as my friends walk farther away from me, I began to feel a slight regret from asking that question.
      I instantly find myself waking up from where I was sleeping. It seems to be daytime outside, and I get up to start walking towards the hallway. That was when, from the corner of my eye, I spotted something dark and black...and it was whispering something. I didn't bother looking at it, but instead decided to run as fast as I could towards an area near the kitchen in my house. I turned and tried to look at it from where I was, but I couldn't make it out since it was standing around a corner. For some crazy reason, I decided to go see what it was. I got closer and closer, until it suddenly emerged from behind the corner and screamed at me. The voice was so high pitch, that I remember it echoing throughout the house. It was a witch, but in the form of a little girl. She had black hair and pale white skin. Without a second to waste, I turned and started running as fast as I could, but when I looked behind me, I could see how fast she was running after me, and it scared the crap out of me! I ran through the kitchen, and that's when I heard a loud bump coming from the second floor, but I was too busy focusing on the witch that I didn't really think about it at the time. The witch was closing in on me, and as she did, I quickly jumped and kicked her back. She stumbled back, but she kept trying to run towards me, and each time she did, I would keep kicking her back.
      At the same time, I heard something coming through the kitchen, and I saw that it was the thing that created the bump from earlier--a vampire with no face. I immediately dodged past it to get away from the two of them, but for some reason, the witch ran in the opposite direction from me, as if trying to get me from the other side of the house. As I stood in the hallway outside the kitchen, the vampire continued to approach me, and I tried to do my jump-kick tactic from earlier...but my foot phased straight through him, and I collapsed onto the ground. The vampire immediately grabbed a hold of me and started violently shaking me. It wasn't until I suddenly realized that I was still dreaming, that I tried to force myself to wake up.
      I think I did wake up, but I fell asleep back into the same dream...and it was from the very beginning of the same dream. This time, my grandmother was present and she was walking towards the kitchen. I began to worry the same thing would happen again, but I think at the time, I was unsure whether I was still dreaming or not. I suddenly received a phone call from my cell phone, which was vibrating in my pocket. After picking it up immediately, I found out it was one of my friends from earlier in the dream.
      "You do know you're dreaming, right?" she suddenly asked. Upon hearing that, I instantly snapped into lucidity, and reassured myself that I was dreaming. I remember being nervous of what was about to happen, but that's when she started talking to me about the little witch and vampire with no face, and I felt glad that she understood my circumstances. After hanging up, I began hearing some strange noises, and I immediately told my grandmother about the situation. (I knew I was dreaming, so I don't understand why I did this.) As per usual, she didn't believe me no matter how many times I warned her. The strange noises sounded like they were getting closer to us, and I decided to just grab her car keys, take her by the hand, and jet out the back door.
      We ended up in our driveway, and for some reason, I couldn't find my grandmother's van, but upon turning around from where I came from, I saw the van was sitting right there, and my grandmother was opening the driver's door. I immediately ran towards it to get into the driver's seat, but I must've been so scared that I actually pushed my grandmother out of the way. I didn't realize how hard I pushed her until I saw her laying on the ground, and that's when I froze. Realizing what I just did, I got back out of the car to help her up, but I could see the monsters coming from the front of the house. I just decided to accept my fate at that point, and stood there watch as the two closed in on us. The vampire quickly grabbed a hold of my collar and pulled me up into the air. I thought I was done for, when suddenly, a gunfire was heard, and the sound of a speeding bullet grew until I saw it hit the side of the vampire's head.
      The vampire let me go, and that's when I turned around to see a few police cars as well as one civilian car holding three of my friends from earlier in the dream. As the police ran past me to handle the monsters, my three friends ran to me and hugged me. I could really see the details of their faces, which was incredibly realistic! I saw my sister at one point come around, but I didn't talk to her for some reason. Suddenly, my friends vanished, but I then saw them in the distance walking and talking down the road in the cul-de-sac of my neighborhood. That was when my dream quickly faded to white, and my dream was over...
    10. Lucid Dream: Enter the Book Portal

      by , 12-19-2017 at 11:51 PM
      This was my second time testing out the Galantamine/Choline combo. The first time, a week ago, I took 500 mg Choline and 4 mg Galantamine. I definitely noticed a difference in the vividness and memory retention of my dreams, and I had a short DILD after being inside a dream for some time. I woke almost as soon as I got lucid, though.

      This morning, when I did my WBTB at 6 a.m., I decided to try 8 mg. of Galantamine, keeping the Choline dose the same.

      I had a pretty long and vivid non-lucid dream, which I won't go into because it's superfluous.

      I woke in bed and immediately tried a nose pinch reality check. Nope, couldn't breathe through my nose. But somehow I was sure that this was a false awakening, so I got up and tried a finger-stretching reality check. It didn't stretch. This was rather odd, because I was certain I was dreaming, but my reality checks kept trying to tell me I was awake. So I tried my third usual reality check, which never fails if I'm really paying attention-- a gravity check. I jumped up and down a few times, feeling the buoyancy of a dream, and finally confirmed that I was definitely not awake.

      I had been wanting to do some sensory observation exercises when I became lucid, but I really, really wanted to leave the house first, so I went downstairs and out the front door. It was quiet in the house, nobody up yet.

      Once outside, I decided to try to find an object that I could use as a sensory focus. "I will find a beautiful rock over there," I said, and pointed to the far corner of my front yard, near the street. On my hands and knees, I felt around in the grass where I had intended the rock, and found it quickly. It was a chunk of rock threaded with red quartz-- not very pretty, but visually and texturally interesting enough that I decided to use it. Standing up, I held it in my hand and studied it, touching it. It was smooth in places and had a rough, coarse, almost spiky texture in others. After I finished looking at it, I put it in my pocket.

      I began to levitate in preparation to fly, and decided to continue my sensory exercises by engaging my sense of taste. I searched my pockets for a piece of candy, and felt around a bunch of different objects until I found a mint. I unwrapped it and put it in my mouth, but then decided that something fruity might be a better choice, so I decided that I would find a Jolly Rancher in my pocket. I did so, unwrapped it, and popped it in my mouth along with the mint. Then I realized that the two of them didn't really work together, so I spit out the mint. The Jolly Rancher was slightly fruity, but was kind of small and thin, as if it had already been shrunk down. I began to fly.

      I began to wake up, my vision going dark. I could still vaguely feel myself flying through the air, rather like a vivid daydream, and I wanted to stay in the dream so I focused on the sensation of soaring through the air. I gained altitude as I flew down my street, and my vision slowly faded back in.

      Ahead of me, hovering in the sky, I saw something remarkable: an enormous, antique book, its pages yellowing vellum, filled with elegant lettering and gold leaf illumination. The book gave off a sense that reminded me of the Arabian Nights, though I wasn't sure what the actual book was. It was as big as a small house.

      I decided to try flying into its pages as a way to enter its world.

      I flew forward, reached the book, and there was a sort of soft, golden sensation as I passed into the page. I found myself in a labyrinthine, walled garden, flying low over a cobbled walkway, peering through tiny, open-air windows set in ancient stone walls. Around me grew an Eden of green, luscious plants. By this time, I forgot to really engage my senses, and was caught up in the idea that if I got out of this enclosure, I'd be in the book's world. But I couldn't find a window large enough to pass through.

      I flew around the labyrinth for several minutes until I woke up, discovering my right arm was hurting from lying on it. I rolled over and tried to re-enter the dream again, but by then I was too far awake, so I got up.
    11. This Morning's Lucid Dream

      by , 11-22-2017 at 11:24 PM
      It has been ages since I've posted here, but I figured I'd do so since I had a lucid dream this morning and have been lurking around the forum again recently. November has actually been a fairly productive lucid dreaming month for me so far, with 5 WILDs (4 of which all happened in one morning) and 2 DILDs, including this morning's. I've been doing fairly well with my various clarity, focus, and awareness exercises for the most part this month, until this morning, when I completely spaced on doing them in-dream.

      I'll just do a copy/paste from my private Lucid Dreaming journal on Dreamwidth. It's pretty long because I'm trying to get in as much detail as I can, as well as gauging my progress.

      This one was a semi-accidental (I'm actually not going to call this accidental, since I did induce it with a MILD technique) lucid dream. I say semi because before I went to bed, I decided to try something with my melatonin by holding it in my hand and telling it that it was a lucid dreaming aid, that it would give me intensely vivid dreams, that it would make me remember my dreams, and that it would make me become lucid. I essentially created a placebo from it, though melatonin also has been known to give me vivid dreams anyway. I did this for a few moments before taking it, then went to bed normally, reading a novel for awhile before turning out the light. I think I may have done an affirmation before going to sleep, but I don't really remember. My intention was to use WBTB in the morning, which I ended up doing anyway after I woke from this DILD, but didn't have a lucid dream after-- although I nearly became lucid in one of my later-morning dreams, actually trying (unsuccessfully) to WILD from a dream in which I was sitting in a cafe with a friend. So it was still on my mind.

      Anyway, around six a.m. or so, I had a DILD. I don't remember when or how I got lucid in it, but it started out in a hospital. I left and flew to the street my current house is on. It was nighttime. I was lucid by this time, and I decided I wanted to try some horseback riding in my dream. I wasn't sure how I could find a horse and get it saddled up in time to actually ride it, so I contemplated this for a moment before deciding on a strategy. I reached into my pocket with the expectation of finding a cell phone, and when I found it, I dialed with the expectation of speaking to a stable hand, who I named on the spot (I don't remember what I named him). He answered, and I said, "Hello, ______! Can you get Mystic saddled up and ready to go for me?" I also named the horse on the spot. The stable hand was amenable, so I hung up the phone and proceeded to attempt a teleportation to the stable. I was quite proud of how I had created the scenario.

      Here's where I went wrong, though-- I didn't have a clear image of the stable in my mind. When I just sort of half-ass the visualizations, they don't work. I closed my eyes and tried to visualize to teleport, but I wound up back in the hospital I'd been in during the beginning of my dream. I decided to try to find out why my subconscious was taking me there instead of where I wanted to go, so I walked around a bit, looking for dream characters who might be able to tell me.

      I came on an elderly man sitting in a chair. A red-haired nurse, a little plump and maybe in her late thirties, was standing next to him. The man looked very familiar, to I took that as a sign that I should speak to him.

      I asked him if he was a dream guide. "Of a sort," he said. The nurse acted a bit huffy, but in a lighthearted, teasing sort of way, that I was ignoring her.

      I apologized to her and asked their names. The man's name was Agnus, and the red-haired nurse gave her name too but I don't remember it. It *might* have been Cora or Carol or something starting with a C. Agnus explained that in real life, they were tied to a chair.

      "Tied...to...a... chair..." I echoed, bemused. He didn't elaborate, though. I woke soon after.

      Overall clarity/awareness/mindfulness: 4 or 5. I didn't do any of my clarity exercises, having not prepared properly beforehand. However, I was lucid enough to do some problem-solving, working out a way to create a horse saddled and ready to ride, which worked until I failed at the teleportation.

      Vividness: Between 5 and 7. It wasn't exceptionally vivid, in the hyper-realistic sense, partly because my lucidity was fairly low-level. But it was pretty sharp and realistic.

      Real life memory within dream:
      3, only because I remembered that I lived on my current street rather than the one I grew up on, which has a tendency to recur in my dreams. I didn't remember any of my exercises or goals, with the exception of a passing thought about a dream guide when I was talking to Agnus.

      Situational awareness ("this doesn't usually happen in reality"): 7 maybe. I knew I was dreaming, knew everything I was experiencing and everyone I was talking to were generated by my dreaming mind. But I didn't really do any compare/contrast work.

      Control: I'd say it was at 9 during the cell phone call, but it dropped to a 1 when I tried to teleport. I seem to have mixed results with teleportation still, and it depends on how vividly I can visualize something.

      Dream length: 6. A bit longer since I was more deeply asleep.

      Dream memory when waking: Between 6 and 7. My memory was patchy at first as I lay in bed trying to recall it, but when I started writing it down in my bedside dream journal more details surfaced.

      Additional notes: With the exception of forgetting to do any clarity exercises at all, I'd consider this a pretty successful and interesting DILD. I didn't work on any of my pre-ordained goals, but I just wanted to have a little fun, so that was okay. I'll be working on visualizing things while awake more often. I'll also more firmly set my goals before I go to bed at night (including my clarity exercises) so I can work with them if I go lucid without WBTB. Also, one of my ultimate goals is to succeed with traveling to persistent realms. (That link is amazing and so inspiring!) I really need to work on my clarity though.
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    12. first lucid dream in a while

      by , 10-12-2017 at 08:22 PM
      I had a lucid dream. I only remember fragments of it. I was in some communal house and for some reason I realized I was dreaming. I walked out the door or through the wall. There was a grassy field and a light granite path. I tried to stabilize myself, I think I looked at my hands and prayed to stay in the dream to explore. I walked on the path and looked around. Then I slipped into some other regular dream. I'm sure there was more to the dream, it just slipped from me.
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      lucid , dream fragment
    13. Bizarre imagery followed by LD

      by , 09-14-2017 at 01:55 AM
      I woke up early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep right away. As I was laying in bed I started to get the sensations that my body was falling to sleep (pressure, vibration) and then had a strange sensation that something was emerging from my left arm. I looked down at it and saw a tiny head growing out of it. It was grotesque and started whispering strange words (somehow directly into my right ear). It was very creepy, but I felt strangely calm and told it to leave. It didn't leave, but I decided to ignore it and focus on the spinning sensation that I was having. I allowed myself to surrender to the disorienting feeling and soon found myself flying down towards a building that seemed to be a community/retreat center. A woman saw me flying over her head. I circled around the room a few times and then went into the basement to explore. I discovered that I could put my fingers through the wall and started trying to put my hands through various types of surfaces. Strangly, hollow metal tubing felt dense and solid on the inside and brick felt viscous. I pulled my hand out of the brick wall and it was covered with goo.
      I then suddenly found myself back in my bed and very aware of my body. I began to feel strong vibrations and heard a high-pitched clanking vibration and was pulled downward through space. All around me I saw vibrant, swirling, floral-like patterns. My husband stirred next to me in bed, which brought my awareness back to my body and stopped the downward motion, but the moving patterns continued to grow and swirl around me for several more minutes.
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    14. Third dild

      by , 08-16-2017 at 07:02 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 7:00 AM


      I read about lucid dreaming right before I went to sleep, which may have influenced the dream itself.


      The dream starts with me typing something down on Google Docs. The thought of lucid dreaming crosses my mind, and I remember the fact that using technology in my dreams are a common dream sign. I'm not entirely lucid yet, but I pull my head back and look at the wall.

      There is a wire frame face on the wall (Which strangely enough looked like the Alpharad PFP), and suddenly it dawns on me.

      I close the laptop and try to adjust my vision. It clears up (kinda) and I walk over to my curtains. It is still nighttime in the dream.

      The night sky is a dark purple gradient with orange lights all around the 'bottom' of it. I try to change the setting by making it daytime, but I only make it go up a few hours (5:47 if you wanna know). I then try to stabilize myself using reality checks, but then I lose focus and lose lucidity. Funny thing is I was scared my finger would get stuck in the palm of my hand so I skipped that one. The nose RC worked as expected.


      1. Long term memory tends to carry over a lot in my LDs. I remembered to do reality checks, my dream signs, and to focus. I'm not sure if short term would work the same however..

      2. For the most time I was pretty well composed. I didn't try to talk to any DCs, I didn't freak out and wake myself up, so overall it was a good LD, if short.

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    15. My First Lucid Dream

      by , 06-15-2017 at 06:47 AM
      I was dreaming that I had joined some type of pixie group that hid their powers and kept to themselves. I then somehow realized I was in a dream because my state of mind is very paranoid and I get suspicious pretty easily. I created this group to be evil, they were after me because I realized I was lucid dreaming. I needed to get away and I was really scared because I couldn't move my body, but my main priority was getting away from the pixies. I was walking away and told them I needed water when I started running and they chased after me. I knew that It was my dream and I could take advantage of the situation by creating a void of darkness that would take me somewhere else where I was away and that only I could go through it. So, as the bad nerd as I was, I did that and jumped in. Now that I was out, I just wanted to get out of the lucid dream. I knew what was happening but I was scared because I thought I would be trapped forever. I tried killing myself, inflicting pain, screaming, NOTHING WORKED. I overheard a cough from an old man and I opened the door to see him dying. That's when I broke, because I'm so extremely sensitive to death and I care about others more than myself. I screamed in agony next to him, didn't work. The only other thing however that could possibly work but had so many infinite outcomes that were unknown was of letting it all happen to me, to stop fighting. So I did, and I woke up.
      That's the story of my first Lucid Dream.
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